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DnD2-01 You May Not Believe this

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    DnD2-01 You May Not Believe this

    Damsels & Dragons II
    DnD2-01 You May Not Believe This

    1. Anthony of Otterford (M human) - Kentralia Waystation (Coastal Kingdom of Bellsound) - Maverick
    2. Guisarty (M Wererat) - Sewers of Kentralia (Coastal Kingdom of Bellsound) - Maverick
    3. Sir Gresham (M human) - (Coastal Kingdom of Bellsound) - Maverick
    4. Locrates (M Fairy Dragon) - Honey Glades of Glistenwood (NW of Bellsound) - Maverick

    1. Timothy of Sandalton (M elf) - Bamboo Grove (S of Bellsound) - Darktalon
    2. Will o the Wisp (M Ghostly Unicorn) - Mystic Glen (NW of Bellsound) - Darktalon
    3. Sir Falconeye (M high elf) - (Coastal Kingdom of Bellsound) - Darktalon
    4. Thunderstorm (M Knightly Charger) - (Coastal Kingdom of Bellsound) - Darktalon

    1. Zachery of Meadow's Grove (M human) - Northreach (N of Bellsound) - Darquirrin
    2. "Whelp" (M Baby Dragon) - (Dragon Empire of Neltharku & Flynn) - Darquirrin
    3. Sir Charles Albright (M human) - (Coastal Kingdom of Bellsound) - Darquirrin
    4. Silverwind (F Knightly Mare) - (Coastal Kingdom of Bellsound) - Darquirrin
    5. Salem Fritzmore (M Panther/Cat) - Elysium (Coastal Kingdom of Bellsound) - Darquirrin

    <-=~=->Part Five: Less Than Humble Beginnings<-=~=->

    Fantasy World of Unigaea (One-Land)
    Castle Town of Kentralia


    Just under the surface from the cobblestone streets where the boy's father was shouting, you find me and my wererat friend Guisarty. He was teaching me how to properly fight with a wooden club. But the training session stopped the moment we heard the shout.

    "Time to sneak you back topside, my friend," said the wererat. "I don't think your father would approve of seeing me."

    "You're likely right."

    Guisarty then took me over to the ladder leading up to the trapdoor that exited into the tack room of the way-station's stables. It was a door I had found by accident one night when I was working late and I accidentally landed on Guisarty. When he saw that I was a kid, we became friends really fast. If it weren't for him, I'd probably not learn anything fun around here.

    I then emerged from the stables at a run and rounded the corner to face my father, the owner of the way-station. "Here I am, father."

    I am lucky he didn't ask me what took so long in front of the two noblemen standing there with their lady escort. "Take these horses to the stables, groom them, feed them, and then prepare three fresh horses with saddles and bring them to the front. Oh and son... these people are in a hurry."

    I got right to work. People in a hurry were often paying extra gold and that was important to my father and his business.

    "Damn it! Why do these lost treasures always have to be stuffed into a locked and bound chest? Timothy? I need you again. Just remember... I do not approve of these extra skills you have, but... they have been useful as of late. Now get to work."

    Isn't Sir Falconeye nice? He doesn't like my using my thief skills, but then we encounter things like this and he has to swallow his pride and ask me to pick the lock. I'm not complaining though. His charger and I are friends. And then there is that ghostly unicorn that follows us around where ever we go. He only talks to me; he goes invisible whenever anyone else starts to come near.


    "Good thing you had me look at this, Sir Falconeye. This one had a poisonous bulb trap on it. Some monsters do not want you making off with their stuff. But its open now and its trap diffused."

    Sir Falconeye nodded his head and opened the lid. Naturally there was a lot of wealth there. Unfortunately... now comes the always obvious words that he always says. Makes me sick to hear him say it too. "Good lad. Now we have to get this treasure back to King Croxcom to be stored within the Kingdom's treasury. He will reward us greatly when he sees this haul."

    I quietly pocketed the few gold coins and gems I snuck out of the chest while I was working on it. See what I mean though? Fight monsters, find the treasure, then hand it over to the King. Oh well... at least I get something out of this.
    "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

    ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon


      Anthony was glad to get the task done. His father was impressed with the work himself and even moreso when the nobles paid him before departing. After that, the father went back inside the way-station.

