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DM I: DS-01 Lights! Camera! Digivolve!

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    DM I: DS-01 Lights! Camera! Digivolve!

    Plot: To free the Digital World of a tyrannical overlord, select digital warriors escape from their cells and travel to Studio City, California to recruit the newest Digi-Destined heroes.

    (This is a remake of Silver Age Digimon.)

    This RPG may contain suggestive Anime content, some adult situations, and possibly funny violence.

    Cast of This Episode's Characters:

    1. Conrad Strider - Lord Pouchlaw
    ~~~ Todramon, Golden Key of Hidden Secrets

    2. Noah Ozymandias "Ozzy" Halvard - Darquirrin
    ~~~ Tivarromon, Armored Shield of Hope

    3. Simon Delturo - Unicorn Rider
    ~~~ EccoDolphimon, Rushing Spirit of the Waves

    4. Gemini "Tigra" Orion - Veronica June
    ~~~ Jaguamon, Greek Sorority Sister of Sound


    Wyzowlmon, Crazy Power of Wisdom
    Ingelbert Harmon, Set Director


    Imperidramon, Soldiers of the Overlord

    NOTE: If you have problems in game, bring the issues out in public in the shoutbox or the problems will never be resolved. Thank you.

    DS-01 Lights! Camera! Digivolve!
    Darquirrin, Lord Pouchlaw, Unicorn Rider & Veronica June
    June 6th, 2012

    Part One: From Script to Reality

    Studio City, California
    Digital Century Studios

    "QUIET ON THE SET!" shouted the set director, Ingelbert Harmon, as he motioned toward Conrad with one hand. "ACTION!"

    Conrad Strider was holding his script as he read his lines, "This can't be for real, guys. I always thought someone explained how new digivices worked when the heroes received them." Although what he was thinking was, These lines are so corny. I can't believe the prior Digi-Destined actors read off things like this. Maybe they do a lot of heavy editing before air time. And to think we will have to do this again later without the scripts.

    Tigra read her lines next, "It can't be all that hard to figure out, Conrad. Let's just push a button and see what happens." But like Conrad, her thoughts were similar. There is no way in hell I would just push the button on a strange device without knowing what it did. Who wrote this shit anyway?
    "With nerves of steel and laughing at danger..."
    ~~~~~ Artemis Archer


      Simon shook his head as he read the lines in the script. "Well we've got to do something right? I mean... obviously these things aren't just going to work if we scream at them."

      This is unbelievable. Do they really think we're this stupid? Even I know better than this...


        Ozzy hms, reading over his lines then giggles, ignoring them and rewording them into something far less corny hoping the director doesn't notice, and says, "Well, not really. I mean aren't we suppose to get digimon partners and everything too? Hey... Maybe there is some clues on exactly what we're suppose to do in the previous seasons, ya know?" He grins broadly, "Besides, we're not a bunch of idiots."


          Director Harmon shouted, "CUT!" He then grabbed his copy of the script and walked out into the set. "You guys need to put more conviction into this. You made it sound like you were reading a romance novel. And Ozzy... you know full well it doesn't say that in the script." He lifted his head up as he observed various things on the set ceiling before he lowered his head to set a gaze on the others again. "We've been at this for a few hours. Who all is hungry?" A change of tactics.

          Conrad arched an eye at the subject change. "I could go for an Prancing Pony Pizza with the works. Not the best pizza around, but there are no better franchises in the United States."

          ((OOC: Please note... the world famous Arden's Pizza (that is formed just after Digimark: Disc Trainers) that nearly puts all the other pizza places out of business has not yet been formed during this time from for this RPG.))


            Simon looked toward Conrad, giving a thumbs up. "I'll agree Prancing Pony has the best pizzas...My favorite is their four meat pizza: Sausage, ham, bacon and pepperoni. I could sit eat a large one of those with no problem."

            He laughed a bit and looked at the script again then at Harmon. "Director Harmon, I have to ask... Who came up with this stuff? Some of it... well... seems a bit odd."


