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KF2: CC-02 When it Rains, it Floods

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    KF2: CC-02 When it Rains, it Floods

    -=Knight Flight 2=-
    Coopersville Chronicles

    This is the tale of an age long ago. Of friends in Coopersville who made discoveries and had adventure as they grew up in a seemingly normal city.

    The Boys:

    1. Michael Hawthorne - Timesheart
    2. Matthew Dangers - Timesheart
    3. James Talbot - Darquirrin


    Boomer, kangaroo owned by Matthew
    Suba, panther hunter owned by James

    The Others:

    Mr. McCrowley, Occult Shop owner
    Ms. Sarah, single baker
    Priscilla Harrington III, snooty bitch

    The Toons:

    Jonas Atticus
    Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
    Lord Atticus
    & possible others...

    Coopersville Chronicles
    Episode Two: When it Rains, it Floods
    March 22nd, 2012

    Occult Shop

    There was a thunderstorm and heavy rain pelting the entire Coopersville region. Strangely, it did wait for Mr. And Mrs. Talbot to board their plane and leave town and waited for James to get to work before it really let loose.

    Mr. McCrowley looked out the front window at the falling rain. "Looks like a bad one. I wonder who pissed off the gods this time?" asking no one in particular.

    James walked in the door and hung up his three layers of coats his mother forced him to wear with a shudder. "Probably my parents but then if that were the case, it'd be following them."

    He runs a hand through his hair and shakes it a little as the large teen lion with him shook off his scruffy start of a mane and fur near the door. "By the way, I'm suppose to tell you that I have to be on call as long as the rain storm is here. If it gets too bad, I have to run home and make sure all the storm valves and stuff are opened and make sure the compound doesn't turn into a giant water-filled drowning bowl. But Mister Tobias is there to help this time. My dad insisted he stay on site so I'd have help just in case the storm get really, really bad."

    Mgeni growls a bit in a frustrated way, clearly not happy with the weather.


      Mr. McCrowley cackled somewhat, then he said, "In times past, whenever Coopersville flooded, Jonas would allow the townspeople to come stay in the main area of the Talbot chateau up on the Talbot Plateau... er, that's what that rise is called, you know. It's above the flood plains. Therefore, if flood conditions return, your place could see a LOT of people again. Humorously, the Harrington Mansion is always the first place to flood since they unwisely built that place right next to the lake."

      He then picked up a large towel and brought it over and started drying Mgeni off... all over. "By the way, James," he commented. "My real name is Ichabod McCrowley, but back in school, I got tired of the Mr. Ick jokes, so I demanded to be called by my last name or for short, Mr. Crow."


        James smiles a bit. "That wouldn't be bad... But I still wonder how grand-dad found a somewhat circular plateau 50 miles across for the compound to be built on...." He tilts his head, "I can walk pretty fast...And jog a long way... But it seems like no matter how fast I run, it takes AT LEAST a day to go from the far wall to the other wall all the way across the compound. But it doesn't seem that big from walking around the outside of the walls. I can almost wall around the entire way in a day from the front door to the front door. And the actual estate itself in the very center is almost the same way. I grew up there and know the entire compound by heart yet... There always seems like there is something new to be found or discovered... no matter how long I travel across it. And the house is like that too. It's weird but it's home. I wouldn't be surprised if every person in the city could find a room there...and no one person having to sleep bunked up... with room for one more if needed....even if there didn't seem to be enough room ten minutes ago. But weirdest part is..." He looks around and then whispers in Mister Crow's ear, "When I got home, there was a spot on my shelf in my room. It used to be Grandpa's, excatly the same size and shape of the box I'm working to earn!"

        Mgeni gives Mr. McCrowley a long look.... but then notices the towel and leans into it. Accepting the assistance but with a regal air. James giggles a little, "I brought Mister Responsible with me today. Baghera and Rela asked me to let Suba stay home today."


          Mr. McCrowley smiled. "Your grandfather was trying to learn magic. He was fascinated by the genre all the way. Oh, that reminds me, James... my weird client is coming today to pick up the Graphite Spirit Totem. I don't know when he is to arrive, but this could be your big chance to meet him."

          Just then, Michael, Matthew, and Boomer, came into the front of the shop and carefully removed their rain gear to put on the coat rack.

          "Well, well... my Pet and his newest companion," giggled Michael when he saw James.

