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DB-02 Let The Tours Begin

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    DB-02 Let The Tours Begin

    Episode Two
    Let The Tours Begin
    By Darquirrin and Timesheart
    Sunday, May 22, 2011; 3:48 AM

    Plot: Shortly after the Unification Age of DAC-1, DAC-2, and DAC-3, a brief age of peace settled upon Temperoland. And in the newly established Digitopia City, a reign of peace and unified partnership ensued. But such peace was not to last, for an accident within the Pyramid of Unity would herald forth a new darkness and a new evil. And DigiDestineds would be needed once again.

    Place: Digitopia City in the Digital World

    DigiDestined Team:

    1. Adrian Majors, age 12; Partner: Adumon - Timesheart
    2. Tadji Rogelio, age 12; Partner: Tajmon - Timesheart

    3. Raito Hiryuu, age 11; Partner: Ranomon - Darquirrin
    4. Billy Strome, age 12; Partner: Storomon - Darquirrin

    Guest Stars:

    All of the original DAC team members and their partners from the first three seasons


    Pharaoh Ramses-Ra
    Para-Elemental Temple Guards

    Muck Session Two

    One hour later... with the parents in their rooms, the boys are taken for a tour of Heartstone Labs, where Karal and J.T. work.

    Tadji sits there butt naked in an examining chamber. He still can't believe they asked him to strip. But weirder still... he complied. After he was asked to blow up one of their own calculators, they had taken the pieces to study them. And now he sat alone in the chamber watching a slideshow of Behind the Scenes DAC stuff.

    Karal is busy conducting TESTS on the parts and on the unforunately boy. He is determined to 'solve' the problem! He's on the case! And you know how he is once he's after a soluiton

    it probably won't become clear until someone watches the credits at the end of DAC Season 1.

    Adrian says, "Hey! I see that sexy CUTE J.T. and his husband Jag in the side lab!"

    Raito says, "Both are cute! Though Jaq is more manyl these days hehe"

    Mr. Strome looks over at at their guide, "So Marshall... How was that whole Kirsto/Mage Kirsto/Celesto/Creatori thing handled? It made for a very complicated story and interesting but... The logistical aspects of it boggles my mind."

    Marshall said, "When did you sneak into the tour, Mr. Strome? I thought we left the parents upstairs." He winked with a grin. "Perhaps I misspoke earlier when I said that Kirsto used the animatronic being during the show. The human Kirsto was the animatronic; the white kitty digimon is the real Kirsto."

    Mr. Strome blushes, " You didn't say we COULDN'T follow you either. I was...curious. Perhaps too curious at times, but curious."

    Mr. Strome says, "So he controlled both Kirsto and Mage Kirsto ... That's...complicated for him also." He laughs, "Each way you cut it... very impressive acting on his part."

    Marshall says, "Actually... no. He only controlled younger Kirsto. The Mage Kirsto was played by a completely different actor since that Kirsto was an older person."

    Marshall says, "At the time of filming, we couldn't find the right boy to play young Kirsto, so we made the animatronic."

    Adrian says, "So technically... Vance's friend was actually the kitty all along."

    Marshall says, "Actually... no again."

    Marshall says, "Vance wanted Tigromon; but he settled for Kahidomon."

    Mr. Strome says, "So Vance never got what he wanted?"

    Mr. Strome hrms, "I remember bits of the Lover's Circle. It was enough to make my head spin even just watching."

    Marshall says, "Vance had flings with nearly every Digimon on the set."

    Raito mutters something. It could have been along the lines of 'go Vance'.

    Marshall says, "But on Camera... he spent a lot of time with Kahidomon. The main reason he had trouble getting along with Kahidomon was because we found out a little late that Kahidomon's species went into heat nearly every two weeks and he would have a scent that made everyone around erect."

    Raito says, "Really?"

    Marshall says, "Kahidomon apologized after three sessions and he said he thought the producers had told everyone."

