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PRLF-48 Lion Force - Aftermath [OLD Eps 25]

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    PRLF-48 Lion Force - Aftermath [OLD Eps 25]

    07-17-2010, 02:26 AM
    Successfully defeating Morgana Le Fay and partying nearly all of the night brings the greatly awaited farewell episode. None of the players are required to play in this episode. In your absence, we can make posts for you. Again, thank you for playing and thank you for your patience in successfully completing a most wondrous journey. Hear the roar! Feel the roar! May all of your journeys be good ones. And now, the conclusion...

    Coming up next on the farewell episode of Power Rangers Lion Force!

    Lion Knight Rangers:
    Angus Maguire, Gold Knight Patrol Ranger
    Hikaru (He-KA-roo) Areli (Ah-REY-lee), Silver Lion Knight Ranger
    "Geisha" (Hanabi Takahashi), Black Lion Knight Ranger
    Kerrigan (Princess Branwen Brighthawk), Green Lion Knight Ranger

    Principal Knight Rangers:
    Robin Christian, Blue Hare Ranger (Honest Knight of Truth)
    Alan Fox, Red Fox Ranger (Noble Knight of Courage)
    Kevin Manix, Purple Dragon Ranger (Respected Knight of Honor)
    Elaine Del Chico, Pink Dove Ranger (Heartfelt Knight of Love)
    Jerome Dunmore, Bronze Stag Ranger (Charitable Knight of Sacrifice)

    Druidic Force Rangers:
    Brand Maguire, Red Wolf Druid Ranger
    Matthew Cetacean, White Orca Druid Ranger
    Evelyne Trottier, Blue Eagle Druid Ranger
    Merilyn Freeman, Green Owl Druid Ranger

    Special Guest Appearance:
    Azhar, Radiant Lion Sage - Darquirrin

    Merlin the Magician
    King Arthur
    Bernard the Foxtaur
    Drom the Gay Unicorn
    Majere the Forest Scourge
    Puck (Robin Goodfellow)
    Faelong, the Fairy Dragon
    Ceris, the Devil Mouse
    General Lupus, were-worg alpha of his Strikers
    Fenris Worg, were-worg captain of his Raiders
    Worg Strikers, pony-sized wolves with intelligence and speech
    Worg Raiders, pony-sized wolves with intelligence and speech

    Disclaimer: We do not own Power Rangers, Power Ranger Productions, nor any semblance of the Super Sentai franchise references in said RPG. All characters and villains are owned by those who created them. All rights are reserved.

    Episode Twenty-Five: Lion Force: Aftermath
    By Warheart, Darquirrin, Evenstar, Liadan, Aragh the Wolf, Atlantean
    July 17th, 2010
    a "Caspian" dimension RPG

    07-17-2010, 02:30 AM
    a "Caspian" dimension RPG

    The Next Morning at the Red Phoenix Inn & Tavern

    Bernard padded around the tavern quietly cleaning up the tables and floors of the massive celebration that the rangers, the mentors, the mythic creatures, and almost every knight for kingdoms around all attended to. He was sure there were people in beds together or in haylofts or where ever else. But all in all it wasn't a bad little victory party. "We'll probably never see anything like this again. I wonder where the Kingdom Knights and Chronus all got themselves off to?"

    07-17-2010, 03:53 AM
    Brand and Puck awoke in a random hayloft where a naked Brand was looking for his clothes and Puck felt a very queasy stomach and extreme morning nausea.

    "Where are my pants?" asked Brand. "I can't believe we all got that drunk last night. Found my shirt, luckily. Are you okay, Puck? I didn't mean to wake up in 'that' position. It freaked me out."

    Puck replied, "I'll feel better after I... after I...." And he ran over to a back window and hung his torso outside of it and HUUURRRRRRRRR-AAUUUGHHHH!!!!

    Brand giggled and resumed looking for his clothes.

    07-17-2010, 02:54 PM
    In the woods out behind the Inn and Tavern, the Knight Patrol Rangers along with the Shire Mage of Gallahart were all gathered in their civvies, where they were partaking in some early morning archery practice at some conveniently placed targets.

    Zachery Reivax asked, "Any idea where Cavan, I mean, Kirsto, I mean, Cavan, I mean, Angus... oh the Hell with it. Whatever he is calling himself now... any idea on where he is this morning?"

    The Shire Mage replied, "He told me that he was getting something prepared for a pretty girl."

    Everyone awwwed! "How sweet!"


    Lendora's Farm

    Lendora opened the door when she heard someone knocking on it.

    Standing before her dressed really nicely was Angus Cavan Kirsto Maguire. But he didn't have his guitar with him. "Is Samantha here? I want to ask her something really important."

    Lendora smiled. "You look so nice today, Angus. Samantha is tending to the animals like she does every day. Let me call her." And she called out for Samantha to come to the front.

    When her daughter arrived, Samantha smiled when she saw how Angus looked. "Oh how adorable. What did you want, mother?"

    Lendora replied, "Angus here wants to ask you something very important."

    Samantha turned her attention to Angus and waited with anticipation.

    At that moment, Angus pulled a small box out of his pocked, lowered himself to one knee, and said, "You are a most beautiful woman, Samantha, and I have admired you for quite a while. No greater person ever deserved to be the Gold Lion Knight Ranger than you. Despite what Le Fay said during the battle, your arrow shot was one of a kind." He then opened the box and presented the contents to Samantha. "Um, I am probably no good at this, but... will you marry me?"

    The box contained the most sparkling, very obviously most expensive gold ring with diamonds that Angus could afford, but how did he afford such a ring.

    Samantha smiled when she saw the ring, but that smile slowly faded when she heard Angus' proposal. "Angus... you are very sweet. I...I..."

    Lendora saw the look on Samantha's face. "What's wrong, daughter? Angus is doing what I've waited years for a nice young man to come do for you. Yet you act like this is the worst possible thing that's ever happened. Out with it."

    Samantha sighed as she said, "I didn't... tell you this morning, mother... Majere and I eloped just last night. I love him and have for a very long time. Angus' offer came just a few hours too late. I am terribly sorry."

    Angus lowered his head and closed the box. Tears were forming on his face. Rejected.


    Angus slowly stood up and placed the box in Lendora's hand. "..good..bye.." And he started to leave but Samantha quickly grabbed his arm.

    "Angus, please... I really am sorry. Don't do something rash to yourself." Then she also noticed the missing guitar not being in it's usual place. "Angus... where... where... is your... guitar?"

    He quietly stood there with tears wetting his face. "I... sold it... to buy that ring... thank you... for killing me... I won't trouble you any more..." And with that, he cast the Dimension Door spell and walked through it to his pocket dimension, allowing the magical portal to close behind him.

    Samantha now felt like the world's biggest fool. "Le Fay was right... I'm just a novice. How could I have been so impetuous and stupid? Angus without his music is like... is like... I am so sorry."

    Lendora was still angry. For two reasons now. Her daughter eloped and Angus had sold his guitar to be able to buy this ring. "So... you love that idiot wolf, do you?"

    Samantha glanced at her mother and noticed that her hands were glowing. "Mother? What are you doing?"

    She replied, "Because you love an idiot wolf, I am going to let you join him. Let's see if he still loves you after this." And in a horrendous Curse Blast, Samantha the Enchantress was transformed via curse into Sam the Wolf Enchanter. Species and Gender change... but with one important difference. Sam's wolf type was that of a Rival Wolf clan that Majere hated. Sam even SMELLED like the enemy pack.

    Nice curse, wouldn't you say?

    Lendora then said, "In order to get out of this curse, you must somehow get Majere to say that he loves you once a day for a year. There is a catch... you cannot tell him that you were Samantha or the curse becomes permanent. And you cannot join his clan or the same results apply. You must be his enemy and he must say that he loves you 365 times during the course of the following year. Enjoy the male voice... and the enemy scent... that will make your task harder. Only the pack I made you a part of will truly love you. Now get out of here. You know I don't allow wolves, aside from Brand, on my property. Go."

    And Sam took off fast. He couldn't believe that his own mother placed a curse on HIM.


    As for Angus, he slowly removed his clothes, then used his Animal Transformation spell to make himself become a donkey once again, and then, he joined Jak and the other jacks he had been rescuing over time in their herd so he could slowly get over the rejection he had received from the Enchantress. Just a few hours too late. Then he cried some more, while being comforted by his donkey brothers.

    07-17-2010, 05:40 PM
    "Can't say we've done that in a while."

    Geisha turned around on the mattress to look at Kevin as he said that. "Yeah, only because you had to go and get kidnapped on me. Asshole." she said, punching him hard on his naked chest before laughing a bit.

    "Ow!" Kevin whined, attempt to shield himself with his arms a second too late. "Yeah, because that was TOTALLY my idea. I was asking myself 'Hm, how can I piss off Hanabi?!' So I looked in the phonebook under-"

    Geisha interrupted him by kissing him on the lips. "I really missed you."

    "Me too babe." he replied, wrapping his arms around her and resting his forehead against hers. "So... what now?"

    "I don't know... it's not like the others are going to be getting over their hangovers anytime soon." Geisha commented hesitantly.

    "That's not what I meant." Kevin remarked glumly. "What do we do now that... the Lion Force Rangers aren't needed here anymore?"

    Geisha's eyes widened at that. "Shit, that means that I have to go back to the present!" She got up at that, looking around for her clothes. "Let's just... see what the others are doing before jumping to conclusions. Maybe they know something we don't."

    07-17-2010, 06:30 PM
    Chronus' voice was then heard by all rangers regardless of where they were nor what they were doing. "I would like to meet with all of the rangers including the Areli's and the Kingdom Knights, and Kevin, this evening. Thank you."

