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Freelancers-08 The New FDS

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    Freelancers-08 The New FDS

    Episode Eight: The New FDS

    1. Gawain Riordan Fairweather, Alias "Falconsong" - Warbard
    2. Myles Ennis Lucas, Alias "Brighteyes" - Warbard
    3. Cyril Dewitt Dunlop, Alias "Feltail" - Warbard

    1. Johnathan Edward Mercer, Alias "Felpaw" - Darquirrin
    2. Theodore Barker, Alias "Mercurial" - Darquirrin
    3. Boy's_Name, Alias "Whoever_the_other_new_recruit_was" - Darquirrin

    Also Starring:
    Thunderpaw, Hell hound Alpha (OWNER of Freepaw Debt Solutions) - Warbard
    Davyd Arden, Pizza Magnate (OWNER of Arden's Pizza) - Warbard
    Stunstripe, Hell skunk (OWNER of Freelancer Skunks) - Darquirrin
    Wyldstripe, "Rocky Northbury Ruile", Hell Skunk (Freelancer Skunk) - Warbard
    'Studhoof', Hell Stallion herd member, in love with Charlie - Warbard
    Charlie "Lutran" Phillips, male human, family friend to Mercurial - Darquirrin
    Steve "Demon-Otterbeaver" Tygger, male human, newest purchase to Heatshaft - Warbard
    Snipe, Hell Rabbit Boi - Warbard
    Saberpaw, Hell Hound Alpha (formerly, Saberfang) - Warbard

    PART TWELVE: The Legal Aftermath

    Falconsong's Devi-Estate, the next morning

    Gawain's mansion now had a two-way transportal connecting directly between the mansion and the new FDS (Freepaw Debt Solutions, formerly Freelancers.) Gawain needed this portal for when he would have to report in to his new boss, Lord Thunderpaw, to work off the debt he still owed. Which was even more than Felpaw owed now, since the former Saberfang (now Saberpaw) totally screwed up his debt management so that no matter how much Gawain had thought he was working off, the money wasn't going to pay off the debt; It simply went into Saberpaw's pack fund. Which meant... now that the system had a new leader, it was like joining the company all over again from scratch. He hadn't paid a thing.

    And that was depressing.

    But at least he didn't have to work for Saberpaw anymore. Thunderpaw was far nicer and easier to talk to. Of course like any Alpha, he loved to yiff his hounds. But he didn't attempt to yiff any of the debtors. He had a personal rule about it that he followed. When a debtor became free of their debt, if they wanted to join the pack then... yes, then he would mount and yiff them in the initiation into the pack.

    And the Freepaw transformation was a little different, too. While you worked for the company as a debtor, you were given the temporary ability to change between your human form and your hell hound form. But once your debt was paid off, and you were in human form, you lost the power. The only way to get the power back on a permanent basis was to join the pack, but joining had to be of the joiner's own idea. Free will; no coercion on behalf of others... UNLESS you had been dating one of the pack during the course of the job and you want to stay with your boyfriend. That was the only exception. Once initiated, you were stuck as a hound for a year, but after that, you got the permanent transformation ability back.

    Simple, yes?

    Gawain had renamed his business to Devi-Zoo Cuisine, which was still a catering business, and he had accepted the contract with Davyd Arden's Pizza Franchise. This allowed him to do catering according to the Arden rules.

    Currently Gawain was laying in bed petting and stroking on Snipe, his bunny boi buddy, while he read over the newest menu for the week. He was also still receiving divine power lessons from Lord Paul since the lessons were going so well and Lord Paul was an excellent teacher.


    Freepaw Debt Solutions (formerly, Freelancer Central)

    Saberpaw was now in the position he had placed many, MANY others in... he now had a debt of his own to pay off. He still owned his pack, luckily, but only those pack members who were not former debtors, of which from those... they got to choose whether to stay with Saberpaw or not. Currently, he was waiting for Felpaw, Feltail (Cyril), and the other new hell hound to return from the last mission they went on. He had to give Felpaw the choice, like all the others got. Fact was... he really loved Felpaw and since Felpaw loved Cyril, Saberpaw was hoping he was going to get lucky in getting to keep them both, even though only Felpaw had joined his pack.Cyril and Felpaw did arrive finally, and Cyril looked really happy as he walked beside Felpaw. They were joking about something and giggling.

