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Di-Gi-Oh™ - 02 - Digiscape Training

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    "You guys keep saying that, but the more I hear it, the more I'm not so sure." Bobby remarked, following behind Brad, with Malacanimon closely behind.


      Jason and Muscavaromon chose to remain silent as they walked with the others. Jason was sure it would be fine, but he was starting to feel a little on edge. Like something was bothering him on the edge of his senses.


        Within the arena, there were the obvious two sides and on the sidelines in the middle was an activation pedestal with various levels under electronic lock.

        "Okay, sir!" exclaimed Andrew. "We're here!"

        The hologram of the Security Officer reappeared at this location seeming to look over the interface therein. "There are several levels locked, although you may only need the first level for your practice sessions. Which Digimon would like to try to unlock this? I am detecting enough energy to allow the unlocking of at least two levels, but as I said, you may only need one."

        Pegagarurumon studied the interface himself. "Hmm... What do you think, Muscavaromon?"


          Malacanimon turned to look toward Jason and Muscavaromon, curiously, waiting to see what they would do. Bobby turned to him and whispered. "The Digital World just keeps getting stranger and stranger, doesn't it.

          "Trust me, Bobby, you haven't seen anything strange yet." the digimon told him.


            Muscavaromon floats over, taking a look himself at the instrumentation. It is as I remembered. Sealed. But these locks are new. And different. Something has changed, though I cannot say for certain what. However, they do not resemble any modern digital sigils I am familiar with. They look far older.

            Jason walks over, "Maybe we just need to fight a practice match or something to show we wanna use..." He blinks a little, taking a closer look. To him, the ancient digital glyphs were plainly stated. "Um, guys? It just says, 'Security Lockdown, Remote Access Denied...'.." He paused and hrms, "I think I can fix this. It's a pretty basic looking menu system... Let me see..." He started fiddling with the control panel before several of the red markings turned green and a holographic hand print like scanner rose out of the interface.

            Jason grins, "Got it!" He rubs his head, "I guess we have to scan in now."

            Muscavaromon hrms, I think we should let Peg He didn't get to finish the thought as Jason put his hand on the scanner. "Di-Gi-Oh, Arena Activation! Execute!" A column of digital energy suddenly appearing around him similar to the effect where the team had summoned their digimon previously but filled with digital matrix code and energy as it poured into the arena, reactivating it. Enlarged and behind him there was a brief ghost image of what appeared to be an older version of himself before it faded away and the column winked out.

            Jason jerked his hand back, yelping, " ow... ow.. OW OWOWOWOW!! OW!!!! That hurts!!!!!" He held his hand, where his fingertips and palm where he had been in contact with the scanner were red and slightly burned from the power surge. Thankfully and rather unusually, it didn't appear blistered.

            Muscavaromon sighs, This what you get for not letting me finish my sentences and for not listening. Though he shared a knowing look at the other digimon.

            Jason whimpers slightly, "I..I'm sorry, I excited, I don't... I don't why, but it was... just... I felt like it was the right things to do."


              Pegagarurumon smirked saying, "I thought you trained him better than that, Muscavaromon. Now let's see what to do here..." He stepped up to the activation pedestal and he examined the readings. "Normally you would have been right, Jason, except... you tried to unlock Level 5 and you aren't even Level 1 yet and the security codes knew it. I will work on unlocking Level 1 since that is all we need for now." He got to work, although he did pop off one more question. "How do your hands feel?"

              The hologram of the Security Officer watched the Digimon work, recording the exact method for which the Digimon seemed to tease the overlays thereof.

              Andrew went over and hugged Huscornomon. "Nothing bad has happened yet. Just relax, okay? I'm here."

              Brad glanced aside at Bobby and Malacanimon. "There are plenty weirder things in the Digital World than this, I am very sure. Like last season's Studblossoms. Remember how the Digi-Destined accidentally got the pollen all over themselves and the boys got so hard that it showed through their pants?" He winked with a grin.


                Bobby didn't mean for it to happen, but as he listened to Brad talking, he began to get hard. He was doing his best to ignore it, but if he wasn't careful, he knew one of the others would spot it. He turned away from the others, taking a couple deep breaths to try and relax himself again, but its' effectiveness was limited, and Malacanimon had already seen it.

                "You okay, Bobby?"

                "Huh... oh... yeah I'm fine, I'm just looking around," he lied.


                  Jason rubbed his hand a little, "Just a little burned. It's better now." He wiggled his fingers and winced slightly but was able to make a fist, "Yeah, it's getting better pretty quick. That's good atleast."