    07-17-2010, 10:11 PM
    Matt didn't get enough sleep after the end of the battle with Le Fay. He was thinking about how many good-byes he has to say before he goes to college. He got a scholarship to UCLA, and will be packing up his belongings at home as soon as he gets back to the present time. He was hung over, but he knew who he wanted to say goodbye to first before he could go; Kirsto... no Cavan... Angus... Oh why don't he settle with only one name?! Matt shuddered, before he wondered if his communicator on his old Ars Arcana powered bracer, so he tried the next best thing; casting the spell all Druids rarely use, a communicator spell. "Has any of you guys seen Cavan since last night? And please don't give me any problems about not calling him by the name he currently uses."

    07-17-2010, 11:02 PM
    Evelyne had a towel wrapped around her body and was tying her hair into a single braid as she got Matt's mental message. Cleaning the dried alcohol on her chin had proven to be tricky with the typical medieval bathtub, but she ended up managing. Somehow.

    "I think he's one of the first that got up." she mentally replied with the same spell. "If I'm remembering the sleeping arrangements properly, he definitely got up and out of the Inn early. Where are you at now?"

    07-18-2010, 01:55 AM
    Hikaru was standing in the forest, leaning agianst a tree. Standing next to him was Mtumba, Epoch and Photios. The silver pheonix grumps a little, "Stupid. I didn't even get to have any fun."

    Hikaru smirks, "Believe me. I wouldn't consider most of it much fun, personally."

    Epoch sighs a bit, "Perhaps but I still don't like the fact that so much of your time was taken up with other things."

    Hikaru nods, "I know. On the plus side... The four of us will have plenty of time to reflect, talk, and... prepare."

    The four were still together when Chronus' call came in. Hikaru sighs, "My. It seems I will still be needed a while longer. Well, I better go see what he wants. I'm sure he'll provide the transportation for my mother and father. See you soon."

    Hikaru vanishes in a burst of silver light.

    07-18-2010, 02:42 AM
    Matt sighed, and replied to Evelyne. "I am still in my room, just wanting to check if anyone has seen him before I went out to look for him. Thanks for being helpful, Evelyne... Merci. Has anyone else seen Cavan this morning?"

    07-18-2010, 01:35 PM
    "What's the spell to talk in people's heads again...?" Kevin asked Geisha as he was finished tying his belt around his waist.

    "Just focus inwardly and talk in your head, it's moronically simple." Geisha commented, still covering her bare chest with her arms. "You remember where my top went off to?"

    "Sorry, dude. Geisha and me have been busy in out corner all morning. Hehe-" he mentally replied to Matt while holding up Geisha's shirt and preventing her from getting it, which earned him a pillow to the face. "-ow."

    "Oh, I know. Maybe he went to check on Alton." Geisha also joined the telepathic communication as she was finally given the remainder of her clothing. "He wasn't at the party yesterday, after all. We can take you to his place if you want."

    "Count me in!" Evelyne piped in. "I need to say all my goodbyes as well."

    "I'll catch up with you guys there." Kevin added. "I still need to thank Lendora properly for not turning me into a Worg when Le Fay wanted her too."

    07-18-2010, 02:07 PM
    "Thank you, Geisha..." Matt responded. "Just give me a moment to get my photography gear together, okay? Don't want to end up effecting history by leaving behind my favorite camera." He winked, though no one else was there to see it.

    07-18-2010, 07:20 PM
    Brand mentally replied, "No one go behind the stables or you'll step in Puck Puke. If anyone needs me, I'll be cleaning and polishing my Red Wolf Zord. It doesn't get a lot of use here in 540 A.D., but I do love to take good care of it."

    07-18-2010, 08:56 PM
    Zachery of the Knight Patrol replied mentally, "All we know is that he was on his way to meet a girl someplace. I didn't know he was dating anyone locally..."

    Freeman stated mentally, "He wasn't. And-" he paused. OH MY GOD! We forgot to tell Cavan that Alton's curse was lifted already! I'll bet he went to Lendora's place to fulfill one of Lendora's requests so Alton could be restored! If you'll all recall, Cavan was already Le Fay's prisoner when Lendora lifted Alton's curse!"

    07-18-2010, 09:24 PM
    "Guess he won't be at Alton's place just yet..." Evelyne commented, almost jumping into her jeans.

    "Oh god, he's going to marry Samantha for nothing!" Geisha said, looking behind her to see Kevin's reaction only to see he wasn't there anymore. "Well... Kevin's got the right idea in running to Lendora's place ASAP."

    07-20-2010, 10:44 AM
    Brand exclaimed mentally, Oh my gods! I thought we told him but apparently we didn't have time! Dammit!

    07-20-2010, 12:29 PM
    Somewhere in the forest, Majere and Drom stood discussing something.

    "I can't find Samantha, Drom. Have you seen her anywhere this morning?"

    Drom replied, "Have you checked Lendora's farm? She does live there, you know. I am more interested in what Cavan was doing this morning all dressed up like he was going to a wedding. He seemed rather cheerful when I noticed him heading toward Lendora's farm."

    Just then, they both saw Kevin en route to Lendora's place.

    Majere called out to Kevin, "Where are you heading, Kevin?"

    07-20-2010, 02:41 PM
    Kevin suddenly stopped on his run, leaning forward and resting his hands on his knees to catch his breath.

    "Lendora's Farm... gotta... get there before... Cavan... I'm too much of in a hurry to explain, sorry..."

    And with that he was running again!

    07-20-2010, 02:52 PM
    Drom took off after Kevin and teleported appearing directly under Kevin continue to go in the direction of Lendora's farm. "I'll carry you. I'm a lot faster than you are. Besides, Cavan went by here a whole hour ago. He has to have had been there by now. He looked all dressed up for a wedding and was actually smiling for a change."

    Majere was keeping up because he was starting to figure things out. "I really hope Cavan didn't go to propose to Samantha this morning. I married her last night while the party was going on. And after she went home, I met with several tribes of wolves who all wanted to end our blood feud. All of the wolf tribes throughout Britannia are currently united under my banner. Even the one tribe that I really couldn't stand."

    Drom then asked Kevin as he continued to carry him, "Why are you heading there?"

    07-20-2010, 04:19 PM
    Kevin couldn't help but wrap his arms around Drom's neck out of releif, even if it was required if he was to stay on the galloping unicorn.

    He looked in Majere's direction a little warily. Samantha and Majere as a couple?! Uh oh, the last thing he wanted to do was get Majere hostile towards Cavan, especially now that they could finally put the Le Fay business behind them.

    "I... wanted to go thank Lendora properly for what she did to me. Just when I was leaving, people were starting to ask... where Cavan ran off to so I figured I'd hit two birds with one stone and help find him. But if you saw him an hour ago, I don't know if he'll still be there."

    "Bad news guys. Cavan left for Lendora's about an hour ago according to Drom and Majere." he mentally communicated to the rangers.

    "Fuck! That means whatever we wanted to prevent happening already happened by now." Geisha cursed, obviously upset. "Now what?! We can't all barge in at once at Lendora's place, it would just elevate the hostility to dangerous levels. Kevin, be careful."

    07-20-2010, 05:26 PM
    Majere then said, "I really like Cavan and his abilities as a bard. He was really the only Lion Force member I ever allowed into Wolf Village because of his Bard status. And you, Kevin, same story. Because you're a musician, a Bard as it were, you also would be allowed in whenever you liked. But I really liked Cavan. I just don't want him to have hurt feelings and stu-"

    And suddenly, Majere collided with what appeared to be an invisible barrier around the farm!

    Drom stopped immediately. "Are you okay, Majere?"

    Majere was sitting on his butt and rubbing his nose with his paw. "Ow... it's that damned Anti-Wolf Barrier that Lendora has around her farm. I can't go in."

    Drom said, "Kevin and I will go on then. You wait here for us." And he took Kevin on inside the farm.

    Lendora's Farm

    Lendora was sitting on her front porch looking a mite hurt, but also bemused when she clearly saw Majere slam into the barrier in broad daylight.

    07-20-2010, 05:32 PM
    Kevin looked around Lendora's property a bit hesitantly before jumping off Drom's back. No sign of Cavan or Samantha in sight. That didn't bode to well...

    "Lendora, is something wrong?" he asked, clearly concerned. "I came to thank you for everything you did for me, but you don't look like you're in the mood for that right about now."

    07-20-2010, 09:32 PM
    Lendora said, "I always have time for you, Kevin Manix. As for what's wrong... catch." And she tossed a small expensive looking box toward Kevin. "Cavan gave this to me while he was here. As soon as you see what's in it, you will know part of what happened."

    07-20-2010, 11:05 PM
    Kevin didn't skip a heartbeat to open the box, seeing the diamond encrusted ring inside and sighing to himself. "Alright... so what happened after that?"

    07-20-2010, 11:53 PM
    Lendora said, "Cavan arrived looking really snazzy. When I didn't see his guitar, I should have been worried. But he asked to see Samantha to ask her something really important. When she arrived, he knelt to one knee, revealed this ring, and proposed to marry my..." she grumbles. "...daughter. And then she revealed something that angered me so much... I exploded. Cavan looked as if he had been slain when he found out that Samantha had eloped with that idiot wolf... Majere."


    Lendora glared across the yard at the large wolf and looked up at the sky, before she snapped her fingers and dropped the barrier. "One chance. Make it good."

    Majere approached the porch finally and sat back on the ground. "One month before the Lion Force arrived in Britannia, I had been Prince Majarama, a human noble living in a castle in Northern Britannia. One day I was out hunting with some friends of mine. We saw this magnificent buck that I had never seen in the royal forest before. I aimed my bow and took a once in a lifetime shot. And I killed the buck. When I went to claim my prize, to my horror, the Druidic god known as Silvanus stood there. And let me tell you now, I was afraid."

    "He said, 'So you are the wolf who killed my messenger.' And when I tried to apologize and offer compensation, because I was a fair and noble member of the court, he pointed his staff at me and said, 'Because you hunt like a wolf, you must become one. And you can only resume your human life on the day that you get a most beautiful human female to marry you, even though you are a wolf. When you bring this female to me, I will return you to human form.'"

