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[KMRT-F] AC-03 The Seventh Dawn

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    [KMRT-F] AC-03 The Seventh Dawn

    KMRT - Frontier
    New Britannia

    Ariel Calebson

    [KMRT-F] AC-03 The Seventh Dawn.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    May 17th, 2020

    Chapter One

    Once Deryk Sidarius pulled himself together, he grabbed his bag, Seth's black leather jacket, which made him feel comfortable in his own skin. Unlike the Lonewolf Letterman Jacket, Deryk was virtually swimming in the big jacket. "That's enough sharing for now, Yin-Yang. Ah think Ah am ready, mates. Time to raid us a Tax Caravan." Yin-Yang then scurried into the Tao Boomer Bracelet.

    Deryk Sidarius slapped his hand onto his Boomer Bracelet, and shouted, "Boomer Tao, Power Up! 'a!" As his morphing sequence began, Yin-Yang came out of the bracelet, and split into two spirits, as Deryk split into his Yin and Yang. Yin made a Black Ranger suit appear on Dark Deryk's body, as Yang made a White Ranger Suit appear on Light Deryk's body. The Kangaroo Spirits transformed helmets of respective Colors, landing on the respective Deryk's heads. After the helmets were affixed, both representations of Deryk merged together, making a balanced Ranger form as a whole. Deryk struck a battle pose, and yelled "Tao Boomer!"

    Nick exclaimed, "Time to suit up, everyone!"

    Nick raised his fist over his chest. "Dragons Roar!" His Dragon Morpher suddenly appeared on his wrist. "Stellar Dragon Power!" First, black plated boots and gauntlets appeared. His entire body glowed with an intergalactic starry light, as his one-piece uniform appeared. Next, cosmic silver steel greaves affixed themselves to his thighs, as a cosmic silver breastplate affixed itself to his torso. A flexible black steel belt appeared around his waist, as a stellar dragon head buckle appeared, centered on the belt itself. Then, the image and sound of the Stellar Dragon Guardian roared behind his head, as the image reached forth on both sides, wrapping itself around his head, becoming a stellar dragon like helm with a dark shiny visor. The Dragon Morpher glowed once more, as Nick became the Stellar Dragon Guardian!

    Stellar mentally said, Stage two, Nick!

    Nick struck a pose, shouting, "Dragon Cosmos! Grow!" The dragon's eye on the morpher began to emit the aura of Cosmos. There was a sudden draconic roar, as Nick could feel the Dragon transformation beginning. His draconic scaly tail grew out of his tail bone, as he felt leathery wings emerging out of his back. Nick then experienced an increase in size, causing him to become like a giant. This was followed by his hands and feet becoming claws, as he became covered in a coat of smooth stellar silver and black scales. Then, he issued forth another draconic roar, as his ears pulled into his head, as his dragon's head, head fin and long slender horns grew forth in a most prominent display. Nick extended his wings, as he struck a pose in his majestic Stellar Dragon form!

    Benjamin struck a pose, making his hands into fists, as he shouted, "Spiritklaw!" On each wrist came a flash of light which resulted in his Adamantium morphers, which he then brought together in front of himself. "Metallic Lion! Adamantium!" There came an immediate flash of light, as Benjamin's clothing vanished and his body seemed to grow a good foot. A halo like glow of light surrounded his head, as his tail bone grew out forming his lion's tail. Then, the rest of his lion man body took hold, as the halo transformed into a majestic lion's mane. His lion's muzzle grew forth, as his ears moved to the top of his head. His claws then set into place on both hands and feet, while his feet became padded like a lion. Finally, his Adamantium ranger armors of Lion Valley appeared, affixing themselves all over his lion body, followed by his protective goggles over his eyes. Benjamin exclaimed, "Adamantium Lion Ranger!" as he let loose a huge lion's roar!

    Helga brought her morpher up over her face, as she pushed two parallel buttons simultaneously. "Noble Vixen!" The background behind her changed to look like an European castle and courtyard, as her body glowed with a reddish light. Her red and yellow costume then appeared on her body, along with white gloves and boots. Then fox like helm appeared over her head, and her face was covered by a black visor. Then, as the background returned to normal, her fencing sword appeared in her hand and she struck her countess pose with foil raised before her visor. "Red Vixen Contessa Ranger!"

    Kyr held her Dawn Tiara on high, as she shouted, "Angel Sunrise!" She then placed the tiara on her head. "Golden Power!" As she was spun around, a sunrise burst through the clouds, as her gold tinted white suit appeared on her body. Then Gold armored Chestplate with wings appeared, followed by her armored angelic boots and gloves. As her blonde hair wrapped itself in a neat bun, her majestic helmet secured itself on Kyr to protect her head. With a magical gleam, her Golden Sunrise Baton appeared in her hand. With an elegant pose, Kyr announced herself as "Golden Sunrise Angel!"

    Hector pulled out a diamond from his pocket. "Soul Treasure!" He shouted, as the diamond grew bigger and glowed in a green light. "Empowering Diamond!" As the glow of the diamond got brighter, it faded away, as Hector's green suit appeared on his body. his armor glowed in the same way the diamond did, as his helmet fitted itself securely on his head. His Diamond-tip Staff appeared in his grip, as he struck a knightly battle pose. "Green Diamond Ranger!"

    Nick then loaded up Clipper, Benjamin, and Kyr on his back, and they lifted off into the night sky, disappearing off into the inky black night.