    Saberpaw stepped forward and said, "Felpaw... do you still love me? This time it's very important for you to be honest. There is an Auditor here and... things happened while you were gone this time."


    Stunstripe Homestead, Skunky Middle Lands, Outer Planes

    Wyldfang and Stunstripe were taking care of the skunky kids while watching a DeviTV report about what happened at Freelancers when Falconsong aka Gawain Fairweather brought in legal backup and an AUDITOR to challenge the former Lord Saberfang of Freelancers. The two Hell Skunks were once again pregnant by each other, a practice that felt better the more they did it with each other. And Wyldfang, who was calling himself Wyldstripe now, loved Stunstripe a LOT. But now they knew why Saberfang had NOT bothered to contact either one of them.


    Lord Heatshaft's Herd Grounds

    Studhoof was spending quality time with Charlie and Steve in his own quarters, which had beds for both boys, since Studhoof loved Charlie that much. "I love you, Charlie."

    Lord Heatshaft was standing out in the corridor visiting, especially since he also loved having Charlie and his friends around. Not to mention... Heatshaft got to yiff Gawain yesterday and he LOVED it.

    Steve smiled at Heatshaft being pregnant from the Lord himself. "Feels nice to be able to rest after a good yiffing, your lordship, sire."

    Lord Heatshaft giggled. "I enjoy filling my boys up."

    Lord Paul clears his throat a little, "Gawain? If you wouldn't mind, I have a private gala coming up. I was wondering if DZC would like to cater to a gather of about 2500 gods, devil lords, and other supreme powers."


    Felpaw blinks... looking around, "Um... What's going on... And yes... I do. Why would anything change that?"


    Charlie giggles, "I love you too... All of you. It's been really nice being where with all my friends."


      Gawain sat up and smiled at Lord Paul whom he actually liked. "Of course we can cater to your event. The chef was just saying this morning he felt like doing something challenging. This seems right up his alley. DZC would be glad to cater your event for you. How much preparation time do we have?"


      Saberpaw explained the whole thing to Felpaw. The truth, since the truth did get him off the deletion hook with the Auditors... he figured the truth would work with his pack members, too. And for the most part, so far it has. Apparently when a Hell Hound is honest, everything falls your way. But would it hold true with Felpaw, Cyril Feltail, and Flamefang?

      Cyril arched an eye as he glanced around and saw all manner of re-organizing occurring. And then he looked back to Saberpaw and said, "I was sent to get debt assistance with Freelancers and you, Saber. Not FDS and whoever Thunderpaw is. On my sign-up form, you wrote that I would work for one year in Freelancers under your supervision and it might look weird to the judge who sent me here if suddenly Freelancers disappeared right after my arrival and this new name popped up with a new company. No, I joined Freelancers and it is through this and you that my contract is with, sir. I can only get debt relief with Freelancers. I have no contract with Thunderpaw nor his company. Besides... I happen to like the wristband/collar morpher you supplied me with. I want to keep it. And Felpaw has been teaching me all manner of useful things. I'm a Freelancer, and that's that."

      Saberpaw smiled, with a small tear in one eye. "That's what most of my pack members and a few more advanced Freelancers have been saying. They joined Freelancers; not some new wannabe. But legally, at the moment, there is no Freelancers Anti-Debt company anymore. However, that isn't to say we can't do Freelancing legally. Unfortunately, I also have a debt now to pay off, so I am in the same boat as the rest of you. Therefore, if you want to be Freelancers still, there is a legal way to do it... if you're willing to follow me, that is. Your choice."


      Heatshaft smiled. "My captains apologized for mounting your friends like that, but they later said that your friends have the best tail holes that they have ever experienced. And I must agree that Gawain's rump is quite mind blowing. He is a nice boy, but we can't keep him. He has a debt which I could legally buy off now, although if I were to offer that, I would have to partner up with Lord Impy of DeviTV, Lord Titanoroo of the Devi-Kangaroo Realm, and Lord Baelutra of the Demon Otter-Dragon Realm. They all have a shared interest in Gawain and I think it has something to do with his divine heritage. I think they are hoping for a repayment alliance in the future with Gawain if they helped him. As for me, I have no lofty goals such as those. I already helped him once for free and I like him enough to help him again for free. But this debt is not a freebie. But he is your friend."

      Studhoof smiled. "You did get a son out of him though, didn't you, Sire?"

