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Di-Gi-Oh™ - 02 - Digiscape Training

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    Di-Gi-Oh™ - 02 - Digiscape Training

    "It started out as a popular duelist card game. Then the contest was announced for the perfect card partner. But when the winning entrant is chosen, a wild adventure erupts in a small town that erodes the fine line between the digital world and the real one."
    Di-Gi-Oh Card Trainers:

    Andrew Yates & Huscornomon
    Played by Timesheart
    Jason Billings & Muscavaromon
    Played by Darquirrin
    Robert "Bobby" Thornbody & Malacanimon
    Played by Scatterpaws
    Brad Hallsbury & Pegagarurumon
    NPC by Timesheart
    Team Horseshoe Division
    Team Anarchy
    Episode Two
    Digiscape Training

    Sunday Morning; Digital World...

    "Viral Faze!" announced the narration voice as Huscornomon digiported in a blaze of energy directly through a string of dummies set up on the training field. Then he pivoted his head back at Andrew and made the 'come hither' motion.

    Andrew gulped. He hoped he was ready for this. When the security officer said they could train in the Digital World, he really didn't think he meant THIS...

    The boy shouted, "Viral Faze!" And he leaped forward and... his digiportation attack attempt was less than... how shall we put it... impressive? as the camera view quickly centered on Huscornomon who quenched his eyes and puckered his lips as if to say, 'that's got to hurt.' Then the camera view returned to Andrew who was laying on the ground part way through the dummies moaning in pain.

    Brad silently shook his head as he slowly turned to look at his partner.

    Pegagarurumon slyly grinned. "The wise trainer knows not to smirk for they could be next. Good job, Brad."

    Jason and Muscavaromon were sitting a part, both hovering a few inches above the ground with a slight glow of light about them though Jason was looking a little strained.


      Not too much farther away, Bobby and Malacanimon were deep in their own thoughts about the goings on that were soon to come. Both were excited at the chance to do something to help others, but they were also both nervous, in that neither of them wanted to let the rest of their team down.


        As Huscornomon was helping his human partner to the side where he could be properly licked...

        ...Pegagarurumon was having Brad hold a incredibly huge sword, which had the expected and quite funny result: first the boy was up, then his feet and the tip of the sword were seen sticking up into the air.

        "Looks like you won't be using a sword."

        Brad growled. "I can use a sword, just not one stolen from Final Fantasy Seven!"


          Jason opened his eyes, looking at Muscavaromon, who nods. They both drop down out of their meditation poses and begin trading blows, bursts of energy coming from each of them as they clash, fist to fist, blocking before dashing forward again. Flashes of light erupting from their confrontations as they spar. After a few minutes, Jason misses a block and goes flying back into a tree.

          Muscavaromon giggles and flies over, washing him with an aura of healing light.

          Jason rubs his head a little, "Sorry... I guess I lost focus... Again?

          Muscavaromon nods as Jason gets back up and they go back at it again.


            "Hey Malacanimon?"

            "What is it, Bobby?" the husky digimon asked, looking over at him.

            "Do you think I'm ready for this? I mean... I'm not exactly the strongest one here... or the smartest. I don't want to be responsible for us failing." Bobby commented.

            "Thought we talked about this already, Bobby. You're both strong and smart, and it's not as though you have to do this alone. You've got the others to help. If you're that concerned about things, why not talk to them? You are part of the team, after all."

            Bobby nodded, and walked over to where Jason and the others were. He didn't say anything; he just stood there.


              Huscornomon and Andrew were back up again and trying out another of the partner's moves... Displacement. A fast teleport across the field. But to make things more interesting, they were practicing on the shores of a goopy looking pool of mud.

              The narration voice announced, "Displacement Dash!" And Huscornomon teleported to the other side of the pool of mud. Then he gave Andrew the 'come hither' look again.

              Andrew sighed. "This is where I lose my clothes. Guaranteed." He removed his Wrist Launcher and Cards and set them in his backpack with his other gear, then he focused on his partner. "Here goes..."

