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HC-01 Prerequisite Daze

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    11-05-2009, 07:25 AM

    Lord Surranon nods, "Actually, yes. Tell him you are going to school at this college: Dark Transitions College for the Advancement of Samates."

    Lord Varathimer coughes and chokes, "But anyone going there is instantly..."

    Lord Surranon grins, "That's what the boy wants. Then he can be free to do... Whatever he wishes."

    Gregory comes up and delivers several GINORMOUS platters of food each Dragon Lord.


      11-05-2009, 07:30 AM

      Harold asked, "What are the directions to this Dark Transitions College for the Advancement of Samates? I'll just fill out a toon note right now and send it off to Bat Hound, and he'll head there to get me out of there." hehe.


        11-05-2009, 07:33 AM

        Lord Surranon gives him everything he needs to setup the 'trick' perfectly. And it's in one of those places a hero would come rushing to save someone from. It's THAT bad. So bad in fact, only Lord Paul could rescue you there.


          11-06-2009, 01:43 PM

          Maverick Institute of Technology (MIT)
          Bat Hound's Office

          A Toon Note poofs in the air above Bat Hound's desk, but due to a window that Bat Hound accidentally left open, the Toon Note is caught by a small breeze and lands in the Menial Duties tray for... the F-Squad.

          Just then, an F-Squader walked into the office to get the latest Menial Duties papers. His name was Turbo Blast, a male 69 pound weakling of a squirrel with a fantastic turbo powered "power blast" when he punches something. He ended up in F-Squad when he broke a pencil during a test and had asked for a replacement pencil. Yes, that is the only thing he did wrong. He wanted to tell his uncle, a UEC member about it... but he's been too afraid to.

          Bat Hound wasn't present. And the whole school knew that B-Squad was cleaning the UEC's toilets for FAILING in a mission.

          T.B., as his friends called him, walked in and saw the single Toon Note in the F-Squad Menial Duties Tray and he slowly picked it up and read it to himself...

          Bat Hound, HELP!I was checking out a college that I got an invite to and it was a trap! I can't escape and they are going to make me wear women's clothing and take pictures of me tomorrow! I think they have Kryptonite here! I am taking a chance to get this Toon Note mailed to you! You gotta rescue me! Here are the directions to where I am! *The directions are given here.* Come quick before they let their mascot dragon stretch me!

          Night the Super Dog!

          T.B. BLINKED HIS EYES! And he RAN back to the F-Squad quarters in the basement to inform the others of the mission that Bat Hound was giving THEM!

          "Are you sure?" "A mission for the F-Squad?" "No Fucking Way!!" "It must be a mistake!" "What if it isn't?"

          T.B. said, "This is our chance to go and not only Rescue Night, but bring Night back to Bat Hound and then... Bat Hound will see how WE, the F-Squad, could succeed in a mission that even the high ranking B-Squad failed in doing! And we have directions to the college! All we got to do is storm the place, grab Night, and get out! It's THAT simple!"

          Blimp Bear said, "Let's leave a note for Bat Hound to tell him where we've gone. And we leave the original note for him, too, paperclipped to our note. Then we go get Night and bring him back. And if we fail to find him, then we simply don't come back to MIT. Unless we are just gluttons for cruel and inhumane punishment..."

          T.B. said, "That's the spirit, Blimpy! So who else is in on this mission?"

          Ice Iguana, Solar Stallion, Rabbitara, and Sword Strike (armored skunk) all agreed to join in on the mission. And that was literally everyone in the F-Squad.

          After leaving their note and the directions on Bat Hound's desk, the F-Squad departed MIT on their Dean-assigned secret mission. It took several hours to reach the final tunnel leading into the Dark Transitions College for the Advancement of Samates, and they all charged inside and...

          *((OOC: And this is the incident that will make Harold feel so guilty over... that he gives in and begrudgingly joins MIT later.))

          Petroleum College for Understanding Sensual Samates

          Harold was now meeting with the Samate Dean of CUSS at an underworld location that seemed to be a large flat mushroom (table) and two smaller mushrooms (chairs). The actual 'college' could not be seen, yet."So you see, I heard about your college from the Bottom 40 list. You guys are in the top 5, but only barely. I was interested in getting some information about your fine place."


            11-07-2009, 04:32 AM

            The Samate Dean was a very sexy dean. One of the largest Samates that Harold's seen but still cute and very adorable. He was very happy with Harold's choice and was explaining things to him. Of course he made it sound like the best college around but he did something perhaps... perplexing. The dean finally sits up and says, "So knowing all this, just how serious about you this? Do you really want to join a Samate College? Or are you just enjoying looking around our little deviate filled halls?"


              11-07-2009, 04:54 AM

              Harold smiled, petting on the Dean's paws... "Well, you see... it's like this... I am really serious about joining a Samate College, but... and I am sure you will know what I am talking about when I give you this example... there are these 'people' who would come in and try to yank me or likely any student out of their college seats and make it so I or they couldn't return. The Samate college I am looking for has to set up in such a way as so when I join it for the 4 year term... I can't leave, magically or physically removed, until I graduate. Because it would likely happen otherwise. If this college isn't set up that way, then perhaps you could point out a few on my bottom 40 list that are set up like that, yes." Anti- 'Bat Hound' Removal Insurance.


                11-07-2009, 04:59 AM

                The Dean says, "I can assure you... This college is quite... permanent. There are about 50 different forms and agreements and magical vows to taken that ensure... If you willingly join this school.. No one can force you to leave before you wish to."


                  11-07-2009, 05:08 AM

                  Harold hummed, smiling. "What if the person trying to get you out accidentally 'sits' down, ahem, you know... are they stuck too until I am ready to leave?"


                    11-07-2009, 05:17 AM

                    The Dean grins, "If you are a registered student, absolutely."


                      11-07-2009, 05:24 AM

                      Harold grinned. "Then I have 2 final questions then. What is the longest course I can take here? And... What is the Time Difference between the College and Q.C. Planet?"

                      End of HC-01 Prerequisite Daze

                      Stay tuned for HC-02 The SHAPE of Things To Come