    "On the night of the victory party when the Lion Force and their friends defeated Le Fay... your daughter, who I had been secretly dating from before Cavan arrived up to that night, agreed to marry me. But because I was a wolf, she feared you would not give your consent. So we eloped and had King Oberon conduct the ceremony for us. But then all of Britannia's other wolf tribes showed up to negotiate a peace treaty with me. They had heard that I had helped the Lion Force in defeating Le Fay and they wanted a truce. Samantha agreed to come home while I dealt with the other wolves."

    Majere sighed. "Little did I know that Cavan would be arriving the next day to propose to her in his attempt to get you to lift the curse on Alton. But you had lifted that curse just hours before the rescue attack on Le Fay's lair. And no one told Cavan that Alton wasn't cursed anymore. So he thought in his mind that he still had to fulfill your stipulation for saving Alton... because he gave his word to Alton."

    He then looked up at Lendora. "I cannot resume my human identity unless I can bring a human female whom married me to Silvanus as my proof. Please tell me what you did to her."

    Lendora had the look of a slow paling sensation on her face as the blood drained out of her complexion. "Oh no... after I exploded, Cavan said that he had sold his guitar to get the money to buy this ring and then... he gave me the ring and opened his Dimension Door spell power and before he stepped through, he told Samantha, 'Thank you for killing me.' And then he stepped through. I was so mad at my daughter... that I placed a curse on her, changing her into a male wolf of a tribe that you hated the most. You would not be able to stand the smell of her, yet to lift her curse, if you truly loved her, I told her that she would have to get you to tell her that you loved her 365 times over the next year... except... when she was in your presence, she wouldn't be able to talk. I then threw her out of the farm. I can lift her curse myself, but we have to find her, I mean, him first. I am so sorry. If she had told me your story from the beginning, none of this would have ever happened."

    Majere looked to Kevin. "Send the word out, Kevin! I have to find Samantha! And if Cavan opened that spell door, then he has to be in his Pocket Dimension where he's been taking the rescued donkeys to! He is probably trying to find some way to forgive himself for failing Alton! I swear! Just when you think you can relax... this shit occurs!"

    And he took off at a fast lope, howling out the alert to all of his wolves. He had to find his wife.

    07-21-2010, 12:20 PM
    "D-donkeys?!" Kevin asked only to shake his head. "Uh... I mean, you got it, Majere."

    And he proceeded to retell everything that had happened to the others via mental communication. "But seriously, donkeys?!"

    "Well when you say it like THAT, it sounds weird..." Geisha replied. "It's a really long story. But Cavan's been through a lot, and if having an alternate dimension with just donkeys in it lets him sleep at night, whatever."

    "At any rate, we still know where Cavan is. I'm going to work on finding Samantha, you guys see what you can do for Cavan." Kevin concluded.

    He then looked back towards Lendora, taking both of her hands into his. "Don't worry Lendora. We'll get Samantha back. I owe you that much."


    "For fuck's sake, 540 A.D. just can't survive without us, can it?!" Geisha spoke aloud to the others all gathered in front of the Inn. "I don't even know if we CAN get inside Cavan's pocket dimension without him."

    "What if we ask Merlin?" Evelyne asked hopefully.

    "Merlin's a dumb ass." Geisha replied with a sigh. "Out of all the times in his life we could of been dropped into, we had to land into when he was losing his touch."

    07-21-2010, 12:41 PM
    Brand also cursed, in several languages, including Wolf. How can Lendora be so thick and DUMB sometimes?! Awww! I'm going to use my Zord to search Northern Britannia! I'll alert the wolves up there what's going on!

    And he pointed toward his Zord and shouted, "I'm coming aboard!" He then transformed into a red beam of light that shot up and into the Red Wolf Zord, where he landed in the pilot's seat. "Let's go, Redfang! We got to find Samantha!"

    The large red wolf who seemed to like sleeping in the Red Wolf Zord's cockpit said, "Lendora can be so stupid. But before you and the others go tearing off on a tangent, ask Chronus, the God of Time, to locate Samantha for you guys and get her back to Kevin and Lendora. He could probably help everyone reach Cavan. Now if you will excuse me, I still need a few hours of sleep. You, Brand, are the only one I love being around." And he went back to sleep.

    Brand hummed, as he mentally sent out Redfang's idea to the others. ...and that's what Redfang suggested guys. I'll keep searching for Samantha while you guys ask Hikaru to contact Chronus for us. And he had the Red Wolf get underway to the Northwest and headed that way.

    07-21-2010, 12:57 PM
    The Shire Mage of Gallahart said, "I can get the Knight Patrol, and anyone else who wants to come, into that pocket dimension. I come from Hollow Earth myself, so entering a pocket dimension magically isn't a problem for me at all."

    Elaine Del Chico, the Principal Knight of Love, then said, "Even if Merlin is a dumb ass, I think we can use his viewing pool to locate Samantha. Merlin taught me how the pool works. You can see into any time period and locate anyone and speak to them by simply making them appear in the reflection of the pool's waters. Who wants to come with me to do that?"

    07-22-2010, 07:35 PM
    Hikaru was currently having tea with Chronus, talking about some things important for the future.

    Hikaru sipped his tea as one of his leonine ears flicked. He sighed slightly, looking back to his tea before taking another sip slowly. "Sometimes, being an oracle is a real pain in the tail... I mean a REAL pain in the tail. I can only imagine how it must be for someone like you. I suppose that's why avoiding attachments is a good thing for anyone who get involved in the business."


    Azhar was laying, balanced precariously, on the top of a long fence. The shining lion sat up slowly and looked around. He sighed and vanished in a soft halo of light.


    Jak was happy to see his friend again and was more than willing to help him feel better about himself. All of the rescued donkeys were happy to see their friend again. The whole herd had grown in size in the time that Cavan had been away.


    Alan says to Elaine, "I'll come with you. I definitely think it's a good idea. The sooner the better."

    07-22-2010, 10:18 PM
    "That's a good idea, Elaine. You and Alan do that while Matt, Evelyne and me go with the Shire Mage to Cavan's Donkey Land. And keep us posted on what you find out."

    "The donkeys don't... bite, do they?" Evelyne asked hesitantly.

    "Hell if I know. What do donkeys usually do?" Geisha replied with a raised eyebrow.


    "Lendora? Before I join all the other Rangers to look for Samantha..." Kevin started hesitantly. "I'm sorry, I realize this is bad timing, but it's been killing me on the inside for over a year now... why didn't you turn me into a Worg like Le Fay wanted you to do? I mean, you did it so many other times, right? What made me different?"

    07-27-2010, 02:19 PM
    The Shire Mage replied, "I believe Cavan's donkeys are not only tame, but intelligent. And actually quite civil. They only lack biped mobility which I can repair for them and proper clothes, which I doubt they would wear." And he held on to Matt, Evelyne, and Geisha and performed the teleportation spell to reach Cavan's pocket dimension.

    When they arrived there, they could see immediately that it was a quaint little expandable paradise and there were donkeys of both jack and jenny everywhere. A virtual herd, if you would. And sitting to one side wearing old school Italian clothes was a morphic donkey playing a stringed instrument. When he saw the Magical Equine and the three humans, he smiled and said, "Welcome to Maguire's Pleasure World. I am Lampwick, at your service..." He winked.


    Elaine and Alan arrived at Merlin's place, but the old wizard didn't appear to be there. They found the pool and Elaine taught Alan how to use it exactly as Merlin had instructed her. "He told me that any Principal Knight could make the viewing pool operate. Now, show us Sam the Wolf, formerly Samantha the Enchantress."

    And the pool swirled as the image soon focused on a rather ugly looking male wolf trying to find a way across the English Channel.

    Elaine exclaimed, "OH NO! If Sam crosses the Channel, we'll never find him, I mean her, I mean... we have to do something, Alan!"


    Lendora smiled at Kevin. "Le Fay's order at the time was for me to change you into a pink unicorn who smelled of the need to mate... and the only unicorn around at the time was Drom, whom I find distasteful at times, so I chose not to give Drom anything nice to mate with. That is why you got the bird form. I was going to release you into the wilds after that, but Samantha begged me not to because you were a bard. Therefore, she took care of you. However... you may still end up as a unicorn if you and Geisha do not stay true to each other. And then Drom will get you." She winked and laughed.

    07-28-2010, 04:20 AM
    Matt looked to Lampwick, and asked politely. "Is anyone by the name of Angus or Cavan or Kirsto - whatever name he goes by - available to talk, and if so, may we speak to him, please?"

    07-28-2010, 05:01 AM
    Lampwick said, "He was depressed when he first arrived. Then he played with Jak and the others for a while. And once he wasn't so depressed, he decided that a bath was in order, so you'll find him bathing. If you and the mage would like to go onward to speak with him, I'll give you directions. As for the ladies... if you're into looking at nude males, take your chances at seeing an indecent friend. Lord Maguire is the greatest human I know." And he provided the directions to the bathing grotto where Cavan was getting cleaned up.

    The Shire Mage glanced at Matt and nodded his muzzle. "Let's go, Matt." And he started off in following the directions that Lampwick gave.


    Hikaru was currently having tea with Chronus, talking about some things important for the future.

    Hikaru sipped his tea as one of his leonine ears flicked. He sighed slightly, looking back to his tea before taking another sip slowly. "Sometimes, being an oracle is a real pain in the tail... I mean a REAL pain in the tail. I can only imagine how it must be for someone like you. I suppose that's why avoiding attachments is a good thing for anyone who get involved in the business."

    Chronus stated, "You have done the best job that a dragon god of time could expect a human to do. Although attachments are tedious, some are necessary to prevent oneself from going insane. I do believe, however, that the Kingdom Knights, Kevin Manix, and your parents... will all be pleased with the arrangements that I have procured for them. But I want to surprise them tonight at the final meeting. I think you will be surprised, too."

    07-28-2010, 05:13 AM
    Matt nodded after he thanked Lampwick. "Okay; I'm right behind you." He then picked up the pace, and followed the Shire Mage, trying to follow closely to make sure he doesn't get lost as he followed the path.

