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KF2: CC-05 Key Magic

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    KF2: CC-05 Key Magic

    -=Knight Flight 2=-

    Coopersville Chroniclesâ„¢

    This is the tale of an age long ago. Of friends in Coopersville who made discoveries and had adventure as they grew up in a seemingly normal city.

    The Cast:

    1. Michael Hawthorne - Timesheart

    2. Matthew Dangers - Timesheart

    ~~ Shadowrun Silverclaw, Alpha Werewolf

    3. Priscilla Harrington III - Timesheart

    4. James Talbot - Darquirrin

    5. Marcus Dangers - Timesheart

    6. Richard Avalin - Darquirrin


    Boomer, kangaroo owned by Matthew

    Suba, panther hunter owned by James

    Mgeni, lion hunter owned by James

    Pumba, wolf hunter owned by James

    ~~ Crescent Moon, Young Werewolf

    Gleam, wolf hunter owned by James

    ~~ Lunar Lightflyer, Young Werewolf

    The Others:

    Mr. McCrowley, Occult Shop owner

    Ms. Sarah, single baker (White Witch)

    Wolf With No Name, Hunters Pact operative

    Storm Warning, Master Mage/Arabian Stallion

    Rising Fang, Alpha Werewolf of Talbot Plateau

    Acidnight, Black Dragon

    ~~ Silton and Danny, Samates

    The Toons:

    Jonas Atticus

    Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

    Krypto the Super Dog

    Simba the Lion King

    Lord Atticus

    Salem Spellman, Consortium Instructor of Magic

    & possible others...

    Coopersville Chroniclesâ„¢

    Episode Five: Key Magic

    April 19th, 2012

    Sunday Morning at Holidayland...

    Rudolph and Krypto both gladly walked around the park with James and his friends since neither the reindeer nor the super dog had to work that day and it was a fun outing for them both.

    "I can't believe your dad gave you permission to come spend Sundays here at the amusement park with me, James," said the reindeer as they walked.

    Matthew was indeed back now, along with Marcus, Priscilla, and Michael as the group traveled along with James and their hosts.

    Krypto smiled. "I'm just glad Nala showed up and rescued you from the eligible bachelors club, James. And she forced Simba to fulfill that promise of a film with you and him in it. I don't ever recall seeing her so mad before."

    James smiles, "I'm pretty happy too. This has been one of the best weeks in my life, to be honest. And Simba was pretty nice and we both had a LOT of fun! Though I am kinda glad she showed up there at the end." He giggles, "Though I don't think I'll ever forget Simba's face when he saw her."

    James grins at the others, "And I have to thank you guys too."


      Priscilla smiled. "You deserve outings like this, James. Your parents keeping you locked up all the time can't be good for anyone. Not that you don't have fun with your animal friends, but... you need other people and toons, too."

      Michael patted James on the shoulder. "While you were gone, James, Priscilla and I had a good time at the arcade... that is... until some of the special you know who's showed up."

      Marcus was giving Rudolph a nice flank scratching with a smile.

      Matthew looked tired, but he was also smiling today. Dealing with his new pack was an exhausting chore. Not to mention... going through all the pack laws and throwing out the stupid ones and making better new ones.

      Krypto said to James, "Is there anything special you would like to do while on these outings with us?"

      Rudolph chuckled and gave Marcus a lick on the mouth.


        James smiles, petting on Krypto and grinning, "I have so many things I want to do, I can't even name the all... Though I guess some of those are from my mischievous nature." He giggles. He looks over at Michael and Matthew, "Suba told me that he heard an avian mention that there was someone new moving in to the city? Is that true?"


          Michael grinned. "Oh yeah... we've seen the family from afar. The dad is aware, like most of us are. And the mom and the son have no clue. And you know how that will end, don't you?"

          Matthew said, "My pack has been keeping an eye on them distantly, but they seem normal, thus far."

          Marcus continued to show some attention to Rudolph, who was returning licks and such with a smile.


            James mmmms, "I wonder what they're deal is... And what the dad is then. I bet he's not human either!" He giggles, "It's kinda fun trying to guess what people are in THIS town."

