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    The HotSO hummed in a way that should make the players worried. To Jason, "22 points, not 20." Then he turned to Team Element. "It is now Team Element's turn."

    Swoopelicanmon remarked, "I will play a card face down to begin with, then I am playing a 0-point Merge Element card which will shift half of my points to the team member of my choice. And since the rules state that effects wait until the end of the round, I will hold off on naming who gets the merge until then. This will end my turn and leave me with 7 points at the beginning of Round Two."

    Volavamon smiled. "I will burn a card, place a card face down, and play an 8-point card called Funnel which converts effect card values directed at me to point values which will be added to my existing points. This lasts until I am targets by either a single attack or an AOE attack, in which case the AOE is entirely siphoned away from my teammates and converted to single point value of the card used against us. This will end my turn and give me a minimum of 4 points for Round Two."

    Bouldermon grinned as he placed a card face down and said, "Pass. 22 points for me on the next round."

    Sharquatarmon hummed as he made his moves with artistic flare. "Burn, Face Down, and I will play a fine starting attack card. Normally beyond my ability to use, Tsunami Strike costs 8 points for targeting one player, but I want to target all players. Therefore there is a modifier of +2 points per extra target. I hope to receive the Merge Element from Swoopelicanmon which will increase my starting points to 15, which would leave me with 1 point, plus 2 for the round, which will give me 3 points for Round Two. The damage for this effect is -90% health, although if a counter effect card is used to block it, the damage decreases to -30% on the blocking player. It does double damage to my opposing element, and no damage to my own element. If reflected back on me, it will heal me for +90% of my potential health."

    The HotSO (Judge) hummed again. "Team Horseshoe first... I will start with Bobby. I am not sure if you were aware of this, but your practice duel health is equal to double your starting points. Rank 0 players were ghosted with 10 starting points, so you only have 20 health. If you target yourself with your fire attack, you will effectively knock yourself out of the match. I am sure all of Team Element quietly snickered when you announced that you were going to take the damage yourself. Ergo, if you proceed with that plan, you will be out of the match. They (Rank 1 Players) were ghosted with 10 starting points, but they have 100 health which is double their standard starting points. Your normal attack could KO one of them. Now that you know this, which of the two effects would you like to use for Lava Torpedo? And please hold off on face down cards until I ask for them."


      Bobby sighed a bit then turned toward the rest of his team. "I feel there is something I need to admit here, you guys. Team duels are a bit harder for me than standard single duels, because I'm not used to them. I usually get real nervous when I'm dueling on a team..."

      He then turned to the opposing team. "Now... Although I didn't think about point totals when I played the card, the effect still remains, and, that being the case, the target for my attack isn't going to be myself. Instead, I'm going to use Lava Torpedo's effect on Bouldermon, the only one I think I can get away with attacking."


        Brad remarked, "In all honesty, Bobby, none of you guys are used to playing in a team. I have that experience, but you guys don't. That is why the Security Officer thought a practice match would be a good idea. Mainly because Team Anarchy won't simply choose one player to face off against just one of you guys. They will swarm you."

        The HotSO replied, "That is correct, Brad. Team Horseshoe is raw at Team Play; but they are good at Solo Play. Card duels are only useful during non Digi-Destined battles. Meaning standard duels and tournaments. We are aware of your duel playing abilities when playing solo. But that's not why you are all here today; you are here to learn how to work as a team. You have to choose your cards for play as if they will help the team as a whole; not simply to play for yourself in a player versus all match. Of course... if you want high class humiliation... we could allow Brad the temporary use of his original partner as he duels one of his fellow teammates."

        Brad slyly grins as he rubs his hands together. It was obvious he would be all for that. Even though he had team experience, he was still the number one rival to Andrew.

        The HotSO coughed. "Continuing with the match... or would you guys like to halt this before it gets really rough on you guys?"