    Raito giggles, "Sounds like it made it hard on set."

    Billy groans, "That's a bad joke"

    Adrian giggles. "So does Kahidomon still come around? And no, I didn't mean that to sound dirty. Sheesh.

    Marshall says, "Kahidomon has a place in Temperoland in the Digitopia City suburbs. He's retired now. He recalls good times on set, but for the most part, he's done with TV... save for the few commercials he makes for the candy bars with his picture on them."

    Billy says, "Why is that?"

    Billy says, "Does he just not like it?"

    Marshall says, "He's embarrassed, that's all."

    Billy says, "Oh...Cause of the scent thing?"

    Marshall says, "Yes. His candy bars are... well... not intended for pre-teens."

    Billy nods a little...

    Mr. Strome mmmmms... He plays the innocent card there.

    Adrian says, "Well... I've had one... on a dare once... almost never got my hard on to go away."

    Raito says, "I never have..."

    Billy blushes, "My dad tricked me into eating one... I er... Nevermind." He looks away, blushing hotly remembering how that incident happened.

    the sound of something muffled exploding is heard from somewhere in the building.

    Raito says, "Was that Tadji?"

    Marshall activates an intercom. "Karal? What happened?"

    Karal hrmphs, "Just a little recaltrint exothermic reactionary incident. Nothing to be worried about. I think I about got it. But... I'm gonna need 'HIM' here soon, please? It's one of 'Those'."

    Marshall says, "I understand, Karal. I'll patch word through. I'm with the tour at the moment." He then got out his walkie-talkie and forwarded the request.

    the tour continues, and then it's time for the boys to get ready for dinner with their families. The sun sets slowly...

    Tadji sighs. "Luckily it was just a electronic scales for weighing me that got it and not the TV."

    Karal is determined to have Tadji ready to eat dinner without mittens. But it's not such a simple problem as he thought. Which is why he had to bring 'expert' he knows very well. Someone who knows ALL about human, digihuman, and digimon conditions and genetics After all... He's married to him.


    Nedwin arrives and looks over the chart, then he nods his head at Karal. "How far did you get?"

    Karal crosses his arms with a sigh, "Down to the Enerswin Test. I had to recalibrate 6 times. Give me a computer to hack or a digital stream... I'll write you a miracle but when to comes to humans... Well you far exceed me there."

    Nedwin says, "I was talking with Vance when Marshall called. Vance said that something about this sounded familiar. I don't know what he's thinking, but he said he'd call when he found it. But for now, let's see what we can get done."

    10 minutes and two more booms later...

    Vance does call.

    Karal says, "See? Completely out of sync... completely."

    Karal says, "I hope that's him"

    Nedwin takes the call. "Vance? Good. Whatcha got."

    long pause.

    Nedwin glances at Karal with an incredulous expression, looks at Tadji, then back to the phone. "Are you sure about that?" Another pause. "Right. Karal and I will look it up. Thanks Vance." he hangs up.

    Karal says, "Well...?"

    Nedwin says, "Vance says to get out the Season One Extras List for the soldier actor-extras who were involved in the initial forced entry into an elemental pyramid. I sure hope Vance is wrong this time, but he said he found it in his list. According to Vance... one of the extras was a man named Rogelio. Tadji's last name."

    Karal says, "So this is a elemental manifestion?"

    Nedwin says, "It apparently is. According to Vance... many of the extras were blasted with the preliminary para-elemental radiation in the defenses of the elemental pyramids. Those who weren't so lucky became Digimon, losing their minds. A few, like Gabriel, gained Digivolving powers. And then a rare few seemed to remain human. It is possible that this one extra remained human, went home, had a family, then one of them became Tadji."

    Karal says, "So ... We'll need to use an Elemental Digital Supressor for now until we can establish a controlled method for the energy's useage and release."

