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Digimon Beyond - Profiles

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    Digimon Beyond - Profiles

    Character Profiles

    Plot: Shortly after the Unification Age of DAC-1, DAC-2, and DAC-3, a brief age of peace settled upon Temperoland. And in the newly established Digitopia City, a reign of peace and unified partnership ensued. But such peace was not to last, for an accident within the Pyramid of Unity would herald forth a new darkness and a new evil. And DigiDestineds would be needed once again.

    Place: Digitopia City in the Digital World

    DigiDestined Team:

    1. Adrian Majors, age 12; Partner: Adumon - Timesheart
    2. Tadji Rogelio, age 12; Partner: Tajmon - Timesheart
    3. Raito Hiryuu, age 11; Partner: Ranomon - Darquirrin
    4. Billy Strome, age 12; Partner: Storomon - Darquirrin

    Guest Stars:

    All of the original DAC team members and their partners from the first three seasons

    Digimon Ranks:

    Rookie (成長期 Seichouki
    Champion (成熟期 Seijukuki
    Ultimate (完全体 Kanzen-tai
    Mega (究極体 Kyuukyoku-tai


    Pharaoh Ramses-Ra
    Para-Elemental Temple Guards

    The Characters and Their Partners:

    Wind Element
    Adrian Majors & Adumon
    Played by -- Timesheart

    Adrian Majors, DigiDestined; He is a 12 year old boy with spiky red hair, green eyes, and freckled skin. He wears a pair of aviation goggles on his head, a red and white polo shirt, blue jeans, and sneakers.

    His partner is a rookie digimon named Adumon. Adu is a wolf/dragon hybrid whose special ability is to read minds. In battle, his breath attack can launch a miniature fireball for minor damage. Perhaps someday when he earns his champion form, his abilities will be far more impressive.


    Lightning Element
    Tadji Rogello & Tajmon
    Played by -- Timesheart

    Tadji Rogelio, DigiDestined; He is a 12 year old boy with blond hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. He wears a white tee shirt, khaki cargo pants, and hiking shoes. He is also an electronics nightmare, as anything computerized seems to go haywire whenever he is around. The bullies call him a jinx.

    His partner is a rookie digimon named Tajmon. Taj is a non-morphic (PP) tiger/rabbit hybrid of four feet at the shoulder who has a shiny metallic chrome like collar around his neck. His primary battle attack is a claw/claw/growl combo.


    Lava Element
    Raito Hiryuu & Ranomon
    Played by -- Darquirrin

    Raito Hiryuu, DigiDestined; He is a 11 year old boy with dark black hair, shimmering blue eyes, and a light Asian complexion. He wears a typical bright yellow/gold shirt with blue jeans, and hiking boots.

    His partner is a rookie digimon named Ranomon. Rano is a feline/dragon hybrid with fuzzy, furred wings who looks more feline than dragon, a point Ranomon never seems quite content with. His most basic attack is charging at the enemy, trying to hit them with his horns and his Ignite breath attack that some digimon have commented is more like a gentle warm wind than a firestorm. What he lacks in potency, he more than makes up for in ego, much to the antithesis of his usually shy master.


    Steam Element
    Billy Strome & Storomon
    Played by -- Darquirrin

    Billy Strome, DigiDestined; He is a 12 year old boy with blond hair, hazel eyes, and tanned skin. He wears a neat, red button down shirt tucked into his jean shorts with white socks and nice shoes and loves technology in all it's forms.

    His partner is a rookie digimon named Storomon. Storo is dashing (if he does say so himself) and slightly vain (which he does not) avian/fox who's primary attack is a sonic burst and secondary ability is wind manipulation.