    07-28-2010, 05:28 AM
    Hikaru nods to Chronus, "I'm sure I will be. I'm not stupid enough to assume I can read YOUR mind." He winks. Then smiles, "But I'll be happy if everyone else is, for sure. I hope the others are doing alright in their searches."


    Alan says, "They said we could talk to him through this right? SAM! Listen to us! If you really love Majarama, then you'll sit down where you are and hear us out!"

    07-28-2010, 05:53 AM
    Sam glanced up as he looked seemingly at Alan and Elaine. Being an ugly and quite stinky wolf was not easy for him. "Alan... I feel compelled to join the wolf packs across the water. What do I do?"

    Elaine hummed. "Lendora's spell did say that Sam would have to go join the wolves that Majarama really didn't like at all. And because he recently united all of the wolves in Britannia, then the only wolves left that he wouldn't like are in Europe."


    Chronus replied, "Cavan is fine, actually. He just needed some time to himself. However... I have not been idle in his defense, either. I finally located an instrument that was stolen from him once upon a time. His original Compassion Guitar that Redfang had given him during the Druidic Force days. He had to play a song from his heart to prove to the red worg that he deserved to live. And he perfected the Kirsto's Tears melody perfectly. Redfang rewarded him by giving him... this." And he laid a most magnificent guitar with the word 'Compassion' etched on the neck upon the table. And the guitar itself glowed with the emotions of the virtue flowing through it. "I think Cavan will cheer up greatly once he has this. Besides... he and Kevin have quite the future ahead of them."


    The Shire Mage giggled. "If you did get lost here, Matt... I am sure the donkeys would help you find Cavan. He is their friend."

    07-28-2010, 06:15 AM
    Hikaru smiles as he looks over the instrument, "Those were the days... Brand and I... The Druid Rangers... Seems like a whole lifetime ago." He chuckles, "I guess the truth is... It's a lifetime FROM now in truth. I doubt my future is nearly as bright as theirs. There is a new star rising in that future. And he burns many times brighter than I."


    Alan thought a moment and then says, "I understand that compulsion or one similar from the time I spent as a Worg. You can fight it if you put conditions on your actions. Make it 'right'. like... You will join the wolves over there after you secure a way to do... Make a mental list of things you have to do in order to FULFILL that compulsion... and it gets easier. At least that is how it was with me."

    07-28-2010, 06:50 AM
    Chronus replied, "If you had it to do all over again, would you be a different person then or be the same as you are now?" He winked. "Think about it."


    Sam struggled though because she had never been a wolf before, her willpower to resist the urges was weak.

    Elaine then said, "Sam! Perhaps Majarama failed to unite all of the Britannia wolves under his banner! Seek you out the one tribe that Majarama missed in the shadow of Castle Camelot itself! Therein you will find wolves that may not have sided with Majarama! But if you jump into that water, you will drown! Although you can see the land across the channel, it is too deep for you and your inexperience as a wolf! Go to Castle Camelot and seek out unsanctioned wolves there! Go!"

    And Sam irked and fled back in the direction of Castle Camelot.

    Elaine said to Alan, "Come, we will teleport to Castle Camelot and lay in wait for Sam to arrive and net us a smelly wolf for Lendora to lift the curse on."

    07-28-2010, 07:18 AM
    Hikaru chuckles, "The simple fact that I don't know... Probably suggests it'd be different."


    Alan nodnods, "Let's get going! We don't have any time to loose."

    07-28-2010, 07:22 AM
    When Brand got the word from Elaine and Alan, he turned the Red Wolf Zord toward Castle Camelot and raced to get there to be at the ready. For Elaine had actually spoken true... there was one wolf who had not joined under Majarama's banner: himself.

    07-28-2010, 12:44 PM
    Evelyne seemed to be giving thought to what Lampwick was saying. "Weeeell... Cavan IS good looking..."

    "Evelyne!" Geisha exclaimed, punching the Frenchie on the arm.

    "MERDE! That hurt! I was just joking, Geisha." Evelyne whined, rubbig the now sore spot. "Something to distract us while we wait and all."

    Geisha just sat down on the ground after that. "Then how about we think up how we can get Cavan his guitar back? Or a new one?"

    Evelyne sat down next to her. "M'yeah, guitars are expensive... and Cavan was personally attached to his guitar. You can't just replace that... How much money do you have on you?"

    "Uh, none. I don't have a job." Geisha replied. "What about you, aren't you a supermodel yet?"

    "Hahaha, not quite. I don't have any money on me right now, but maybe if I go look in my bank account." Evelyne added thoughtfully.


    "So I almost ended up sodomized by a unicorn. I'm definitely going to have nightmares about that." Kevin's face turned a odd shade of green as he said this. "And why do you have to threaten to turn me back into a unicorn?! Did Geisha put you up to this?! She's more the type to be the dumper than the dumpee, when you think about it."

    07-29-2010, 04:34 AM
    The Shire Mage giggled. "If you did get lost here, Matt... I am sure the donkeys would help you find Cavan. He is their friend."

    Matt nodded, keeping up his pace. "I know, but I have a weird feeling if I eventually do get lost in here..." His face started to pale a little.

    08-02-2010, 09:36 PM
    Brand and Redfang stood in front of the Red Wolf Zord at Castle Camelot where they awaited the arrival of Sam the smelly wolf.

    "Remember the plan, Redfang," said Brand. "You distract him and I net him."

    Redfang grinned. "Then you better get that net launcher ready. I can smell Sam coming."

    08-11-2010, 11:01 AM
    Lampwick smiled at the ladies and said, "There is only one guitar that would ever cheer Cavan up, my friends. But I doubt you could buy it since it was magically created and given to him when he played a song to a red wolf to save his own life. It is an instrument called the Compassion Harp, though it is clearly a guitar in shape. It was stolen from him years ago. It is the only instrument that would help him see that he wasn't a lost cause."


    Lendora chuckled as she patted Kevin on the head. "My, you certainly believed in that little whopper, didn't you? Actually, Kevin. The truth of the matter is something you probably didn't count on... Merlin and Le Fay aren't the only ones who can time travel. I do it myself. And once on an outing, I came upon a band that made me feel so good that I revisited them multiple times. That is, until their leader fell ill and was never seen again. You see, Kevin, I am a Manic fan. That's right... your own band. I didn't change you according to Le Fay's wishes because I recognized you. And now that you are cured again, getting you back with your band may just be something important."


    The Shire Mage and Matt soon came upon the pool of water where Cavan was just finishing up his bath.

    "This weary earth we walk upon
    She will endure when we are gone
    While kingdoms come and kingdoms go
    Rivers run and rivers flow

    You know I don't believe it's true
    That in this world there's nothing new
    For darling, you have just begun
    Rivers flow and rivers run

    And if the river should ever run dry
    Somewhere the rain will still fall
    Will still fall from the sky

    When I'm beguiled by the fear
    That darker days are drawing near
    My darling, you seduce the sun
    Rivers flow and rivers run

    And if the river should ever run dry
    Somewhere the rain will still fall
    Will still fall from the sky

    This wounded earth we walk upon
    She will endure when we are gone
    But still I pray that you may know
    How rivers run and rivers flow

    And if the river should ever run dry
    Somewhere the rain will still fall
    Will still fall from the sky

    I cross my heart and I hope to live
    Just long enough that I can give
    It all to you, my darling one
    Rivers flow and rivers run
    My darling one
    Rivers flow and rivers run"
    Rivers Run by Karine Polwart

    Lyrics found at:

    The Shire Mage gently applauded. "It's been awhile since you have sung that song, Sir Maguire. Perhaps you are well enough to return with us now? The ladies chose to wait with Lampwick."

    Cavan smiled softly as he made no hurry to get out of the pool. Although he didn't know Matt was standing there, too, as he turned around for all to see and... BLUSHED DARKLY WHEN HE SAW MATT STANDING THERE!!! And yes, there was much to see!

    "Um.... my clothes are back at the corral."


    Elaine and Alan soon arrived within view of the Red Wolf Zord and that's when they both caught wind of a smell worse than a skunk. "Oh phew! What died?" she asked.

    08-11-2010, 11:08 AM
    Brand and Red Fang saw Elaine and Alan arriving just was he was clearly obviously suited up to block the scent from the netted catch of the day... Sam, a very smelly and UGLY looking wolf. "I swear... this is the LAST time I am ever going to bag one of Lendora's spell coated animals! What did she dip Sam in... Le Fay's Toilet?"

    08-13-2010, 09:20 AM
    Matt was a little bit uncomfortable over seeing Cavan in the buff, but decided to shrug it off. "Don't worry. I look worse than that without clothes, myself." Probably something not good to say - likely stupid - but it was fact for Matt nonetheless. "This is a nice place you have, Cavan. What happened between last night and now that led you to this neck of the woods?"

    08-13-2010, 04:02 PM
    "The Compassion Harp, huh? Well, a guitar is just an evolution of the harp, when you think about it..." Geisha said while scratching her chin.

    "I don't understand, stolen by who?" Evelyne asked.

    "Oh what, we're just gonna barge into their house and make them give it back?" Geisha commented with a raised eyebrow. To which Evelyne just smiled.

    "Well, yeah. We're super heroes, remember?"


    "W-whoa..." Kevin commented, obviously flabbergasted. "I had no idea... I thought metal wouldn't click with the people from this era. But I don't think I'm allowed to go back to my time, Lendora. If that was the case then Hikaru could take his parents back and all that jazz."

    08-18-2010, 07:11 AM
    Alan raises a brow, "That's... Dear heavens. She did THAT to her own daughter?" He's totally and completely stunned over seeing her like that. He can hardly believe it's the same person, curse or no.

    08-28-2010, 11:51 AM
    Brand replied, "Oh yeah. This is Samantha all right. I'm just glad the Druidic Force helmets have air-filtering or I'd be gagging from this. Let's just get this foul odor back to Lendora."

    08-28-2010, 06:39 PM
    Alan nodnods rapidly and says, "She should have to smell this for a few months..." He shakes his head, "I can't believe she would do something like this."

    09-07-2010, 01:40 PM
    skipping ahead

    That night in Devonshire Forest in front of the Cavern of Ages...

