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Di-Gi-Oh™ - 02 - Digiscape Training

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    "We're up to it," Bobby smiled.

    "Definitely," his Digimon replied.

    "So let's see what Team Anarchy has up their sleeve then."


      Jason and Muscavaromon arrived as everyone was getting ready to go and Jason looked around, "What's going on guys? Something happen?"


        Andrew checked his watch. "It's nowhere near 6 PM, guys. We have another eight hours before that challenge." He quickly explained to Jason what had happened. "I think the call for a practice duel is to test us to see how good we are. If we get lucky and beat them, then they'll see us as a serious threat and be more likely to cheat at the tournament."

        Brad arched an eye. "So you don't think they will pull a fast one at first?"

        "And take a horrible chance at being caught this soon?" Andrew grinned. "No way! They'll probably send in their weakest players to test us and then those players will go report in on what our in game strategy is. There is no way they'd pull out the big guns for a bunch of lucky beginners."

        Brad sighed. "I hope you're right. So what do we do in the meantime?"

        Andrew looked at the others. "Sir? Is there a legal arena we can use here in the Digital World that you guys at Di-Gi-Oh can monitor (judge) while we're practicing against each other? You said our practice sessions couldn't earn points unless your judges could watch us."

        The Di-Gi-Oh Security Officer hummed as he seemed to examine a map on another monitor. "There is one... but it's on another continent. Your partners will know all about the place. It's called The Shadogate the Shadowmoor Jungle zone."

        Huscornomon nodded his head and made an ick face as he thought about the zone itself.

        Pegagarurumon said, "I know the place, sir. Although it doesn't see much tournament usage anymore... not like the old days. These days... you would be more apt to see one on one warrior fights occurring there. Rarely, but still..."

        Brad smiled. "I want to see this place! It would be a new location to add to our Digiport library, guys!"


          'Finally, we get to practice,' Bobby thought to himself. "Sounds like a plan. So what are we waiting around here for?"

          "Amusing, Bobby... I don't recall you being this eager a second ago." Malacanimon laughed.

          "Oh, never mind that. C'mon. It beats sitting around here waiting."


            Jason rubs his head a little, thinking, "I admit, that does sound about like what they would do. It wouldn't make sense for them to expose themselves right away. But I don't think we should keep our strength a secret either. Just play our best and see what happens."

            Muscavaromon nods quietly. Mentally, though to everyone, he finally speaks. His mental voice is authoritative but kind. Indeed. Some of our clan maintain a rest zone there called, 'Shade's Respite'. I know the area quite well. The Arena is not far from there. However, I have heard that of late there were fewer and fewer patrons of the Arena. Once, warriors from many lands would come to test their mettle in the Proving Grounds and Tournaments, but as Pegagarurumon has stated, it has fallen into abandonment and decay of late.

            Jason smiles, "It sounds pretty interesting."

            Muscavaromon hrmms to himself, looking over at Jason, then nods, It is. However, I have heard that Arena's command structure was Sealed. If that is the case, it will need to be reactivated before it can be fully utilized. However, it shouldn't be too difficult to break the Seal on a Stage 1 Arena.


              The Security Officer replied, "I would suggest you let your partners handle the Digiport the first time so you don't get separated all over the Digital World. They know where to go and you don't. When you get to the Arena, say Di-Gi-Oh Sir, and I will make contact again." His image then winked out.

              Andrew smiled at Huscornomon. "Well partner, looks like we get to see an arena in Shadowmoor."

              Huscornomon made the ick face again. It was apparently he didn't like the place.

              Brad hummed. "Your partner seems to have an aversion for Shadowmoor, Andrew."

              Pegagarurumon stated, "Don't worry. The rest of us can get us there."


                Bobby didn't quite understand the disdain for the area, but it seemed as though Malacanimon at least followed what was going on.

                "We'll have to," Malacanimon commented in response to Pegagarurumon. "We won't really accomplish anything if we dont."


                  Muscavaromon floats up and sits on Jason's shoulder as the boy nods, "Well, let's get going then. I'm sure we'll find out why he doesn't like the place soon enough. Maybe he ran away from shotgun wedding there like on TV."


                    Shade's Respite

                    After a quick group digiport, the team arrived in Shade's Respite where many digimon gathered and relaxed.

                    Of course all conversations went silent when they saw the humans.

                    Huscornomon shook his head silently.

                    Pegagarurumon exclaimed, "It's okay, guys. These people are our partners. They're clean."

                    Brad whispered, "Thanks for vouching for us, partner."

                    Andrew remained quiet like his partner. He was amazed by all the different species gathered there.


                      "Why are they staring, Malacanimon?" Bobby asked.

                      "Shhhh..." Malacanimon silenced him. "Just wait a second."

                      Bobby nodded. He continued to follow behind the others, looking around as they walked. He'd not had much experience in the Digital World, but some of the things he saw really surprised him.


                        Jason grinned hugely as he saw all the different species. He grins at Muscavaromon who just smirked very slightly and launched himself off the boy's shoulder and started flying at a leisurely pace that the boys could follow easily.

                        Jason jogged along with Musca and grinned at all of the digimon, "You know, I think this is how we would look if they were in our world. But they're all so amazingly diverse... I can't believe we're getting to see them like this." Jason felt rather at home among the digimon even if there were a lot of stares.


                          Andrew asked, "Which way to the Arena, Pegagarurumon?"

                          Pegagarurumon replied, "It's this way." He pointed off toward a corridor with chains across the entrance. "As you can see, no one goes in there anymore. This will be an interesting first."

                          Brad grinned. "Chains are usually meant to hide the good stuff."

                          Huscornomon shook his head again and headed off toward the corridor.


                            Bobby followed closely behind the others. He seriously doubted, though, that the chains blocking the entrance were meant, as Brad put it, 'to hide the good stuff'. He really did want to practice with the others, though, so he ignored the feeling and continued walking. "Where exactly is the dueling area here?"


                              Jason jogged along with Muscavaromon. He was very eager to see this place himself though Muscavaromon seemed to know a lot about it. More than he might be saying.


                                Pegagarurumon pulled out his sword and sliced through the chains in one fell swoop, then he led then way further into the Arena Corridor.

                                Andrew said, "Handy key. I wish that worked with some locks back home." He followed the big digimon into the corridor.

                                Brad glanced aside at Huscornomon and petted his head. "Everything will be fine. Really."