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KF2: CC-03 A Wolf With No Name

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    Storm Warning gets a very serious look on his face. "There is said to be ruins in South America where a mystical door was locked which used to be the only way to cross between Earth and Veil, even though the Werewolves do it all the time themselves whenever they like. Luna and Gaea give them permission to do this for important reasons. The door was locked with a four part rune key and the key was split into four parts and sent to different parts of the world. This occurred before the Ice Age, mind you. It is possible that your father has found one of the four parts of the Rune Key but cannot get the others. Through his part, he could have learned about the door and by studying the lock, he has probably surmised that they could simply create a new rune key rather than using the original. If he opens that door, the entire world will know it. It would be a disaster. On the largest scale you could think of. Neighbors you once though were Normal could end up being a family of Gargoyles. Hell Hounds pissing on Fire Hydrants. Angels working at caution lights. You name it... the world couldn't handle it."

    "There are agencies in the World whose job is to cover up these things. PSI in Florida is the closest one. CHESS in Greece. PATHS in Oregon. AMBER in Great Britain. POSSE in Australia. They exist to prevent Normal people from seeing too much. And if Mr. Talbot opens that door... all of them won't be able to do a thing about it. Opening the door won't hurt him, but... the aftermath is what might hurt him. He is only human, James. He probably thinks a lost treasure is behind that door."

    Storm sighed. "The worst case scenario would be if your father learned about the Forbidden Crown. I am sure you have heard about it by now. I told Priscilla a story about it last year and she lost interest in seeing it after that."

    Priscilla nodded her head. "Like James said, people do some dumb things sometimes, but some of us aren't totally stupid. And I know James tries to be careful."

    Storm looked at James again. "Word has reached me that you have been in contact with a conniving lying rotten criminal scum of an evil feline who is bound to a book of magic. Never EVER release him, James. He WILL get you in trouble. His name is NOT Salem. That's a name he uses to trick people into feeling sorry for him. His real name is Beezulbogradoth and he used to be an Apprentice Demonling who tried to get the Crown for his master in the Underworld to use in one of their dumb underworld wars. He was caught, luckily for us all. Wearing that crown is the same as opening that door."

    This horse is not even part of High Command and even HE knows the tale.


      James blinks a little. "Um... Yeah. Mr. McCrowley called it the Salem Warlock Chest." He pounced one of the hay bails and ran up to sit on the crossbeam of the stables, balancing there as he thought. "I guess I better not ever release him then. He seemed pretty sullen." He jumps down from the high beam to some of the piles of hay lightly and mmmms, "That seems pretty mega bad...." He still has a hard time standing still sometimes, though he thought it seemed kinda boring here. Nothing cool or shiny to look at.

      James thinks a minute more, then says, "There was a lotta stuff in the chest. But I haven't earned it yet. I'm working for Mr. McCrowley because Grandpa wanted it. I thought I'd keep it for him in my room but then I found out he wasn't dead and stuff. Not that Dad cares... but...hehe I do! I played a game with him. he was the mouse and I tracked him down and pounced him!"


        Storm says, "If you found a way to make him EARN his release, that's different. But I get the feeling that the first spell he wanted to teach you was the one to release him. Correct? And even if he taught it to you, you wouldn't be able to cast it."


          James nodnods as he climbs back up to the perch and balances on it like a tightrope, "Yep. That's about right. And when I said no, he got all pouty and sullen and went back in the book."


            Priscilla then asked, "Why wouldn't James be able to cast that spell? If he's being taught a spell, what prevents him from casting it?"

            The Arabian Stallion smiled and stamped his hoof. "A very good question. You were paying attention this time. It is something called Spell Ranks. Because the High Command 'spell locked' the cat to the book, it takes a mage of at least Spell Rank 10 to cast the release spell. And even then... the component for the spell is a blessed token from both Gaea and Luna. Without those components, the spell is useless. At best, neither of you have any Spell Ranks."

            "To start you on your roads to magedom, I will teach you two Cantrips of the easiest schools for you to learn. I already revealed what schools you are best suited for. James will learn Commune and Light. Priscilla will learn Breeze and Shake. Later, once you are comfortable with these cantrips, you can teach each other what I taught you. Then you will have four Cantrips to play with. Learning a school other than your easy one is more difficult, but rewarding when you succeed. Never say 'I can't' but instead say 'I will'."

            And he proceeded to do just that.

            "Commune" was the spell which James was probably wishing for earlier... to be able to talk to ALL of his animal friends. hehe.

            "Light" was the spell for making firefly like lights in a dark area to illuminate it enough to see therein.

            "Breeze" was the spell for causing a gentle breeze to kick up, useful for making stinky scents go away.

            "Shake" was the spell for vibrating something at a short distance. Talk about good vibrations.

