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Di-Gi-Oh - 01 - Digital Duel

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    Di-Gi-Oh - 01 - Digital Duel

    "It started out as a popular duelist card game. Then the contest was announced for the perfect card partner. But when the winning entrant is chosen, a wild adventure erupts in a small town that erodes the fine line between the digital world and the real one."

    Di-Gi-Oh Card Trainers:

    Andrew Yates & Huscornomon
    Played by Lord Pouchlaw

    Jason Billings & Muscavaromon
    Played by Darquirrin

    Robert Thorn & Malacanimon
    Played by Black Unicorn


    Team Horseshoe Division


    Team Anarchy
    Episode One
    Digital Duel

    Saturday Morning; Horseshoe Bluff, Michigan...

    This was to be a day that the town and that Jason Billings himself would never forget. All because Andrew Yates secretly entered Jason's homemade Digimon into the Di-Gi-Oh contest without his friend's knowledge. Of course he poetically retold Muscavaromon's history and how you should never underestimate the little guy. After sending Jason's entry in, Andrew waited a whole week before sending his own entry in to the contest. He wanted Jason's entry to have a really good chance before the judges saw any other potential entrants.And now it was Saturday. An ordinary day for many... a day that was about to be thrown topsy-turvy.

    The Billings Household

    The doorbell rang.

    Jason rubbed his eyes slightly as he blinked and looked at the clock. It was way too early for most visitors on a Saturday. His parents didn't even usually get up this early since they usually had Saturdays off. He always did though so he could watch Saturday morning cartoons while he ate breakfast. He clicked the TV off and put his cereal bowel and juice glass away in the kitchen as he passed through and into the foyer.

    Jason opened the door while adjusting glasses bit, looking up, as he had to to almost everyone his age and older. "Hello?"


      The camera crew and businessmen standing there was probably surprising.

      "Are you Jason Billings?"


        Jason blinks... Then blinkblinks... He was rather stunned for a moment, looking up at everyone there. With all the adults, he felt even smaller than usual. He slowly nodded his head, "Y..Yessir. I'm Jason. C.Can I help you?" The 4 feet 3 inch boy was quite shocked and his dark skin a bit pale from the sudden appearance of so many people on his front porch.


          "We're with the Di-Gi-Oh Duelist Card Game company and it is our finest pleasure to congratulate you on your winning entry in our Di-Gi-Oh Perfect Partner contest. You won, Jason. How does that make you feel?"

          The camera man turned the video camera at the boy for the reply.


            Jason's mouth worked a moment then he exclaimed, "B.b..but I didn't enter!" He was amazed and excited for a moment at first then slowly calmed down as he realized that they were simply at the wrong house. "You must have the wrong person." He blushes, rubbing a hand over the back of his head with a bit of a nervous laugh, "Sorry. I didn't enter the contest." Though a small part of him wondered if Andrew might not be behind this. It sounds like something he would do.


              The main businessman arched an eye. "Really?" He pulled out his briefcase and opened it to pull out an entry form. "Aren't you Jason Billings of Horseshoe Bluff, Michigan? Isn't your card partner a Digimon named Muscavaromon, a partner who proves that you shouldn't underestimate the little guy?"

              He then showed the entry form to Jason. "Is this your signature? And if not, do you know whose it is?"


                Jason takes a look, blinking again, then facepalms. "That sneaky devil..." He blushes at the businessman, "My best friend, Andrew Yates, signed my name... Though... He actually got all the information right..." He was looking over the entry form, "I guess that's why he wanted to borrow Muscavaromon's datasheet."


                  "So your friend entered your partner for you? The grand prize is a full set for you, a friend, and up to eight other members of your local team division. That equals out to the latest Wrist Launching Digivices and Division Uniforms for you and your team and a gold lined partner card for your winning perfect partner. Also, you and your team would appear in our card game promos for an entire year, bringing you and your team extra fame for your winning partner."

                  The other business man opened his briefcase and pulled out the all new partner card with its gold lining and he handed it over to Jason. On the card was Muscavaromon rendered professionally and the card detailed his data information along with a digital signature. The artwork was absolutely beautiful. Just having the card alone was perhaps the best gift a friend could give to you. And Jason now had the new card in his hand.

                  The first business man asked, "Are your parents home, Jason? Despite your friend entering for you, you are indeed the winner and we need to let your parents know about your good fortune."


                    Jason took the card almost reverently, staring at his partner come to professional life on the beautifully rendered card. He was dumbfounded for a moment then shook his head and nodnods, "Y..yeah! S..Sorry! Come in... Please." He lead the group inside and said, "The den is right here on the left. Please, make yourselves comfortable... I'll go get my parents." He was trying to be as professional and polite as possible as a 12 year old in digimon PJs who just wanted to watch Saturday morning cartoons could be... It was not easy.

