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DB-01 Dream Vacation - Digital Style

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    DB-01 Dream Vacation - Digital Style


    Plot: Shortly after the Unification Age of DAC-1, DAC-2, and DAC-3, a brief age of peace settled upon Temperoland. And in the newly established Digitopia City, a reign of peace and unified partnership ensued. But such peace was not to last, for an accident within the Pyramid of Unity would herald forth a new darkness and a new evil. And DigiDestineds would be needed once again.

    Place: Digitopia City in the Digital World

    DigiDestined Team:

    1. Adrian Majors, age 12; Partner: Adumon - Timesheart
    2. Tadji Rogelio, age 12; Partner: Tajmon - Timesheart
    3. Raito Hiryuu, age 11; Partner: Ranomon - Darquirrin
    4. Billy Strome, age 12; Partner: Storomon - Darquirrin

    Guest Stars:

    All of the original DAC team members and their partners from the first three seasons


    Pharaoh Ramses-Ra
    Para-Elemental Temple Guards

    Episode One
    Dream Vacation - Digital Style
    By Darquirrin and Timesheart
    Saturday, May 21, 2011; 1:52 PM

    Muck Session One

    This is a commercial that has been airing on TV throughout the Spring, but usually after 9 PM... "From the makers of the Digimon Temperoland Trilogy comes the event you all have been waiting for. Four lucky young people will win the vacation of a lifetime. A family vacation to the island resort, Digitopia Caribbean. The winning families will be flown first class to Miami Florida where they will then board the Paradise Cruise Liner and enjoy a three day ocean tour before arriving at our luxurious resort. While there, the winning young people will get to meet and pal around with the actors and crew of the upcoming Digimon season, not yet named. But wait! That's not all, mom and dad! Your special young person will be given a chance to name the newest season for TV _AND_ have their name listed in the credits as the show title's creator.

    How do you enter, you ask?

    Have your youngster send in 100 UPC labels from the Digimon cereals, along with their name, mailing address, and phone number. 100 winners will be selected at random to receive $100 gift certificates at their favorite toy stores. 50 winners will receive a year's supply of Digimon cereal. 12 winners will receive the complete collection of the DAC Trilogy's action figures, non-anatomically correct of course. And the lucky 4 top winners... will come to our island paradise. So enter as often as you can, kids. Who knows? You could be the creator of the newest season's Digimon title."

    Adrian oooos and bounces in place. "I hope I win I hope I win I hope I win I hope I hope I win I hope I win I hope I win I hope I win I hope I win I hope I win I hope I win I hope I win I hope I win I hope I win I hope I win I hope I win." etc.

    Adrian says, "New World Digimon? Nonono... that sounds too dreamy for Digimon. Besides... the NWM guys are HAWT! How about... My Little Digimon? No, that sounds too chibi... Although the boy ponies are super sexy on DeviTV. ;> hehehe."

    Someplace across the country, on a farm outside the city where there are no electronics... Tadji colors in his Digimon coloring book. He can still remember mailing off the 100 UPC labels from the cereal boxes. But unlike most kids, his outlook isn't too cheerful. "I am sure they won't choose me and my family. Not with my bad luck and jinxed existence. We have to live clear out here so the city's grid doesn't crash. Those mean bullies told everyone in town that it was my fault. It would serve them right if I did win. But that's not going to happen."

    Tadji says, "What names can I think of... Digimon Apocolypse? Digimon League? Devengers?"

    Raito has his fingers crossed. He's been glued to the TV nearly constantly, hoping to hear the anouncement. And he's not the only one. Most of his entire class at school had entered and were all still getting together to check every day now that school was out.

    Billy was currently playing in a Digimon card game tournement so he wasn't sitting on the edge of his seat... for anything else other than oppponet's next move. He loved digimon... And felt like the card game was as close as he would ever get ot the real things... But he was hopeful. Afterall, he wanted to meet the digital guys and lern more about their SUPER AWESOME technology!


    One week later


    The big TV announcement comes during the 6 o'clock news.

    "The winners of the Digimon vacation contest were announced earlier today and we have the list for you... AFTER these messages."

    Billy says, "AWWWWW MAN!!!! NO WAY!!!!!!"

    Billy grabs the TV, "TELL ME NOW!!!!!!!"

    "Locally today, blah blah blah..." etc.


