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KF-06 Try It, You'll Like It

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    KF-06 Try It, You'll Like It

    Knight Flight
    Try It, You'll Like It

    In a world of Paint and Ink, the transitional journeys of the few discover their humble beginnings between their departure from The All-Stars and their arrival in The Champions, where their final destinations aren't always where one may dream. Anyone can post in these adventures. Create your profile/intro in the profiles thread, then join the adventure in progress. The main storyline primarily follows Harold Dangers as he seeks out a college to call home.

    This Role Playing Game is rated [SA] for Suggestive Adult scenes.


    Harold Dangers - Warheart
    Hal Dangers (Night the Super Dog) - Warheart
    Aden Machera (Eps 5 Post 48) - Darquirrin
    James Talbot - Darquirrin
    Jonas Talbot - Darquirrin
    Sigmund Wyndtrough - Aragh the Wolf
    Aroma Pony - Aragh the Wolf
    (Others may be added to the list after they post their profiles/intros.)

    KF-06 Try It, You'll Like It
    By Warheart, Darquirrin, and Aragh Darktalon
    May 11th, 2010

    The F-Squadron:
    T.B. or Turbo Blast: a male 69 pound weakling of a squirrel with a fantastic turbo powered "power blast" when he punches something (he is also the nephew of an U.E.C. member.)
    Blimp Bear:
    Ice Iguana:
    Solar Stallion:
    Sword Strike: an armored skunk
    Gluey Gecko:
    Night the Super Dog: Hal Dangers, of course, from the All-Stars.
    Hypknot: a husky by the name of David
    Mudslide: an otter
    Polaris: a polar bear
    Wrangler Roo:
    Chomper: a goat who can eat EVERYTHING and ANYTHING!
    Blackflight: a black canine with super powers
    Hamtar: a sword and armor using boar
    Lord Albert Atticus' Cat Lord Estate
    VIP Bedroom Guest Quarters of Harold Dangers

    While Harold and Aden worked on the new forms, they both could hear the demolition derby of cats and lord in chase echoing throughout the mansion. And occasionally shaking the building and the walls when collisions into walls and door facings occurred.

    "Seems like Albert and his familiars are really getting a good workout today," said Harold. "It's usually not this noisy."


    Dullton, Georgia; Planet Earth
    Public Records Department

    With a small Bat-Light shining out of his collar, Bat Hound quietly read through real world folders and documents as he searched for his quarry in question: the Mystery that he had been trying to solve since Harold or Hal graduated AniSapien High in Terryville.

    "Almost there... it won't be long now..."


    Maverick Institute of Technology
    F-Squad Basement Quarters

    Hal was lying on his cot retelling what had just occurred earlier to the other F-Squaders. "And that snobby good for nothing tried to report me for whacked out attack on him other than what I did to him. But luckily, that Senior class student Playback was there and I agreed to let him read my aura and play back everything I had done that afternoon. And with Playback, there is audio included with the video. And that snob ended up feeling an inch tall. Seeing him deliberately provoking me and deliberately littering in the school's park... needless to say, he was being led off for a meeting with Dalis. I didn't want to listen in to what was going to happen. But the strange part... is that Bat Hound isn't at MIT today. In fact, he hasn't been here in a week. Something about an investigation he's doing someplace."

    T.B. hummed. "I wonder what the old batty hound is up to this time?"

    Sword Strike replied, "Maybe he's investigating a teacher. Oh sominas dominas hominas... Hey, I can pray for that, you know!"

    Aden giggles a little, "It sounds like a demolition derby. I'm surprised the house is still standing." He looks back at the forms, "I think we're done." He looks over at Harold, "I'm...really grateful for the help."


    Scalubut grunts a little from where he was laying on his bed, "He's lucky. I would have done far worse to him, hero or not." He looks over at Hal, "But if he's not here... You can count on the fact he's somewhere... Likely investigating something of his own interest and most of that revolves around you." He sighs, "Which is really annoying. No offense to you Hal. Sure, sure go investigate Harold and hal.. They're much more interesting than actually doing some WORK on how things are going at your own damn school." He sighs, "Again, no offense to you Hal, but I wish we got half the attention you did. And were half as sought after."