    Chronus had all of the Ranger teams, along with Hikaru's parents, Lendora, a restored Samantha (who stayed close to a human looking Prince Majarama), all gathered at that location for a special meeting.

    "Thank you all for coming tonight. For this is the last night all of you will be in 540 A.D., for the time being, pardon the pun. But before you go, I need to explain a few things and hand out a few gifts."

    The dragon god of time then produced the Compassion Harp (which looked like a guitar) and handed it to Angus "Cavan" Maguire. "It took some diligent hunting, but we were able to locate your special guitar, Cavan. And now I return it to you... the rightful owner. Still feel like you have nothing left to return to?"

    Cavan smiled and was immediately playing the one song that he used to win the guitar in the first place. (There is no lyrics reference page for this, but it has an effect that makes all who hear it remember what is really important in their lives.) "Thank you, Chronus. I never thought I would see this again."

    Chronus then turned his attention to the Red and Gold Kingdom Knight Rangers, Hikaru's Parents, and Kevin Manix. "Now for the rest of you... Cavan Maguire and Josh Goodman. Even though Le Fay accidentally destroyed your true home time period by bringing you two into the past, I pulled some elder godly strings... something even I as the god of time rarely do but did because you are all heroes worthy of a real reward... You both have a time period to return to once again. However, to make this work, I have to prepare you both for the transition of being home again. For you see... you, Cavan, are Angus' father."

    The two Cavans looked at each other. "Say what?"

    And in that instant, The Gold Kingdom Knight and the Red Kingdom Knight suddenly aged 25 years. They still appeared to be in their prime, but they were adults in their prime now.

    Chronus continued. "Because you are parent age now, you have to become the part so you can fit into the home time period. And yes, you will both retain your Kingdom Knight ranger powers. Who knows... you may use them again some day."

    The dragon god then turned to Hikaru's parents and Kevin. "I contacted the authorities in your present day time period. In Kevin's case, the parents admitted that the closed casket funeral was conducted because they didn't have the body. They admitted that giant wolves raided the New York hospital and kidnapped you out of the operating room and that was the last they saw of you. When I told them that you survived the wolf attack and was actually cured of your medical condition, they asked when you could come home. Your death certificate is being annulled even as we speak, Kevin. You are going home."

    He then looked at the Areli's. "And Kevin isn't the only one going home... I asked the authorities in your home time period to do an autopsy on your buried bodies. I told them that Le Fay had replaced you two with clay simulacrums and that is what the authorities would find in your coffins. Your death certificates are also being annulled as we speak. You will both be returning home with Hikaru, although Hikaru is my agent now... I will see him again, for time is all around us."

    He then straightened up and pointed toward the swirling gateway through time within the Cavern of Ages. "There is your door going home, my friends. Say your goodbyes, then walk through the passage of time."

    Angus Cavan smiled. "Going home, but I will be back. I made a commitment to Kyte and Luticus (an anthro neko cat and a satyr minstrel) that I would travel with them in their Bardic Band. And I can't do that if I am back home and they aren't. The golden unicorn Knight Patrol Ranger is keeping his word."

    Elaine smiled as she knelt down and gave Alan a nice deep kiss on his fox muzzle. "I love you, Alan. You will always be my knight in shiny armor."

    Cavan Sr. wiped a tear out of his eye. "We actually get to go home. I... I... wait a minute... I made a promise myself to that kinky sun-yellow unicorn whom I am partnered with. Looks like I'll be back later myself. We Maguires always keep our promises."

    Zachery smiled as he hugged Angus. "Glad to have you back on board, old buddy. And I've met your two bard friends. I think you chose well. And the Shire Mage can keep an eye on you, now that you and he are talking again."

    Standing just beyond the tree line was a group of unicorns. Drom the Gay Golden Unicorn was among them as was Androcles the Noble though Perverted Sun Yellow Unicorn and a few others, both male and female. Faelong and his siblings, both male and female, were in the branches of the trees above the unicorns watching the meeting as well.

    Drom smiled. "I am glad Angus remembers his promise. Now I am assured to see him again."

    Androcles giggled. "And I will definitely see Cavan Sr. again. Though I am disgusting to a degree, I am noble and Cavan remembered that he made a promise to me. I will get to see him again too."

    Faelong snickered from up in the branches. "I'm going to miss that bunch. There are many more spells I could teach them, but perhaps their adventure is truly at an end. Maybe someday I can educate their virgin sexy sons in the ways of magic..."

    Drom and Androcles both glanced up into the branches. "Cute sexy sons?" Then they looked at each other. "Dibs! No fair! Stop copying me!"

    Faelong giggled as the two kinky unicorns squabbled. He goaded them good.

    09-08-2010, 04:07 AM
    Alan blushed furiously, his ears flicking rapidly as he did. He returned the kiss but mumbled something incoherent as he tried not to stumble over his own tongue. "I'm....going to really miss you, Elaine. I hope this won't be the last time our paths cross..." He swished his fox tail... before handing her a small gift. "I er... made this for you." It's a small necklace of foxhair braided into a tightly woven knot around a rather crudely sculpted fox-like stature. A master sculptor he is not. But he tried.

    Hikaru smiles, "Indeed. You all will be seeing me around." He grins mischievously, "Afterall, what Chronus is REALLY saying is 'What good is having Pentulimate Power Over Time if you don't get to have a little fun now and then?' " He smiles, "And I owe all of you a debt of gratitude beside the simple fact that your all my friends now." He looks at his mother and father... then smiles and walks off with them into the portal. Just before he vanishes he waves and says, "I'll be seeing you all again soon. Sooner than you might think even! Especially you Brad! We have things to plan. hehehe" And he's gone.

    Epoch rolls his eyes and glances at Chronus, "Always the one for the 'Dramatic Exit'. That one is gonna be trouble, Sire. I just know it. Just you watch. He's gonna be trouble."

    Azhar chose that moment to walk over to Angus. He held a curiously wrapped gift. "Something I think you will need. I am sorry, again, for the trouble I cause you in the past. I hope that you will allow me to continue to visit you in the future. I... really hope that." He blushes a bit, looking a bit flustered, the first time Angus can remember THAT happening. "And.... please take care of yourself."

    09-09-2010, 01:48 PM
    Brand came over and gave Azhar a hug and a kiss, then said, "You'll see Angus again. He promised you he'd travel with you after Lion Force ended. And this cousin of mine can keep his word. Besides, this wolf has romps with lions himself." He was implying Hikaru. "I got to go pounce me a Silver Lion." He chuckled as he shifted into his werewolf form and ran through the time corridor with a howl. "Coming to getcha!"

    09-10-2010, 12:16 AM
    "Aw, that's so cute, Alan!" Evelyne practically beamed, hands clasped together with a big grin, only to have it weaken a bit soon afterwords. Had... Cavan's first song with the Harp of Compassion made her think of anyone? The performance seemed to leave her empty for some reason.

    "I'm... I'm going home..." Kevin barely managed to mumble before bursting in tears quite literally. Thankfully Geisha was there to rest his head on her shoulder and wrap her arms around him. And not laughing at him for the outburst.

    "Sshhh.... it's okay..." Geisha whispered to him, running a hand through his hair before looking up at Chronus. "... thank you so much, Chronus. You don't know how much this means. For the both of us."

    Evelyne then proceeded to give everyone hugs, still seeming a little distracted from her earlier thoughts. "It was so nice meeting everyone and seeing each other again. I just hope that next time we meet, it won't be to save the world from psychos."

    Geisha did a little hand wave to everyone with her free hand, indicating she'd do her hugs, handshakes and good-byes ass well. Just once Kevin would be able to stand up on his own.

    09-11-2010, 01:49 AM
    When Evelyne got to hugging Matt, he hugged her back, as if he didn't want to let her go, but he knew she had a husband to go home to, so he let her go out of respect. "If you're ever in California around the UCLA area, look me up. Hopefully, whatever nutjob that becomes my roommate is out partying someplace."

    Though Matt hated saying goodbyes, he already had one less to say to start with, after talking with Cavan alone for a while. He knew he'd probably still see Su Hong around on rare occasions, and he would be back during his summer vacation to likely visit his old high school. He also gave handshakes to the guys who were still there, and hugs to the other ladies that wanted it, though he would respect if Geisha chose not to hug him, because of his somewhat prude-like attitude toward both Brand and Hikaru before the final battle began.

    09-15-2010, 04:18 AM
    Freeman smiled. "Um, Chronus... since you're helping the others... do you think you could twist things a little so Hikaru gets his part-time job with Camelot Land back? I mean, it was Le Fay's fault that he lost that job in the first place. And through her, he almost lost his zoo job and home there. What do you say...?"

    Chronus would have petted Hikaru on the head had he still been there. "This once... but if tries to monkey around with time on his own without supervision, I'll have to spank him."

    Angus grinned. "X-Ray or Heat Super Vision?" And he quickly grabbed Zachery and ran off with Shire Mage through the Cavern of Ages... laughing.

    Chronus grinned back. "We'll see who laughs last... keep running. You did say you'd be back." ;-)

    And then the rest of the teams passed through the Cavern of Ages as 540 A.D. faded out behind them and the group emerged in King Arthur Park and went their separate ways. (Although Evelyne didn't emerge there with the others; she arrived back in Paris France.)


    Three Nights Later in Present Day Avalon Bay
    The Red Phoenix Concert Auditorium

    A young man wearing a donkey man costume, an anthro cat, a handsome werewolf (not Brand), and a satyr were the opening act for a sold out performance. They called themselves The Bremen Town Musicians, although one of them was definitely Cavan. Together they played all-original songs, which included... Rock It In Bremen, Hoofing On The Lam, Bremen Town Fright Night, and a dedication song to Morgana Le Fay, done tastefully, and didn't dis the lady in any way. And finally, they played their closing number which was the lead in for introducing the real act.... the song was called... From Beyond The Grave.

