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QC Future [October 25th, 2013] Hudson and Lars

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    ZA-Hudson - Monday, May 12, 2014, 5:38 PM

    Austin has met Dracen and they are walking together now, the dragon having his pearl in safe claws, back through the woods. "So your dad has literally kept you hidden away, huh?"

    Dracen nods, "Yeah. Though I'm glad to have made some new friends now." He smiles at Austin.

    Austin smiles back as he pats on Dracen's slit for a moment. "What all have you learned as a young dragon?"

    Dracen chuckles, "Quite a lot. It'd be hard to sum up years of training in a few sentances. Though I've learned that cute humans are nice. But I learned that just today." He winks.

    Austin smiles back as he rubs on Dracen's scales. "I think you are cute, too. Sponsor brother Hudson said that the dragons he knows like to be rubbed on like this. But if you don't like it, I can stop."

    Dracen smiles, "It is quite nice." He licks Austin's hair with a grin, "Though you're also very tastey." Of course he's just teasing

    Austin says, "So you're feeling a little frisky, Dracen?"

    Dracen chuckles, "I am now... You're very cute. Plus your rubbing is really very nice."

    Austin steps off to the side of the trail and he removes his clothes and poses for you. "You like?" *nice pose*

    Dracen blushes slightly, the scales even tinged alittle. He smiles, "I do like. A lot." He rubs on Austin with a surprisingly soft touch for such a biiiig dwaggie.

    Austin politely is willing to allow you to lead although he does recall some of the naughty poses the donkeys taught him that one night on the swamp island. He positions himself cutely so that Dracen can get his best start.

    Dracen doesn't want to hurt Austin since he's his FIRST human. But he's a VERY nice partner...though Austin thinks the donkeys were big, hehe. Austin finds out just how AMAZINGLY GREAT a dragon stretching can be

    Austin murrrs as he feels the dragon power slowly stretching him. "I knew dragons had large knots from the other dragons showing off, but I never knew how they felt. You're awesome."

    Dracen smiles, slowly sinking into Austin, teasing him with each ridge of the long, huge shaft... giving him knot...after knot... but stopping on the 6th. He is very careful with his young friend. He likes him and is learning how AWESOME humans are. He kisses Austin gently, "Thank you... You are also awesome, my friend..." He make sure Austin gets the FULL wonderful loving treatment.

    hehs... some time later...

    Austin is so happy to have made such a FUN friend!

    Austin grins as he pants. "How many loads did you release again?"

    Dracen smiles, gently cleaning Austin up with a grin, "You were great, Austin. Thank you for doing this with me. You were my first... Oh.. 30 or so. hehe maybe more"

    Austin says, "I'm glad to do this for you, Dracen. It's like you said... you never got to do this before and I was your first and nothing bad happened."

    Dracen kisses Austin gently, "I've had sex with pleasure drakes and servants... But never with a human." He blushes, "I wish I had a boyfriend as awesome as you."

    Austin says, "Maybe your dad would let you date me then. I don't have any boyfriends locally and you are a lot of fun to play with. Even though that tar silt felt sticky and kinky."

    Dracen blinks, looking a little stunned, "You.. You..." He blushes, "You might me enough to be my boyfriend?"

    Austin says, "Of course. Where are you and your dad currently living?"

    Dracen blushes and pulls Austin into a big dwaggie hug that lifts him up off the ground. He lets Austin down after a few minutes, "Oh.. Sorry... There's an island that Dad's been given by Mister Albert while we're here."

    Austin grins. "I didn't mind, Dracen. Your cock, knots, and slit are a lot of fun. Since you live on an island, maybe I can get permission by Night and Apollo to spend a few afternoons with you on the island? Is it just you and your dad out there... or are there drakes and other cuties too?"

    Dracen smiles, "There are lots of drakes and servants that Dad's brought with us. The island's got it's own biome too. Nice and warm and sunny with lots of craggy rocks for sunning and exploring."

    Austin says, "So while I am being your boyfriend and guest, I can make other friends too. I am assuming your transportal island is... off in its own little pocket world? Or is it off the coast in this world?"

    Dracen shakes his head, "It's off the coast, but has a enviromental shield around to make the effect. Dad didn't wanna maintain a whole pocket world and according to him dragons have a bad name so he wanted it to be fully open and documented and stuff."

    Austin says, "Since it is in this world, maybe you can fly us both out there and you can show me around, yes?"

    Dracen smiles, "Sure. I'd be happy to." HE grins, "You ever fly before?"

    Austin says, "Not really, at least not with a dragon." He quickly grabs his clothes in a bundle and clenches his butt on the cock nicely. "Okay, I'm ready for the flight."

    Dracen slides Austin down to the next knot, and grins, "I'll show something even more fun on the way..." It's about an hour trip but takes longer since Austin gets to learn what it's like to have sex in the air and join the mile high club. Dracen teaches Austin A LOT of REALLY, REALLY fun things on the way.

    on the island, one drake on watch says to the others, "Hey! Dracen is flying this way, guys!"

    One of the drakes giggles, "He's late! hehe, dibs on slitduty later!"

    the drake with the telescope says, "Guys... he has a boy in his slit."

    The other drake blinks, "Wha?! REALLY?!?!?"

    the drake with the telescope hands it to that drake so he can see. "Dracen scored finally!"

    That sends up a lot of talk through the drakes....Dracen's never brought home a boy before

    The drake checks it out with a grin, "Hey...hey you think he'll be Master Dracen's first 'mate?"

    the drake smiles. "Dracen IS smiling. So maybe so."

    the drake says, "We should get the dragon oil and slippery slit oil ready for him."

    The other drake nodnods, "Yeah! And the treats!"

    Dracen has no intention of doing anything like to his new friend.

    the drakes are scrambling as they get the oil and sponges ready, bowls of food and bottles of drink, and the slit cleaning cloths ready.

    Austin sees from the air all the drakes make a landing zone ready for Dracen. "Wow... they really like you."

    Dracen does really love his new boyfriend though. He doesn't have any mates yet.

    Dracen giggles, "Yeah... I love them too. They're sorta like my best friends since I never had many real friends before. You're one of my first...And I love you."

    Dracen heads down to the landing.

    The other drake goes and talks to one of his other friends, "Hey...Hey Trakey... Dracen's bringing a boy home!... I know you said before you wanted to know when he had a 'mate picked out. Somethin' about helping him learn to be one or somethin'?" The drake is practically bouncing from clawtip to clawtip in excitement.

    Once on his feet/claws, the drakes present the bowls of food and bottles of drink while the other drakes begin polishing and cleaning Dracen's outer scales, and the two who usually works the slit cleaning from the inside are all looking at Austin curiously.

    Trakey joins the others at the slit where Austin is.

    Dracen smiles and lets the drakes work as he walks down the path toward his private cave area attached to the estate's main palace area. He walks gently, carefully with a smooth gait that doesn't disturb the drakes, "Welcome to my home, Austin."

    Austin smiles as he looks at the drakes who are looking at him. "Hi there. I'm Austin."

    Dracen's private cave is heated by a small volcanic vein that heats the back of it. It's VERY large and NICE and comfy. He smiles at Austin and the drakes, watching the cuties introduce themselves.

    Trakey smiles and shakes the boy's hand. "I'm Trakey. We're the slit cleaning drakes. A clean dragon's slit is a healthy dragon's slit. If you will lean back just a bit, each one of us and shimmy down between you and the slit wall to get inside."

    each one of us can shimmy

    Dracen giggles slightly, "They take they're job really seriously, love."

    Austin does as he is asked and he watches the drakes getting in feet and tail first, giving him a face lick as they go inside. Trakey is last as he says, "When a dragon trusts you completely, he won't let anything bad happen to you inside a clean slit." And he vanishes on inside.

    Austin says, "They really DO take their jobs seriously."

    Dracen nodnods, "Yeah. They've been part of our family for a long time. Well except Trakey. He's newer. I got assigned him during my interview at Nine Scales. But he's super awesome. He's one of the drake and slitmate Instructors there."

    Austin says, "So he trains new slitmate potentials. This must be a vacation for him then. Unless he was supposed to be teaching you something."

    Dracen says, "Yeah. Well he also is here to keep our drakes trained and stuff too. He does both. He's one of the super, super rare Freed Slitmates back from Kiev and Lord Blayze's time. He got the teaching position at Nine Scales. I'm super, SUPER lucky to have gotten him assigned to me.""

    Dracen smies, "Not to mention... One day, I'll have to find a slitmate too. He'll help me with that too. For one of my linage... that's a really, really important step. You're first slitmate... is something super precious, super important."

    Trakey pokes his head out from the space between Austin's legs. "And super bouncy on the slit cocks, too." And he vanishes down inside again.

    Austin says, "Um... okay. Can you actually 'feel' them touching you in there, Dracen?"

    Dracen nods, "Yes... I can feel each one of them...To be honest...that's why you're feeling the ...ahem...alittle bit of swelling your feeling. It's making me a little horny again."

    Austin says, "I know they wiped a cloth over my cock and balls while they were cleaning your shaft at the same time. So I am feeling erect myself. And bouncy."

    Dracen giggles, "Well if you want, I can let you inside to watch how they do things if you want."

    Austin says, "You'd let me do that? Cool! I'd love to see how they do things in there!"

    Dracen smiles, "Of course, Austin. I love you. I'd let you do anything you asked. Lift your feet and I'll help you inside."

    Dracen says, "If you feel unsure or get scared or anything, just let me know, and I'll pull you out instantly." He clearly loves the boy

    Austin smiles as he lifts his feet and puts them into the slit as he saw the others do. "I'm ready, Dracen."

    Dracen smiles and carefully lets Austin slide down inside the slit...geeting whole new stretching and a new knot in the process. Which just feels even MORE amazing than before. But once inside, he can get off the cock if he wanted to.

    Austin choose to explore a little once he is all the way in. He is curious to how big it is inside there and how the insides seem to have a light all their own. "This is amazing..."

    Trakey shows Austin a spot he can rub on with a cloth that he knows Dracen always enjoys. Then the drake heads off to work another area. And Austin starts rubbing on that spot.

    Austin finishes that spot as he walks over to a small opening in one wall that leads down into a sexy smelling small chamber where he can see another drake seemingly working. "Need some help?" he asks as he looks into the hole.

    The drake grins at Austin, "Sure... I lucked out today. Got the best job AND a cute boy."

    Austin smiles as he squeeze down into the opening beside the drake. "So what are we doing way down in here?"

    The drake smiles, "This is where the prime slitmate will one day live. We have to polish it and keep it really clean. Also, we have to give it a fresh coat of slit oil to keep it from getting chafed."

    Feels really welcoming and homey, doesn't it Austin? Couldn't you just imagine living here... heh

    Austin is imagining it to be as nice as the drake is suggesting. "How long have you known Dracen?"

    The drake smiles, "I've known him since he was a hatchling, hehe. I was born a little before him."

    The drake smiles and offers Austin an bottle of oil spray and a towel, "You wanna help? OR maybe you have any questions you'd like me to answer?"

    Austin will help since he did come on inside when he asked if the drake needed help. "I do have a few questions... aside from cleaning a dragon's slit, what do drakes do for fun?"

    The drake giggles, showing him out to do it right while answering the question, "Well a lot. We really enjoy our work... There is the cockriding.. oo the cock-games... but that's fun with dragons. Um... We also have a lot of fun drake games we do in the air! hehe and the oil baths! Lots of stuff!"

    Austin giggles too. "Do Drakes ever end up sticky? I ask because Dracen mentioned tar silt and he showed me what some looked like."

    The drake giggles, "Yeah... VERY sticky. Dracen's gotten us in trouble once when he got drunk on dragon wine...and invited a tar-drake home eheh...that was fun... hard work for later.... but fun."

    Austin says, "Um... what is a tar-drake? What are they like and where do they live?"

    The drake touches Austin's forhead and SHOWS him the whole episode... (from the view point of what a Master Slitmate would see it as, of course)

    Austin ooos. "That's an amazing ability. How'd you do that?"

    The drake giggles, "It's something every drake learns to do. Slitmates get an even more potent ability."

    The drake winks, "Scalies are AWESOME"

    Austin says, "Maybe later I can try on a scaly costume or something. What's the most fun thing you have ever been in?"

    The drake mmms... "Well I don't know about a costume.. but Dragons like Master Dracen could cast a polymorph spell on you... Ooo, would you like me to show you?"

    Austin says, "Yes please!"

    The drake smiles and touches Austin's head again. He shows Austin all about the last drake 'party' that Dracen let the drakes have... the unrated version with all the sex, tar pits, cum pits, cock pits, and 'toys' included.

    Austin is getting excited. "I like the looks of that! Too bad I missed it..."

    The drake nodnods, "Yeah. Too bad you're not a drake like us or Master Dracen's mate... you could be here all the time!"

    Austin says, "I am a sponsor boy. But I did offer to be Dracen's boyfriend. He seemed to like the idea... unless I said something I wasn't supposed to."

    The drake tilts his head, "Well, I guess that's a point. If you joined us, you couldn't be a sponsor boy.. you'd be part of our family. But I'm glad Master Dracen loves you so much! He's had a lot of drakes and dragons trying to get his attention... But he never seemed to notice. But he falls for you... That's pretty rare and special."

    Austin says, "Wellllll.... we did have sex in the woods before we flew out here. If you want the details, I can give you permission to read my mind."

    The drake giggles, "If you want, I can share it with the other drakes too... But it still makes you super, super special. Dragons don't pick mates easily." He touches Austin's forehead again to share the memory with the other drakes... As well as showing Austin more AWESOME mental shares from the other drakes of Master Dracen... Lots of TEMPTING mental images and feelings

    Austin says, "Hey... what was that one mental image of the gooey pastel beige stuff that all the drakes looked to be stuck in that looking like yellow glue over a field of dragon cocks. The image where all the drakes were struggling to get loose but the goo was holding them in place?"

    The drake says, "That was an plesiodrake endurance training field! Looked fun didn't it heh."

    The drake smiles, "sometimes slitmates go to places like that learn to better help their masters." He smiles

    Austin says, "Actually it did. Fun enough to try myself. So what were all the drakes doing there and how did they get free?"

    The drake tells Austin all about it, "It's a training field!"

    Austin says, "I'd like to try it out someday. Is it local on the island or is it off at the Nine Scales realm?"

    The drake says, "The plesio training acadamy is a part of the Nine Scales realm... But they usually only allow drakes and slitmates there... But Master Dracen might could get you in."

    Austin says, "Where would the fun of trying it be if a dragon knew a cutie was wanting to go in?" He winked at the drake and kissed him on the muzzle. "Was that one image a pool of sticky chocolate or something else?"

    The drakes are doing their best to get Austin to wanna join the 'family' heh, but they're not pushing it in a tricksy fashion, they're hoenst drakes but they sure would like him to stay.

    The drake giggles and kisses back, groping on him, "Super sticky thicky DWAGGIE CHOCOLATe. It's awesome stuff"

    Austin says, "Where is that place at?"

    The drake tells him about it. It's a special realm all it's own that makes the stuff.

    Austin ooos! "I'd LOVE to go see that place!"

    The drake giggles, "Yeah it'd be FUN! Master Dracen bought us lots of stuff from there b'fore."

    Austin says, "Drake teleport spell power would be a lot of fun to play with, I think. Anything else fun I might like?"

    The drake ums... "Well... I ...uh..." He looks a little uncomfortable, "Yeah... but I'm suppose to tell those parts to humans.."

    Austin gently hugs the drake and pets on him nicely. "Come on, sexy... you've been very open so far. You can tell me."

    The drake wellls and hugs back, kissing the human, "I guess..." He shares with Austin the more naughty and 'dangerous' stuff he knows about from the Blayze realms, to the plesiodrake fields, the slick mudddrake trappers and the super sexy kiev-inspired plesiodwakes who are super, super super cute and slick and slippery and sexy and the super sticky mud ottodrakes and other hybrids from the far realms where all sorta awesome fun and tempting things happen.

    Austin smiles. "See? That wasn't so hard to say. But since I cannot mentally communicate with any of those cuties, I guess I'll have to settle for making friends here and learning some cool fun drake tricks. Right?" He winks.

    The drake grins, "Right! Though...if you were like us youcould.. Moving on!"

    Austin grins and gets a sly look on his face. "Is there a 'way'... I could get some drake abilities without Dracen directly finding out?"

    The drake blushes, "Well...yeah... But it's a little dangerous..."

    Austin pets and rubs on the drake's groin again. "Come on, sexy... you can tell me. Aren't we friends? What is the way?"

    The drake says, "well..." He points to the oil, "It will take a few applications but if you use that oil on yourself without washing like normal, you'll gain a few scalie attributes while still being human. But the danger is if you put too much you make start becoming more like us than you want. Then I could train you in drake powers and stuffles."

    Austin picks up the oil and lowers his head into the opening as he sniffs it to see what it smells like.

    It smells REALLY strongly of Dracen's slit and sex... it's kinda addictive really.... It smells REALLY good.

    It also kinda smells of the drakes too

    Austin taste tests the stuff on his tongue... a tiny bit.

    It's a RUSH... Oh that shit is GOOOD... thought it makes you horny as HELL... you REALLY want a cock...a big dragon cock filling you

    The drake said put it on... not taste it. he looks a little concerned at Austin

    Austin pulls his head out and smiles. "You guys are lucky to be able to play with this stuff." He starts applying it all over himself.

    The drake looks a little relieved and smiels, putting him to apply it carefully, "Yeah. But you will be able to too if you want."

    The drake massages the oil into Austin's skin, especially around his tailhole

    Austin murrrs. "That feels good up my tailhole. You said a few applications... how long should I wait between applications?"

    The drake mmmms, "well, probably an hour or so..."

    Austin says, "Do you think Dracen would worry if I stayed out of sight while I got all the applications I needed so I could learn the drake abilities you offered to teach me?"

    The drake says, "We usually take a few hours to finish so I don't think he'll worry." He smiles, "I think MAster Dracen is taking his own oil bath at the moment."

    Austin says, "Cool. Then he won't notice my hanging out with you, bro." He winked as he gave the drake another kiss. "This stuff is making me horny though."

    The drake nodnods and kisses back, "Sure thing, bro." He grins, "WEll... We could go back to the main cock... I like having cock rides between rooms... I mean...if you wanted to"

    Austin says, "Absolutely. I'd love to try anything you like to do."

    The drake nodnods and takes Austin back to the cock room and show him how the slit works...he lets Austin get on the main cock while he takes the secondary cock that shows up slightly later. Which shouldn't surprise Austin since he saw that in the drake's shared memories. It's still FUN though

    Austin says, "This is awesome. And we can coomand the cocks to take us places, right? So where should we go first?"

    For some reason, though the dragon cock feels even BETTER... due to the chemicals flowing through Austin's system. IT's the most amazing stretching seating feeling EVER!

    The drake grins, "That depends on you! What'd you like to see next?"

    Austin says, "What's the most funnest place for a drake to go see inside a dragon?"

    The drake mmms, "WEll we can't go there since Master Dracen doesn't have any slitmates... But usually the most fun place is here cause of the slitmate games. Master Dracen really misses out on that... but the second most... mmm. ... probably the entertainment slit. Where all the slitmates will one day go to view things and play with the dragonet equipment!"

    The drake really makes it sound like Dracen's missing out on so much...all because he doesn't have a samate.

    Austin says, "Okay, let's go see that."

    The drake nods and shows him the way... It turns out to be a VERY nice pit with 360 degree monitors and lots of various entertainment consoles and even the famous 'dragonet' that lests samates and drakes interact with their private internet!

    Austin gets plugged into the 'dragonet' and he asks the system to show him the most popular and most active drake/samate hot spot on the net. Safeties unbound.

    The system does JUST that... It's not programmed to work on humans without those safeties, so Austin may be stepping in over his head!

    Austin oooos. {Open Chat? Game Rooms? Club Memberships? Body Swaps? There is so much to choose.}

    The drake grins, {I suggest the Club Membership to start. I'm a member of several of the Drake and Samate Clubs}

    Austin nodnods as he clicks on Club Memberships first. {Now lets see what there is to choose from that looks interesting...}

    The list is literally 30 pages long...but there is an option for listing by popularity

    Austin choose to sort by keywords as he taps in: sticky, fun, secret, male/male, fox, panther, scalie, and imp. And then he hits enter and waits.

    Within seconds, it pulls up: 'Secrete Club of Sexy Hybrids and Samates by Panimpox'

    Austin grins and opens that link to see what the rules of joining are.

    There is a small application but it's by approval only. Apparenly secret clubs are hard to get into hehe

    he looks at the form:
    home location...
    living conditions (with multi-choices of family, single parent, ward/orphanage, or sponsor home)...

    Austin MacBride...
    Angel City...
    Sponsor Home...
    Games, Gooey Stuff, Slippery Fluids, Boys...
    Icky Girls, Broccoli, Homework, Curfew, and going to bed early...

    He gets a reply fairly quickly. APPROVED!

    Austin grins when he sees the approval and the instructions for placing his hand into a slot for the invisible club mark. He sticks his hand into the slot and waits.

    There is only a small pinch but then it feels like your fingering a drake cock before it's done.

    Austin thinks that feels awesome. He likes the way the secret club marks you. Then he senses the uber private club channel activating in his mind. Club members only have access to the channel. {Hi. Austin here. I just joined.}

    He senses a fair many other voices that all reply in various forms of 'hi', each one sending their 'profile' picture... They're CUTIES! All of them! Even the smates are just ADORABLY AWESOME. Kinda makes you wish you looked liek that doesn't it? There are panther imps and drake-foxes and samated panthoxes and lots of others.

    Austin shares his real photo and an explanation that he doesn't have the cute scalie looks as yet. {You guys look awesome though!}

    One of the other members asks what he means 'yet' and several other supportive samates ask if he's going to become a samate and if so to what dragon. They all love the compliments on their looks, of course

    Austin {I met Dracen recently and he and I had my first scalie sex session and it was more awesome than I thought it would be. Then he brought me to his home on a dragon island place where I met the drakes and one of them showed me how to access the 'dragonet' and he suggested I join a club. And now I am in this club. And I mean it; you guys are really cool looking!}

    They all seem really interested in you and on eof the, a particularly dashing and SEXY looking panthox scalie grins, {I'm a samate to a dragon myself... He's the one who gave me this REALLY awesome form. WOuld you like to see what it was like?}

    Austin {If you want to share it, sure! I'd love to see what it was like!}

    Austin gets to see it from his point of view... A large somewhat unattractive husky boned kid...struggling through a VERY boring school term. he didn't even get to live in the QC like Austin. How he ended up accidentally stumbling his way into dragonet by hacking into something he shouldn't have and finding the clubs and meeting people.. he met a dragon...who he just HAD to see... I mean that much excitement? How could he turn it down?? They ended up hitting it off.. The dragon had a few samates already he LOVED playing them. Austin gets to see all the games they played and how much fun it was... how much better than a human life it was... The dragon offers to let him his mate... his lover...forever... to not have to go back to that bad world he came from...he got a brand new form..born of love... and Austin gets to see and FEEL how AWESOME his change was... several days long, done with care and love... why would anyone want ot be human...when you can be like that?! That's his feelings at least.

    The panthox samate blushes, {And that...That's my story...}

    Austin {Seems to me like you got the better end of the deal with your dragon.}

    The panthox samate nodnodnods, {Definately! There are lots of chances for bad dragons... but I've been lucky. My dragon is super awesome. I wouldn't trade Master Krenthrox for anything in existance!!}

    Austin {The only dragon I know is Dracen. But if I met any others... I'd try to make friends with them.}

    The panthox samate grins, {Well, if you're gonna be his samate, you'll have classes with lots of other samates so you'll meet lots of friends that way. I know I did. I even got to meet their dragons later on. I haven't met Dracen tho.}

    Austin {Sad part of Dracen is that he hasn't reached his samate gaining dragon age yet. He is still going through the 'make a dragon pearl' stage.}

    The panthox samate blinks, {Really? Damn... His dad must be one of those arch traditionalists.}

    A foxake rolls his eyes, {I hear you. I had a friend go through that crap.... hehe, of course, I cheated.}

    A pantherimp samate smirks, {You mean, I talked you into cheating.}

    The Foxake laughs, {Same thing.}

    Austin grins {So what is this way of cheating you speak of? You got me curious, pantherimp.}

    The pantherimp smirks, {Biologically speaking... If the dragon is old enough to make a freaking pearl... he can make a samate. You just don't tell anyone you're a samate until after the ceremony. True dragon samates get teleport abilities AND can stay out of the slit for almost a whole day. If you're careful, it's not too hard to pull off. Plus you can teleport home to the slit and back to where you were instantly any time you want. hehe. So we cheated.}

    The foxake smirks, {My dad was a little pissed when he found later I already had found my soulmate for my Prime... But..he got over it.}

    Austin {I don't know if Dracen would let anyone do that. His father is a friend of Night the Superdog's. Apparently they went to school together in the old days. But I agree that this pearl making thing sounds like crap.}

    The panthox samate blinks, {It is. But you never know. IF you're serious about being his samate... and you love each other...I'd say you owe it to him to at least talk it over with him. Thanks for telling us, Pamp. I'll remember this and mention it should anyone else need that advice.}

    Austin {So what is your story, Pamp? How did you end up with your dragon? Since you like inventing cheating yet fun ways around things... your story must have been fun.}

    Pamp grins and starts tell Austin his story... It's a little hard to follow since Pamp tends to jump around in the story to tell about all the fun things he's done, but it is still a really fun and eterntaining story. He was actually born pantherimp the samating came much later after he tricked the dragon into it... and he's got a lot of trappy tales of how he's tricked people into joining fairly different setups... though he NEVER actually lies. That is the one thing he never does. HE never actually outright lies.

    Austin {Sounds like you have the most fun ever. Nice to meet you.}

    Pamp grins, {Nice to meet you too.}

    Austin {I'm hoping to either learn or develop some drake, samate, or imp powers before I choose what to actually do with myself. I applied some sort of oil all over myself about 30 minutes ago.}

    Pamp {Mmm... Well, if I was you... And you really wanted it... I'd take an hour long bath in a mix of dragon oil, imp flame oil and samate egg fluid for an hour. But that's just me.}

    Austin {I was told a few applications an hour apart would do it. Your way just once would work, too?}

    Pamp {Well if you're willing to wait hours it's safer probably. But you'd end up a lot stronger my way.}

    And with more uncontrolled side-effects.

