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    Hypknot smirks, "I'm just glad none of our teachers come here. Can you imagine having to explain how we got the free time for an outing?"

    Polaris laughs, "They'd give up lots of homework to make up for it."

    Wrangler Roo nods, "True. Ah'm just glad to 'ave a chance to catch up with some good mates."

    Chomper says, "Not to mention, they have some real amazingly good sized meals here it seems."

    Hamtar snorts, "Maybe enough to even fill YOU up?"

    Mudslide snerks, "Yeah right."

    Blackflight grins, "Maybe but I doubt it. His stomach is like a black hole. I would bet he could out-eat Kerby."


      Days Later - F-Squad Quarters at MIT

      Hal in his Night the Super Dog form was maneuvering the MIT park grounds skewering scraps of trash and soda can litter. He never complained when he worked out here, and for the most part, he almost always had an audience of upper peer students watching him work.

      They still couldn't figure out why the most popular hero at MIT would purposely choose to live in the F-Squad Quarters.

      Hal was, of course, smiling. He had received a toon-mail letter from his actual namesake whom he knew from Terryville. He was referring, of course, to Harold Dangers.The original.

      Dear Hal:

      My stay with Lord Albert and my extended therapy lessons on his estate are about over with. Looks like I might get to spend my senior year at Terryville after all and spend that time with the All-Stars. Although I will still be living with Lord Albert since I am not completely recovered yet.

      But he says that I am doing far better. So there's hope.

      I heard you defied Bat Hound again. Are you going to keep doing that or is their a method to your madness?

      Anyway, I really miss seeing you and James, but I am sure there will be other cuties for me to molest in the future. Probably not as chunky as James nor as skinny as Jonas, but there is always hope in the future where nice new boys are concerned. Anyway, I can hear the familiar cats all trying to find a place to hide. They know not to come to my rooms during the hunt.

      Hope to hear from you soon. Don't be a stranger and do try to get good grades.

      Your namesake cousin..

      .Harold Dangers, in recovery at Lord Albert's estate
      Hal smiled as he recalled the toon-mail letter. "Yeah, I am glad he is doing better. He needed this recovery time."


      Across the field from where Hal was working, the rest of the F-Squad were sitting in the bleachers working on their classroom assignment homework. Most still weren't doing so well, but they had Hal's support.


        Aden Machera was in Terryville that fateful day. He was a 5'2" young male of a slender but not scrawny build. He was muscular but lean. Aden couldn't help but wonder what the issue with his forms was that brought him here and his deep blue eyes scanned the facade of the house before him. As he stood in front of the door, ready to ring the bell, he ran a hand through his bright reddish blond hair. Just as he was about to ring the bell, however, he spotted a glimmer near the corner of the house and a bit of motion. He raised a brow and huhed, "Hello? Someone there?" Aden walked over to the spot, slowly, and kneeled down, picking up what looked like a shiny jeweled collar with a cat bell attached to the front. "Someone must sure love their cats... This thing looks like it must be worth a fortune..." He started back toward the door, however, the collar wouldn't pass the corner of the house! Instead, it teleported him randomly into the house and he landed, with a loud yelp, right in front of the recovering Harold! "...Ow..."


        Hypknot, Polaris, Wrangler Roo, Chomper, Hamtar, and Mudslide were all working very hard on their homework. The teachers never seemed to give just a 'light' amount of homework and all of them were struggling to finish it.

        Blackflight had already finished his and was working to help the others with theirs.


          Harold arched an eye as he saw the arriving Aden. "Strange... Albert didn't mention guests during pounce-hunt day. Are you okay?"


          Rabbitara shook her head as she finally finished her math homework. "The next person that makes a joke about rabbits knowing how to multiply is getting changed into one and teleported to a horny rabbit's lair. This MIT math crap is HARD!"

          T.B. grinned. "At least we're all in this together. Glad the black super canines seemed to breeze through all this stuff though. Lucky for us..."