          Matthew helped Boomer out of his gear. "Route 34 is already closed down, Mr. McCrowley. We just got the word from the local highway patrol. The river down that way is over the banks. They said that if this rain kept up, then everyone in town should head for higher ground. And you know as well as I do where the only higher ground is..."

          Mr. McCrowley cackled. "I was just telling James about that."


            James blinkblinks... "Wow, it must be rising fast. I hope your weird client can swim! Or...float..or something."

            Mgeni walked over and jumped up next to Michael...then put his paw on the boy's head rather suddenly. As if saying, 'mine'.

            James giggles, "I think Mgeni likes you." He looks over at Mr. McCrowley, "Um.... If...It does flood will your store...and my okay?" Yes, he's worried about that box again.


              Mr. McCrowley smirked. "Oh I am sure my weird client will just teleport. As for the vault... it is hard to explain, my boy, but it is always safe. We have never had a single tome soaked."

              Michael giggled. "He's right, James... the Catacombs for some reason always stay dry. I've never even seen a puddle in there after a heavy rain."

              Boomer eyed the lion, but remained near Matthew, none the less.

              Matthew arched an eye. "Teleport? Oh right! He's in charge of the Quad Counties, so of course he would have toon powers himself." He personally fired off a ton of fan mail to toons the previous night. Not a single answer yet, though.

              Michael only sent one toon mail and it was to the Pink Panther. And he's already gotten a reply. So he's happy.


                James nods, "Alright." He nodnods, "Yeah, I imagine he's probably a pretty powerful toon if he's in charge of all that." James wrote a pretty long letter to his Grand Dad last night, but he was too nervous to send it. This morning though, the letter was missing. So James is going to have to write another one. James' father torn it up and threw it away. But like Mister Banks in Mary Poppin's, that doesn't stop toon mail.

                Mgeni kept his claws sheathed but his paw was big enough to cover most of Michael's head. But he was just playing. Suba had told him all the stories. So if this guy wants to own a Talbot, a Talbot's gonna own him. That's Mgeni's line of thinking. Mgeni pulled Michael over closer and gave him a 'good boy' lick from the throat to the top of the head.

                James looks over at Mr. McCrowley, "So what should I do today? I'm suppose to be working for you."


                  "You know the drill... sweep the floors or man the counter. That was our deal. And some of your time later this afternoon before you go home. Weather be damned. Although with this rain, we probably won't see any customers-"

                  But at that moment, during a flash of lightning, an aristocratic styled woman wearing a dark dress with her hair pinned up in a bun appeared in the occult shop!

                  "-except for her." Mr. McCrowley turned to greet the woman himself. "Magdalena! You aren't flying your broom in this weather, I hope."

                  She clutched her dark purse in her hands with an eerie smile. "Why wouldn't I? I caused this storm. Magic is like that." She winked with a smile. "I need a reagent list filled. You are the only one I trust." Then she glanced at the young boys. "New products on the market, Crow?"

                  He grinned back. "Not in the slightest. James Talbot Jr. here works for me. These other boys are his friends. Matthew Dangers and Michael Hawthorne."

                  She eyed Michael when his full name was mentioned. "oh, so you are a Hawthorne. forgive my misplaced comment, my lord." She then turned to Crow again as she handed him a list. "Fill this list, Crow. I will be back later. My black cat has an appointment at the beauty parlor." And she vanished in a puff of black smoke!

                  Michael was a little shocked. True, it was unusual for the lion to be pawing him... but now this woman called him a lord. HIM.

                  Matthew ummed. "She caused the storm? Reagent list?"

                  Mr. McCrowley cackled. "Now that you have met a real witch, how do you feel?" He headed over to the filing cabinet to check on the in stock reagents.


                    James scratches his head a little, "Um... Maybe someone in your family is? I don't know. Applying Logic to this... doesn't seem like the best idea. Oh look. A non-inhabited broom." He takes it and starts his cleaning chores. It's gonna be a long day!

                    The lion let him go after that and jumped down to go see what all Mr. McCrowley was doing and 'over see' the order filling. Suba's more fun.


                      Matthew giggled. "Better hope it doesn't start flying, James."

                      Around Noon

                      Matthew, Boomer, and Michael were at a small cafe table in the front of the Occult Shop while James, Mgeni, and Mr. McCrowley were at the counter.

                      The door at the front of the shop opened and closed on its own and then slowly phasing in from seemingly nowhere was a man wearing the head of a black cat with a black derby (with holes in the sides for his ears) on his head and holding a long black cane. He wore a black tuxedo like business suit, although the tail hanging out of the back was very feline. And he had cat like feet instead of shoes. His eyes were slitted like a cat and were a pale violet in color. "Dreadful weather... truly dreadful weather. Crow, I am here for the Totem. Is it ready?"

