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KF-02 The SHAPE of Things To Come

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    Aragh Darktalon
    11-11-2009, 04:46 AM

    Marc Garfield greeted them and soon they were all seated in really nice accommodations within his office. Well, it was more like his HOME. The three were seated in the dining room and Marc was in the kitchen cooking. But this was ALL inside the Administration Hall in the Dean's quarters. Sure made Bat Hound's office look shitty.

    "...yes, we get curious students from the other schools all the time, James. I know all about MIT. I flunked there myself. Was demoted to F-Squad and a year later, because there was nothing lower than F-Squad, they expelled me. Me, of all people. But I am sure you three have had similar treatment. Yes?"

    Sigmund replied, "Aroma and I have. James is still in D-Squad, but at the rate he is getting demoted, it won't be long before he's with us. And we've only been there a month."


      11-11-2009, 04:49 AM
      James sighs and nods, "Yeah. But it won't be long. The teachers and staff HATE me for some reason or something. I've been loosing grades faster than I can make them!"


        Aragh Darktalon
        11-11-2009, 05:40 AM

        Marc nodded his head. "Believe me, I know, James. Same thing happened with me. When I first joined, for the first week, I was making awesome grades. Then all of a sudden... C-Squad, then D-Squad. Then E-Squad... they had E-Squads when I attended. And finally, F-Squad for a whole year."

        He stepped into the Dining Room for a moment. "Let me tell you three a true story about MIT. I think you may be a little surprised..."

        "10 years ago on Toonime Island, before Q.C. Planet was formed... a group of super powered heroes to be made an official complaint to the Hero and Villain Education Union about Favoritism that was occurring in Hero High, the only Hero/Villain school at the time. The Union investigated and discovered that the complaint had solid ground, and it was decided to establish separate Hero and Villain schools, apart from each other in other areas."

        "When the union was trying to place a name on the Hero school, they happened upon chance to overhear Timesheart Tiger and Dalis Hayley talking at a cafe, and Dalis said something like, 'We forgotten legacies have been Mavericks for ages. And there is no better hero than a Maverick.' The Union liked the word so much, that is what they named the college, though at the time, they named it Maverick Ultimate Development (MUD). The Villain college, Criminals After Cool Home Entertainment (CACHE), about died laughing when they heard what the union were going to call the hero college."

        "Then, Dalis caught wind of the new Maverick college and made a sizable donation to the school, under the agreement that he had final say-so in what went on there. He coined the name we all know today... Maverick Institute of Technology (MIT). And for about 6 years, he was the only funds donor to the college, until... Bat Hound made a sizable donation when Dalis didn't have enough funds one year, and Bat Hound's stipulation was that he would be made the Dean of the college and no one else could ever be Dean as long as he lived. And that is how he got to be the Dean there."

        "However... the whole time Dalis had the final say-so at MIT, there were few to no problems. No one was every penalized and everyone graduated with only good things to say about MIT. When Bat Hound 'took over' as Administrator there, everything changed. He instated 'Singulars' classes, meaning a hero planning on being a solo hero, and 'Squadron' classes, meaning students who planned on forming or joining teams after graduation. It was a fine idea, except... Dalis never really fully approved of it. He thought something sounded 'rigged' about the whole thing. But he allowed it to operate as a test."

        "For the first year, everything was predictably fine and working, but then... several instructors announced that they wanted to pursue other careers, and Bat Hound, instead of telling Dalis about the openings, chose to audition new instructors himself. The new batch he 'hired' were particularly HARD on anyone who wanted to be on a team. They would explain away their actions as Worse Case Scenarios, how in real life, they wouldn't get a second chance to try again. During a late night meeting with Bat Hound and one of Dalis' ex-UEC members (I say ex- because he was canned a few years later)..."

        "...they instated the first Demotion program. With the ultimate demotion being... F-Squad. F-Squad is where hopeless cases in MIT ended up. Hopeless as in, beyond the capability of the current instructors to handle. With an ultimate punishment in place, the students shaped up rather fast. NONE OF THEM WANTED TO BE IN F-SQUAD. Sorry for shouting, guys. But anyway, for a year, it worked... then, little by little, students started getting demoted rather fast. From 0-3 per month to 3-29 per week. And by that time, Dalis was fully busy with UEC, so he wasn't seeing this. And Bat Hound was overwhelmed."

