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Di-Gi-Oh - 01 - Digital Duel

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    "I agree, Jason. If he weren't... we'd have a pretty tough opponent on our hands."

    He scratched his head. "By the way, with all the ruckus lately, what would either of you two say to a duel later?"


      Andrew heads off to make the phone calls, which won't be very exciting to overhear in role play, just so the players know.


        "Who else is on our team anyway?" Bobby asked, look at Jason.


          Jason rubs his head, "Well... Apparently, I'm the new Captain since I won and officially established us as a Team." He thinks back...then quotes Andrew word or word, or the nearest he can remember, "What they mean by a team is the local division. The team division is simply the top players in our town. They name the divisions by taking the first name of your town and that becomes the name of your division. So we're part of the Team Horseshoe Division."

          He smiles, "See? Sometimes I remember what people tell me!" He giggles, "Anyway. That's the team stuff."


            "Seems simple enough to understand, I guess," Bobby commented. "So, what do we do now, Captain," he smirked.


              Jason hrms, "Well to be honest, I think we have to wait for the bosses to finish up then we're going to doing the other press release and do the team photos and stuff so for now, I guess we just wait."


                "The waiting game... I know it well," Bobby joked.


                  Andrew walked up to the two. "Finally got a hold of everyone. They'll meet us at the photo shoot. Publicity will probably go to some people's heads. Looks like you two made your decision about things. Mom and dad want me to come home for a change of clothes and a b-a-t-h. They said I shouldn't go to a photo shoot smelling like my partner." He winked as he walked off with his parents.


                  That afternoon at Horseshoe Bluff Trading Cards

                  Jason, Bobby, another boy, and a girl made up one age group of the team players.

                  Andrew, another two girls, another two boys, and Brad made up the group of the older players.

                  The Team Horseshoe group had been gathered. And while Jason was getting his uniform fitted, everyone else was getting their uniforms and designated silver lined partner cards.

                  The CEO looked at Brad and said, "You look familiar."

                  Brad grinned. "I used to live in Dark Canyon, home of Team Anarchy. When my father got transferred to here, my old team ousted me and destroyed my cards and equipment. I had to start all over again among the locals. I was surprised that they played the game here. And more surprisingly... they played it well. I was still a pro having experience with the Wrist Launcher, but the locals showed me that by using math during duels, you could really surprise your opponents. So you can teach an older dog new tricks. I am looking forward toward helping Team Horseshoe on to victory."

                  Andrew smirked quietly since it was HE who taught Brad how to use math in the duels.


                    Jason made a bit of a face as he tried to hold still for the fitting. "Math isn't all you need though. You gotta have faith in your cards and partner too." He grins, "Cause then you can defy the math ... Well.. sometimes."


                      As Bobby was getting fitted, he glanced over at the others. "Math is the easy part. It's the strategy of how you play the cards that matters. An expert mathematician can still find himself backed into a corner without the right combination of cards. My dad's proved that theory many times. Great at math... not that good with dueling strategy."


                        Wearing a uniform now, Andrew was being shown how to put on and use the Wrist Launcher by an assistant. "This is really cool! Say, what does this lighted button do...?" He pressed it before the assistant could stop him and Andrew was launched backward across the card shop and fortunately into a rack of custom tee shirts. "Oh man..."

                        The Assistant ran over to him. "That's the actual launcher used when in real duels. Are you okay?"

                        Andrew shook his head slightly to get the dizziness out of his eyes. "Something tells me to never touch that button when not in an arena."

                        The Assistant added, "You're lucky we didn't have the standard deck loaded yet."

                        Brad chuckled off to one side having seen the display and landing. "Now you're in my league, Andrew. I did the exact same thing when I got my first Wrist Launcher."


                          Bobby let out another small chuckle. "This should be fun." He looked over the launcher. He then took his deck from his pocket, glancing over it.


                            Jason giggled, "Never underestimate the little guy... OR ANDREW'S CURIOSITY!"


                              The Assistant smiled. "You were just surprised, that's all. You know about it now, so you can brace yourself next time. Remember: the Wrist Launcher is for launching your digimon attacks in a duel. The 3D special effects are state of the art. Although the company has been getting reports of cheaters in the playing circuit. If we could catch them in the act, there would be a big reward."

                              Both Brad and Andrew looked interested at the same time!

                              The CEO noted their interest in the reward yet made no motion of noticing. He simply continued to look at something on his PDA Tablet. Or he was pretending to...

                              Brad remarked, "Cheaters, huh? If I had to point a finger, I'd say Team Anarchy. They are the only ones I know who don't have a team name based on their home city, Dark Canyon. They once told me that they took letters out of their city name to make their team name. Which works, actually, but it still bothered me. And Grid was all the time tinkering with his Wrist Launcher. He claimed it wasn't working right. But I never actually saw it fail in competitions."

                              Andrew hummed. "Brad may be on to something then. But without proof, it's just heresy. I'd really like to try a practice duel with the new Wrist Launcher... as the guinea pig for the team so they rest can see how it works."

                              The CEO then spoke up. "You will get your chance after the photo shoot for the promo commercial. I have an arena booked for you guys to learn from one of our in company pros. After that, you will be on your own."


                                Bobby's mind began to wander as he stood there. Different thoughts in his mind now. He had to admit that even he was curious about the reward for aiding in catching the cheaters, but kept his commentary to himself as he resumed shuffling through his deck. When he finished, he put his deck away and returned his attention to the others.