      Heatshaft blushes. "Unintentionally, yes. I wasn't expecting Gawain to get pregnant like that from a simple yiff-fling. And give birth to such a healthy sexy beautiful colt like that. Poor kid... is going to stared at by the whole herd."

      Steve smiled too, as he gave Charlie a hug. "But you yiff boys to show your love for them. Otherwise you wouldn't do it. And Charlie and I love being here."


        Lord Paul smiles, "Well it's about three weeks away. I hope that is advance notice." He gives Gawain a hug with a smile, "Besides, there isn't anyone else I would trust with this." He winks, "And that's an endorsement you can bank on as the truth."


        Felpaw says, "Beyond the simple fact that I love you, I'm of the same mind. We're Freelancers. And I don't care what this new guy says, that's what we are and always will be. However..." He baps Saberpaw on the nose lightly and giggles, "Don't screw up. But we all screw up sometimes. So as long as we all learn from this, then I don't think there was anything that wrong with how you did things. Though... Don't be sneaky. That's not good."

        Feltail's friend, going by the name Flamefang, smiles, "I kinda agree. Unlike Felpaw, though, I have to say, you did mess up a little. And I'm not going to back down on that. You should have known better. But. He is right in that we all make mistakes. THAT is what makes us all Freelancers. We KNOW we screw up and we honestly work HARD to repair the problems we've caused, deliberately or not, and thus become stronger for it. At least that is how I always felt."


        Charlie giggles and nods, "But... You were telling me about the whole worth and everything... Is it true, Sir, that I already completely paid off my debt from just the ...well... so called 'work' I've done here with you?"


          Thunderpaw poked his head in and said, "Gawain? Since we have you to thank for getting Freelancers exposed, I will make it a point to see you get your assignments here in your room. Plus, you can do these along side your catering job. Anyway, here's your new assignment." And he hands Gawain the job envelope, then he heads back through the Transportal to his office.

          Gawain opens the envelope and reads over the job description. "This doesn't sound too bad. A toll bridge operator called in sick and they need a temp to fill in for him until he recovers. There is a PS that says that I can use the location to peddle off restaurant orders to anyone who travels that route, if I want to. I really like Thunderpaw. He seems so nice."


          Heatshaft smiled at Charlie. "Yes, you understood the message correctly. Not only have you paid off your debt, but you have been earning interest into an account of your own for the past week or so. For each 'work' you do for me, you've been getting cleared pay as would be normal for an employee working here. A little more than the stable hands since you've been far more active."

          Steve patted Charlie's leg. "So you've been earning wages! That's great!"

          Studhoof sniffled with a grin. "My boy has funds of his own now. Makes me so happy."


          Saberpaw escorted Felpaw, Cyril Feltail, and Flamefang off to where the Freelancers pack (and yes, that is the legal name of Saberpaw's pack) has been staying since the fallout of the topside business. In the front it was a job tavern with pack hotel/boarding house, of sorts. In the back, it was a hell hound/demon hound/devi-hound kennel like you might expect to find in any underworld realm.

          "This is the Freelancers Job Tavern. According to the laws, Lords or their representatives will come to the job tavern, post their jobs for any species on our job board, then they will return home. According to the laws, in order for you to be true Freelancers, I cannot assign you a mission or job; you have to simply choose one to do from the board and complete it. That is Freelancing. However, my pack is legally named Freelancers. So I must now ask this question... do you wish to stay Freelancers and live here where my pack lives while you work? Or would you rather return to FDS and fill out an application to join Thunderpaw's services instead. I won't be hurt if you choose to join Thunderpaw. Although if you do join him, you won't be Freelancers. It's now your decision. If you choose to stay, then present yourselves in front of me."

          Cyril Feltail hummed as he quietly thought about it. He was of course glancing at his friends, Felpaw and Flamefang. He really didn't want to be separated from them regardless of what he chose.


            Lord Paul chuckles, "Well I shouldn't keep you from your work then." He gives Gawain a hug, "I'm glad everything is going so well for you. Oh. By the way." He pulls out a sheaf of documents, "Here are the full diagnostic reports on the boys you asked me to look up for you. Everything we know is in there. Take care, I need to get getting back." And he heads off back to his store.