            James pokes Matthew lightly, "And I like how you say that now. 'Your pack'... You seem .. different when you say that, it's cute."


              Matthew sighed. "400+ pack members being re-initiated is anything but cute, James. And then I had to sleep with them. One at a time. And there were more guys than girls among their number."

              Priscilla made a face. "You never said you had to sleep with them."

              Michael giggled. "So what's next?"

              Krypto said, "James only has permission to spend the whole day at the amusement park with Rudolph and I. I am afraid looking into the family will have to wait for another day. Unless... we encounter them here someplace."

              Rudolph had led Marcus off the path and into the Reindeer building where the red-nosed reindeer's cousins and uncles where often hanging out at.


                James nods a little, "I understand. I am sorry but I can't help it. It IS a little cute and you sound much more... self-possessed now. It's an admirable trait, even if the things you went through weren't so nice." He smiles, "And I've slept with A LOT of my friends back home."

                Off in the distance someone makes a 'woosh' sound as they score a basket in a game of basketball, adding a perfect counterpoint to the comment going right over James' head.

                James says, "That's true. Though I do wonder what their story is but I only have permission for here. But as far other things... Wait... where is Rudolph and Marcus...I guess they'll catch up?"


                  Krypto who had used his X-Ray Vision just then in a quick glance around said, "They went to the Reindeer Barn to check something out. They will catch up. TRUST ME." He winked.

                  Matthew smirked. "My brother was never into canines like the rest of the family was. I always wondered if he was actually adopted."

                  Michael giggled at the thought. "Where to next, James? This is your day after all."

                  Priscilla smiled at James. "I think every day in Coopersville is James' Day." How sweet!


                  Once out of sight in the back of the barn's hay covered stalls, Rudolph quickly showed Marcus 'how fun a reindeer could be.' Yep, you can guess what happens. Uh huh. heh heh heh.


                  Back in the Veil version of Coopersville, the Steel Law Dragon was with Storm Warning, Rising Fang, and Ms. Sarah as they worked on saving Trevor's mind that was in that new body of his. It was a very tiresome process for everyone since Steel Dragon AND Rising Fang had to hold Trev still while both Storm Warning and Ms. Sarah worked on restoring the boys mind that was in his new teenage gargoyle mount body. One with a hormone problem and an urge to fornicate with other boys regardless of species.


                    James blushes, "But if that was true, I would be allowed to be out here more!" He thinks a minute then grins, "How about the Star District? There are suppose to be a lot of really COOL super heros rides and stuff over there and I bet Krypto can show us all the REALLY fun ones."


                    Rising Fang growls under his breath, "I TOLD them to remove the ENTIRE Trap... Nearly 60 years ago when Red moved in. Too bad we don't have a damned specialist"


                      Star District of Holidayland

                      Krypto was escorting James, Priscilla, Matthew, and Michael around to all the funnest and most exciting rides, games, and activities.

                      Priscilla smiled. "I feel like a real superhero in this area. Thanks for bringing us, Krypto." She knelt down and gave the super dog a kiss on the muzzle, who in turn blushed.

                      Michael adjusted James' super cape that they had picked up from a vendor. "You look dashing, James. And in your color, too."

                      Matthew giggled as he tried his luck against a strike the villain game. "Either my aim sucks or innocent bystanders are on my hit list."


                      Reindeer Barn

                      After having his 'fun' with Marcus, he introduced the young man to all of the other reindeer bois in training.

                      Marcus was very polite, of course, shaking hoofs with each one and showing interest in their progress and personalities.

                      Rudolph said, "I'm going to go check on the others, Marcus. The reindeer here will keep you company. I'll be back later." And he flew up and out an upper window.

                      Marcus watched him fly off, then he turned to the other reindeer in training, noting how randy most seemed to smell and act. "Now that he is gone, what to do or talk about? Any suggestions, guys?"


                      Veiled Coopersville

                      The Steel Law Dragon remarked, "I thought they HAD disabled the whole trap. I was always told they had. And now this happens."