                    Soon as they were in the room, Jason RAN to his parent's room, spilled the news and twenty minutes later, all three were once more in the den with the reporters and business people. Andrew had also been called and told what was going on and to come over as soon as he could.

                    Mr. Billings was a fairly impressive man, strong and fairly well built. He was more than happy that Jason had won and was very supportive of the idea. Mrs. Billings was a bit apprehensive about the whole thing, and muttered from time to time that she hadn't had time to properly clean before the crew traipsed into her home. Overall, however, both were impressed and happy for their son.


                      Andrew was already dressed since he was preparing for an outing to practice with his second rate gaming deck. He and his parents arrived and when Andrew saw the camera crew and the Di-Gi-Oh business jackets, he figured out really fast what was going on. And perhaps more embarrassing, the surprise to the winner's home was being aired in place of the usual Digimon cartoon show's commercials. So Jason got to see himself on TV. Which meant the whole area now knew about his good fortune.

                      Mr. Yates said to Mr. Billings, "Congratulations, old boy. Your son obviously did something very outstanding by winning that contest. Although he seems very shocked over his fortunate win."

                      Mrs. Yates said to Mrs. Billings in a hushed voice, "Don't fret too much, dear. These contest people like to surprise normal people in their homes without warning. They do it all the time. Although the focus is more on your son; not your house."

                      Andrew sheepishly grinned at Jason. "Um, way to go, buddy. You won that contest I entered you in."


                        Mr. Billing smirks, "If I know our kids, 'old boy', this is as much Andrew's doing as Jason's." He grins, "Jason does need a strong nudge in the side now and then. I'm glad Andrew's around to give it to him."

                        Mrs. Billing nods to Mrs. Yates, whispering back, "Thankfully. But it's still so sudden. I'm not one to like sudden invasions of company before I've had time to prepare! Though at least this is something nice for Jason. I can live with some rueful feelings for that."

                        Jason blushes then pokes Andrew, "You entered me in! You coulda told me!!" But then he hugged Andrew tightly, blushing slightly, "But... um.. thanks. I really am happy that we won. They said that it was for me and a friend and a team? Um.. I don't know about team but since you entered me, it's only fair you get to share the Grand Prize with me!"


                          Andrew smiled. "What they mean by a team is the local division. The team division is simply the top players in our town. They name the divisions by taking the first name of your town and that becomes the name of your division. So we're part of the Team Horseshoe Division. As for the top duelists in town, I only know of six others. So the remaining two can be any other two guys or gals you know of who you would love to see getting some recognition with us on TV. And we'll all get the new Wrist Launchers."

                          Mrs. Yates said, "I am sure they are done filming the surprise moment with your son. But the next taping session with their Duelist Team will probably be this afternoon. I am sure they will allow your family some privacy to compose yourselves for the taping session later on."

                          Mr. Yates chuckled. "Yes, I am sure Andrew had something to do with this. We knew he entered this contest, but we didn't know he entered your son for him."

                          There was a tailor taking Jason's measurements at that moment so as to make sure his team uniform was ready first. Although he would get it later that afternoon.

                          Andrew pointed at the TV. "Hey look Jason! You're on TV!"


                            Mrs Billings nods, "I certainly hope so. I'm relieved you were able to come by so quickly. It's nice having a support face under the circumstances." She smiles, "Would you like some coffee or tea? We just made some fresh."

                            Mr. Billings grins wryly and just nods with a grin, "Still. This could be a good opportunity for us as well. Any attention it brings the town is only likely to bring more business for it and that's good all around."

                            Jason was pretty small as the tailor was finding out, his measurements more typical of a 10 year old than a 12. While the tailor was doing so, Jason looked at Andrew then TV and yelped slightly, "They aired that part?! I wasn't even dressed yet and they filmed me!" He was blushing furiously.

                            Mrs. Billings comments at the outburst, "Lots of people wear PJs, Jason. And you look very distinguished. You acted like a real gentlemen."

                            Jason blushed at that, groaning, "Moooommmm, dont' say that!"


                              Andrew grinned. "At least you didn't put on a show. You didn't do anything your partner wouldn't have done. Right?" He giggled as he watched the winning moment. Of course he was getting his measurements now since Jason had mentioned that Andrew was his best friend.

                              But then one of the Di-Gi-Oh businessmen took Andrew aside and asked him privately about the entry he had submitted himself. Apparently, since one member of the community had won, the whole team were to get upgraded professionally rendered partner cards, although only the winner's card would be outlined in gold; the others on the team would have cards outlined in silver.