            Charlie blushes, "Do you think then, we might could explore some later? It's been really fun but... I'm starting to get....well.... I kinda wanna explore some more like we were doing when we first got 'caught'. I like seeing new things and I love you all a lot, And I love Gawain and I love...well lots of people but... I kinda am tired of being stuck in one place for a while..."


            Felpaw looks at Cyril and gives him a small nuzzle, "You should decide what you want on your own... If you don't want to... You don't have to but I want to stay with Saberpaw.....I do love him. And I love you almost as much." He walks over to Saberpaw and presents himself as he's been trained to do. He hopes the others come but he won't make them. He enjoyed training Feltail though.

            Flamefang isn't as gung-ho about this. He looks at Feltail then Saberpaw. "Well... We did join the Freelancers. And it's what we are..." But he'll stick with Feltail. And he won't go over and present himself unless Feltail does.


              Cyril Feltail nods his muzzle and he goes over and presents himself in front of Saberpaw, too. He doesn't know what to expect since they had just returned from an initiation mission and they actually had FUN doing it.

              Saberpaw waited for Flamefang to take his position before he got started. He mounted and welcomed Flamefang first, since he really didn't want Flamefang to change his mind after seeing one of the others getting it first. After a good filling, Cyril was next, getting the exact same equal mounting that Flamefang got. And then Felpaw got his, only his was far more enjoyable and loving than the first two.

              While Saberpaw was making sure Felpaw remembered who loved him the of the Pack Betas escorted Cyril and Flamefang through the building, into the kennels, and to their new quarters. It looked like a kennel on the outside, but inside it was modern, surprisingly. He then said, "Because you both joined at the same time, these quarters belong to you both as a shared home away from home. When you are called for morning role call, you come as is and line up in front of your quarters. I am Beta Swordfang of this part of the kennels. When either of you have questions or need help with something here in the kennels, you come to me directly. I am here to make sure you both are well taken care of while you live here. If you desire a workout and training, I can help provide that. And that does not imply sex unless you ask for it separately. I am okay either way. Any questions?"


              Heatshaft replies, "If that is what you feel you want to do, Charlie, then I cannot stop you from doing that. But Steve must stay here. Unlike you, he is my property whom I bought to be my sleepmate and playmate. And he is often pregnant because I needed a boy for this purpose. Feel free to explore where ever you like, Charlie. But be warned... it is easy to get stuck in the most innocent looking places without your realizing it. So if you do get stuck someplace, try not to panic to much... you were warned beforehand."

              Steve nodded his head. "It's okay, Charlie. I love pleasing Lord Heatshaft. He makes me feel good. He is a good master."

              Studhoof wanted to sigh openly since Charlie exploring meant he might not get to see his boy for a long LONG time. But he didn't want to make Charlie feel bad about leaving either. He really did love his boy a LOT.


              Brighteyes and Mercurial were together at the Stunstripe Homestead in the Skunky Middle Lands of the Outer Planes where they had gone to check on the status of Wyldfang (currently Wyldstripe) who had been sent to help the Freelancing Hell Skunk, Stunstripe.

              Brighteyes said, "This must be the place, Mercurial. We're lucky Falconsong's contact was able to track down where Wyldfang was sent. I sure hope he's okay. Are you okay though? You look like you're about sick or something."


                Felpaw LOVED his to be sure, hehe. He really tried to also make Saberpaw feel good in return for the nice welcoming.Flamefang took his yiffing with a quite dignity. He didn't not like it, but he certainly felt like he wished he could challenge Saberpaw and yiff him instead but he kept those feelings in check. He wouldn't embarress Feltail who had agreed. After all, his duty and loyalty was to Feltail.

                At the home, Flamefang nods slowly. Any time another hound was around, he tended to take a somewhat protective stance near Cyril. It wasn't entirely deliberate but he felt somewhat compelled to protect his friend and partner. He nodded to Swordfang. "I understand. I will want to work out and keep in shape and maybe get some training. But right now, no questions." He gave Cyril a gentle nuzzle, "Anything you want to ask?"


                Charlie blushes, "Thanks... I'll do my very best." He gave Studhoof a big hug and a kiss, "Studhoof... I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier but... I like being your boy and I love you.... Just as much as I love all my friends...." He whispers in Studhoof's ear then with a giggle, "maybe a bit more."

                Then he started getting some supplies together for the trip! He was kinda excited about seeing new things.


