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KF-03 Consorto Concerto

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    James invites himself in and snags the bottle of scotch, "Tsktsk, Timesheart... You're gonna trash your your body at this pace.... Then you won't be able to see what I've seen. Plus, we really need to work on your self-esteem sometimes me thinks."


      Timesheart looked at the black lion. "I don't know who you are. What do you want? I don't subscribe to the Watchtower..."


        James mmms, "No you know don't me. But I know. I'm from...ooooo the FUUUUTUUUUUURE" He laughs and grins, "And I'm here cause I both want to help you...and have you help me."


          Timesheart actually smiles. "Ah, a time traveler. That's completely different. Dalis and I encounter time travelers all the time. Time to sober up then. What is the emergency then?" He seems totally attentive and sobered up now.


            James chuckles, "You and Dalis have a lot in common. More in common in the future but... That's sorta why I'm here. I need your help and I... um.. Well, I sorta screwed you over without you knowing it. So listen up... And listen to a tale about a castaway.... Metaphorically speaking..." He tells Timesheart the full story... INCLUDING his own future because it ties in heavily with the current situation. He also makes no excuse for his actions.


              Timesheart is a good listener. "Believe it or not, this villain made a big mistake to continue to bring you further and further back in time like this. We can fix this pretty easily, actually. As for Harold... a boy I will eventually meet... that is going to be tricky now that you have told me about him."

              "First things first... this villain stole a local boy and was going to kidnap your past self and put the two together so your past self would actually have a local friend. I see nothing wrong with that provided they actually meet and are not just permanently imprisoned together someplace. So we rescue them first. We travel back in time a few hours, borrow both boys, then return to this time with both boys, and we monitor their meeting together, then send them both back to their rightful homes so no one misses them."

              "Next stop would be your first time travel stop so we can stop the villain from succeeding in whatever it was he arranged. If he was truly after Harold's pure DNA, it must be for an evil purpose. So we appear an hour before you and the villain appear and I speed up Harold's need to use the toilet. While he's in there sitting down, I time stop the inside of the outhouse, while sending out a simulacrum Harold for the Villain to mess with and for your other self to yiff. After the two of you leave, I get rid of the Simulacrum Harold and release the real Harold from the toilet."

              "Then our last stop is my future self's skiing trip with real Harold. During the avalanche, we arrange for the 'Hal' Dangers to end up inside the spare crystal, and then... we make sure Timesheart finds Hal and frees him, while we make the bad imp crystal unseen by Timesheart's eyes. After Timesheart takes Hal to the hospital, we drop off the real Harold at the hospital, and then... the doctors will determine that Hal is related to Harold. I regret that we'll have to do it this way, but when you changed the past for Bad Harold, the only way to fix the time-line would be if Good Harold was never stuck in the crystal."

              Timesheart then says, "Before you ask who Hal is... I've been to the future already during Harold's college years. And there is a Hal Dangers in that time period. Hal is the toon version of Harold. Any questions or can we get started?"


                James nods, "I cannot fault logic really but it will still be a radically different future I return to... but to be honest I cannot say if it will be bad a worse or better one. If you wish, however, once the plan is accomplished we can return here and I can remove your memories of Harold if you believe it to be necessary. There is one other thing..." He grins, "I wasn't entirely stupid. When I petted the villain... I placed a tracking and monitoring spell on him."


                  Timesheart smiled. "Making me forget your visit today would be best. And good for you that you were smart. When you get back to your time, report the incident to Lord Albert immediately. Now, let's go thwart a villain..."


                    James grins, "Oh lets." He says, "Since you won't remember this..." He picks up the Tiger and KISSES him on the lips, deeply, giving him a big hug as he does, "I've always admired you. And respected you. I know you won't remember it but maybe that makes it easier to say." He grins and puts the tiger down, "Now. Let's get busy."


                      First up was the safe meeting between James Talbot and Trevor Kendall. And to see James' happiness to personally receive a present from a local boy... what could be better? This lasted several hours.

                      Once the two boys were sent home, Timesheart YIFFED w/ Arcane Lion!

                      Then it was off to the Talbot property picnic ground where the only DNA the villain got was from the simulacrum and after the villain and other James departed, Real Harold was released.

                      Then Arcane Lion YIFFED w/ Timesheart!

                      Next, Timesheart made a brief stop at the picnic grounds in the future to make sure the diarrhea medicine still effected Max and Kit, but by then... it was the real Harold being devious. Hal wasn't around, oddly.

                      Then Arcane Lion and Timesheart 69 YIFFED each other!