                      Storm Warning said, "I was under the understanding that they only disabled the trigger runes that enabled the trap to capture anyone. They said that without the runes, no one would be able to make it work. But we can see how that went."

                      Ms. Sarah growled, "My mother was the specialist at the time, Rising Fang! Now the task falls to me! And I'm not happy about this! Why did it have to be the friend to James Talbot? I can say this much right now, Trevor's mind is there, just in stasis! We did get it immobilized just in time before the egg hatched! But we need the replacement receptacle for the transfer!"

                      Just then, Mr. McCrowley arrived with what looked like a male elven teenager body that had Trevor's appearance... except that the elven body had certain features and markings of a buck deer. Namely the ear tips, the deepness of the eyes, the hands, and the sheath, sac, and tail. "Queen Titania and Puck were happy to help, but they said transfer to a human body in this case would be impossible. So... we get this instead. A male faerie teenager who lost his soul in a wizardly duel. Titania and Puck reshaped the features to look like Trevor."

                      Ms. Sarah said, "It will have to do. Once Trevor is out of that body, the gargoyle mount will get its own mind back and we'll send him back to his brothers." And she got to work on the transfer.

                      Storm Warning glanced at Rising Fang. "The boy will be an elven teenager with mystical abilities. That's going to be interesting."


                        James blushed and struck a pose, "REally? You think so? I kinda like it." He gave Michael a nice hug of thanks as he then hrms, "I'm feeling kinda hungry... ooo... What are those..." He walked over to a store selling 'Original Feline and Canine Formulaes, Super Treats! Now safe for human consumption!'


                        One of the reindeer grinned, "Well... You could join us naked over here and join in a few 'reindeer games'."


                        Rising Fang takes a breath, "I apologize, Ms. Sarah. You are indeed quite skilled. I share your anonyance. I ment no disrespect." To Storm Warning he sighs, "Yea... About as interesting as trying to keep one of the Fae folk OUT of an area where they're not suppose to go. We all know that's going ot be impossible. Though, I suppose James will be happy. He... is unnaturally fond of Trevor."


                          Michael went with James because he was also hungry himself and the stuff James point out did sound delicious. "Let's get some, boyfriend." He winked. "Although I wonder where the not-for-human-consumption versions are sent? And why would they bother saying if it was safe for humans since only humans come to this amusement park."


                          Marcus undressed and joined the reindeer over with them. "What kind of reindeer games do you have in mind?"


                          McCrowley said, "If its any consolation, Puck did offer to help train Trevor once he was safely in his new body."

                          Storm Warning glanced at Rising Fang. "How did your son and his friend's punishment go the other day? I heard they were outside the compound visiting with the Red Dragon."

                          Ms Sarah was busy with the transfer...

                          And the moment it ended, the gargoyle mount teenager was teleported back to his brothers. Although he had been in contact with Trevor long enough to think of the boy as a twin brother regardless of bodies. Trevor in his new body was slowly given resuscitation before being moved off to a recovery bed, although anyone in Veil could visit him if they wanted.


                            James giggles, "It's probably just a selling point. Marketing you know?" He mmmms and points out one, "The Lightening Lion snack platter and to drink... the Bad Wolf Cola." He giggles, "Sounds interesting!"


                            The reindeer grins and POUNCED Marcus, though not unpleasantly, "We'll teach you!"


                            Rising Fang smirks slightly, "They're still on probation but it went well enough. It could have gone far worse, to be honest. I've been tasked lately with investigating our new comers however."


                              Michael giggled. "Yeah, it does. Okay, lets go in and order a couple of them."


                              Marcus oofed as he got a reindeer on top of him. "Okay, I'm game for a lesson."


                              Storm Warning said, "Just a word of advice, Rising Fang... the new comers... I happen to know from the scan I did on them when they arrived that the father is aware; the wife and son are not. So I would suggest that you start with the father to find out what's what."


                              Lunar and Crescent were looking through a magic pool at the resting Trevor. "I am glad we decided to watch Trevor's restoration. I know how much you like the boy, Crescent. Are you still planning on meeting with him again?"