    Cavan then shouted, as he and his partners all pointed up toward the darkness of the rafters of the stage, "From beyond the grave, escaping from death; Traveling through time, to reclaim breath! A show he must do, to rouse the panics; Let's give a warm welcome to... the RETURN OF MANIC'S APPRENTICE!"

    And slowly levitating down out of the rafters on no wires nor harness at all was Kevin Manix, as the curtain then rose behind him and the rest of his band was revealed keying up for their first number.

    And of course the crowd went bonkers!

    ((OOC: And now, please make your final present day posts. Although... that won't be your last post, as you will soon see before I close up the episode. There will be follow-up posts after the end.

    Again, thank you all for playing.))

    09-15-2010, 04:40 AM
    Brand was in the VIP section with his date for the night... Hikaru Areli. Although Hikaru's parents were someplace nearby, too. But they were on their own date, dammit!

    "Told you I'd catch you!" exclaimed Brand with a chuckle. He then kissed Hikaru on the mouth.

    09-15-2010, 05:16 AM
    Los Angeles, somewhere within the UCLA main campus...

    "Still Settling in at UCLA... Still can't believe I'm already here! Sorry Cetacean fans; no Photog trips to the coast until I get a chance to get acclimated to college life."

    Matthew Cetacean was getting finally settled as a freshman at UCLA, in the main dormitory for freshmen. With his computer finally on his desk, and internet connected, he managed to get online, and posted on a social networking site he joined. Once he closed out of the site, he started placing his earlier photography triumphs, especially the pictures he took during the Whale Migrations. He even had a candid photo he made once of him and Evelyne (when he didn't have a professional grade digital camera) sitting on his desk.

    The kickoff party to the first term of college for the freshmen was in their building, so people were getting ready for that, while Matt was still unpacking. He had left Avalon Bay two days prior to get everything situated on campus before his first classes were to begin. And as a plus, he got away from his parents before they had him do something more to keep him at home for another day.

    Matt sighed thoughtfully, as his roommate returned from helping to smuggle a keg into the upper floors. "Still unpacking, Matt?"

    Matt put his last picture on his bedside table, and looked to his roommate. "This is the last of my photos, Finn. I assume you're eager to have some booze."

    "Not really," Finn said, sitting on his own bed. "I'm 16... I am not planning to drink anytime soon."

    "Then why help with the keg?" Matt asked.

    Finn smirked and pulled out a ten dollar bill. "For the extra sawbuck."

    Matt simply shook his head with a chuckle. "I think I am starting to like college." He remarked, returning to his seat, and bringing up his email to write a letter to a friend abroad.

    09-15-2010, 04:18 PM
    "I told him it wouldn't be so bad once he started playing." Geisha's voice could be heard behind Brand and Hikaru, readjusting her clothes as is she had just put them on.

    "...what?! Kevin was a nervous wreck about the show and said he needed to do something to keep his mind off of it and I... said he could... do me." she explained rather awkwardly, clearing her throat in the process.

    Meanwhile, Manic's Apprentice were already beginning to perform their original song called Rouse My Panic, to go along with the introduction Cavan did.

    "I... never thought I'd get to hear him sing again." Geisha commented before wiping tears away from her eyes. "Where's Cavan? He was supposed to meet us here after The Bremen's set and the Manic's are almost going to start the second song."


    Meanwhile in Paris, France...

    Evelyne sucked in her breath and raised herself on the tip of her toes in front of a chic store window, the reflection of her head perfectly aligned with the blank mannequin's head as if she was in the display instead.

    At this point it might not be just a dream anymore. She just came back from an interview with a talent agent for a photography studio that was known to do shoots for high end clothing catalogues, and she thought the interview had gone well enough.

    But it was so hard to read people in this business. These people had already seen it all before, and if even if they were impressed, they sure as hell wouldn't let you know about it. Which meant she had to do the same thing if she didn't want to be pushed around by all these sadists. Let's face it, they were in this business so they could boss people around.

    She was already missing her friends in America, especially Matt, Brand and the other Druidic Force Rangers. She didn't have to pretend around them, and that alone almost made being a Power Ranger feel easier than being a model. She knew they would all be alright, what with Brand having his boyfriend, Su Hong, Janice and Micheal having their careers to keep them busy and Matt finally getting the chance to get away from his parents at college...

    Speaking of which, Matt should have finished moving into his campus today, right? Reaching into her purse for her Blackberry, Evelyne quickly opened up her email, smiling to herself at what she saw on the screen before typing.

    "Kegger party, huh? At least I have the legal drinking age where I am right now, so I don't need to hide in a cooped up campus building to do MY drinking. Who knows, maybe you'll visit Paris one day and I could take you drinking in public before your hair turns grey? Miss you."

    09-16-2010, 01:06 AM
    Hikaru Areli kisses back before reaching out and poking Brand's nose, "You always could sniff me out." He grinned and looked back at the stage, one hand going to his neck and brushing over the carved wooden totem of Mtumba, "And here we are. Together again. But I have a feeling things are only going to get more interesting. Afterall, the battle is unending and eternal. And so are the bonds that we've made. All of us."

    Hikaru pauses and grins in a VERY feline matter, "But that aside... I finally have you all to myself for a while."


    Azhar quietly observed the concert from the sidelines and quite unseen by the majority of the viewers. He sang along quietly with the music from time to time but mostly just watched. Shortly before the final performance, Azhar smiled and with a flick of his fingers, a beautiful golden flecked rose with shining silver and flecks of crystal dust adorning it appears in the donkey costume's hands. A sign of a kept promise. Then he turns and walks off. "Time's up... For now." He glances over his leonine shoulder toward Brand and Hikaru then grinned again, "Time waits for no man... but it just might for a lion or two. See you around, Gramps." Then he vanishes while still chuckling to himself.

    09-16-2010, 10:03 PM

    Sometime later in the future... the year: 2027

    Maguire Estate somewhere in Ireland


    "Yes mother..."

    "Where are your brother and your father at?"

    She pointed out across the field of clover toward a large donkey statue near the forest. "Andros wanted dad to teach him some magic. Something about wooing the lasses... whatever that means."

    Mrs. Maguire smiled as she gazed out toward the distant teaching location. "As long as it's a Charm spell and not a Time Traveling spell then it's okay for Andros to learn something nifty." She lifted her daughter's face so their eyes met. "They ARE only talking about Charm spells, aren't they?"

    Kara gulped, because she knew she couldn't fib to her mother when she was looking into her eyes like that. "Not... exactly..."

    Mrs. Maguire straightened up as she glared across the clover field again. "CAVVVVVAAAAANNNNNN!!!!"

    Out at that statue, Cavan had just finished teaching Andros the Dimension Door spell and the spell for visiting their friends in 558 A.D. when they both heard that shout echoing across the field. "You best have your adventure, Andros, while I handle your mother. Drom and the others are waiting for you on the other side." He quickly stood up and stepped in the way to hide Andros. "COMING DEAR!" And he slowly headed off for the homestead.

    Andros mentally cast the spell and shouted, "Heraldic Force! Camelot!" And he vanished without so much of a flash of light. Yes, Drom and the others were expecting him for an upcoming adventure. And he did have his father's permission. Yes, Andros Kirsto Maguire was indeed following in his father's and grandfather's footsteps, to a degree.

    09-18-2010, 04:52 PM
    A lone stretch of roadway deep in the southern forested Cascade Range
    Medicine Lake, Siskiyou County, Northern California

    It was truly the middle of nowhere, but it suited Brand Maguire, his lupine wife Morningfeather, his four sons and two daughters, and a good selection of wolf people... just fine. The new wolf village called Medicine Wolf was near one shore of Medicine Lake on an unpaved access road. Although Brand operated a motorcycle repair shop locally, he was the proclaimed protector of the region.

    But it was his son Fenric (whose name meant Mighty Ruler of the Marsh) who was feeling the pangs of the call to adventure.

    "Father... I have to leave," Fenric said in a calm solemn manner.

    Brand grinned over at his Werewolf son and said, "I was wondering when this day would come. Well, you know the rules. We fight publicly and if you defeat me, then you can leave. Otherwise, you have to stay for a year before you can try again."

    Fenric grinned back as he pointed over to where his brothers were laying out the challenge mat. "I spoke to Uncle Fenris this morning, father. He gave me a few pointers."

    Brand giggled. "He trained me, too, son. Remember: once in the challenge, do whatever you have to do to win. If an opponent falls off the mat, you wait until they are on again before continuing. First one to KO the other wins."

    Brand walked over on to the mat and said, "It's time to leave the Druidic Ranger behind and go all natural! Time to unleash the all-powerful Red Werewolf Protector!"

    Brand howled loudly, the hairs on the back of his neck prickling up. His body glowed with a lunar light that seemed to also make the moon glow as it slowly rose in the sky. His feet slowly changed into large wolf's hind paws, while his legs then shifted into digitigrade wolf-like legs, supporting his still changing body. Then his wolfy tail slowly grew outward, snaking down from his tail base. His genitalia changed becoming a well defined though bulging sheath. The changes continued up through his torso, as he became more muscular and buff than he had been before, growing in size to accommodate his new form. The shifting continued throughout his arms, as he developed muscles and strength like never before. His hands became paw-like with very sharp claws. His head seemed to inflate and elongate as his ears shifted to the top of his head and became a wolf's ears. Then, as his red fur began sprouting all over his body, his face began to push out into the defined wolf's muzzle concurrent with beast that he was becoming! Then the powers of King Oberon and Lord Majere came together as highly reflective armors appeared in mid-air around him and all came together to form his Werewolf Protector battle outfit. Brand then lifted his head toward the sky and unleashed an ominous sounding and very loud howl, as his species transformation subsided, revealing... the Red Werewolf Protector.

    He then looked at his son. "Still want to do this, son?"

    Fenric stepped out on to the mat and shouted, "It's time to release the Noble Heraldic Wolf! Hear me howl!"