                      Last, it was off to the ski resort where the last part of the plan was carried out.* (see below)

                      Then the two returned to Timesheart's Tower where more YIFFING occurred! And after that... Timesheart would be magically made to where he didn't remember this outing with James at all. And James quietly departed, leaving the depressed Tiger there again.


                      *Excerpt from C/GW-04 Detective Jonas
                      11-05-2009, 07:25 AM
                      Lonny hummed? "We're going to meet Timesheart now in Pony Land? I remember that put down Cats, Ponies, and Rabbits on my Charge agreement form when it asked what my favorite animals were. Okay, Jonas! Let's go to Pony Land!" He's perked up over ponies!

                      Storm Hills Picnic Park

                      POOF! Jonas and Lonny appear in the area.

                      Timesheart is laying on a large blanket, where he's happily rubbing a pony boy's tummy.

                      11-05-2009, 07:29 AM
                      Jonas didn't mean to take another side-trip but when he saw how happy Lonny got, he couldn't resist. He smiled and nodded, "Let's go see the Tiger and Ponies. Both I'm sure are ones you'll LOVE to meet." He teleports them there.Jonas walked up slowly with a grin, "You're looking better, Timesheart. I've been worried about you."

                      11-05-2009, 07:35 AM
                      Timesheart grinned. "I've been thinking about getting an hourglass tattooed on my ass. Do you think I'll look good?"

                      Lonny giggled! "Yeah! Just like a Pony! Then you could be Timesheart TigerPony!"

                      Timesheart giggled and glanced off into the sky... then he looked at Jonas and... HUGGED him and kissed him. "You have Rudolph breath. Anyway, what brings you here?" he winked.

                      11-05-2009, 07:40 AM
                      Jonas says, "I rescued Krypto and they... ahem.. insisted on thanking me. I barely got away with all of my tail intact." He sits down next to Timesheart and sighs, "The past... the future... And things in between. You don't have Scotch breath." He smiled a bit, "I think you should get that Tattoo, Timesheart. Would look good on you."

                      Jonas says, "Actually this is a break between games... A most... disconcerting game." He pauses... And looks at Timesheart, "You've known Harold longer any one. You knew him even before he came to live with you, didn't you? Maybe your opinion on this would be... valuable." He explains things that have been happening to Timesheart...

                      11-05-2009, 07:46 AM
                      Timesheart listens like a seasoned pro. And that seems to impress Lonny. That Timesheart focuses his time on the speaker and actually listens.

                      Finally... the tiger hums. "My advice for you is to stop playing this game and when I tell you why, you are going to be really mad."

                      11-05-2009, 07:49 AM
                      Jonas says, "Perhaps but, Timesheart... I won't be mad at you. With so many things falling apart... I want to salvage.." He pauses and coughs a moment looking away, "I want to salvage something of what we had... Even if I'm the only one who still feels that way. I want to find the truth... No matter what pain that may cause myself. I NEED to know the truth so please don't fear my being angry. I'm not quite the Hulk Cat I used to be. Not always at least."

                      11-05-2009, 08:02 AM
                      Timesheart sighed. "When I first met Harold, he was always a little slow, both physically, and mentally. His mom would hide his clothes in a clue-finding manner and he literally took two hours to find his clothes, so he would always be late for school, then have to spend time in detention which he didn't deserve. Whenever he was late, his peers would laugh at and razz him for being so slow and late. He was on the verge of running away from home."

                      "During my first outing with him, I tried to cheer him up with a riddle. It was an easy but funny riddle. He was stuck sitting there for nearly an hour trying to think of the answer. After that, I decided to never hit him with a riddle again. We were making a tiny bit of progress... until the Demon's Peak Skiing Trip."

                      "There was an avalanche that he couldn't get out of the way in time for and it swept him down into a crevice like cavern. I had to dig in there and use my Care Bear Stare on the ice crystal to free him. Then I took him to the Cloud Kingdom hospital. Dalis sat there with me as the doctors worked on him. I was blaming myself a LOT. And worse, the ski lodge where we rented the skis from were hounding me to replace Harold's skis. I searched the mountain for those skis and never found them."

                      "That was the weekend that I was out $2000 for a pair of high quality skis."

                      "After that, the next time I saw Harold, he was begging me to yiff him. But I adamantly refused to do it. I told him, were you not my charge, then I would do it. And after that, I started hearing rumors about Harold yiffing everything... willing or not. But I knew Harold couldn't do that, so I ignored them. I should have been tipped off after All-Stars started when Harold solved Merlin's Riddle Door Lock in under 5 seconds."

                      Timesheart then looked at Jonas with a serious expression. "Harold SUCKS at Riddles, Jonas. He wouldn't know how to make a game of riddles to save his life. And that's why you should NOT continue with this game. There is no way that Harold could have made it."

