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    Snipe sighs and walks out. It's that simple. He's upset and he won't be over it for quite a while. He leaves the estate and starts walking toward the nearest Freelancer transporter station. When he was in his own body, he couldn't use the station because Freelancers had their own transport method. But now... he would be able to use it. He meant to go back to Freelancers lobby, then... flat leave into New Hampshire. Since he wasn't a Devi-Bunny, obviously, he could leave the underworld whenever he liked. He wasn't stuck like the old rules would have done to people in the past. You can thank Lord Yuskay AND Lord Impy for that.


    Brighteyes was standing in Saberfang's office in front of the Alpha's desk. "I had Felpaw's puppies, sir. Will you please reinstate me as a Freelancer now? I want to go on Freelancer missions. I'm getting cabin fever in here."

    Saberfang hummed. "Well... since I lost Falconsong to Lord Impy and you are asking nicely, sure. Did you learn any valuable lessons?"

    Brighteyes replied, "Yes. Don't be so submissive with an officer. May I have my Transhounder now? Please?"

    Saberfang retrieved it and strapped it around Brighteyes neck. "Okay. You're on active status again. Starting from where you left off. Fair enough?"

    Brighteyes smiled. "Yes sir! Thank you sir!" He pressed a paw against the time face on the collar, under the neck, and said, "Freelancer! Mission Complete!" And in a fluid transformation, Brighteyes transformed back into his human self, Myles Ennis Lucas. "Thank you so much, sir."

    Saberfang chuckled. "Go get yourself some food, Myles. And welcome back."

    Myles yays! and heads out to get a real dinner for a change.


      Lovie sighs heavily. He takes excellent care of the Falconsong body and then places it in a secure room in a carefully posed and comfortable position for whenever Gawain wants to claim it. He was one sad hell dragon. He had been tempted to just force the Fail-Safe to fire and take back his present and kick Falconsong off the estate. But he didn't. He just hoped in the end, Gawain would realize what he was doing. Even as hurt as he is, he chooses to try to have faith in the boy.


      Felpaw himself was back and looking over the mission lists. He hadn't heard a peep from his friends so he decided to simply to keep working on his debt. After all that time with Mr. Horny, he was NOT in a yiffy or horny mood at all.


        One Week Later...

        Saberfang is minding his own business running the Freelancers. He hasn't heard a peep out of Falconsong, Lord Impy, or anyone else in the infernal. Time moves differently down there, so the week on Earth has been a month down there.

        Brighteyes has been on a few missions with Mercurial, since the two did arrive at the same time originally. And they do work well together. And Brighteyes remains focused on everything when in Hell Hound form.

        Out in New Hampshire in an old cabin, Snipe places more chopped wood on the fire. He's shivering and COLD. He's hungry, since foraging has been really rough, And his teeth are chattering.

        Hopefully Lord Impy hasn't tried to contact Falconsong for an on-stage / TV show taping. Especially since Falconsong is in a deep sleep. Lord Impy isn't stupid, so how long would it take him to figure out what's been going on?


          Mercurial has been rather distant but focused on working as best he can. He's been rather isolated mentally.

          Felpaw's just been trying to get some work done.

          Lovie's taken excellent care of Falconsong's body. Lord Impy's not stupid at all. The first time he couldn't locate Falconsong, he went to Lovie first because Falconsong had been spending a LOT of time there so he thought Lovie would be the one to know and Lovie told him the truth. However, the Vacation, is over, for now, as Falconsong is needed for his contracted work. All Lord Impy had to do was get the name, species, and ID from Lovie. Snipe soon finds himself sitting in Lord Impy's private meeting room. At least it's warm there.

          In front of him, is a beautiful Caesar salad, warm mug of ale, and some various juices.


            Snipe has icicles hanging off of his bunny ears, he's shivering, seems very pale and short breathed. The warmth of the room is helping, though he can barely move. He hurts from sitting all hunkered up close to the fireplace in the cabin a lot. He slowly lowers his muzzle into the warm ale and sips a little, slowly. "c-c-c-col-l-l-l-d-d-d-d...." He doesn't even have the strength to look around the private meeting room. He was about frozen.

            During his time as a rabbit, he slowly let Snipe be in charge... Gawain is barely there, let alone responsive.


              Lord Impy hasn't said anything but he does walk over and place a warm heated blanket around the bunny boi and set another pitch of warm ale down next to the glass. Then he returns to where he was sitting. Watching. He hasn't said a single word the entire time and his expression is impossible to read.


                Snipe finally says without moving his eyes much, "I guess I should have accepted your offer, Amertine. Vision is so blurred... everything is so fuzzy... thanks for the meal though."


                  Lord Impy just shakes his head, "Not easy is it?" He turns and looks back out a window, "You know... Your lucky. Lucky I needed you. Lucky Lovie stopped crying long enough to talk to me. You are indeed a lucky rabbit."


                    Snipe replied after another sip of ale, "Needed old Snipe? What for? You got some horses you need shoed?"


