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Di-Gi-Oh™ - 02 - Digiscape Training

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    Bobby looked over at Brad, and whispered. "Relax Brad, you'll strain something."


      Jason blushes and laughs slightly, "Sorry. Just excited." He looks at Pegagarurumon with an honest expression, "Why would we be upset about that? He earned them. I think he deserves to be recognized for what he did... And I think it's good that he'll be able to get a fresh start over with us. But enough talk." He takes his position a position and points at the 'enemy team', "Have at you!" He giggles slightly, "I always wanted to say that."


        Bobby stepped up beside Brad and looked at the other team. "Bring it on..."


          Andrew - Rank 0; Points 0

          Huscornomon, Charging Husky of Fiery Electricity

          Jason - Rank 0; Points 0

          Muscavaromon, Winged Mouse of Light

          Bobby - Rank 0; Points 0

          Malacanimon, Island Husky of Blue Flame

          Brad - Rank 0; Points 0

          Pegagarurumon, Winged Sentinel of the Digital Skies


          Water - Rank 1; Points 50

          Sharquatarmon, Rushing Torrent of Rain

          Fire - Rank 1; Points 50

          Volavamon, Flowing Unseen Flame Entity

          Air - Rank 1; Points 50

          Swoopelicanmon, Flying Tactical Assault Circus

          Earth - Rank 1; Points 50

          Bouldermon, Shelled Warrior of Surprise

          The HotSO announced, "Practice session 1... begin!"

          Andrew pushed the button on his launcher causing Huscornomon to illuminate with a purple aura on the duel field. "Go for it, partner!"

          Huscornomon nodded his head as a narrative voice announced, "Viral Faze!" He then launched himself through Bouldermon causing an impressive array of explosions, although Bouldermon was still on his feet.





            Jason looks over at Muscavaromon who just gave a flick of his tail as he floated on the battlefield. "Alright... We're up, buddy. Let's show them size doesn't matter." He smiles as Muscavaromon starts glowing brightly, spreading his wings out as a bright ray of light shot up from the brightly glowly winged mouse as the announcer's voice overlayed the sound of explosions as a large holy Light laser beam struck Swoopelicanmon with glowing sword like particle effects, 'Nightsbane!'


              "My turn then?" Bobby nodded to Malacanimon who took his spot on the battle field. His tail began glowing blue as he slammed it downward. "Tail fire!"

              Upon it's impact with the ground a large blue burst of flame appeared, following a path that went right to Volavamon before exploding.


                Brad nodded his head at Pegagarurumon who leaped into the air over the playing field and pulled his sword, aiming it at Bouldermon and unleashed a blast of lightning which struck Bouldermon squarely on the head.

                "That was called an Aerial Strike. Double damage against my opposite element, Earth."

                The HotSO then said, "Well aimed, Pegagarurumon. Good choice of targets. Team Element's turn now."

                Sharquatarmon launched her attack against Malacanimon. "Downpour!" And a torrent of frigid water smacked down atop the blue flame husky. "Water versus Fire causes double damage."

                Volavamon launched his attack against Huscornomon. "Flame Rush!" And a wall of fire rocketed across the field and slammed into the viral unicorn husky, causing explosions and sparks. "Viral has no opposite, but is susceptible to fire attacks for an additional one-third damage."

                Swoopelicanmon launched his attack against Muscavaromon. "Flying Circus!" And the winged mouse was suddenly struck by what appeared to be ten Swoopelicanmon opponents causing knock back and minor damage. "Wind versus Light for normal damage."

                Bouldermon launched his attack toward Huscornomon as well. "Downstrike!" And a rain of small meteors crashed down on Huscornomon knocking him unconscious and returning him to Andrew's wrist launcher. "Earth versus Virus for normal damage in addition to prior damage caused by Volavamon. Too bad, human. You're out of the match."

                Andrew sighed and stepped back out of play.

                The HotSO said, "Double teaming your Digimon happens all the time in the wilds, Andrew. And in team card matches it happens all too often. But this is a practice match so you can learn from what occurs here. You will still gain points, just not as much as the survivors."

                He then said, "Round 2... Begin... Andrew is out of the Match while his partner recovers. Therefore, it is now Jason's turn."


                  Jason mentally went over what all had happened over the last round.. Then drew a conclusion, he hoped it was the right one. He looked at Musca who seemed to understand and nodded silently with a soft smile. Jason held out his hand and took the announcer's position as he proclaimed, "Melody of Eternal Hope!"

