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KF-03 Consorto Concerto

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    KF-03 Consorto Concerto

    Harold Chronicles
    Consorto Concerto

    In a world of Paint and Ink, the transitional journeys of the few discover their humble beginnings between their departure from The All-Stars and their arrival in The Champions, where their final destinations aren't always where one may dream. Anyone can post in these adventures. Create your profile/intro in the profiles thread, then join the adventure in progress. The main storyline primarily follows Harold Dangers as he seeks out a college to call home.

    This Role Playing Game is rated [SA] for Suggestive Adult scenes.

    Harold Dangers - Lord Pouchlaw
    Simon Light - Lord Pouchlaw
    Kent "the Bronze Drake" Light - Lord Pouchlaw
    Dalis Hayley - Darquirrin
    James Talbot - Darquirrin
    Jonas Talbot - Darquirrin
    Sigmund Wyndtrough - Aragh Darktalon
    Aroma Pony - Aragh Darktalon
    (Others may be added to the list after they post their profiles/intros.)

    KF-03 Consorto Concerto
    By Lord Pouchlaw, Darquirrin, and Aragh Darktalon
    November 16th, 2009

    11-16-2009, 06:43 AM

    Ta'Nathi smiles and hugged back closely, "I won't. You owe me. In the future, I'll collect." He winks and vanishes.

    James acks and laughs, kissing back deeply, "You seem much happier now."

    11-16-2009, 06:55 AM

    Snow smiled and whispered, "May I yiff you, James? Do the one thing that I am sure Harold wouldn't even suggest you both do?"

    11-16-2009, 06:59 AM

    James blushes but purrrs deeply, "I...I would like that very much if your willing..."

    11-16-2009, 07:07 AM

    Snow and James got in bed and... James got to experience a Kitsune yiffing and... more... as the obvious result occurred... James getting magically pregnant and through the magic of the moment... their hybrid son being 'born' magically and magically teleported off to Lord Albert for safe keeping until James is ready for him.

    Then Snow allows James to top him... anything special occur?

    11-16-2009, 07:11 AM

    James enjoyed the entire experience and when it was his turn to top the kitsune... He used every trick he had learned over the years... He just where to press and just where to move so that every motion was an experience for the kitsune. Drake had helped him learn that.

    Snow also ends up very, very pregnant with 4 kitsune-lion cubs courtsy of James as well. However he might not realize it right away. Snow also learns exactly why Drake _LOVES_ James' attention.

    11-16-2009, 07:29 AM

    Snow would prefer to know that he is pregnant BEFORE having to go back inside Harold so Harold doesn't corrupt the Kitsu-Cubs. If he knew, he would speed up birth magically and make sure the cubs were also sent to Lord Albert for safe keeping.

    Finally. "Pass and graduate college or I'll shave your fur off."

    11-16-2009, 07:33 AM

    James doesn't know himself but if the kitsune checked he'd know for sure. Never hurts to check and be safe. He pants a bit and laughs, "I'll ... do my ... best, I promise. Though I don't mind if you come visit my dorm room often as you like.." He grins, "I rather like having you right here." He winks.

    11-16-2009, 08:23 AM

    Snow said, "Now that you know that Dark Harold isn't the real Harold at all, I would suggest you try to do some research on the real Harold and see if you can learn what he was like and maybe through that, you can learn what the real Harold was like. The only given is that the real Harold had only three Q.C. adventures before Dark Harold came along. So I would suggest you find a way to look or travel back in time so you can learn the real Harold."

    11-16-2009, 08:28 AM

    James smiles, "Only if you came with me... Seriously though..." He thinks, "I would like to do that. To find out where things went south but... I have a feeling that would before I ever knew him and he might not wanna talk to a giant talking lion."

    11-17-2009, 05:05 AM

    Snow said, "I'd go with you gladly. I would like to meet the real Harold myself. See what he was really like. So if you're up for a trip... we can go right now..."

    11-17-2009, 05:10 AM

    James smiles and kisses Snow's nose, "Alright then. Let's go right now."
    One Year Before All-Stars (AS-01 Meet The All-Stars)

    11-19-2009, 01:17 AM

    A few moments later, Snow and James were one year in the past of Terryville in the original Q.C., when it was just 4 counties: Terryville, Jaded Shadow, Comita, and Animania Valley. It was the year before All-Stars formed. Timesheart was a Sophomore in AniSapien High; Dalis attended school in Comita; Miyuki was attending school in Animania Valley.

