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AJ-01 Charmed to Save You

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    Anthro Justice HQ

    After the tour of the superheroes futuristic home base, a familiar portal opened up in the center of the arrival area and a familiar voice issued forth from the portal.

    "All right, ladies... your ride home is here." It was Charming.

    Strikeback smiled. "Go on, girls. We are used to seeing Charming's portals. Besides, we'll see you again some day."

    Americat nodded his feline muzzle. "She is right. You two have the makings of the finest heroes who have ever graced Planet Furth. There will be another day. So until that time, think of us often and keep your stockings clean." He winked.

    Inertia giggled. "I don't wear stockings." She glanced aside at Luna. "Hear that, GF? They think we'll be back." She winked.


      Luna grins and looks back over at the other superheroes then back to Inertia, "I'm sure they do. And I'm sure we will.." She starts heading into the portal, glancing back over her shoulder with a wink, "I had a lovely time. It was Charming to meet you all." Then she headed inside.

      Firestar grumbles, "Great... Another pun-loving superhero. Oh gods... now they have me doing it!"


        Inertia giggled as she headed through the portal following Luna...

        ...there was the long tunnel of light...

        ...and they emerged in their human forms back on Earth. Their own Earth.

        And once they arrived, Charming was heard saying, "Now that you have made the round trip, you will be able to open the passage between worlds whenever you like. Both of you. And as promised, you get to keep your powers here on Earth. So until you need me again, au revoir." And his voice was gone.

        Geraldine smiled. "He said we would have our powers here on Earth. I known I am an Ermine on Furth, but I want to see what I am like here."

        Geraldine placed her hand over her heart and she felt the superhero transformation begin. There came a quick flash of light that was gone in an instant. She was dressed in a dark red and black costume with shimmering silver racing stripes along her arms and legs and in the center of her chest was a ruby emerald that was embedded in a circle of the shimmering silver. Upon her head she wore a winged eye mask of dark red. "I am... I am Inertia." She then struck her pose and her outline glowed for a brief moment to showcase the arrival of a new superhero.

        Inertia the human superhero grinned at her friend Serena. "Your turn, girlfriend. Or do you need Sailor Anime Music this time?" She winked.


          Serena chuckles, "No. though I felt the power here when I arrived. It seems however, you do not get out of being a Goddess so easily. I wonder if this is what Isis had to deal with? Though I definitely think a change in costume would be nice."

          Serena held up her hand, then flick it in a circling gesture as ribbons of moonlight silver flowed down around her hands, forming into a resplendent white gloves with bright metallic silver runes inlaid around the cuffs. Then the same process repeated for her feet, comfortable but highly functional knee high boot. Then it burst over her chest where a large brilliant gemstone formed, rays of moonlight shining bright enough to blind for a moment before the rest of costume appears out of the ribbons of light, gold accents adoring a tight but classy fusion of Japanese and Greek fashion. Finally, a long silver rod topped with a another silver gemstone inside a crescent moon. "I am Luna"

          She smiles at Inertia. "Suitable?"


            Inertia giggled. "Quite. Now lets see about ruining some boys evenings. Football my ass."


              Luna grins, "Right behind you, Inertia. Let's go."


                A few days later...

                Geraldine and Serena were a little perturbed when a favorite cafe didn't have any tables left during rush hour. Geraldine was tempted to use her powers, but just then they heard a male's voice.

                "Geraldine? Serena? Is that yas over there?"

                Sitting at a table by himself was a boy they knew by the name of Trip Donahue. "Come on over 'ere and 'ave a seat! Waiter! Ah know these two doves! They can share my table!"

                The waiter nodded his head. "As you wish, sir. I will bring your lady friends a menu." And he did that before departing again.

                Trip was a Cockney male human of 15 with blond hair, dark blue eyes, and fair skin. He stood at about 5'7" and he originated from London, England, but he was currently living with his grandparents. "Ah 'aven't seen yas two in a while. What 'ave yas been up to?"

                Geraldine smiled. "You know us... saving the world one lying boy at a time." She winked. "Right Serena?"


                  Serena smiles and whispers to Geraldine, "Now, now, dear, no punishing the wicked on an empty stomach." When she heard their friend speak up however she grinned and followed Geraldine to the table. "Mmmm. Lying or Frying, Right Gera?" She giggled and grins at Trip, "Nice to see atleast one guy in this town has some manners though."


                    Trip smiled. "Any time yas need this good old Cockney bloke to 'elp yas with day saving, just let me know." He winked. "Yas two are lucky Ah got in 'ere before the crowd 'it. Ah 'ad to tell a little fib to the waiter when Ah arrived that Ah 'ad special guests coming to join me later. It weren't the truth, but it got me a table by myself. And then Ah saw yas two 'ave trouble at the door. So then my fib became the truth. Because Ah think yas doves are special." He winked again with a smile.

                    Geraldine giggled. "Why isn't he charming, Serena?" Inside joke and she knew it.