    One of the bullies calls the TV station with a threat. "You give the Digimon announcement right now or else we'll send the jinx over to 'touch' your building!" CLICK.

    "In sports... blah blah blah... 14-26; in football... blah blah blah..."

    "Today's high was blah blah blah, and the low was blah blah blah..."

    Raito kicks the tv petulently, "Show list! SHOW!"

    and so... after the final commercial...

    "Many of us were surprised after a five year absence of the Digimon show when the following commercial suddenly started appearing on everyone's televisions and on rural radio channels." And the now familiar commercial plays. "Earlier today, the final announcement was made from the DAC crew and we have the lists. According to the judges, after selecting the random winners, the selected names went back into the drum for fairness. We will scroll the 100 random winners down the right side of your screen. If you see your name, you will be contacted soon to receive your $100 toy spree gift certificate."

    The names begin scrolling down the screen, much in the same manner as school closings.

    "Along the bottom of your screen, you will see the 50 random winners of the year's supply of Digimon cereal." And it begins scrolling.

    "The twelve winners of the complete set of Digimon Trilogy action figures are:" they name off the names.

    Raito sighs, "I guess that's that...There's no way I'd be in the four..."

    Billy grips the TV, "Common... Common... Last List... COMMON!!!"

    Once all the names have scrolled by... "Before we announce the winning four, we will take a necessary commercial break and then the winning four can have heart attacks." And they switch to a commercial...

    Fortunately, it's only 1 commercial. One for life insurance.

    Billy yells, "NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


    Just then Billy's mom over hears that language and drags him off to do chores, "You'll have to find out tomorrow... I don't allow that kinda behavior in my house..." Billy is dragged away, crying... "Tv....list..... THE LIST!!!!"

    "You know... these deliberate delays were our producer's idea. And so if any of you kids want to punish him, he lives at" they TELL THE ADDRESS OF THE PRODUCER!

    "And now for the final four winners... I hope there are some responsible adults nearby with tanks of oxygen when we read these names. I'm glad my kids are all grown up and gone already or I'd never hear the end of this." "I know what you mean, Fred." "You two are just unlucky, I say. I'm still a bachelorette. Anyway, enough chit-chat, boys. Now for the winning names..."

    Adrian says, "READ THEM!"

    "In no particular order... Billy Strome; Tadji Rogelio; Raito Hiryuu; and Adrian Majors. Congratulations you four. And have a wonderful summer vacation. We will repeat the winning names at the beginning of the 10 o'clock news. And now, stay tuned for Wheel of Fortune. Good night, all."

    Adrian faints!

    Raito blinks, "I..I won?" He looks at his parents then the TV... "I won! I WON!" He HUGS his mommy and daddy, all giddy and excited.

    Tadji is with his parents at the dinner table. They never hear the announcement. "...and thank my family, and the reverend, and Mr. Theosolo at the general store, and Max, my dog... and... Mrs. Meadows for sending these lovely flowers. Amen."

    Although a neighbor comes over and tells Tadji's family the news.

    Adrian's mom picks him up and lays him in his bed. "I guess we better get the luggage ready. I never expected Adrian to win this silly contest." And she heads out of the room to inform the dad.

    Raito and his parents are also making plans for the trip.

    and that leaves Billy and his family.

    Billy is stuck outside doing CHORES... BLECK!

    Billy has to rake the ENTIRE yard... then BAG the leaves AND take the trash out! How horrible! He's trudging about doing it too... Making the 'two hour task' take much, much longer... like most kids end up doing.

    Billy will find out on the rerun at 10

    Well, it's not exactly a rerun... they DO give the winning 4 names FIRST before the rest of the news.

    Billy is GLAD for that... And he is SUPER, SUPER EXCITED when he finds out. Of course it's his dad that finally lets him know. Who happens to actually LIKE digimon too.

    after the news broadcast, the expected phone calls are received.

    These calls are to arrange the limousine pickups of the families.

    Then comes the big day...

    Tadji's parents have his hands bundled up in thick mittens, just in case... they have no explanation on why his hands cause short circuits in electronics and the doctors could find nothing regarding the case either. But Tadji was one of the four winners. So they had to take extra precautions. And the hecklers could go sit and spin.

    Billy is all dressed up in his best! Ready to see the Cruise!