            Priscilla was glad that Cantrips did not use components. She was thinking that carrying components might be a pain in the ass later for huge spells. She focused and successfully cast the Breeze spell, which caused some of the hay to kick up in the air and settle down a short distance away. "Wow... that's neat."


              James was really happy that one of them was Commune. To him, that's something that could get him to sit still out side of the catacombs for more than a few minutes. heh.

              He liked Light too. It was pretty and shiny. He grins and makes the firefly dance around and then form into cat eyes on the wall. He giggles, "This is FUN!" He was about to cast the spell again when he suddenly teetered and fell off the support beam into the hay, holding his head.


                Priscilla cast Shake on a section of the floor and it make the hay particles dance a bit. "Thank you, Storm." Then she helped James up. "Are you okay? We really should be getting back to the Occult Shop now. And sadly, your headache will return when we re-enter town. But it shouldn't be so bad now that you're learning magic."

                Storm smiled. "There is a Rank 2 spell for Shielding places from the magical barrage. Certain business owners use it so their customers can dine in peace and quiet. But I suggest you get used to Cantrips first. When you want to learn more, both of you come back to me and I will teach you the other two sets so you have them all. Good luck, James. And stay out of trouble."

                Occult Shop

                James and Priscilla were back inside with an hour to spare, although both boy and girl were pretty happy. And with good reasons, too.

                "Thanks for a wonderful day, James. I'll continue to make an effort for Michael and Matthew. I hope he's okay."

                Crow cackled. "I heard you two learned some Cantrips. Good, good. The world needs more magic users. Of course... now that you know Cantrips, I can teach you a little something myself. I never could learn full blown magic, but there are some Cantrips I did learn."

                Priscilla said, "My base school is Wizard and James' base school is Sorcerer."

                Post #19 reference.

                Crow nodded his head and he taught James an extra Cantrip for the Sorcery School.

                "Animal Form I" was a personal spell affecting yourself only. It permitted you to transform into a small animal of your choice. To return to normal, simply end the spell or sleep, which will instantly revert you to normal.

                Priscilla learned an extra Cantrip for the Wizard School.

                "Transmute Object I" was a spell for changing a small object into the shape of another object, yet still be made of what it was made of before. Useful or just funny, you decide. Changing a wooden door into a wooden chair, for instance.

                Priscilla grinned. "Something tells me that there is going to be trouble later tonight. Oh the things I could do with this Cantrip."


                  James seemed to be having trouble casting the spell...or grasping the spell. Each time he tried, he'd wince. He was putting on a brave face but he seemed to be in pretty bad pain that seemed to be more the cause rather than a result of the fall. Finally he went over and sat alone, holding his head, "I..I think I need to take a break... The ...chauffeur is here soon."


                    Crow patted James on the head. "It's the Magical Barrage that causes your headache interfering. You'll get it once you find a shielded location. Maybe you can get a mage to arrange a shielded area for you at the Compound. Anyway, your chauffeur will be here soon. And as Storm would say... sad thing that... your parents phoned ahead. They will be home by 8 PM tonight. Your father sounded excited. Said he found another artifact to study. So you know what that means... your Grandfather will likely be in the Manor again this weekend."


                      James looks at Crow. "It feels like my brain is mush and my skull is trying to cave in, Crow... Like this pressure just keeps building and building." He sighs, "It just gets worse the more magic I'm around... like everything is trying to scream at me. I don't know why but it's just.... so hard to focus. The more I learn, it just seems, the more clear all of this ...stuff is. It HURTS... my eyes, my ears.... My chest... My heart."

                      James looks down at his hands, before gripping his hands into fists, "I don't understand why it has to effect me like this. It started outside of town, Crow... I shouldn't have been able to feel anything out there. Storm said so. But I was casting the cantrips and suddenly... it was like this explosion went off inside my head... and I... I got really dizzy and I fell. I blacked out for a moment until Priscilla helped me up. And I couldn't... I couldn't FOCUS to use my magic any more... It HURT went I tried. Like it does now. It's like... It's diving into lightning or trying to bathe in fire. And it's not just in my head any more."

                      James sighs, "Maybe... I'm just really, really tired. I feel...exhausted. Like I have no energy at all yet at the same time... all the energy in the world." He gets up and says, "I haven't earned it yet, I'm going to leave the box here." He looks up, "That's the limo. I recognize it's sound... I better go." He gets his things and heads out to meet the chauffeur who is just happen to pull up at the moment James opened the door. He waves good bye to Priscilla and Crow as he heads home.

                      James falls back against the seat, "Grand pa... I hope you get here soon."

                      KF2: CC-03 A Wolf With No Name

                      Stay tuned for KF2: CC-04 Ribbons & Yarn