    Fenric struck a pose, as the image of a glowing purple wolf appeared in silhouette behind his body. "Wolf of Honor! Purple Heraldic Ranger!" The image then flowed down over and around his body as a flash of purplish black light illuminated his human features which were slowly changing to that of his chosen Heraldic totem animal. His dark purple and red costume appeared first, with a flap in the back for his long wolf tail. Then, a wolf-shaped dark purple helmet appeared over his head, as it's red eyes glowed, causing a magical glow to cover his entire body. Then the image of his giant wolf zord appeared behind him, as his Heraldic Sword of Honor appeared in his extended Werewolf clawed grip. He then struck his finishing pose and shouted, "Purple Heraldic Wolf Ranger!"

    He then released his battle howl and leaped at his father and the fight of the rite of passage was on. And so it went, although in the end, age catches up with even the best supernatural creatures and...

    Fenric surprised Brand with a final move that slammed his father down on the mat and before Brand could move, he saw the point of the Honor Sword pointing at his neck and could feel it's tip very easily. "Give up or else, father."

    Brand unexpectedly went limp, his head rolling to one side. He then muttered, " win, son... but if you ever become weak, we will hunt you down. Morningfeather... I need my medicine. Hurry..."

    Fenric quickly put his sword away and was at his father's side. "You're on medication?! Why didn't you tell me before we fought?"

    Brand smiled at Fenric. "Heart medicine is not something I wanted to worry you, the new protector, with. You won, Fenric. You are now the tribe's protector. But I know you have plans, so you go do them and when you return... be ready to take my place. I promise not to die while you're gone. Now get out of here before I stick a diaper on you."

    Morningfeather arrived and began applying the medication to Brand. "Do as your father asks, Fenric. Keep your promises and live with honor. Then come home to defend."

    Fenric sighed as he nodded his muzzle and stood up again. "I won't disgrace the tribe. Time to meet up with Andros. I hope he waited on me." He turned and walked off of the mat into the open. "Heraldic Force! Camelot!" And he vanished from sight.

    Brand smiled weakly. "He is going to make a fine wolf. I told you that before, didn't I?" He then coughed as Morningfeather and the others carried his weakened body back to his dwelling so he could rest.

    09-18-2010, 07:02 PM
    The Cauldron, newest bar in town.

    "Sex on the Beach, please."

    "Oh my god, you're so gross! Can't you see I'm working? And let me remind you I'm your niece?!"

    "I meant the drink, smart ass." an older Aunt Kara replied from the other side of the counter, pretend punching Hanabi in the face. "Is it so wrong for me to check out how your business is doing?!"

    "It's gonna sound real cliché, but The Cauldron's never been been better." An also older Hanabi replied as she was mixing the various ingredients for Kara's drink. "Turns out there's a gaming shop and a park where people do Live Action Role Playing and stuff nearby, so I just did a little bit of publicity and now all the nerds want to come here after to celebrate their latest dungeon crawl."

    "That's amazingly convenient, isn't it?!" Aunt Kara beamed, taking a sip from her finished drink on the wooden bar before holding it in her hand. "And I can only imagine that your time traveling days only helped in making the place look like an authentic, Ye Olde Tavern." she added with a wink.

    To which Hanabi couldn't help but smile. "Yeah, Bernard was a lot of help. Building all this crap myself wasn't cheap though..."

    "Didn't you get your husband to help out?" Aunt Kara asked teasingly.

    "Yeah, the two times he was actually around during construction." Hanabi replied a bit venomously. "It's like he booked the tour dates on purpose to avoid it. Couldn't you have let me borrow YOUR husband to help out?! He only does black smithy and wood sculptures at Renaissance Fairs."

    "I would of, sweetie, but at our age we aren't exactly fit for all this construction stuff. Can you imagine, he breaks his back and we never get to do the deed with him ever again?!" Aunt Kara exaggerated her tone of voice to emulate being frail.

    "OK, Betty White. You ain't that old." Hanabi obviously didn't buy in, looking around at the otherwise empty bar around her. It was still the middle of the afternoon after all. The only reason she had opened so early was to catch up on the cleaning she didn't have the time to do yesterday.

    "Hey honey! Hey aunt-in-law!" Kevin exclaimed, hugging the Changeling from behind for a bit before letting go and leaning over the counter to kiss Hanabi. "I thought drinking was bad for fairies?"

    "Sorta. They're just really cheap drunks." Aunt Kara replied. "Which means I save A LOT of money when I want to get drunk!"

    "Isn't it, like, 3 pm?" Kevin couldn't help but ask, looking at his watch.

    "It's been that kind of day." Aunt Kara replied before taking another swig of her drink. "Traffic was such a mess today."

    "Tell me about it. Getting the Princess to her sleepover was such a drag." Kevin complained, rubbing his eyes with his hands as if tired.

    "You have got to stop calling her that." Hanabi interjected. "She'll get a bloated ego and next thing you now, Minerva is going to become Auntie Kara 2.0."

    "Ouch." Aunt Kara just seemed to take the insult, taking yet another sip. "Did Kevin tell you what Minerva asked about the other day?"

    Kevin just sighed. "She... asked about a baby brother or sister again last week... and she did it today too."

    "Seriously?!" Hanabi asked. "That's the third and fourth time this month..."

    "And that's my cue to leave." Aunt Kara said before getting up from her stool. "I'll just bring you the glass back next time I come. Don't forget to use protection, kiddies! Oh wait, this time you shouldn't, because-"

    "KARA! I CAN STILL THROW FIREBALLS!" Hanabi yelled at her slowly retreating Aunt, the woman taking the hint and bolting full speed for the exit.

    "So... about Minerva's question..." Kevin continued as if nothing had happened, jumping over the counter and wrapping his arms around his wife. "What do we do?" he asked, planting a deliberately slow kiss on the side of her neck.

    "I... don't know. We... we need to think a lot about this..." Hanabi replied, doing her best to resist. "And we are NEVER doing it in The Cauldron, Kev. That's just fucked up on so many levels."

    09-18-2010, 08:31 PM
    Paris, France

    The years have been good and bad for Matt Cetacean; he finally got to break ties with his family by legally changing his surname to 'Cetacean' on a permanent basis. He graduated from UCLA with two degrees; one in Photo Journalism, and the other in Fashion Photography. The White Orca Druid had slimmed down considerably, since partying too hard and drinking too much almost led him to obesity by the time he received his second college degree.

    Though he hasn't married, he still has a fulfilling career. Taking pictures for European fashion magazines. Right now, he was working with a couple of models for a new line of clothing in Paris at the Musée du Louvre during the night hours, using the glass pyramid as a decent background. Don't worry; he still takes trips to the California Coasts yearly to take pictures of the Whale Migration, and some of Blanc, as well.

    Matt lowered his best (and latest) professional digital camera, and looked to a beautiful African-American Model he was taking pictures of. "Okay, now Asia... I need you to smile with your eyes... like Tyra Banks used to say... Smize..." He watched the model get into the right pose, and smiled as he started taking more pictures. "Now that's more like it... now last frame. And you're done... take five."

    He pulled the memory card out of the camera, and handed it to his assistant, Greg, whom gave him a canned iced mocha. "Disappointing photoshoot for Asia, eh Matt?"

    Matt nodded. "Yeah. She's not giving her all. Even my model friend would be disgusted by the film of the younger models."

    The photographer's assistant said, as he uploaded the pictures from the memory card to a laptop. "Don't worry; the next model is Alexandria. She is pretty good with photoshoots, and from what I heard through the pipeline, she is single and interested in wealthy photographers, if you catch my drift..."

    Matt sighed. "I am not interested in dating the younger models, Greg. I learned my lesson from dating that girl that reminded you of Kate Moss. Besides, I am meeting an old friend of mine for a drink after the last model."

    "Meeting a girl for drinks, Matt?" Greg teased. "What's her name, Chuck?"

    The photographer said, "Careful, or the next joke you'll be cracking will be while standing in line at the unemployment office." He then changed the subject. "Are you done with the memory card, yet?"

    Greg handed him the now-empty Memory card and took back the empty can of cold coffee. "You need a girl, man; you're getting up there and have no kids. When are you going to think about getting serious."

    Matt installed the memory card into his camera; like in his teen years, he would cause physical harm to those that touch his camera. "Because the other girls I've been with aren't the one, and I know when a lady is the one when I see her. And she got away."

    Then the brunette model Alexandria approached Matt as she was done getting dressed, complete with weave and make-up. "Monseiur Cetacean, I'm ready for my close-up."

    Matt smiled, and kissed her on the hand in a gentleman fashion. "I was looking forward to taking pictures of you, Mademoiselle Alexandria. I heard a lot of good things from my colleagues in Italian Vogue and Seventeen." He then started to give directions and helpful pointers to the model, in hopes she would get it right.

    09-19-2010, 02:00 AM
    Amid swirling fields of purple flowers and long stems of grain, a lone figure walks slowly across the empty lands. The figure's long silver cloak floats behind him as the wind blows and the sun seems to almost shine through him, setting the silver heraldry a flame with last rays of the setting sun. The cloak's hood is blown back to reveal a leonine head, the silver slitted eyes seeming to see the very wind as it swirls through the field. The rounded feline ears missing no sound. The figure turns to stare in the direction he came from. His features are mature and wise with a furrowed brow amid the massive maned head.

    Hikaru sighs softly and turns away, resuming his slow walk away from the darkening east. "So. It begins. I did not expect it to be so soon. And yet." His eyes glow a soft silvery for a moment before he nods, "Yes. They are gathering... That is good. How strange that everything should proceed so perfectly. On the very day that such change stalks the Winds of Time that so much should remain the same." He smiles to himself, reaching back and swirling his cape around him as he fades from side, sliding through eons with the barest of a thought and steps out into a familiar Tavern. He smiles and flicks his tails as he notes the owner of the bar is present. "A mug of the Red Pheonix's finest, if you please." He settles his not-inconsiderable frame into one of the more sturdy seats in the back of the room. He leans back and closes his eyes slightly with a ghost of a smile darting across his muzzle. "Stubborn as always, Brand. Still. Brand may think his time is over but his story is just getting started." He grins toothily, "If he lets his pride get the better of him... He'll find out just why you can't hide... From Time."