    Austin {Okay. How do I get the mixture? Or better, where should I do to find this mixture? I know Dracen doesn't have any.}

    Pamp grinz, {Well... I can give it to you... But... nothin's free ya know! Just promise you'll come visit me and Fosk and I'll let you have it.}

    Austin {I don't know where to come to get this stuff. But if all you want is my promise to come and visit, no problem. I promise to come and visit you and Fosk.}

    Shortly after that, A vat of the stuff lands next to Austin. {TADA... Remember, Samates are highly magical. teleportation is easy.}

    Austin {I hope I learn these abilities after using this stuff. Here goes... um... any warnings while I am doing this?} He is beginning to coat himself in the stuff, which part of the stuff feels... very suctiony... and clammy and super sticky (aka the samate egg fluid.)

    Pamp says, {Just one... Make sure you don't let any get swallowed.}

    Pamp says, {And only stay an HOUR. not longer... unless you wanna give up being human completely... in that case....two hours!}

    Austin irks as he was pouring it over his head at that moment. Fine time to mention the not swallowing part. hehe. He IS in the vat.

    And if he gets some in his mouth... it's just as addictive as normal egg fluid to remember how hard it is to resist that stuff....

    Oh yeah... many RPs worth of that knowledge.

    Hey, at least Pamp warned him heh

    Austin is feeling funny anyway since he did get it on his lips and part of his tongue. He didn't swallow any, but he can still taste it from what did get in his mouth.

    The drake is looking at him concernedly... but he isn't moving to stop him... but he is a little worried... he has to sit in this stuff for an hour... And he can FEEL it doing...things to him... altering his insides slightly... and soon....that tingle of magic...inches across his mind...every so slowly.

    He didn't swallow any, but he got the taste, like he did with the oil.

    And that taste.... oh that...tastey...tastey taste... what would hurt little could...just swish it around in your mouth right? You don't HAVE to swallow...

    He knows he was told not to swallow... and he is tempted to try a larger mouthful... he is really wanting to try it. Plus he is feeling extremely aroused.

    Would it really be so give in? What do you have to lose? You could become Dracen samate... or his drake... loved and sexed and taken care of with all your friends here and on Dragonet... Would going back home... to your sponsors... be that much better?

    Austin slowly puts some in his mouth... he failed his willpower check.

    That taste returns in FORCE! it evokes such wonderful memories of home and of being a many wonderful warm happy feelings... and the powerful sexual tensions ripple through your body repeatedly.... you just want MORE

    Austin manages to resist putting more in his mouth... but only barely. Although he keeps wanting more, he is trying to last in the vat.

    The drake saw that though... and unforunately for Austin... He didn't wait to see the outcome

    Austin is very much loved by Dracen... and by the drakes. So he got tattled on after the drake saw Austin open his mouth in that stuff. They just didn't want to see Austin hurt. Austin is teleported out of the vat...and into a Nine Scale isolation room where the doctors start doing a complete detox on him. Dracen is waiting just outside, watching...extremely worried and feeling guilty as FUCK right now.

    the reason Night said his license was as good as gone is because if you have to send a sponsor boy back to Night Scales, they have to re-evaluate them before they can be qualified to return. And since he is getting a detox at Nine Scales... that's it for his living with Night and Apollo.

    Luckily, detox on Austin is swift and he is laid out on a recovery slab in the spas. But sad part is... re-evaluation always takes a whole year. If he fails at all, he would be sent back to Earth.

    Dracen asks if can speak to Austin.

    he is told that Austin is resting and that he shouldn't go in since his psychosis could be related to conditions that occurred inside of Dracen himself. But he is permitted entry along with a watcher to make sure the boy isn't removed from the recovery spas.

    Dracen will settle for a phone call if allowed instead. He does NOT want to risk hurting Austin.

    The watcher is one of Emperor Damien's elite soldiers.

    Dracen is...kinda scared of those guys... WITH GOOD REASON.

    The watcher says, "If it proves that he is still in love with you, then his re-entry will be denied, Dracen. That is Albert's law. If a visitor wants to join a dragon, they cannot gain entry to the new QC. You may begin your visit."

    Dracen clears his throat slowly... "Au..austin? ARe you...okay?"

    Austin is barely awake since the detox used at Nine Scales is not as nice as the one in Angel City. He weakly opens his eyes as he looks at Dracen, moving his eyes only. "...i'm...sorry, dracen... i... just... wanted... to..... to.... be... good... for... you...."

    Dracen looks down, "It' fault, Austin. I'm really sorry. I should have... been more careful. You were... already wonderful for me. I love you." He sighs, sitting down against one of the walls, "I just...I ruined your chances...I ruined Dad's trust in me... I even....screwed up Night's sponsorship... I...I screwed up everything just... just because I loved you..." He has a few tears in his eyes as he looks down... "I..I can't begin to say how sorry I am, Austin... I never ment to hurt you..."

    Austin weakly says, "...i just wanted... to be able to make you happy before you finished the fake pearl test."

    Dracen says, "...I know...But what's important right now...what'll make me the most happy... is you getting better, okay?"

    Austin weakly says, "i don't have much choice now. i'm sorry. and... my promise means squat..." he closed his eyes slowly.

    Dracen gets up slowly, "It still means a lot to me. I'll let you rest."

    Dracen doesn't know what promise Austin means; he thinks it is the boyfriend offer. But Austin means his promise to visit Pamp and Fosk. He gave his word to the club.

    Yeah... Dracen doesn't know about that. That was on private channels.

    Dracen would know if Austin had been his samate, but he wasn't.

    The watcher escorts Dracen out. "For the record, Dracen... the cat lord's laws are not the best laws governing over the new QC. Most of the dragons at Nine Scales are getting fed up with this one year human visitation evaluation when we dragons cannot simply play with those who arrive... especially the cute ones."

    Dracen says, "I would do anything to help Austin... It's not fair he pay for MY mistake."

    The watcher replies, "Perhaps we should take this case to Damien. You are correct that the rules are not fair."

    Dracen blinks...then looks to the watcher, "You... think he might listen?"

    The watcher replies, "He always hated being Emperor."

    The two go and meet with Damien.


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      ZA-Hudson - Monday, May 12, 2014, 8:38 PM

      Charlie the Kangaroo and Callum having just finished watching the 'movie' about recruiters and trappers are now sitting out in lawn chairs in the front yard which faces a forest lined grazing field with horses. "Did you understand the instructional film, Callum?"

      Callum nods, "Yeah. Still a little confusing about why they'd think you were though. I'd let you give me a pouch ride. I trust you"

      Callum gives the roo an innocent smile.

      Charlie smiles back. "I'm glad you still trust me. Now you see why I had to show you that film. To gain trust, you have to reveal every species angle; not just one."

      Callum nods, "I understand." He hugs the roo

      A horse canters towards the roo's home and nickers loudly. "Are you home, Charlie?"

      Callum looks over at the equine.

      Charlie smiles at the horse. "Come on over, Lighty. We just finished watching a documentary on the DVD console."

      Lightstrike Canters over gently. "Which one charlie?"

      Lightstrike nickers, "hello there young one"

      Charlie giggles as he rubs the boy's tummy. "The one about Recruiters and Trappers of all known species. He had been only told about one species who does it... kangaroos... and to defend myself, I chose to show him the official DVD for all species."

      Callum blushes at the rubs but seems to enjoy it a lot. Especially from a cute kangaroo. He's not the cutest boy around due to having a slightly underdeveloped frame but his rather messy auburn hair and bright blue eyes still give him a bit of a youthful air, despite being older than he looks.

      Lightstrike sniffs the child "Are you night's foster boy? Hes a nice roo. And im.. a friend to your father."

      Callum says, "Oh no, my foster parents are a macro pp puma and a really cute if somewhat stuck up lately rabbit former super hero."

      Callum crosses his arms a little with a frown, "I'm still upset at him that he quit the Union. Even if it was for my protection."

      Callum tilts his head, "I wonder if that means he has to give up calling himself Buster Bunny too..."

      Callum is making a joke.

      Charlie says, "Blaster Bunny was one of my ex-team partners until he gave up on me and I was sent away to serve time in prison. The two of us used to be very close."

      Callum was calling him 'Buster' since he's 'going bust'

      Callum says, "Yeah, I'm still sorry about that... It doesn't seem right"

      Charlie says, "Anyway, Busty told Callum that roos were very trappy."

      Callum says, "And that's why I'm here. To make sure Mr. Bunny and Mr. Roo get their problems worked out! So everyone can be friends again!!"

      Callum is more than a little naive.

      Charlie says, "What brings you over to this side of the meadows, Lighty?"

      Lightstrike eye perks. "some are but not you charlie. i felt.. someone like gerard did.." Smiles gently

      Callum looks a little confused at Charlie?

      Charlie chuckles. "That was years and years ago, Lighty. Are you showing your old age already?"

      Callum says, "Who is he talking about, Charlie?"

      Lightstrike nickers, "Im still healing charlie. He was a .. foalhood friend of mine callum. you remind me of him. your kindness."

      Charlie chuckles again. "It was a boy a long time before Night the Superdog settled on the old version of QC Planet. Being the pocket worlds now, I doubt he is still around. Last I heard, he was in Frontier with his best friend."

      Callum says, "Oh? heh, well he's pretty old then... I mean..." He blushes, "Er... sorry... I just... I know toons don't age like we do... But I hope that didn't come across insulting...""

      Charlie says, "Old Lighty wanted to mate him, but... he was the one who got away." He winked.

      Callum giggles a little at that.

      Lightstrike nickers, "CharliE! he is one i care for "

      Lightstrike nickers, "even now."

      Charlie says, "He still got away."

      Lightstrike is a full grown fire red stallion with blue mane. His eyes are very gentle.

      Charlie says, "You never did way what brought you over to this side of the grid?"

      Lightstrike Smiles as i look at charlie "Enjoying a walkabout charlie. plus a few of my children are playing hide from father. seen any of them?"

      Charlie says, "Can't say that I have. Callum and I just came out of my house. Callum knows a lot more about trappers and recruiters now that he did before. Even if they ARE all cuties."

      Lightstrike senses the empathy in callum. "oh well. ill find them soon. may i come closer callum?"

      Callum blushes, "They ARE CUTE though, Charlie." He looks over at the equine and ums, "Okay. I don't mind." He grins, "I don't bite and unlike some, I don't like to pull horsie manes"

      Lightstrike trotts to the child calmly. Smiles. Lets him get very close "My mane is special. but you can touch.. just not certain points"

      Callum tilts his head, petting the horse between the ears, "What do you mean?"

      Lightstrike The mane is gently warm. "nothing" Looks at charlie gently. Is very calm as im petted. Tailficks gently.

      Charlie says, "In the old days, Lighty was a real rebel. Are you running your old man's herd these days?" he snickers.

      Callum giggles, "Really? He seems prety docile these days"

      Lightstrike nickers, "No im still an oracle and for now I have a small family. mine and a few orphans. wildfire is still king. im just an older ...prince. Im docile unless i need to be otherwise."

      Callum tilts his head a little and looks at Charlie, "Oracle?"

      Lightstrike nickers, "Sorry. I see lots of special things. but im still a nice stallion."

      Callum says, "Well I guees, but what's it mean?"

      Charlie says, "Are you still as yiffy as you used to be, Lighty?"

      Lightstrike nickers, "yes and no charlie. but i shouldnt say how yiffy in front of callum."

      Callum tilts his head, "Charlie was telling me about penis trappers and slit trappers and stuff... how is yiffy ... not like that?"

      Charlie says, "It was an Albert approved film, Lighty. It had all the naughty stuff shown and explained."

      Lightstrike nickers, "I am a stallion that refused to become a recruiter. crimson eaglelord and captin bunny helped me not become one. Basically im considerd 'weird' cause i dont pounce when in heat. and dont want a hugeherd of my own. i dont refuse if asked. but i DONT recruit." "

      Callum says, "Sounds....boring...."

      Charlie giggles. "Recruiting has its ups and downs."

      Charlie says, "A little warning, Lighty... Callum here likes horse cocks."

      Lightstrike nickers, "Does he? Alright i dont mind a good grooming. but wont attempt to make him a cute pony. freewill is wonderful."

      Callum blushes... "Charlie!" He looks at the horse..."er.... I Hudson says it like that..." He looks back at Charlie, "Do you think it's okay?"

      Charlie pulls a grooming brush out of his pouch and hands it to Callum.

      Callum starts grooming Lightstrike.

      Lightstrike shivers in pleasure. "C..Charlie, you sneak.." Is enjoying his grooming and shows it through his unsheteing cock.

      Callum giggles a little, grooming the equine as best as he can

      Charlie whispers toward Callum, "grope him."

      Callum was already about to do so, but he gropes and teases the medial ring when Lightstrike isn't expecting it

      Lightstrike calm nicker "You are doing well callum. Its been soo long..." Shivers as hes rubbed by callums hand. Doesnt resist the groping.

      Charlie says, "He would let any boy touch his goodies except the one he let get away." He winks.

      Callum giggles and strokes it.

      Lightstrike Is growing fully hard "c..cause hes not for me to have.. hes lke what you see... Callum?" Swishes tail in pleasure.

      Callum looks innocent as he continues massaging an stroking the shaft, "Nnnoooo?"

      Charlie says, "I think you're jealous that Zecma is employed by him."

      Lightstrike looks at charlie "family is family. You can get closer callum. that does feel nice." Moves to make it easier for callum to get close

      Charlie says, "As nice as getting pounded by Super Goat."

      Callum giggles and continues his 'fun' of stroking, massaging and teasing the large shaft in his hands.

      Charlie says, "At any rate, since we have watched the video, Callum, do you have any questions about what we saw?"

      Callum looks up at Charlie, "Well... Not really. Other than, I still wanna pouch ride from you."

      Charlie says, "I would be more than glad to give you one now that you know that I told you the truth about recruiters and trappers. Even the rabbit, fox, and drake ones."

      Callum nodnods and kisses the cock before getting up and moving over to Charlie's pouch with a happy expression

      Charlie lifts Callum up and slowly lowers him down into his kangaroo pouch where a 'comfy seat' awaited him. Bigger inside than outside pouch, obviously. "Are you okay in there, Callum?"

      Callum giggles and then eeeped with another giggle, "I gotta surprise! But yeah, I'm okay!" *hidden clench and bounce*

      Charlie says, "I'm going to give you a ride around a path through the grazing woods across the street where it is private and we'll have lots of shade." And he began hopping off in that direction. And each bounce conveyed a LOT of uber pleasure into the rider.

      Callum giggles and bounces with the pouch so Charlie could get the same in return. "Pouch rides are fun!"

      Though with all that bouncing, Charlie best be careful

      Charlie stops at a stream where he bends down to get a drink of water. "You okay in there, Callum?"

      Callum says, "Yep! IT feels really fun... hehe, I'm enjoying this"

      Callum bounces some more impatiently on the 'seat'. Hyper little thing at times

      Charlie smiles. "I was getting a drink of water. Next stop will be the old dodgeroo caves. In the old days, kangaroo recruiters would meet there and they used to have a bar and a gaming room. Don't know if they still have it these days. I've been out of the loop for a while. Here we go, mate." And he hops off once again.

      Callum hangs on and grins, "Sounds awesome!"

      At the entrance to the caves, Charlie is met by a strong though familiar scent as he speaks with a kangaroo at the entrance and then he is inside as he hops up to the bar itself. "Hey Willie. I'll have a Hopping Twist and a Pouch Smoothie. The latter is for my pouch rider. And no, I didn't trick him in there."

      Callum wavies and smiles at the other kangaroo

      Willie smiles as he hands the Pouch Smoothie to Callum. "Wot a cutie!"

      Callum blushes and sips on the drink, "T..thanks!" He bounces in the pouch, "Oh thi..this is GOOD!!!"

      Lightstrike shivers as he realises what just happened

      Willie grins. "We serve only the best! Ol' Charlie is supposed to be on the mend, but if yas ever want to just come 'ang out with our joeys, come on by anytime! Ah'll make sure yas get all the tokens for our games that yas can 'andle!"

      Callum yays! "That sounds like fun!" He bounces more excited as he looks up at Charlie, "That's okay, right?"

      Charlie smiles. "Up to you, Callum. The joeys are between the ages of 5 and 12. But they are all super fun to play with. And competitive."

      Callum says, "Oh...I wish I was that age again... maybe things wouldn't suck so much for me."

      Lightstrike reshethes quickly. Sniffs around for callum. "he wouldnt... please no.."

      Charlies smiles. "Willie and I cannot grant wishes, but somewhere there are those who can. Just enjoy your smoothie for now."

      Callum nodnods

      Charlie sips on his Twist as he rocks back and forth on his feet and tail. "Just like I remember it. So good and makes me wanna squirt."

      Callum giggles and teases inside Charlie's pounch, "I could make that happen."

      Callum is still drinking his drink...though he was thirsty since he didn't have the drink Charlie had.

      Charlie then says, "Willie... one of your human safe chocolate caramel bars for our cutie here." And once he has the candy, he hands it in to Callum.

      Callum noms it happily, "ooo I this...this is really good..." He never had chocolate like that before... or whatever was in that drink... it making him more horny than usual

      Lightstrike returns to searching for my missing colts and fillies. respects the rules of freewill and doesnt go to follow charlie and callum

      Willie is watching Callum's reactions since he knows what usually happens when you mix normal candy with a local drink in their bar. He is wondering how long the boy will be a human or his normal age or his former size.

      Callum seems to be sticking up out of the pouch less that's for sure. But Callum hasn't noticed at all, he's too interested in the delicious candy bar and drink... which he's almost completely devoured.

      Willie looks into the opening at Callum. "If yas wants some more, just ask, mate. It's on the 'ouse since yers a new face in 'ere."

      Callum says, "really?" He grins up at Willie and Charlie, "Is it okay? Can I 'ave some more?" HE doesn't even notice the way the accent is starting to creep into his speech."

      Willie gives him a stronger version of the smoothie and another candy bar, the second one not human safe. The second one is the preferred choice of local joeys.

      It definately seems like that innocent wish is happened... As he digs into the second drink and candy bar... he is definately starting to look younger now. He was nearly 15 when started the first candy bar, he looks like he'll be approaching 8 soon now though... with a bit of fuzz starting to show on his tummy where the stuff is pooling at the moment. Charlie is bound to notice the boy feeling tighter...and starting to become a greater and greater temptation considering where he is sitting.

      Charlie hands Callum off to Willie's pouch citing that he needs to go use the toilet and he hops off to do that. Now Callum is in Willie's pouch along with a whole bunch of other joeys who all look like they might have had the same drink and candy, but they are all 'plugged in' and having a great time.

      Callum giggles and asks the others what they are plugged into... He's curious... Though he's quickly finished off his second drink and candy bar, the stronger drink making him feel a little tipsy

      one of the 'helper joeys' assists Callum on to a 'free ride' that seems open for his seating and... the fun begins.

      Willie's pouch surprise feeds Callum with some 'nice booster sensations'.

      Callum gasps at that...bouncing suddenly on the 'seating'....moaning loudly at that sudden feeling... He's enjoying this pouch!

      Though that fuzz is starting to spread now, thickening outward from his belly into a proper fuzzy, furry joey coat... slowly enough that he isn't noticing... but rapidly enough the other joeys do!

      Willie is a professional recruiter/trapper/joey auctioneer trades-roo. Although his trade isn't exactly welcome openly... there are still those willing to pay for his services. Thus he is able to continue working.

      Callum grins at the friend who helped him to the seat, "Ah..Ah'm feeling all ...funny...and..and...hyper...." He whines a little, "a..and th..the seat is..isn't enough..Ah...Ah need more.....'ow can Ah do it betttter?"

      the 'helper joey' says, "Place yer feet and legs down into the soft fluff of the seat and then just lift and then push down real fast. yas will go down to the better level of the pouch and yas will love it." aka the joey training chamber.

      Callum nods a little dopely in need...and does as the joey tells him, trying it a couple of times before getting it right
      stretched and his training begins. But in his mind, he finds himself sitting at a video game with a whole bunch of tokens.

      Callum ohs... and loves video games! Especially when he was younger! He starts playing no questions asked!


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        ZA-Hudson - Monday, May 12, 2014, 11:02 PM

        scene switch then.

        Hudson comes downstairs from his room and he sees the dragon talking to his dad in the family room. "Huh."

        Drake glances toward Hudson and smiles toward him.

        Hudson pads to the family room door where he has a nice view of the dragon's tail which is sticking out into the hall where he is. He chooses to sniff the tail to see if it smells like samates, drakes, or other scalies like imps or what-not.

        It does smell like drakes and other scalies... only a few samates though. he doesn't have that many unlike some naughty dragons. He smirks, "Hello, Hudson."

        Hudson smiles. "Hi sir. You have a nice scent all over your tail. Hi dad. I'm done memorizing my script. I am so tired of that awful thing.

        Drake chuckles and remarks, "Thank you." He holds the tail slightly aside so it doesn't prevent Hudson's entering if he wishes.

        Hudson enters and sniffs Drake's slit now. "Yeah... that's where the scent trail ends."

        Drake smirks, "Careful. One of them might pull you in."

        Drake winks at Night, "You're father rather liked that though back in the day."

        Hudson grins. "I've been in dragons before, sir. Dorwin rescued me from a real bastard a few weeks ago. I'm not addicted to dragons, but I'm not put off by them either." He sniffs the slit again. "40? 45?"

        Night grins too with a mutter, "...thousand..."

        Drake smirks, "You ARE your father's child then aren't you." He chuckles and snorts at Night, "Hey. I only have 43 samates. Each one carefully screened. I'm picky. Now as far as people who visit...yeah that's closer to being right." He smirks.

        Drake teases, "I remember a time when you, Night.... were fairly often being dragged out of there."

        Night chuckled. "Not just me, Drake. You and me both. How many dragon slits did we both end up in over time?"

        Drake chuckles, "True, true."

        Drake sighs, "It's nice to talk about the old days... My own son hates hearing about them. Then again he sorta resents me in general for making him go through with the ceremony."

        Night laughed. "You're making him create the pearl? And who made YOU do that?"

        Hudson quietly grins again as he gently noses the slit with a quiet sniff again.

        Drake smirks, "No one. But it's important. It's a tradition not a lot of dragons adhere to any more. I know he hates me for it... but I also know that he can do it...And the status it will give him in dragon society... I just...want to give him a head start...that I never got. I want the best for him."

        Night giggled. "You didn't have to do it so why is it important? Don't you think Dracen might learn you didn't do it?"

        Lightstrike knocks on night's door "hello night are you home?"

        Night heads through the house to the front door and opens it. "Huh? Oh it's you. What do you want? I'm retired, unless you missed the news report."

        Hudson continues to sniff Drake's slit very closely. The warning of being grabbed isn't much of a threat to him.

        As he's nosing...a tongue flicks out and slurps his nose. A very lusty, delicious tongu

        Lightstrike nickers, "True night but my foals do like to visit thier uncle night. May i visit a bit? They have surpreseed thier crests.. again.."

        Night sighs. "Come on in... my buddy Drake is here for a visit. Try not to trip over his tail. The last time you tripped on a dragon's tail, your butt was in the perfect presentation position and dark dragon licked his lips in delight."

        Hudson grins and licks the slit where the tongue was in trutn.

        A pair of slick claws then grabbed Hudson and SLURP! he was gone!

        Hudson aims to catch the sneaky scalie... eeps.

        Of course, inside the giggling samates all pounce him.

        Lightstrike nickers, "i wasnt the only one night. i still am recovering from it."

        Lightstrike takes a deep sniff of the scent "Actually Night, I think I should go. Ill visit another day." Heads back to the door and closes it as I leave.

        Night shakes his head and he rejoins Drake in the family room. "Kids are the same now as they were back in our day. The only thing missing is the Toonium." He then flopped on the couch and shot a grin at Drake.

        Drake smirks, glancing down before nodding, "Aye... I would say that sums it up well, old friend."

        Night smirks. "Did Hudson get an invite by some of your boys?"

        Drake chuckles, "Aye. I think Hudson forgot the old adage 'don't let your nose go where the eyes can't see'"

        Night says, "He'll be okay. I can trust you. Unless your boys are hornier than they were letting you know. But then again... Hudson in his canine form is a nice doggy. But in his human form... I am sure he would be a good yiff, too."

        Drake chuckles, "He might be spent and begging by the end, but my boys won't allow your boys to come to harm...Fuck." He faceclaws himself.

        Drake sighs, "Night... Do you know a child by the name of Austin?"

        Night says, "He's my sponsor boy. He was supposed to be helping a gardening stallion out at his place today. But I'll bet he encountered your son someplace. What is he in?"

        Drake grumbles, "He will be a little... late...coming home this evening. Apparently, he's going to need a bit of a detox." He smirks, "He's currently in my son's cavern... in his slit... bathing in a mixture he learned about on acquire scalie powers..."

        Night says, "Two weeks ago, he was about donkey doped by a bunch of swamp donkey rebels. We detoxed him from that, but apparently he wasn't over it yet. Please make sure he makes it to detox. The sponsor board is going to have my ass stretched on a wall if my boys gets in trouble a third time."

        Drake says, "I know. Apparently he is in love with my son... But, I will make sure he gets a Nine Scale approved detox... IF he still loves Dracen after that... then we'll know he wasn't kidding."

        Night hangs his head. "There goes my sponsor license... Krypto did better than this."

        Drake says, "I wouldn't be so sure about that Night... If Dracen claims responsbility or it's proven to be something that didn't get removed the first time... some lingering effect, then it wouldn't be your fault."

        Drake puts a claw on Night's back gently, petting him softly, "I'm sure things will work out."

        the reason Night said his license was as good as gone is because if you have to send a sponsor boy back to Night Scales, they have to re-evaluate them before they can be qualified to return. And since he is getting a detox at Nine Scales... that's it for his living with Night and Apollo.

        Drake knows, however, that there are always extenuating circumstances and that if the boy passes his evaluation there is still a chance. Drake's never been one to give up hope on such things.

        problem is... passing the evaluation takes up to a year. Which means... no boy for a year.

        That part is true. The new laws are dicks on that

        Night sighs as he looks at Drake. "Just like the old days... bye bye cloud nine."

        Drake pets on Night and picks him up, hugging him gently, "I'm sorry, Night. Is there anything at all I can do to help?"

        Night cries now. "There is no way they will ever let me have another sponsor boy now. I'm a terrible sponsor parent."

        Drake pets on Night softly, stroking along his body gently, letting him cry, "You're not a terrible sponsor parent... And you know your not."

