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KF-07 This Ain't No M.Y.T.H.

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    KF-07 This Ain't No M.Y.T.H.

    Knight Flight
    This Ain't No M.Y.T.H.

    In a world of Paint and Ink, the transitional journeys of the few discover their humble beginnings between their departure from The All-Stars and their arrival in The Champions, where their final destinations aren't always where one may dream. Anyone can post in these adventures. Create your profile/intro in the profiles thread, then join the adventure in progress. The main storyline primarily follows Harold Dangers as he seeks out a college to call home.

    This Role Playing Game is rated [SA] for Suggestive Adult scenes.

    Harold Dangers - Warheart
    Hal Dangers (Night the Super Dog) - Warheart
    Aden Machera (Eps 5 Post 48) - Darquirrin
    James Talbot - Darquirrin
    Jonas Talbot - Darquirrin
    Sigmund Wyndtrough - Aragh the Wolf
    Aroma Pony - Aragh the Wolf
    (Others may be added to the list after they post their profiles/intros.)
    KF-07 This Ain't No M.Y.T.H.
    By Warheart, Darquirrin, and Aragh the Wolf
    May 16th, 2010

    The F-Squadron:
    T.B. or Turbo Blast: a male 69 pound weakling of a squirrel with a fantastic turbo powered "power blast" when he punches something (he is also the nephew of an U.E.C. member.)
    Blimp Bear:
    Ice Iguana:
    Solar Stallion:
    Sword Strike: an armored skunk
    Gluey Gecko:
    Night the Super Dog: Hal Dangers, of course, from the All-Stars.
    Hypknot: a husky by the name of David
    Mudslide: an otter
    Polaris: a polar bear
    Wrangler Roo:
    Chomper: a goat who can eat EVERYTHING and ANYTHING!
    Blackflight: a black canine with super powers
    Hamtar: a sword and armor using boar
    Lord Albert Atticus' Cat Lord Estate
    Private Hero Training Station on the Back Side of the Estate

    Having moved out of the main house after too many close calls with Lord Albert trying to mount him, Harold now lived at the Private Hero Training Station which was located on the far back side of Albert's estate. Harold was spending this day training in the use and powers of his Knightstar form.

    "Heat Vision test!"

    And Knightstar focused on a candlewick and fired off his hot gaze of fire. The wick lit all right... as did the table, the carpet, and...


    Knightstar sighed, blushing. The instructor was an okay canine, but a little too rough and strict.


    Maverick Institute of Technology
    Bulletin Board in the Main Hall

    Hal was watching Ace wearing his civvies posting something on the board. He thought it was strange that Ace was not dressed as Bat Hound today. But he did know that in the course of the last few months, Bat Hound was running into opposition no matter how many times he tried to enforce changes in MIT. And now, Ace was posting something on the board.

    "I wonder what Ace is up to?"

    ((OOC: For the record, Scalubut and Hal YIFFED at the end of the Club Outing and surprisingly, that broke the Heat!))

    Scalubut says, "Instead of asking... Why not go find out?"


      Hal walked over to Ace and said, "What are you up to, Ace? Why aren't you in your other clothes?"

      Ace looked at Hal and replied, "I was going to come see you and the F-Squad next. Get your friends together. I need to speak to them as a group." And then he walked off with a smile.

      Hal then looked at the notice on the board. It read:

      I, Bat Hound, hereby resign as the Dean of the Maverick Institute of Technology. My funding will no longer be available with this hero school and neither will my alter ego, Ace. I tried to make changes here and clean up the problems that are still in place, but the instructors won't see things my way, therefore... let us see how they function without a Dean and when most of the students up and leave when they learn I left in disgust. Signed, Ace aka Bat Hound.

      Hal looked back at Scalubut. "We have to get F-Squad together quickly. Ace wants to meet with us, ASAP. I'll fill you in on the way..." And he headed off with Scalubut.


        It didn't really take long to find the others. They were looking for Hal and Scalubut as rumors travel faster than even Speedy Gonzales or the Flash around MIT. They were all wondering what was going on.


          F-Squad gathered in their basement HQ where Ace was waiting on them.

          "I am glad you all came. I have failed to make the instructors here at MIT reform or change their ways. Therefore, all of F-Squad is hereby officially invited to dump MIT and come join me at my new powers school, which is called... the Maverick Youths of Tomorrow Hero School, or MYTHS for short. I personally instruct the classes there, along with some of the larger names in the business. I had to call in some favors to make this work, but Dalis was impressed that I chose to go this route."

          "Now if you think MIT will improve after I leave and you will be reinstated to your proper places in your grade levels, you can choose to stay here. But I promised the Original Harold that I would give the F-Squad a VIP invite to the new school. You may take all the time you need to decide. There is no hurry."

