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KF2: CC-07 Tibet or Talbot

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    KF2: CC-07 Tibet or Talbot

    -=Knight Flight 2=-
    Coopersville Chronicles

    This is the tale of an age long ago. Of friends in Coopersville who made discoveries and had adventure as they grew up in a seemingly normal city.

    The Cast:
    1. Donald Kendell - Timesheart
    ~~Trevor's cousin
    2. Matthew Dangers - Timesheart
    ~~ Shadowrun Silverclaw, Alpha Werewolf
    3. Robert Harrington - Timesheart
    4. James Talbot - Darquirrin
    5. Marcus Dangers - Timesheart
    6. Richard Avalin - Darquirrin

    Boomer, kangaroo owned by Donald
    Suba, panther hunter owned by James
    Mgeni, lion hunter owned by James
    Pumba, wolf hunter owned by James
    ~~ Crescent Moon, Young Werewolf
    Gleam, wolf hunter owned by James
    ~~ Lunar Lightflyer, Young Werewolf

    The Others:
    Mr. McCrowley, Occult Shop owner
    Ms. Sarah, single baker (White Witch)
    Wolf With No Name, Hunters Pact operative
    Storm Warning, Master Mage/Arabian Stallion
    Rising Fang, Alpha Werewolf of Talbot Plateau
    Acidnight, Black Dragon
    ~~ Silton and Danny, Samates
    Trevor Kendell, Gay Lion Shifter (James' Friend)
    Terry Hawthorne, wearable Hell Dragonhound
    Linus, Were-Rabbit
    Michael Hawthorne - Timesheart
    Dank son of Lampwick - Darquirrin
    Visa, two-tailed Devikitsunetaur - Timesheart

    The Toons:
    Jonas Atticus
    Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
    Krypto the Super Dog
    Simba the Lion King
    Lord Atticus
    Salem Spellman, Consortium Instructor of Magic
    & possible others...

    Coopersville Chronicles
    Episode Seven: Tibet or Talbot
    August 16th, 2013

    Monday Morning in Coopersville; The following day...

    Price who was married to the Otterbeaver had sent Veil-Mail to James, Michael, and Matthew which contained pictures of their Otterbeaver family, the fun FUN mud slough, and more importantly... one picture of Price casting Sixth Rank spells. In other words, even though he had been transformed, he continued to practice his magic.

    Price's cousin on Mr. Harrington's side was now in town attending the Norm's school, although he seemed quite bored out of his mind. Robert Harrington LOVED cartoons more than anything, but he HATED ordinary stuff.

    Trevor's cousin, Donald, was now living in Coopersville as well and being the Norm he was who had no pet of his own, Matthew's parents gave him Boomer since their son was now involved in pack obligations which could spell trouble for a nice boomer like Boomer.

    It was not odd to see students waiting on the school bus, each having their pets with them. Everyone there knew Boomer since it was Matthew's kangaroo, and they all knew why Donald was now the caretaker of Boomer.

    Once at school, the norms and their pets all went to class.


    On the Veil side, however...

    Ms. Sarah was making sure the kids who HAD to attend the Veil School arrived on time. Being non-Norms as they were, most felt they didn't need to attend school, but today was mandatory since Rising Fang was going to give one of his Guardian Lectures to remind everyone in Veil on why they have to be careful around Norms.

    Linus hugged Richard when he saw him in Veil class with him. "Hey, I missed you! Glad your dad is letting you attend Veil School instead of the boring one!"

    Crow had brought James over to the Veil School too since this lecture was super important because of things Mr. Talbot continued to do... things that was upsetting High Command.

    Matthew was there, of course, in his werewolf alpha form looking... tired and hungry. "Make it quick or else."


    Michael woke up on the island pinned neatly under Dank, which was no surprise since he could feel the donkey deeply inside of himself. Although Matthew and Ms. Sarah had visited the afternoon before, there was no sign of Lampwick as yet. "Are you awake, love? Or am I talking to myself?"