        Night sobs, "I failed to keep him safe twice, Drake. How can Hudson says I'm not a bad parent?"

        Drake chuckles, "Because you let him have fun. Because you didn't coddle him into a corner and hide him way from danger. Yes, he got in trouble... But those experiences make us part of what and who we are. We learn from them. You may have taught that boy more than anyone else in his life so far." He smiles, "Would you take back one moment of that HELL you went through knowing what a person it made you today? How many people look up to all those various 'yous' because despite being delt SHITTY hands, you kept on?"

        Drake pokes the canid's nose, "Don't even make me start on the shit we went through together alone."

        Night nodnods. "Dalis and Timesheart would tan my bottom."

        Drake chuckles, "Yeah. So chin up, doggybutt. They didn't give up on you did they?"

        Drake smirks, "And THEY could tell you something about fighting to keep a sponsor boy"

        Night sighs again. "But detoxing the boy at Nine Scales... I know it is for the best, but... if he fails the re-evaluation... he won't be allowed back in. That is Albert's direct law now. I am starting to hate the new system. I am starting to wonder if Murphy's system wasn't better."

        Drake pets Night, "Both systems have their flaws, Night."

        Night nodded his head. "If he is still in love with your son, he will never be permitted back in here. Albert and his stupid new laws."

        Drake nods, "True. However. If he is... There is a loophole."

        Drake smirks, "Nothing says he can't move to Frontier nor that you can't visit there or even live there if you're truly retired."

        Night says, "Think again, Drake. The only way into Frontier now is through Nine Scales. If they don't clear him, he doesn't get through. The only other way is to travel to Frontier the scenic route instead of the direct route."

        Night says, "Damned albert and his dumb fucking laws."

        Drake smirks, "Think about what your saying Night. My son is a student of nine scales. IF he isn't a sponsor child... he can still travel to frontier as an associate of my son."

        Drake says, "True he would never be allowed here...Albert's laws do not mean much when it comes to Frontier."

        Night says, "Albert's dumb rules would make Hudson madder than Hell, Drake. Albert has a law that states that where ever the core family moves to, your children must make the move too. Hudson just got into a filming contract. If he had to move yet again... he has friends locally who would revolt as much as my son's rebel side."

        Drake smirks, "Damn... I'm glad my primary estate isn't here... Though maybe I should relocate my summer home"

        Night says, "Now you understand what we're going through. The new QC had some good layouts, but then Albert dropped these DUMB rules to govern over them."

        Night says, "And Yuskay and Solomon got out while the getting was good."

        Drake says, "I thought it was strange...Solomon leaving... But maybe he saw something others didn't."

        Night says, "Solomon is one smart macro doggy-feline-gryphon thing..."

        Drake chuckles, "Yeah. Calvin too."

        Night says, "Calvin too. So we should relocate to someplace in Frontier? Where? I am getting sick of having to move every 2 piss trips. Any ideas?"

        Drake says, "There is section of frontier... It's ... a project a friend and I have been working on. It's not perfect... and it does lack toonium. But... IT's actually as close to the OLD QC as you could find... outside of the parts that Albert copyrighted."

        Drake shrugs, "No real rules or anything yet. It's not even really a 'thing'. But it's...a start."

        Night says, "Albert moved Toonium into Frontier and made it harder than shit to get to it through QC. But if it's already in Frontier... and we are up there... I don't know. What is this project world called?"

        Drake says, "Currently it's just 'the Planets of Toonery'... You know me, Night. I SUCK with coming up with names."

        Night slyly grins. "So it is called Drake Sucks?" He winked at the audience.

        Drake growls and playfully wing-slaps Night, "Shuttup you!"

        Night gets serious and nods his head. "Toonscape."

        Drake mmms, "I like the sound of that."

        Night says, "When can we start the exodus for those who want to help?"

        Drake says, "Any time. It is still a work in progress but I'm not keeping anyone but trouble makers out. I'm sure a few might sneak in... but..that's what super heroes are for, right?"

        Night says, "I know Krypto, Rudolph, Streaky, and Ace are the old schoolers who will want to help. But my son has a new team these days. And good friends as well. Oh, and we'll need a reporter who is unshakeable. Scoop."

        Drake nods, "And...I'm sure Ace will want to come... PArt of the bargin... He'll be completely restored to his old self... well if he wants it. No illness."

        POOF! Dorwin appears. "I'll help you guys."

        Drake says, "You're always welcome. Chaos is fun."

        Dorwin smiles. "Let me know if you want the Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezard too."

        Drake smiles, "Anyone is willing to join in. Including the Leeeeeeeeeeezard."

        Night smiles. "Time to vacate the kitty litterbox and make things right. On... to Toonscape."

        Charlie had rescued Callum from Willie just in time before a mindwipe could be done on the boy and then he quickly got the boy to one of the other former Teen Heroes who he knew could not only be discreet regarding Blaster Bunny but who had the magical powers to restore the boy back to normal, although Callum would remember how much fun he had that afternoon.

        After a bath at Charlie's house, Callum was clothed and then urged to return home.


        That was a week ago.


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          ZA-Hudson - Tuesday, May 27, 2014, 6:13 PM

          - = Animation Project Toonscape = -

          On Earth, a new commercial began airing to announce a special drawing and a new animation world being opened in Frontier. In the commercial, the ever famous "Got Wolf?" werewolf actor, Silversurge, appeared and explained to the viewers about how ten lucky teenagers would get a chance to help 'develop' a new animation world along side some of the most famous former TV personalities and their offspring within the newest toon and anime mecca in Frontier. It was further explained that the new project had absolutely no direct association with Lord Atticus' QC Pocket Worlds project which promoted the newer stars (and was by far, the hardest to gain entry to which in truth often killed the fun for which humans visited the former QC to begin with.

          Silversurge then explained how the drawing worked as he asked teenagers who were interested to mail or call in their entries to the following address or phone number. The data was then given. He then explained that the drawing would occur within 60 Earth days and the lucky ten would be given a limo ride from their homes to the Frontier Star Docking station where the lucky winners AND THEIR FAMILIES would ride via shuttle up to the Animation Satellite where they would receive their magical and physical examinations before being boarded on the main star ship flight to the all new Toonscape home world.

          Over the next few weeks, entries flowed in via mail or were called in by interested teenagers, male and female. Advertising for the new animated world was literally being whispered by nearly everyone. There were even teaser ads for the newest Toonscape supported studios and TV station airing over the regular networks and on radio stations.

          Then came the big day...

          The big silver/black werewolf actor, Silversurge greeted the winning families as they arrived at the Star Dock. "Welcome to the biggest day in your lives, folks. No pushing and shoving, guys... everyone will get good seating. Everyone should proceed to the examination chamber for your medical exams. Later you will be taken to the shuttle."

          Earlier, Lord Albert and Lord Paul had been seen giving some advice to Drake Masterson regarding various what ifs that could occur on a new animation world. After offering an advice hotline number to the dragon, the two QC lords departed to return to their own project.

          Night grinned as he watched the families over a secure and private monitor. "Today is the big day. At least 10 teens and their families getting to live on the new planet. This is, to me, better than the old QC experience." He shot a smile at Hudson and Austin, the latter he was glad to have gotten back primarily because since the boy was not trying to get back into QC, Night had no problems gaining access to the boy.

          'Lord Masterson' was rather happy to be helping Silversurge and (in truth) all of his old friends with the new project. He (not to mention Harold, James, and all the rest) were among the first to ever visit QC. And practically all of them had some hand (or these days, more likely paw) in the project in some fashion.

          Charlie had already moved to Toonscape and was living in the newest suburb of the newest city on the new planet which was owned and run by Drake and his friend.

          Even ole Solomon was helping out here and there, though Solomon himself was these days finally distracted by his and William's new family.

          Lars says, "Just think... no Cat Lord dangers..."

          Maleki peeps in, "Someone say 'cat'?"

          Maleki grins and winks, "You have a visitor, Night. This one... You might wanna meet. He's applying for a very particular position on this new project world."

          Night giggled as he padded over to where Maleki was as he gave the Olmec Priest a nice muzzle lick. "Thanks for the heads up, cutie. Who is it?"

          Maleki scritches behind the canine's ear and licks back with a grin, "Oh I could NOT spoil this one, Night. Trust me. You'll like him."

          Night goes off to see who was asking for him. Not only had he been helping with the project, but he was once again reading all new scripts for a continuation of his former TV series.

          There is a young human who appears about 18, dressed in a rather nice fitting uniform that showed his well toned muscles and body quickly. He was VERY handsome with long dair hair pulled back in a ponytail. His eyes were hetrochromatic, one a clear jade green and the other one a peircing, storm blue. He has a clean smell though with a few odd species hints to it. He looks up when Night enters, "Ah." He stands, "Greetings, sir. It's an honor to meet you."

          Night smiled and struck a pose. "You can call me Night or even Harold. And what can I call you?"

          The young man smiles, "My name is Jonathan. I just graduated from Solomon's Academy. MY fa...I mean.. Solomon and William suggested you might be hiring for the official Security positions. I was hoping you might allow me to put in an application."

          Not only is he well trained but he's polite and rather well mannered.

          Night chuckled. "Then you better come with me. We don't do the old boring security APP stuff. Instead, we let the current security staff sniff you over and then you simply dive into the job with the rest of the crew. Lord Masterson is the overall boss and the one everyone answers to. I'm personally about to restart my acting and hero career with a few friends. It is going to be so nice to have canines on TV again."

          Jonathan stands up and nods, "Alright. I should mention, sir, I do have multiple forms for whatever the situation might call for. I just didn't believe you'd wish for the office to damaged trying to fit me in." HE smiles.

          Night says, "So you're the son of a Macro. As long as you aren't constantly growing like your father did, there shouldn't be a problem. I guess he ate too many Wheaties when he was human." he winked.

          Jonathan laughs a little, "Well I will eventually face that issue. But not for several thousand years, atleast. When my father and mother became MegaTitano Lords that was one of the benefits they were able to pass on to us. We won't face that until we're much older. And I can control my size in my non-normal forms."

          Night says, "There are kids on Earth who think your dad is awesome. Hopefully you will gain that notoriety yourself in your career."

          Jonathan smiles, "William's influence allowed me to have a normal sized human form. It's...useful at times, having thumbs." He nods a little with a slight blush, "I do hope so." HE grouses a little, "If my mother will stop trying to baby 'his little boy'."

          Night says, "How often does William do that?"

          Jonathan clears his throat, "Rather often when I'm at home. But he's been more respectful since I graduated."

          Night says, "If he does that while you're working here, report him to Lord Masterson. The dragon has... 'connections'." He giggled.

          Jonathan grins, "Maybe that's why he hasn't."

          Night and Jonathan arrive at the new security offices. "Here we are. You can either opt for the full human safe uniform or simply wear the staff communications collar... AFTER the crew clears you. Oh, and I'd get nekkid before you go in if you care about your clothes."

          One of the security dracowulves says, "Shall I throw him to the wolves, Sir, for an examination?"

          There is a bit of a smirky grin when he says that on the guard's face

          Night winks at the dracowulf. "Let him get au natural if he wants, then toss him in."

          Jonathan eerrrs... "Alright..." He snaps his fingers, dismissing his clothings, "This alright?" HE's hot one hell of a body. Solomon and William know how to grow them The security dracowulf smirks, pounce, throw!

          Night steps over to the watching monitor to watch the first part of the exam.

          Lars was looking over a new script he picked up and was trying to get into the feel of the new Young Wolf Stars storyline. He was happy to see Lightning Star and Thunder Crest nearby in directing roles.

          Trax was peeking over Lars' shoulder at what he was doing

          Lars grins at Trax as he sneaks a surprise muzzle lick on his friend. *slurp*

          Trax acks and pbsbs ,"What was that for?" He gives Lars a pouty kitty look

          Lars grinz. "Because I am finally getting the chance to be in a show that I have always wanted to do. True, I am not the star of the series, but just being one of the new young team is the greatest thing I could ask for. What about you, Trak? I saw your dad earlier."

          Traxolotl moves around to the side, flicking his tail, "I hope you found us new lodging too. Can it be another tree? I liked the tree. Yeah, I'm lookin' too. But I ain't found nothin' yet."

          Lars grinz. "I asked Lord Masterson about the housing Tree idea. He mentioned something about a tree home idea last seen in a Digimon AC series. I am sure you have heard of the treehouses he was talking about."

          Traxolotl ooohs, "The treehouses that Damien made. They were suppose to be pretty awesome. I think he called him 'Ekeles?' I think?"

          Lars nodded his werewolf head. "Yeah, those are the ones. The dragon said he would see about getting us one."

          Traxolotl pounces LArs and HUGS, "Yay! Thanks sexy werewolf god boy thingie."

          Lars hugs Trax in return. "Your dad wasn't even looking for you this time. He was helping with magic and priestly arrangements."

          Traxolotl smiles and kisses Lars, "Yep! So... I got you something."

          Traxolotl pulls a nice looking collar, "It's magic! It's a pocket storage for easy retrieval in all your forms! Even when yas don't gots thumbs. And it's a smartphone built in, including a customizable SCript Library! I know you could probably do alllllll of that with powers and godstuffs.. but I wanted to get you somethin' awesome for all you put up with before!"

          Lars giggles as he hugs Trax again. "I'm just glad I am getting this chance now."

          Kinda why he was hoping Lars was handling their residence. He kinda spent all the money he had made on that gift. Traxolotl grins and hugs back, "Me too. I'm sure you're gonna be bigger than even your dad!"

          Lars says, "I don't grow like he does, thankfully. He has the Got Wolf? thingy... I got the Got Trax? thingy. And I think I got the better end of the deal." "

          Traxolotl blushes hotly at that, nuzzling under Lars' chin, his ears flicking from the blush. "I er...I better go get my stuff before it rains.. uh...I'll be sure to make sure all our stuff is moved into the new place..."

          Lars gropes Trax with a chuckle before resuming the study of his lines.

          Traxolotl rubs against Lars bodily, flicking his fluffy feline tail around the werewolf's sheath and sac as he heads off.... Leaving much to be imagined to what LArs will be walking into when HE gets home

          Austin was with Dracen on planet and he had finally gotten to meet Panimpox who ran the 'Secrete Club of Sexy Hybrids and Samates' from the SamaNet. He was glad to be cleared out of detox although he didn't hold it against the members of the club for what had happened to him. For now, he was resting on Dracen's warm tail with a smile.

          Dracen smiles, lifting Austin a little higher as he grins, "Enjoying the beach view?"

          Austin smiles and nods his head. "Yeah. And thanks for clearing my hanging out with you between our dads. And thanks for not making me drop out of that club I joined. You are the best dragon ever. By the way... what happened with your pearl and your dad?"

          Dracen says, "Dad and I finished the ceremony. Most of the hard work was done so at this point, I didn't think there was any reason to avoid it. Plus, now, Dad said that as pay-back for all the hard crap I went through... I'm on my own. Well I mean I get to be here and part of this world and all, but I'm sorta a Prince now and everything so I can start doing things on me own. As long as I Graduate from Nine Scales, he won't make me follow through of those old fogey customs"

          Dracen smiles, "And as far as you..." He licks Austin with a grin, "I'm glad you think so. I want to tell you something though. And this is just something for you to think about, okay?"

          Austin says, "I fail to see why he called it pay-back."

          Austin giggles. "What do you want to tell me?"

          Dracen winks, "Because basically I get to do anything I want with his money and resources since I don't have a horde of my own due to spending all of it on making that dmanable pearl."

          Dracen says, "I really like you Austin. And I like being your boyfriend. At some point.... I'd like to know if you would....Um..." He tilts his head, "You'd like to marry me. Either as a dragon... or...'mate." He holds up his claws, "Don't get the wrong idea, I'm not suggesting that now or even in a few months. But..." He sighs, "It's just something I'd like you to think about. Cause... I've found myself thinking about you a lot. And in due time, it's a decision...we'll have to make if our relationship gets that strong."

          Austin smiles as he rubs a hand over Dracen's slit teasingly. "I will be thinking about it. I like you a lot, too. Some of the rooms in your slit are fun to rub on."

          Dracen blushes, rumbling slightly from the teasing, and kissing Austin, "Thank you. Sorry if I sound a little defensive. It's just... not a topic that I easy about. Everyone automatically assumes, oh that dragon just wants to trap you in his slit forever, it's clearly him being evil." He blushes, "And it's... not like that for me. And....I could never want to hurt you. I ...really do love you, Austin."

          Austin smiles softly. "We don't have to do that right away. You can be the dragon to break the mold and prove to all of the other peer pressuring dragons that slit mating doesn't have to occur at puberty. I am pretty happy otherwise anyway. What are you going to be doing in the meantime?"

          Dracen grins, "Why pampering and loving on my boyfriend and showing him all kinda of awesome things dragons know and can do"

          Austin hugs Dracen with a smile.

          Dracen smiles, hugging the human boy with a happy smile, "You enjoy the flight?"

          Austin says, "I loved it! It's fun to be in the air with you, Dracen! And the mile high club was fun, too!"

          "Dun den DUH! I am Capt Chaos! Delivering Mail! Faster than a snail! Applying the stamp! Keeping parcels from getting damp!" He did a silly song and dance routine before zipping off laughing to deliver the mail.

          Dracen faceclaws with a laugh, "That's the Captian..." He looks down at the package, "Hmmm... I wonder what this is..."

          Austin says, "Is it ticking?"

          Dracen says, "No... here... open it for me?"

          Austin giggles. "Oh, so I get to go explodey. Okay." He steps off the tail and starts opening the package.

          Dracen says, "No, I checked it for anything like that with my magic.... It's just easier with my claws for you to since I'm holding you." HE winks.

          Austin ooos. "Its the membership kit from the club I joined. And even a promised to be safe scaly club costume for me to wear. Do you mind if I try it on right here?"

          Dracen chuckles and says teasingly, "So you're already using me as your address?" HE grins, "Go ahead."

          Austin says, "Not really, but when I joined the club, I listed you as the designated 'Master' since the field had to have something written in. I hope you don't mind." He got out of his clothes and began sliding on the scaly costume before fitting on the feet-shoes, claw-gloves, and finally the drakky-head. He then posed cutely. "How do I look? I can't exactly see myself. The tail feels nice though."

          Dracen giggles, "I don't mind at all, love." He grins, "Adorable and sexy." He conjures up a floating mirror so Austin can see himself all around.

          Austin smiles as he poses in front of the mirror, admiring the cute wings and the semi-bouncy tail. "I'm kawaii!" he giggled some more.

          Dracen SLURPS the costumed boy, "That you DEFINATELY are, my love, that you are." He bounces the boy on his tail a little playfully

          Austin gets himself back on Dracen's tail with a grin. "This must be really safe. It doesn't feel weird on me."

          Dracen smiles, "I'm glad." He snuggles his boy, "Is there anything else you want to do?"

          Austin nodded his head. "You did offer to show me the oil pools sometime today. You said some of the other dragon teens hang out there."

          Dracen smiles, "Alright." He takes Austin there

          Hudson is holding still for a professional cleansing in preparation for a scouts/agents meeting. His dad did arrange it for him but promised that he wouldn't interfere with the meeting at all. "Now I know what Bart had to put up with in his younger days. This cleansing is making me want to shake my fur doggy style."

          The agent says quietly, "If you... I'll have to start all over again, Hudson."

          The agent smirks, "Using the pink nullification collar this time."

          Hudson says, "I said I would hold still! Please keep James' Pinky McCollarton away from me!"

          The agent chuckles, "Good. I've heard it even makes it so you can't speak in anything but dog for the whole time you're wearing it."

          Hudson says, "That's NOT a bad thing, but..." He blushes. "...I have tried on some of Uncle Rudolph's uncles' pink collars a few times... but that was in private. Felt... kinky."

          The agent smirks, "If you want kinky you should try the 'Bestial Violet' Collar."

          Hudson says, "What species wears that one?"

          Th agent scrubs harder on the haunches, "It makes it so you only speak only your species language, you think more like your feral cousins, you lose all your powers, and are in effective 'more primal' or something like that. I've never used it myself or anything. But it's a multispecies collar."

          Hudson says, "If I had to use it in an episode or a movie, I might wear it. Gotta please the director, after all. Unlike my dad and how I had my earlier misadventures... I hope I've learned my lesson."

          The cleaner agent chuckles, "I hope so."

          Hudson says, "I wonder what the scouts will interview me on...? I'm actually a little nervous."

          The agent shrugs, "That I couldn't tell you. I don't know. I'm here to make you LOOK good." He smiles.

          Hudson is thankfully in his hound form as he gives the cleaning agent a friendly face lick. "I do appreciate your help with this."

          The agent smiles and pets his head, "It my job. But thanks. Now lift your tail. This part is a little uncomfortable."

          Hudson says, "Dad said it usually was..." he spreads his back legs and lifts his tail. "...I'm ready."

          The agent starts cleaning under and around the base of the tail all the way to the tip. It's rather uncomfortable, especially when the chilly cleaning agents hit the sensative areas but at least it's not painful

          Hudson simply grimaces but he holds his pose. Sometimes he is glad to be a superdog like his dad and grandpa.

          The agent finishes the process and rinses him clean with some nice warm water. "Good boy." He gives Hudson a treat.

          Hudson grins as he munches on the treat before slowing down when he realized it doubled as a breath mint. "Okay... I didn't think my breath was that bad." He was still smiling tho.

          The agent smirks, "Never hurts to cover all the bases. You're lucky I caught that plaque build up now. Too many superdogs forget that even superdogs have to worry about germs and keeping their bodies healthy. Otherwise the super teeth becomes super gums."

          from one side, a teenage boy giggled as he watched and listened to Hudson's humorous banter in regards to the cleaning. He had short black hair, green eyes, and fair skin. He was wearing a white and red striped tee shirt, blue jeans, and sneakers.

          Hudson shot a grin at the teenager as he said, "Don't laugh too much or you might get one of these next." He winked.

          the boy sat down on a crate as he watched. "I'm Vaughn Sherwood, one of the lucky winners. Don't mind me; I'm just watching."

          Hudson says, "Hudson Dangers, aka, Rebel the Superdog... or River or Revolt... or whatever other actor names I've ever used that start with the letter 'R'."

          Vaughn grinned himself. "Even Raunchy?"

          The agent says, "Not while he's wearing MY Work, he'd best not"

          Hudson says, "If a director needed it... maybe. "

          The agent gives Hudson a thump on the head, lightly, with a brush

          Hudson says, "He's right. I have to look my best for the Scouts meeting. I hope my friends aren't being finicky. I really want this to go well."

          The agent says, "They're all waiting on you, Hudson. Though one of them didn't show up..."

          Vaughn says, "Who might be the most finicky?"

          The agent says, "At least hadn't when we started."

          Hudson says, "Noah might. Or Saint... or even my otter friend. He used to be a living costume. Yeah, it's likely Saint."

          The agent checks his LPad and nods, "Saint. The otter is already out there and done. Noah's being done now. Almost done. But the fox... hasn't shown."

          Hudson and Vaughn head off to meet with the Scouts, although the teenager will stay out of the way when the meeting occurred; he is interested in the canine and feline aspects both.

          Hudson waves a paw at Nick as he strikes a pose for the otter. "How do I look, handsome? You certainly look nice."

          Nick grins, "POUNCABLE! But really good. I hope these stuck up Scouts approve!"

          Vaughn sits down on a nearby crate to watch the animals gathering. A few scouts are already around, but they are waiting for the official meeting time to arrive.

          Hudson activates his communicator. "Saint? Are you going to be late for the Cleansing Agent or are you getting an Ace approved bubble bath?"

          There is a loud Ka-BOOM followed by a "Not right now, Hudson... Hell Kitsune on warp..." He ducks and growls as he yells, "COMMON! I DIDN'T TOUCH YOUR DAUGHTER!!!! I DON'T EVEN LIKE GIRLS!!!" another loud boom! "OW FUCK.. I DIDN'T MEAN IT LIKE THAT.... fuck... I'M SURE SHE'S A WONDERFU LITTLE GIRL..." He pants, "I'll call you back in a little bit, Huds..." hisssssssss, line dead

          Hudson shakes his head with a grin as he shoots a wink at Vaughn. "Friends... gotta love 'em."

          Nick smirks, "I wonder what girl he's gotten himself tied up with now..."

          Hudson says, "He said it was a Hell Kitsune's daughter. I am surprised he got fresh with a vixen like that."

          Hudson says, "He is likely going to lose his Gay Club Membership if word of this gets out."

          Actually it was a young hellkitsune boy... but the daughter was jealous... so SHE'S claiming he got fresh with her to her father

          Hudson says, "See the boy I found earlier? He came along to watch our meeting with the Scouts. He said his name was Vaughn."

          Nick smiles, "Nice to meet you, cutie... Ever wanted an otter tail?" HE winks

          Another boy, 13, with orange eyes and hair comes close. "hi. I'm Acturo Corneus. Nice to meet you all."

          "I'm Vaughn. Have a seat over here, Acturo. The animals are waiting to meeting their potential filming scouts."

          Nick aka Nicholas is a PP otter news reporter.

          Vaughn says, "Are you recruiting for an otter pack, Nick?" He winked.

          Nick grins, "Well Hudson's taken.

          Vaughn says, "If he wasn't taken, what would have done with him?"

          Hudson slyly grinz.

          Arcturo moves to sit and listen on the action

          Nick smirks, "He'd be down in the river and probably having an otter crawling alllll over him."

          Nick grins, "Of course his dad might be mad about that."

          Hudson says, "Or the cleansing agent. He got a little upset with a smile when we mentioned Raunchy the Superdog."

          Nick chuckles, "The agents seem a little uptight in general. Not like us Otters. We're cool and relaxed kinda people."

          Vaughn says, "Although you are a cute otter pup, I do like canines and felines. Of course, an otter might be fun during bath night. Mom and dad insist I bathe."

          Nick bahs, "everyone's into canines and felines these days. Otters get no love. No respect, I tell ya, No respect!"

          Acturo watches confused but curious

          Vaughn says, "I met one of the other boys aboard the shuttle who was infatuated over otters and donkeys both."

          Nick perks his ears, "Really?"

          Vaughn says, "A dotter fan, he said."

          Vaughn says, "His mom said that if he managed to get sloppy muddy again while here, she would slap one of James' collars on him to control him."

          Nick grins, "Well I'm not that much of an ass.... but I am an otter"

          Vaughn says, "I shied away from the girls who were on the flight."