    Snow said, "Welcome to the year before All-Stars, James. According to my database records, this is the day that Harold and Timesheart thwarted a Beastly plot that No-heart sent the little shit out to do. Records don't say how it happened, mentions that they succeeded in the end. We will be seeing the real Harold today. Are you nervous?"

    11-19-2009, 01:20 AM

    James runs a paw through his thick mane and nods, "Just a bit. What about you?" He looks around slowly, "Though you know... The air sure smells nicer here."
    Snow says, "I'm not nervous at all. And it does smell cleaner here. Remember: Timesheart nor the real Harold is going to know who we are. So... we're going to say that we're from Animania Valley. With you as a black lion and me as a white Kitsune, I doubt the two will ask many questions. Come on... my records say that they are at a small Care Bear friends picnic with Brightheart Raccoon and Birthday Bear. And Beastly is apparently going to be doing something nasty to them. Or... he's going to try, that is..."

    James grins, "Let's go then." He gives Snow a head-fur ruffling with a laid-back smile.


      After a quick scene shift, the two find themselves in the woods just outside of Terryville, surprisingly at a familiar (to James) location. It's the self-same Talbot property that he inherited originally where the humongous Toonium deposit was discovered. The picnic table was set with all manner of Care-a-lot goodies and a cake, while out in the open field, a care bear, two cousins, and a human boy kicked a soccer ball around.

      Snow whispers, "And there they are, partner... and that boy is the real Harold. See how old he is? He just turned 12 today. I don't see Beastly anywhere though..."


        James blinks, looking around, "This...This is familiar...This is my family's land..." He shakes his head and looks over at Harold and blinks, "That's.... That's Harold?!?!" He looks at Snow and whispers lowly, "THAT is the 'real Harold'?"


          Snow grinned. "Yeah, that's him. He's younger than Simon AND that Drake lover of yours."


            James nods, "Yeah... He's so..." He frowns a bit and rubs his muzzle, "It's weird... I could swear I've seen this younger boy before... It's so weird."


              Snow smiles. "Perhaps you have, James. Maybe you've seen him in passing someplace near Dullton. That's where Harold is from. You were from Coopersville yourself. He looks so... yiffable, doesn't he?"


                James blushes, "Yes.... Yes he does. I was trying not to think about that though..." Though he was quite obviously aroused. "I can't go over there until I calm down a bit. But no, it wasn't near Dullton. It was... on the reserve. I could have SWORN I saw him there but it's impossible... From what I remember of the false one's problems it was with being always late and stuff... He'd never been outside Dullton other than with Timesheart and the carebears and cousins."


                  Snow said, "Harold has never been to Coopersville or to your reserve, as far as I know. But maybe... his father or grandfather had?"


                    James says, "That's possible I guess..." He sighs, "I remember thinking even way back then when I was still human and almost that age how cute the guy looked.... Damn it... now I'm all aroused again..." He curses under his breath, "I can't believe the young boy is so....yiffable."


                      Snow smiled. "I like it when you're aroused. Oh look... he's bent over and we have the perfect view of his tailhole..." He was actually enjoying watching James' discomfort.


                        James was actually MORE than just in discomfort. His lionhood was nearing FULL mast as he piratically had to tear his eyes away from the bent over boy. He shuddered, "Damn it....Those pants....are almost see through... And.....damn it I want him so badly...."


                          Snow grins. "I'll distract the care bears, and you pounce and introduce yourself to Harold. Remember: you're Arcane Lion. And I'm Snow Kitsune." And with that, he teleported off to the other side of the clearing where he used his powers to make the soccer ball kicked to Harold go past him and into the woods where James is. ;-> hehe.Then, he used his powers to make the Care Bears think that they see Beastly down near the swamp's muddy shore. And of course, the three charge down there and... KER-SPLOOT! They all three fall in head first!Young Harold goes after the soccer ball and enters the woods where he saw the ball go.


                            The horny James picked up the ball in his paws and grinned when Harold entered the woods... He purred softly, "Hey, cutie, is this your ball?" He held up the soccer ball gently as he approached Harold. He had no idea what Harold would think about a very large, muscular, nude and mostly erect lion but he was liking what HE was seeing. He was hoping Harold would enjoy what he saw at least as much.


                              Young Harold smiled at the large black lion. "Yes, it is. Are you related to Braveheart Lion? Timesheart didn't tell me he had any sexy uncles who smell good... I'm Harold Dangers."