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DM I: DS-03 Close Calls in the City

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    DM I: DS-03 Close Calls in the City

    Plot: To free the Digital World of a tyrannical overlord, select digital warriors escape from their cells and travel to Studio City, California to recruit the newest Digi-Destined heroes.

    (This is a remake of Silver Age Digimon.)

    This RPG may contain suggestive Anime content, some adult situations, and possibly funny violence.

    Cast of This Episode's Characters:

    1. Conrad Strider - Lord Pouchlaw
    ~~~ Todramon, Golden Key of Hidden Secrets

    2. Noah Ozymandias "Ozzy" Halvard - Darquirrin
    ~~~ Tivarromon, Armored Shield of Hope

    3. Simon Delturo - Unicorn Rider
    ~~~ EccoDolphimon, Rushing Spirit of the Waves

    4. Gemini "Tigra" Orion - Veronica June
    ~~~ Jaguamon, Greek Sorority Sister of Sound


    Wyzowlmon, Crazy Power of Wisdom
    Ingelbert Harmon, Set Director


    Imperidramon, Soldiers of the Overlord

    NOTE: If you have problems in game, bring the issues out in public in the shoutbox or the problems will never be resolved. Thank you.

    DM I: DS-03 Close Calls in the City
    Darquirrin, Lord Pouchlaw, Unicorn Rider & Veronica June
    June 29th, 2012

    Part Three: Forgotten Pendragon Legacy

    South Continent, Digital World
    Pendragon Forest (Just South of Pendragon City)

    Todramon quietly led his friends along a back trail away from the main road heading north. They had just vacated the cavern lair minutes before a patrol discovered it. So they were very lucky to get out of there in time. And with the Imperidramon Soldiers making their winged reconnaissance of the southern forests looking for rebel digimon resistors.

    Conrad was making sure to keep his friends and their partners in sight at all times. The last thing they needed right now was to get separated while there were soldiers out and about.

    Todramon quietly said, "Once we enter the city, don't eat or drink anything until we exit the place. Otherwise, we might lose you guys."

    "Tainted food isn't our main concern, I don't think," said Conrad glancing upward through the foliage of the trees as a squadron of Imperidramon flew over without seeing them. "That's the fifth patrol this morning."

    Jaguamon nodded her head. "Believe me, Conrad... they are the same ones. They are flying a pattern."

    Tigra smiled as she noticed Tivarromon and Ozzy to themselves apparently bonding still while traveling. "At least we got out of the lair before the ground patrol found the place."
    "With nerves of steel and laughing at danger..."
    ~~~~~ Artemis Archer


      Simon turned to look at Tigra. "I would not have wanted to be there if they showed up either. I mean, look at the mess they've already caused. Those other Digimon we came across... their home, destroyed."

      Ecco nodded. "Stay close... these patrollers are going to be ruthless if we get separated."


        Todramon continued to lead the others until they reached a grating in the base of a humongous stone fortification wall where there was a stream of nasty fluids coming out of it. He used his special ability which had nothing to do with his element, the 'unmake' ability, and the large circular grating was removed from the sewer tunnel under the city.

        "Okay guys," started Todramon. "rumor is that these tunnels are confusing if you get separated, but not deliberately confusing. There are access ladders up to the streets at various intervals and in supposed dead ends. Strange as this will sound, there is a rest stop part way through these tunnels where one of the Resistor Bases is set up. We will need to spend the night there unless we get caught somewhere along the way. As far as we know, the Imperidramon never come down here anymore since the Overlord took over. Only by passing through the Resistor Base can we traverse the rest of the city and exit out the other side. I apologize if people don't like the smell, but these are the sewers. Better to get this out of the way now than have to deal with this on another continent. Right?"

        Conrad made a face. "And how. Let's get going. And guys... try not to fall into a deep pile of... stuff... in here. If you think the air stinks, then don't think how your bodies will smell if you fall into something going through here. I've had to repair a septic line once before I came to Hollywood and... I don't want to go there." He started heading inside with Todramon stepping up to keep up with him.


          Tigra said to Simon, "Some day we might be able to help the Digimon to rebuild their homes. But we need to get ourselves advanced first."

          Jaguamon was using her intangibility powers a LOT now for the trip through the sewers. Getting lost down here wasn't something she wanted to have happen to her new friends.
          "With nerves of steel and laughing at danger..."
          ~~~~~ Artemis Archer


            "Hey, Ecco, can't you use your speed to get us through the sewer faster," Simon asked.

            "First of all, Simon, it only works in water... second of all, I wouldn't want to swim down here. It smells and I don't even want to think about what chemicals might have polluted stuff down here."