                      11-05-2009, 08:13 AM
                      Jonas blinks... Then blinks again. "The Harold I've known was never that slow. He was quick. Witty. Charismatic..." He frowns, "If what your saying is true, Timesheart... I've never known Harold Dangers." He says, "My friend... Natural Ice... not even fast frozen toon ice would require THAT much effort to break. You did NOT find Harold Dangers. There is just no way on this planet that you could have. I don't know what you really freed... But it wasn't Harold. I went to Magic School... I KNOW the types of energy it takes to break ice and prisons.. what you broke was a Negative Prison. That means it some type of negative creature you released... Who just CHOSE to look like Harold Dangers." Jonas WAS looking mad now.Jonas looks at Timesheart, "Can you show me EXACTLY where you last saw the Avalanche and Harold?"

                      11-05-2009, 08:27 AM
                      Timesheart nodded his head. "Yes, I can. I've been having dreams about the place and in the dreams... I am always searching for those skis. Harold was wearing them when I last saw him." He got up and said, "We can go right now."

                      Demon's Peak Ski Resort
                      The Off-Season

                      Timesheart led Jonas and Lonny down a trail that certainly didn't look ski-able currently. But it was the off-season. There wasn't much snow on. But it was still cold in some of the cave areas. He soon located a tree that he had raked his tiger claws in to save himself from the avalanche, then he faced downhill from there. There were no trees down the hill. Just large humps and ravine sided cliff faces, a few that had cracked openings. "It's this way."

                      He led the way down to a certain spot, then he stopped. "Um... beyond here... I don't know where to go from here. It looks different in the winter."

                      Lonny hummed. "I see something glittery in that direction Jonas." He pointed toward what looked like a dead branch over a crack in the wall.

                      11-05-2009, 08:34 AM
                      Jonas nods. He chants a small spell and holds his paws together for a moment and the entire group is granted the ability (temporarily) to levitate. "There that should make this easier and ensure we do not fall into some ravine and crack our skulls." He leads the group over to the shiny location pointed out by Lonny.

                      11-05-2009, 08:47 AM
                      Once the dead branch is removed, revealed within is an odd looking old magical workshop, long since abandoned, of course, but amidst all of the odd glowing ice like crystals, there is one that has a familiar looking pair of skis sticking out of it....and the negative crystal itself had a suspended and unaged... Harold Dangers... still 12 years old with short brown hair, blue eyes, and fair skin, still dressed in his winter clothes. Too young for the current Q.C. Planet Sponsor Family rules. But really cute... a boy worth keeping. The old Albert would keep him for sure.

                      But he was held fast. It was a crystal designed to suck people in and never release them. And the only way to shatter something like that was with positive energy... aka The Care Bear Stare.

                      Timesheart was sobbing when he saw Harold. "He's really here!"

                      11-05-2009, 08:53 AM
                      Jonas looks at Timesheart... and hugged him with a smile. "Go ahead, Timesheart. Do it. I know you want to. It's only right you be the one. I'll count with you want." He grinned with teary eyed smile himself.

                      11-05-2009, 09:04 AM
                      Timesheart stood up straight. "Care Bear Countdown! Three! Two! One! Care Bear Stare! There!" And he shot a massive beam of light out of his tummy symbol fully striking the crystal and kept pouring it on for nearly 5 minutes, which would explain why Timesheart had said that it took the Care Bear Stare to free Bad-Harold before! It really took almost everything he had to make it work! Timesheart was weaker in those days, but today... the crystal shattered and he caught Harold before he could hit the ground! "Jonas! Cloud Kingdom Memorial Hospital! Now!"

                      One hour later at the Cloud Kingdom Memorial Hospital...

                      The doctor emerged and said, "He'll live, Timesheart. And our records indicate that he is indeed the real Harold. You're a real hero."

                      Timesheart smiled. "Jonas is the _REAL_ hero! If he hadn't come to me today, we never would have figured this out!" He glanced at Jonas. "...I love you... Magicheart Cat..." And then he headed in to see his boy.

                      Lonny smiled. "Magicheart Cat. Can I tell Salem your new nickname?"

                      11-05-2009, 09:07 AM
                      Jonas BLUSHED so hard his fur turned pink for a moment. He looks at Lonny, "If you promise not to get so upset at me." He tickles Lonny for a bit. Then sighs a moment, sitting back down, "I guess in the end... You got what you wanted at least."

                      11-05-2009, 09:11 AM
                      Lonny sat with Jonas and hugged him. "No, I didn't, Jonas. When I saw the real Harold looking so helpless, I realized that I could never be jealous of him. You and Timesheart really deserve him. I was jealous of the fake. But now that we know he is a fake, what do you plan on doing to him? I am sure now that this game was meant to get rid of you for good. And if you hadn't spoken to Timesheart... it would have happened."

