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KF-02 The SHAPE of Things To Come

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    Aragh Darktalon
    11-12-2009, 05:35 AM

    Sigmund touched James' hand. "If they force him to attend MIT, then that will prove that Bat Hound entrapped him to attend here. We can actually complain to the Hero/Villain Education Union. They've already had one complaint about MIT. What do you think they will do when the complaint involves a former All-Star?"

    Aroma nodded his muzzle. "James... I can understand your wanting to stay near Harold. Marc did say that if you sent in your doctor's form, you could delay your entry into SHAPE for as long as you needed. But please don't throw away the form without thinking. Marc said that MIT graduates attend SHAPE, even... You would still have a chance."


      11-12-2009, 05:49 AM
      James says, "I'm NOT throwing it away but... I REALLY, REALLY wanted to attend school with you guys. You're the first friends I've made that weren't All Stars. I mean... I WANT to attend SHAPE with you. But... Harold IS also my best friend... And has been since our intrepid tooning."

      Jonas rolls his eyes, "Typical. YOUR worrying about yourself. Don't you see? HAROLD is the Victim here. He's being railroaded! Harold is totally innocent."

      James sighs, "Jonas... You are biased. You love him. You want to marry him. Frankly, Harold kinda deserves SOME punishment what he did. It was very irresponsible and it hurt a lot of people. But... This is excessive and I think it's part of Bat Hound's plans for him. I think he's using this to get way with Harold."


        11-12-2009, 06:23 AM
        Outside in the woods at a lone camp...Bat Hound looked at Harold, who was simply stirring a campfire pot of beans."You know I hate having to punish you, Harold. Why do you hate me? I didn't push you down the Talbot Toonium shaft. Just tell me why you hate me. Because if you can't, then you need to DROP this 'I hate Bat Hound' act altogether."

        Harold glanced up at Bat Hound. "Don't you mean 'Janitor the Super Trash'?"

        Bat Hound sighed. "We're not in the building right now, Harold. I want to know."

        Harold looked down into his pot of beans. "I can't tell Bat Hound..." he paused, then said, "...but I'll be glad to tell Ace. Take it or leave it."

        Bat Hound grr'ed, and departed the campsite into the woods.

        Harold could tell he was still nearby, but he didn't care what he was doing.

        Soon, Ace without the cowl and cape entered the camp and sat at the fire. "You win, Harold. You get Ace. So what's this big deal with hating Bat Hound?"

        Harold smiled for a change when he saw Ace sitting there. "Bat Hound is an overbearing, possessive, name-labeling, ego-maniac. And those are his good points. I hate him because he literally registered me a Dark Knight Super Dog in training, UNDER him... I found out about it in my Senior high school year at AniSapien. I went to call the Hero/Villain Union to register my name and they told me that Bat Hound already did it, without my permission. And he registered me as... Night the Superdog. And the union told me that I couldn't change it until either Bat Hound was gone or... I died."

        "You can imagine that I didn't want to kill myself, so... I had to start plotting on how to get rid of Bat Hound. And believe me... short of using my super vision on you this second, that is no easy task. Damned detective skills and sixth sense of his... He can smell a trap a mile away. But if he thought I was in trouble, he would drop everything to come save me. Except... I didn't mean for F-Squad to get trapped." He sniffles. "Not them... they are in F-Squad BECAUSE they spoke out against Bat Hound. So, you see... that is why I hate Bat Hound. For not only screwing up my life... but theirs."

        Ace sighed. "It must be nice when you don't know the whole story, Harold. When people end up in F-Squad, I try to get them out of F-Squad pronto. That's right, me: Ace. True, I'm wearing the damned mask at the time, but no one sees the good I try to do; they only see the bad things. I don't order anyone to end up in F-Squad. That isn't my goal, Harold. Perhaps... perhaps... MIT needs an official UEC Audit. Find out once and for all what's going on in there."

        "Look, Harold... if you'll drop the Bat Hound hatred part... I can... pull some strings and get you out of MIT Janitor duties... but you still have to be punished for hurting F-Squad. I know you didn't mean to, but their families are MAD about this. A former All-Star the culprit. Drop the Bat Hound hatred and... I'll see to it that the rest of your year's punitive services are away from MIT. But if you really CARE about F-Squad that much, you'll think about joining MIT, just to defend them. So, what will it be?"