      That left Anthony to himself and he went back to the sewer chamber where Guisarty was waiting for him.

      "Ready to continue our lesson, Tony?" asked the wererat as he handed the practice club to the boy.

      "Yeah, I am. We had some high pay nobles needing fresh horses. Seemed like something underhanded to me though."

      Guisarty grinned. "Aren't you glad I taught you how to read people now?"

      Anthony grinned back. "Yes I am. Now let's get back into this." And they resumed their practice session.


        While Timothy remained back at the door, Sir Falconeye brought in the chest and set it down in front of King Croxcom, then he opened the lid for all to see. "This, sire, is the treasure of the Goblin Rogue Lazzerpine. That fiend will no longer raise a sword against merchants along the northern trade route."

        Grovel, grovel. I am not being disrespectful, but Sir Falconeye's idea of rewards are sadly clouded. Here I wait by the door. Do not speak among nobles unless spoken to first. But on the road, that rule does not apply... much.
        "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

        ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon


          Guisarty and Anthony were later laying on the training mat in separate directions with their heads close together. "Ever get tired of just being a way station's stable boy?"

          Anthony replied, "Yeah, I do. I am old enough to be making my way in the world, but I wouldn't want to do that if you weren't there. You're my friend."


            King Croxcom, still looking hail and in his prime, stands from his throne with a smile. "You are quickly becoming a word around the castle, Sir Falconeye. This is what? The 12th chest and villain in so many months that you have brought before this throne? You set an excellent example for the court. However, I have a concern that in your quest, noble as it is, you ignore more common things that even lords should praise." He steps down the dais and smiles, "Therefore..." He motions toward the chest, "One third of the gold pieces of this chest shall be credited to your family and your estate as a return for the hard work and noble offerings you have brought before me." He smiles and glances toward the squire then back to the knight, "See also, that your squire is properly rewarded as well." He turns and resumes his seat on the throne. He's learned a few things in his years.

            Salem Fritzmore stood apart from the others in the throne room as he observed the room from behind the crowd... Being short as he was, it was a pain time to try and see what was going on but he had a good vantage point this time. And he was wondering if these two might not be nice targets to follow a while. Maybe they would have some interesting adventures. That last knight was BORING.


            Zachery sighed as he scrubbed down his clothes for the second time that day. "Sir Charles is going to kill me if he finds out what you did, you littl brat." He glanced over the baby dragon who was currently feasting on some pilfered gem encrusted buttons. "You know he'll blame me..."

            The little dragon stuck his tongue out, "Then he shouldn't hide candy in his good clothes."

            Zachery says, "It's NOT CANDY! THEY'RE EMERALD BUTTONS!"

            The hatchling shrugs, "Taste like candy. You no hafta jump outta window into mud pile after me."

            Zachery rubs his eyes a moment and then goes back to cleaning his clothes, "I don't know how I'm going to replace those buttons before he finds out..."


              Sir Falconeye said, "As you will, sire. I am but one knight who strives to do well against those heathen goblins. Timothy... come and help me with out portion of the reward."

              Timothy replied, "Of course, Sir Falconeye. Although I must also explain to his highness that the goblins have begun placing traps on their treasure troves and had I not knowledge of a certain skill whom my knight frowns upon my having, yet still makes use of, we might have been poisoned this time." He went over and started helping with the contents of the chest.

              "By the by, your liege..." said Sir Falconeye. "Is Sir Charles still on the premises or will I have to hunt him down again?"
              "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

              ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon


                While Guisarty watched from a spot in the rafters, Anthony and his father shoed some horses for a local sheriff.


                  King Croxcom smiles and leans back in his throne, "I understand your careful speech, Timothy. However, there is something I will say on the matter - Something all would do well to remember... A skill or talent is neither good or bad. It is in the application of said skill or talent that determines if it is an act of good or ill. For keeping a knight of the realm safe from insidious traps, I thank you." He smiles at Sir Falconeye, "He was here this morning, but I have not seen him since the noon-time meal. I believe he may be visiting Lord and Lady Staghern." He doesn't say it, but there is a hint of 'or more likely their daughter'.

