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DM I: DS-01 Lights! Camera! Digivolve!

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    The digimon seemed to really appreciate the assistance. Especially since nearly every digimon was injured. Whatever they were fighting for must have been extremely important to them.


      From the back of the camp, a digimon noticed them both and started approaching. His manner seemed more authoritative than the other digimon. Likely the one currently 'in charge' of the little band. The tigerine digimon looked far less injured than the others but much more wary of the humans. He wore a gold and silver scaled armor chest piece chained around his chest with the chains going over his shoulders and around his waist with a long tigerish tail sticking out of the rear. His base color is a pure beautiful white complimented with dark black tiger strips over his body. He wore a heavily braided leather rope around his neck dipping down between his fur and chest armor. He pauses looking at the two. "You two... Who are you?"


        "I'm Tigra and he's Simon." She then pulled the pouch out of her leather armor to reveal it. "One of your digimon friends, a jaguar lady, handed us this pouch before pointing us toward the Digi-Portal exit. But as we were preparing to leave, one of those lovely armored dragon digimon things blasted one of our friends off into the woods and we returned to find him. Another of our friends came through the portal just before we did... but we didn't see him when we arrived together. We have found tracks and followed them to here. We are looking for our comrade Conrad, primarily. Ozzy is the other friend who came through just ahead of us."
        "With nerves of steel and laughing at danger..."
        ~~~~~ Artemis Archer


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          Todramon's Cavern

          Conrad was propped up and was being helped in eating the meal that was prepared for those in the cavern.

          Todramon said, "Take it slowly, Conrad. This is the local cuisine and its the best we can get anymore since the Imperials cut off the merchant trade. Stupid Imperials."

          Conrad slowly chewed the food and swallowed. "So the Digital World is in some sort of war then."

          Todramon nodded his muzzle. "That is a nice way to put it. In truth, Lord Pendragon was overthrown and now these wicked Imperidramon soldiers are literally in charge of everything." He continued to help feed the boy.


            Simon looked toward the digimon. "We'd like to hope that, at the very least, our friends are safe, but, between the attacks and this ungodly acid rain, there's no telling."

            Simon looked off in the distance momentarily, before turning back to Tigra. "I have to wonder if we'll even find them. I haven't been here long, but I know enough to know that this place is almost as big as Earth... and that means they could be anywhere."


            Todramon's Cavern

            EcooDolphimon brought some juice to Conrad, offering the drink to him. "It's become impossible to get anywhere in the Digital World without hearing some explosions. Can't even go for a relaxing swim anymore."

            End of DM I: DS-01 Lights! Camera! Digivolve!

            Stay tuned for DM I: DS-02 Actors to the Rescue