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KF-07 This Ain't No M.Y.T.H.

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    Mudslide says, "I guess... But I gave my word... So I will let him."


    Blackflight nods. "I will return. Most likely."


      And when Hal gets his creamy filling, Mudslide gets it next, but Paladin is more of a gentleman with the otter since he already admitted that he liked him. But he still gets stretched over the large pony cock.

      4 weeks later...

      Lord Albert smiled as he cut the ribbon over the new glass doors of the totally new state of the art Maverick University of Super Kinsfolk. (MUSK) "And hereby officially, I now declare the new Maverick University of Super Kinsfolk open. And I think it is only appropriate that the first people to enter are those who made it possible... the former F-Squad who will forever after be known as... the Future Squadron. For it will be their kind who will open the ways to better heroism in our near future. Please, step inside, my friends. I hope the mega-lobby is to your liking."

      Hal led the others inside the doors and down a glass roofed long foyer that had vaulted ceilings for a hero who was easily 30 ft tall. Talk about your flying space. And then they entered the Mega-Lobby......And standing in a mini-park in the center of the Mega-Lobby, poised in a very heroic pose, was a very impressive and life-like statue of Scalubut along with a plaque that read: "In Dedication to Scalubut: A Superhero Who Defended Honesty to the End."

      Hal smiled with a tear coming out of his eye, sniffling a bit. "Thanks Albert... this makes it right..." he whispered.

      Rabbitara smiled also. "I think he would have loved to see himself immortalized this way. Now we can see him every day."

      Solar Stallion says, "Are his muscles bigger than mine?" He giggled. He was talking about the arms, but he was looking at the groin.

      Sword Strike said, "So this was Albert's secret these last few weeks. I think... it was worth the wait."


        Mudslide nods, sniffling himself. "y..y.eah... I..It was." He HUGS Hal with one arm...

        Blackflight smiles, "I think so too. Now he can watch over all the students... just like he used to."

        Hamtar rubs his eyes, "Got dirt in my eyes... It's a great statue. A really nice likeness."

        Mudslide looks over at Hal, "I think he'd approve of the plans we made too. You better not forget... Or you'll have an angry Mudslide on your paws." Not that he really thinks he will.


          Rabbitara smiled. "While we could stand here admiring him all day... we really should tour the rest of the building and-" She paused when she saw what was out the back windows. "...Did they build a small city in behind the school?"

          Hal glanced that way and turned on his X-Ray Vision. "No, it's the school's training grounds. It's a mock city where we can patrol during official in the field classes and have mock fights. My X-Ray Vision reveals that no one lives back there."

          Solar Stallion grinned. "An outdoor mock training city. I like that idea."

          Sword Strike smiled. "I think Dalis had something like that in the original plans by he didn't have the funding to build it. Lord Albert really came through. I wonder if Dalis has seen any of this yet."

          Hal giggled. "Not if he's still pregnant."


            Mudslide smiles, "I think he'll be floored when he sees it"

            Blackflight grins, "I know he will. This is just like what he always said he wanted. This is outstanding."

            Hamtar nods, "I do too! This is AMAZING!!!"


              Solar Stallion hummed. "I just noticed that all of the doors in these hallway corridors lead into housing quarters. I don't see any classrooms. Where are they?"

              Rabbitara replied, "I thought it was my imagination, too. Where ARE the classrooms?"

              Hal glanced around with his X-Ray Vision. "Weird... I don't see them. And that's unusual. Even for me."

              Sword Strike stroked his chin. "You don't supposed the mock city IS the classrooms now, do you?"

              Hal then grinned. "Guys, I just spotted a VIP housing door with Dalis' name on it. The door is large enough for a dragon to walk through easily. And there is a telecomm wall unit with a buzzer next to that door for visitors to talk to Dalis without him coming to the door, say, if he's busy with something."


                Hamtar grins, "Sounds like they REALLY went out of their way with this one. It's incredible."

                Mudslide nods... "I just wish Scalu could have seen this. This is amazing. It's like they took SHAPE and MIT and did better than both."

                Blackflight grins, "I bet it's Dark Dragon sized."


