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DB-03 Digitopia City At Last

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    DB-03 Digitopia City At Last


    Episode Three

    Digitopia City At Last

    By Darquirrin and Timesheart

    Tuesday, May 24, 2011; 2:16 AM

    Plot: Shortly after the Unification Age of DAC-1, DAC-2, and DAC-3, a brief age of peace settled upon Temperoland. And in the newly established Digitopia City, a reign of peace and unified partnership ensued. But such peace was not to last, for an accident within the Pyramid of Unity would herald forth a new darkness and a new evil. And DigiDestineds would be needed once again.

    Place: Digitopia City in the Digital World

    DigiDestined Team:

    1. Adrian Majors, age 12; Partner: Adumon - Timesheart

    2. Tadji Rogelio, age 12; Partner: Tajmon - Timesheart

    3. Raito Hiryuu, age 11; Partner: Ranomon - Darquirrin

    4. Billy Strome, age 12; Partner: Storomon - Darquirrin

    Guest Stars:

    All of the original DAC team members and their partners from the first three seasons


    Pharaoh Ramses-Ra

    Para-Elemental Temple Guards

    ((Only Admins can see this RPG.))

    Muck Session Three

    The tour continues and around noon, they reach the Zoo Park Lab building in the center of the park. There, a meal is served to them and they get to meet others who work there... like Mack, Lurem, Aro, and others...

    This is Billy's favorite part yet! He's zooming around and trying to meet them ALL and even gives those who are safe a BIG HUG!!! Especially Aro and Lurem... He likes Lurem... And rubs on him a lot too... Um Wait? lol. He really likes all the scientisty people.

    they were having lunch at the labs. Seeing the zoological park was an all day trip.

    Yep. And one they were all I believe.... Enjoying.

    Yes they were. Although two moms stayed at the spa. And one dad was obvious getting the TigroFUCKED treatment.

    hehe... Yeah. And Mr. Hiyruu isn't really complaining all that much... At least...when he has the opportunity to.. he's to...'busy'.

    hopefully he got what he wanted.

    I think he did

    Mr Rogelio watches Mack work on a project quietly to one side. Mrs. Majors is reading a plaque that describes everything you ever wanted to know about CheetaroYIFFmon. Tadji just eats his lunch. And Adrian pets and rubs on Kahidomon. Mr. Majors... is nowhere to be seen.

    Mr. and Mrs. Strome are looking over the projects, quietly, reading the various names and public details about each conservation effort.

    Billy is busy asking anyone who will talk to him about what kinda hardware and software and technical stuff they use

    Raito is reading a pamplet on the Zoo itself with it's details on what each zone has ... and on the Macrosoftmon STUD he met earlier.

    Adrian smiles at Vance. "How were you chosen as the lead DigiDestined way back when?"

    Vance smiled. "I went to an audition with my schoolmate, Kahidomon, and because we worked so well together, we both got parts in the, then, new series. However... Kahidomon and I were neighbors in real life and we often did class lab projects together. But the one thing we agreed we should never do in front of a camera was to have sex with each other. We learned too late that's what the producers expected of us. When we auditioned, we didn't know what DAC meant. All we knew was that the 'D' was Digimon. We thought 'AC' was the series title."

    Kahidomon giggled while getting petted. "We had all manner of weird combos for 'AC', too. Action Class, Adventure Champions, Always Cute, and more..."

    Raito says, "Anatomicaly Correct never was thought of?"

    Vance says, "Not one of our original team thought of that. We thought it would be a clean title. Even Devina thought so. And then we saw the first episode airing on TV a week later... Hoo boy... Devina was mad. DAC 1 was an experiment in displaying Digimon like humans... as in having all of their tools, like boys and girls do."

    Kahidomon says, "A lot of us wanted out of the contract, but we were stuck for the duration."

    Billy says, "...Maybe it's me... Or just boys or something but... DAC was my favorite, despite all that. Or maybe because of it..."

    Vance says, "DAC was slated to run for three contracted seasons. When Season 3 ended, we were out of the contract. Thank goodness. But then 2 years later, DAC 4 aired. And I was like, What the HELL? They told us that DAC was over with."

    Raito thinks abit.... then says, "The rape, the sex, the humans being forced to become digimon... It was really dark. And questionably ethical. But I think I like it most because it didn't treat us kids like we were stupid. The world isn't always a....nice place. Things like that happen. Even heroes aren't perfect... I think that's why I liked it. Not for the naughty stuff in particular... But... because it seemed more honest."

    Kahidomon says, "Thankfully at the end of DAC 10, DeviTV bought out DAC, lock stock and barrel. And then Lord Impy began paying us the royalties that the damned producers reneged on paying us. With those funds, we started this resort."

    Kahidomon says, "And yes, when you're capable of snaking out your penis on set and not get in trouble for it... yeah, that's more honest." He rolled his eyes.

