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DM I: DS-02 Actors to the Rescue

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    Todramon replied, "Before the Pendragon Takeover, Director Harmon often came with us through our own Digi-Portal to the Digital World. It was peaceful then. But once the Overlord took over and started changing humans into Digimon, it was no longer safe to use the Digi-Portal. Then the idiot cursed the Digi-Portals and it threw ours out of sync, changing it into a digital vacuum cleaner. And that's what you guys encountered earlier today."

    Conrad irked. "And now the damned thing is growing out of control. If it gets too big, the government might try to investigate it."

    Todramon ewwwws. "I hope they don't. Anyone ending up here is a sitting duck unless they become DigiDestineds. Anything else you boys want to know?"


      "One last question... If there are actually eight of us.... what are the chances we'll even find the other four. First of all, if the others never come to the Digital World, that leaves the entire Earth we'd have to search for them. And if the DID come, there's no telling where, when, or even if we'll ever find them. With the Digi-portals thrown out of whack, it's entirely possible that they could be thrown somewhere hundreds of miles away."


        Todramon said, "That is a good question and a brilliant observation. However, ours wasn't the only Digi-Portal on Earth. There are three others. Ours was thrown out of whack, but there's a good chance that the others are still okay. Ours was keyed to the South Continent. The others are all keyed to the other Continents. So you see... there's a good chance we could meet the others during our journey."

        Conrad hummed as he looked at EccoDolphimon. "I have a question for you, Ecco... Since you guys all represent one of the elements, am I right in assuming that you guys all had some gnarly skills and abilities, too?"


          "Indeed we do, Conrad. You might have already noticed Jaguamon's intangibility," Ecco told the boy. "And mine... being a water based Digimon, I have a pretty useful one myself. One that we're going to have to take use of soon. I have the ability to swim through waters at two or three times the speed of normal Digimon or humans."


            Conrad ohs with a smile. "That will be something to see." He looked at Todramon again. "When we travel through the heart of Pendragon City, does that mean we will be traveling through the sewers?"

            Todramon just grinned. "I suggest you boys get some sleep. You'll find out when we get there." He winked.

            End of DM I: DS-02 Actors to the Rescue

            Stay tuned for DM I: DS-03 Close Calls in the City