                Mercurial makes a face, "Can't you smell it? It's so strong here, I'm having a hard time not gagging. And I really don't want to gag in front of the others and make our host not like us or something. Besides, if he thinks I'm rude, he might not let us see Wyldfang."


                  Cyril looked at Beta Swordfang and sighed at first. Then he said, "I'm not a hound. Neither of us are. We're supposed to be working off a debt through the Freelancers program; not to be here to join the Freelancers pack. So unless I am given a freelancing job to do that pays off my debt, then I have no business here. I only agreed to present myself to Saberpaw under the understanding that we would not be separated from Felpaw... except... now that Flamefang and I have been taken in, we haven't seen Felpaw since. I am not happy with this arrangement and you did offer to help. If you meant your words, then assist us in our rightful goal. Something about Saberpaw's arrangement doesn't sit well with me. I don't want to live in a kennel pen."

                  Swordfang hummed. "I did mean my words, since it is my job to see to your comfort. While Saberpaw is the Alpha to the entire collection of Freelancer packs, my Beta standing under him is in title only. I am actually the Alpha to my own pack under a treaty to Saberpaw. My pack, the Courierfangs, have the esteemed job of message deliveries across the planes, but primarily within the underworld. When we are hired to deliver a message, it is our honor or our lives that are on the line. If you think the arrangement you have with Saberpaw is questionable, then you could consider asking any of the Betas, like myself, to join our version of the Freelancers. Each Beta's pack covers a different part of the trade. My pack is message delivery, as I told you. If this is something you think you might like to do... simply ask me to join my couriers and I will take you in. I must admit that the accommodations for my pack are somewhat better than this... the kennels are Saberpaw's smart idea. I am not too pleased with it."

                  Cyril hummed as well. The Betas agreed with his suspicions. Or they were simply trying to build better power than Saberpaw. But still, it sounded far better than living in a kennel under Saberpaw's rule. "Delivering messages doesn't sound all that hard. But I am guessing there is much travel involved. My paws would likely get more the workout than I was thinking. But still... a workout is a workout, right?" He glanced at Flamefang, then back at Swordfang. "How's the dental arrangements?"

                  Swordfang put a slow grin on his muzzle to reveal the whitest canines and teeth imaginable. "Unlike most, I personally brush, floss, and chew on a tasty breath mint each day. Also... I only dine on what I would give my pack members. And I would not assign a job that I myself would not do. Earlier on, I do accompany the newer couriers. But after you show me that you can handle such jobs, I trust you to perform them yourselves. If you are concerned about your human forms, after joining my pack, I make the ability available to you. For there are times when being bipedal is more useful than simply standing on four paws." He looked to the both of them. "Are you interested?"


                  Brighteyes smiled. "Oh I smell it, Mercurial. But I've been trying to ignore it since we don't want to insult our host while we are here. Mind you, they are skunks. The smell is expected, you surely realize. I can give you a moment to compose yourself before I knock on the door."


                  Heatshaft escorted Charlie to a crossroads just outside of the herd realm and then he said, "This is the main highway between realms, Charlie. From here on out you will be on your own. Just remember that when you enter someone's realm, each lord may have a different idea on what you might have to do as a greeting or simply to exit once again. Not all are so pompous, but most lords are as lusty as I am. You will always be welcome in our realm. Studhoof will miss you, but clearly it is time for you to move on. Good luck, Charlie."And then he departed, leaving Charlie at the crossroads sign on the cobblestone road.

                  All alone... where to go?


                    Flamefang growls a little, a few wisps of hell fire flame showing up around his paws slightly before he quickly controls himself, "My whole reason for joining was to make sure my friends stayed safe. And that includes Felpaw, who I don't know why but never likes to give out his REAL NAME, and Cyril. By the way, my name is Cinaed Drustan*. Though I tend to go by Cin or Ken..." He looks at Cyril then back at Swordfang, "It's not even 5 minutes and already he has broken what I felt was a promise to us. He knew we did not wish to be separated and yet, Felpaw is missing. What's more..." He looks back at the Beta, "We signed up to be a Freelancers. To work off a debt we owed under that name with the express purpose of righting what wrongs we had committed in our pasts intentionally or not. From what I have seen, none of what I have seen embodies the principals of Freelancing as WE SIGNED UP FOR." He pulls out of his pack the ORIGINAL contract and flyers and puts them down before the Beta. "As you see, none of this matches up with the ideals of the Freelancers that I signed up with."


