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DB-05 Fright Night Fight

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    DB-05 Fright Night Fight


    Episode Five

    Fright Night Fight

    By Darquirrin and Timesheart

    Sunday, June 24, 2012; 9:20 AM

    Plot: Shortly after the Unification Age of DAC-1, DAC-2, and DAC-3, a brief age of peace settled upon Temperoland. And in the newly established Digitopia City, a reign of peace and unified partnership ensued. But such peace was not to last, for an accident within the Pyramid of Unity would herald forth a new darkness and a new evil. And DigiDestineds would be needed once again.

    Place: Digitopia City in the Digital World

    DigiDestined Team:

    1. Adrian Majors, age 12; Partner: Adumon - Timesheart

    2. Tadji Rogelio, age 12; Partner: Tajmon - Timesheart

    3. Raito Hiryuu, age 11; Partner: Ranomon - Darquirrin

    4. Billy Strome, age 12; Partner: Storomon - Darquirrin

    Guest Stars:

    All of the original DAC team members and their partners from the first three seasons


    Pharaoh Ramses-Ra

    Para-Elemental Temple Guards

    ((Only Admins can see this RPG.))

    Muck Session Five


    Camp is pitched near a stream with fish and a field with Caromon. There are berry bushes nearby as well. Tents go up and a campfire is made.

    While Tadji lies on the ground exhausted, Tajmon catches some fish.

    Storomon stands and walks off a bit, refusing to eat anything he didn't catch himself.

    Which means he's going hunting for himself.

    Storomon looks at Billy with a grin, "Will you eat the food your master provides... Or will you hunt for your own food as well?"

    Billy crosses his arms, "I'll get my own, thank you."

    Storomon grins, "Oh really... I hope you have a fishing line of your own... Or a bow or some way for that human body of your to catch them." He laughs and flies off.

    Billy stalks off into the fields.

    Adumon strips Adrian out of his clothes, then he applies tribal body paint and then... he takes Adrian outside of camp and begins training him. And there is no sex involved at all.

    30 minutes later... Raito collapses down near the camp fire as he trudges into camp, exhausted and aching.

    Ranomon mmms, "I suppose you earned some dinner, take a break and I' Right.. You just do that..." He starts making a large pot of meaty stew. with fresh meat and veggies. Raito is unconcious

    Tajmon says, "Is this training or revenge, Ranomon? I'm just keeping score."

    Ranomon says, "Both. Mostly training though. Of the four of them, his biggest weakness... is well just that. He's scrawny and unfit to be my partner unless he toughens up a good bit. Unforunately, I'm going to go slowly with him cause he's at such a low starting point."

    Raito is Asian. Japanese to be precise. They tend to have slighter builds than Europeans even if the muscle mass is the same.

    Tajmon grins. "Tadji runs well. Speed is good both in battle and out of it."

    Ranomon nods, "I agree."

    Storomon returns and begins to set out racks of fish to dry and meat to jerky as well as roasting over an open fire for tonight.

    Storomon's a very good hunter. He learned from the masters and he learned well.

    Tadji is sitting up by the time the fish is served. "My legs hurt, Tajmon."

    Tajmon grins. "Good. Tomorrow we train in something new."

    Adrian and Adumon return for a meal, then they head back out into the darkness.

    And now... on with the adventure!


      Tadji eats his fish although his legs are in a lot of pain. "It feels like my legs are cramping, Taj. What should I do about them?"

      Tajmon grinned as he ate his fish. "Ignore the pain or... hope something bad attacks us. During the heat of battle, you will forget all about the pain because you will be focused on other things. Like surviving."


      Adumon has his boy trying to mimic his every move. "You're doing well, Adrian. You might earn my respect yet although it is too early to make that judgment just yet."

      Adrian replied quietly, "I am actually appalled that Ranomon is being so mean to Raito like that. It isn't Raito's fault for his misleading stature. He is Japanese and those types of people have a light frame work, but an opponent may see that as a weakness and underestimate the person's ability... as they end up flat on their backs on the ground from a martial arts maneuver."

      Adumon smiled when he heard that. "So you are saying that Raito's structure misleads his opponents into letting their guard down? That could be interesting for Ranomon later on..."


        Storomon nods, "That's true. Now where is that boy... He stalked off into the fields and still isn't back...I hope a venosaromon didn't eat him..."

        Ranomon pfts, "I'm sure he's fine. Maybe a little time off will help him learn who knows what they're talking about around here."

        Storomon cuts his eyes over at Ranomon with a dangerous glint to them, "unlike you, I am only training my boy. I know him to be stubborn but I'm not going to want him to get killed. By my hand or by another. I'm not a human... like you seem to enjoy acting toward yours."