        "When I was expelled from MIT for failing... F-Squad... I went straight to the Union and made an official complaint about it. I demanded that they permit me to start a new Hero College in another city. At first, they told me no. But then my lawyer, Rock Coyote, told me that if I went for a single theme, primarily, as a start, then later I could expand to include whatever I want. So, I applied for a shape-changing hero college. And they approved my request. I chose Talisman City because several merchants and financial firms here respected me and were willing to help me get set up."

        "The first year that SHAPE was running, it was like a wonderland. We had a flock of shape-changers joining us and everyone who joined was able to graduate in under 3-4 years. Then one day, a graduate student came to me and told me that a friend of his was in F-Squad in MIT and was getting ready to commit suicide. He was a great high-scoring student originally in MIT, and they had him in F-Squad for 1 mistake. I went and spoke to the guy and convinced him to join SHAPE as the first non-Shape Changer hero. I appealed the decision to the Union and they approved me."

        "Not long after that, I had my first tussle with Bat Hound. He showed up on campus here and he was mad. He accused me of kidnapping MIT students to school in my college. Of course it wasn't true. He threatened to take me to court if I did it again. And then he started to leave, but a LOT of his former students were waiting on him and they... ahem... beat the holy living shit out of him. Bat Hound was in the hospital in Comita-Gotham for a whole month after that."

        Marc then smiled. "So if you're interested in SHAPE because of MIT, believe me... I know the story all too well."

        Sigmund and Aroma were both wow'ed.


          11-11-2009, 05:51 AM
          James was floored himself. He rubbed his head, "Wait a second... Bat Hound did that?" He frowns and looks at Sigmund and Aroma... "My demotions started after I made a bad comment about ...The Bat Hound administration..." He looks back at Marc then at the two again, "What about you two?"


            Aragh Darktalon
            11-11-2009, 05:57 AM

            Aroma said, "Um, I was laughing with some students who made a joke about Bat Hound, and I added that I thought he should be drowned in Harold's shit. And after that... I got Demoted fast. But Bat Hound wasn't even there when I said that."

            Sigmund replied, "A secretary asked me what I thought about her dating Bat Hound, and I said, Krypto would be a far better match and he would treat you like a real lady, too. And after that, I got my first Demotion within an hour. But like Aroma said, Bat Hound wasn't even there. Rumor is that he was off meeting with the Underworld Emperor."


              11-11-2009, 06:02 AM
              James says, "So basically all of us made a bad comment about Bat Hound or someone else in the administration... And we started getting kicked down. Sounds like sycophants and Bat Hound spying..." He frowns a little, "It's also kinda disturbing that Bat Hound would ask to be Dean for Life and then just suddenly start taking things over. Cause I know Bat Hound is not and never has been like Timesheart and Dalis. Dalis has his problems, but Bat Hound's an ass."


                Aragh Darktalon
                11-11-2009, 06:21 AM

                Marc then said, "Only one problem with that theory, James..."

                Sigmund asked, "What is the problem? Sounds to me like James is right."

                Marc replied, "Every time Bat Hound learns that someone ends up in F-Squad, he personally goes to meet with them to find out how they got there and then he takes the student to the instructor who did it and has a face to face talk with them in public. The most common Instructor excuse I've heard is: 'It was a clerical error only. I only know what I am told.' And after that, they are re-instated back in whatever squad they had been in before all the demotions. But within a month, they are right back in F-Squad. And Bat Hound isn't informed about every F-Squad member who ends up there."

                Aroma hummed. "So you're saying that the Instructors are doing this on their own?"

                Marc glanced at James, then back again. "The Instructors that Bat Hound hired, yes. They think they are defending their boss' honor by demoting troublemakers. But Bat Hound always defends the underdogs. And anyone who ends up in F-Squad gets more attention from Bat Hound than normal. So you can't accuse Bat Hound of the demotions."

                "But still, you came to me today because you are worried about what is going on in MIT."

                Aroma then asked, "What is up with the colored collars here on SHAPE campus?"

                Marc smiled. "One of the better reconstructed MIT ideas that we got permission, from Dalis, to use. Instead of squad levels, we use colors. But I told Dalis that there would never be demotions here. He keeps tabs on SHAPE ever since Bat Hound got beat up here."

                "White is the bottom ranking level. The Entry Level or Freshmen. You stay a Freshman until you pass your Rank test. If you fail the test, you simply don't advance. You may retake the test one time per month. This gives you time to study the materials again so you can pass the test the next time. But the questions do change, so it's never the same test twice."