                    Mercurial takes a breath and nods, "Alright. Sorry. It's just I'm not used to it. I think I'm able to continue now."


                    Charlie hugged Heatshaft goodbye then looked up and down the highway. "Mmm.. As long as I stay on the highway, I won't walk off into another realm by accident... But which way...." He looks North and South.... Then East and West. "Oh well... Here's to adventure." He brushes his human boy body off and sets his sights on the West and starts walking down the Highway.

                    *Cinaed Drustan is a very old Welsh/Gaelic name. It means 'Born of the Fiery Tempest'. Also the name Cinaed is often Anglicized as Kenneth.


                      Swordfang said, "I understand your confusion, Flamefang, but the old Freelancers the courts sent you to join no longer exists. It was liquidated into the new FDS when it was discovered that Saberpaw failed in his duty to forward payments from debtors to the authorities. He was spending the money on his pack. In effect, all work done under him before he got caught equaled out to a fat lot of nothing. One of the hardest hit was the very hound that Saberpaw was trying to keep tied to him... Falconsong. And it was that hound who brought him up on charges that he couldn't talk his way out of."

                      "When you join my pack, the Courierfangs, you will have the opportunity to rename yourself without coercion from any other pack member. My hounds do their jobs with pride. And if you're in trouble, they will fight to help you out. During the wars... we were the best scouts on the field. Wars build up bonds you don't have any other way. Strength, character, pride, esteem, and respect."

                      Cyril hummed. "Our debts will be properly taken care of if I join the Courierfangs?"

                      Swordfang sat up and placed a paw over his heart. "I swear in the name of Hell Hound Law Lord Yuskay that what I have told you is absolutely true. Your debts will be properly handled and you will be treated like people; not as animals."

                      Cyril was deeply convinced. He liked how the offer sounded and he definitely did NOT want to be just another lap dog of Saberpaw... who seemed to have Felpaw wrapped around his little penis. "I want to join the Courierfangs under the arrangement of Freelancing to pay off my debts. When the debts are paid, if you still want me around, perhaps we could discuss a more permanent arrangement."

                      Swordfang looked at Flamefang. "It is not required for you to jump on any bandwagon, although not joining with one of the other packs will mean that you can expect to get another yiffing from Saberpaw. But you won't be forced to do anything you don't want to do. If you'd like, I can give you a list of all the other packs and introduce you to their alphas."


                      Brighteyes smiled and raised his fist to knock on the door.

                      The young teenaged Hell Skunk who answered the door looked damned sexy and his sheath had a nice bulge. He looked like he had just finished using a blow dryer on his fur, since it was really fluffy. "Hello. We don't see too many Hell Hounds around here. Are you here to get a job from dad or are you looking for a date?"


                      West along the highway was rather quiet, save for the occasional merchants seen traveling the route between the realms. Although just ahead on the road was a short humanoid donkey boy with a pouched deviroo boy. Probably alone, they didn't seem so unusual. But the naked human like (elf-eared) boy with them was certainly the exception. They were all three in a covered wagon taking a break, or so it looked. There was writing on the side of the covered wagon: Dogherty Trade. (as in Lord Eddie)


                        Cinaed was pretty torn. He wanted to to protect Cyril. And Cyril's friend. But he didn't like this pack. And he didn't really LIKE Saber much either. Finally he says, "I'll join you... but only if Cyril and I can work together as a team. I made a promise I intend to keep. If your okay with that, I'll certainly join you over this place."

                        Felpaw LOVES Cyril too though... If he leaves, Felpaw's gonna be sad again.


                        Mercurial blinks, "Uh..." He looks over at Brighteyes, confused a bit, but not saying anything. He sorta expected something else... though he has to admit, the skunk boy is kinda cute.


                        Charlie smiles and waves as he draws up close by them, "Hi there!"


                          Swordfang nodded his muzzle and took Flamefang and Cyril out of the kennels and around the back of the property to what appeared to be a fortress just behind the high bushes. Entering through a hidden passage, they were escorted up to a throne room / meeting chamber where a very gigantic demon husky was conversing with law imps, contract imps, and information devimice.

                          Swordfang said, "Lord Duskfang, sir?"

                          The large demon husky glanced up and at the three hounds standing there. "Yes, you brought them. Good. I take it that your brother Saberpaw is not aware of this?"