    Raito shuts up after that.

    Billy says, "Still sounded like it was an interesting time to be set."

    Vance giggled. "Karal's now famous 'Yiff, Now, yes?' line was never in the original script. He started using that as sarcasm every time the producers called for us to be on the set."

    Adrian whispers to Kahidomon, "Are you the real Kahido or the stunt double?"

    Kahidomon whispers back to Adrian, "The real one is in heat, so that makes me the stunt double. If I were the real one, you'd be pregnant by now for being this close and petting on me."

    Adrian ohs

    Billy finishes up his lunch after he's asked all of his questions and is ready to go.

    Raito quietly finished his as well... AFter that last round of statements, he's keeping his opinions to himself.

    Adrian moves over close to Raito and whispers, "This isn't the real Kahido; he's the stunt double, so his opinions are most likely going to be on the snide side."

    Vance stands up and says, "Okay everyone. We need to get moving now. It will take the rest of the afternoon to show you the rest of the park before returning you to the resort." And he and Kahido-double lead the group out of the labs and into the walkways again.

    Raito ohs a little and nods to Adrian.

    Billy follows Vance and the Khaido happily. He doesn't care of anyONE disagrees with what HE said. He still things DAC was AWESOME

    Adrian is hanging behind the tour group now keeping them in sight, but thinking about things carefully now.

    Billy is happily trotting along near the front with the guide, watching everything

    Raito is sorta near the back as well... Less talkative though thankful for Adrian telling him that. Made him feel a bit better.

    Tadji is also in the front. He's having a great time.

    Billy grins at Tadji, "Ever seen a better place, Tadji?"

    Billy really likes Tadji

    Tadji says, "It's really neat. Especially since Karal helped solve my electro problem."

    Billy grins and nodnods, "Um..." He rubs his head abit, "Do you think I could be there and watch when they give you your digital powers lessons?"

    Billy says, "I'm REALLY curious to see what that's about"

    Tadji says, "Sure you can. They didn't say it was private."

    Billy HUGS Tadji with a grin, "AWESOME!"

    Adrian whispers to Raito, "I was excited about this contest thing at first... but now I am starting to feel... a bit left out of things. I may decide to stay in my suite room tomorrow."

    Raito says quietly to Adrian that he may join him. Since his parents are missing.

    the tour ends and the families are returned to the suite hotel. Dinner is had, then a good sleep follows.

    ((Mr. Majors accidentally got into the Lutramon enclosure and they pulled him into their sticky goop, so that's where he's stuck at.))

    Another naughty adult gone and 6 good adults remaining.


    ===The Next Morning===

    Tadji sits down for breakfast in the dining hall. He's excited.

    Mrs. Majors is sitting at her table by herself. She's been trying to call Mr. Majors on his text messenger, but he doesn't answer. "Where on the island did he get off to?"

    Mr. and Mrs. Rodelio come down and sit with their son for breakfast.

    Marshall comes in and looks around. "Is this a sick day? I expected more people for breakfast."

    Tadji says, "Billy will be down in a bit."

    Billy comes hop-skip-JUMPING down the stiars and into the room, ready for breakfast!

    Mrs. Strome decides to visit the spa today with Mrs. Hiyruu and Mrs. Hiryuu's new friend she made yesterday. So it's just Mr. STrome and Billy this morning

    Raito's enterance is must less climatic and he just yawns and settles down to eat quietly.

    Adrian doesn't show up at all; he's still in bed, facing the wall...

    Marshall speaks with Mrs. Majors in private learning about both Majors males, then he heads off to make some calls of his own.

    Luke comes in with his partner Dragarulimon. They get some breakfast and then sit at a large table where they start talking about surfboards and gnarly things.

    and no, this Draga isn't a stunt double. He's the real thing.

    Raito finishes his breakfast, grabs some extras, and heads back up to the hotel rooms to visit Adrian.

    Billy grins and nudges Tadji, "'ey, Look. Isn't that Drag and Qu... I mean, Dragaruli and Luke?"

    Adrian is still in bed and he won't be answering the door, although Raito can still get in.

    Tadji grins. "Be nice, Billy. Just because he portrayed the Law element is no reason to screw with his name.

    Billy giggles, "I know, I know, I'm just being bad. Maybe they'd punish me." he giggles some more and says, "So what's up for today?"

    Raito will knock... But if he doesn't answer, he'll let himself in to find Adrian.

    Tadji says, "Marshall usually lets us know. But when he saw that Adrian wasn't here, he spoke to Mrs. Majors and then he left again."

    Billy says, "mmm... I saw Raito show up...then he left again"

    Tadji says, "I think something must have happened yesterday to make Adrian feel... not as excited as he was at first. Maybe he got sick."