    James was very glad Crow had rescued him from his father's INSISTING he attend the normal school. He was surprised how many kids there were who he could be friends with now who weren't normal... and he was liking it! When he noticed how tired and hungry Matthew seemed in the hall however, he wasn't very happy. He wished Matthew wasn't so grumpy.

    After he took his seat, Matthew found himself feeling rejuvenated, the tiredness ebbing away and the hungry if not truly filled, sated enough to help him focus on things at paw. Ms. Sarah of course would have noticed it wasn't a conscious spell cast at all but such white magic spells could not escape her keen eye.

    Richard grinned at Linus and hugged him back tightly, "I missed you too! LOTS!" He blushes and sits down next to him, "Um...I'm sorry I didn't get to see you sooner but ... with everything that happened..." HE blushes, "Anyway... I made a new friend too!" He starts telling Linus all about his adventures previously. Oddly, he seemed to have picked up a green sprite that resembled an anthropomorphic winged bunny with bright plant-green mossy fur. The little sprite seemed quite insistent that he sit on Richard... on his shoulder or head or any other body part he could manage.

    Rising Fang was, of course, in his full alpha appearance and ready to dispense with the lecture. It also special as an agent of High Command, namely the Wolf With No Name, would himself be assisting him with the lecture as well as stating evidences and other things that were being discovered since he was the official High Command representative in the area of highest standing.


    Dank kissed Michael and grinned, "I'm awake... Are you round enough yet?"


      The WWNN peered at the crowd of those in the know then he nodded once at Rising Fang.

      Storm Warning said from the door, "Okay, Rising Fang... they are all here. You can start."


      Michael kissed back and said with a sly smile, "Perhaps not quite yet. Ms. Sarah said your father would be showing up eventually to check on you since you did earn your way out of punishment but rather than going home, you came here to the river island with me. What do you think he will say?"


      Robert Harrington entertained himself in class imagining all manner of cartoon mishaps that could disrupt the class he was in... from Sweet Polly Purebread shouting for help to Snidely Whiplash tying the female teacher to the railroad tracks, even though Coopersville didn't have a train station nor rails at all. What would Streaky do to make things exciting?


        Rising Fang nods and as was his want, striding forward to the center of the stage with WWNN he summoned a sudden thunderclap to bring the entire room's attention from their quiet chatting to attending to the stage. Once he was sure he had everyone's undivided attention, he began the lecture. For most of them there, it was standard fair however for others... it was entirely new. Rising Fang went over, in detail, his duties and indeed the duties of all of those behind the Veil to keep the peace between the norms and the specials. When he comes to the 'activities' of Mr. Talbot, however, he turns the floor over to WWNN, cautioning everyone to listen closely to just a FEW of the reasons why this family was under such intense scrunity.

        James was almost hiding behind his friends, at that point, as he was earning some not so friendly glances from some of the other students who knew his name.


        Dank grins, "Probably later today, yeah. He's probably still doing his morning rounds before he'll be free... So I'd say a couple of hours more." He shakes his head, "I'm not entirely sure... But I think he'll be happy I found someone as wonderful and loving and fantastic as you." He kisses his mate again, "Hopefully, he'll also give his consent for a wedding." He gives you a happy, lopsided grin.


          WWNN glared not at James, but at everyone as he began his 'set.' Then he made a statement, "The son of this man is on our side which is why he is among us today. He understands why the Veil must not be torn open. He likewise does not want his father to die. No one here would want a family member nor a Norm friend you like to die. But as of this morning, we received word from Jonas Atticus that Mr. Talbot now possessed... THREE of the FOUR parts of that KEY!" He calmed himself after saying those words. "The last part is in Tibet and is under the guard of the Yak herself. She was informed what would happen if that piece were joined with the others of its kind and she clearly does not want that herself. But if Mr. Talbot somehow gets his hands on that last key piece, we will have to engage blow to blow combat with him as if he were the Prince of Lies himself. We do NOT want him to unlock that door or else everything we have ever worked to protect will be revealed to the entire world. And then humans would die."