                  Hal grinned. "I'll bet Dark Dragon is in there." He snickers.

                  Rabbitara replied, "If he is, then I won't be bothering Dalis for anything." She winked.

                  Sword Strike smiled. "Anyone located the cafeteria yet?"

                  Solar Stallion said, "Can't wait to try out the mock training city."

                  Hal said, "There are no cafeteria rooms. Every housing dorm has its own kitchen. I think they expect you to prepare your own meals from now on."


                    Mudslide smirks, "I love to cook though..." He leans on Hal with a wink, "I can cook, clean, and I look _GOOD_ in a bathing suit."

                    Hamtar laughs! "Me either! No where near it."

                    Blackflight chuckles, "I think things are going to be much better from now on, Hal. Thanks to you."


                      Lord Albert then walked in and said, "I trust the college is to your satisfaction, Future Squadron?"

                      Hal grinned. "I think we're all blown away, sir. And thanks for the Scalubut statue."

                      Lord Albert says, "Just so all of you know... we have a back-up of Scalubut on record, if perhaps someday you want him brought back. Just letting you know. Students will share Dorm Housing, two heroes per quarters. Hal, you need to come with me. There is the thing about my paying you for the job you did here."

                      Hal giggled. "I'll catch up with you guys later." And he departed with Lord Albert.

                      Rabbitara hummed. "Two heroes to a Dorm Housing Quarters... I wonder who I am going to end up with?"

                      Solar Stallion says, "I am getting the feeling that they are going to split us up, since there is no F-Squad now. But there is the promise that we will all be in Future Squadron. I can't wait for that to start."

                      Sword Strike hummed. "Split us up..."


                        Blackflight nods, "I agree. This is incredible."

                        Hamtar looks over at Sword Strike, "Well...I guess... You wouldn't wanna share a room would you?"

                        Blackflight smirks, "Bye Hal. See you in a few years." He pats on Solar's shoulder, "What do you wanna do?"


                          At about that moment, Dark Dragon arrived wearing a vest with a nameplate that also had a title written on it. The nameplate read: Dark Dragon / Dean of MUSK. He smiled at the students and said, "Good morning, Future Squadron. Lord Albert asked me to be the dean here. As for your room assignments, because F-Squad doesn't exist anymore, there is no longer any reason for you to be all shacked up together. Therefore, everyone will be assigned to new dorm mate partners... other students whom you can help to improve. And students who can help you to improve. I'll expect all students enrolled here to attend the school meeting this afternoon so you can, among other things, receive your new rooming assignments. However... if you want me to assign you to a friend, just let me fuck you and I'll consider your proposal." He winked.

                          Rabbitara summons a large frying pan over her entire butt. "No thank you."

                          Sword Strike hummed. "I do want to be with Hamtar. He's always been there for me. But I don't want you making me pregnant, Dark Dragon. I will simply learn to work with a new student."

                          Solar Stallion chuckles. "Is there any rule that says we can't all group together in our free time, sir?"

                          Dark Dragon shakes his head with a smile.

                          Solar Stallion grins. "Then sure... bring on the new student! Blackflight and I can always hang out together in our free time. But as the others said, with all respect... you are NOT fucking me, DD. We all heard what happened to Dalis."

                          Dark Dragon laughed. "But he did that by CHOICE. I didn't rape him or make him do it..."


                            Dalis yells from down the hall in his room, "YOU KNOW YOU LIKED IT! EVEN THE PARTS I CAN'T SAY DUE TO RATINGS!"

                            Blackflight snerks, "In any case... I doubt any of us want THAT option. But yeah, I can find other locations to probe my fellow students."

                            Hamtar nods.. "I..I agree. I would rather be with Sword Strike but... I can live with it rather than let you take me OR him."

                            Mudslide rolls his eyes, "In any case... Hal and I have an understanding."


                              Solar Stallion calls out to Dalis, "JUST HOW PREGNANT ARE YOU, DALIS?" He snerked as he awaited a reply.



                                End of Episode Seven: This Ain't No M.Y.T.H.

                                The Future Squadron will continue in their own spin-off series.

                                Stay tuned for Episode Eight: Reining Cats & Dogs