                  Muscavaromon just sighs slightly.

                  Jason says, "Sorry for screwing up again, Musca."

                  Muscavaromon nods.

                  Jason looks over at the others then at Andrew and then at his partner, "Are you gonna be okay, Huscornomon? Maybe there is something we can do to make it less uncomfortable for you?"


                    The hologram of the Security Officer said, "I just detected the lock opening, Pegagarurumon."

                    Pegagarurumon smiled. "Yes, I just finished unlocking level 1. We should be able to use the arena properly now."

                    The hologram of the Security Officer nodded his head. "Now that you have a practice arena, we can judge your performances from here so you can gain legal practice points that will help your Digi-Destined Ranks. I would suggest that all four of you go up against a enemy team of four so you can practice working together. Later, you can practice solo which is good for when you want to try new attacks or new maneuvers."

                    Andrew smiled. "Sounds like a good idea, doesn't it, Huscornomon?"

                    The partner nodded his head silently.

                    Brad grinned as he joined Pegagarurumon. "We can do that. I mean, someone has to judge the match." He winked.

                    Pegagarurumon growled. "So says Mr. Lost To His Partner Earlier."

                    Andrew giggled.


                      Bobby smiled, turning back aroudn after he had calmed down again, just catching the tail end of the security officer's words. "Bring it on..."


                        Jason grins, "Let's do it. Sounds like it would be a really good idea to get some real practice in." He winks at Musca, "Right Partner?"

                        Muscavaromon grins a little but nods, silently.


                          The hologram of the Security Officer stood at the judges podium part of the arena while lined up on one side were Andrew and Huscornomon in the first position, Jason and Muscavaromon in the second position, Bobby and Malacanimon in the third position, and Brad and Pegagarurumon in the fourth position. On the opposing side were four practice Digimon of the Fire, Earth, Water, and Air varieties.

                          The HotSO announced, "Practice session 1... begin!"

                          Andrew - Rank 0; Points 0

                          Huscornomon, Charging Husky of Fiery Electricity

                          Jason - Rank 0; Points 0

                          Muscavaromon, Winged Mouse of Light

                          Bobby - Rank 0; Points 0

                          Malacanimon, Island Husky of Blue Flame

                          Brad - Rank 4; Points 849

                          Pegagarurumon, Winged Sentinel of the Digital Skies

                          Andrew balked when the electronic voice announced Brad's stats and partner. "I thought you said you had to start over, Brad! This thing says you are Rank 4!"

                          Huscornomon thought it was funny.

                          Pegagarurumon replied before Brad could say something that might make him look like a bad guy. "It is reading his old tournament scores only, Andrew. Those scores can never be erased from the records but to defend my partner, I will add that those scores refer to his old Digimon partner, Demoangelicorn, the Final Judge of Breath. If the Security Officer will initiate the second partner slot on Brad's grid and mark the first slot as out of action, you will all note the change in Brad's scores."

                          The HotSO did as asked and the new score announced...

                          Brad - Rank 0; Points 0

                          Pegagarurumon, Winged Sentinel of the Digital Skies

                          Brad looked glad that his partner defended him just then. To be called a cheater by your own teammates would not have been good.

                          Andrew blushed. "Sorry... I'm just raw at this still. It surprised me, that's all."


                            Jason walked over and patted Brad slightly, though he had to reach way up to do it, "It's okay, Brad. None of us thought you were cheating! We were just surprised. Your experience makes you a valuable asset you know! It's nice to know you were so highly ranked before too. It'll help us measure how much we improve!" He grinned more, "So let's get to training and earning back some of those points!"


                              Seeing Brad's original scores brought a smile to Bobby's face. "Personally, I think he should be allowed to keep the scores." He looked over at Brad.

                              "You're just saying that because you have a crush on him, Bobby." Malacanimon remarked.

                              "Hush Malacanimon," Bobby blushed a bit.


                                Pegagarurumon smirked. "You guys will be upset enough later when the tournament calculates Brad's scores by combining totals for all legalized partners. He has one at Level 4. So when I reach Level 4, Brad will be a Rank 8 Di-Gi-Oh player."

                                Brad was focusing on the opponents for now getting himself psyched up for the start of the match.

                                Andrew was also looking at the opponents trying to decide which one he and Huscornomon should focus on first.

                                Huscornomon grinned, thinking, Whichever one is so stupid enough to attack us first, of course.

                                The HotSO then said, "We can start this practice session as soon as you ladies are through gossiping."