    Nedwin looks up the information in the extras list and sure enough... they find the name Rogelio as an extra who survived filming. However, according to the list, he is too old to be Tadji's father. Grandfather is more likely. So why didn't any of the immediate kids get this problem?

    Karal thinks it just skips a generation. Some types of were-ism does that.

    Nedwin says, "Looks like we have our answer, Karal. Let's do this."

    Karal nods, "Let's get to it."

    karal smiles at Tadji, "Your lucky. Unlike all your friends out there, you actually have innate powers."

    Tadji says, "The bullies back home called me a jinx."

    Now that Nedwin knows what to look for, he isolates the element in play. It's the Lightning Para-Elemental.

    Karal grins, "Well know you know for a fact, your not. And when you go back, you can give him a good electro-shock in the ass." He winks.

    Nedwin says, "It's Lightning, all right, love."

    30 minutes later, they are done and after a few tests... no more booms.

    Karal grins, "Awesome. Supressor's working awesomely." He high-fives Nedwin, "We're the best team there is!" He grins, "And we can work on teaching you some exercises to control it later as well, Tadji. Like the 'Lightening Blast' technique." He winks.

    Nedwin says, "I am sure you've seen the power used in Season Two, Tadji. The Electro-Hornetmon had the attack in Season One when Vance and Kahidomon had to fight it with Karal and Vulpa's help."

    Tadji says, "Okay. I think my parents will be pleased that I'm not destructing things now."

    Karal smiles, "Run on then... They'll be waiting."

    Tadji grabs his clothes, then he pauses before getting dressed and he HUGS Karal and Nedwin tightly! "Thanks." Then he quickly gets dressed and runs off!

    Nedwin says, "He looked sexy naked."

    Karal hugs back and grins at Nedwin, "He has no idea, does he? and yeah he did"

    Nedwin says, "No, he has no idea that he's perfect for the upcoming mission. I just hope the others work out as well. However... those parents... Panthromon was telling me how hysterical one of the mothers got and she hadn't even been on the island for 5 minutes yet. He had to sedate her and port her unconscious body up to the suite so she could sleep it off."

    Karal says, "Yeah... It's strange though." He types in a few commands, bringing up the dossier on the screen, "He seemed to take it in stride. But she freaked. More than a person who didn't know digimon would have. I have to wonder. I doubt it could be any thing too malicious... But.. It's worth noting for sure."

    Nedwin says, "We keep an eye on these adults and see what they end up doing. As for the boys, we need them for the mission. Digitopia City really needs new heroes."

    Karal nods, "This is true. And needs them soon... The digital matrix of the portals there gets more fragile with every crossing. In a few months, if the situation isn't reversed, .... well you know what could happen."

    Nedwin says, "Mr. Majors and Mr. Strome seemed more than lightly interested in the Zoological Park when they learned about it. Mrs. Majors showed an interest in Digitopia City from reports we had from our spies on the cruise ship. But strangely... the Rogelio family didn't seem to say much or react much. They were more genuinely concerned for their son."

    Nedwin says, "And Mr. Hiryuu seems like a bigger Digimon fan than his son."

    Karal chuckles and nods, "I agree."

    Karal says, "Mmmmm... Lurem's still around somewhere.." He chuckles.

    Nedwin says, "Vance knows where everyone is. He says it's his job to make sure every species survives. I think he takes his job a little too seriously. But I do know how he feels about how the heroes almost accidentally wiped out some rare species. And he wants to make ammends for that. He's on a crusade in that aspect."

    Karal nods, "It was ... a bad time."

    Nedwin says, "We all made mistakes, but it was the producers fault cause they had us believing that the Digimon mass bred like crazy."

    Karal nods, "I still remember how many digimon nearly starved to death due to the near mass extinction of the caromon."

    Nedwin says, "We nearly were part of those numbers. We didn't have a clue how important the Caromon were to not only the Digimon, but to ourselves as well."

    Karal nods, "But thankfully we were able to restablise the population..."