            Aden rubs his head, wincing, where it struck one of the edges of the furniture in the room, bleeding slightly but nothing serious. "I..I think so. Yeah. Lucky for me I have a hard he...hea.... HEY?!" He pats himself all over, "WHERE DID MY CLOTHES GO?!" Aden was nude as the day he was born and trying to cover himself up. It was comical and rather cute at the same time. Apparently, that particular teleport spell didn't include clothes as part of it.


            Blackflight chuckled, "Well, I'm glad to help you guys. Your my friends. I haven't graduated in three years though so this is my last chance."


              Harold was only wearing swim trunks himself today because not only was in pounce-hunt day, but it was also laundry day. No one in the mansion was supposed to be wearing anything, but Lord Albert permitted Harold to wear shorts on that day provided he stayed in his room during the pounce-hunting time frame... only coming out for the regular meals. The only time the pounce-hunting was placed on hold. "What is the last thing you recall before arriving here naked?"


              Solar Stallion said, "Don't say it's your last, Blackflight. Just say it's your last trying to succeed in the team classes. mean, look at Hal... he ticked off Bat Hound by signing up on the Solo classes and then he chose to live in F-Squad quarters. If the team thing doesn't work out, and I will admit that I am thinking about doing this myself if things don't improve, but try the route Hal is doing. I think Solo classes may be the answer for us."

              Gluey Gecko hummed. "I've been pondering that myself, honestly."


                Aden tell him exactly what happened and says, "I was suppose to be here yesterday but the bus was late and I didn't get here till just a bit ago... I'm suppose to be looking for someone called, 'The Founder'..." He sighs, "Something about forms was screwy so I had to come be interviewed by him."


                Blackflight says, "Yes, I suppose you have a point."

                Hypknot smirks, "I've been thinking the same, Gecky."

                The rest just quietly nod.

                Blackflight says, "I'm not surprised considering everything that he's done for us."


                  Harold smiled. "Sounds like one of the familiar cats accidentally dropped one of their capture porter collars out of the upper windows during the pounce-hunt. So you're Aden. I recall Albert saying yesterday that he couldn't figure out what happened to you. Then he did a head count on his familiar cats to make sure there wasn't one extra. Since you didn't show up yesterday, he decided to continue today's schedule as planned and... currently laundry day and pounce-hunt day are both currently going on. Your clothes have likely ended up in the laundry room. And don't worry so much about nudity. I've seen naked toons and other naked boys a LOT around here while I was recovering. I'm Harold Dangers, resident boy in recovery and therapy."


                  Hal moved closer to the stands and said, "Super Hearing, guys. Just so you know... Team class homework is purposely harder than Solo class homework. That's another reason I've been getting done as fast as I've been doing my work. There is almost nothing to it. And that ticks Bat Hound off a lot. Although Ace is proud of my attending MIT and giving it a chance. They act like two separate hounds..."

                  Blimp Bear grins. "You've noticed that, too, huh?"


                    Aden blushes, "Sorry, I'm just not entirely... you know... Um.. what are you recovering from? You look in good shape.... REally...good shape..."


                    Blackflight says, "I personally think he has CID's."

                    Hamtar says, "CID's?"

                    Blackflight nods, "It's not THAT uncommon in cases of heroes with secrete identities. Compartmentalized Identity Disorder. Basically, it's a former of Multiple Personality Disorder only compartmentalized. Essentially, the 'asshole' Bathound is separate 'facet' of himself that is completely isolated and separated from his 'common' personality Ace. They are, actually, two people in one body but with full memory of each other unlike in normal MPS."


                      Harold smiled and replied, "I was caught in the mental backlash of a super villain's power strike where he was trying to use magic to enhance his bionic powers, and it caused me to be caught in a limbo through which the Founder only recently pulled me out of it and was personally giving me therapy from his own library of incidents which describe how to repair such powered damages. So while my body was fine, my mind had to be slowly reconstructed. And... while I seem okay at the moment, I am under a temporary watch to make sure I'm not relapsing."