              "Displacement Dash!" And he vanished for a brief moment... and appeared part way over the mud pool and... Wile E. Coyote style... fell in with a slimy "splat"!

              Brad and Pegagarurumon were now exchanging punches, each punch getting more rough than the last.


              Brad growled. "Wimp."



              "HEY!" And Pegagarurumon tackled Brad and they really started fighting. Brad accidentally mentioned something forbidden and he was surely going to get it now.


                "Ya think we ought to proactice like the others," Malacanimon asked Bobby, who seemed lost as he watched the others. "Bobby?"

                "Huh, oh yeah. Alright... Not here though." The husky digimon followed his friend a ways, to an open area. "Alright, Malacanimon... let's see what you've got."


                  Jason and Muscavaromon continued to exchange rapid fire punches and Jason was starting to get the hang of the technique when he was suddenly surprised by a roundhouse kick to the side that sent him flying again. Muscavaromon healed his injuries and the two sat in the shade under the tree for a long moment, quietly speaking with one another as Muscavaromon showed Jason what he did wrong with a small holographic Light display showing the two of them fighting, highlighting the problematic areas. Then he flew up and led Jason away to a private part of the field out of sight of the others.

                  Jason looks around, "We're pretty far from the others, Musca... What is it you wanted to talk to me about?"

                  Muscavaromon mentally replies, It's about you. Something important, I feel you should know. You are quite unique. I have been watching your style of combat, both within the tournament style combat and here on the practice field. You don't fight with your mind or with tactics. You fight instinctively, with your heart and soul. You lack confidence, yet you never hesitate to try. He smiles a little, tilting his head to one side, You also tend to wear your emotion on your sleeve. It makes you easy to predict. Yet instead of telling you this is a bad thing as I would any one else who was fighting, it is likely one of your strengths.

                  Jason rubs his head, "What do you mean? You said earlier that it was wrong to to show your moves ahead of time..."

                  Muscavaromon nods, It is. Usually. However with you it is less so because your power doesn't come from your mind or skill. It comes from your faith and soul. That is what draws me to you. It is likely one reason Andrew and the others respond well to you. Because you are always true to yourself and to others. You asked me why I wanted to 'show off' at the trial of the launchers, did you not?

                  Jason nods, "Yeah. I did. I was wondering why it was such a big deal to you; But, I admit, I ... really did, deep down, want to too."

                  Muscavaromon smiles and nods, And that's why I wanted to. That and because I wanted to see your spark.

                  Jason ums and looks at Muscavaromon confusedly, "My 'spark'? What are you talking about Musca?"

                  Muscavarmon chuckles and floats over, landing on Jason's lap, looking up at him, Most humans are born with a spark. A seed of creativity and energy. This spark can take different forms. Some are quick learners and smart, like your friend Andrew. His strength is in his mind and tactical analysis. I wanted to see what your spark was because you have a bright and shining light within you. An echo of ancient wisdom and a strength of soul that is rare to be seen.

                  Jason shakes his head, "I'm sorry, Musca, I really just don't understand what your saying. I admit I did feel - I don't know, something, those times. But it was just..."

                  Muscavaromon giggles softly and floats up to land on the boy's head, It was your spark. An echo of digital soul reaching out to influence things. It's very rare for anyone to be born with it. Usually, it requires implanting or conversion of a human. But with you. He floofs up the boy's hair as Jason erfs and tries to swat it back down, It's natural. That's what I had to confirm for myself. You have a tremendous amount of potential. I look forward to working with you... Though you will need to eventually explore the other elements. You can't become a Master of Digisoul if you just focus on Light and Shadow.

                  Jason leans back against one of the trees with a grump but then smiles, "Well I don't know anything about all the rest of what you said... But I like the idea of learning more moves and making more friends. The more friends, the better! Right?" He starts humming a digimon theme song, singing it softly as he rests after that training.