          Hal was wow'ed. So Harold DID convince Bat Hound to make the changes that Hal told Harold he would like to see.

          T.B. said, "If I drop MIT for MYTH, will my father in the UEC disown me for failing and quitting a school?"

          Ace replied, "No. All of the UEC are in full acknowledgment of the new school and they know that anyone in F-Squad will get this VIP invite."


            Scalubut says, rather firmly, "Where Hal goes, I go. I have no reason to stay here. At all. I've been degraded, beaten, and almost killed on several occasions. As have most of us at some point. If Hal were to form a Team after graduation, provided I lived that long, I would join it in a heartbeat."

            Blackflight smiles, "Sorry, Ace... But I have to decline, though I won't ask anyone else to do the same."

            All the others were looking at Hal, somewhat undecided at the moment, though all of them contemplating it.


              Hal stood up with a sigh and stood beside Blackflight. "Everyone... what I want all of you to do is whatever you feel is right. Besides, I have a confession to make..."

              Ace arched an eye allowing Hal to take the 'stage' as it were. "Go ahead, Hal."

              Hal looked at the floor, then he lifted his head and said, "I am not at MIT for the classes. I didn't join because Ace asked me to. I am actually... here on an All-Stars case... solo. Lord Albert asked me to investigate MIT for him. He was going to ask Dalis to do it, but then realized that Dalis is a sponsor here. So he had to choose an All-Star who was heading off to college anyway. He chose me, mainly because Bat Hound was pressuring me to join anyways. I've been working under cover this whole time. I didn't expect to go into heat during the mission, but Scalubut helped me get through that a few weeks ago. You, Ace, were high on my list of people under investigation... until you listened to what the Original Harold had to say to you about MIT. Because of my mission, I have to stay here with Blackflight. And now, Ace, you know why I signed up in the Solo Hero Classes."

              Ace smiled a little. "You are working on a case and I didn't figure that out. You are a sneaky actor, Hal. But... you did out-fox me this time. When you complete your investigation here, come on by MYTHS and make sure I am not allowing MIT shit to go on there. Okay?"

              Hal smiled. "I'll do that. As for the rest of you... you have to make your own decisions. Scalubut... you would be safer with Ace. We can still date, though Mudslide has also been dating me. And if he tries to dump me I'll tell everyone his real name." He winks.


                Mudslide says, "I figured it out a long time ago. That's why I took you to see my aunt instead of someone else. To be honest, you interest me, Hal. Your smart and clever and I'm not afraid to tell anyone that I seriously care about you. I don't think people should date people on the same team which why... no offense... I probably won't ever join your team. Inter-team relationships can just makes things way too messy." He grins, "I out thunk you a long time ago, but dont' you DARE tell ANYONE my real name cause I'm not dumping you."

                Scalubut sighs...and nods, "Then I'll still go with Ace.... I better go pack my things." He turns and heads out.

                Blackflight smirks, "I have my own reasons for staying and they don't involve secret missions or Hal."

                Polaris hrms, "What do you think guys?" She looks at the others.


                  Ace says, "I better go help Scalubut. He seemed rather sad about your not going with him, Hal." And he headed off to help Scalubut.

                  T.B. says, "If my dad is okay with this, then I'll go to Ace's new school. Being trained by the top names is certainly more impressive than being trained by a nobody instructor with his nose up his own ass."

                  Blimp Bear says, "I don't like MIT, so I'll go to the other school."

                  Ice Iguana nods her head. "No offense to anyone here, but I have an open invite to SHAPE. They told me that if MIT didn't work out, to come over and see them. And I have to do that before checking into any other school."

                  Solar Stallion smiles. "I'm staying with Hal and Blackflight. I don't care if I am in F-Squad or not. But if I can, I would like to transfer into Solo Hero Classes. I've seen Hal's homework from those classes and it's easy shit."

                  Rabbitara giggles. "I have to stay here for awhile. I have my reasons. But if Ace would permit me to take a course at his school after MIT, I would be interested in that."

                  Sword Strike sighs sadly. "You mean all that talk last month about F-Squad forming a team was just... a lie?" He heads off to his room with tears on his muzzle.

                  Gluey Gecko says, "Where T.B. goes, I stick like glue! For I am... GLUEY GECKO! Dun Duh DA!" He strikes a ridiculous pose!


                    Scalubut was not actually in the room when Ace got there. Not the best sign. He felt like Hal was stabbing him in the back. Both with Mudslide and the whole 'team' thing. He thought Hal was the one person he could trust to not be lying. He said there was only two ways he wouldn't be on Hal's team.

                    Hamtar says, "This royally sucks sow ass." He went after Sword Strike after giving Hal a bad look.