                      Lord Impy says, "In a manner of speaking... In a manner of speaking. In this case, a hound." He smirks, "Maybe I should make Falconsong wear horseshoes for being a jackass.... Then again. Boys will be boys. I've seen it I don't know how many times before. But it was easier this way. Either let you die there and the failsafe snap that 'rider' who's sitting in the background back or... I take a more.... direct approach. Considering my options, I decided on the former. Freezing to death is rather .... unpleasant death."

                      Lord Impy muses over that for a while, then he turns and looks at Snipe, "So, I decided that I would bring you here and give Gawain an option. Of course, if he just wishes to let the 'Snipe' side of him take over, I suppose I'll still end having to destroy that body. And it's a costly one. I would like to avoid damaging such an expensive gift."


                        Snipe sipped on the ale again. "Hey Gawain... this Imp wants to talk to you."


                        Snipe replied, looking at his chest. "You think this is fun for me? Only able to live when someone occupies my old body? And it was a vacation gift body purchased for you. Okay, I know Lovie pissed you off with that offer to charge you 1 favor for a power. But he had a point. Divine Gawain could have had anything he wanted. But when you got stuffed in my body, you weren't divine Gawain anymore. You were literally a nobody who would get the same treatment as any other person down here."

                        Gawain moans, then says, "...but he took so much pleasure in talking down on me after he put me in this body. I didn't ask for it, so I don't see how Lord Impy thinks I requested this crap. Okay, I did place myself in a New Hampshire ice box of a drafty old cabin. But on the plus side, it was TV show research. Anyway, maybe Lord Impy forgot, but I never signed that contract with him as Gawain. It's signed as Falconsong the Hell Hound. And I am not a Freelancer, obviously... unless someone wants to get me a bunnyboi version of the TransBunnifier."

                        Snipe giggled. "TransBunnifier... I'd pay to see one of those. What would the call phrase be? 'Hop to it Faster'?" He then tells Lord Impy about Gawain's original idea before Lovie enforced a vacation on him.


                          Lord Impy um-hums, "Thank you for that. That helps out." He pushes a button on an intercom, "Take him away then. I didn't think he would have done it but the records show it and Gawain just mentioned it WAS enforced on him without his consent."

                          After that Lord Impy says, "Now that we have Lovie taken care of. About you. You have a choice. Either continue being with Snipe. Which is a valid choice... though you'll have to Recant all connection to Falconsong. OR you resume your existence as Falconsong and honor your debts. FALCONSONG owes me a debt and he cannot fulfill it soulless. So Either you are in your body... Or I find another soul to do it. There are some people who would LOVE to take over your old body, position, and powers."


                            Gawain replied, "Please don't hurt Lovie, Lord Impy. He meant well, but... he just didn't ask me if I wanted to try it first. Then he said I'd get a vacation but I'd have to be this other person and not Falconsong. He rather upset me so I left as Snipe. But the more I got to know Snipe, the more I didn't want him to be hurt either. I want to pay off what I owe you, but I don't want to abandon Snipe either. He deserves a life of his own." He sighed. "And I want to pursue another idea I had, as well, before Lovie did this body switch thing on me."

                            Snipe then said, "Lord Impy... if it makes it any easier, just register me, Snipe, as Gawain's brother. Then I could work toward paying for my own life while you employed Falconsong to do what he promised you he would do. As for the Falconsong powers... I don't think Gawain cares for all of that divine stuff if he can't even use them."


                              Lord Impy says," I'm afraid it's not that simple. As for Lovie, the truth will come out in court. I won't do anything to him personally. But, he is the one responsible for almost KILLING you and 'Snipe'. Regardless of the circumstances, messing with a divine entity's soul without permission is a pretty serious offense. If it wasn't for Lord Paul and his meticulous records, it could have been weeks before we found you. What then? You could have frozen to death and then we'd be in a serious fix."

                              Lord Impy looks back out his window, "Unfortunately, I cannot make a deal to register you as his brother, Snipe, because Falconsong, even though he owes me a rather serious debt... Is not under my DIRECT controll. He's a divinity so... This will take to go to the Trans-Pantheon Board. And the TPD makes Yuskay looks like a new born pup." He sighs, placing his hands on the window sill, "Lovie violated a eons of standing procedures... Just to get you a vacation body. He should have known better. And I can't imagine his punishment is going to be... pleasant. However, all I can say is..." He pauses....and looks up. He nods a moment and then sighs, "Great.... NOW I gotta go appear in the Hell Council Inquisition." He looks at Snipe and says, "As you for you, Snipe... Your lucky in one regard." He pulls out a cellphone and makes a short private phone call then poofs.

                              While he is in the Council being grilled, Snipe and Falconsong find themselves suddenly yanked away to stand in front of Lord Paul. Falconsong and Snipe are soon two different people. Snipe has a nice hell-bunny boy body, and Falconsong is back in his normal body (with Transhounder). Lord Paul says, "There... All fixed up. How's that feel, Snipe?"


                                Snipe smiled as he ran his paws all over his own entire body. "Thank you very much, Lord Paul. I have chosen to stay with Gawain, though. He may need my assistance in whatever endeavors that he pursues."

                                Gawain sheepishly looked up at Lord Paul. "How bad are things currently with what happened recently with Lovie, Me, Snipe, and Lord Impy?"