        Harold sighed, stirring his beans. Ace was a far NICER hound than Bat Hound was. Very reasonable and very negotiable. And smelled good, too. He looked at Ace and said, "Okay, Ace... I'll drop it for F-Squad. And I'll think about the MIT offer. For F-Squad. But when I join... you have to start me in F-Squad, as a reminder of what I did prior to end up there. Deal?"

        Ace smiled. "Deal. Starting tomorrow, you go join the Swat Kat Junk Yard and Recycling Center, without pay. Anything you would earn must be equally distributed to the F-Squaders that you accidentally harmed. After your year ends... maybe we'll talk again. Just ask for Ace. Bat Hound is... he really is oppressive, isn't he?"

        Harold smiled and nodded his head. "Thanks Ace. I appreciate it."

        Ace then departed for real this time, and Harold immediately used his super-ventriloquism to tell Jonas the GOOD news!


          11-12-2009, 06:33 AM
          Jonas blinked... He was rather surprised about that. okay, well... Stunned might be the better word. He instantly used a telepathic spell to mentally hug and congratulate Harold...

          And then he has to ask if Bat Hound smacked his head or something. He also shares the news with James and Sigmund and Aroma.

          James rubs his eyes and sighs, "Well that's good at least. As for the UEC thing..." He glances at the other two, "I think we already took care of that, yes?"

          Jonas also transmits what is said to Harold so he knows.


            Aragh Darktalon
            11-12-2009, 08:43 AM

            Aroma said, "We asked Ta'Nathi of the UEC to look into some things around here. And he said he would."

            Sigmund grinned. "But James... about SHAPE... will you be there... or here at MIT to give them a chance to, pardon the pun, 'shape' up?"


              11-12-2009, 08:51 AM
              James sighs, "I'm... going to stay here for now, I guess. I want to see how this goes... And what Ta'Nathi turns up. But I'll probably go to SHAPE for that check up course to make sure MIT'S ancestral and very out dated program hasn't missed anything. Did you see how new those text books were there? And the teachers actually seemed... interested in hearing what the students had to say. I was impressed with the 'open forum' at the end of class... They actually DISCUSSED things and the teachers didn't mind being corrected by a student if they really were wrong."


                Aragh Darktalon
                11-12-2009, 09:01 AM

                Aroma smiled. "I liked the open forum part of the classrooms. And everyone had equal chances to make good constructive comments, too."

                Sigmund nodded his head. "Okay James. Aroma and I will go ahead and join SHAPE, and we'll... make sure Marc remembers you even if you forget* about SHAPE later."
                *...which apparently he does forget when Champions forms and he gets 'busy' with the team.


                  11-12-2009, 09:05 AM
                  James nods, "Okay. Don't worry, I won't forget about Shape. Even if it takes me a while to get back there. When I have my MIT diploma... or I'm kicked out... I'll be showing up there." He grins, "I will NEVER forget you two either."


                    11-12-2009, 09:35 AM
                    The next day...
                    All of F-Squad and Harold reported to the Swat Kats Junk Yard and Recycling Center. The F-Squad didn't have to come, but after Harold apologized to them, they wanted to come and work beside him the first day. Harold would be living there and working there for a year.

                    At MIT, Ace walked into the Dean's office and picked up the microphone. "Attention students and faculty... this is Ace speaking. From now on... an Official Insult The Dean day will be held her at MIT once per year. A dunking booth with Bat Hound on the splash down seat will be set up and a lottery drawing will be held where the winner receives Immunity to All Demotions for a Year."

                    "To the Faculty, there will be no classes today because of this holiday. Instead, all Faculty Members are to report to Lab Room #66B in the sub-basement where you will be subjected to an UEC audit. Any who refuse to be audited are fired. Don't bother coming back if you quit and run away. That is all."

                    Ace sighs, as he walks over to his costume closet and says, "Okay Bat Hound... let's see how many students really despise us today." And he gets into his gear and heads off to the Dunking Booth.

                    Aragh Darktalon
                    11-12-2009, 09:40 AM

                    Sigmund and Aroma spend their day getting their medical physicals in Talisman City.