          A VERY studly looking 7 tailed kitsune appears in a burst of blue and gold foxfire. HE's smoking a little but not missing any fur. Seems he won his little duel.

          Acturo quietly shifts in his seat. but stays silent

          Saint brushes a little soot from his snout and groin, "Well... That was ... amusing. I suppose next time that hellkitsune won't listen to lying bitches who are jealous of what they're brother (and now father) got."

          "um.. hello there im Arcturo. you look um...nice mr kitsunie

          Hudson grins. "So... the cleansing agent is just over there, Lawrence. You don't want Saint looking bad."

          Saint waves to the human, "Nice to see you. Name's Saint. NOT A Kitsuniemon. Those are on lot 4." He grins at Hudson, "I think I got that Hell Kitsune father pregnant. You think it's out of taste to date your son's half-brother?" He smirks and heads into the Agent's cleaning area.

          "saint?? huh?"

          Nick just facepaws, "Saint... You're always in bad taste."

          Hudson chuckles as he looks at Arcturo and Vaughn. "Now you've met my friend Saint."

          Hudson says, "He's anything but..."

          Nick nodnodnods

          With a poof and a burst of rainbows and sparkles, the pampered up mousey appears on Hudson's head, "HI! I'm done....the soaps taste like purple."

          Nick rolls his eyes, "Everything taste purple to you."

          Noah says, "Nu-uh! REd tastes like Red! Blue tastes like Blue! I LOVE ALL OF YOU!!!"

          Nick facepaws, "ow..."

          Hudson says, "Nice to see you, Noah. Your uncle is on the mail delivery staff."

          Noah nodnods

          Acturo moves to get up getting confused at so many at once. "Please excuse me was nice to meet you all..."

          Noah says, "He told me. ChaosNet is fun!"

          Nick smirks, "You seemed to like the Kitsune... you could go see how much trouble he's causing the Agent."

          Vaughn smiles. "See you later, Arcturo." Then to the other animals. "I am really glad my name got drawn in the winners drawing, guys. The new acceptance system is a lot better than the QC version."

          Nick is thinking though (And add a new human to the kitsune's 'have knotted' list)

          Noah smiles, "I am glad! By the way, nice to meet you!"

          Vaughn smiles. "Just call me Vaughn."

          Arcturo moves towards the cleaning agent. "um.. hello?" to self "itl be quiet there you wont get overwheled its not to crowded ... hmph sure dad thanks A LOT"

          Hudson grins at Nick. "Arcturo went to watch Saint get cleaned up. That should be fun. A real VIP privilege."

          Arcturo is about to be a little more than overwhelmed. Inside, Saint is not in his anthro form but his full Kitsune form. On all fours, all 7 tails spread and glowing rather brightly from the flickers of foxfie that dance acrosses his fur and between his tails. He's showing his best side to the Agent so they can determine how best to 'present' him to the camera. The tent is filled with the Celestial Aura that any true Kitsune of the Celestial Court possesses.

          In this form, Saint stands aproximately 4 foot at the shoulder, slender but graceful vulpine build with the celestial Seal of Inari showing on his forehead.

          Arcturo blinks twice "um sorry ill um give you your privrespectfullyacy lord kitsunie" moves to back away bowing in respect

          Saint snerks a little, his muzzle twitching into a grin, though he struggles to keep it streight as he says, "You do not need to leave... You already showed up now. YOu might as well stay."

          Arcturo stops "um thank you lord saint. i thought you were ...something else" He walks in very cautiously.

          Saint snerks again, (Oh I could SO milk this...) He grins at the human, "Why not sit up here near me... The Agent is currently deciding on how best to groom me for television."

          He blinks "you need grooming? er.. thank you lord saint" He moves to where he was asked "you are so um..well er handsome.. in my humble view you dont need it..." Blushes

          Saint grins, "Oh yes. Grooming is very important to portray the proper image to the television audiences." He flicks his long fluffy tails as he teases the human with them lightly, "You know... I am a Kami... If you wish, I could give you my Mark and you could worship me as one of your Kami Spirits if you would give glory and praise to the Queen of the Celestial Courts, Lady Inari. In exchange, I could...visit you often and provide you with some....special blessings."

          " inari blessing...? i..i er um... i wont refuse such a boon but im.. er not exactly .. um pure enough to.. accept it." DEEP blush " glad you deem me worthy.."

          Saint smirks, "Oh I wouldn't say that. You're human soul is not as dirty as some I have seen. And trust me. You're worthy. You just must state, 'Saint, Kitsune of Inari, I accept you as my personal Kami and swear to worship you before all others.' And I can give you The First Blessing of Inari."

          With big eyes, Arcturo takes deep breath 'Saint, Kitsune of Inari, I accept you as my personal Kami and swear to worship you before all others.'

          Saint grinz and takes a deep breath, before blowing out a stream of intensely hot foxfire that surround his new supplicant. But it doesn't burn... instead it seems to fill your veins with pleasure, a deep tingling that rushes through you like raw euphoria. Saint's personal Symbol appears on the boy's forhead in gold lines of energy, marking him as belonging to Saint. Then the boy's ears move up his head, poking through his hair as they become pointed fox-like ears covered in fur and there is a brief feeling like he was kicked in the tailbone... as with a spurt and a sharp bursting sensation...he grows a single fox tail to call his own.

          Saint smirks, "Sorry about the pants."

          Arcturo sways his new tail. "what do you mean lord saint? about my.." looks behind me. "dad will be so jealous hes 'studied' to meet an inari kitsunie. and i get chosen before him" Risks a loving smooch on his new protectors muzzle "thank you lord saint"

          Saint chuckles, "You can just call me Saint. After all, your my little kitling now." He smirks, "I'm going to be busy here a while yet. There is a small tea shop on 5th and Main which specialises in Celestial Cusine. They have an order waiting on me. Go pick it up for me. Hudson outside can show you the way on his map if you need."

          Acrturo yips gently "yes l.. saint im happy to help you" Steps outside. "um.. er hudson? are you out here still.. i.. was asked to go to a certain place im unsure of" shy blush shy tailswish

          Hudson glances over at the partially changed boy. "Oh no... what has Saint done now? I hope he remembers that Albert and Paul aren't in control here." He looked at Arcty again as he pulls out his map. "Where are you trying to find?"

          Noah tilts his head and then hands Nick a five dollar bill. He didn't think Saint would move that fast. Nick knew better.

          "a shop on 5th and main" Looks at the others "i can guess your worry.. but i hoped to find either an inari kitsunue or inari herself. i truly liked kitsunie before i was gifted " Sways my new tail happily "plus i finally one upped my dad"

          Hudson shows Arcty where it is on the map. "We're here and the shop is nearby..." he points at the map. "...there."

          "thank you hudson.' heads that way humming happy and A LOT less shy. to self "no need to be shy i have a protector now"

          Vaughn gets up and walks over to where Nick, Noah, and Hudson are at. "That really was fast. I hope Lord Masterson doesn't have a cow."

          Hudson says, "Um... dragons tend to eat cows. "

          Vaughn smiles. "He better steer clear of India then." He winked too.

          Hudson giggles. "I like this one, guys."

          Nick smirks and nods, "Agreed."

          Hudson smiles at Vaughn. "You can hang out with us whenever you like."

          Lord Masterson -private-> Hudson {Oh... I think I don't have to do anything. *replays the scene for Hudson* He made the vow on his own... no manipulation. However, I think in the end when Mr. Kami wakes up in the middle of the night to do his 'job'.... This planet isn't protected. He wants to play Kami... he gets to fight the boy's Oni at night. Wish him luck.}

          Hudson -Private-> Lord Masterson {If Saint gets into too much trouble... please don't let him get wiped out. I know this world is supposed to be more like the old QC, but still... Lawrence is a friend.}

          Lord Masterson chuckles, {You don't have to worry about that either. I'm sure Inari will keep her agent safe. Regardless. I think this might be a learning experiences for BOTH children.}

          She just may let him get a little....bloody... but he IS protected from permanent death.

          Hudson {The Scouts are about to arrive. I see a larger group of them coming in now. Most of them look like Hell Hounds, various Feline types, and a few Scalies.}

          Unlike on QC Planet, this planet is in Frontier. Which means if you try to play God... you better bring your A game. There is shit out here that even Albert wouldn't want to face alone.

          Albert was smart to get Pantheon backing for QC. But this is a new project world and that protection isn't there. Good luck...

          Lord Masterson nods, {Carry on then, Hudson. I just wished to inform you that no formal disciplinary action will be brought at this time against your friends....I think just making him do his job...will be punishment enough.}


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            0-ZZ-Jared - Monday, June 09, 2014, 7:00 PM

            Hudson and gang are now meeting with the talent scouts while Vaughn watches from the side, enjoying just being there. (Arcturo the Kitling was on his way back from the tea shop.)

            Hudson holds a pose for one scout who is checking him out and asking him questions about possible interests. In Super-Ventriloquism to Vaughn, he says, {If you ever want to join a show with us, it is always handy to have a boy with hands.}

            Noah was floating not far from Hudson, watching all the scouts poke and prod him with a giggle now and then.

            Vaughn grins back at Hudson and his friends, having heard the offer.

            "hello all. Smiles swishes tail "that was a nice shop." heads to saint. "heres what you asked for s..saint" sets the teaset and stuff near him. hugs saint gently.

            Saint smirks slightly when the boy returns with his order but he motions him to put it down to one side, saying, "Please wait until the scouts are done with us. But thank you for retrieving it for me."

            Noah just rolls his eyes at both boys

            Hudson smiles at the news reporter otter (Nick/Nich)

            Nick was busy writting down notes on Hudson's scouting, while posing in a position for the scouts to get a good look at himself exchange, both outside and inside if they get curious

            Arcturo nods at what hes told moves the items. moves back to vaughn and sits near him "sorry about earlier im... cautios in groups but im glad you asked me to sit with you. shy honest smile

            Vaughn quietly says, "Hudson privately offered me a place in one of his shows. I like him and his friends."

            One scout then says to those being evaluated, "We have a few idea to run past you boys for a show. You can discuss and veto any show idea you don't feel all too confident about."

            Noah grins, "Kaye!"

            Hudson says, "I'm game. Lay it on us, sir."

            Nick smirks and looks at Hudson, "I doubt they could come up with any show as bad as the last set you looked through."

            Saint grins, "Well, he has winning and charming supporting stars this time as well, Nick."

            Arcturo looks towards them whispers "i do like them but well im a bit biased to foxes. whispers "id like to be in a show too if its with my friends. can i count you as one?"

            Nick nods, "TRue... He does have me and Noah."

            SAint glares at Nick

            Nick just smiles innocently at Hudson

            The scout smirks. "Even we heard about those, Nick. Anyway..." He got serious again. "...the prime suggestion isn't to put together a show that focuses only on one subject; but instead all of you would be in the show. But before you get repulsive about the idea, there is more: instead of a script, we simply film your typical days as a group of friends and simply have unseen officiated cameras recording your outings. The working title of this new show is simply called... 'Rebels'. What do you think?"

            Hudson says, "So this is more of a reality TV series rather than a scripted show?"

            The scout says, "Scripted shows are harder to put together and take a lot more planning, as I am sure you and Saint should remember when you were doing the viral videos of Good Dog/Bad Dog."

            Hudson makes a tongue stuck out 'bleah' look.

            Saint mmmms, slowly flicking his tails back and forth in thought, "I like the sound of it myself..."

            Nick raises an eye and shrugs, "It's up to you, Hudson. I'd be willing for you. But only if they also do not skew any of work as pure political poppycock or devalue the PP-awareness movement!... PPs are people too!"

            Noah grins, "Welll you know.... I could handle the show's special effects for you, Hudson... hehhe... I promise I won't make you sparkle...too much"

            The scout says, "With this concept, Nick, you can continue to do the job you normally do and any appearances you make whether to promote your species or even the PP stars to be, it is entirely up to you. Language is about the only thing that may end up edited for family viewing purposes. But aside from that and blatant sex scenes, what you do every day is literally your business in each show. Just remember to quietly narrate what you might be about to do so your viewers have some idea on what you're doing."

            "im sory vaugn. i was asking .. um if youd be one of my first friends here? arcturo smiles gently

            Saint says, "Ha! That'll be easy for Nick. He practically self-narrates his life as it is!"

            Hudson giggles quietly.

            Nick blushes darkly, "Hey, that's for my mental journal so I don't forget things at night.... Not for TV..."

            The scout says, "So you want bedroom and bathroom scenes off limits to filming?"

            Noah says, "Well, I don't really care, personally. And I don't mind if it's edited later for the PG ratings. I know lots of imps and others who do jobs like that... I met a lot of them."

            Saint says, "Yes, well, I personally... Would perfer what goes on behind MY closed remain behind closed doors."

            Nick smirks at Saint then looks back at Hudson.

            Vaughn quietly says to Arcturo, "We can try it, but aside from your serving Master Saint, your free time might not be so free."

            Hudson says, "We can try a pilot episode of 'Rebels', I think... but I think for an opening splash screen with the word Rebels, we be positions in a 'V' like group and..." He looks over at the Kitling and the Human boy. "...we have some extras in the scene with us, just in case the public wants eye candy." "

            Saint mmms, "I think that would be a good idea..."

            Noah mutters, "Not to mention, Arcturo would be in the show regardless since mr. kitsune has a job to do."

            Saint scoffs a little, "It's HARDLY a job."

            Noah says, "Has said every sponsor parent in existance shortly before they were HORRIBLY proven wrong."

            Nick smirks, "Point to Chaos Mouse."

            looks a bit confused Blushes deply at being included. senses his kami's approval swishses tail gently. "id like to help our friends saint." misses the sponser reference completely.

            Noah mentally mentions to Hudson, {Saint really is oblivious isn't he?}

            Hudson says, "Myself, Vaughn, and Nick down the right side; Dean and Deuce in front with Noah between them; and Saint, Arcturo, and Greyfell down the left side." He pauses. "I promised to help Greyfell get into something good for a change. Besides... we didn't have any horses in the mix yet." "

            Hudson mentally to Noah, {No, he really doesn't get it.}

            a new horse approaches hes amber red with light saphire mane. Prince brighthope is a happy go lucky colt but like his father HATES his honorifics. "hmm? hello there um.. whats going on?" isREALLY curious. is PROUDLY wearing his 'junior alLstars' Insignia.

            The scout replies, "We are helping the boys get organized for a TV show." He then looked to Hudson again as he wrote down the names. "Sounds like an interesting line-up."

            'a show? finally a new one! so many good reruns...but a new one sounds like fun can i be an extra? i could be my.. toon human self?'

            Noah ooos, "Yeah! Greyfell would a GREAT adition... And get him way from that NASTY, NASTY KITTY!"

            Nick smirks, "So the mouse doesn't like cats...Surprise?"

            Deuce is sitting on his Angel Glider near the Dean the New Bathound who is on his own Bat Glider as they both watch the activities.

            Noah says, "HEY! I like most cats. I just don't like THAT one."

            Hudson smiles with a giggle. "If we're going to do a reality show like ours, it helps to have eye candy. And Candy is good... right, Noah?"

            Noah nodnodnodnodnods!

            Noah grins and starts listing all the candies he likes... that could take a WHILE

            The scout looks at the princely colt with a grin. "As long as you don't mind getting a proper cleansing agent bath before your appearance in the opening splash screen shot..."

            Noah oooos, "Oh and of course my FAVORITE CANDY!!!!... Human boys!" He giggles.

            brighthope "i dont mind." tries to hide the smirk as he hears 'cousin' noah say that. he uses his inherited 'chaos spark' to give him some chaos malteasers. moves to the tent to get groomed

            The ending shot that gets used for the opening shot has Sylver Streakmane (a wearable macro lion and costume shop owner) and Jack (a wearable macro donkey and assistant costume maker at the costume shop) in the back behind the boys; Nick, Hudson, and Vaughn down the right side; Dean and Deuce in front with Noah between them; and Saint, Arcturo, Greyfell, and Brighthope down the left side. In the lower dark left corner of the screen is the glowing word, 'Rebels'.

            Feline, equids, canids, mousey, and boys. Can you say 'Hot!'?

            then the scouts complete the show posters and hand out completed ones to each participant (perfect for hanging in their rooms at home.)

            Hudson relaxes as he smiles at the others. "We did good, I think. I can't wait to film the first show."

            Noah YAYS!!! And throws his up into the air.... which promply teleports to his room and onto his wall, then copies of it appear raining down on random home towns on Earth. (innocent expression)

            Hudson says, "Free advertising? "

            Noah looks innocent, "mmaaaaaybehehhehe."

            Brighthope takes human shape and accepts it. smiles as he senses noah havng 'fun'. arcturo instictively moves towards saint. "can we go meet my dad s..saint?" brighthope is seen eating some oats

            Saint mms? "Yes, well, I suppose. If you promise to stop stammering like that. Really. Just call me Saint."

            Vaughn smiles bigly. "I can't believe I am getting to join you guys in a show." He then goes over and politely greets both Dean and Deuce who he only saw being brought into the shot.

            Hudson says, "Thus the Inari training begins, eh Saint? hehe"

            Dean grins and greets him in return, in fine shape now from all his training with his mentor.

            Vaughn says, "So you're the new Bathound. You make it look good."

            Saint says, "Bah, I get another kit and worshiper out of it. I'm sure it'll be fine."

            Dean grins, "Thank you. I do try. And trust me... he sets a high standard."

            Vaughn says, "Bathound is hard to live up to then. What do you do for fun?"

            Dean blinks? "Fun? You mean other than be bathound?" Sounds like he's not thought about THAT in a long time.

            Vaughn says, "Um... yeah, I meant that. Surely you don't wear the cape and cowl all the time... do you?"

            Dean chuckles, "No... But when I'm not, I'm in school for other things. Being Bathound IS what I do for fun to be honest. I still have my human form when I need to do things with my family. But I've comitted myself to taking over for Ace most of the time."

            Dean's a very studious and NICE boy. AS Ace knows

            Vaughn says, "Oh. I guess I just misunderstood. For a moment, you made it sound like you never removed the gear not even to bathe. I'm sorry if I ended up thinking that."

            Deuce quietly chuckles.

            Dean thinks a bit, "Other than that... I spend time with my counterpart over there." He winks. He blinks, "oh, nono, gosh no."

            Dean says, "I like the look but even I need a break from it!"

            brighthope moves to noah whispers "cousin why do i need extra 'special oats' when you and uncle dorwin are here i almost tried to pounce that cute vaughn.." blushes "even abathound has to be themselves sometimes right deuce? "

            Noah looks at Brighthope completely confused and shrugs. He has no idea what the guy is talking about.

            Deuce says, "Say Dean... why don't we give the boy a ride on the gliders? Then you can show Vaughn what you think is fun. Like your patrol route...?"

            Dean grins, "Sounds like a good idea to me, Deuce. What do you say, Vaughn?"

            Vaughn says, "Really?! That sounds like fun!"

            Dean nodnods, "Commonm then." He grins, "Deuce is still the best pilot but I've almost caught up."

            Deuce says, "Later tonight, the mousey and I have some spaghetti to deal with... Lady and the Tramp style." He started his glider and started off slowly at first.

            Vaughn got on with Dean and held on tight.

            Dean raise a brow, "You're dating Noah now?" He smirks, "Cute." He helps the boy up and then started off with him, going slow at first since the sudden acceleration could spook the boy, before steadily building up speed. He wanted Vaughn to enjoy the ride.

            Deuce waits for Dean to get side by side with him before permitting Dean to lead. This IS the Bathound's patrol route, after all.

            Hudson watches the dynamic duo head off with the boy, then he smiles at the otter and hugs him. "It's been a while since I've given you a hug, Nick."

            Nick hugs back, "It's been a while since you weren't busy."

            brighthope moves towards the two. 'um i did notice but as you posed i saw um.. two of you er mr nick?'

            "what do they mean saint? but i would like you to meet my dad' curious tailswish 'you might get a .. two for one.."

            arcturo shakes hishead to clear that thougt. sorry saint

            Hudson chuckles. "Nick is always twice as good. Its in his nature."

            Nick smirks, "You could say that..."

            Saint says, "I already agreed, Arcturo."

            arcturo happily waggs his tail. Leads saint to his house. whispers "let me do my first gentle trick saint lets surprise my dad. hide my gifts just till he sees you?"

            Hudson slyly grins as he reaches one paw inside the otter's wearable space. "You might say Nick can be 'puppetized'."

            Nick smirks and pokes Hudson, "Careful... You might get a paw stuck... And have to be a PP otter for a weekend. hehe"

            Saint nods to Arcturo.

            Hudson giggles and lays a kiss on Nick's otter muzzle.

            Nick kisses back, deeply, nuzzling Hudson

            brighthope he does look cute and it seems you trust him rebel. both of him. may i feel inside one of you nick? im.. well curious... is being respectful but playful.

            arcturo hideshisgiftsas allowed

            Nick shrugs, "I've been worn by a lot of people. Just make sure you remember the rules of wearable species."

            arcturo hides hisgifts as allowed. knocks on the door 'dad are you home? i brought.. a friend to meet you

            Hudson pulls his paw out so as to make space for Brighthope. "What news projects are you working on, Nick? Any nice 'Scoops'?"

            Nicks smirks, "A couple but Scoop wanted space on page 4 for that peice on local events so we moved it to page 6. Less prestige but atleast I get to put the PP awareness somewhere."

            Hudson says, "I think PP Awareness is important."

            brighthope 'the 24 hr rule?' ;gently feels inside of nick 'you do feel nice. I guess its true you are scoops protoge and pp rights mega supporter. my family keeps all your clips."

            Nicks nodnods, "Moreso these days with decline of PP stars. And no, the fact that when inside a species all o ther powers and effects are sealed. You can't just teleport yourself out of a wearable species. You're effectively that species while wearing the wearable. So...byby powers if you have any."

            Hudson says, "He's right, Brighthope. When I wear someone like him, I can't use any of my powers at all. The only powers I have is whatever the species costume is."

            Brighthope smile deeply. 'and you have his scent not your own' ;lifts his ears.. "but it would i.. i wasn't trying to.." ;looks at nick 'my mom said not today.. family time ..but nick if you allow id happily be inside you to .. avoid a few unwelcome admirers..from tie to time"

            Hudson says, "Sylver Streakmane is the one to ask about the best trustworthy costumes and wearables on the market. I wouldn't trust anyone else."

            Vaughn is literally hanging on to the back of Dean's legs as Bathound and Arch Angel chase after Bud and Lou's kid... the rotten little hyena shit.

            "a new friend arcturo?" ;opens the door looks around. "who is it?" ;looks at eyelevel doesnt look down. arcturos father looks realluy pleased.


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              0-ZZ-Jared - Wednesday, July 09, 2014, 10:14 PM

              Planet Toonscape; a week later...

              Vaughn is riding on the back of Deuce's angel glider while Dean the Bathound is keeping pace with his white hounded partner. Revolt is letting Noah ride on his head (the preferred spot for a chaos element) while Saint has his Kitling (name?) along with him during the group patrol through the back streets of Comet City/Gotham.

              Mice do like being on heads... of both varieties

              Revolt grinned as he flew along over the position of the glider hounds. "I am still a little surprised that Deuce and Dean improved their speed a notch a few days ago. I haven't seen any accidents... yet."

              Noah giggles, "Yet being the word! But I think Vaughn's helped 'im have a reasont to do better" He winks

              Noah says, "For some reason, cute human boys make toons do better, who knew?"

              Revolt looked over his shoulder toward Saint and his Kitling. "I wonder how the Kitsune pair are doing back there?"

              Noah glances back as well, "Dunno. I've spent most of the time tieing your headfur into braids!... I mena..uh... I'm not doing anything!"

              Saint just smirks at the glances. Self-levitation via kitsune magic and showing off is one of the easiest of tricks.

              Hudson nods his head at Saint and Arcturo the Kitling, before turning to focus on his own flying once again.

              Noah tugs on one of the new dredlocks adorning Hudson's canine head, "Yo yo yo, Revolt's a inner street dog now!"

              "this is really fun to do .. flying is easier than..." just looks at saint cautiously but smiles. ;stays near the team especially saint wagwag

              Deuce briefly checks on Vaughn again before 'castling' with Dean as they zoom down the street. "Weaving is useful in case an enemy you're trying to reach switches sides of the street. Did you get that Vaughn?"

              Vaughn replied, "Yeah. Recorded it in my Electronic Notepad."

              Dean is keeping his eyes out for trouble, he has a gut feeling about tonight that something isn't right, but his flight has gotten A LOT better recently... Since Vaughn joined the team.

              "i agree at that noah" revolts new dreds do look very 'street'" :stifles a gigglenicker

              Revolt giggled himself. "Just remember that my buddy Streakmane wants us to come over to the costume shop tomorrow so he can show us the latest threads that he and Macrodonk have been making. Nick will be on hand to do a report on the snazzy new animal suits."

              Noah giggles, "Yep! And I'll be on paw to make sure people get stuck!" He pauses, "er.. I MEAN UNSTUCK!"

              Saint chuckles slightly, "I'm suppose to be the trickster of this party."

              Revolt says, "Streakmane's nephew will be visiting him, too. Ever since the kid became a teenager, he's gotten interested in his Unc's business."

              "true saint but we shouldnt interfere with noahs fun." JUST to saint "im glad no...onis are visable still scared of fighting em..."

              "streakmanes nephew? i would like to meet him if hes as nice as his uncle is" :nickers

              Deuce grinned. "You know how it is with Nephews just entering their teen years..."

              Noah nodnods, "hehe, yeah... I wonder if that means Nick will have a new boyfriend..."

              Lightstrike nickers, "mom and dad trust me out and about but..BEGGED me to avoid somethig called infernium or sluttium..""

              Suddenly, a string of pies just barely misses the heroic animals, splatting all over the street and the buildings. Bud and Lou's kid growls when he sees that he missed his target (Dean) before he takes off back the way he came from, over trash cans and down the back alley.

              Saint says, "Nah. Nick's way too much of a sizequeen to go that rout... What he fuck..." He hrms and grabs one of the pies, "mm... Well atleast they have good taste..."

              Dean growls, a rather impressive imitation of the real Bathound at that, "I knew it. It's him AGAIN... And he almost hit me that time!"

              Revolt shouts off a warning to Saint. "Don't eat that, Saint! It's a hyena special!"

              Saint rolls his eyes, "Like I would taste anything that had just whizzed through the air at me... I was referring to the classic you know... 'banana cream pie' joke..."