                  Salem rolls his eyes, Is he REALLY going to keep on with that shumucky muck? Everyone knows the most important part is ruling the world first and being honorable SECOND... He mewyelped as a magic bolt went off, sending him sprawling to the floor, blasted out of the corner and into the middle of the throne room. He sat up slowly, rubbbing his eyes, "Sor..Sorry Dad... I didn't mean it..."

                  King Croxcom rubs his eyes with a sigh, "Lord Salem Fritzmore... What a surprise..." He was trying hard not to laugh though. He had a good idea what earned him that bolt.


                    Sir Falconeye said, "And what of his squire?" In truth, he really had no time to chase someone's skirt. There was quests to do and a name to make. "Perhaps the boy could be of some assistance."

                    Timothy smiled as he continued his work. He knew who Salem Fritzmore was and he approved whenever the catman was around.
                    "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

                    ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon


                      After the father and the sheriff departed with the horse, Guisarty said, "You'll never get away on your own if you're stuck here all the time, Tony."

                      Anthony nodded his head. "I know. But I'm not a noble. And only nobles are legally permitted to carry swords."

                      Guisarty leaped down to his friend's side. "Who said you had to be legal or noble?" he winked.


                        King Croxcom says, "His squire and his steed are currently in the royal stables from the last report. Apparently they were preparing to set forth tomorrow." After a night of frivolity, he didn't say that part, "You may, of course, speak him if you wish."

                        Salem rubbed his head and looks over at Sir Falconeye, "Or you could let me and your squire go get the kid while you tracked down the panty chasing Knight..."

                        King Croxcom clears his throat, "Salem... I've cautioned you before... Please try to speak with SLIGHTLY more respect..." He pauses..then nods, "But that is also an option."


                        "GET BACK HERE YOU!!!! GIVE ME BACK THAT KNIFE!!!!"

                        'But I just wanna TAAAAAAAAAAAste! It's a new metal! Tasty tasty metal NOM!'

                        Zechary dove and just barely managed to yank the ancient blade from the dragon whelp's clutches, minus any bite marks, "Whew... If you had bitten this, Sir Charles would have killed us both...and used you to make a dragonscale shield you little pest!"

                        The hatchling pouts, "Notta pest! I save Zechy's life!"

                        Zechariah rubs his eyes, "You always bring that up. Look, I'll buy you some treats LATER, okay? If I don't get us ready for a quest, we'll NEVER be able to afford your expensive treats."

                        The hatchling EEEEPS!!! "NO..NO TREATS?!!?!?! But..but I'd DYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEe... I'd STAAAAAAAAAARVE! YOU GOTTA BUY ME TREATS!!!"

                        Zechariah says, "THEN PLEASE TRY TO NOT MAKE ME HAVE TO STOP EVERY FIVE SECONDS!"

                        Through the entire events, Silverwind just watched and silently chuckled to herself.


                          Sir Falconeye said, "Go on, Timothy. You go with Salem and find the boy. I can chat with his highness about the current affairs while you're gone."


                          Moments later, Timothy and Salem Fritzmore were seen exiting the castle. "I am really glad you showed up. If I had to deal with one more now that we have claimed the treasure, we must give it to the king spiel, I'd be vomiting. So where do you think this squire is?"
                          "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

                          ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon


                            Sneaking through the sewers under the city near the royal castle, Guisarty and Anthony slowly made their way toward where the wererat was leading them to. "My people keep a stash of weapons in the sewers in case we ever have to fight against dumb nobles. And some of those weapons and armors are swords and leathers. Perfect for a young fighter in training, like you and me."

                            Anthony nodded his head. "It stinks a lot more here than it does in the sewer tunnels under the way station."

                            Guisarty smiled. "Sweet paradise..."


                              Salem smirks, "I know what you mean... The squire?" He points...

                              The young whelp was flying around like crazy, dragging the boy around under him, "LETGO! DANG IT!!! LEEEEEEEEEEETTTTTTTTTT GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" THe hatchling did so.... Right over the outhouse and sent Zechary plument down into the outhouse, crashing through a stall and into the pipes below, a gyser of water (and other things) splashing up as he lands.

                              Salem giggles, "Found him... Hope he survived that."

                              The crash could be heard all around the area, especially in the echoy sewer tunnels.