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KF2: CC-04 Ribbons & Yarn

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    KF2: CC-04 Ribbons & Yarn

    -=Knight Flight 2=-

    Coopersville Chroniclesâ„¢

    This is the tale of an age long ago. Of friends in Coopersville who made discoveries and had adventure as they grew up in a seemingly normal city.

    The Cast:

    1. Michael Hawthorne - Timesheart

    2. Matthew Dangers - Timesheart

    ~~ Shadowrun Silverclaw, Alpha Werewolf

    3. Priscilla Harrington III - Timesheart

    4. James Talbot - Darquirrin


    Boomer, kangaroo owned by Matthew

    Suba, panther hunter owned by James

    Mgeni, lion hunter owned by James

    Pumba, wolf hunter owned by James

    ~~ Crescent Moon, Young Werewolf

    The Others:

    Mr. McCrowley, Occult Shop owner

    Ms. Sarah, single baker

    Wolf With No Name, Hunters Pact operative

    Storm Warning, Master Mage/Arabian Stallion

    Rising Fang, Alpha Werewolf of Talbot Plateau

    Trevor Kendell, James' friend

    The Toons:

    Jonas Atticus

    Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

    Lord Atticus

    Salem Spellman, Consortium Instructor of Magic

    & possible others...

    Coopersville Chroniclesâ„¢

    Episode Four: Ribbons & Yarn

    March 30th, 2012

    That night at Talbot Plateau...

    The chauffeur helped James inside the manor and to his room, then he departed once again to go park the limousine.

    Jonas and a special friend of his were inside the secret chamber where they had easy two-way mirror viewing of Mr. Talbot's study.


    Matthew had gone home and was having a one-on-one confrontation with his father in the rear of the Pet Shop. Matthew, to say the least, was both pissed at his father for putting the family through so much shit, while at the same time... relieved that WWNN had not tried to kill his dad.

    "Why didn't you tell me about the Pact before now, Dad?"

    His father had a bloody nose and was backed against a wall. His son had surprised him by just popping in black wisp style. "I didn't want the family involved in that part of my life. I thought it was over. And suddenly you pop in directly in front of me using the old Pack transport ability and you punch me in the nose. I'm sorry, Matthew... I just wanted out."


    Michael was feeling much better and was finally permitted out of bed. James' little pouch did the trick. Miraculously.

    He was currently sitting on the roof of the house having gotten there by climbing out his window and climbing the trellis to the roof. He hadn't been there long when he was joined by a neighbor boy he knew. It was a pretty night. The boys loved being on their roofs.

    "Finally escaped from the land of horrible medicine. And my friends visited me today, too. Life is good."


    Priscilla after she had dinner with her folks was back out in the stables to talk more with Storm. Not about magic, but about anything she had been missing.

    With his condition, James knew immediately Jonas was there.... And he had NO desire to talk to his father while in such pain. He hoped his grand-father would have some idea of what was going on with him... And how he could make it stop. James walked over and sat down in one of the chairs heavily. He was shivering by the time he made it safely to the hidden room. "Granpa... I..I need to talk to you..."


      Jonas turned his muzzle away from his friend to look at James. "You look awful. What happened to you?"

      The mystery toon feline commented, "He looks like he's suffering from over extensive magic sickness."


        James winced slightly, "Please... You both...don't have to yell... I can hear you just fine without the yelling." Of course, the two cats weren't but it sounded like it to James.

        James explained the best could what had been happening. He didn't want to waste a lot of words when it was so hard to focus so he kept it to the bare essentials. What crow told him, what Priscilla had told him, what the box cat told him, and what Storm had told him...

        Finally, after getting the important stuff out of the way, at least to his mind, he told Jonas about his experiences in the last day. How it felt like his head was about to crunch in on itself. How it wasn't just his head any more. He felt the pain all over his body like something was trying to stab him all over. All the various things he had already told Crow. And how he hoped Jonas could help him deal with this before his father came looking for him and expected him at dinner.

        James was looking a little pale and shivery but this didn't appear to be a physically caused illness.


          The new toon cat came over and slowly examined James from top to bottom. "Yep, over exposure to magic. What will fix this is a temporary deteriorating anti-magic shield that starts strong and slowly allows your body and mind to get used to magic over time. That way, you aren't being sizzled under all the new experiences. I can cast the spell on you right now, with your permission."


            James looks up at the new feline. "You look familiar...." He rubs his eyes a little, "Yes. Please. ANYTHING to make it stop." The feline had pegged it quite well though there were a lot of subtle things going on inside the boy as well. Quite oddly, the magic was not merely 'hitting' his senses, however, it was heightening them as it was readily absorbed, causing him to suffer additionally from the extremely heightened senses.The most odd thing though to the cat's eyes is that James' body was actually absorbing and processing the magic as an energy source. Something humans aren't suppose to do. Which is what led to the burning sensations, fever and chills. A human body just isn't capable of processing that much energy at once and thus, James was in danger of burning himself out like a candle on a hot stove. However, James doesn't appear to have suffered any long term damage from it. Thankfully, the spell will help him a great deal.

            James is a very...odd...boy. That much is obvious. Though only Jonas and the new cat might know what is REALLY going on deep inside the wild child.


              The new toon cat proceeded to cast the spell on James. And the moment he was done, all the pain suddenly stopped. "There. How does that feel?"


                James gasped softly and panted, looking better, "That....that helps... It doesn't...hurt so much any more. It's still...there I can...feel it but it's...It's much more bearable now. Tha..thank you."


                  Jonas smiled. "By the way, James... the cat who just helped you is the real... Salem Spellman, an instructor at the Consortium of Magic in the Quad Counties. He teaches masses of students magic in classroom environments."

                  Salem nodded his head. "Yes, I am the real one. I starred in Sabrina the Teenage Witch on TV. But I like my day job better."


                    James smiles, "Then thank you. I met the imposter you as...I told you earlier." He smiles and hugs Salem, "Your a really hot kitty. Like my grandpa." He pauses then tilts his head slightly, in a pose Salem knows, as he grins mischievously, "You and Grandpa dating?"


                      Salem giggled. "I hope not. He's too old for me." He winked giggling. "I prefer young boys."

                      Jonas grinned. "I've been dating one of Lord Albert's cat lord friends. He's not bad in bed."

                      Salem commented, "You perv." Then he focused on James. "Would you like me to help you later tonight while Jonas is playing the boring old spy game on your father thingy?"


                        James giggles at that but nods to Salem, "Okay." He smiles, "You've already helped me lots and lots!" He rubs the back of his head, blushing, "I don't know. I'm not THAT young but I don't think Priscilla would like that idea. Or Sarah. Why do girls gotta act so weird!"


                          Salem grins. "Because they are girls. Now you need to go wash up so you can look your best for dinner. Later, I'll come find you in your room."


                            James nods and heads off to do that. It's not something he likes... even under the best of circumstances. But he'd doesn't wanna face Pinky McCollarton tonight if his mom finds out he didn't wash up.


                              Mr. and Mrs. Talbot were waiting at the dining table for the appearance of their son. Mr. Talbot was extra happy tonight for he had something interesting to show James.