    Raito is dressed reasonably but conservative... like his family.

    Adrian wears his everyday clothes. He remembers that the Digimon and DigiDestined from TV never thought much of the snooty rich people. Except... during 'late night DAC showings on DeviTV' after his parents were asleep... hehe

    Limousine to the Airport... Flight to Miami... Cruise Ship for three days...

    and then... a ship to shore vessel ferries the families over to the island and unloads them and their luggage at the dock, then they return to the ship.

    At first, the families might think the cruise ship made a mistake, because aside from the dock, there is no resort to be seen.

    Billy is wondering where everyone is...that's for sure.

    But then... Marshall Slystalker emerges from the jungle trail and says, "Welcome to Digimon Caribbean. Do you know who I am?"

    Billy almost faints.

    Billy yells, "Your Marshall!" He then lists all the publicly released stats for Marshall

    Mr. Rogelio smirks, "You're the one who tamed the pussy whipper, aren't you?"

    Tadji says, "DAD?!"

    Raito is quietly watching everyone.

    Adrian giggles quietly. "Someone better watch it or it won't be Devina that goes down the hole."

    Raito says, "Parents included?"

    Marshall laughed, then he said, "She's back with the others, luckily for you. She only had uncanny super hearing in the show. In real life, she wouldn't want it. But don't get between her and a sale at the mall. That part is very true."

    Raito giggles.

    Mr. Strome smirks, "Shame. I would have liked to shake the hand of the dick big enough to tame the pussy. OW" his wife slaps him, "see what I mean?"

    Billy says, "Dad, stop it! Your being dirty again!"

    Marshall says, "And now for an even more special treat. Our porters will carry your luggage." And that's when a Tigromon, a Leomon, a Panthromon, a Dragarulimon, and a Cherapumon emerged from the jungle trail and heft up the luggage with smiles.

    Billy blinks....blinks... "Di.. dig....digi" He faints. LIterally. Out cold.

    Tadji blink. Blink-blink! BLINK-BLINK-BLINKS!

    With a hard on but who notices that? hehe

    Raito blinks too.. And goes over and gives Cherapumon a HUG! He's always felt sorry for chera and Chera was one of his FAVORITE classics. Tigromon and Cherapumon.

    Adrian says, "Cherapumon, the rare digimon who only appeared for half a season. He should have had more air time."

    Cherapumon says, "Perhaps he should have. However, I am his stunt double, now working resort porter staff. Chera and the others are at the resort."

    Mr. Strome chuckles and picks up Billy, "I'll carry this baggage." He chuckles again.

    Raito blushes, "I like Cherapumon!"

    Marshall says, "These are the stunt doubles. I'd hate to see how Billy reacts when he sees the real thing. Anyway, the island resort itself is in the center of the island with it's own central salt water lagoon, with a connecting undersea cave to the ocean outside. We have a luxurious hotel and loads of activities for all of you. If you will all follow me, we can get this trip started. I apologize for the hiking trail, but this resort is only modern on the inside." And he sets off along the trail with the families following him, and the porters behind them.

    Adrian says, "Is this the island that the DAC prequel series was filmed at?"

    Marshall says, "Yes it was."

    Adrian says, "We're on Tigro's island! "

    Tadji is being quiet now, although he thinks Ms. Daemon might get to scare his dad later.

    Raito grins, "Super awesome....I can't believe it... It's almost like a dream come true...Charlie doesn't have anything on us."

    just then... they all hear a distant Celtic flute being played somewhere.

    Marshall says, "Ah yes... Kirsto. He's up from his nap."

    Raito says, "It's pretty... Prettier than from the show..."

    Marshall says, "The producers wouldn't let Kirsto play the melodies that he really wanted to play on the show. So you only get to hear them here at the resort."

    Tadji says, "amazing..."

    Mr. Strome says, "He is the... white cat-person, right?" he didn't see ALL of the early shows himself.

    Marshall says, "The animatronic stand-in was the white cat, although Kirsto operated it and used a mic to send his voice through it in later episodes."

    Marshall says, "All of the original props are on display at the Digital Museum."

    Adrian says, "Here at the resort?"

    Marshall says, "That's right."

    Mr. Strome says, "Well then, I look forward to meeting him and seeing this museum! Perhaps even yoru own private screening room?"