              "youve got to be..." ;looks at saint and rebel 'is he really THAT suicidal? i mean we are ALL here.." ;motions to go and try and 'catch' him.

              'Bathound' already had turned his craft on a time was pursueing... that pissed him off.

              dime and was. Jeesh the typo imp is out in force tonight

              starfire almost joined dean in the chase but it was revolts team. so he watched for the 'cue'

              Deuce exclaimed, "If he wants us to chase him, then it must be an ambush trap he is leading us into. Which means he is probably working with someone new tonight."

              Saint looks tempted to just magic the two but decided not to interrupt 'Bathound's fun. Though he can't help remarking, "You know... Isn't this exactly how Ace got got in trouble oh...40 some odd years ago and your dad to rescue him, Revolt?"

              Noah says, "Wait... Lawrence actually knows some history... I'm not sure which stuns me more. They'd try the same thing... or LAwrence actually learned something..."

              Revolt giggled. "I think you're right. But I think Arcturo is right; Curly shouldn't have tried this stunt with the whole team out and about."

              Noah oooos... "Does mean I get to have fun with them?!"

              Saint says somewhat dryly, "Well if we're gonna stop Bathound from copying his 'predecessor' in the bad ways as well as the good... We should do something quickly."

              Revolt says, "We should, but my dad and Ace told me to only get in Bathound's way if it looks like he seriously needs a helping paw. As in... he is cornered and outnumbered. Ace said it was a Bat-pride thing."

              Vaughn giggled. "I can almost see Ace wearing a rainbow suit and marching in a San Francisco parade during the 60s."

              Saint rolls his eyes and says, "I see. Thankfully kitsune are above such things."

              Noah LAUGHS at that!!

              "my dad lives by the adage 'you hurt one you GET all. but he told me the same thing about bathound missions.." ;REALLY WANTS TO HURT THAT HYENA

              BOTH arcturo and starfire laugh at that

              Deuce grins. "Maybe, but hang on. I'm going after Dean." And he veered off down the next alleyway to see about playing a pit maneuver.

              Noah pouts, "I wanted to turn him into a TV show."

              Bathound was in hot pursue of the little brat, he wasn't playing around and was readying a bat-net launcher

              Revolt activated his super hearing and his telescopic x-ray vision toward where the action is.

              Noah didn't need to do that. He just watched it remotely. Chaos powers, wheee!

              "revolt could we 'watch' from say above in flank positions?" starfire REALLY is fighting his father's' heritage in him. ;arcturo looks on cautious but alert now

              Revolt grins. "Okay, let's go, Starfire. But we only help if it looks like Dean needs it." And he flew off toward that side of the alleys.

              Saint just shakes his head slightly, swishing his tails as he follows to the other side.

              starfire flies to the opposite flank air spot and watches. VERY thankful for his mothers gift of focus' arcturo notices that to SAINT ONLY "you sense something saint?"

              Curly dives into a metal drainage pipe and keeps running. "You can't follow me now, Dean! That fat glider can't fit in here!"

              Deuce then arrived at the other end of the pipe. "Dean and I have you trapped, Curly. Just give it up."

              'now i KNOW he has help! curly is NOT that smart!" ;looks at revolt even though BOTH sides scream 'help him'! :watches hoping hes wrong

              Dean smirks, "You know, Curly... We could just seal the two ends of this pipe with bat-glue... And deliver you still in the pipe."

              Curly whines and slowly walks toward the end where Dean is. "I give. I give, already."

              Dean looks at Curly, "Good." He frowns moving toward Curly to cuff 'im, "It's a good thing that you actually missed."

              Curly suddenly grinz as he launches a gas cloud directly into Dean's face! "Sucker!" And he attempts to bolt past the Bathound...

              ...until the ice vision freezes the ground and he slides directly into a brick wall!

              Revolt growled; then he looks to Dean. "Are you okay, Bathound?"

              Dean gacks for a moment, shaking his head, coughing and growling, "You little..." He was scrubbing his muzzle and eyes against a forearm, "Yeah...*cough* I'll be fine..."

              "nice move revolt' starfire moves to help heal dean if needed. 'he looks 'cold' revolt 'warm him up a bit?' ;lookstoward the hyena

              Dean is very, very tempted to show Curly was 'police brutality' is like... but Bathound has an image to uphold and he's not gonna do that. He has more self-controll than that.

              Deuce maneuvers his glider beside Dean. "I hope that gas he sprayed you with doesn't have an affect we don't know about."

              Dean grumbles, "Curly isn't that suicidal." He coughs some more, rubbing his eyes, "But I think I should head back just in case. Just glad the glider hs an autopilot. No way I could fly like this...I can bearly see."

              The team drops off Curly with animal control, then they play escort for Dean back toward the new Bathound Cave.

              "i may not be able to fix all of it but can i do a minor heal dean?" "i.. dont like seeing my friends hurt..." REALLY 'dislikes that hyena now

              Once inside the cave, the team stays back while Alfred and Starfire examine Dean.

              Dean thanks Revolt for his help and heads inside. Though he sys he's doing better. His eyes are burning and half-blinded. But since when is pepperspray the one thing villians use? He puts up a pretty strong front though.

              "Hold still, master Dean," says Alfred as he gently applies a water based mist to Dean's eyes. "What do you think, Starfire? Perhaps a little healing magic? Dean is right; it was pepperspray."

              Dean grumbles a little but holds still.

              Revolt and the others are now looking over the Bathound Cave trophies. Ace's momentos from his career.

              Lightstrike nickers, "alfred.. i didnt say it outside... but it smelled 'like' skunk pepper juice extract" now i see why you..'dislike' curly dean. :starfire does heal the skunkpepper juice away. "sorry but you stil may need to take time off it almost burned your retina.. otherwise i removed everything" "

              Noah woahs, "Sure are a lot of them... hehe, This is almost like a videogame. Think we should help Dean plantium it?"

              Batman: Arkham series reference heh

              Dean shakes his head, "I'll be fine. I have work to do." (does work-a-holic syndrome come with the cowl?)

              Deuce pads over and points at a giant boomerang. "This is something Ace was tied to during a trip to Aussieland. Kangaroo King had to rescue him during a Roo Flu outbreak one time. I laugh when I think about it."

              Noah snickers, "Bat-roo woulda been funny!"

              "saint star just gave off a .. 'bit' of almost Anubian anger.. i tasted it.. i may need um. 'help' soon" ;waggs tail at his kami/teacher/'mate'

              Saint raises an eye at that. "Why is that?"

              Deuce shows them an empty pie tin. "And this was the pie tin that Bud and Lou tried to make Bathound Pie with during a pie baking contest outing."

              Noah grins, "I bet it woulda been awesomely tastey... if a little tough..."

              arcturo lowers voice "i... um.. redirected it as 'another' strong urge/emotion" ;slightly lifts tail as a hint.

              starfire looks at alfred but backs off his dad wared him about the 'bat ethic' too

              Deuce points out a shredded Bathound costume. "Ace saves this from the time he did a tango with a Tasmanian Devil during one of the Bad News Bird's capers."

              Saint looks confused at the boy. "I didn't know you were that close to the guy... And if you need a little release..." He shrugs, "Go ask him out and fuck him till the sun comes up."

              Noah oos, "Neato... hehe, Taz was cute.. I used to watch his show before they took it off the air."

              Noah tilts his head, "I wonder if there are Devi-Tasmians Devi-Devils..."

              Revolt glances at Saint. "Trouble in Kitsu-Paradise, Saint?"

              'i wasnt saint but he was 'that' mad." ;smirks 'if he says 'yes" i will if not.. 'um ill need help'

              starfire padds to revolt "um arcty may have picked up on my.. um anger earlier..i was upset at the hyena."

              Saint says, "Not really. Just confused. I mean Arcy here is claiming that he empathically asorbed some emotion from the guy... which, unless he was intimately in contact or already had some bond to the guy, is kinda unlikely, we're kitsunes. Not 'cubi. We don't passively asorbe emotions around us. So mostly confused. Perhaps his family has a cubi in it's past or something."

              Revolt smirks. "If it gets to be a problem, then you might have to call Inari."

              Saint flicks his tails, nervously, "I..I'd rather leave mom out of this..."

              From the sounds of it Saint ALMOST said 'mommy'.

              Saint still IS technically a very young kitsune. Certian things...carry over.

              Revolt giggles. "I like to stick to what I know."

              Noah smirks and whispers mentally to just Revolt, (I always like it when you mention Inari to him, hehe. He always likes like a 3 year old with their paws in a cookie jar, it's cute)

              Revolt whispers privately back to Noah, (I know; super cute, if you ask me.)

              Noah nodnods, (Definately! Big bad kitsune is a little kit when it comes to 'mommy inari'.)

              "star does smooch me for 'luck' when we do outings so yes. we do 'that' type often saint.. i think he cares.. but for ALL of us.."

              Deuce pads over to a totally red cape and cowl. "This is from the time that Isis ruined one of dad's best costumes in a paint factory."

              Saint says, "Look, Arcturo. What I am saying is that he shouldn't have had any effect on you in that way. If you're feeling horny and needy, it's probably because your part fox, not because of any other reasons. And if you want to have sex with someone to releave that need, then don't be afraid to do so."

              Revolt now whispers to Noah, (I'll bet Saint never thought that teaching a follower would be this hard.)

              Noah grins and whispers back, {I bet not. Then again, Saint doesn't get it. His follower is just trying to get him to bed him. Even I can see that his 'follower' wants to 'worship' him in bed. That's all that's about.)

              arcturo blushes implying he enjoys relief from saint the most. "ill ask him saint"

              Revolt whispers to Noah, (It is kinda weird that when Saint was starting out, he would let anyone bed him and now that he has a worshiper, he acts like a prudish namesake of himself. Almost as if he thinks it is a sin to have a little fun.)

              "almost looks like a reference to a classic bat foe 'red hood'. but it is very well painted duece" ;star pays attention to the tour more now

              Noah speaks up and says, "Acturo.. Your teacher is dense as bricks... You probably should speak what you want a bit more plainly." To Revolt {He still has fun with everyone else... he's a slut when the boy isn't around.}

              Deuce grins. "I know..." He shows the guys a badly wigged drag queen outfit with the cape and cowl. "One of Ace's under cover outfits. He won't tell me when he ever wore this, though..."

              Dean says, "I know when he wore that one."

              Revolt grins. "Dad has a picture of Ace in that get up tucked away in a scrap book. I saw it one time. But I don't know who the other three dogs in drag are with him in the piccie..."

              'you probably do revolt. you know ONE is ace and well.. if you look again you might guess who the others are..'

              arcturo padds to saint ;whispers to him 'im glad to relive myself with others saint... but you make it enjoyable the most.."

              Deuce ends the tour near Alfred's serving cart where everyone gets Milk and Bat Cookies.

              Saint sighs and says, "You can't say I make it the most enjoyable since we've never done it. And I can't have sex with you, Arcturo." He shakes his head, "Personally, I don't care about this sorta thing but since I sorta bent the rules slightly by making you my Kitling and I am your Kami, it is my job, apparently, not just to accept your worship but to protect you. And one of those little side-rules Mom's made it clear I am being judged on... is no sex with your followers until you're atleast a Major Kami. Otherwise.... I get a lot of spankings. And I don't like those. I really, really don't." He thinks to himself but since it's funny Noah lets Revolt hear it, (Mommy Inari isn't letting me have any fun with having a worshipper.)

              Yes... Big bad Saint...calls her 'Mommy Inari'... and he's not getting to have fun because it's a punishment for not getting recruiting permission from Lord Drake Masterson.

              Revolt says, "Tomorrow at the costume shop, everyone really needs to keep their minds out of the gutter. Nick is dirty enough for all of us. But seriously... my sponsor brother, Austin, will be coming with me. Mom is allowing him to get a new costume for him to wear around the house... as long as it isn't a donkey costume." He mentally giggles as he whispers to Noah, (I'll bet no one restricted Inari from having fun when she had her first worshiper.)

              Noah grins and agrees with Revolt. He nodnods, "Yeah, Nick's kinda dirty enough for half the planet."

              Nick (somewhere) sneezes, "I hope I'm not coming down with a cold..."

              Dean says, "Don't you mean could 'take' half the planet with his size fetish?"

              Revolt grins. "I think you are right, Dean. But yeah... Streakmane really likes seeing all of us."

              Noah giggles, "Yeah. Hey, maybe we should invite that other boy with us too!"

              Vaughn is still sitting on the Angel Glider with his milk and cookies; he was just being quiet, that's all."

              Deuce smiles. "So... was that it for the night, guys? We'll meet again tomorrow at the costume shop?"

              Saint nods.

              Noah giggles and hugs Revolt, "Kaaaaye"

              Then he poofs over and hugs everyone else too

              star and acturo hug him

              Monday morning, then... Streakmane's Costume Shop.

              Hudson arrives at the costume shop with Austin.

              Austin is clean and dressed, and more than ready to browse through the costume selections. The costume shop is one of his favorite places to spend time at. He loves to look over the selection Streakmane provides, although the mental and talking costumes provide more details, usually.

              Hudson says, "Don't lose your clothes this time, okay?"

              Austin says, "I won't. It was an accident the last time."

              Hudson is thinking, (Suuuurrrrre it was.)

              Hudson says, "You head on in; I have to wait for the guys to arrive."

              Austin goes on inside.

              Nick, the lil otter pp that he is, come bounding in, "HIII!!!!! News Otter on the case!"

              Hudson hugs Nick and rubs on him. "Looking good, Nick! How you been?"

              Nick grins and hugs back bodily, "I'm good. I'm really excited since you're here though." He give the boy a kiss.

              arcturo padds towards the 'two'. 'morning hudson' was that austin i saw walk insidejust now?" ;hugs hudson and nick

              Hudson says, "Yeah, that was Austin. I was waiting for the gang to show up. I just hope Dean didn't sprout some weird joke look while we weren't looking."

              Hudson says, "By the way, Arcturo... where is Saint this morning?"

              Nick grins, "I'm really excited to see Austin again, Hudson." He grins, "And see this new nephew. I haven't met him yet."

              "um... he may be late hudson... i think he might be with inari right now"

              starfire canters up "dean should be fine hudson. i removed all the major damage"

              Deuce arrives and he parks his Angel Glider. He went and picked up Vaughn, obviously. "Dean was getting another schedule from dad."

              Hudson says, "Austin already went inside, Nick. I was waiting for the others out here."

              Nick nodnods, "Alright. Should I wait out here with you or head on inside?"

              Noah poofs in and lands on Hudson's head, snuggling it, "ooh yeah. Soooffffttttttt."

              Hudson says, "You can head on in, Nick. Everybody knows your boyfriend owns the place." He winked and grinned.

              Nick grins and heads inside! "He's not my boyfriend...we're just REALLY good friends!"

              Hudson reaches up and rubs on Noah. "How is our Dormousy?"

              Noah giggles and leans into the rubs, "hihi. I'm good!"

              Hudson says, "I think we are just waiting on Dean and Saint now."

              Noah makes a face, "It's boring at night when you don't need to sleep and everyone else does." He nodnods, "Otay. I'll stay wif you if that's okay."

              Vaughn smiles at the others. "Mom and dad made sure I had some money, if I needed it."

              Dean is the next to arrive. Though he looks like he got a mild lecture from Bathound about not assuming anything when it comes to your opponents.

              arcturo pets the cute mousey gently

              Hudson says, "That's not a pretty look, Dean. Everything cool?"

              Dean nods, "Yeah...My mentor just... had a few words about how I handled things yesterday. He was right... but it still didn't make it very fun to listen to." HE sighs but smiles, "Anyway, it seems the gas crap wore off completely and everything is good on that front. Though Ace did some chemical profiles and sent samples of the stuff for analysis by the genetics and chemical divisions... AKA. Doctor Warner and Doctor Tennyson. Just in case. Ace seemed a little paranoid but I guess he just doesn't want anything to happen to me or Deuce."

              Vaughn hugs Dean. "Ace seems to over worry about you and Deuce ever since the younger foes have been popping up."

              Dean hugs back and nods, "He seems concerned too that I've not had any time to spend in my human form. I've been in Ace/Bathound for... You know I can't remember the last time I went home." He tilts his head a little and shakes it a little, "Deuce and I have been pretty busy. Plus I have to work even harder since I didn't get Deuce's training to start with."

              Deuce then says, "I can understand that, Dean. When was the last time you were human?"

              Dean ums... "The last time you came and got me from home..."

              Yeah. Been a loooooong time lol. He's been busy ever since then.

              Deuce says, "I hope you realize that was months ago... I can see Ace's concern. Can you even switch forms anymore?"

              Dean ums, "Well I haven't tried since then.. but I assume so. I mean they didn't warn me that I might not be able to."

              arcturo smiles i guessyou should relax a bit even bruce wayne relaxes some times

              Deuce says, "Well, if its any consulation, Dean..." He blushes and lowers his head. "...I like you in dog form."

              Dean blushes a little himself, glancing aside, "I er... Thanks... I um...Appreciate it." He gives Deuce's muzzle a quick lick. He's gotten A LOT better about canine behavior in the months, that's for sure.

              It was something he struggled slightly with at first not being born one.

              Deuce smiles and licks Dean in return. "Thanks for being a good sport about all this."

              Dean smiles, "You've been a lot of help. I mean, if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be where I am now."

              Deuce says, "I am glad Ace has me helping you."

              Dean smirks, nudging him lightly, "Like that's the only reason."

              Deuce says, "Remember the first night we slept together... in your dog form?"

              Hudson rolls his eyes as he shakes his head. (I told these guys to keep their minds out of the gutter.)

              Dean hehes, "As if I could forget... Though you could always remind me..." He grins innocently, tryin to pull off the 'Angel' look

              Noah rolls his eyes too and mentally says to Hudson {And you said they wouldn't end up married}

              Hudson -> Noah (I was wrong; it happens sometimes. Time to head inside the costume shop.) And he heads on inside with Noah.

              About that time, as if summoned by the mention of yiffy fun happy times... Saint walks up, grumbling... his fur today a BRIGHT pinkyish maroon.

              Vaughn follows Hudson and Noah.

              Saint snarls under his breath, "Loki and Coyote NEVER should have had kids... EVER, EVER, EVER!... " Sounds like the Trickster kami got out tricked.

              Deuce smiles at Saint. "You encountered another young foe, didn't you?"

              Saint looks at Deuce, "No... A 'friend' supposedly... IT's... You know.. I don't know what to call that brat..." He heads inside, "STupid divine powers....can't even use my powers to change it..."

              Dean laughs softly, "Sounds like he found his future sidekick to me."

              Deuce looks at Dean, then he giggles. "I agree. Ace ended up with Robbie like that."

              Dean nuzzles Deuce softly, "Let's go keep an eye on them. Later perhaps... we can find a minute or two to ourselves."

              Deuce says, "Agreed." He nuzzles back and then they head inside.

              -=Inside the costume shop=-

              Nick hugs Austin, "Hi! Told yas I'd see you again!"

              Streakmane hugs everyone who enters, although Austin somehow had managed to get by the big lion with him seeing the boy. Streakmane escorts the others into the costume showcase chamber (which is located near the infamous costume making machine.)

              arcturo looks at saint gently huggs him

              Austin smiles at Nick and hugs him. "Hi Nick."

              Nick smiles and gives him a nice big ottery hug...though the boy is much large than he is, heh. Then he gives the costume machine a evil eye, "That's the thing that made me what i am now...Be careful around it. It'll eat you." HE STILL believes the machine is sentient even though he's been told it's not.

              Saint just shakes his head.

              Saint gives Arcturo a small hug and a pet on the shoulders gently as well

              "this is a wonderful shop mr streakmane you do very good work." ;looks and 'listens o the costumes AVOIDS the costume maker. :star nickers and acturo murrs at saints touch

              Austin was already in his favorite section, although he could see the 'evil machine' over in the next section. "That's the one that made you so cute?"

              Nick says, "And wearable."

              Austin says, "Well, I'm not an animal so I doubt the machine would have as much fun with me as it did with you." He winked with a giggle."

              Nick says, "I wasn't an animal then either, remmeber?" He nuzzles Austin, "Just be careful around it." He smiles, "So whatcha up to? Anything I can help with?"

              Austin says, "Well... I'm looking over lions, wolves, and... yes, otters. Apollo said I had to stay away from donkey costumes since the last one tried to do me in. Oh, I do have a scaly costume that I wear when I am playing with my dragon boyfriend.""

              Nick says, "Oh? You got a boyfriend already huh?"

              Austin says, "Drake Masterson's son. You remember him, right? Dracen."

              Nick grins, "Oh yeah. I know him. He's a pretty lucky dragon. Well if you ever wanna try a pp otter, you can wear me... That's one reason I hang..." He giggles a little at the words, "Around here. One of...many." He grins, "Or if you need any help being directed to a specific costumes, they or I can help! So just ask!"

              Dracen wuvs Austin

              Nick says, "You'd be surprised how much news a news otter can uncover with some 'under cover costume' work."

              Austin says, "I like the costumes who can offer advice either mentally or verbally. I just like to chat with them when I come in here on days when I'm just goofing off. I've never seen you around when I'm in here though."

              Nick mmms, "Depends on the time of day. I have school...then the paper then the rest of the time here or news hounding. It also depends on the day of week too."

              And when he's being stretched around a macrocock, let's be honest.... but he's not mentioning that part

              Streakmane grins and says from across the aisles, "That's because Nick is usually 'hanging on the stretching rack'."

              Nick blushes at that...

              Said in front of everybody.

              Austin giggles. "The stretching rack, hmm?"

              Nick says, "That may be true but my other body is on the back rack of the otter forms!"

              Noah mutters, "That's only because Streakmane only has one shaft."

              Noah blushes and says to Hudson, "Sorry... I'm trying to stay outta the gutter but you know that's the only reason"

              Streakmane says, "I see Austin in the shop every day; he just doesn't notice that I have noticed him." He turns to the others. "I am glad you boys came in. Perhaps we can swap stories while I am showing you the new costumes."

              star smiles gently. arcturo cant help but giggle. 'thank you sir for this tour

              Austin grins at Nick as he walks along slowly toward the back where the 'best' costumes are located. "How many special otter costumes are in here, Nick?"

              Nick grins, "Counting me? 18. But only 8 of us are real pp otters." He giggles softly at that.

              Saint says, "I suppose having two bodies IS useful for doing more than one thing at a time."

              Hudson grins as he rubs on Noah for a moment, then he rubs on the large lion (Streakmane) as well.

              Nick nods, "It means I get to spend time here and sating the need to be worn...which IS a thing... And still doing my job and dream of Reporting the news as well. I'm pretty lucky."

              Noah snuggles into Hudsons rubs and smirks...and has a thorn magically appear in Streakmane's paw (though not stuck in it, just on top of it for a moment...Mouse and the Lion reference) )

              Hudson grins at Noah. "Behave."

              Noah giggles, "Sorry."

              Austin is examining a black demon wolf costume which has silver eyes and an almost magically clean coat of fur. "Sating the need to be worn, huh? Is that why you play with Streakmane so often?"

              arcturo asks so mr streakmane you take pride in your costumes here? its feels..caring in here.. ;doesntm ention the OBVIOUS detection of yiff energy all around.

              Nick says, "er... Well...partially... but, I do really like him too."

              Streakmane says, "It is always a 'pride' to create good costumes. We have our creation license and the reason for making so many costumes is because people like to lease them out for a time. It is good money."

              Noah says, "It must be nice that your nephew took an interest. Uncle Dorwin was really super happy I did."

              Austin feels his hand up inside the wolf costume for a moment, checking out the slick insides casually. "Like or love, Nick?"

              Streakmane says, "Clevermane is in the back with Macrodonk at the moment. He seems like a nice lion, although his father did tell me to keep an eye on him... a careful eye, he said."

              Nick ums. He shrugs a little, "I'm not sure. HE already has a mate, and I'm not sure if it's like that or not. We have a lot of fun but he's never made any mention or attempt to say it was more than that" Hey atleast he's honest.

              star knows those words AND tone. 'its always good to show interest in family... and caring friends'

              Vaughn is looking over what looks like a houndimon costume that was laid out on a crafting table in the display chamber. There is an empowerment book next to the costume. He doesn't touch the book since it is clearly the property of Streakmane. But the costume interests him...

              Streakmane grinz at Star. "How is that worrysome father of yours, Star? Is he and Puppy still popping them out?" He winked and grinned.

              Austin grins as he moves on into the back chamber where he sees that Streakmane and Macrodonk have a few costumes made from Memoryfoam padding, for that added comfort. He is now checking out a demon wolf like the other one, only this one is made with the MF padding. "I guess he decided to try my one suggestion. It certainly makes them look and feel more real." He feels a hand up inside the costume's nether region.

              Nick grins, "Sounds like you know more than you let on about making costumes."

              Austin says, "No, I just had a comfort idea for costumes and it looks like he tried it on a few costumes. It really feels good, though.""

              Nick nudges Austin, "I bet you could come up with more good ideas though if you thought."

              "yes, they are sir... im glad they trust me to 'wander about'." star smiles as he hears the other conversations

              Streakmane now directs the boys (minus Nick and Austin) over to the Costume Labs. "Now I have a treat to show you boys. The filming companies have been in contact with me and they have been placing some interesting orders. We now own a wonderous costume duplication device that has an added feature. Hudson? Could you change into Revolt, then step up on their circular chrome platform, please?"

              Hudson changes into Revolt and gets on the disc. He trusts the lion.

              Noah floats over to sit on Deuce's head for now

              Streakmane activates some controls on the console and a light shines over Revolt for a moment, and then a similar light shines on another chrome disc as slowly... a PP Revolt Costume appears on the disc standing in the same pose as the original. "Okay, Revolt, you can get down and change back now."

              Hudson does as he is told and then he looks at the costume copy of his hero form. "Wow! This is amazing!"

              Noah is impressed! "So is it...alive or just a normal costume?"

              Streakmane says, "Isn't it, though? It is a magical costume, Noah. Aside from having a rider and lacking the obvious powers, you are looking at a stunt double costume that will look and sound as real as the original. This way anyone can wear the stunt double costume for those moments when Hudson cannot be in two places at the same time."

              "WOW will that work on all of us?" is amazed at the detail

              Noah wows. "Neat!"

              Nick smiles to Austin, "I think I'm going to meet Clevermane. Wanna come or you focused on the costumes?"

              Streakmane says, "Yes, I can have a costume made for each of you. This is part of why I wanted you guys to come in today. Who all wants to try this?"