    Billy says, "Maybe... Hrm.. Hey, maybe that'll give us a day free. we could spend it with Karal, JT, And Jag"

    Tadji says, "I sure hope so."

    Billy says, "Me too"

    Adrian glances over when he hears Raito enter his suite bedroom. "what's up?"

    Raito says, "Well.. You didn't come down even for breakfast... So I thought ... Well.. maybe I'd bring you some?"

    Adrian sits up in bed a little with a sigh. "thanks... I'm just a little disappointed in our prize so far. exact words was that we would come here and get to pal around with our favorite stars. Well, I haven't met my favorite star yet and until I do, I'm going to stay right here. Besides... as far as the one kid will get to name the new season, it's obvious that they aren't going to choose me. I think they have it pared down to Billy and Tadji, because they are showing far more excitement than we are."

    Raito sits down next to Adrian and places the food ands tuff he brought up with him next to Adrian. "I didn't, honestly, expect to get this far. I was shocked I had gotten here and it's been nice but just not... what I hoped it would be. the nicest part was meeting Blake... That really made me excited then Kahido-fakio-mon crushed my opinion with one snide remark and even Vance didn't bother saying otherwise. I don't know... This whole place just feels fake."

    Adrian says, "The real Kahido is my favorite star. When I watched DAC, I would role play that I was the light DigiDestined and Kahido was my partner. I had a lot of the moves and shouts memorized. But now... I feel... robbed."

    Raito says, "well.. He has to be around here somewhere, right?"

    Raito says, "Why don't you go find him? And if anyone tries to stop you, just say your just trying to claim the prize you were promised... I'll come with you if you want."

    Adrian says, "I remember where Marshall said Kahidomon was after we arrived. He said Kahidomon was in heat and he was living in Digitopia City. But there is no such city here on the island. And we saw no cities in the zoo park. So I kinda wonder where he is at..."

    Raito says, "Oh... Right. Good point."

    Adrian says, "In truth, the only fun I've had on this trip was the first night on the island... when I went for my walk, I found some digimon on the beach and we played beach volleyball. That was fun. And we won."

    Raito says, "My fun was meeting Blake. Other than that... it's just been sorta spikes of hope only to crash again. Nothing what was advertised."

    Adrian says, "What isn't fun is this so-called being escorted around and our being spied on by the security cameras."

    The security camera in his bedroom has a large spike drove through the lens in a most obvious manner. You can't miss seeing it.

    Raito says, "wow... Where'd you get the spike?"

    Adrian says, "I recall Marshall saying that they were getting the Digiporter fixed the first day we were here. I think Kahidomon and the city are through the Digiporter." He paused with a grin. "From the dining room. You know... the spear like pointed things around the edges of the stage? I took one."

    Raito giggles, "nice. So how do we get through the digiporter then is the question, right?"

    Adrian says, "If Marshall will give all of us a day off, we can go right up to the top of the resort where the Digiporter is and go through it. We just have to make sure no one is watching it or us like a hawk."

    Raito hrms and nodnods, "Alright. I'll help any way I can... You deserve to meet Kahidomon."

    Adrian says, "Then my plan is this... Marshall give us the day off. We return to this room, then we escape through the balcony and sneak up to the Digiporter. And then we try to use it without anyone else noticing. Any questions?"

    Raito says, "Got it. No questions."

    Adrian calls the directory and asks for Marshall. And when he gets Marshall on the phone, he asks for an off the schedule day off. The schedule could continue tomorrow since he 'does't feel up to traipsing around today'. Marshall surprisingly agrees. Then Adrian hangs up the phone. "We're set. Marshall believes my 'sick' story and is giving us the day off. Now we escape.

    Adrian whips the covers off his body and he's fully dressed with a backpack on, coil of rope, and a grappling hook.

    Raito grins, "You really ARE prepared!" He giggles, "All your missing is a cool battlecry."

    Adrian leaps out of bed and heads out on the terrace. "See this tree? This is how we're going to get down without being seen. Then we head up the trail to that point." He points. "The Digiporter is at the end of the trail. I casually asked the beach volleyball players during the game about where it was."

    Raito says, "Awesome..." He looks out and gulps a little... "Uh... That's... kinda a long way down..." He takes a breath, "But I can handle it..." (I hope)"

    Adrian climbs over the rail and jumps out and grabs the tree and slowly starts sliding down the trunk. "Just do that."

    Raito tries to follow and do just what Adrian did

    Adrian DID say he used to role play the part of Kahido's partner. And they did make leaps like that a LOT.

    Adrian clears the base of the tree when he reaches the ground, then he waits for Raito.

    Raito obviously isn't THAT good... but he makes it down.. by falling the last few feet. He winces as he gets up, "Hey... I didn't break anything..."

    Adrian says, "Good. Now let's get to the Digiporter while Marshall and the others are still at breakfast."