          He looked to Rising Fang. "Do you wish to say anything more, friend?"


          Michael smiled as he felt Dank fill him some more. "I am really glad I met you, Dank. You make me so happy." He kissed Dank again.


            Rising Fang nods and addresses the group, "There is only one thing more." He pauses and then says, "This is not the first time a Talbot has caused problems of this nature... but it is unprescedented that anyone should come this close to unlocking that door. However, we must redouble our vigilance and if anyone spots Mr. Talbot doing anything...supicious, no matter how minor, please let us know. It could be extremely important."


            Dank grins, "Only half as happy as you make me, my love." He perks his ears as he hears the approach of hooved feet, "And I think Dad's here..."


              Michael smiled. "You mean your father who is often banging Valerian Mouse's bottom?" He winked. "Can't wait to meet him. I hope he isn't mad that you claimed a river island."


              WWNN said, "Okay, for those of you who attend the Norm school in disguise, you will receive tardy slips with the excuse that your school bus had engine trouble and you just arrived at the school. For the rest of you, be alert, return to your lives in Veil or where ever else you hold court, and please.... do not be mad at James because of his father's actions. He is on our side. Okay, that's all, Thank you for your time. And please... use caution when crossing from Earth to the Veil. There are new Norms in town and we can't have anyone accidentally letting one of these newbies see something that you won't be able to explain. Now get out of here."

              Matthew sighed. "Finally... my pack wants me to conduct a hunt with them back in Germany. They didn't like being told that we had to wait for this meeting to end." And he padded out of the room.

              Linus hugged Richard. "I suppose you'll be heading off to learn with your taur friend now? I attend school with the Norms in my other identity. Here, I'll show it to you while I am unpacking my school clothes." And he changes from were-rabbit into his 'human form' and starts getting into his clothes.

              Ms. Sarah patted James on the shoulder and said, "Now you know how important this school meeting was. Your father has them all but one. And no one can figure out how he is getting the pieces."


                Dank grins, "Yep. That's him. I wonder if he's bringing the stretched out 'mouse' with him. You know I've seen him turn Valerian into a real mouse for a weekend just to stretch him more."

                Lampwick is indeed coming up on the two... hehe.


                Richard 'groped' Linus innocently as he did, "I didn't know that... I have to attend my father's...lectures...then I'll be attending Normie school otherwise my mom would get suspicious. But apparently as part of the 'exchange' program I have 2 hours off in the morning for 'private tutoring'."

                James says, "I...wish I knew. I don't want him to get hurt." He sighs, "I really am worried about him..." He looked pretty troubled about it.


                  Michael chuckled. "What if he wants to stretch me instead?"


                  "Normie school is a lot of fun for those of us in disguise," said Linus with a smile. "Anyway, this is what I look like as a human." He posed.

                  "So," said Ms. Sarah. "Do you want to work at Crow's store today or spend some time with one of the non-schooled Veil guys or even.... hang out at Holidayland with Rudolph and the others?"


                    Dank grins, "I'd object!" He bray-laughs, "You're all mine, love!"

                    Lampwick smirks, "I think I would object to your object, son." He stood there showing off to Michael. And he was every bit the 'Prince of Donkeys'. Was Valerian moused there?


                    Richard grins, "... You're sexy like that..." HE blushes, "I mean.. I shouldn't do that so much..." He blushes...and pulls Linus aside quietly... "Um... Linus... I've been kinda embarressed to talk to it about my dad but...." HE blushes more, " I've been having ALOT of ... a hard time hiding it...lately.. it's gotten worse. How do you do it... maybe you could give me some...advice?"

                    Linus probably can guess EXACTLY what's going on... Vulpine puberty with the typical (and then some) foxy yiffy cravings. Only made worse since with him, he has twice the normal level of hormones.