              Noah raises his paw!

              Hudson moves his costume over to a display table so he can look it over to see how detailed it is.

              Saint nods, "I would be willing."

              Dean hrms, "Well we could moonlight as each other, Deuce" He chuckles.

              Streakmane says, "All right, Noah. Just stand on the disc like Revolt did. And Noah... Dorwin asked me to tell you that while this device CAN make a stunt double costume of your dormouse form, it cannot separate the Chaos element from your human self. Sorry. So if you still want to try this, you may. Otherwise, Saint spoke up next."

              Noah nods. and stands on the platform.

              Streakmane activates some controls on the console and a light shines over Noah the Dormouse for a moment, and then a similar light shines on another chrome disc as slowly... a duplicate Noah Costume appears on the disc standing in the same pose as the original. "Okay, Noah, you can get down and change back now."

              Streakmane says, "I mean... you can check out your double. Not change back. I am so silly." He moves the double to a display table. "You're up next, Saint."

              Austin is focused on the demon wolf costume, still, so Nick can head off to meet the nephew.

              Noah heads over to the other one and looks it over, "It is a dormouse! hehe, cute!"

              Nick giggles and leaves Austin to look over the costumes as he heads off to find the nephew

              Saint gets up on the platform next

              Streakmane activates some controls on the console and a light shines over Saint the Kitsune for a moment, and then a similar light shines on another chrome disc as slowly... a duplicate Saint Costume appears on the disc standing in the same pose as the original. "Okay, Saint, you can get down."

              Saint hops down and grins, "Well, there you go Kitling. You're own Kitsune costume."

              Streakmane moves the Saint costume double to a display table.

              Deuce tries it now with a grin. "This will be COOL!"

              Dean does the same. Then awwws, "Well I guess you can go first."

              Streakmane activates some controls on the console and a light shines over Deuce the Ange-Hound for a moment, and then a similar light shines on another chrome disc as slowly... a duplicate Deuce Costume appears on the disc standing in the same pose as the original. "Okay, Deuce, you can get down."

              Dean was tempted to do it at the same time with Deuce so they could pose together

              Streakmane activates some controls on the console and a light shines over Dean the BatHound for a moment, and then a similar light shines on another chrome disc as slowly... a duplicate Dean Costume appears on the disc standing in the same pose as the original. "Okay, Dean, you can get down."

              and their costumes are placed side by side on a display table together.

              Dean gets down with a chuckle and grins at Deuce, before swapping sides and posing with Deuce in reverse position with a grin.

              Deuce hugs Dean and licks his muzzle. "Dad will flip out."

              Dean licks back and nodnods, before giving Deuce a deep kiss.

              Hudson hugs both dogs. "You two look so good together."

              Dean blushes and smiles, "Thanks..." He hugs back

              Vaughn is checking out the Dean the Bathound costume, feeling it all over and checking out the entrance port for the rider. "That device did a good job, Dean."

              Dean smiles, "Looks like it."

              Vaughn grins as he sniffs the insides. "It even smells like your dog form, Dean."

              Noah giggles

              Dean says, "I'm sure not as good as the real thing."

              star smiles and asks for his turn

              Vaughn grins again. "We can test that..." He bends down and sniffs Dean under his tail... and test licks Dean's pucker... then he goes over and does the same thing to the costume. hehe.

              Streakmane activates some controls on the console and a light shines over Starfire the PP Horse for a moment, and then a similar light shines on another chrome disc as slowly... a duplicate Starfire Costume appears on the disc standing in the same pose as the original. "Okay, Starfire, you can get down."

              and his costume is placed beside a display table so Star can look eye to eye with his costume.

              Streakmane says, "I made a duplicate of Nick's body last night. Have a look." And he brings out the Nick costume double and places it on a display table with the others on display. "Isn't he cute?"

              Dean smirks at that, though surprised the human would.

              Noah ums... "Why does he have the sex toy tags?"

              star padds to streakmane "um sir theres one thing id like to be.. covered on my duplicates my um.. family mark please" ;looks at the nick costume "he does look really cute yes"

              Streakmane says, "Sorry, Star... but herd marks don't make the transfer to costume doubles. That would be the only way you could tell the costume wasn't like your real self."

              Streakmane grinz at Noah and winks. "All otters do, right?"

              Noah smirks, "Riiight."

              Vaughn smiles. "Yep, totally the same. It's a good copy, Dean."

              Speaking of the otter... The slinky otter has slipped out the back and is not investigating an odd HUGE new building... Which he's wondering why is so large since his nephew can't be THAT big... But he's curious now! INVESTIGATION OTTER!

              Dean raises a brow and chuckles, "Well then, the fans wouldn't be able to tell either, I would guess."

              star shivers a bit feeling... a little naughtier from all this playful talk

              Vaughn says, "I'm sorry if I got a little too personal with that, Dean. I don't know what came over me."

              Deuce grinz. "Doggy lust, probably."

              Dean grins, "It's fine." He gives Vaughn a nice lick.

              Vaughn kisses Dean on the muzzle deeply.

              Dean kisses back, petting on his boy

              arcturo padds towards hudson "i see what you meant hudson"

              Vaughn gently gropes all over Dean slowly.

              Hudson says, "I can't fault Ace's boys. They have that appeal."

              Dean chuckles and poses in a way Vaughn can if he wants with a happy doggy expression heh

              Vaughn is willing to do more than play with Dean, if he's game for that. Although there are others around them currently. He continues to rub Dean in nice ways.

              Dean is thinking he should invite Vaughn and Deuce to 'spend the night' tonight

              doggy fun, in other words.


              Deuce whispers to Dean, (Threesome at the Bathound Cave, old chum?)

              Dean replies with a smile and a knowing nod. He wouldn't want Deuce to miss out on the fun.

              Hudson grins as he pads over into the other chamber and he looks at the costume making machine, which isn't in use today. He recalls having to bite the nasty tasting cord out of the wall once upon a time back when Nick accidentally got ottered.

              Yeah... hehe. Naughty machine! The otter is still convinced the thing is sentient. lol.

              Hudson knows it isn't sentient (at least Streakmane and Macrodonk both swear it isn't.) He sniffs around at the controls and then he pokes his nose into the door of the machine where he knows Streakmane places animals or costumes to be altered. He is curious to see if any costumes are on the table within at the moment.

              Just one. A rather adorable looking young PP gryphon boy costume.

              Streakmane says to the others, "I have time to answer costume making inquiries if anyone has any for me."

              Noah says, "Mmm. What's your general way of deciding on what new ones to make?"

              Hudson cautiously enters and walks over to get a look at the PP gryphon boy costume, close up.

              It looks like a young gryphy, probably a few years younger than hudson but still VERY good looking. Sleek and strongly built. HE would have been a STUD if he were older.

              star padds to streakmane fighting to stay focused :in his mind "when starting to feel TOO horney start studying ANYTHING ELSE" ;normal voice "yes sir id like to ask. not yours but if any costume hasa..'bad' flaw what should you do when you find it?"

              Streakmane says, "Generally, I pay attention to what the species reports on TV are, and what filiming studios are asking for. Stunt doubles are always in high demand and can sometimes be sold for thousands of dollars to the right studios since the costume has reusability far beyond a normal actor. Once I know what is in demand, I can plan to make the costume."

              Streakmane looks at Star now. "I know you mean well by asking that question, but it is illegal for me to acquire a costume that was made by someone else. And if I do end up with one, I have to quarantine it and prepare it to be shipped to the authorities since if it did have a flaw, it could cause horrible damage to a customer by accident."

              Hudson lightly runs one hand over the PP gryphy costume to see what it feels like.

              Like all of the costumes it feels VERY real. OF course on closer inspection you do notice a few differences. The gryphon parts are obviously not normal avian as it seems the bird parts were from some bird with solid black feathers with a soft irradescent sheen to them. The leonine parts sleek and with a few tribal marks that accent the physque and give the gryphy boy a very alluring and magical look.

              :he nodds " there anything in the costume maker ..right now?" ;he shivers fighting to focus "um.. id like o continue the discussion.. but i think. i should get some air first.."

              Hudson feels satisfied in what he sees as he makes his way out of the machine and he then looks around to see if their is any documentation on this particular gryphy suit. He respects Streak's work enough to NOT try on things without permission, especially since that costume was still inside the machine and not on display.

              No documentation. Just a small note: 'In memory of the son I never knew, who on dreams got his wings, and even the moon outflew'. A sappy poem from what probably was a pretty distraught father. Atleast that would be Hudson's guess.

              That...or a note from some REALLY sappy tv drama...

              Hudson awws... he wipes away a small tear with a smile. "It... gets to me. And I'm not even a soap opera type of dog... like Dean and Deuce are."

              Dean does like his soaps... (just not that itchy anti-flea kind that makes him smell like flowers and sissy stuff)

              Hudson then goes into the back chamber where he knows Streak keeps the really old machines; none of them are ever plugged in anymore to prevent accidents, but he wants to look over one of the old ones for a while.

              star steps outside and taps his mothers focus teachings... "wow its hard o NOT think naughty in there.. nick must really enjoy being stretched.." ;deep breath heads back inside to where streakmane is

              yes, I am sure Nick does enjoy it.

              star resumes his discussion with streakmane. "sir these costumes are all.. wonderful. aside from nick, yourself and your donkey assistant. which ones touch your heart the most?"

              Hudson is now quietly looking over one of Streak's first costume making devices. It was one where you had to put a costume pattern in one slot, then you put the material in another slot... then you simply pushed the button and a costume popped out the other side. The only problem with the machine was that once a material was inserted, you couldn't get it out and worse, the costume quality that popped out wasn't always the best. Another safety issue with the device was that if any of your hair or fur accidentally got into the material slot, it would literally suck you through it and you would become the costume being made at the end. Not a nice result.

              Streakmane smiles. "The costumes that touch my heart the most are the ones with a heart felt story attached before the skins or bodies were brought to me to use as the material for a new costume. I am always touched by those costumes because they have history."

              Hudson now examines one of Macrodonk's first magical costume making booths. It is designed in the fashion of a small car wash shape. Materials and/or body in one side, you type in costume species and hit enter, then costume pops out the other side. It had the added feature of washing the costume while making it. Hudson cannot figure out why Macrodonk stopped using it since it obviously worked.

              Probably because people kept walking into it


              since it isn't plugged in, Hudson looks over the controls, then he peers into the entry port. He can tell it isn't dark inside although it does smell like both soap and cum in there. It makes him aroused just smelling the combo.

              Vaughn asks, "Streak? Do you ever have to make a costume for a known hero to wear say if his fur is damaged or he has wounds which would tip off the public as to his real identity?"

              Streakmane smiles. "That has actually occurred several times. Exactly as you have described. And when I get such an order, the highest confidentiality is held."

              Noah says, "Makes sense"

              Streakmane smiles. "Always remember, Vaughn... never trust a costume that has the tags removed from it. All of my costumes have the proper tags attached on the inside. That way you know not only who made the costume, but when it was made and for whom."

              Noah nodnods

              Vaughn says, "Sounds like good advice."

              Streakmane smiles. "Something like that happened to a boy named Lawrence one time. I don't know what ever happened to that boy." He is looking solely at Saint. "It slips my mind."

              Saint blushes hotly... "I do remember that, Streak..." He was being silent for that very reaosn

              Streakmane smiles. "Saint knew the boy in the past. But I am sure the boy went on to become a great photographer. He certain loved to play with the camera."

              Saint says, "Still does."

              Streakmane says, "Good to hear, Saint. I am glad you are staying in touch with that nice boy."

              Saint says, "Indeed. More so than Nick to be sure."

              Streakmane says, "Speaking of Nick... I'm wondering where he went now. For a news otter, he sure got quiet."

              The news otter went investigating.

              Noah mms, "Last I saw he was with Austin."

              Streakmane checks the security monitor. "Austin is trying on costumes; Nick isn't with him. Since the last accident with the donkey costume, Austin knows not to wear a costume out of the shop. So let me check the other security monitors to see where the nosy otter might have gone. I just hope he doesn't enter my neighbor's new building behind the costume shop. He is running a legal breeding station business there for toons and furs who have trouble getting themselves in the mood."

              The nosy otter was looking for a lion, so unless the building was boviusly Streak's or had an lion, he probably moved on. He was looking for Clever.

              Clevermane and Macrodonk are on their way back from getting lunch for everybody. Nick would see them eventually.

              Then after a lot of searching around the property and thinking that the two were hiding the boy, he is with Clever.

              while looking inside another old costume making apparatus, Hudson sees a collar that looks a LOT like one of his dad's or even Krypto's old collars laying on the floor of the machine. He crouches down, then he reaches in to pick it up to look at it.

              leaning...leaning...reaching....almost fall! lol

              star is shivering. "m sorry sir i.i think ill go find hudson..." in his mind'start studing" IN HIS MIND STUDY ANYTHING TO KEEP NAUGHTY STAR ASLEEP! .. ddont be like dad...! :star wanders in the OPPOSITE direction of where hudson is

              arcturo padds to saint. hugs him gently waggs tail as he lets go. He whispers 'star has it bad if a few hell probably FINALLY let go. i admit i would LOVE TO MOUNT HIM"

              Hudson continues to reach to get that collar. Since it looks familiar, he really wants to see it up close. Holding on to the edge of the opening, he leans further in to try to get the dog collar. (OOC: This would be impossible to do if he was in his canine form. hehe.)

              star returns to the group and clops over to deuce and dean, whispering, "guys i feel realy confused. i made a promise to my folks.. but part of me wants to break 'mount' the other rebels.. is that .. wrong to want to do?"

              Deuce who isn't involved in anything says, "The Rebels is a TV show, Star. It's simply what our show is called. All the foreplay you are seeing us doing currently? It's not serious. We are not making passes at each other nor are we being horny for no reason. We are trying to relax now because later tonight both Dean and I have a patrol to do together. And yes, we have been bringing Vaughn with us. Why? When the boy is with us on a patrol, Dean actually performs his role as Bathound better. I know it sounds weird, but we have to make what we do seem naughty just to keep our sanities. Dealing with Ace is a hard act to follow. But Dean and I are managing."

              Dean mutters, "Ahem to that. He can be really demanding."

              Deuce continues. "Is wanting to mount your friends wrong? Absolutely since if you do it, it's rape. You're not asking anyone if you can do it; you're just wanting to throw yourself directly on top of them. If you did that to Hudson, and keep in mind that he CAN use his supervisions in his human form, he would flash freeze you into a statue."

              Deuce then said the scary part. "...then he would tell his parents."

              star stands very pensive and understood what hes been told ;still whispers "yes id ask first. but ive been afraid to.. for that reason. now i understand my mother's warning. im overthinking like my dad 'used to' do. mom said it caused them LOTS of problems.."

              Deuce says, "The parents is the main reason you need to learn to control yourself."


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                0-ZZ-Austin - Wednesday, July 09, 2014, 10:14 PM
                Costume Shop, PART 2

                Austin stripped out of his clothes this time and has put on the magical living demon wolf costume in one of the dressing rooms. He even has the head aligned as he looks in the mirror. "The eyes on these costumes never ceases to amaze me." He then rubs a paw over his PP sac and sheath to see what it feels like.

                heh, PPs always have larger and fuller sacs and sheaths than their upright cousins

                Austin ooos. "Man, this guy makes me feel... so much more fulfilled than I was as a human. That feels so real." He paws it again.

                Because it is real so long as he wears the costum. The voice of the costume speaks into his mind, {Because being a demon wolf is far better than being a human.}

                He's a safe costume, he's just stating his opinion.

                Austin smiles. {I guess you know that I am always more interested in the mental and speaking costumes than the normal ones. When did Streakmane add the memoryfoam padding to your body? I know I only suggested the idea on Friday and now to my surprise, you and several others have it. And it feels awesome.}

                The costume replies, {I do not have any memoryfoam. I am a magical costume. Therefore he merely had to make one with the foam, then I was able to replicate the effect. Updating myself without having to recreate me or modify me.}

                Austin {Oh, I'm sorry for assuming he added it to you, because it looks and feels like you have it. But you know... your body and sheath feel awesome.}

                The costume mentally smiles, {I am glad I was able to replicate the effect correctly. And yes, thank you. LIke I said. Being a PP demon wolf is superior to being human in almost every regard.}

                Austin {So were you with a pack once in the underworld? What led you to end up here?}

                The costume replies. {No... I was not. I merely have the memories of one who was. I was created from his body after he passed away. But I am not him.}

                Austin {Oh I see. May I review his memories then? I know that mental costumes have to be asked before memories can be accessed.}

                The costume mentally opens up the datavault, playing back the whole set of memories. It's super detailed and intense. Careful you don't get lost and start thinking you are that person!

                It was from a very beloved but powerful alpha who was good friends with Streak.

                Austin reviews the memories like a movie; he is very interested in former people's lives who are now costumes.

                He gets to see the entire life of the alpha demon wolf. And feel it too if he wants.

                Austin would like to partially feel it, since he is interested.

                and curious.

                Then it doesn't play like a movie, more 'he' is remembering it himself... his own memories, in a way, as he feels the emotions, the pride, the intense feral mating lusts during that time of the year, the protectiveness of his pack... IT's REALLY intense but it opens your eyes to how the Alpha really lived and felt.

                And makes the body feel just that more NATURAL too

                Austin pays attention to details, location, and pack names, just in case he ever encounters anyone from there. Since he was curious, making new friends is always on his mind.

                The more he tries, the easier it is to have those details and memories imprinted into his own mind.

                Austin wouldn't mind meeting that pack someday, the more he gets to know the pack through the memories.

                Kinda makes you wish you were one of them, doesn't it?

                yep! He LOVES learning about nice species like this. Although the pack realm in one of the planes in the abyss doesn't look like an evil place at all. It actually looks 'nice' and 'unassuming'. heh heh...

                They are very nice. Though if they are feral and wild creatures, can you really blame them for doing what's natural? They are proud of being wild animals... and while they are not 'gross' like some species they are hunters and free spirits. One of the best memories the alpha treasured which comes across PARTICULARLY strong was a midnight run around the borders of his territory... the moon shining in the 'sky', the thick forests and the joy and thrill of just being a demon wolf... Feeling the 'earth' under his paw, the thundering of his pulse... and finding a human boy. HE gets to feel it all from the wolf's perspective. Fighting off others who would have hurt the boy. It makes him seem so very noble... but it leads to the predictable... the alpha mounting and claiming the boy... And over the period of several years....slowly training the boy until he gradually lost his humanity and became a wolf like them. And boy never regretted it one bit. They were not the capture and pounce and make you one of them types.

                They were not the capture and pounce and make you one of them type. You had to PROVE yourself to them to make them want to give you the honor of joining their pack. Probably an off-shoot of one of the old Diablo-trained packs somewhere back in the history with how honorable they are.

                Though, hehe, from the memories... they certianly knew how to use their 'tools'.

                Austin is impressed by the noble-ness of the history, but now he is wondering what happened to the alpha that led him to end up with Streakmane.

                They were definately noble. They were not 'evil' but they were noble to their heritage as demonic wolves heh. That is answered at the end of the memories. They made enemies like most underworld species who try to do the 'right' thing (even if that right thing is only 'right' for the species in question).

                The best way to destroy a pack? Kill the head of it.

                Austin is curious though since simply killing the Alpha would not have delivered the body to Streakmane.

                No but that part wasn't in the memories since the memories end with the Alpha's death. Most likely since Streakmane and the Alpha were good friends, there were provisions between the packs survivors for it.

                In other words, since the Alpha was killed and the pack likely dispersed, there is unlikely a pack nor a pack ground to someday visit. Which is sad to Austin.

                That probably likely. Though there is always the chance the pack reformed in another location in secret to prevent someone from finding them.

                Austin is now wondering how someone could find any survivor of that pack. The history has taught him a lot and he still wants to make friends. Whether that's a good idea or knot...

                He'd probably have to speak to Streakmane in person. Since only Streakmane would know where the pack went or who coordinated the delivery of his friend.

                Austin knows not to interupt Streak since the others are all point blank with him. But perhaps later when the lion and donkey had some private time to ask them about it.

                In the meantime, he can enjoy being a powerful pp demon wolf alpha

                Austin poses as he looks at himself in the mirror, then he test walks around in the suit without leaving the dressing room.

                It feels very natural, powerful...and starting to feel horny. LIke you wanna find a nice sexy human....

                that tells Austin that it is time to remove the costume. He still remembers how when he got horny in the donkey costume, he ended up drunk and high on donkey dope. He removes the costume, then he uses a cleaning cloth to wipe off the sweat he made on the inside of the costume so when the next person tries it on, they don't smell horny boy scent.

                once clean, he places the demon wolf costume back on the display table, then he proceeds to try on a mental, AND speech capable, PP demon goat costume. When it is on entirely, he poses and looks at himself in the mirror. "This one feels like the foam padding, too. In all the right places. And my sheath feels... full again."

                hehe the costums are starting to affect him... he said 'my sheath' rather than 'it's sheath'

                Yep, he did.

                You say, "I wonder what this guy's story was...?"

                Austin poses and walks around seemingly easily on his new cloven hoofs, then he feels a tingling in his groin and before he knows that he's doing it, he nibbles and sucks on his own bulging sheath a little, which makes the tingling stop. "What am I doing? But... it wasn't bad..."

                very natural feeling wasn't it? Kinda like how Dracen showed you dragon liked to have a little fun now and then.

                Not to mention that alpha..mmmm...

                Austin nibbles and sucks on his sheath again. {Why am I enjoying this so much? Maybe I should see about accessing this guy's memories to see who he was. Maybe that would tell me why I am liking this so much.} And he tries to activate the access memories.

                Does he ask to... or does he just bulldoze dive in?

                he actually forgot to ask this once since the sheath sensations he is having is distracting him from remembering the polite rule, so he is simply trying to dive in without meaning to be rude about it. He will be sorry he wasn't polite later if he is confronted about it. He is normally a nice boy.

                He pushes right past the conciousness in the costume. Those locks are there not to keep you from experiencing the memories...but to make sure you do so safely. By just diving in, he gets them to raw and in his face and for a few minutes as he relives those memories, IS the demon goat in question.

                Austin is dazed the moment that happens to him as he feels as if he is actually there. This is a new sensation that no one had ever told him about before. What does he see?

                he even 'acts out' some of the more potent memory. He's he's not just seeing but he's REALLY there and IS that demon goat. FRom birth to death. And being born a demon goat is definately a new experience!... OF course not being the herd leader and being pregnant so many times... it becomes natural pretty quickly. in a canine pack, you would have been a leader of the omegas... a beta... but the omega beta. Explains why the cosutme's sensations around the sheath and tailhole were so strong.

                the herd in question obviously still exists in this case, this particular demon goat simply is no longer with them. But Austin definitely is remembering the smells and brotherhood memory links to this goat's herd. Again, he didn't mean to just dive in, but the sheath and tailhole sensation distracted him and overpowered his normal politeness. Now he gets the herd imprint in his mind. It will make it harder later to NOT think about the others. This herd is actually in Chaosmire someplace. That's a nicer place than the Abyss like the demon hounds had been at.

                Definately. This was FUN.

                And that one goat...yourself.... that was a damn nice life....

                Austin ends up smiling as he gets an unwitting copy of the goat's full memories directly copied into his own mind, meaning the herd, who all is in the herd, and where the herd is currently at. Meaning he will never forget the location nor the herd. He might even smell them when he least expects it. And that scent WILL make him aroused for no reason.

                yep... he might even find himself wandering off toward them when he isn't thinking about it...that subconcious desire to be back with his herd.

       feels almost like that used to be his life.. a past life of his he's just now remembering. Well, that's how it sorta feels atleast.

                Austin is even starting to 'hear' the herd brothers faintly already. And they can definitely sense him. And they would know that he is a human but they wouldn't know why he has the herd link now.

                Austin {so many herd voices... like whispers...} he is trying to pull out of the memory swimming pool now; he is realizing too late that he fell in and that's not a good thing. But... dammit, he is already liking it... a lot.


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                  ZA-Austin - Wednesday, July 16, 2014, 5:07 PM
                  Costume Shop, PART 3

                  while looking inside another old costume making apparatus, Hudson sees a collar that looks a LOT like one of his dad's or even Krypto's old collars laying on the floor of the machine. He crouches down, then he reaches in to pick it up to look at it.

                  leaning...leaning...reaching....almost fall! lol

                  Hudson continues to reach to get that collar. Since it looks familiar, he really wants to see it up close. Holding on to the edge of the opening, he leans further in to try to get the dog collar. (OOC: This would be impossible to do if he was in his canine form. hehe.)

                  It's a good thing that these machines are currently out of service otherwise the situation could have been dangerous, but he does finally snag the collar. Almost looks like the one Jonas bought doesn't it. But Night wouldn't be THAT careless, would he?

                  Hudson eeps, as he holds the collar; himself sitting on the floor of where the collar was laying. "Why does this look so familiar to me?" He then sniffs it out of curiosity.

                  A fresh voice says quietly, "Probably because my collar designs are used by many of the PP and a few of the PP toon stars. I designed the simple yet super-tensile strength collars first used by Superdog and Supercat." )

                  Hudson arches an eye as he looks around to see where the voice came from...

                  It seems to have come from the collar itself.

                  Hudson sniffs the collar yet again as he carefully eyes it see if he can discern why this one cane talk and to figure out why it was inside this costume machine. "Um... who was this particular collar made for?"

                  The voice says, "Let me see... That was for..a Costume version of Night, aka Harold, the original, comissioned by one... James Talbot, 9th Revision, Model 13, Clone Number:326"

                  Hudson says, "No wonder this seemed familiar to me; I had seen a picture of this collar in one of dad's scrapbooks. You mean there is a costume version of Night somewhere? It must be really something. I wonder who has the costume now?"

                  The voice replies, "According to my records, the costume was sent to the rightful owner after the 'Great Consolidation' as some have called it.."

                  Hudson says, "Why that sneaky... he must have it hidden in the attic or something. Um... Night is my dad. Who are you or... are you now the collar?"

                  The voice replies, "No, I am not the collar. I am merely speaking through it. I am, truthfully, an amorphous mass of intelligent... Well I suppose you would view it as a semi-organic toon-based latex. Though that is not a proper description of my physiological form, it is the most easily to understand version of it."

                  The voice continues, "Who do you approach for collars that have to withstand the magical, superhero, and toon based physics? Why someone like myself who is capable of created an infinite variety of polymetric samples and spin off as many variations of that infinite forms as needed for the invidual." His voice sounds rather proud of that fact, "Do you think so many of your family's (and the top and best brands of the toon worlds, all of them mind you) can handle the intense microcomputing and processing requirements using the quantum valence of indigenous polymetric isotopes?"