      Harold then started comparing the two forms side by side. "The one on the left is the one that arrived at processing. The one on the right is the one you just filled out. The left one strongly suggests that you want to join a sexual feline type of sponsor family. The right one shows that you want sponsorship with responsible felines. So who do you know who might have had the opportunity to change your original forms before they got sent in?"

      At that brief moment, Albert poked his head into the room. "Looking for a silver backed familiar..."

      Harold replied, "18th bedroom closet, upper closet shelf. And when you're ready for lunch, this is Aden. He arrived today instead of yesterday."

      Albert smiles, but doesn't come in. "We'll speak more during lunch." And he bolts back out of the room on his pounce hunt, loping along on all fours.

      Harold grinned. "That... was Lord Albert."


      Hal's cellphone then rang. "Hal aka Night the Super Dog speaking."

      Bat Hound replied, "Hal, this is Ace. I just came across something weird in the Dullton city records department. Did you know that there was actually three Harolds, counting yourself?"

      Hal slyly smiled. "Oh I knew that. Doesn't take a detective to figure that out, Ace. When are you coming back?"

      Bat Hound coughed. "Did you know that you and your brother are not actually related by blood to the original Harold Dangers at all? Your original last name was Denver. But when your mom remarried, your new father adopted you and gave you the surname of Dangers. I am looking for the original. If you know where he is, please tell me so I can wrap up this investigation."

      Hal's reactive complexion had gone pale. He hadn't known about his past except that their father was a man known as Dan Dangers... Harold's uncle. "You'll find him at Lord Albert's estate. But if you go there today, you might get changed into a familiar cat yourself. It's... ahem... that day on the estate. Harold's room is off limits to the hunt."

      Bat Hound hummed. "Let your friends know that I will be back at MIT tonight. And Hal... I really care about the original Harold. Ace... likes him a lot. Ace out." And the call ended.

      Hal slowly put his cellphone away. "Ace is returning tonight. He just told me that I'm not really a Dangers. That I am... adopted."

      T.B. exclaimed, "Say what? Scalubut was right then... he WAS investigating your past."

      Hal shook his head. "No. He's looking for the original Harold Dangers. He told me over the phone... that Ace cares about him."

      Rabbitara blinked her eyes. "Ace actually cares about someone. I never would have guessed that."


        Aden says, "I don't know, I gave them to my uncle to mail for me..." He blinks at that a bit then says, "How'd you know where the one he was looking for was at?"


        Scalubut smirks, "So no more interest in Hal off to find out more about Third Harold." He shakes his head, "Don't it bother you, Hal. I was adopted too you know. Nothing wrong with that."

        Polaris smiles, "That's true. And I wouldn't have thought Ace to care about someone either. But it just proves that even he can surprise you. Still." She goes over and gives Hal a big warm female polar bear hug.


          Harold smiled. "I may look human currently, but if you'll recall, I said I was recovering from an attack that a super villain did to me. I actually have super hearing and super eyesight. I was accidentally exposed to Toonium during one of my first visits to Q.C. Planet. I can actually see through the walls and hear all of the familiars breathing."


          Hal hugged back. "One could get lost in a polar bear hug." He giggled. "Ace will be back at MIT tonight. But he really does care about Harold, the original. But Harold has a firm hold on reality AND I've told him about problems at MIT. So if Ace talks to him, he will let Ace know about stuff here in his own special way. As MIT currently stands, Harold would never want to come here... unless someone changed things."


            Arden ohs... He isn't sure how to respond to that. So he just rubs his neck a little and thinks a bit.


            Polaris laughs a little and she lets him go. "Changed more than a some things."


              One Hour Later...

              A bell sounded in the mansion marking the end of the morning hunt.

