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Di-Gi-Oh - 01 - Digital Duel

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    Jason says seriously, "Yes, I question if I can handle it. But I'm not the one handling it. This isn't a mission I am on. This is a mission that me, my partner, and my friends share. With their help, I'm certain we can handle anything they would throw at us. As to your question, Why? Because I will stand by my team and my friends until the end. I may not be the best, I may not be the smartest, but I will not back down when there are those who would attack defenseless people in MY world or any other. Not if I have the chance to somehow help them."


      Brad said, "Anarchy ousted me and destroyed my equipment and cards. Andrew said you suspected them of cheating. I want to help expose them. I'm the in-team pro, so they are going to need me even if I am not up front in importance as the rest of them. You gotta let me help. It's only right."

      Andrew smiled at the Security Officer. "You have to admit... their hearts are in the right place. And I don't mean in their pants." He winked.

      "Okay boys. You've proven yourselves. Hold out your Wrist Launchers toward the hologram and I will instate your Digi-Destined status. Now remember: in the tournaments, Jason is the Team Horseshoe leader; but in the Di-Gi-Oh Agent team, Andrew is the leader. It isn't that I think you can't do it, Jason... this is based on the fact that Andrew proved that he is a take charge sort of guy. He mailed in your entry for you. Had you mailed it in, you would be getting the Agent leader position."

      When everyone held out their Wrist Launchers toward the holographic light, the digivices glowed with an eerie neon light briefly and then... a panel slid open and a new lighted button popped into view.

      "In your tournament duels, you will only have access to the first button. But when you have your out-of-arena battles, you will add the words 'It's Time To' to the beginning of 'Digital Duel'. When you say that, the second button will appear and then you go through your normal sequence until it is time to press the button. At that moment, you press both buttons and complete the rest of the sequence. This second button enables you guys to share an ability your partner normally gets. I think you will like it."

      Andrew ooos as he looks at the shiny new button. "Shiiiinnneeeyyyy...."


        Bobby listened intently as he looked at his Wrist Launcher. There was already a lot going on his head, but the more he listened, the more intrigued he became. "Sounds like we're gonna have a lot to do soon."


          Jason hrms and nods, "Alright. So I'm just the figurehead. I can live with that." He smirks, "Besides me and Muscvaromon already share an ability. Or more." He giggles then grins, "Thanks for letting us help. We'll be ready."


            The Security Officer then said, "I do need to explain one more detail to you boys..." and that's when the third button appeared. But this one wasn't glowing. "This is your Digiporter button. It will enable you to travel between your homes, the arenas, the security hub here, and yes, to and from the Digital World. But I must caution you: don't go there alone. Make all trips there a group exercise. When you arrive in the Digital World, your partner will automatically be waiting for you without your having to call them. If you want to train for tournaments in absolute privacy, get the agent team to escort you to the Digital World. And I think that's it."

            Andrew smiled. "So I can see Huscornomon's home land. That is going to be so cool."

            Brad ahemed. "Seeing my partner's home lands will probably not be so cool, Andrew. They are constantly in battles against enemy nations. I don't think that would be so cool to get caught in."


              Jason hrms, "It would be peaceful to visit Muscavaromon's temple where his people live... At least until he started beating me over the head with a stick." He giggles, "Musca would insist on spending some of that time training. He thinks I need to build my own confidence in battle." He rubs the back of his head with a laugh, "Which may be somewhat true."


                "Malacanimon actually has an island hut for a home... It does kinda explain why he likes Hawaii as much as I do."


                  As the hologram winked out, Andrew giggled. "Something tells me that we should start our training as soon as we are able. Sadly, we still have school so we have to regulate our adventure hours while keeping our agent stuff from the parents. If my mom knew I was involved in something dangerous, I'd be grounded for life."

                  Brad hummed. "My dad is that way, too. But that doesn't mean I don't sneak out anyway now and then."


                    Jason nods, thinking a minute, then looks at Brad and Andrew, "Brad? Andrew? I just made up my mind. I was told I needed to come up with a name of something to be a vice-captain within the team for any time I'm not available... Andrew, I'd like you to take the vice-captain position instead of Brad. I know he's our ace but I'd like him to be able to move around the ranks and surprise Anarchy and other teams. They'll expect him, I think, to be vice-captain due to his experience... Also that means you'd have the authority team wise to back up anything you needed to do for your other job."

                    Jason thinks a moment and says, "Any suggestions are welcome but I think that will keep people guessing the best. I'm new to being a captain and I'd like your input."


                      "My dad's so busy with his own job these days, that the only time I'd see him is at night, but, even then, I think I keep quiet about where and when I disappear," Bobby told the others.

                      End of Episode One - Digital Duel

                      Stay tuned for Episode Two - Digiscape Training