    Nedwin says, "Luckily Goto and that crazy Owl straightened us out and told us what we had almost done."

    Nedwin says, "Wyzomon."

    Dinner for the families brings about a grand piano performance by none other than the original Cherapumon and the flutest Creatori Kitty himself, Kirsto.


    Cherapumon plays quite professionally, smiling at Kirsto as he does since Kirsto was responsible for creating him.

    Kirsto is ALWAYS happy when he's playing music and with his beloved creations only more so! He's always cared for them and he can't help grinning back from time to time, especially during the 'dueling instruments' section.

    Adrian smiles as he watches them on stage.

    Tadji is glad to be able to enjoy a normal meal without the mittens.

    Billy is watching them happily, sighing abit.

    Raito strives to avoid looking in naughty areas the dads might be?

    Mr. Hiryuu, since his wife isn't there and is sleeping in their room, is OPENLY staring Especially at the rears of the cute digimon

    He can get away with it

    It's obvious where Raito gets it from. But his attentions are mostly directed toward Chera.

    Mr. Majors sips on his drink, but doesn't look at the performers sexually. He's been noting something else... how the security cameras in the room seem focused on their tables and no where else. And that has him suspicious now.

    Mr. Strome sips his drink as well, but he's watching Mr. Majors.

    then he sees where Mr. Majors has been casually looking. And it's not at the performers.

    Mr. Strome's been watching Mr. Majors for a while. And yes he's noticed.

    During a slow number, Mr. Majors gets up and leads his wife out on the dance floor.

    Adrian facepaws. "oh no... why do they do this to me every time?" He blushes.

    Mr. Strome grins... "We'd show them up for you... but we're more a tango type of crowd.

    Mr. Strome says, "Slow doesn't suit us."

    Adrian says, "it's not the dancing... it's what they do during the dance."

    K I S S I N G !!!

    Mr. Strome chuckles, "Slow, Romantic. Kissing. Still not our style. We kiss in the dark and dance in the light."

    Billy covers his face, "Dad...pelase... stop there... no poetry... Please no poetry...."

    Mr. Strome hmms, grinning slightly, "I suppose I can spare you this time... Considering this is suppose to be your day for winning the contest."

    Billy whews.

    Adrian says, "Since my parents are distracted... I'll go scope out the dessert bar."

    Adrian gets up and heads in that direction.

    Billy looks around, "I wonder if they have an arcade..."

    Mr. Strome ahems.. "AFTER dinner."

    Billy says, "But... If we're just gonna sit around..."

    Tadji says, "Billy... you mean to tell us that you didn't see an arcade when you ran off shortly after we arrived and you ran around and looked at everything before returning... and the one thing you didn't see was an arcade? "

    Billy says, "..."

    Mr. Strome laughs.

    meaning... there is no arcade.

    Unless it's hidden someplace.


    Billy says, "...No Arcade... No Computer... Argh... The only good thing here is digimon... And my DAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaadddd won't let me go see the zoo."

    Mr. Strome smirks, "Don't worry, Billy. I'm sure you'll have all the action you could want in the days to come. I'm sure ther are lots of events planned."

    Mr. Majors is not only dancing and kissing his wife, but now that they are away from the table, he is glancing at the cameras again. And when his son left the table. He notices two of the cameras pivoted to follow Adrian. In other words... the cameras are not watching the adults; they are watching the boys.

    Mr. Majors is wondering if this has to do with the clause of earning the right to name the new season.

    Mr. Strome's opinion is that they're using the four for some type of 'consumer study' thus the intense scrunity.

    Adrian, when he got to the dessert bar and he went around to the back side of it... he continued on OUT of the banquet room. He takes a quiet walk outside and down on the beach while his parents are being silly.

    no cameras out there, but with digimon and others around, he's still being watched for security purposes.

    Mrs. Rogelio says, "I am getting tired, dear. I think we should take our leave for the night. Tadji... since that nice Mr. Heartstone solved your problem, why don't you go see if you can find them and visit before bedtime. We trust you." And those parents return to their room.