                      He then reached over to one of his dresser drawers and pulls out a spare pair of swimming trunks and handed them to Aden. "So tell me about your screwy forms. Normally the only reason the Founder ever has to get involved in forms is when the subject, you in this case, has written something down about a certain like for magic and/or cats... something that only a lordly cat with familiar cats would know how to deal with. Is your forms on record? If so, we can just call up a copy of them and see what you wrote."


                      Hal grinned. "Oh, I was thinking that maybe they were actually clones of each other... one good; the other an asshole." He winked.

                      And of course, a lot of people couldn't help but to laugh at Hal's joke.

                      Rabbitara said, "Good thing we're already in F-Squad or we'd be sent there for sure!"


                        Aden gratefully put them on though they didn't hide 'certain things' that well. He shakes his head, "I don't know, Harold. I don't remember writing anything like that. I mean felines IS one of my likes but... I can't imagine how what I said could be that bad. And I guess they should be."


                        EVERYONE laughs at that joke. Blackflight grins, "That's even more likely scenario I suppose." He winks.

                        Hamtar nodnods at her, "Definitely!"

                        Mudslide says, "Well, At least Scalie-butt is almost back on his claws."


                          Harold sent a toon-mail request for a copy of Aden's forms, then when they arrived in the blink of an eye, Harold patted a spot on the bed for the boy and started reading over the forms. "It says here that you like felines and naughty activities. These are on separate lines, but under activity preferences, you wrote, as long as some sexy felines are there to share this with, you're all for it. Could you confirm and relate in your own words what you mean by this statement on your forms? If we figure this out before you speak with Albert, then we could save you a lot of time."


                          From across the park, one of the snobby higher class students shouted, "Hey Night! I'm littering! What you gonna do about it?" And he started to drop the candy wrapper...Well, he started to.

                          A single shot of heat vision seared through the park, slicing trees down that were in the way, igniting the wrapper, and catching the student's fur on fire so suddenly that he immediately shit his pants!

                          Hal stood there growling just feet from the F-Squad, his eyes still red from the sudden heat vision shot he just created.

                          T.B. said, "Geez, Hal... calm down already. Good thing we weren't inside the building..."


                            Aden blushed again as he sat down next to Harold. He says softly, "I suddenly just remembered why you sounded familiar. Your from...TV." He blushes and looks at forms, then blinked, "Um... Those... That isn't my handwriting... I mean those parts are but... that's not."


                            Mudslide ums... "I... I" He came close to shitting HIS pants... If he wore any usually.

                            Blackflight says, "That seems like it might have been a tad bit...excessive, Hal?"


                              Harold smiled. "Yeah, I'm Timesheart Tiger's number one charge... well, was before my accident. Anyway..." He requests some blank forms and when he gets those, he sets them out side by side to the originals that Aden filled out. Here's what you do, Aden... on these new blank forms, just copy over from the old sheets the parts that are actually your handwriting, and simply omit the rest. Then we'll compare the two and see why or what happened to your forms."


                              Hal was panting as his eyes slowly... ever so slowly... returned to normal. "I... I... had just... cleaned that area... I hate snobs..."

                              Rabbitara quietly said, "Look at it like this... shit is good fertilizer."

                              Gluey Gecko rolled his eyes and resumed doing his homework.


                                Aden smiles and works with Harold to get the new forms mimicking his old ones, with his real information in place so that it can be compared with the other.


                                Blackflight says, "So you would rather risk becoming a bully to save yourself a touch more work?" He pats Hal's shoulder, "Common. I'll help you put the trees back to rights. I understand how you feel but what frightened me is how reflexive you did that... without even thinking it looked like. But, I'm the guy who fried a jerk's pencil in the middle of a test cause he pissed me off. What right do I got to talk about temper." HE starts helping Hal with fixing up the trees he cut down.

                                Mudslide looks at the others and then looks back at the homework, muttering, "Ye...yeah... but that was weird....and not like Hal."

                                End of Episode Five: Welcome to F-Squad

                                Stay tuned for Episode Six: Try It, You'll Like It