    Helga nodded her head at Deryk and Hector, then said to the Dragon Soul Rangers and the Tao team. "Don't kill each other while we're gone. And no snooping. Come on, you two." And Helga led Deryk and Hector down the cliff out of the camp.

    "No snooping?" said Janet in a seeming complaint. "Who does she think she is, anyway? We Tao Rangers have been here before."

    Orion looked to Lexington and Seth. "Just why are you guys here? Is this a training mission, or a punitive temporary exiling from your own dimension?"

    Lexington explained to Orion about the fight in the Ultrazord, and the powerful lecture from the Mystics. "They thought we would work better as a team if we spend ten days helping each other."

    Lisa grumbled. "A lady doesn't snoop." She then took the unopened Dark Chocolate bar from Russell, and started to eat it. A girl needed her antioxidants. The Black AnkyloDragon Ranger whined. "I'm not allowed to have nutrients anymore?"

    End of Chapter One

    Chapter Two

    Deryk Devlin was wanting to speak to some of the Tao Rangers himself, starting with his Parousian counterpart's half-brother, Cutter. "'ow are yas doing, mate? Ah mean... what is life like in Parousia?"

    Orion said, "If that's why you were sent here, then you may be here for a while. Nick isn't likely to let you guys join any of his missions. He rarely ever says that someone looks like that they can't follow orders. And he said that about your team."

    Varvara said to Lisa, "Excuse me, Lisa... I am the only true lady in Tao. Janet would snoop given any chance at all."

    Janet grinned. "And don't you forget it!"

    Cutter said, "Do yas 'ave permission from yer teammates to be asking me questions about Parousia, mate? As for 'ow Ah am... Ah am 'olding up pretty well. Just keeping up with my shaman lessons and all."

    Deryk the Pouch grinned. "Fun times. The Dreamtrail Rangers didn't stay long since the Aquarians weren't going to let them 'elp in their jobs. So the Dragon Soul left to go spend some time in Toonmasters. Sadly after that outing, the replacement Nick returned from the mission and yas never got to see the real Nick ever again. Ah think we 'ave the memories we need to make the real Nick's memories 'is own once again. Just remember, 'e has new powers and will not 'ave access to the dragon. So if yas were 'oping for Stellar, that must remain in the realm of fantasy. Ah'll be back soon with Nick, Joseph, and Clipper of Gaea. His realm name is Cosma, but like the entire legion, they prefer to be called Clipper, of the Magical Acquisition, Information, and Debt Services division of Rotunda City." And he teleported away.

    Off in Kyru's kingdom, the Kangaroo Crown prince hugged Ariel who had come to visit him. "Oye! Ah am surprised that yas came to my kingdom to see me, Ariel."

    Ariel hugged the boomer in return before kissing him on the muzzle. "You're my friend, Kyru. Friendships should not be kept apart. Besides, I missed you."

    Kyru grinned. "Better me than Crown Prince Tail-'umper. Ah only kissed yas. And yas came to see me first."

    Ariel smiled. "You are a great kisser, Kyru. By the way, I am now living on planet in the fourth region where my clubhouse fortress is located. There is no road going there, but I have my privacy. I wanted to give you the capability to call me if you ever needed me for something. As for Tail-humper, I need to be careful around him. I think he might be in rut. And that isn't safe for anyone."

    Kyru laughed. "If 'e is, then yas better 'ave a frying pan tied to yer ass. Ah made the mistake once to be near 'im when 'e was in rut and that's 'ow 'e and Ah became more than simple friends. Remember when yas asked us that question one time?"

    Ariel nodded his head. "Yes, I remember asking that question. However, you also said you would only mount me if I gave you permission to do it. I am open to the idea now if you want to show me a good time."

    Kyru escorted Ariel off to a private bathing chamber. "This should be private enough. Time together is not a spectacle for the entire court to witness although everyone knows 'ow much Ah love yas, Ariel." And he proceeded to remove the boy's clothes and show him just how a Crown Prince Kangaroo does it.

    Later during the shared bath, Robere poked his head into the window of the bathing chamber. "So... getting some nookie from my best friend, Are you? Didn't think I would find out? Well, I caught wind that Ariel was back and when he didn't come to see me, I came right over here."

    Kyru said, "Yas know my rule, Robere. Ah cannot mount someone without their permission. Besides, Ariel was afraid that yas might be in rut."

    Robere replied, "That happened two weeks ago. It almost drove me crazy. I was in rut during the week when Ariel was on Earth."

    Ariel said, "I was going to come see you but everyone has said that when you are in rut, you are not safe to be around. And I didn't want you to pin me down with live-birth cubs."

    Robere sighed. "Its okay, I can tell when I am not wanted."

    Ariel quickly said, "That's not true at all. Are you going to join us in this tub or do we have to drag you into this water?"

    Kyru reached up and grabbed Robere by his muzzle and yanked him head first into the rub with the two of them. "Now yas are in the tub with us, mate. Probably the first bath 'e 'as 'ad since Britannia." He started to laugh as he then got a handful of soap foam stuck in his muzzle by the rabbit.

    "I bathed just last week! You were the one who liked to wade slough mud and be muddy from the waist down!"

    Ariel grinned. "If I recall correctly, he is right. Robere and I had to stay on the dry trail."

    Following that admission of truth, a playful fight broke out in the bathing tub as the three got super sudsy and very VERY wet. Ariel felt like he was drowning in the scented water. "Beware the fart bubbles, guys!" The rabbit and the roo both said as one, "Ewww!" Ariel got dunked under the bath water at that point.

    End of Chapter Two