    Tadji grinz... not because of Karal, but because that nice Mr. Jag groped him when Karal wasn't looking.

    Mr. and Mrs. Strome will be dancing if and when a faster songs is played. For the time being, they are happy to torture their son... Until they too retire for the evening.

    Tadji gets up after his parents leave and he heads to the bathroom first. Hey, it's a boy thing.

    Mr. Hiryuu says to Raito, "Raito... I wish you to see to your mother when you are done here. I will be there soon."

    Raito nods, "Yes, Father... I won't be much longer."

    Mr. Hiryuu nods, "Good." He gets up and heads outside... And he's not heading directly to the suites.

    Raito sighs quietly to himself and after he finishes his dinner, he gets up and returns to their suite to make sure his mom is okay. While Mr. Hiryuu is finding some 'digimon' to get in trouble with. It's something he always wanted to do since he was a kid. And this isn't an opportunity to waste.

    Before Tadji sits down, he sees a security camera in the bathroom turned toward him and... he covers the lens with a paper towel. "Naughty." Then he starts his business.

    there are Digimon on the beach where Adrian went and he is currently in a beach volleyball game with a group of them. And not one has even come on to him, like you'd expect from the DAC trilogy.

    Chester within the security booth sends a message to Panthromon and Tigromon... "Mr. Hiryuu left the banquet room and did not return toward the suites. He is heading in your general direction. Just warning you guys."

    Adrian has a great time with beach volleyball.

    Tadji emerges from the restroom and approaches Billy's table where he says, "um... there is a security camera... in the restroom. Just warning you guys." And then he heads off with the intent to find Jag, even though his parents said to go find Karal.

    When he comes out, everyone is gone BUT Billy. He thanks Tadji though and says, "Have fun."

    in that case, he tells Billy in a whisper where he plans on going.

    Billy giggles, "Have LOTS of... wait.. Computers? Um... Can... Can I tag along just as far as the computers?"

    Tadji giggles. "Sure. Come on."

    Billy says, "I promise not to get in between you and Jag... but... um.. Yeah...computers..." He yays and gets up, following Tadji"

    Tadji leads Billy off and they find JT and Jag's place easily. And yes, they have computers. Both boys are allowed in and Jag serves up cookies and soft drinks, before he settles down with JT on the couch.

    Jag says, "Told you I'd attract one of their attention. Didn't expect to get two though."

    Billy blushes, "Er.. I didn't expect... Um... Computers?" He blushes.. "I mean... I er...It'snicetomeetyousufferingfrominternetandcomputerwithdrawelsorryifIupsetyou."

    J.T. giggles, "Calm down... None of us bite and... We're used to hearing my brother do the same thing."

    Jag grins. "Karal is just like that."

    Billy blushes hotly... "Um... sorry?"

    J.T. smirks and hmmms... He grins mischeviously and gets up, walking over to an old workbench, pulling out something and walking back over with a bag. "I heard you two won a contest..."

    Jag giggles and opens a side door to the Computer Den. "We have a 208" Plasma Screen monitor on our super system. Still not as huge as Karal's, but we like it."

    Billy's mouth drops open...


    Tadji says, "We sorta won the UPC labels contest, Mr. JT."

    Jag giggles again. "Just like Karal."

    J.T. smirks, "Yeah.. that boy takes after my brother..." He sits back down with Jag, sitting the bags down next to the loveseat. "Well, me and Jag put together a little 'gift' for you. Unforunately we didn't know about your friend but... well... Love? You wanna show him off what you got him?"

    Jag grins and shows Tadji his cock. "Or did you mean the other thing?"

    Tadji giggles now.

    J.T. laughs. "That's for LATER, love."

    Jag kisses J.T. and Tadji, putting the cock away. Then he shows Tadji a picture of Tajmon. "This is who I arranged for you to meet, Tadji. His name is Tajmon."

