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Digimon: Di-Gi-Oh™ - CP

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    Digimon: Di-Gi-Oh™ - CP

    RPG Name: Digimon: Di-Gi-Oh

    Time Frame: 20th Century Earth

    Place: Horseshoe Bluff, Michigan

    Situation: It started out as a popular duelist card game. Then the contest was announced for the perfect card partner. But when the winning entrant is chosen, a wild adventure erupts in a small town that erodes the fine line between the digital world and the real one.

    Di-Gi-Oh Card Trainers:
    • 1. Andrew Yates & Huscornomon -- Lord Pouchlaw
    • 2. Jason Billings & Muscavaromon -- Darquirrin
    • 3. Robert Thorn & Malacanimon -- Black Unicorn

    In this RPG, you play a human of 9 to 14 years of age and their Digimon partner. I insist upon seeing homemade Digimon invented by the players for this game.

    Digivice Design: Di-Gi-Oh Wrist Launcher

    Digimon Partners: Everyone starts with 0 (Zero) Digimon. A digimon partner will be made for the Bios.

    To make a homemade Digimon, this is the formula to use that results in some great sounding Digimon creations.

    Step 1: Name 3 animals that you really like.(The one you like the most should be listed first. Then the second favorite and so forth. For example: Badger, Raccoon, and Skunk.)

    Step 2: Learn Latin. (hehe)(For example: Badger (Taxidea), Raccoon (Procyos), and Skunk (Mephitis).)

    Step 3: Combine the Latin words (dropping letters here and there) to create the Digimon's name.(For example: Taximephocyomon, the Raging Aromatic Bandit.)

    Step 4: Describe the Digimon and give him a few powers.
    NPCs: Everyone is allowed to include some Non-Player Characters that you personally control. Otherwise, if they are not in your profile, then you cannot play them. Only play who you have listed. (This list may include: parents, siblings, friends, and pets.) NPC friends you include COULD be made into extra digital heroes LATER if the opportunity arises. NPC friends MUST have minds separate from your character's way of thinking. No BULLSHIT hero worshiping of a player's character when they have obvious not earned it.

    Digivolving Sequence: The character brings his Card Launcher in front of himself and shouts, "Digital Duel!" And then special effects occur which launches your Digimon out of the Digivice where he lands in front of the character, strikes some fighting moves, then announces his name and title. (Evolving your Digimon occurs when the character's Duel Ranking increases.)

    Villains: Team Anarchy

    Example Character Form:

    Name of Character
    • Home of Origin: Local
    • Gender:
    • Age:
    • Personal Description:
    • Clothing:
    • Digimon Partner:
    • Digivice Type:
    • NPCs:
    • Catch-Phrase:

    Mind Element
    Andrew Yates & Huscornomon
    Played by -- Timesheart
    • Home of Origin: Team Horseshoe Division
    • Gender: Male
    • Age: 13
    • Personal Description: Blond hair, blue eyes, and dark tan skin.
    • Clothing: White tee shirt, blue jeans, and sneakers.
    • Digimon Partner: Huscornomon, Charging Husky of Fiery Electricity
    • Digivice Type: Di-Gi-Oh Wrist Launcher
    • NPCs: Mom and Dad; Uncle Bill; various local friends
    • Catch-Phrase: "That was unexpected."

    Friday after school in Horseshoe Bluff, Michigan

    The Di-Gi-Oh Duelist Digimon Card Game was all the rage these days and Andrew Yates was right on top of it. No one local had the required Digimon Launchers that the game 'said' it required, but that didn't stop the locals from playing it.

    "Point and match goes to Andrew!" The kids nearby applauded as Andrew collected his Digimon card and he shook hands with the other player.

    "You almost had me there at the end until you ran out of Exception Points, Ollie."

    "Well played, Andrew. Saving that Full Revive until I ran out of points was a classy move."

    The two then cleared the playing field so others could try their luck. Although Andrew was curious how his best friends were doing in their matches.


      Celestial Element
      Jason Billings & Muscavaromon
      Played by -- Darquirrin
      • Home of Origin: Team Horseshoe Division
      • Gender: Male
      • Age: 12
      • Personal Description: Black hair, hazel eyes with wire-frame glasses, and dark skin tone.
      • Clothing: Red knit shirt, blue jean shorts, and hiking boots.
      • Digimon Partner: Muscavaromon, Winged Mouse of Light.
      • Digivice Type: Di-Gi-Oh Wrist Launcher
      • NPCs: Mom and Dad; various local friends
      • Catch-Phrase: "Never underestimate the little guy."

      Friday after school in Horseshoe Bluff, Michigan

      Jason collected his cards quietly, picking up his deck with care. He had lost but it had been close. No one had expected one of the most weak-seeming digimon to make it as far as he had. Jason, however, knew his partner had it had where it counted. After all, size didn't matter. It's just how you use it.

      Of course, few of the other watchers of the game felt the same and most of the comments of 'what do you expect from that digimon', just to name a single example, left him rather annoyed. Jason sighed and shook his head with a slight smile, "We'll win next time. You never should underestimate the little guy." He himself was smaller than most of his friends and classmates by a good deal, especially his best friend, Andrew. Not that Andrew ever seemed to mind.


        Fire Element
        Robert Thorn & Malacanimon
        Played by -- Unicorn Rider
        • Home of Origin: Team Horseshoe Division
        • Gender: Male
        • Age: 13
        • Personal Description: Light colored skin, brown spiked back hair, brown eyes.
        • Clothing: Hawaiian print button down shirt, blue cloth shorts, and a pair of blue sneakers.
        • Digimon Partner: Malacanimon, Island Husky of Blue Flame
        • Digivice Type: Di-Gi-Oh Wrist Launcher
        • NPCs: His father, Samuel Thornbody.
        • Catch-Phrase: Bring it on!

        Friday after school in Horseshoe Bluff, Michigan

        "I may look like I'm in trouble, Dad but you'd be surprised what a little faith can do in a duel." Robert looked over his cards as he drew. "And I'm about to prove it... First, I'm activating this. It's a spell card called Digital Surge. Using it, by discarding the top five cards in my deck and half my remaining energy, I can eliminate all five of your creatures in one attack, which, unfortunately is going to finish you off... Delta Digital Warrior... destroy all five of his creatures. Delta Force!"

        The blast from his creature appeared and split into five separate smaller blasts, each one taking out one of his Dad's monsters. Each one, reducing his opponent's energy by a portion, until the last blast took out the rest. "Thanks for the practice, Dad."

        "Not a problem, son. Maybe by the time you win that tournament I'll have gotten better.... How about a rematch when this is all over?" his father commented.

        "Bring it on, dad. Any time."