              Tivarromon speaks up from the rear, "Besides, speed wouldn't do a lot of good in this case. It's better to be careful than fast down here. What's more, there are passages that Todramon will have to open for us to progress anyway. Not to mention, going too fast, might give the Rattomon the wrong idea about and get us attacked."

              Ozzy makes a face, "You mean there digimon who actually live down here??"

              Tivarromon nods, "Yes. Keep in mind, what is hell to one digimon could be heaven to another. Don't be so quick to judge. The Rattomon and Swearohoundimon have gone out of their way to be helpful to the resistance and deserve respects, regardless of odor."


                Tigra smiled. "Are they cute? Can't be worse than some of the guest creatures they had in my last series..." It's the place where the sign is in Greek.

                Jaguamon chuckled. "Some aren't bad looking, although very few... the rare few that is... can turn even a boy's head. And in other cases... turn a stomach."
                "With nerves of steel and laughing at danger..."
                ~~~~~ Artemis Archer


                  Todramon added, "Another warning, Conrad... when Digivolved, please don't set off any fireballs down here. One, it will get the Imperidramon's attention. And two, it will ignite the gases in these tunnels and we will all get toasted. Plus, it will cause fiery geysers up on the streets."

                  Conrad ewws. "You being a fire digimon in a place like this is obviously NOT a good thing."

                  Todramon smirked and continued to lead the way onward where another grating soon presented itself and the unmaking digimon carefully opened it up as if it were nothing. "Also keep in mind, it is literally taking my unmake ability to open these grates. They are not on hinges, nor are they doors. They are simply trash catchers, on in the Imperidramon's cases... felon catchers. They installed these to prevent enemies from escaping through the sewers. There are two other ways around this, but neither is to my liking. One is to storm through the city and hope not to get caught. And its a 2-day run through the city. Think you can do that? And the second... is to dive under the fluids... icks... and swim through the open sluice openings. Therefore, if you don't mind smelling like this place for a year... have at it."

                  Conrad looked a little green at the latter choice. "No thank you."

                  Todramon grinned. "The smell WOULD repel Dopplemon though."


                    "Todramon, can we please just let this talk of the smell and condition of the sewers go," Simon looked at him. "I'm having enough trouble dealing with it without you talking about it. Let's just get through here and be done with it."

                    "It isn't going to be that easy, Simon," Ecco told him. "And you're going to have to be patient. As Todramon said, we need to attract as minimal the attention as we possibly can. Yeah, this place may smell, and smell bad, but ask yourself this. Would you rather stink for a short time, or get captured, tortured or who knows what by the Imperidramon?"

                    Simon grew silent at that point.

                    "That's what I thought. Unpleasant as it may be, there's a lot worse we could be dealing with right now,"


                      Jaguamon added, "And I've heard that they can transgender you if get a whim to..."

                      Tigra didn't want to think about that aspect. "Surely not all the Imperidramon are like this."
                      "With nerves of steel and laughing at danger..."
                      ~~~~~ Artemis Archer


                        Todramon said, "Most got the overlord brainwash treatment. But if there are others who didn't... then they are in the dungeons under the castle. We'll be traveling close to there, but believe me... we really don't have time to try to rescue anyone."

                        Conrad nodded his head. "Hey, is that one of the Swearohoundimon guys peaking around the corner at us just ahead."

                        Todramon looked and just barely saw the nose pull back around the corner and disappear. "Yeah, that's one of them. Probably a forward scout. They are nice to be around as long as you don't come off as threatening. The younger ones are kinda pouncy."


                          Ecco nodded. "Pouncy.... yeah that's about the right way to put it."

                          "Uhhh... hey, Ecco..." Simon called out.

                          "Yes, Simon," Ecco turned to look at him.

                          "You and Todramon are really good friends, aren't you?"

                          Ecco cocked his head a bit. "Yeah... friends... why?"

                          Simon replied, "I just find it kinda funny..."

                          "Oh? Why?"

                          Simon looked at Conrad briefly, He walked up to his Digimon and whispered something.

                          "No wonder you were so eager to find him again."

                          "Ecco! Hush!" Simon blushed a bit.

                          Ecco just laughed.


                            Tigra noticed the 'houndimon' too. "He was pretty cute looking. Better looking than some of the boys I used to date before I came to Hollywood."

                            Jagumon shook her head slowly with a smile choosing not to comment on that one.
                            "With nerves of steel and laughing at danger..."
                            ~~~~~ Artemis Archer


                              Todramon chuckled. "Something tells me you guys are going to see a lot of cute Digimon on this trip. Like the Ursolarimon who live on the Eastern Continent. They are gold in coloration and they like to sing a lot."

                              Conrad arched one eye. "Did you just make that up?"

                              "You won't know until we get there, will you?"