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Howling Fury
A were-creature's life is not all guns and roses. Oft are the things that make their existence not only rough and dirty but fun as well.
Topics: 8 Posts: 1,386
8 1,386
Adm Pouchlaw
Furry Tales 1
Ever wished on a fuzzy mail? That's what started Furry Tales... Around the room the plushies flew, Our young heroes knew what to do... They joined up with their furry friends, And now their adventures never end.
Topics: 13 Posts: 1,130
13 1,130
Adm Pouchlaw
Roofield's Finest
Life in Roofield can be what the locals make of it. But when a new officer joins the police force, drama is sure to follow...
(New Mathilda, Planet Furth)
Topics: 2 Posts: 33
2 33
Join the students of Ace the Bat Hound's union-sanctioned Maverick school.
Topics: 9 Posts: 496
9 496
Starting as MIT in Space, the Institute of Super Heroic Talents And Rules teaches the newest age of heroes in Frontier. The College team called... The Ishtarians; The Graduate team called... The Enforcers.
Topics: 4 Posts: 133
4 133
Adm Pouchlaw
Coopersville Chronicles
The adventure volume covering the time displaced Talbot boy on QC Planet.
Topics: 11 Posts: 839
11 839
Harold Chronicles
The adventure volume covering the time displaced Dangers, Talbot, and Atticus boys on QC Planet.
Topics: 12 Posts: 730
12 730
QC Europe Adventures
The Dark Knights of Wolf Moon Bay and Extreme Spirit of Aegean City may be found within.

See each sub-forum.
Topics: 16 Posts: 614
16 614
Adm Pouchlaw
Dark Knights (11/458)
Extreme Spirit (5/156)
When Infernal Delivery Services or Demon Hunters need something delivered no matter where to or when... it is these Freelancer Hell Hounds that they call upon.
Topics: 11 Posts: 520
11 520
Join the All-Star Charges as they spin off from their debut in Champions (C/GW-12) in new adventures throughout QC America (Meta Star City and Japanopolis.)
Topics: 3 Posts: 140
3 140
Adm Pouchlaw
Anthro Justice
Seeking prince charming among frogs is such a boar, but when two human girls discover the corridor between realities leading to a furry superhero setting, they not only save the local heroes but create a new legend as well.
Topics: 2 Posts: 44
2 44
Adm Pouchlaw
DAC Beyond
Shortly after the Unification Age of DAC-1, DAC-2, and DAC-3, a brief age of peace settled upon Temperoland. And in the newly established Digitopia City, a reign of peace and unified partnership ensued. But such peace was not to last, for an accident within the Pyramid of Unity would herald forth a new darkness and a new evil. And Digi-Destineds would be needed once again.
Topics: 6 Posts: 14
6 14
Disc Savers
To free the Digital World of a tyrannical overlord, select digital warriors escape from Pendragon City to recruit the newest Digi-Destined heroes.
(This is a remake of Silver Age Digimon.)
Topics: 6 Posts: 332
6 332
Disc Savers (Group II + JAC)
Contest Winners are awarded VIP entry access to the Junior Adventurers Club in New York City, only to learn that they were chosen to help in the battle against a tyrannical overlord in the Digital World as Digi-Destined heroes.
Topics: 3 Posts: 251
3 251
Adm Pouchlaw
Disc Trainers
When a corporate computer magnate gains access to a new Digital World, Gotolmyrmon sends forth invites to a select few young teenagers on Earth to recruit them for a mission against the evils of Macrosoft and to save the Digital World.
(This is a remake of Digimon-AC, Season 1.)
Topics: 4 Posts: 294
4 294
Adm Pouchlaw
Digimon: Di-Gi-Oh
It started out as a popular duelist card game. Then the contest was announced for the perfect card partner. But when the winning entrant is chosen, a wild adventure erupts in a small town that erodes the fine line between the digital world and the real one.
Topics: 4 Posts: 198
4 198
Damsels & Dragons RPG
A wild and sometimes dirty romp through a humorous fantasy world with the squires of knights, not so pretty princesses, flighty unicorns, impish dragons, crazy magicians, and slick demons.
Topics: 7 Posts: 578
7 578
Adm Pouchlaw
Furlough City
When two human boys witness a professor's new invention for making fantasy into reality, they arrange an adventure into their favorite comic book fantasy world. But when the portal generator is accidentally broken, their super adventures really begin.
Topics: 8 Posts: 564
8 564
Adm Pouchlaw
Legacy Shipping
In a world of Paint and Ink, follow the anime adventures of Monjaro Lee, Jackson Knightmane, Bastan McCoy, and Dante Elric as they deliver packages and solve mysteries throughout the Japanopolis region.
Topics: 8 Posts: 628
8 628
Magicwood Mysteries
On an animated world of magic, mystery, and fantastic myths abound, join a new team of mystery solvers as they tackle the vast unknowns within the Magicwood territories of Starknight Planet as they have adventures throughout their magical lands.
Topics: 3 Posts: 75
3 75
Adm Pouchlaw
Montorii Runes
Follow the adventures of a group of young people as they are whisked off into a Montropolis of worlds in turmoil, as they join together with Digimon partners to defeat the Chaos King.
Topics: 4 Posts: 353
4 353
Join the crime fighters of PASSWORD as they combat against crime and the villainous plotting of Mang Ling Fu the Merciless in Rainbow Marina.
Topics: 4 Posts: 131
4 131
Adm Pouchlaw
Starknight Planet
Come to Starknight Planet where magic is king and feline luck is queen... where adventure and chivalry brings you closer to dragons, unicorns, and wizardry. And where witch cats and familiars far and wide learn from the Consortium of Magic.
Topics: 3 Posts: 132
3 132
Adm Pouchlaw
Join the official team of Meta-Star City as they battle super villains and fight for truth and justice -- cartoon style.
Topics: 3 Posts: 86
3 86
Adm Pouchlaw
Toonime Express
Join new animated stars in a world of paint and ink, where thrills, chills, and mystery are a call away -- cartoon style.
Topics: 3 Posts: 127
3 127
Underworld Adventures
Join a group of friends as they are adopted by Rotunda Sponsors in the Underworld Bazaar.
Topics: 8 Posts: 614
8 614
Adm Pouchlaw
NWM-Adventure Retold
"All was well in Fairdale, the Earth was seeing some peace; When in like thunder, chaos asunder, a new evil did release! BWA HA HA HA!!!" In the time of the New World Mutants... join the original team as their adventure gets retold in a revision of their original decades adventure.
Played by Warhart and Darquirrin only.
Topics: 2 Posts: 118
2 118
NWM-Global Protectors
In the world of the New World Mutants... 3 years have passed and the evil one returns once again. It is up to a new band of mutant heroes to take a stand to defeat it.
Topics: 10 Posts: 534
10 534
Adm Pouchlaw
NWM-Unbridled Elements
In the reality of the New World Mutants... New York City was once Ground Zero, but in this future time evil begins to emerge anew and it is these heroes who arise to the challenge.
Topics: 5 Posts: 248
5 248
NWM-Castle Lochmere
In the reality of the New World Mutants... a new mutant training facility is started in the glory of Scotland where abilities are developed and legendary powers wander the land.
Topics: 3 Posts: 66
3 66
Triple I
This is the adventures of the Underworld's version of the FBI, aptly named The Triple I: Infernal Intelligence Investigations. A few young people get to experience these adventures with a seasoned set of III Agents.
Topics: 8 Posts: 524
Last Post: III-07 Wyld Horses
8 524
Adm Pouchlaw
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