                      11-12-2009, 09:42 AM
                      Surprisingly when going down the halls as Ace, Ace received a fair amount of compliments and various well wishes. This was far from the case with Bat Hound. Despite them being the same person.

                      There were A LOT of people trying get in on the demotion protection and splashing Bat Hound. James, however, just watched. Bat Hound had to see him as he was fairly obvious. James gave him a subtle thumbs up for his effort before he left for his own physical. He was seeing a feline specialist. At least Bat Hound was trying. That was more than he could say about the Dean's Council and the others. Most of the faculty was in an UPROAR of the recent decision and those who didn't win the demotion protection were prime game for demotions for 'Disorderly Conduct'... A very broad term.


                        11-12-2009, 10:47 AM
                        During a break, Bat Hound noticed a new and rather cute leopard girl who was not participating, so he chose to talk to her. "You don't look like you're having any fun. Lots of things to do, you know."She replied, "No thank you. I don't want to be marked as a target for demotion for participating in this frivolity."

                        Bat Hound arched an eye. "What do you mean? This is a free conduct day. It is meant for the students to unwind and-"

                        At that moment, Bat Hound found himself wrapped up in one of the girl's elongated arms. "I used to work for the Mob, Bat Hound. I know a set up when I see one. The name is Rya Quetzales, Alias the Elongated Leopard. When I gained my powers, I chose to become a hero. But I warn you... I can just as easily go join Cache or Shape. Now which would you prefer?" She then released Bat Hound.

                        Bat Hound smiled, for a change. "That is a nice power, Rya. Did you sign up for Singulars or Squads?"

                        Rya arched her eye. "Squads. Why do you ask?"

                        Bat Hound said, "I have reason to believe that Squads are being mishandled and until it is repaired, and because I am impressed with your power, I would like to suggest that you transfer to Singulars, ASAP. Once Squads are repaired, I will make it up to you."

                        Rya smiled. "Thanks, Bat Hound. I'll go do that right now." And she headed off, then stretched her head back and gave Bat Hound a KISS on the muzzle, then she was gone again.

                        Aragh Darktalon
                        11-14-2009, 01:04 AM

                        After Sigmund and Aroma handed in their medical forms to Beast Boy, they spent the rest of the day shopping in Talisman City. They wouldn't know anything for up to 72 hours or less. They were hoping for less, but they would be patient.


                          11-14-2009, 01:45 AM
                          James spent the entire day shopping with Sigmund and Aroma. He was having a lot of fun with his new friends. And Aroma's interest in him was also flattering.


                            11-15-2009, 04:22 PM
                            Bat Hound was sitting in his office when a Toon Mail note appeared on his desk. He cautiously picked it up and read it to himself. His expression went from boredom to complete interest, as he grabbed a file that he had sitting on his desk and opened it, placing the note inside, then closing it.

                            The name on the folder was Harold Dangers.

                            Bat Hound grinned. "Finally got the info I had asked for. You think you're clever, Night... but... I am the great canine detective." He got up from his desk and walked out into the outer office where the secretary was sitting. "Stacy? I'll be out for the rest of the afternoon. If anyone ends up in F-Squad while I am gone, take note of who it was and make sure Ta'Nathi gets the names. The school is under an audit."

                            And with that, he departed the building heading off for Dullton in the real world.

                            Wednesday morning, 4 weeks later
                            Swat Kats' Junk Yard & Recycling Center

                            Harold works quite happily for his new employers. Heck, as long as he doesn't have to look at Bat Hound, he is extremely happy working here.

                            Maverick Institute of Technology
                            Subterranean Magic Department

                            James Talbot had been trying to complete some extra credit work to try to earn his way back up into the higher Squads. But then, a familiar White Kitsune in white gossamer robes entered the empty class room where he was and sat backwards in the desk directly in front of him."Hi James. Whatcha working on?"


                              11-16-2009, 01:43 AM
                              James rubs his neck and sighs, "Homework... Trying to catch up... Again. Seems like I'm ALWAYS playing catch up with the rest of the world..." He blinks and looks over at the White Kitsune a bit curiously, "Do I know you? You seem familiar."


                                11-16-2009, 01:52 AM
                                He smiles. "I think you know me. Harold got to daydreaming and I took that chance to step outside of him and come see my favorite Talbot." He winks. "You can call me Snow."