                    Chomper says, "I was thinking about SHAPE too... I have to at least give that a try and if your not even gonna be there, Hal... I have no reason to try it over SHAPE."

                    Polaris sighed slightly, "Unfortunately, with Ace gone... If he really was in the dark about all this... MIT is only gonna get worse. I'll hang around in case someone needs the help."

                    Hypknot says, "I'd rather try this new school... And give it a shot."

                    Wrangler Roo says, "Well this 'as been somethin'. Ah dunno what Ah'll do yet. Ah think Ah'll just wait and see for now."


                      Ace poked his head in fast. "I CAN'T FIND SCALUBUT!" And he withdrew just as fast.

                      Hal perked his ears and turned on his X-Ray Vision fast and started scanning the whole building!

                      Rabbitara sighed. "I bet I know what he did. I better call the Insanitarium. But it's probably already too late." And she headed off to make the phone call.

                      Ice Iguana hugged Chomper. "Glad someone else will be there that I'll know."


                      Sword Strike had one of his sharp swords unsheathed when Hamtar found him. He was debating doing what Scalubut already did... except he was scared. He was just looking at his sword, trembling.


                        Chomper hugs back and smiles, "Me too."

                        It was indeed already too late. Rakernaos, AKA Scalubut, AKA Scalie butt, committed suicide. Hal can see from here several others already carrying his body toward the medical ward but it's far too late.


                        Hamtar walked over to Sword Strike and yanked the sword out of his hands, "Don't. You. Dare." He thrusts the sword into it's sheath and looks at Sword Strike, "I'm just as upset as you are. And I'm angry. But I'm NOT going to let you hurt yourself over it. You hear me?... Maybe we can make a team with the Squad after we graduate... Maybe this is... just a temporary thing. All I know is... I don't...want to loose you. Your my friend and I'm going to go where you go. We can deal with this together, okay?"


                          Sword Strike sighed and hugged Hamtar, though carefully. "It's not Hal's fault. T.B. was the one who said we could make F-Squad into it's own team and now he's leaving. We'll never be our own team without the leader. What do we do?"


                          Hal sighed and told Ace what he was seeing. And then he and Ace both said in unison, "Better call in Lord Albert." In stereo, in fact. The investigation was officially over since the head cat was being called in. But there was one more secret that Hal had not revealed regarding Scalubut and himself. And he only hoped that Dark Dragon was taking good care of that secret like he asked.

                          Hal then turned to the remaining F-Squad members. "Scalubut... committed... suicide... guys..."

                          After that, it was quiet in the F-Squad Quarters. You could hear a pin drop.


                            Hamtar hugged back and smiles, "I didn't say Hal either, Sword. I just said where you go... I go. Your my FRIEND. And I'm going to stick with you. Besides. Who would I spare with if you hurt yourself." HE hrms, "Maybe you could be the leader and I'll be your knight." He winks.


                            Hypknot sighed, looking down at the floor.

                            Mudslide shivered slightly and looked away.

                            Blackflight sighed as well and walked over, putting a paw on Hal's shoulder quietly.


                              The next day...

                              MIT was actually closed for the first time in years. And the entire complex was under an official Audit. Yes, MIT was being Audited. And while that might make other hero schools cheer, Lord Albert warned them if anyone cheered, they would get Audited next. So no one was celebrating nothing.

                              Besides, Scalubut's funeral services were being held in traditional dragon ceremony and style. Hal and F-Squad were allowed to attend the actual ceremonies since they were Scalubut's friends.

                              After the ceremonies ended, Hal handed over the 'egg' that Scalubut had accidentally gotten Hal pregnant with during his heat to Scalubut's parents, who were pleased to receive their son's continued legacy... his son.


                              The day following that...

                              Day 2 of the MIT Audit.

                              Hal was slowly moving his things into T.B.'s now empty quarters. Someone had to lead F-Squad for the rest of the year and he figured that now that he wasn't investigating anymore... who better to do it than himself.

                              Sword Strike noticed Hal's activity and said, "Hal? I want... there to be an actual F-Squad team... after MIT is behind us... will you... make one...? please...?"

                              Hal smiled over at Sword Strike and then saw Hamtar just behind the armored skunk. "Truth be told, SS... plans made now may be forgotten by accident later. And if I forget for any reason, you come remind me and I'll drop everything to make the team for you. Night's honor." He crosses his heart in full view.

                              Sword Strike smiles and HUGS Hal tightly! He doesn't have to be careful with Hal since Hal is invulnerable.

                              Hal then said, "I saw Lord Albert and some other sexy lords stalking the halls earlier. I hope they are here all month. I like looking at them... especially with my X-Ray Vision. Did you know that most of those lords have erections currently?" He winks.

                              Sword Strike laughs out loud.