                  Hudson says, "A sentient latex toon creation? That sounds pretty interesting. I assume you are in some vault or something?" He pauses with a grin. "Now you are sounding like Athame with all the big words. So where is your shop at?""

                  The voice pauses, "My apologies. I wax philosphoic and scientific when talking of my works. I am quite proud of them. A vault? No, I live in toonium core of the original quad coutnies... Which as I understand it has been moved numerous times lately. Quite unsettling, I assure you. Why even the few visitors I have stopped coming. And there was that wonderful amorphous mouse-like person that used tow ork in the mines and visit every now and then... These days most of my products are ordered via toon teleportation services. My shop though as you call it ... well you're in it. The only liscenced reseller for used and designing new collars for the toon worlds... Wait... Hrm. No you're not. Why are you in Streakmane's Costume Shop? He isn't due for another shipment for two weeks since I gave him permission to use my teleportation services to submit and autoteleport new collars for his costumes maker devices."

                  Which could be a little creepy... knowing that the creator of all those collars can see/feel/hear and speak through them if he ever REALLY wanted to... hehe. Well he's stuck in one places, he 'lives' through watching other people.

                  Hudson says, "I am Hudson Dangers, Night's son, and Streakmane is one of my friends who I like to hang out with. In fact, a lot of my friends are currently here at the costume shop today because Streakmane wanted to show us some new costume designs. I was looking through the now unused costume making machines here in the back room and I found this collar on the floor of one of the machines. It looked familiar to me so I picked it up to see why."

                  The voice says, "Well, I suppose I have sufficiently answered that question then. Though that collar really should be at Lord Paul's. It was not part of the deal. Lord Mage Talbot and Harold 'Night' Dangers should have been more careful with where they leave their property in any case."

                  Hudson says, "We are currently on Lord Masterson's new Planet Toonscape which is made to be the most like the original Quad Counties. So why should this collar be at Lord Paul's? Is there something wrong with it?""

                  The voice replies, "Wrong with it? Certianly not! However, I do not allow my creations to be lost and thrown around willy-nilly. The collar was made to be an exact replication of Night's to fit that costume. The costume went to it's rightful owner, the collar was then to be retired to be pre-owned section of Lord Paul's establishment. That was the deal and resolution of ownership since Night did not need two collars. The original one, created, designed and purposed by Jonas for his boyfriend, was to be a UNIQUE collar. He paid for exclusive rights to it's distribution. Thus no Night costume can use that exact collar without permission."

                  Hudson says, "Sorry. I didn't mean to imply there was anything wrong with this collar at all. Lord Paul and Lord Albert are still on QC Planet attempting to repair the latest outbreak of issues that occurred just after we migrated to this Frontier toon world. If you would like, I could ship this collar back to Lord Paul for you. I was simply curious about it since I had only seen a picture of the real one before now."

                  The voice replies, "That would be most helpful. Though... I suppose legally if you wished to, you could ask Jonas if you wished to keep it and use it."

                  Hudson says, "How could I contact Jonas? I only met him once and that was on QC Planet just after Albert initiated the pocket worlds protocol... a mess, if you ask me. Last I heard, Jonas was located somewhere in the underworlds. And I haven't heard anyone mention any underworld access points here on the new world."

                  The voice says, "That is simple. He still uses the old school Toon Mail protocols. Literally, just drop him a line. IF they still teach that these days in toon school."

                  Hudson says, "I believe they do." He pauses again as he recalls something that the voice said earlier. "You said you make collars for people, right? About what would one of your collars cost for someone like me? I have a super dog form that has to wear a collar and the problem I have with the weaker collars is that they are often breaking."

                  The voice says, "Do you want to design it's appearence and make it a Unique, or just a common model?"

                  The voice says, "Jonas' version for Night cost him nearly 2,000 toon bucks AND two ship loads of fish he had to replace... He stunk to high hell when he finally picked it up. But he said anything was worth it for Harold. Shame they never stayed together."

                  Hudson says, "I see. I don't make that kind of money myself. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to wear the cheap models. I'll make sure this collar gets returned to Lord Paul. As for Jonas... maybe I should just write to him; it couldn't hurt. I wonder if he and that Hell Rabbit magic teacher are still together...?"

                  The voice replies, "The common models are cheaper, which is why I asked which of the two you were interested in."

                  The voice says, "As to the later, I couldn't say."

                  Hudson says, "Like my dad, I'm starring in a team TV show with some friends and I was thinking that my current collar looked sorta drab. That's why I asked about the cost. What does the common models run in price?"

                  The voice replies, "The common models retail between 75 to 600 in price depending on perks and special requirements. For yourself, you'd be looking at probably only around 125 for your apparent neck size and the moderate size/form shift package so that it would accomadate your human, rebel, and river forms."

                  Hudson sighs. "I still cannot afford it currently. I guess I'll just have to wait."

                  The voice says, "You must not wish to own one very badly then."

                  Hudson says, "I would want one, in truth; I just don't have that kind of money currently. The TV show hasn't returned any dividends as yet. Otherwise, I have an allowance from my parents, Night and Apollo, but what little I retain after expenses isn't enough to get a classy collar like this one I am holding right now. I suppose I would have to get another job to pay for this."

                  The voice sighs and replies, "Many people have said that. Yet when it came down to it, they did not want it badly enough. My prices are steep because the product is something you buy once in a lifetime. Once young toons would beg to do any job they could for me or others to buy one." There is a long silence and a sigh, "Young toons today have so little drive and expect so much to just be handed to them... Or perhaps it is so few care about quality and it's only about quanity." You can sense the headshake though the collar itself doesn't move. "Regardless, the choice is yours. I can offer you a few jobs to pay for custome collar, or you can do whatever it is you wish to get the money for the common varient."

                  Hudson says, "How is it you know my neck size since you can't possibly 'see' me directly? Or am I missing something?"

                  The voice says, "You are holding the collar. Through the collar I can sense your body's measurements."

                  The voice says, "Yes, even the...personal measurements, though I am not crude enough to speak of them."

                  Hudson says, "Oh okay. You said you might have some jobs I could do for you... where would I have to go to do these jobs? Since you are where ever you are at, which confuses me, I'm not sure how I would be able to work for you, let alone... well, you did say you were like a latex like toon substance. I am curious though... to see what you look like."

                  The voice replies, "You would simply have to keep the collar and I could speak to you through it. However, I am not sure actually where I am located myself. I know where I was... but the actual location now, I am unsure. As I said... I am an amorphous entity. The toonium core has been moved a lot lately. Ask Talbot. He would know, I'm sure. He was the second to discover my existance. Perhaps in the future we could meet."

                  Hudson says, "In that case, I'll see what I can do. What jobs did you have in mind?"

                  The voice says, "First would be locating Lord Paul's Emporium and returning the collar in your hands. Then you can request the collar from me through the interface there. I'll credit you for job of delivering that collar to him, and state a number of jobs reminaing. If you agree, I'll let you design and create your collar and teleport it to you. After that, you'll have two years to work off the jobs. You just come to me, state you want one of the jobs, and I'll give it to you. Sound fair?"

                  Hudson thinks about it; it doesn't sound like a trap, like the other traps he often ended up in back when they lived on QC... "Okay, that sounds fair to me. I find Lord Paul's Emporium... which sounds familiar to me for some reason, then I return the collar to him. You can count on me."

                  That's because no sane trap would EVER invovle Lord Paul, much less all of the old powers of the QC

                  At that, the collar replies, "Very well." and goes silent.

                  Hudson nods and with the collar in hand, he stands up and... he looks up toward the opening he fell in from. (This is going to be an interesting climb. Oh well, Just glad its not plugged in. Now to get out and start my job.) And he tries to find a proper foothold if any can be found.

                  It's VERY slick. Though he COULD potentionally fly out...

                  That would mean putting the collar in his mouth though...and whatever chemicals the collar might have been exposed to

                  Hudson would have to change forms since he was in human form coming in to get the collar. (aw man... my hands and feet are coated in whatever is all over the insides of this machine.) He tries again, and if he can't do it this time, he will have to resort to using his doggy form. Of course, he could try to go out the other way through the internals of the machine... but there is no telling what is beyond where he is.

                  The second time he gets a little further but as he's scrambling up the side, he hits the edge alittle too hard and WHAM! the lid comes crashing down and hitting him on the head. Unforunately it's made of something hard enough to resist superman heads as it knocks the boy down and and literally knocks Hudson unconcious for a short while.

                  ooh. That is going to stun him for a while.

                  When he comes too, he's in for a VERY rude surprise. And not one he's going to like. He sits up, rubbing his head... but feels it three times. Rebel is looking at River and Hudson who are both looking at him and each other! Somehow, the boy got split three ways. And he's not sure which of the three is him though it feels like all three! The ringing in his head isn't helping matters either.

                  Nor is he sure which ones are wearables....and which aren't... if any aren't or are. He really doesn't know after that.

                  Hudson says, "What's going on? River? Rebel? My head really hurts."

                  And of course tehy're saying the same thing at first with the other names in the proper places.

                  Even super doggies aren't getting that lid open though... looks like the three of them only have one way out now.

                  Hudson feels himself all over slowly since he thought this machine was unplugged before he saw the collar inside. He is checking for the wearable entrance hole he would have if he had been changed.

                  Would it if the entry way was the tailhole?

                  Normally the entry way IS the tailhole for the majority of costumes. But a rare few have the entry way between the tailhole and the sheath. Those are rare though.

                  So he might not be able to tell even from that inspection, heh.

                  especially not while wearing pants, unless his pants ripped during the three way split he thinks he is having.

                  Hudson slowly crawls off toward the next opening further through the machine. "This is the only way we can go, guys."

                  Well, all three of them ARE nude. Part of the effect. All foreign matter (save the collar for some reason) was removed

                  Hudson stumbles in the dark of the next part of the machine and finds himself sprawled on the slick floor. "...The heck? It's slick in here, guys."

                  The three are finding it rather cramped too. There is almost no light, slick as FUCK and really hard to find the way out

                  Hudson has to literally inch his way across the slick floor/slide/whatever it is to get into the third part of the machine where...

                  Hudson is suddenly glad that he's human. The tacy, harsh metallic particles on the floor cut into paws badly and make it painful to walk where as human skin seem to be slick enough to slide over it without hurting too much. Rebel and River are REALLY hurting... that shit stings worse than Krypotnite spikes.

                  This is probably the area where the old school metallic stands were shaped to hold up the non-living costumes...and the source of the metallic bits for costumes that had them... like the Metallihoundimon costumes.

                  Hudson glances back at the others. "Get on my back if you have to, guys. It's my fault we're in this place so I'm responsible for getting us out. I'll carry you guys if necessary." He will wait for them since he feels that being in here is really his own fault. He doesn't like River and Rebel being hurt on his account.

                  There really isn't enough room for them to do that since it's such a squeeze. But atleast the River and Rebel sides of him known he's sorry.

                  Hudson continues onward in the darkness into the fourth part which has an odd sort of smell. "What is... that?"

                  Just as he's asking that...the floor tilts aburptly... Hey! He found the edge!.. um.. uhoh?

                  Hudson eeks as he goes over the edge and falls!

                  KERSPLOOSH! Into the tank of stuff at the bottom with his other two parts

                  Slicky...sticky...cummy like stuff...that smells WEIRD

                  Hudson is now helping both River and Rebel stay afloat because he doesn't want to lose either one of them. "What... what is this stuff?"
                  glub...glub...ACK! a sudden whirlpool like pulling sensation is felt as thet hree are sumarily 'birthed' out of the bottom of the pool and SPAT out onto the floor near the base of the machine.

                  Hudson is still holding on to River and Rebel although he feels stuck to them in kinky weird ways. "Is... are... are you guys... alright? My head still hurts..."

                  A young creature is quietly looking over three, "Oh dear... I was suppose to clean these today for Master Streakmane... I didn't expect them to have someone in them..." You can't really tell what his species is at first glance. It looks like some weird hybrid but yet the chimera does seem strangely good looking and handsome in his own ways. Strangely handsome and look goodlooking despite it all.

                  Hudson says, "Who... who are you?"

                  The boy says, "Cur. I'm just a cur. ... Nice to meet you.. um.. Who're you?"

                  Hudson says, "I'm Hudson, a friend of Streakmane's. He often lets me come back here into the back room to check things out. I accidentally fell into this machine when I saw a collar inside that looked familiar. I hit my head while in there... you said you were asked to clean the machine? Its not in use... is it?"

                  Cur shakes his head, "Not usually. Master Streakmane and Master Macrodonk are using a few to teach Master Clevermane about the history and how the business used to work so he'll understand all the various machines and techniques in case there is a reason he needs to fix something caused by one of them and such things. I'm just their cleaner/mechanic... cause I'm small enough to fit where they can't." He smiles a little, looking up at Hudson, "You're cute for a human .Who are your friends?"

                  He has the overall body shape of something fitting like a stretched feline or ferret or something like that but the size is alittle a little smaller than nick, but not as small as Noah. He does have semigrade paw that look very dexterious despite being a PP.

                  Hudson says, "This is River and he's Rebel... we used to be... all part of my transformation forms. When the lid closed and knocked me out in there, I woke up to find them separated from me. I don't know what happened."

                  Cur tilts his head alittle...then blinks?! "O..Oh no... Master Streakmane isn't gonna like this..."

                  Cur says, "I was running a cleaning cycle on the device to prepare it for tomorrow. But if you were inside...and it fell...then... it.... it's designed to make multiple costumes at once... it must have... oh no... He's gonna be so upset at me!!!"

                  Cur looks genuinely distressed.

                  Hudson says, "It's my fault, Cur. I'll take responsibility. I just hope..." he pauses when he realizes what Cur said. "Multiple costumes? We three are costumes now?" He is now looking at both River and Rebel. "I am so sorry, guys."

                  Cur say, "I uh..I can...test...if you want..."

                  Hudson sighs. "Please... test me first since this is my fault."

                  Cur moves over and gently rubs his soft paws over the boy's tailhole and starts to see if he can slide inside.

                  Hudson can oddly feel himself stretch although it doesn't hurt at all. In fact, it is a lot like Nick often described it to be like when Nick wore Nicholas originally.

                  Soon Cur slides all the way inside, but this time Hudson doesn't loose control. It seems Cur has a special talent in 'investigating' costumes since he seems to be able to control how he bonds with them. Though it's REALLY weird to feel this small person running around inside you... Finally he does 'put you on' like you were costume and moves you around a bit before slowly sliding back out. He comes back around to the front of Hudson, blushing, "Uh... y..yyeha...You're a wearable human costume... I did a full diagnostic... you seem to be fine. Though you don't have any powers or anything like that, that I could tell. I guess they were transferred completely to the other costumes."

                  Hudson says, "...great... i've lost my powers... now i know how my dad often felt in the past."

                  Cur looks at the other two, "Uh...not really... lost.. .just...well you're looking at them... I guess you could wear your...other...yous?" He looks confused at that

                  Hudson says, "I'll have to take these two with me to the Yuskay Groomers. I just hope they can fix this. The director isn't going to believe this. Thanks for checking me, Cur."

                  Cur smiles and nods, "O.o.f course. should probably talk to Master Streakmane though. I..I.I have to register this with him.. E..even if I don't want to. Accident or not, all costume incidents must be reported."

                  Cur looks at all three of them "All of you"

                  Thus one Danger...became THREE Dangers. (Probably the thought that Yuskay would have was: Wait... The Dangers are multipling? AGAIN? lol)

                  Hudson says, "You're right, of course. My friends are going to flip out when they see my like this. Worse... I lost my wallet and all my clothes."
                  which means... no credit card. no money. how can he pay for a Grooming service now?

                  Thankfully since the money isn't in CASH... the card and access to it can be replaced. Just may take a bit. Benefit of not carrying it around as cash

                  Though...the more concerning part might be... What's Night going to say about have two new kids... not to mention when they're all three probably as stubborn as the original?

                  Hudson is NOT wanting to tell his dad about this. They might ground him again.

                  As long as the three agree hehe

                  They ALL agree with THAT part. They all remember what Night is like. That is one of the main things they DO agree on.


                  Once out in front of Streakmane, the large wearable lion shakes his head with a chuckle. "If you wanted to be like Donk and I, you should have just asked, Hudson. Well, this was an accident and the groomers might be able to put you three back together again. Just be glad that machine wasn't in the permanent position. When in testing mode, the machines are often set for a short period of time in case the user accidentally ends up in there himself."

                  Macrodonk says, "I'll escort the three over to the groomers, love, and I'll bring them back when they are done with Hudson."

                  Cur is just hoping he won't be fired!

                  Streakmane looked humored, actually, since it was Hudson and not someone else.

                  Cur kinda needs his job. He's not got a family. The costume shop comes about as close to 'family' as he gets so he doesn't even get a place to stay if he gets fired. So he'll be relieved by that.

                  Streakmane says to Cur (once Macrodonk has taken the three away), "So Cur... how did Hudson check out as a costume, in your personal opinion?" He still looks humored.

                  Cur umms... "Well... On the usual scale of 0-9... a 10.. His structure and tactile transference were far above average."

                  Streakmane says, "Hudson is a nice boy, Cur. I trust him explicitly and would let him play anywhere in the shop. This isn't the first time his curiosity has gotten him into a spot and I hope it isn't the last, either. I like having Hudson around here. We like him."

                  Cur nods a little cautiously, "I..liked him too."

                  Streakmane says, "See? No problem. Therefore, he admitted his own curiosity like he always does and therefore you cannot be held at fault. He simply did not know that you were prepping that machine for Clevermane's test."

                  Cur nods a little, "Yessir, Master Streakmane. T..thank you. nice."

                  Cur giggles softly, "Al..all three of them." He blushes.

                  Streakmane says, "Hudson is always welcome here. And so are you, Cur."

                  Cur nods, "Thank you, Master Streakmane."

                  Vaughn is looking at a magical speech-capable Chaosmire Hell Rat costume that seems to have a slight green tint all over it's brown and yellowed fur. The eyes in the head are red. "The tag says, a rat from Chaosmire where his people's jobs are to... stir sticky mire pools in underground slough mud tunnels. Was asked to be made into a costume after an old boyfriend dumped him. Says that his name was Fludge Sloughdiver." He looks at the head closely as he holds it in both hands.

                  Vaughn tries on the Chaosmire rat head and looks in the mirror at himself before picking up the full body costume to hold it up against his body. "Kinda like holding someone with really nice and soft fur."

                  Only it's your future body or one that could be

                  Vaughn removes his clothes and then he slowly pulls the rat's body over his own before allowing the velcro parts of the head connect with the velcro connectors around the neck. Then he looks at himself in the mirror again. "Fludge has a nice body. His ex was obviously stupid if he didn't see how great this rat was."

                  Vaughn rubs one hand over the Chaosmire Rat's groin as he feels the costume's tail with his other hand. "Still can't figure out why there is a green tint to this costume."

                  Feels just like he was rubbing his own groin and tail. It's probably because the rat was a sloughdiver and dives into something green and toxic. wonder if mutagen is still around, it's green.

                  Vaughn says, "The tag said that this costume could talk, but its been mighty quiet. Let's see if there is a mental node or something." {Fludge? Are you there?}

                  There is a rather grumbly, grumpy voice that says, "huh? What?"

                  Vaughn says, "Sorry, I didn't meant to wake you up. I was trying on your costume and the tag said you could talk. I'm Vaughn."

                  The voice replies, "And you know me cause ya read my tag."

                  Vaughn says, "Yeah, I did. I won't ask what happened with your ex, but what was your realm and life like there?"

                  The rat starts telling him all about it. He doesn't sound all that happy to remembering... probably because he became a costume to forget about all that.

                  Vaughn politely listens, then when the tale ends, he again apologizes for waking Fludge and then the removes the costume and head and places them back into their appropriate spot before moving on down the line to look at a magical full communication capable Hell Gluendeer Buck costume. (Gluendeer = Gluey Reindeer) This costume doesn't smell like glue; it has a chocolate scent instead. "Wow... this guy smells good. Let's see what the tag says." He reads the tag. "a Gluendeer named Randy. Chose to become a costume so he could share the joys of his existence with everyone."

                  Vaughn picks up the head and places it on his head. "Smells like... chocolate and glue in here." He then puts on the rest of the costume.

                  Vaughn looks at the new costume in the mirror. "Damn... this guy is hot. But that chocolate scent is making me hard... and that glue scent is making me high."

                  To which the costume just replies, "What's wrong with that?"

                  Vaughn says, "There's nothing wrong with it... I just wasn't expecting it. I'm Vaughn. The tag said you were Randy. What can you tell me about yourself?"

                  Randy is much more forthcoming with anything Vaughn wants to know. He's very talkitive and really hopes to share what it's like to one of his species... maybe a little too much. His enthusaism is a little catching

                  Vaughn says, "Your herd sounds fun, Randy. So aside from sharing your joy, why choose to be a costume? Your life actually sounds like you had all the fun you wanted."

                  Randy replies, "Because I wanted to show more people about my herd and stuff! It was super awesome but we never got visitors. I meet lots more people this way"

                  Vaughn says, "Never got visitors. That's strange. As happy as you are, you guys should have had tons of visitors. I'd even want to see them myself."

                  Randy says, "Well maybe together some day we can make it so more people want ot"

                  Vaughn says, "So what's with the chocolate and glue scents inside your costume? I cannot believe how horny this is maaking me feel."

                  Vaughn can't help but to sit down and start stroking on the costume's sheath because it is making him feel that erect... and worse... hungry for underworld chocolate.

                  The costume giggles, "It's just part of the scents of the herd. Don't you like it? Oh heeere.. let me show you." He shows Vaughn the benefits of being in his costume...namely able to suck your own shaft

                  Vaughn finds that while in the costume, he can actually do as Randy is helping him learn as he deep throats his own shaft down his throat and he sucks on it.

                  And it feels amazing. While in the costume your just a flexible and fun as the original species

                  Vaughn {This tastes amazing... like chocolate and... something else that seems familiar to me, but I cannot place it. But its delicious.}

                  "Of course! It's best!"

                  Vaughn {It's... it's...} and he floods his own stomach with these herd fluids. {awesome, Randy! You are so right! I can't wait to see your herd home!}

                  "Of course you can't! Why wouldn't you! The herd leader tastes better than I do!"

                  Vaughn {I want to meet him as soon as I can! But how...?}

                  He says, "Well you should have all the powers the costume has. And I could always go home whenever I wanted"

                  Vaughn {Then let's go! We can always come back when the visit ends!}

                  "Just waiting on you1"

                  Vaughn initiates the teleport from that private aisle to Randy's home herd grounds in Digi-Hell. "We're here, I think. Smells like the place."

                  And of course the Herd Leader KNOWS Vaughn's coming... and he gets to see the stud in person... standing over him in ALLL his wonderfully scented glory

                  The boy in costume is in awe of the big stud. "wow... he's majestic, Randy."

                  Randy mentally nodnods, {He's the best} of course the costume's first instinct is to lift the tail

                  Vaughn turns and lifts his tail instinctively and waits for it.

                  The herd leader approaches closer but doesn't mount him right away. He says in a velvet voice, "A visitor...Who knows the proper way to greet a stag... But does he submit or simply do it out of..politeness? Do you wish to rejoin the herd?"

                  Vaughn says, "Randy was telling me about your herd and your realm. He said we could visit for a while. I am not ready to join just yet, sire. You are most majestic and beautiful though."

                  The herd leader pauses...then nods, walking beside rather than mounting the boy. "Why do you wish not to join then if the answer is 'yet'?"

                  Vaughn says, "I am living on Planet Toonscape currently and I had joined the TV show called the Rebels. It might look strange if I just disappeared. But I really like Randy a lot. He has been teaching me a lot."

                  The herd leader looks a little disappointed but nodded. "I am glad you have enjoyed him. He is a very good boy who hoped others might enjoy our lifestyle."

                  Vaughn says, "I am sorry if I made you sad with my visit. Randy said you guys never got any visitors anymore. Once he told me about your place, I wanted to see it. He is a good advertiser and I really like him."

                  The HL says, "You haven't. I admit I am a little disappointed you would not join us but I am very happy you visited."

                  Vaughn says, "I would like to join... but I am worried what the others may say if I just disappeared... like I said before. Plus Randy said you tasted the best."

                  The HL says, "You wouldn't have to disappear... You just would have to ... commute. Like you did just now"

                  Vaughn says, "You mean I could do that? I could join and still be in both places?"

                  The HL nods. "You would live here...and just teleport back there when you were interested in being there. It's simple for herd members. You got here, didn't you?"

                  Vaughn says, "Yeah, I did." He thinks about it for a brief moment. "Okay, I'll do it. I want to join your herd. I'm serious."

                  The HL smiles and nuzzles him in a VERY loving and pleasurable way... then walks back around behind him, sniffing under his tail for a moment before slowly mounting him. And Randy wasn't kidding... This guy is GOOD.. Big but not too's amazing...and he seems so intensely caring it's easy to let your mental guards down

                  and once the mental guards are down...

                  He'll find himself outside of the costume...slowly wanting it more and more as he becomes a member of the herd fully along with all the intense training that implies.

                  arcturo padds to saint. hugs him gently waggs tail as he lets go. whispers 'star has it bad if a few hell probably FINALLY let go. i admit i would LOVE TO MOUNT HIM"

                  star returns to the group. ;padds to deuce and dean whispers:"guys i feel realy confused. i made a promise to my folks.. but part of me wants to break 'mount' the other rebels.. is that .. wrong to want to do?"

                  Deuce who isn't involved in anything says, "The Rebels is a TV show, Star. It's simply what our show is called. All the foreplay you are seeing us doing currently? It's not serious. We are not making passes at each other nor are we being horny for no reason. We are trying to relax now because later tonight both Dean and I have a patrol to do together. And yes, we have been bringing Vaughn with us. Why? When the boy is with us on a patrol, Dean actually performs his role as Bathound better. I know it sounds weird, but we have to make what we do seem naughty just to keep our sanities. Dealing with Ace is a hard act to follow. But Dean and I are managing."

                  Dean mutters, "Ahem to that. He can be really demanding."

                  Deuce continues. "Is wanting to mount your friends wrong? Absolutely since if you do it, it's rape. You're not asking anyone if you can do it; you're just wanting to throw yourself directly on top of them. If you did that to Hudson, and keep in mind that he CAN use his supervisions in his human form, he would flash freeze you into a statue."