                          "No sir. Saberpaw is raping Felpaw yet again."

                          Duskfang remarked, "At first opportunity we will need to get Felpaw into Detox to cleanse him of Saberpaw's influence." He then looked directly at the other two. "Welcome to Freelancers Inc. The original version before Saberpaw went overboard and got greedy in his plot to gain new pack members. Swordfang rescued you out of Saberpaw's kennels where you would have eventually been drugged and mind-numbed into believing you were nothing more than his omega pack members. If this upsets you, then it should. That is not why Freelancers exists."

                          He then said, "First of all, I know you were both human once and if you wish to resume those forms now, I can oblige with that. I have been in contact with the Auditors and they are permitting me to run Freelancers from this location provided that I keep everything on the official record with these three advisors who are present now up to date after every mission."

                          He reached over retrieved a box from his desk and produced Houndifier Collars. "I have made some slight adjustments to your changers and now you will not have to say a phrase to initiate the change. Also, they remain collars in both forms. There is a tag on them the reads Freelancers Inc. I have also added both a verbal and mental communicator into the collars, to make communication with our team much more effective."

                          "Thankfully, you both made the smart request to be moved into decent lodgings rather than be treated as non-humans. You will have private rooms within the fortress. I take very good care of my agent hounds. As for sex, I would only oblige you with that gift if asked and then only once a year. I have a mate, so I am not hard up for sex toys."

                          Cyril smiled. "I really liked the Houndifier changers. They were really useful when you either needed a form with hands or a form with paws. And thank you, sir. Thank you."


                          The skunk boy showed the two hounds inside, which didn't really smell as bad as the outside had. In fact, there were air refresheners within every room. The skunk boy then called out, "Dad! Mom! You have some Agent Hound visitors!"

                          Brighteyes smiled because he also thought the young skunk was very cute. Not that he was horny or anything... the skunk boy was cute.


                          The deviroo boy smiled at Charlie. "Well 'ello there. Where are yas going on a quiet day like this?"


                            Cinaed nods slowly in agreement with Cyril. He's not talking much, but he's watching EVERYTHING. He's being very cautious.


                            Mercurial nods and waits with Brighteyes, glad the scent was more subdued inside. Perhaps the scent outside was merely to keep unwanted visitors away. He looks around the home quietly. "A lot of cute boys. But why did he say there weren't a lot of hell hounds... Don't they see one everyday?"


                            Charlie smiles, "I'm just walkin' and exploring. I'm Charlie! Nice to meet you."


                              Swordfang escorted Flamefang and Cyril to their new quarters within the fortress and once within. There were two beds in separate rooms within their private quarters, each with privacy doors and their own balconies.

                              Cyril used his Houndifier Collar to shift from Hell Hound back into his Human Boy form... albeit, the human form was naked. He then turned and gave Swordfang a firm HUG and a kiss on the muzzle whole rubbing and groping on him! "Thank you ever so much for helping us get to this great place, Swordfang. If you ever need any help with anything, just ask and I'll be glad to come help you do it." He hugged the hell hound again.

                              Swordfang simply mentally made an official record of Cyril's use of the word 'anything' in a 'promise to help Swordfang with whatever he asked for.' "You're welcome, Cyril. And you do look good in your human form, too."


                              Just then, Wyldstripe ("Rocky Northbury Ruile") the Freelancer Hell Skunk came into the room and smiled at the two. "Hey! Mercurial! Brighteyes!" He pulled them into a close HUG in his arms and didn't let go. "I haven't seen you guys in ages!" He then gave Brighteyes a deep kiss on the muzzle, then he gave Mercurial an even deeper kiss on the muzzle, and groped him too. He liked Mercurial a LOT, obviously. "Are you guys here to take Freelancer missions from my boss?"

                              Brighteyes' jaw was metaphorically on the floor. He was surprised by their friend being a gosh-darned sexy Hell Skunk who smelled inviting rather than stinky.


                              The deviroo smiled and helped Charlie up into the wagon where he started applying a cream to the boy's aching feet. "The cobblestones on the 'ighway are actually magically enhanced so anyone with bare feet walking on them will want to eventually go into a realm to rest their feet on the cool soft grass, and once yer in a realm, yas 'ave to see the realm owner to get out. Yer lucky to 'ave encountered us before that 'appened. Ever thought about being an interplanar merchant, mate?"