    Tadji oooos! "A new digimon!"

    J.T. shamelessly strokes and gropes the cock before it is put away.

    J.T. nods, "Indeed."

    Tadji says, "He's not been in any seasons I can recall. He's totally new."

    J.T. nudges the bag over to Tadji, "And I got you a digivice prototype AND a 'team jacket'. A new concept...But these are made to frame you cutely...and leave the important area unprotected." He smirks. "And they're pretty much resistant to most types of fluids... unlike your pants.

    JT's been handling a lot of the 'marketing' for the Digimon people

    Tadji smiles and strips right there... and puts on the new outfit and tries on the new Digivice Prototype. Then he poses for the two. "How do I look?"

    Jag licks his lips... "Yummy."

    JT grins, "Totally pouncable."

    Jag grins and spirits JT, Tadji, and himself off through a secret door into a well hidden bedroom. hehe

    hehehe... Tadji gets yiffed.

    oh yeah!

    Tadji's the luckiest!!

    Jag never could get over his horniness. If Mr. Hiryuu had encountered Jag, he'd be in trouble for sure.

    Of course he might not like finding out about those feline barbs. And J.T. is no source of solus either... Over the years he's taken on many of Jag's traits... just part of being Unity heh

    Tadji irks as he feels those barbs, but there isn't much he can do about it now. And since Tajmon is a tiger/rabbit digimon... it would be more of the same. Only Jag is bigger.

    hehe, hey! at least Jag and Jt didn't combine and rape him

    Their Unity form is lots bigger heh

    Adrian helps his team win at beach volleyball, but before any celebrating can occur, Adrian hears an alarm go off somewhere in the jungle. "What was that?"

    uh oh?

    one of the digimon beach team guys says, "Uh oh. Someone must have found Panthromon's garden. And that's usually a big no-no. You better go back to your room so you don't get in trouble for being out after dark. Thanks for the game."

    Adrian heads back to the suite.

    Adrian showers, dries himself, then goes to bed.

    Tadji spends the night with J.T. and Jag.

    Billy passes out at some point in front of the computer

    Raito spends the night watching over his unconcious mother and then sleeping himself.

    Mr. Majors asks Marshall and Karal what the alarm was about in the middle of the night.

    Marshall says, "I didn't hear an alarm, although that doesn't mean there wasn't one, Mr. Majors. I was with Devina last night. Nuff said."

    Karal says, "A minor alarm. There was a trespasser in a part of the island where... Certain members hold.... very personal and sacred." He glances at Marshall then back to Mr. Majors. "Don't worry, though, everything was delt with."

    Marshall knows EXCATLY what that means

    Marshall thinks that means whoever doesn't show up for breakfast is the one dealt with.

    Who wants to bet it's the asian dad?

    most likely. And if he ended up in the yiffy three's camp... he won't be at breakfast for a long long while... maybe up to a week. or more?

    Likely much more

    and that's not even the zoological park



    Breakfast time.

    Adrian and his family are there.

    Tadji is there with his family AND J.T. and Jag.

    Yep, Tadji made some friends.

    Billy is there... Sorta. He's half-awake atleast and his family is there... a bit disappointed in him.

    and how is Mrs. Hiryuu this morning?

    Raito and Mrs. Hiryuu arrive a little late. The tranquilizers are still working themselves through her system but she's awake and much more conscience today, though still shaken up by the whole experience. She tends to look away from the digimon and focus on the humans... But atleast she's dealing with the situation and slowly moving forward

    there are more human female adults present this morning, luckily. The main one hands her a beauty spa brochure and schedule. "Please, the Digimon will honestly leave you alone if that is your wish. They will respect your space and your privacy until you are ready to meet some. Until then, we would like you to enjoy our beauty spa and sauna for a few days."

