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DM I: DS-05 Caravan Through The Dark Moors

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    DM I: DS-05 Caravan Through The Dark Moors

    Plot: To free the Digital World of a tyrannical overlord, select digital warriors escape from Pendragon City to recruit the newest Digi-Destined heroes.

    (This is a remake of Silver Age Digimon.)

    This RPG may contain suggestive Anime content, some adult situations, and possibly funny violence.

    Cast of This Episode's Characters:

    1. Conrad Strider - Lord Pouchlaw
    ~~~ Todramon, Golden Key of Hidden Secrets

    2. Noah Ozymandias "Ozzy" Halvard - Darquirrin
    ~~~ Tivarromon, Armored Shield of Hope

    3. Gemini "Tigra" Orion - Veronica June
    ~~~ Jaguamon, Greek Sorority Sister of Sound


    Wyzowlmon, Crazy Power of Wisdom
    Ingelbert Harmon, Set Director


    Imperidramon, Soldiers of the Overlord

    NOTE: If you have problems in game, bring the issues out in public in the shoutbox or the problems will never be resolved. Thank you.

    DM I: DS-05 Caravan Through The Dark Moors
    Darquirrin, Lord Pouchlaw & Veronica June
    June 12th, 2014

    Part Five: Mad Dash

    West Continent, Digital World
    Makindrus Trade Route (West side of Junglarium)

    Now you might be asking yourselves why the three of us Digimon and our human partners are making a breakneck run through the western side of Junglarium's rain forest... well, I'll tell you.

    Shortly after we spent our first night in the jungle here on the West Continent, our next few night time travels were anything but fun. It rained on us a good portion of the way. And sleeping in a huddle within any available cave wasn't fun either especially when Tivarromon is in heat. Thankfully Tigra kept him occupied or none of us would ever get any sleep in. Then on the fourth night, our first surprise attack occurred. EccoDolphimon and Simon were taken prisoner by a night flying patrol of the Imperidramon soldiers and they were flow off into the night back toward Pendragon City. That was the last we saw of them.

    The rest of us then began our mad dash through the jungle to avoid being captured ourselves. And now you know why we are running through the jungle at night. Personally, I would have preferred to have carefully made our way through this jungle, but we no longer have that option now.

    Todramon smiled when he saw Jaguamon just ahead holding a large palm leaf to one side that revealed a well hidden cavern just beyond. "We're going to make it, guys!"

    "I could have ran on my own, Todra!" exclaimed Conrad as he was being carried by his Digimon partner.

    "Maybe, but I didn't want you to trip and get captured or be mowed down by your allies!"

    Being carried allowed Conrad to see behind him to learn how Tigra, Tivarromon, and Ozzy were doing.

    Tigra really was an athlete type of girl. She was carrying both Tivarromon and Ozzy, one under each arm, as she easily kept up just behind Todramon as they made their way to their new camping zone for the day. "Too bad we lost Ecco and Simon, but we can rescue them another time. The important part right now is to make sure we don't get captured ourselves."

    Jaguamon smiled as their group made it into the cavern and she pulled the giant palm leaves back into place to hide the opening. "We should be safe here for a few hours. Rotten patrols. All the time messing up our hikes."
    "With nerves of steel and laughing at danger..."
    ~~~~~ Artemis Archer


      Ozzy was being strangely quiet for someone as normally outspoken as he was and just nodded in response. He was feeling guilty for getting his friends caught.

      Tivarromon was grumbling about being carried like an infant digimon in such an 'undignified' manner though he couldn't help an occasional tail-based groping of his lovely carrier. Even though he was struggling to control himself, it was very difficult with the digital affects in place.


        Once inside the cavern, the team relaxed as they caught their breath. Todramon looked at the others as he said, "We should be okay in here, guys. Is everyone okay?"

        Conrad pants on all fours since Todramon did finally put him down. "Watching the scenery fly by in reverse made me dizzy. How are you feeling, Ozzy?"


          Jaguamon was now checking on both Tivarromon and Todramon to make sure the two were indeed okay after that night time run through the jungle. Twisted ankles would not be good at a time like this. "I suppose that once we enter the Dark Moors, we won't be seeing too many Imperidramon patrols at that point. All we will have to worry about is the Racolupotamon and the Dopplemon. The Dark Moors is a sticky bog land. Rumor is that even the most sure footed Digimon can get himself stuck in that place."

          Tigra sat down near both Conrad and Ozzy as she relaxed to catch her breath. "I hope you didn't mind my carrying you, Ozzy." She then looked to Conrad. "On the bright side, I think we covered a nice stretch of the jungle tonight. I'm not sure how far we got, but we have to be past the half way point now."
          "With nerves of steel and laughing at danger..."
          ~~~~~ Artemis Archer