                  Muscavaromon smiled and closed his eyes as he spread his wings wide and began to sing. The song didn't seem to have words but it was powerfully moving none the less. Golden energy flowed outward as the Angelic tones soothe the wounds of his compatriots, restoring life and energy to them. Unfortunately, Volavamon being Fire and thus being partially aligned to the LIght, felt compelled to sing as well, forfeiting their turn for one round. Thankfully Volavamon was not pure light or the effect would have lasted longer. Shadow Opponents would have taken severe damage from just hearing the Voice of LIght used in that way.


                    Bobby looked at his digimon for a moment, who simply just smiled back. "Tsunami Storm Strike."

                    Malacanimon hopped up into the air, with the palms of his hands facing outward toward Bouldermon. A second later a powerful blue, water like energy blast shot from his paws down at him. if it connected properly, it would be enough to knock him out.


                      Bouldermon remarked, "Fire Digimon using a Island Water attack for normal damage. Double playing your opponent for a win. Good show. HotSO, I am out of the round." And he vanished back into his containment holder.

                      Brad grinned. "Back to even standing again. But time to reduce things another step, right partner?"

                      Pegagarurumon nodded his head and made a mighty leap with the sword extended toward... Volavamon. And at the last second, he stopped and dumped a bucket of ice water on top of the fiery digimon. "Subterfuge! Opposite element does double damage! Sayonara, Volavamon!"

                      Volavamon replied, "Well played, Pegagarurumon." And he also vanished back into his containment holder.

                      Sharquatarmon set her gaze on Muscavaromon. "Vicious Bite!" And she fired a volley of sharp fangs at the flying mouse. A moving target.

                      Swoopelicanmon now launched his Flying Circus attack against Malacanimon. And the island husky now received the multiple Swoopelicanmon attacks causing knock back and minor damage. "Wind versus Fire for normal damage."

                      The HotSO replied, "Round 3... You have the upper hand, Team Horseshoe."


                        Muscavaromon did what he could to dodge the sharp fangs but he couldn't avoid them all. And they hurt.

                        Jason wasn't looking all that thrilled. It was a lot different when you used cards and tokens and weren't hurting real digimon. He didn't like the twisting feeling in his gut each time Muscavaromon got hit or hit the others. He was just glad that the injuries were only 'sports' injuries and not serious. He looked at the two remaining digimon then shook his head and nodded to Muscavaromon, though he still looked a little sad. Then he looks at the remaining to digimon and taking a deep breath, he motioned toward them, "Prism Blade, Charge Consume! Vorpal Strike!"

                        Muscavaromon glowed brightly as the Light energy charged up from the last two Light movements is released in a strong burst. He brought his paws together as if to pray then moved them apart as a large blade of ever shifting, prismatic light appeared. He rushed at the opponents, gaining speed constantly until he suddenly disappeared before a bright shining line sliced through the whole row of digimon, giving off bright sparkling flashes of multicolored light as it passes through them, shedding points of light like shattered diamond.

                        Jason says, "The Prism Blade bypasses all elemental resistances dealing normal 100% damage to all whom are cut by it... Plus an additional 10% per Charge. We consumed two energy charges, meaning it does 120% damage to both our opponents."


                          "And just in case that isnt enough... Malacanimon's got one more little trick he wants to share.

                          "Fire Frost!" Malacanimon pointed upward to the sky. A cloud formed above the two remaining enemy digimon, raining several large red-colored balls of ice down on the two.

                          "It may not be the strongest attack, but the group attack gains an extra 25% damage if it directly follows an attack like Prism Blade."


                            Jason jerked his attention to Bobby, slightly gaping. Not just at the use of yet another common ability element fusion but horrified at the brazen use of another area of effect with such a modifer. He had worried that Musca's attack might be too much but another 125% damage attack on top of it with the already weakened Swoopelicanmon, He looked back at the field and the HotSO, hoping this place had REAL damage limiters, he didn't want to see an enemy get particled in a PRACTICE match!


                              Bobby just looked at Jason seeing the horrified look on his face.

                              "Relax... Fire Frost is a low level Digimon group attack. The modifier kicks in if it's used after an attack like yours, but even a 25% increase to Fire Frost's attack isn't enough to cause serious damage. I'm a duelist... not a jerk. I'm just making it a little easier for Brad to finish up during his next turn."