                      "Indeed it is, Albert," he replied. "It was as easy to make as you said it would be. I hope the site for your rites is fairing the weather well."

                      Albert smiled. "Rain shield is preventing outside weather from bogging down the QC."

                      Matthew and Michael both glanced over instantly when the new person mentioned the QC.

                      Matthew was thinking, He doesn't look all that weird. In an odd sort of way, he is rather pretty.

                      Michael was thinking, Damn... he's HAWT!


                        The first thing James thought was Damn ... He must be hot in that outfit... then he thought He's actually not weird looking at all. followed by wait a second, it's a talking cat. It must be the QC guy The mentioning of the QC only confirmed it for him. He went back into the storeroom as soon as he confirmed what the gentlemen wanted.

                        Mgeni tilted his head a bit. This cat smelled odd but seemed slightly familiar. He glanced at the direction James left then looked back at Albert with a curious look on his muzzle.

                        James collected the container the totem was in and brought it to 'Albert'. "Here you are, Sir." He held it out for Albert take. James of course looked just like someone Albert has met already.


                          Albert accepted the package then tilted his head. "Jonas, What are you doing here? I know you like wearing the illusion of your old human appearance, but you said you would be working on the Union today."

                          Mr. McCrowley cackled out loud. "Albert, my boy... you just met my employee... James Talbot Jr. He is trying to earn 'that box' that Jonas wanted. You really thought it was him, didn't you?"

                          The cat blinked his eyes. "Great gods... the likeness is so uncanny. I apologize, James. You look just like Jonas did at that age. As for that box, have you seen the contents yet?" He had that 'solve the riddle' look in his eyes.


                            James blushes, "I guess the resemblance really is uncatty... I mean... Uncanny." He giggles a little, "Though from what I heard uncatty works too." He definitely has the same sense of humor. He grins, "Not yet. I t was empty.. .Still is... I checked it again earlier... Though it still makes my brain ITCH... It's weird.... Anyway, I'm gonna figure it out one day! Oh ... um.. Can...can you tell Jonas I said Hi..." He blushes, "I didn't know my grandpa was still alive until... yesterday. So Um... I'd REALLY appreciate it." He smiles, "And it's okay about the confusion. Actually.. I sorta take it as a compliment! Though my dad doesn't think that. I almost thought about seeing what he would say if I used my middle name.... But then I decided being allowed to leave the compound wasn't something I wanted to jeopardize. HE still doesn't like that Crow got me a way out on weekdays."

                            James smiles, "Anyway, sorry, I'm blabbering. I'm a little nervous meeting you, to be honest. Though I'm glad I got to." There is a certain air of innocence that tells just how sheltered he's lived but he has an earnest hunger for adventure and mystery and the arcane that certainly marks his linage... Not to mention, it really is like looking at a human Jonas for Albert. It's remarkable the similarities.


                              Albert hummed. "I wonder if that is what Jonas meant this morning when he told me that someone nice sent him some Toon Mail. He said the page looked as if it had been torn into eighteen small pieces, but he used magic to piece it back together and he said he read it and is going to reply to it later."

                              The cat man then examined James more closely. "The Compound. Jonas told me all about that evil place. He had a nickname for it that was not very nice. He called it the Cursed Prison. He said if your parents ever forced you to stay there, you would do as he did and desperately search for any escape out that you could get. He said that if he hadn't put in the secret doors, hidden hallways, and mysterious extensions a few years ago, it would still be a prison. He told me that you used to be able to cross the Compound in less than an hour and there used to be servants and guards watching you at every turn. He went in a few years ago and used his magic to change things in there so it had secrets that parents wouldn't know about."

                              The two boys had gotten up to come have a closer look at the cat man. The Kangaroo stayed near Matthew, of course.

                              Mr. McCrowley ahemed, "We do need to discuss the payment this time, Albert. You said you couldn't trust anyone but me to do this and you said this item was going to be invaluable to the rite. Since it is invaluable, business mindedly speaking, of course, I think the payment should be a bit more than the usual trinkets you usually reward me with."

                              Albert hummed. "Yes, I did say those things. Very well... you have been supportive beyond your ability. And you gave me an extra treat with your new employee today. I really thought he was Jonas." He looked to James again. "Tell me something... does your father think that you are his father reborn?"