    She nods and smiels slightly...the other females reassuring a bit.. She promises to do so... And asks if they can lead her there...

    and they agree to do so, while the others are touring the zoological park via the glass walkways.

    She is muchly relieved by that.

    Vance walks in with a clean scented Kahidomon and they both smile widely. "Vance Digivolve to...! Welcome to our resort, winning young boys!" Vance and Kahidomon strike their pose and shout, "Element of Light!"

    Adrian grins big! "Oh YEAH!:

    Raito claps enthusatically!

    Adrian tackles Vance and Kahidomon! "MY FAVE HEROES!"

    Tadji giggles.

    Raito blinks and didn't expect that

    Kahidomon says, "How come you on Light Priest Hill?" He then winks with a smile. "Just like in the remake of Season One's first episode... which never aired, sadly... the producers didn't like it cause we made it too clean."

    Raito giggles, "I think anything with you in it should air."

    Billy walks over to Jag, whispering his feline ear, "Did you know that JT has pictures and files us on his computer? Even ones from the in the bathroom?"

    Adrian HUGS Kahido! "You guys are my favorites!"

    Billy was just waiting for a good distraction.

    Billy found stuff on JT and Jag's computers last night but he doesn't know what it means. Thankfully Karal does their network support and encryption. So he only saw the basics. But even finding that is good for a 12 year old heh

    Jag whispers to Billy, "You four are still under observation to see who will earn the right to name the new season. Or have you forgotten that little clause of winning?"

    Billy whispers back, "I thought he was stalking us to see who he would pounce next like Tadji"

    Jag whispers to Billy, "No no. This is simply for the contest, that's all. I know it looks otherwise to an adult. But I assure you. It's for the contest. And as you can see from the adults at breakfast. We had 8 adults at dinner... and now we only have have 7 good adults left cause one went and got in trouble somewhere where they don't allow cameras."

    Billy giggles and whispers back, "Like Wonka narrowing down the kids?"

    Adrian says, "Sorry for pouncing. But the rules of the contest said we got to pal around with you guys. And we didn't get to see you yesterday, Vance and Kahido. So naturally I am excited."

    Jag whispers to Billy, "Although I was thinking that, I wasn't going to say it. You four boys have to be here. Your parents don't."

    Vance says, "After breakfast, I will give you all a tour of the zoological park, safely of course. And if people are good, I'll even let you help feed a few Digimon in there."

    Billy whispers back, "...Have to be here?"

    Raito says, "Will we get to see caromon and gatomon?"

    Jag whispers to Billy, "Don't get too excited, but the Digital World is in trouble and we needed four fresh DigiDestineds to come help with the emergency. So you see... not only are you four winners... you get to star in the new season. But only one of you get to name the new season. Which is why we are watching you four. Stay calm, okay."

    Vance smiles. "You sure will, Raito."


    Then comes back.

    Raito grins, "Awesome! They're SOOOO CUTE!"

    Vance smiles. "They sure are."

    Raito nodnods with a grin. Then blushes, getting quiet again.

    Vance says, "For safety reasons, I must insist than none of you enter any of the park enclosures without one of the major crew accompanying you. I cannot promise your getting out normal if you go in without supervision. So as soon as everyone is done with breakfast, meet me out front. Come on, Kahido." And they depart.

    Raito follows them out. He was done.

    Adrian eats his breakfast, then he and his parents head out front.

    Mrs. Rogelio chooses to keep Mrs. Hiryuu company.

    Tadji and his dad head outside.

    Billy follows as soon as he's finished... and gave Jag a high five on the way out

    J.T. looks at Jag...then raises a brow... "You told him, didn't you?"

    After they're gone

    Jag grinned. "Yeah, but I also told him to stay calm. If he blows it between now and tonight... then he'll be out of the season naming run. But I can tell he can't wait to explode in joy. He's like Karal."

    J.T. smirks, "Yeah he is.. and now you get to tell NEdwin you spilled the beans early." He winks, "Have fun."