        Bouldermon was still grinning. "I motion for Team Horseshoe to humbly postpone. Not because I fear the incoming attack..." he reached down and flipped his face-down card to reveal an Insta-Revive card. "...but because I think they would benefit from watching recorded team duels so they have an idea on what nasty surprises may lay in wait for them. Also, had Tsunami Strike gone off successfully, Brad's reflection would have bounced back the attack at Sharquatarmon causing him to gain a bonus to his health of +90% more than he started with. It's one of life's little bonuses in duels. 90% more than 100 is 190 health. Almost enough to survive a Thunderclap card. But not quite. This is up to the humans. As a team, they are not ready even for a practice match. And if they have these kinds of problems playing against low ranked duel instructors, imagine how they will react against Team Anarchy's precision assault team."

        Andrew commented, "Bobby would have wiped you out and then your card would have revived you instantly. I use that maneuver when I can in my solo duels when needed. Just not often... the damned card rarely comes up."

        Swoopelicanmon added, "One further notation... When Tsunami Strike is combined with Merge Element, it strikes as a Rank higher than normal. During solo duels... you can see the benefits of having that in play as a face down card. On the turn of the Tsunami Strike, you would flip upright the Merge Element card and together they would act as a Rank higher, although in Solo Play, the point cost is halved while the damage stays the same. Because Air was merging with Water, the resulting attack would have been double damage to their opposite elements: Earth and Fire."

        The HotSO glanced at Jason. "Postpone or Continue? You're the team leader."


          Jason looks at the HotSO, "I am not afraid of losing. It is these types of blunders and mistakes that we need to make to learn. As you have said, Anarchy isn't going to be gentle and wait for us. We can always watch things on TV on our own or together, but how often do we get to actually do it? We NEED to finish this... Even if we lose horribly. We'll come back and try again and learn from it each time we do. That's my position. But even though I'm the team leader, I'm not a dictator... The others can voice their opinions any time they want to. Also... You are not considering my card's effect either in your scenarios."

          He turns over his card, 'Elemental Prism'. He reads from the card's text, "Elemental Prism allows me to reassign elemental values of all effects and cards in play for one full round, the effect not ending until my next upkeep phase. Because of this, I can change the elements of all the attacks and reflections going on across the field. Unless the rules have changed between solo and team play that I don't know about, it also gains an energy counter for every element changed, leveling up the more elements are swapped. At 4 energy counters, it evolves into a 'Greater Elemental Prism' which allows it to exist for an additional full round before being destroyed."

          He pauses and then adds, "I know in solo play it's effect also counts as capable of being activated at any time due to it being a constant effect for it's duration after it's been flipped face up..." He looks at the HotSO, "I dunno if it's the same in team of course... but it's how I always played it."


            The HotSO hummed as he looked at the podium display for a moment. "This is not public knowledge, Jason, but during official matches the Judge can see your face down cards the moment they leave your hand into the face-down position. Andrew? Would you be so kind as to show your card please?"

            Andrew nodded his head and flipped the card to reveal a Fire Wild Virus card.

            The HotSO replied, "The Fire Wild card is generally activated to make a Fire player's effect card react as a Rank higher than normal."

            Andrew said, "I was going to hold it back for Bobby's following fire card play. Like him, I just assumed he knew what he was doing. I didn't know about the health point costs during practice matches. In the solo duels, we are allotted 1000 health points. First to run out of points loses."

            The HotSO stated, "The standard points you are familiar with is a toned down version of the tournament rules. During team play, the Greater Elemental Prism can only affect effects on three side of your position. In solo play, there is only one opponent so there is only one side to affect. But in team play, you can only affect your immediate left, right and front."

            Volavamon rang his permission bell. "Sir, I have a suggestion for future practice matches... I suggest our teams mix it up a bit. Meaning two humans and two instructors on each side, so they can learn team play while being coached on how they can best play their cards."

            Brad hummed. "That is a nice idea. I think our team could use that help."