              Harold smiled. "Okay, it's now safe to exit the bedroom. We will go meet with Lord Albert and talk to him about your forms. I mean, it really looks like your originals were tampered with."


              Hal was in an argument with a senior class member in the gyms. The more people who screwed around with yanking on Hal's chain, the more 'reactive' in the use of his powers he became. And as the one student found out, you don't get in Hal's face.

              Rabbitara quietly munched on a carrot nearby. "Someone is about to get it... and indoors this time..."


                Aden gets up and smiles, "Okay." He hugs Harold and says, "Do you think we can get some dinner soon?"


                Blackflight has been concerned about how explosive Hal was getting personally.

                Scalubut rather LIKED what Hal was doing and thought it was about time SOMEONE did.


                  Harold grinned. "We're going to do that when we speak with Lord Albert. This break is a lunch break. Food is good for everyone. And we can ask about your clothes at the same time."


                  Instead of heat vision this time, the senior class student got a blast of super frozen super breath and ended up inside a block of ice that was sliding rapidly across the floor of the gym and crashing out on to the hard concrete outside the building.

                  T.B. chuckled. "At least it wasn't heat vision this time. But he does seem to be getting more violent for some reason."


                    Aden smiles and nods, "Okay." He blushes, "I almost forgot about that..." He gets up and hugs Harold, "Thanks again, Harold. For everything."


                    Blackflight sighs, "And it's starting to really bother me... And I don't like how Scalubut has been... encouraging him."


                      At the dinner table, Harold and Aden were seated near each other, and every other chair at the table had a familiar cat seated there. And Lord Albert took his position at the head of the table, after kissing every member at the table, including the non-cat boys.

                      "So you are Aden. I was expecting you yesterday. Talk to me while helping yourself to a meal."

                      Harold giggled from getting a kiss, then set about filling his plate.


                      Ice Iguana says, "Dalis is the other sponsor around here... but it's odd that he's never around either."

                      Hal glanced over at Double-I. "He's probably off having sex with Timesheart in another time period. There was a rumor that they had both done it in Lincoln's bed."

                      Solar Stallion made a face. "Did we really need to know that?"


                        Aden blushed from the kiss but tells Lord Albert his story which he already told Harold and admits that he was sorry he couldn't get here sooner. He ums, "And I was told to give you something that's with my clothes...where ever they are."


                        Mudslide walks over to Hal and hugs him, then says, "Hal? Why are you so angry and violent lately?" He's brave...asking the source face to face.


                          Lord Albert smiled. "We can check the laundry room for your clothes. That is where all clothes on the estate end up on Laundry Day when you are teleported out of them. I can't imagine what you were asked to give me. I hope it's not a species invitation, since you are so nice."

                          Harold ate quietly as he listened to the banter.


                          Hal sighed. "I'm not really sure, Mudslide. It's like my dark side is coming out a lot more since I learned that I was adopted. I may need to see the school psychologist. But it's worse since all of the Senior class students are deliberately getting in my face and taunting me."


                            Aden says, "It was a note and a package. I don't know what they were cause I was told not to open them."

                            He eats his dinner and looks over at Harold... then looks back at Lord Albert, "Um... Do you think after dinner Harold and I could go for a walk? I promise to take good care of him."


                            Mudslide hugs Hal, "Common... I know someone you should talk to... Please? I promise it help."


                              Lord Albert hummed. "Harold can take care of himself well enough. He has super powers. But when you return, make sure you enter your room through the balcony window since the second hunt will likely be happening when you do return. I'll go look in the laundry room and see what is in your clothes."

                              Harold smiled as he finished his meal and stood up, giving Albert a hug and a sniff. "You should clean yourself after the hunt. You smell like last February's hunt." He winked as he skipped away out of nabbing range, giggling.


                              Hal nodded his head. "Okay, Mudslide. Let's go."

                              Rabbitara whispered, "And there goes the fun..." She quietly chuckled.