                      11-05-2009, 09:18 AM
                      Jonas sighs... "I've been loving a lie. Everything I know.. thought I knew... about him. He's been lying to me the entire time. Not he just wants to get rid of me." He sighs and shakes his head, "I don't know. I'm single again at least. There are a number of cats who would like that... but... I don't know."

                      Jonas gets up and sighs, moving over to look out one of the windows across the Cloud Kingdom. "It's kinda funny, Lonny. I suppose I loved him first because he was the first one to ever see any good in me. He inspired me to be the good guy I am today. How do you turn your back on that?" He sighs, "On the other paw... Since day one he has lied, manipulated, and... I don't know if he ever loved me. Probably didn't. Which means I myself... have been living a lie. I was just his plans." He closes his eyes, tears starting to leak out and run down his cheeks as he tries to keep from sobbing. "And that...really... Really hurts."

                      11-05-2009, 09:29 AM
                      Timesheart emerged again and picked up Jonas and Lonny and carried them into Harold's room, setting them down on the couch in there, as he returned bedside with Harold and fed him a meal.

                      Lonny said, "Don't look at it like that, Jonas... you have a chance to learn the real one. He's fragile right now. Timesheart will need help taking care of him. And if not you, then who? But the first thing you need to do is decide what to do about Mr. Fake. If you do nothing and don't punish him, he'll think he succeeded in getting rid of you."

                      Timesheart glanced over at Jonas, "That fake had Harold declared legally dead, Jonas. The Pink Panther said that I have to keep him here now and raise him in my family. And he said that I should get another parent type to help me, so I can be an official Sponsor Family. Because you helped me, Jonas... I was thinking about you. But you don't have to. I know you have your own problems. Even though Max and Kit yiffed James almost every day. I know they tried to yiff you while you were there." ;-)

                      Harold weakly asked, "Why are you making fox bark sounds?"

                      Timesheart smiled, petting Harold. "It's the new age slang. You've been trapped for several years, buddy. But I won't make that mistake again."

                      11-05-2009, 09:38 AM
                      Jonas was honestly taken a back a bit about that... Jonas says slowly, "You'd really want me to do that, Timesheart?" He's pretty shocked but the shock good because before Timesheart can answer it got his mind to going again and that was ALWAYS dangerous. Suddenly he began to grin. Then he began to GRIN. Then... His tail began to flick as his ears laid back and he grinz. Just like he did a long time ago when he left the entire city in an uproar. "Fake Harold isn't the ONLY one who knows how to... lay down plots."

                      Present Day Time; MIT Study Hall

                      James appeared as if he had never left. And... he still had all of his memories of everything that happened in the All-Stars. However... there were two new memories in his head now... a childhood friend named Trevor Kendall. And Hal Dangers of Seaspray Hills High School. Otherwise, even Jonas was still around. ;-)


                        James smiles a bit, "That was...actually...a very fun trip. I wonder if he'll ever remember what happened... I wish he could but... All's well that ends well. Maybe I should stop by sometime soon and make sure.... he knows how I really feel about him.... I'm STILL surprised about Trevor. I never knew how much liked me." He leans against a building and smiles, "Though now... Hal has a TRUE life of his own....And Harold is probably much happier now that he wasn't forgotten for a year." He smiles again, "I wonder if Trevor's offer was serious... I might not should think it but ever since I graduated, I've been hornier than hell... Oh well, time to go see Albert...." he grins, "AND his Familiar Cats! Maybe I should get me a familiar some day..." He grinned that was an arousing thought. He headed off to see Albert.


                          In this revised time line... Trevor doesn't end up hating lions. He still LOVES them. And as long as James and Jonas are still his friends, he will always be interested in playing with kitty cats, familiar, witch, or otherwise. He even likes yiffy cat lords, like the old Albert.

                          As for Bad Harold... surprisingly, there still is one. But it's not an evil imp this time. It's a Pentad programmed clone. The Bad Harold first appeared after Harold left All-Stars.

                          And it was Hal who got Toonium dipped with James at the Talbot property. Which explains how Hal has the Night and Snow forms.

                          As for Harold, the reason he hasn't been seen is simple. He tried to attend MIT and flunked out rather fast. After that, he went to Nine Scales to see if he could attend classes with Drake. He's been with Drake ever since, even though he did tell Timesheart, Dalis, and Jonas where he was going. He simply forgot to mention his new plans to James.

                          End of Episode Three: Consorto Concerto

                          Stay tuned for Episode Four: A Boy in Education