                  Muscavaromon looks down at his human with a mysterious grin. Yes, Jason. The more friends, the better.


                    Huscornomon grinned down at Andrew as if to say 'How's the mud?'

                    "It's super sticky," replied the boy to the unspoken question. "How do you think it feels on me? You gonna help me out of this?"

                    Huscornomon giggled and shook his head as he stepped away from the pool. He wasn't about to get dirty himself.

                    "Cheater," grumbled Brad from under Pegagarurumon who was sitting on his boy looking mighty smug.

                    "Just because I caught you off guard is no reason to say that I cheated." He glanced over toward Bobby and Malacanimon. "I thought they were going to ask something, but now it looks like they are practicing like the rest of us are doing."

                    Brad grinned as he goosed his partner off of him. "Yeah, Bobby is a cutie."


                      After practicing for a little bit, both Malacanimon and Bobby were smiling, even though Bobby was soaked in sweat from working to hard.

                      "I hope you're this strong when it comes to time to actually fight, Malacanimon."

                      "I hope you're ready to actually fight when the time comes." Malacanimon replied. He then headed back in the direction of the others, with Bobby following behind him.

                      'I hope so too... Maybe I SHOULD talk to the others." Bobby walked toward the closest two, Brad and Pegagarurumon, and waved. "Guys... can I talk to you for... for a second."


                        After a while, Muscavaromon looks down at Jason, It's getting late. Are you ready to start heading back?

                        Jason blushes, "Oh, Sorry. I was thinking about what you said, trying to figure it out and not making a lot of head way. I guess I'm a little dense. But yeah, if we don't get back soon, the others are probably going to notice and wonder if we're in trouble." He gets up and looks around, "Um... Which way was it?"

                        Muscavaromon giggles and points with his tail, That way.

                        Jason blushes again and nods, "Okay." He starts heading back to where the others are.


                          Pegagarurumon smiled as he said, "How goes the training, boys?"

                          Brad play punched his partner one more time. "Sure you can talk to us. What's up?"

                          Huscornomon was setting up the next obstacle course while Andrew showered off under a nearby waterfall.


                            "Not much, really. It's just... well I guess I've got a bit of a case of nerves. I don't wanna let anyone down." Bobby told them.

                            "I keep telling him he'll be fine, but he isn't listening to me," Malacanimon remarked.

                            "Can you blame me?"


                              Brad smiled, as he fuzzled Bobby's head. "As long as we're ready for our matches, I don't see how we could possibly let each other down."

                              Just then the hologram image of the Di-Gi-Oh Security Officer appeared. "Boys, Team Anarchy must have seen the 'winning moment' commercial. They are demanding an out of tournament practice challenge tonight at 6 PM. They said that if you didn't show up for the challenge, they would make sure you guys never showed up for the tournament. That sounds like a threat to me and we recorded the call for legal purposes. My question is... are you boys up to the challenge?"

                              Brad asked, "Did they challenge Team Horseshoe or did they challenge Brad's new team, exact words?"

                              "They said Brad's new team, exact words. I think they want you there especially."

                              Pegagarurumon exclaimed, "If it is a fight they want, we can give them that."

                              The Di-Gi-Oh officer then said, "Now remember: since they called for a practice challenge, you can't gain any Ranking Points if you win. However, you will earn Spirit Points. When you earn nine spirit points, you can exchange them at any time for a Partner Improvement upgrade. This can be anything from an existing ability upgrade to the next tier to a totally new ability added to your partner's arsenal. It is your choice when you reach nine spirit points."

                              Andrew piped up from where he was fastening his belt around his waist. "Sir... can we gain these spirit points during practice duels while we're training here in the Digital World?"

                              "Sadly, no. You can only gain spirit points when the practice occurs on Earth so one of our judges can watch the event. In the Digital World, it would be your word against those who didn't witness it. Otherwise, one might say you cheated."

                              Andrew hummed. "And we can't have that. We're the good guys."