    Raito nods.

    five minutes later, they see the digital platform and it is active. And no one is around at all. Everyone is off having breakfast.

    Adrian says, "Screw naming the new season. There are Digimon Beyond the portal and I want to see them."

    Raito grins, "We made it... And it's all quiet..." He heads over to the controls to check them out.

    Adrian blinks his eyes as he goes over what he said again. "...Digimon Beyond... that's it... What does the controls say?"

    the controls are set for 2-way transport between the resort, here, and Digitopia City, there.

    Raito mmms, "Seems pretty streight forward.... I remember reading about a system just like this. Unforunately, it's a fixed end-point system... But... I think I can have some freedom to move the the landing zone away from the default one so we can land in a hidden location if you want."

    Adrian says, "Can you set it so after we go through it returns to the default?"

    Raito nods, "Yep. It's a timer reset."

    Adrian says, "Then let's do this. We can have an adventure like anyone would."

    Raito mmms, "Hey... Commere! I think this is a map of Digitopia... Maybe you can find a place near Kahido?"

    Raito says, "You know him better than almost anyone right?"

    Raito says, "What kinda place would he tend to like to be in?"

    Adrian goes over and looks at the map. "Marshall said Kahido lived in the suburbs of Digitopia near the edge of the city.

    Raito says, "Alright.... How about... here?" He points."

    Raito says, "I don't know what 'X-299' is or why it's in red but... that looks like a nice back alley area where we can land without drawing attention"

    Adrian says, "Looks like a good spot. Wait... that street there..." he points "says Kahido Lane. That must be it.""

    Adrian says, "Aim us for an alley near Kahido Lane."

    Raito says, "Okay. Here we go!"

    Raito sets it up and nods.

    Adrian glances back at the trail, then at the Digiporter again, "Come on, I hear someone coming."

    Adrian grabs Raito and jumps onto the Digiporter platform... and they are gone in a flash!

    Since there is no platform where they arrive, the landing is a bit of a drop, but they do land on their feet.

    Adrian slowly pans his gaze around. " it's pretty here."

    Raito nods, "Yeah it is!"

    Raito grins, "I wonder if they saw us disappear."

    Adrian says, "Who cares? If they follow, they'll end up at the normal landing area and then they won't see us. Now... let's find Kahidomon."

    Raito says, "AFter you!"

    Raito grins, "Oh great Leader, Digidestined of Light." He giggles.

    Adrian grins and does something unexpected... he closes his eyes and lightly sniffs the air. When he opens his eyes, he says, "This way..." And he sets off along the alleyway, following a particular scent.

    Raito follows Adrian.

    very surprisingly... that method works very well... they arrive on Kahido Lane, which is forested, somewhat as it goes up a forested hill outside the city to a cottage within a large clean cut yard and a mailbox that reads: Kahidomon. And the scent is strongest here.

    Adrian goes in and up to the door and knocks on it.

    the door opens and Kahidomon slowly smiles when he sees two human boys. "Um... er... hi."

    Adrian says, "I'm Adrian and he's Raito. We're two of the winners and you're my favorite star. I came to pal around with you. That's okay, isn't it?"

    Kahidomon says, "You do know that I'm in heat, don't you?"

    Adrian says, "Yes."

    Kahidomon says, "Okay. Come on inside. I was preparing breakfast, but I can make extra, if you're hungry."

    Raito giggles, "I can stay if you want, Adrian, but I was going to give you private palling around time just with Kahido if you wanted." He wouldn't mind being with Kahido but he'd like to see the city too.

    Adrian says, "Well, if you want to go check out the city, Raito, then return here later, I'm cool with that. Thanks for coming this far."

    Raito smiles, "I came to make sure you got your dream fufilled. I don't think I should intrude on it. It's special just between the two of you."

    Raito grins, "Have fun, Adrian. And lots of it." He starts to head off to expore the city while they're busy.

    Adrian follows Kahidomon inside the cottage.

    Adrian helps Kahido make breakfast. He gives the Digimon a noogie, strikes some poses, recites the shouts perfectly. Then Kahido helps fine tune Adrian's motions and moves when he performs the memorized Digivolving maneuvers.

    hehe, Been a while, eh Kahido?

    Raito is happy to explore the city and see what all is going on... mainly looking for species he hasn't met before

    They don't have sex as long as Adrian shows an interest in learning how to be a real DigiDestined and train with an original. But if any breaks occur, there will be sex.

    the city does have all manner of NEW Digimon living there.

    However, they don't seem to mind humans visiting.

    Raito happily meets with all of them, examining their techniques, just generally being friendly, though he doesn't have any of the Digitopian money likely. So he can't buy any souvenirs.

    End of DB-03 Digitopia City At Last

    Stay tuned for DB-04 Partners To Go