    At the sound of the bartender's approaching, Hikaru sits up and smiles at Bernard and says, "Thanks, Bernard." He accepts the drink and looks back toward the fire, thinking. He has seen many more years than most of the others. Traveling through the various eons in his tasks. He has grown a great deal over the years. In experience and wisdom as well phyiscally. He runs a heavy paw over a well-worn leather bound tome containing his notes and journal entries from his travels. He leans back and downs half of his drink in a single gulp before returning the glass to the table.

    Epoch's voice suddenly says, "You've grown somewhat morbid over the years, Hikaru. What's bothering you today?"

    Hikaru hrms and looks up then half-smiles, "So you tracked me down, eh? Well I was just thinking. About everything."

    Epoch sits down next to the lion, almost sitting in the fireplace, brushing off his shimmering now amythest scales, "Bull. Your thinking about Brand."

    Hikaru sighs, "True enough."

    Epoch says, "You know you couldn't help what happened. He wanted a normal life. Kids. A wife."

    Hikaru nods, "I know. I still love him though. With a love as eternal as I am."

    Epoch replies with a smirk, "You know you could just offer him 'the offer'."

    Hikaru rolls his eyes, "You know his pride probably wouldn't let him accept it. Besides. It's not just him that I miss..."

    Epoch grows quiet a moment then nods, "I understand. You want to be a father yourself someday."

    Hikaru nods, "Fat chance but... Yes."

    Epoch stirs his drink with a clawtip, "Well there is more likely of a chance than you think. And I don't understand your hurry. You have the rest of Time to decide on things like that. To find someone. But, you know you will have a child. More than one. You've seen them. Why's it so hard to wait?"

    Hikaru sighs, "Because I also dread it, Epoch. I will have to watch them grow old. Eventually. They will die. Then their children will die. Their grandchildren. It's a great burden to know that. To have to see it everyday. You deal with dragons, my friend, and they are long lived. We have such fleeting lives. Like candles in a hurricane. We burn and burn brightly then are extinguished."

    Epoch gahs and makes a cross at Hikaru! "MORBID! GO AWAY MORBID TALK!"

    Hikaru chuckles, "Sorry. Just feeling a little down today."

    Epoch smirks, "A little? Fine. I'll spoil a little somethin' for you. Your getting a present later. And it's one YOU can't SEE." He grins, "How's that for cheering you up?"

    Hikaru blinks, "What is it?? You know I hate surprises!"

    Epoch just grins, "You'll just have to wait and see. I promise you'll love it. By the way, Mtumba says 'hi'."

    Hikaru smirks, "Thanks. I'll make sure to go see him later."

    Epoch nods, "Good idea. Now no more morbidity, okay?"

    Hikaru nods with a slight smile, "Okay, okay. No more tonight."

    Epoch smiles, "Good." He orders a drink himself as the two begin a long talk about their adventures.

    Elsewhere... Elsewhen...

    A young baby boy cried as was he wrapped in cloth. His eyes a brilliant silver-blue.

    End of PRLF-25 Lion Force: Aftermath
    Thank you for playing!

    Stay tuned for LFLE-01 Hear The Roar [PRLF-05]

    09-19-2010, 05:26 AM
    Survey - In The Players Opinion

    In the following format, reprint the 10 questions and answer them in your own posts.
    Be Honest in your answers.

    1. Did you enjoy this remake of 540 A.D./Kingdom Knights/Lion Force 540/Lion Force?

    2. On a scale of 1 (Bad) to 10 (Awesome), answer the following statement:
    I would like to say that this RPG scored a ___ but in all honesty, it really scored a ___.

    3. What were the high points of this RPG in your opinion?

    4. What were the low points in this RPG?

    5. What did you not like much about the RPG?

    6. How could this RPG have been better (Be Honest!)?

    7. My favorite NPC in the Lion Force RPG was...

    8. To me, the funniest moment in Lion Force was...

    9. The most frustrating moment was...

    10. If you had to do this over again, how would you make this game more enjoyable?


    My reply forthcoming... we don't have to take turns with this section.

    09-19-2010, 07:14 AM
    1. Did you enjoy this remake of 540 A.D./Kingdom Knights/Lion Force 540/Lion Force?

    Yes. I did enjoy it quite a bit. It was fun on many levels.

    2. On a scale of 1 (Bad) to 10 (Awesome), answer the following statement:
    I would like to say that this RPG scored a ___ but in all honesty, it really scored a ___.

    I would like to say that this RPG scored a 10 but in all honesty, it really scored a 8.

    3. What were the high points of this RPG in your opinion?
    There were really a large number of them, I can't really point to one in particular but if I had to pick one moment out of all of them, I think the individual first battelizer chances to shine were pretty epic. As was the final battle.

    4. What were the low points in this RPG?
    In the actual storyline of the RPG there weren't alot of low point. It set a good pace overall. There are somethings however that I would have to count. Namely, there seemed to be times when the players were struggling to meet some of the challenges of the RP and that seemed to negatively impact the story progression.

    5. What did you not like much about the RPG?
    I didn't really care of the rushed ending. The ending itself was fantastic, however, it seemed that it was just rushed way too quickly. However I did like the ending and the sense of completion it brought.

    6. How could this RPG have been better (Be Honest!)?
    I would have liked the curses to further exploited and explored. A little more time spent on personal development. While sometimes angsty, it brings a level of fun and realism to the game. More ties into the individual character backgrounds. More emphasis on team interaction and spell usage.

    7. My favorite NPC in the Lion Force RPG was...
    Majere and Samantha

    8. To me, the funniest moment in Lion Force was...
    When all the worgs turned on Le Faye

    9. The most frustrating moment was...
    When I realized the game was over!

    10. If you had to do this over again, how would you make this game more enjoyable?
    Not sure other than the points I already made in 6. I think the game went very well though it could have been better. Players come and go and life happens. These things can't really be factored out and simply must be delt with. I believe they were delt with quite well. I would have, perhaps, put more pressure on the players themselves to work together with more severe punishments for not doing so.

    09-19-2010, 02:40 PM
    1. Did you enjoy this remake of 540 A.D./Kingdom Knights/Lion Force 540/Lion Force?

    Actually, I did, especially some parts that were done previous to my involvement in the remake.

    2. On a scale of 1 (Bad) to 10 (Awesome), answer the following statement:
    I would like to say that this RPG scored a ___ but in all honesty, it really scored a ___.

    I would like to say that this RPG scored a 9, but in all honesty, it really scored an 8.

    3. What were the high points of this RPG in your opinion?
    When multiple Ranger Teams came out of the woodwork to fight in the final battle between the Rangers and Le Fay.

    4. What were the low points in this RPG?

    I haven't been participating much in this RPG, so whatever would be a low point, I wouldn't know, since I didn't come in until my character was needed late in the RPG.

    5. What did you not like much about the RPG?

    Some of the facts have been lost in translation when the Druidic Force returned as a team, since Druidic Force is still in progress, and in it's earlier episodes. So we didn't know what most characters would be doing in the space between the end of the Druidic Force and where the Druids came in for the final battle.

    6. How could this RPG have been better (Be Honest!)?

    I would've liked to have seen a little more than just Brand or Freeman being involved with helping the Lion Force Rangers throughout the series. From what I've seen, I haven't seen much help from the other Druids until the last three episodes.

    7. My favorite NPC in the Lion Force RPG was...


    8. To me, the funniest moment in Lion Force was...

    When Evelyne and Matt were trying to explain what photography is to Kerrigan.

    9. The most frustrating moment was...

    For me, it was a tie between the first name changes of Cavan/Angus/Kirsto, and when a bunch of people started a search for Cavan in the Aftermath after his he went missing after his visit to Lendora and Samantha.

    10. If you had to do this over again, how would you make this game more enjoyable?

    This a very hard question for me to answer, since I haven't been involved much with Lion Force until the end. But if I was more involved in the first place, I probably would be able to make this game more enjoyable if I was more involved than I was with the process of this RPG.

    09-19-2010, 05:14 PM
    1. Did you enjoy this remake of 540 A.D./Kingdom Knights/Lion Force 540/Lion Force?

    Yes, but I can't really compare it to any of the other versions.

    2. On a scale of 1 (Bad) to 10 (Awesome), answer the following statement:

    I would like to say that this RPG scored a 9 but in all honesty, it really scored a 8.

    3. What were the high points of this RPG in your opinion?

    It's hard to pick just one. That would kind of be a bad sign if somebody only had one favorite part, right?

    4. What were the low points in this RPG?

    The introductory episodes (Lion Force! To Arms! Parts 1 through 4) had big gaps where some of the characters didn't have much to do. The Curses storyline was interesting but... I don't know, could of been handled better. Can't really put my finger on it. Just my general impression.

    5. What did you not like much about the RPG?

    Went into adult only territory somewhere along the way, but hey, that's what the others wanted to do, and it's everybody's RPG.

    6. How could this RPG have been better (Be Honest!)?

    If it's supposed to be a mature RPG, say it in the casting call so people know what to expect. Not just say "Oh, by the way, Donkey Rape Butt Secks" in the later episodes to avoid suddenly turning people off and making them want to leave like I almost did.

    7. My favorite NPC in the Lion Force RPG was...

    Puck and Faelong

    8. To me, the funniest moment in Lion Force was...

    I can't pick. Geisha having to act like an ideal Muslim wife for the sake of the mission is a high point, but it's more of a ironic moment then a 'haha' joke. I'll seriously have to get back on you.

    9. The most frustrating moment was...

    I can't remember when exactly, but once I was told to redo my post because it involved hurting and/or killing bad civilians that had hurt another NPC or Ranger. As in I didn't have the right to go past PG-13 when everyone else had already done so at least once.

    10. If you had to do this over again, how would you make this game more enjoyable?

    All in all, I can't think of anything. Story had it's ups and downs, but everything in life is like that. You just focus on the positive, acknowledge that the negative happened, take them as a lesson and become a more mature person in the process.[/frame]