    Jag irks and heads off to do that.

    J.T. returns to his duties for now

    Vance and Kahido lead the boys and adults to a sealed vault looking door in the side of the cliff. He inputs a code, then Kahidomon looks into a lens as Vance says, "Vance Slystalker." And then the door slides open. "Follow us and try not to get separated." They lead the others into the overhead walkways of the zoo park.

    the Zoological Park is DAMNED AWESOME! It's like a perfectly enclosed version of the original Temperoland. The only exception: no humans.

    Raito woahs...

    Billy whistles... "Dang... This is AMAAAAAAAAAAZING..."

    Vance says, "If you will look down to your left, you will see a herd of the now protected Caromon."

    Vance says, "If you will look down to your right, you can see the muddy sloughs of the Lutramon."

    the tour proceeds ahead after that, turning curves and making nice banks.

    Raito literally is soaking up... He LOVES this!!!!

    Billy would like to meet them face to face and hand to paw

    Vance says, "Below us at this location is an area I must insist that you never enter for any reason. These are the pack grounds of the Macrosoftmon. And as you can see on the platform up near the walkway, one of their border guardians." He waves at the big guy. "Don't worry, Captain. It's the winning four and their families. I am explaining the rules to them."

    Raito says, "Macrosoftmon... Are there any of the super elite black ones?"

    Vance says, "Do you mean Stealthmon or Mackintodmon?"

    Raito says, "The ones that were all in black and gold body colors and were the ones who controlled the others and stuff..."

    It is actually Stealthmon and Infiltrators he's thinking of

    Vance says, "So you're interested in Blake. Oh yes, he's down there. Captain. Send word to Blake to present himself in plain view. He has an admirer up here."

    and word goes down. and Blake pads out into the open and looks up.

    Blake says, "What do you want?"

    Raito blinks, "Yeah! Like that! Those were so COOL!!!!"

    Blake grinz and strikes a fierce though stealth famous pose.

    Raito practically is drooling and squealing to get to see that!!!

    then he's gone. When he's next seen... he's on top of the walkway tube those within are standing in. "Peek a boo... hehe."

    Raito can't help jumping a little at that! But he claps vigarously afterwards... he was startled but in the good way

    Blake says, "As Vance probably told you, don't enter our pack grounds unless you honestly want to join our family. And be warned: it's one-way." And with that, he leaps all the way back to the ground, lifts his tail to tease the viewers with a tailhole shot, then he vanishes into the pack village.

    Raito says, "He's AMAZING!!!"

    Adrian says, "What a tease! But he was cool!"

    Billy says, "I agree with you there... Damn... I remember when they had to reprogram one. Mack. He was awesome too. Not as...update to date... But a real sweetheart. "

    Vance says, "Mack is still around, but he is non-contagious."

    Billy says, "I'd like to meet him someday too. But I wouldn't wanna interrupt the tour."

    Raito says, "I can't believe all these digimon... It's so amazing. It's really like a dream come true..." The last part is quiter and trails off."

    Vance says, "Mack is working, surprisingly, at the Zoo Park Labs. It's where I choose to live myself. Shall we continue on?" and he leads again.

    Raito says, "Yeah!"

    Billy nods

    they get to the grasslands, home of CheetaroYIFFmon himself.

    Vance says, "Below us... you can see that CheetaroYIFFmon has caught a digimon fair and square... and that digimon is getting a ride now for sure."

    Raito blushes, but is staring.

    Billy giggles, "Looks like he won't be getting away."

    Vance picks up a mic near the side of the walkway. "Hi CheetaroYIFFmon. It's the day the winning boys get a tour of the park. And yes, they are all four cute."

    Raito WAVIES at the yiffy feline

    he motions as if to suggest that there is plenty of room in his lap for another volunteer.

    Raito giggles and wavies back again.

    End of DB-02 Let The Tours Begin

    Stay tuned for DB-03 Digitopia City At Last