    Marshall says, "We do give a screening of the Bloopers Trilogy with narration. A lot of people don't realize this, but the producer had each one of us go down the hole in take after take... just so we wouldn't know which one they were going to use. And they used Devina's take because it turned out to be the most entertaining one. And then... there were some bloopers with the foot down catch release malfunctioning. It didn't always work every time. And the producer went down the hole once while trying to fix it. We archived that one."

    Raito sniggers.

    Adrian says, "Devina has the original take of that in her place."

    Marshall says, "That's right."

    Marshall says, "Under lock and key."

    Mr. Strome chuckles, "Sounds like her."

    Marshall says, "Now to dispel the magic a little. The hole, sadly, was not as deep as it is shown in the show. It was actually only 10 feet deep and the bottom was filled with liquid brownie mixed with chocolate pudding. Just slimy enough to be... disgusting. And then, they had a thin layer of choco-brittle cream over the top of the mess, so when you broke through it... it gave the feeling of landing in... pardon my language... ages old shit."

    Raito makes a face, "Bad enough."

    Marshall says, "We have the stuff on display in the museum, although most people choose not to look at it. Devine shouldn't have placed those eye balls in there."

    Mr. Strome laughs!

    they soon arrive at the gates into the resort and working at the gates is... Gill Bates? But it is. Isn't it?

    Marshall smiles. "Stunt double."

    Raito goes over and pokes him...the goes running back, "Neat... You have some really neat things here."

    Gill says, "The real Bates doesn't get many vacations, you know."

    Raito says, "I bet not...."

    Billy groans alittle... "Digim....Digimon?"

    Mr. Strome grins, "About time you started waking up... Your gonna miss out on everything."

    Once they are inside the gates, it's like the resort they were actually expecting. Only... the staff were Actors and Digimon from all of the shows. Someone may get burn out from all this.

    Billy says, "OH MY GOD! IT'S AMAZING!"

    Raito says, "Someone gets hyper way too easily..."

    Billy was instantly down out of his father's arms and running out seeing everything

    Adrian says, "Must be all the sugar they put in the cereal."

    Raito says, "Probably..."

    Tadji sighs as he keeps his mittened hands in his pockets.

    Raito looks at TAdji, "Why do you wear those?"

    Mr. Rogelio says, "He has a bizarre condition that requires him to wear extra thick gloves when around... electronics. Or else... ker-plooey. And the doctors couldn't find an explanation for the phenomenon. After he shorted out their CAT-Scan device, they asked us to take him home."

    Raito ohs... "I'm sorry... Hey! Maybe the guys here can tell ya somethin' about it! I mean if ANYONE can it'd be Marshall and the others, right? They know all about weird stuff!"

    Marshall smiles. "Karal's department. Although we will warn him first."

    Raito says, "see?"

    Raito smiles, "Told ya, they already know who to ask to help yas."

    Marshall smiles. "You will be meeting Nedwin later on. He's helping the crew with the Digiporters at the set of the new season."

    Tadji says, "Yiffy Karal?"

    Marshall says, "He was only like that for the show. In real life, he's more respectable and very god-like. And no, he isn't stuck in Flamakaemon form. He's as human as I am."

    Adrian says, "I thought you guys were Digitized."

    Karal says, "Yiff? Now? Yes?" He chuckles, "I assure the truth is far stranger than fiction." He grins, leaning a rail from behind the group. How he got there wihtout being spotted? Karal trick #199.

    Karal hops over the barrier and walks up to Marshall, "By the way, got the arrangements you asked for all sorted out. Here ya go." He hands a small box to Marshall.

    Marshall says, "Hello Karal. One of the winners has a problem with physical electro-shorticus. When he touches electronics, they die. Are you and your science crew game for a challenge?"

    Karal hrmmms? his eyes light up, "A new experimental test subject?!"

    Mrs. Rogelio says, "It's not that exciting, Mr. Heartstone. Maybe a controlled demonstration. I brought this along in case someone wanted to see it in fact." She pulls out a simple calculator as Mr. Rogelio removes one of Tadji's mittens and mom places the calculator on the ground and steps away from it. Tadji kneels down... reaches out toward it... and before contact is made... the calculator explodes!

    Tadji quickly puts the mitten back on.

    Mr. Rogelio plays a dirge with his mouth...