                    James blinks, "YOu mean... I get to skip school COMPLETELY?! No tutors or ANYTHING?!" He grins and HUGS Ms. Sarah, "This is AWESOME! Tutors are boring. mmmm..... Well I'd love to hang out at Holidayland! But I haven't met many of the non-schooled Veil guys yet... But I did promise Crow... Nono, Crow's was after school so this morning I can spend time doing other things... But Crow has NEEEEEEEEEAT magical stuff... mmmmmm..."


                      There was another donkey with Lampwick today... Yes, it was Valerian in his own donkey form. He often used it for Lampwick upon request.

                      Michael smiled. "Hello Lord Lampwick, sir. Dank and I... love each other. That's okay, isn't it?"


                      Linus giggled. "Richard... only another Vulpid can help you with what you're feeling right now. I cannot do it since I am a Lapine. You either have to ask your dad or Visa to help you with this. Although I do know another were-fox who lives in the woods... but he tends to get carried away when I am around him. So if that is your liking, you can try him."

                      Ms. Sarah hummed. "I have an idea. Why don't you escort Richard off to find a Veil were-fox since he is... well... feeling... that way."


                        Lampwick smirks, "Michael... You don't need my permission to be in love." He motions around, "Now, building PARKS like mine... Well, that's another story entirely" He grins at Valerian, "I still remember that one time that horse boy and Faroth tried it." He chuckles at that memory then clears his throat, "Back the boy at thrust as the expression goes."


                        Richard winces, "I was afraid of that." He sighs, "I guess I can ask Visa... though he was eyeing my rear a lot this morning." With a body like that though, heh. "But he is a kitsunetaur... and he keeps mentioning that. Like it was a bad thing. I don't understand why it's such a big deal. I think he's really nice looking."

                        James tilts his head at Ms. Sarah, "That way? Is something wrong with him? Why a were-fox?"


                          Valerian smiled. "Nothing wrong with making an island park, and while yours is at sea, they chose an island close to Coopersville. Most likely so Michael could still be near his friends. But still... making a park like Lampwick's takes magic. And that is why he asked me to come along with him."

                          Michael smiled too. "Um, you make a good looking donkey, sir."

                          Valerian blushes. "Lampwick likes this form a lot."


                          Ms. Sarah says, "Just go with him, James. He will need help getting to whatever vulpid he seeks out." She then whispered to James, "Richard is experiencing his first foxtaur heat even though he cannot even become a foxtaur himself yet."

                          Linus said, "You shouldn't go by yourself or else you might get tied in everything between here and there." He then mouthed, 'Like what happened to us, remember?'

                          Ms. Sarah then said aloud, "Linus? James has agreed to escort Richard since James has the day free." She pushed James over to Richard before heading off herself.


                            Lampwick grins, "Yes, yes I do." He groped Valerian's tail, "And Valy likes it when I like it." He winks, "Still, we're here to help you with your engaugement present... After all, it's only proper you have your wedding IN the park, right?"


                            James nods, "Alright. I'll do the best I can to help."

                            Richard blushes and nods, "Yeah, okay...I was pretty scared at first when that happened... Though I still like you." Then blinks, "er... Hi."

                            James waves, "I think Ms. Sarah just wanted to get rid of me for today." He grins, "so where we going?"

                            Richard looks at Linus, "I'm not sure.. where is it? I'm still pretty new in town."


                              Valerian says, "Okay Dank... since you're going to be park master over this place, you get to decide what all will go into it and the layout itself. Anything goes for you today, so let's get busy."


                              Linus pulled out a map and pointed to a place on the map. My house is... here. And Acidnight's place is... there. And the guy I told you about... lives here. Just get on the path leading to Acidnight's place, then when you reach a tree with the word 'FOX' carved into it, turn left and walk away from the path until you find a door in the side of a wooded hill. He lives in there. His name is Martin. I have to get to class now. Good luck, Richard. And have fun."

                              Sometime later, Richard and James are on the path to Acidnight's lair. You can smell dragon scent in the air, honestly. But rather than stinky... it's arousing. hehe.