              Ozzy rubs the back of his head with a slight laugh, "Well, it just sounded so stupid... I wanted to make it sound more convincing, you know? Besides, you did say we could add... um... Add something... It means to make up stuff to fill in time and stuff! That word, I forgot what it is. But, add something and ...well... I am kinda hungry...We've been at this for like hours and we still gotta do it AGAIN later... Oh yes, Pizza!" He runs over, "PIZZA IS AWESOME!"


                "I have to agree with the others, Mr. Harmon," said the well known female actress. "I deal with Phil's weird gadgets all the time and I know NOT to push a strange button on a strange device. You never know what might happen. But yes, pizza does sound good."
                "With nerves of steel and laughing at danger..."
                ~~~~~ Artemis Archer


                  Director Harmon escorted the four young actors to the nearby Prancing Pony Pizza Parlor where the five got a table and had a few large pizzas ordered for them. Then he pulled out the script and said, "You asked earlier who wrote up this drivel."

                  Conrad couldn't help but to smile when he heard the director use that word. "It was crossing our minds, Mr. Harmon."

                  "The writers department who also do the writing for that weird My Little Pony series and the new fangled Care Bears adventures wrote it. Personally, I would really like it if we had the original writers back, but professional script writing isn't an easy task, my friends. What may sound right to you may be received as lousy to the critics and rating families. Unless... the series was aimed at late night, then it really couldn't be seen by the age group we're aiming for. Which is 5 through 12 year old boys. If we made the scripts any more R rated, the airing time would have to be moved to Prime Time or even... the Adult Theater block. Meaning after 11 P.M. I do want to see this series do well and I do want to have a good experience with your acting team. Let's review that scene again..."

                  Conrad smirked. "The drivel about how Digivices are just dropped into our hands without instructions. That seems a little unreal, sir."

                  Director Harmon read over the script quietly, then he commented, "How can we improve this scene?"


                    "Mister Harmon, I have an idea. It might take a little time, but why not let the four of us come up with a script idea, and you can look it over when we're done."

                    Simon had several of his own idea for what would improve it, and thought maybe the others might as well. Heck, if things went better, they might actually ENJOY doing it.


                      Tigra smiled as she looked over the script again while sitting at the table. "The scene itself isn't really horrible, Director Harmon, but the spoken parts really suck grease balls... to para-quote my friend Phil who I worked with during the Valordictorians pilot. But as you said, critics are not kind; they find one little thing wrong and they dissect the whole show layer by layer. They did say the theme song was catchy, but the electronic speaking girl and the crabby old college instructor were about as believable as ice on a sandwich... whatever that means."

                      She then looked at Simon. "Although your suggestion really makes sense. But that doesn't guarantee a passing grade from the critics. They are tough cookies."
                      "With nerves of steel and laughing at danger..."
                      ~~~~~ Artemis Archer


                        "Don't worry... I think we can come up with something good. Besides, we'll never know if we don't try. They can't ALL be as stuck up as most people would say. We're bound to find at least one who would like it."


                          Ozzy hrms, "Actually, yeah they could be. They canceled like 4 of my FAVORITE Digimon shows all because they found ONE little thing wrong!" He munches on the pizza rather angrily for a moment then says, "What if we contact one of the old writers from the other series that failed? I bet they'd LOVE a chance to retry it! And they had an AWESOME show before that ONE goof up cost them the show..."


                            Director Harmon hummed. "Well, since you are asking about the writers who did the other 4 digimon seasons... believe it or not, one writer from each team have formed an unofficial bond and call themselves the Digital Dream Team. I've read over one of their unofficial scripts and... its very good. Would you like to go over and talk with them after lunch?"

                            Conrad smiled being very interested in that prospect.

                            "They could give you some pointers on your idea for writing your script yourselves," said Harmon. "But as Ozzy just said, the critics are certifiable assholes if they find even one goof up in your script. They can kill a show faster than Elmer Fudd trying to shoot Daffy Duck."


                              Ozzy oooos!! "REALLY???!!! We can meet them!?" He jabbed his fist into the air, "YES!!!! That'd be AWESOME!!! And I'm sure they'd LOVE to have a chance to help us make an AWESOME script! It's WIN-WIN! We get an awesome script and they get back at the critics!"