    Karal mmmmms, "This IS intrigueing! I'll just...borrow him for a bit? Okay? Thanks!" He takes the boy and starts quickly taking him off!

    Raito says, "Um... Why do I have the feeling we won't see him again for a while?"

    Adrian says, "Now I know where to mail my calculators that I get mad at."

    Marshall says, "They are professionals, so don't worry. Karal doesn't give up once he starts on something."

    Adrian says, "By the way, Marshall... where is your brother Vance these days?"

    Marshall says, "He is running the Digimon Zoological Park here on the island. That's where the species from the show were brought back to live peacefully without being harassed by the outside world. Species such as the Macrosoftmon, who have their own hunting area in the park."

    Raito says, "Is...isn't....Isn't that a bit dangeorus?"

    Adrian says, "So we're not likely to see him?"

    Marshall says, "Believe me... you guys will likely never actually be down in the park itself. We have aerial see-through tubing walkways over the park that will enable you to see every species without the danger of encounters. Some of the species... like to show off for spectators."

    Raito nods a little...

    then a blur zooms by the families. Then it returns and stops near Marshall. It looks like a Cheetaromon. Minus the YIFF. And he's wearing a mail pouch. "Winnersroomsareallsetup,sir." He kisses Marshall, then speeds off again.

    Raito says, "Run by cuting?"

    Marshall says, "That is the stunt double for Cheetaroyiffmon. The real Cheetaroyiffmon lives in the park, obviously. He's one of the ones who likes to show off."

    Mr. Rogelio says, "He was always my favorite Digimon." he winked.

    Mr. Strome smirks, "And one of mine."

    Adrian is thinking two adult men are gonna get yiffed sometime during the vacation.

    Raito is glad his parents are better behaved. They're just... he looks around, "Where..."

    Adrian says, "What's wrong, Raito?"

    Raito sighs, "My parents are gone..."

    Adrian's parents are still with Adrian and they've been keeping their mouths shut, for now.

    Adrian says, "Maybe they had to use the restrooms. I mean, I can see the signs over there."

    Adrian points

    Raito says, "I hope so."

    Mr. Hiryuu had to take the misses back to the cruise ship to rest. She was on the verge of going crazy. She couldn't handle the 'stress'. (Some parents are just whimps)

    He'll be back though. he's enjoying the trip

    that means they are on the docks. They are stuck on the island for 2 weeks until the cruise ship returns. Or didn't you notice that the vessel that dropped them off returned to the ship. I hope they can swim.

    Marshall pulls out a walkie-talkie "Panthromon? I know you're working perimeter duty currently. Have two adults, one male and one female, gotten lost along the trail? Over."

    The reply comes fairly quickly, "Hysterical woman, man trying to calm her down on the docks. I'm surprised you can't hear her yelling. It's annoying. Man's leaving head back along the trail. Female sitting on the dock screaming and crying."

    Marshall says, "Give her a sedative and make sure she is transported to her resort suite. They are the parents to Raito Hiryuu, one of our winning boys."

    HE grumbles, "Long range sedative blowdart? Got it. She had some lungs on her. You sure she's not related to a harpimon?"

    Marshall says, "Once she gets some time in the spas, sauna, and beauty treatment salons here at the resort, she will be as calm as a kitten. And if that doesn't do it... we may have to change her into a kitten."

    Raito says, "Uh... She's my mom..."

    Marshall says, "Right. Sorry Raito. Your mothers aren't the only women on the island currently. We currently have over 40 some odd vacationing adults, a fourth of that with kids. You four families are the winners, however. And that means... the executive suites."

    Marshall says, "I think that when your mother sees other female adults to talk to, she will calm down."

    Billy comes back with a grin, "THIS PLACE IS AMAZING!"

    Raito says, "I hope so"

    Marshall says, "We talked about the secret places while you were gone, Billy." He winks with a chuckle.

    Billy says, "SCERETS?! WHAT SECRETES?!"

    Billy bounces, "Common, Common, TELL ME!"

    Marshall says, "The Zoological Park where Vance works. I know you can't get in there currently because it's not open today. It will be tomorrow. For now, we have to get you all checked into your executive suites."

    Raito nods, "okay"

    End of DB-01 Dream Vacation - Digital Style

    Stay tuned for DB-02 Let The Tours Begin