                "After White is Blue Rank, or Sophomore. Again, you enter the next with the Rank test. Red or Juniors are next. And Black is last. Seniors or Graduates. We have no rank equaling F-Squad here. Unless you count White, the Entry Rank. As Dean here, I am the one who personally gives the Rank tests. It is all fair, actually. As I said, Dalis keeps a watch here. I think he's impressed with how we do things when playing fair."

                Sigmund then asked, "Is there an Entry Test to get into the college?"

                Marc nodded his head and handed out three sets of stapled forms. "Fill these out and have a doctor you trust fill out the third form, then return all forms to me. If your information is in good order, you can be in within a week. If not, I will tell you what is missing and try to help you get the information. That is certainly more than MIT does."

                Aroma asked, "What do you think about the Entrance Monitor where you have to name yourself, give your hero name, and demonstrate your powers?"

                Marc grinned. "Personally, I think it's rather silly, don't you?"


                  11-11-2009, 06:26 AM
                  James hrms, "What entry monitor? I never had to do that... I was just taken to a elevator... carted down about 500 floors and into a magically sealed room, told these were my new instructors... And he left. I don't think Bat Hound is personally doing the demotions but I do think that he's the reason MIT isn't doing so well. Does Dalis make any donations here?"

                  James takes his forms happily, "Thanks! I'm definitely going to be looking into this. I like this college better than MIT so far."


                    Aragh Darktalon
                    11-11-2009, 06:37 AM

                    Marc replied, "Oh yes, Dalis donates often. But I told him after the first time it would be better to donate goods and equipment than money. And he said, he had more access to that stuff. And after that, he's been around a lot."

                    Aroma asked, "What is up with the outdoor classes? I rather like that."

                    Marc smiled again. "Do you recall the layout of MIT. You have a big ass enclosed building. All classes and dorms are indoors. And the dorm bedrooms are not permitted to have windows. The whole building is in the middle of what I think is the most beautiful timber land in the Meta-Star City region and no one is allowed to be out in the woods to study, train, or have classes in. I and several others all thought that was DUMB."

                    "80% of SHAPE's classes occur outdoors, including the Gym class. The remainder of the classes and dorms that are indoors include labs that Dalis has seen and locked himself inside one time..." He winked. "...and large spacious dorms with windows.""You will find the instructors here to be friendly and trusting, and if you have a problem, just talk to them. It's all rather open. And now, as a show of good faith, I give all three of you these campus maps and permission to explore to your heart's content. Class rooms are clearly marked and the dorm bungalows have privacy barriers in their back yards. Yes, you heard me right: the dorm bungalows have their own back yards."


                      11-11-2009, 06:44 AM
                      James' jaw dropped at that... "excuse me? You did not ... just say that..." He grinned at his companions, "Please tell me I didn't have something crazy stuck in my ears... Did he really just say that?" HE HUUGED them both and grins, "Let's go see the place!"

                      James then pauses... and looks back at Marc and the forms, "Um.. Is there a... minimum grade point average to attend? Cause... I didn't have a very high GPA when I graduated high school... Lowest in the school I think."


                        Aragh Darktalon
                        11-11-2009, 06:46 AM

                        Marc grinned. "What is the square root of Bat Hound's intelligence?"


                          11-11-2009, 06:51 AM
                          James um... "0?"


                            Aragh Darktalon
                            11-11-2009, 06:54 AM

                            Marc laughed. "Good answer! Don't worry about your GPA, James! As long as you didn't say 1 or more, you're in! Now you boys have fun on campus! I have some gumbo to get back to here in the kitchen!"


                            Minutes later, the three were on campus again.

                            Aroma smiled! "That went super well! He thinks like we do!"

                            Sigmund was also smiling! "I can't wait to see these dorm bungalows!"


                              11-11-2009, 06:57 AM
                              James GRINS! HE HUGS them both, "Oh me too."He grins, his tail swishing happily, "Let's go see them!"


                                Aragh Darktalon
                                11-11-2009, 07:16 AM

                                While visiting one the class room labs that is not currently in use, they DO see Dalis and a Black Kitsune.

                                Sigmund nudged James and pointed at the Panthagoyle's back with a grin.

                                Aroma opened a chemistry text book and looked at how new the book was and far more up to date than the MIT books.