                  Deuce then said the scary part. "...then he would tell his parents."

                  Star stands very pensive and understood what hes been told ;still whispers "yes id ask first. but ive been afraid to.. for that reason. now i understand my mother's warning. im overthinking like my dad 'used to' do. mom said it caused them LOTS of problems.."

                  Deuce says, "The parents is the main reason you need to learn to control yourself."

                  Star stands a lot more in control. "yes i do. i WONT mount my friends. im sorry if i worried you."

                  Deuce nodded his head. "I only mentioned it since it seemed you were on the verge of losing control over your own hormones."

                  Dean states, "Which would be unforunate."

                  "sadly ..ALL of us have those moments. Its part of what dad passed down. but mom passed down the abiity to fight it off. so all my friends are safe." :looks at the new costume. "looks and feels very real sir. you do good work."

                  Streakmane nods his great head. "Thank you. I try to only manufacture the best and I have to keep accurate records of each costumes' creation."

                  Dean says, "Even the accidental ones."

                  Streakmane nods head again. "That is correct, Dean. I am glad you have done your homework."

                  Dean says, "It's part of the job." Though he is smiling, tail wagging, at the compliment.

                  At that moment, Clevermane and Macrodonk come in with the meals. "We're back, Uncle Streakmane."

                  "accidental costumes? hmmm?" :looks "hello macrodonk and clevermane."

                  Dean nods to the newcomers.

                  Macrodonk is the assistant costume maker; Clevermane is Streakmane's nephew who is interested in the business.

                  Clevermane smiles at the others as he gives Dean a nice petting before sitting down to enjoy his meal.

                  Noah poofs over to sit on Clevermane's head, "HI! Nice to meet you!"

                  Clevermane reaches up and pets on the dormouse. "Hi yourself. So you like big maned heads, do you?"

                  Noah giggles, "I like heads in general!"

                  arcturo smiles at the fun joke. 'hmm saint thats nice to hear. he can control his urges. a nice challenge?"

                  Saint is just smirking. He thinks he keeps his urges quite well controlled for a kitsune such as himself.

                  Macrodonk smiles as he also pets on Dean. "Nice to see you in the shop again, Dean. The last time you were in here was to do some detective assignment that Ace gave you. Did you manage to pass or will you need to do some more research in the shop?"

                  Dean chuckles, "I manged it, thanks to your assistance. Though apparently, costumes and costuming equipment are still being used for villianous purposes."

                  Dean says seriously, "There have even been a few cases in Myths of costumed villians attempt to enroll as new students for the sole purpose of infiltrating the establishment. Thankfully your help and costume detection device has been most accurate and helpful."

                  Macrodonk says, "I am always more than willing to help you in any assignments you have with costumes, Dean. You were fun to work with."

                  Dean smiles, "I try." He chuckles "My Little Angel and I have been kept pretty busy lately however." HE's teasing Deuce now

                  star listens to the friendly banter

                  Deuce smiles. "I'm not little where it counts... but I know I have nothing compared to these macros."

                  Noah says, "I suspect the otter knows it more personally, though."

                  Noah looks innocent with a grin.

                  Dean just rolls his eyes at that. He doesn't have to say anything since everyone knows it's true.

                  Deuce is looking tempted again as he comtemplates the topic...

                  Noah mentally to Deuce, (ooo I like that look... me can help if you thinkin' somethin! hehe)

                  Deuce mentally to Noah, {I'm trying not to get into trouble again... like last time when you came to my rescue.... which I am glad you did come to help me.}

                  Noah mentally replies, {Thats just it though... if you wanna get in fun fun... just talk/tell me 'bouts it. Then I can be your backup if you get in too deep. That's why givin' in and doin' fun stuff is sokay somet of the times... just makes sure ya tell ya mates..e.r..friends.. first... so they can back you up if things go too far.}

                  Deuce mentally to Noah, {I think I want to go find Nick. He's been gone a long time and I don't want him to be stuck in something like I was.} And Deuce heads off in the direction Nick had gone earlier.

                  Noah nods, {Yeah okay! Yell if you need any help! I'm always listening ta sexy doggies like you!}

                  "mr streakmane how did you become wearable? if im not being disrespectful."

                  Streakmane grinned at the question. "Unlike most people who ask to be made into costumes, I was born this way; being a wearable for my people is as natural as breathing."

                  Dean says, "Some species are born this way. Most of them ask to be referred to as 'Wearable Species' rather costumes, as they do not like the implications they are nothing but costumes. Many of them derive from original toon-species born on the Original Quad Counties project. Infact, this is a little known fact, but technically all base toons were in fact wearable due to the nature of toon physics. However some species eventually developed as a permenant trait."

                  Dean says, "That is. They are designed to be worn rather than it just being a quirk possible through the application of toon physics."

                  star listens. "this is nice nformation. and mr streakmane you are a very nice 'large' size" starsmiles gently

                  Streakmane says, "Always be careful around wylder wearables since they tend to recruit and convert their riders without the person's knowledge. It happens more often than you know."

                  Dean shudders, "The ange-wearables are notoriously difficult crew."

                  Streakmane says, "I know very few good ange-wearables; the rest are sleazy converters."

                  "the ange-wearables are recuiters? the worst ones?" star loooks around a bit pensive.

                  Dean chuckles, "Wearables are lucky in one aspect though. They are notoriously difficult to transform themselves. They are naturally immune to the effect of other wearables and highly resistant to other forms of transformation as well. Downside, however, is that are vulnerable to costume editing devices which can alter them as easily as the costumes they are designed to operate on. I believe that is most of the facts, correct, Streakmane?"

                  Streakmane says, "I said I knew a few good ange-wearables. The rest are... less than could be desired, although Hudson has met a few anges he actually liked and they never tried to trap him." He looked to Dean at the statement and question. "You are again correct, Dean."

                  Noah tilts his head, "So... The costume machiens you use and stuff... They are 'bout the only thing that can change wearables?"

                  Streakmane says, "Again correct, Noah, although wearables like myself are beyond alterations. We can simply help others."

                  Noah grins, "So that why you like runnin' costume shop? You kin change anything 'bout yaself ya like and change it back when dont playin'? Sounds like Chaos to me! hehe I loves Chaos powers! Oh... You no kin change yourself?

                  Dean chuckles, "Macros are technically of a Lord class. Most Lords have that little...benefit. Fun fact, most Lords are also technically of the Wearable designation due to their inner worlds, etc. In fact, one of the theories regarding the development of he Wearable species is that they are essentially a step between Lord classes and normal toons."

                  Streakmane says, "As Dean said, we Macros do enjoy some nice benefits."

                  Noah nods just nods a little, thinking now.

                  Dean says, "So, Clevermane. How long have you been interested in the business?"

                  Clevermane wiped his mouth with a large napkin. "For a little over a year. I had a few other jobs before my last growth spurt and all of a sudden, I was told that I was too big to be working there anymore. So I spoke to a few wearable friends of mine and they mentioned how my Uncle had helped them. So... I chose to come talk to him about the costuming business."

                  Dean nods, "I have heard size does get to be an issue sooner rather than later. I'm glad to have a new face around."

                  Noah smirks, "Yeah. Big is great... but not everyone thinks dat. I know I has some other biiiig friends and they say same. Like that big PP couger... he Bigger than STreak! hehe, he gots a lil bunny and a human boy now to play with though."

                  Clevermane says, "If you ever want to try out my insides, Dean, just let me know. I won't ever try to get you stuck in me since that isn't nice to do to new friends."

                  Noah poof-pounces Clevermane's headfur, "But I like biiiig fluffy heads cause they soft!"

                  Streakmane says, "Callum's sponsor parents are nice folk. Although I have noticed Callum hanging around a familiar roo."

                  Dean chuckles, "Thanks. I've had to use your Uncle and other costumes before for missions. Sometimes Bathound is a little too obvious. Ace even mentioned he did the same."

                  Noah says, "Roo Who? hehe Doctor Roo! Wait...I know a Doctor Roo... He was fun. He had a all natural remedy shop... mmm how me know that.. Oh yeah I read it, member now.""

                  Dean thinks Noah's being silly... but then Noah always gets silly after eating sugar...

                  star and arcturo laughs at noahs gentle jokes

                  Macrodonk grinned himself. "I let Dean try me on when I was helping him with his research. He is a natural at figuring out how to move in large wearables."

                  Dean chuckles, "Well, perhaps, but I am very familiar with the PP body structure. I had to learn to adapt to it after I became the new Bathound." He smiles, "But thank you. I like to do my best."

                  Deuce pokes his head out the back door as he follows Nick's scent toward the other building. "This doesn't look like Streakmane's property, but Nick's scent goes in that door. Well, let's see what mystery Nick found..." And he enters the building himself.

                  star now wanders the isles talking or listening to the living costumes

                  Deuce continues to follow Nick's scent in the other building (breeding business.) "Nick?" he whispers as he slowly makes his way through the dimly lit corridor. "Where are you?"

                  Nick isn't even sure where he ended up but he wishes he could warn Deuce.

                  Deuce notices that Nick's scent seems to vanish at an intersection within the corridor. "Uh oh..." He looks down each cross section while trying to listen for sounds. He doesn't like having lost the scent.

                  Which means Nick must have been snagged by someone

                  Deuce chooses to go... left at the intersection. He had to choose some path and he chose left because Nick was once two otters instead of one and it seemed to be the one left, so he went that way along the corridor. "Nick? Please answer me."

                  By some miracle, he probably got it 'right' though if Nick can hear him.. he'd been responding

                  Deuce continues along the corridor until he reaches an enclosure gate. There is no other place to go in the corridor. "Huh... now what?"

                  Nick is probably too stretched speak too loudly given how many larger creatures like having stretchy pp otters on their large shafts. heh.

                  Deuce would know how that is since he liked Greyfell's shaft in him originally too. He slowly pokes his head into an enclosure where a gate is partially ajar... mainly to see if anyone is in there.

                  Yeah Deuce would know exactly what that's like only Nick's a lot smaller and 'cockshaped' as some have said hehe. Otters and ferrets are born cocksleeves according to some.
                  thinks "why do we have to wait the dog is really cute.. and looks sooo ripe"

                  Deuce withdraws since he couldn't see if anyone was in there or not. For some reason, his senses in this place are being blocked and that is also bothering him.

                  Deuce goes over and looks over the closed gate of another enclosure. (Come on, Nick... this is not fun anymore. Where are you?)

                  Occupants of that enclosure are QUITE busy in the middle of doing their 'jobs'... Hard shafts reminding Deuce of Greyfell... Don't you miss that?

                  Deuce irks quietly as he feels... like he wants to join them. The sight does remind him of Greyfell. But for now, he just watches them 'work' as he gets quite hard himself.

                  They're not as big as Greyfell but man they are good! Just watching them go at it reminds you just how wonderful it felt, Deuce... Being held by the strong equine....riding him...being safe and protected.... Carried around by the massive wonderful rod inside you. Doesn't that sound like so much better than standing here just watching? Maybe they could help you

                  Deuce closes his eyes. (I came to find Nick. He's not answering me so he has to either be hurt or needs help. But...) He opens his eyes as he sees those large shafts again. (well, just one session couldn't possibly make much difference, right?) He then enters the gate and pads over to the studs in action. "Pardon me... have you guys seen an otter in here?"

                  One of them says, "I did. Well I heard him. I think he went down into the Macro-Breeding station below." the Other replies, "Yeah. I bet he's in Thundershaft's stall by now." He snorts as if he's used to the macro stallion getting all the 'good' toys.

                  "this one looks like he needs 'help' too." :shows you my hard throbbing cock

                  Deuce hmms. "Thundershaft, huh... where is the stairs or ramp down to that station located at? I really need to find that otter."

                  The stallion says, "Go back to the center hall way...and look for a latch on the floor. The code is 'F.U.K.M.E.' Original, I know."

                  You can imagine the otter...finding some kinda panel with a code... The investigtor in him would never let him walk away from the challenge of code breaking...

                  Nor finding out what the code was hiding

                  Deuce smiles. "Thanks, studs. If I wasn't looking for my friend, I'd... um... you guys are really nice looking. I'm called Deuce. Deuce Wayne." He walks back over to the gate before looking at the studs and their shafts again. "Really nice looking."

                  The stud smirks, "You're welcome to come back and visit any time... We'll stretch you good." Which just makes you think of Greyfell teaching you about 'stretching'... shiver

                  Deuce smiles again. "Since you're inviting me back anytime... I may return later when none of my friends are around. And for the record... I like horses like you guys." He winks before heading back out and up the corridor to find the code in the floor. (Way to go, Nick... you just had to fall down a shaft and likely landed on a shaft, too.)

                  The panel was very well hidden which is probably you didn't notice it at first. And the edge of the trap door is RIGHT where the scent ended too

                  Deuce very carefully works at the trap door as he smartly sends a mental signal to Noah. {You are not going to believe what Nick has gotten himself into, Noah. Could you please come and help me with the otter?}

                  Tapping in the noat with some careful paw/nail work is hard but doable...and the door slides up.

                  Noah teleports over to Deuce's head, "'re hard more ways than one! hehe, always to say that... but what's up?"

                  Deuce says, "Nick went down the hole. And Divina isn't anywhere to be seen. There is a stud at the bottom called Thundershaft... and he's likely got Nick stretched. But good! We need to go down and see about freeing Nick. Of course... he might be enjoying it."

                  Noah giggles, "Prolly! You would be... hehe. Then again so would if in the short term. But I can get away...poofy poofy!" He hrms, "Let's go!"

                  Deuce slowly lowers himself down the opening as carefully as he can.

                  The path does down several steps to the bottom where there are A BUNCH of Macros down here... The area is HUGE!!! stalls lining the hall on each side but the LARGEST at the very end must be Thundershaft's

                  Deuce carefully makes his way down to the end where he slowly looks into the stall.

                  You can definately see a hoof in there... The Macro Stallion stands well over 180 hands... Obviously full blood Clydesdale stallion.

                  Deuce slowly looks up between the macro's legs to see if there is a stretched otter on the shaft.

                  That's nearly 21 meters.

                  There definately looks like there is a VERY stretched lil otterboy up there though he doesn't look exactly 'concious' at the moment.

                  Considering Thundershaft is a PP (atleast at the moment) someone must have either put him there... Or Thundershaft has a semi-PP form.

                  Noah umms. "That .... You know... I don't think even you were that stretched, Deuce."

                  But don't you wish you were?

                  Deuce says, "He is obviously unconscious. No wonder he couldn't answer me. So how do we get him free of that truly amazing cock?" He then grinned. "I may not have been, but I still remember how nice it feels."

                  Noah giggles, "Well do you want to get him free... or let him know what it was like for a while before you save him?"

                  Deuce says, "I would like to free him. He has plenty of macro fun with Streakmane... the little stinker. And he never ever offered to share, either."

                  Noah mmmms, "You know I COULD teleport him off...and shrink him so it feels like he hasn't moved while teleporting him onto your cock for a while." Yeah he's feeling mischevious.

                  Deuce says, "How about this... simply exchange me for Nick so the stallion doesn't notice the cold draft once the otter is free. Then you teleport Nick back to Streakmane and the others while I wait for you to come back for me."

                  Noah smirks, "So you wanna get stretched for a while, huh? Okay!" He giggles though and does as Deuce asks...

                  Deuce's eyes narrow as he experiences the bliss that Nick had.

                  Kinda makes you wish you hadn't abandoned Greyfell doesn't it. Afterall... he even offered to make you a caniquine imp... and his mate... and you turned it down... Though...this is far bigger than he was.... though maybe not as big as he could have been.

                  When Noah brings Nick in, Clevermane says, "He got stretched by a what?" He looks as humored as Streakmane at the mention of what Nick got into. "Is he okay?"

                  Noah giggles, "Yeah... I fixed him up good. Though the only thing he's said so far was it wasn't barbed." He smirks at Streakmane. "I think you spoiled him"

                  Streakmane giggles. "I see he met the owner of the breeding stables business. I did tell all of you that my new neighbor had that as a business."

                  Noah puts the repaired otter next to the two lions and says, "Now I gotta go get the other one. Back soon!" He teleports back to keep an eye on Deuce.

                  Dean just shakes his head, "That otter isn't ever gonna change is he?"

                  Streakmane grinz at Dean. "See what happens when an otter gets curious."

                  Saint smirks, "Probably not. He has a thing for large objects in his tailhole. And apparently from what Noah said... barbed knotty things."

                  Streakmane chuckles. "If you ever get curious about such things, boys... just spend a night with me."

                  Dean just chuckles, "No thanks."

                  Nick groans slightly, looking up at Clevermane as he slowly opens his eyes... Before blinking a little, "... Did I end up in Macroheaven...?"

                  Dean rolls his eyes at that and facepaws

                  Clevermane chuckles now. "I doubt it, Nick. I'm Streak's nephew."

                  Nick blushes hotly at that..." for you... Um.." He looks really flustered and embarressed... and apparently thinks Clevermane is sexier than his uncle.

                  Clevermane says, "And I try not to have sex with my Uncle's boyfriends. I know where they have been." He giggles as he winks at Dean.

                  Dean smirks, "The problem with the otter is every one knows where he's been... Everywhere."

                  Nick looks down, blushing furiously, his ears flicking a little, stating slightly angerily... "That...that's not entirely true..."

                  Clevermane says, "Not entirely true. So what is true, Nick? My uncle was telling me that you often slept with him and Macrodonk almost every night. Stretched over their cocks. So if it isn't true, then enlighten us, please."

                  Nick says, "I haven't been on EVERYONE's cocks. Dean made it sound like it didn't matter whos it was"

                  Clevermane says, "Mainly macros?"

                  Nick blushes but nods

                  Clevermane says, "So how was Thundershaft?"

                  Nick blushes, "He was REALLY REALLY BIG... but not as good at Streakmane in most of the other ways"

                  Clevermane says, "So you're saying that if Thundershaft had barbs like Streakmane, he would be perfect?"

                  Nick umms.... "No... cuase he doesn't talk like sTreakmane does either."

                  Saint smirks, "So Streakmane likes to toy with his prey, you mean?"

                  Nick just blushes and looks over at Streakmane.

                  Streakmane is enjoying his sandwich that his nephew brought him. But he is grinning.

                  Saint grins at Streakmane, "So... Just how do you use your pet when he's captured, Streakmane since it's obvious he likes being treated like a little toy..."

                  Streakmane reaches over suddenly and he grabs Saint and pulls him under him as he pretends to mount him roughly. "It is sorta like this, Kitsune boy!"

                  Saint just smirks and teleports back to where he was, "I see... Naughty macrolions you are."

                  Saint's just teasing though.

                  Nick is blushing furiously....Almost liek he was trying to disappear inside the fur of the lion he was sitting on.

                  Streakmane says, "If I wanted it to be real, Saint... I'd have just paid Inari for your usage." He winked.

                  Saint blushes, "Mom can be naughty like that...."

                  Saint says, "I've had a few... contracts...that had to be honored on that line."

                  Streakmane says, "Speaking of which, Saint... how is your training of Arcturo coming along? Had any rough bumps yet?"

                  Saint says, "I have taught him the basics. There isn't much to teach him though unless he decides he actually wants to BE a kitsune. In which case, as I told him, it's out of my paws. That's up to him if he wnats to entreat on Inari's graces for that."

                  Streakmane says, "In other words, you are done training him."

                  Saint nods, "Pretty much. Though it's always possible I could get assigned to him if he goes Kitsune as a tutor. And I am still his Kami, so I have to watch out for him, help him with training in other means, etc."

                  Streakmane says, "And what of your own Kitsune life, Saint? Has it been all you hoped it would be?"

                  Saint thinks about for a long moment.... Then shrugs, "I don't know. If you remember the situation underwhich it happened was a little...rough. Do I regret some of the events that happened... yes. Do I regret being a kitsune?" He shakes his head, "No. I am happy with the outcome. Even the parts I didn't expect or nessecarily want."

                  Streakmane says, "And what do you think of Hudson's curiosity?"

                  Saint smirks, "That I ain't one to say anything about it."

                  Clevermane is petting on Dean again. "So you're a detective, huh?"

                  Dean nods, "Yes. I am the new Bathound."

                  Clevermane says, "You have a nice shiny coat, you know."

                  Dean smiles, "I keep it VERY well mantained... Yuskay is great for that. I have an image to upkeep after all." His tail can't resist wagging at the petting thought

                  Clevermane says, "You said that Deuce was your little angel. What does that make Saint?"

                  Dean smirks, "The devil to keep in line."

                  Clevermane giggles

                  Deuce glances at Noah and mouths at the dormouse, 'time to free me, Noah. This is starting to feel too good.'

                  Noah nodnods and does so!

                  Deuce and Noah go back upstairs where Deuce rewards Noah with a nice yiffing and a kiss on the muzzle.

                  Noah is happy for that...and shows Deuce just how nice he can be! He's GOOOD at that.

                  Deuce and Noah return to the others soon after with big smiles.

                  Deuce gives Dean a lick on the muzzle. "Did you miss me?"

                  Dean smirks and licks back, nuzzling, "Of course."

                  Noah pokes Deuce in the brain privately and puts this image in his mind: Deuce stretched super tight over a macro-Dean's cock with the flare from Greyfell and all those wonderful feelings.

                  Deuce hugs Dean. "I missed you, too. What did I miss here?"

                  Dean hugs back, "Not too much. Just the otter being embarressed."

                  Deuce grinz. "Noah is just as stretchy." He winks.

                  Dean raises a brow and smirks, "really? He your new pet?" he chuckles

                  Deuce says, "No, but he needed a reward for helping me save Nick."

                  Dean chuckles, "I'll have to reward you later for being such good detective."

                  Deuce says, "I was smart this time by asking Noah to join me so I didn't get into the same trouble as Nick. It was really hard to keep my focus in that lower area."

                  Dean smiles, "I can imagine." He licks Deuce's ears softly, "I'm proud of you"

                  Deuce says, "I did meet two horses in the upper area who I like though. But I resisted the urge to lift my tail to them while working."

                  Noah giggles a little when Deuce didn't react to his mental image and goes back to playing on Clevermane's head.

                  Deuce had a reaction to Noah's image, but he is trying to be good in front of Dean.

                  Noah thinks it'll take Deuce a lot to make dean not as much of a stick in the mud as Ace

                  Austin emerges from the back aisles in his clothes and he goes over to Nick and proceeds to put the otter on to try him out. Nick said he could try him, if he wanted...

                  Nick was intially a little surprised... but he lets Austin. He likes the boy quite a bit! He certianly lets him

                  Austin {Hi Nick. I hope I am not surprising you by choosing to wear you for a while. You did say I could try your species costume for a while.}

                  Nick smiles, {Not at all. I'm glad for you to! Anything I can do for you?}

                  Nick does seem to shrink tight around Austin once he's inplace and seems to really enjoy being worn.

                  Austin {We feel aroused, Nick. Are you that happy to see me? Or did you find a new shaft to play on?}

                  Nick smiles, {Both!} If he wasn't so happy from all that had happened.. he would be more cautious but he shares the sensations of what he felt with Austin.

                  Austin {Ooh! That feels like FUN! I should have went with you then! What would you like to do now that I am wearing you?}

                  Nicks smirks, {Isn't that your job to decide now. Your the one wearing me}

                  Austin grins {In that case...} And he takes the otter off back into the aisles and back over to the other building so he can look around. He figures that Nick having been there can direct him around without getting lost. {You were investigating in here, right? Did you find everything?}

                  Nicks mentally laughs, {I dunno... I got side-tracked by Thundershaft.}

                  Austin {Aside from him, is there anything in the lower area you wanted to see? If so, we can check it out together.}

                  Noah mmms, {I didn't get to see much... there was a sidearea I noticed near the middle but he wouldn't say way was down there...}

                  Austin takes the otter down to the lower area and once there, they explore down into the side area. {Smells nice down here... I see movement up ahead.}

                  Nick mentally nods, {Yeah...and those scents... they're really strong...}

                  Austin inhales the scents as he walks further toward the source. {I'm feeling... yiffy.}

                  Nick mentally nodnodnods, {Yeah... I don't see anything yet though... but it looks like the place opens up a head... like it was getting bigger?}

                  Austin walks on towards it. {I think you're right, Nick. I really... that smell is so good...}

                  Nick nods, {Really....really good....}

                  Austin (in Nick) walks directly into what species, Dwaggy?

                  Considering it was supposedly larger and more dangerous than Thundershaft himself? Probably a macrodracanileo pair. Pretty rare, but their scents would be incredibly strong

                  Austin {They certainly have barbs, Nick. And they are big. And active.}

                  Nick mentally nodnods, {REALLY big....I'm not even sure what they are....Part...lion...part canine...maybe some dragon in there?}

                  Austin {Dragon cock is fun, Nick. I personally know thanks to Dracen.}

                  Nick {Well you're the one in charge}

                  Austin goes over to the smaller one (still large) and proceeds to get the otter stretched again... and then some.

                  Nick is surprised how eager Austin is... and how well he stretches with Noah. (Then again, Austin's been practicing with Dracen

                  Austin is more open while wearing Nick...

                  Meanwhile, back in the neighborhood... Charlie is spending the afternoon with Callum in the fields across from his house. The pouched roo boomer looks at Callum with a smile. "'ow is the 'omemade fruit drink, Callum? Ah didn't put too much sugar in it, did Ah?"

                  Callum smiles, "Nope, not at all! It's delicious... though a little spicey too. I've not had anything like it..."

                  Was Callum in the pouch or out of it currently?

                  Out of it unless he wanted to be in it. By now, Blaster knows that Callum is spending his time with Charlie and he knows the roo is keeping all of the activities out in the open. The roo has been very cautious. Almost acting a lot better with Callum around. Not like he was back when he was having problems.

                  Charlie says, "Ah think the spicey flavor is the safety additive so yas don't get into trouble if anything 'appens between us."

                  Callum nods a little, "You've been really careful after that first pouch ride."

                  Charlie says, "Ah am glad Blaster is letting yas spend some of yer days with me. Ah promised 'im that Ah'd take care of yas when yas were over 'ere."

                  Callum says, "I told ya we'd work it out"

                  Charlie says, "Ah know yas did. Although yer starting to pick up the Aussieland Roo accent. Just letting yas know."

                  Callum giggles and clears his throat, "Ah've been practicin'!" he grins, "see??"

                  His cheerful prompting is almost enough to encourage the roo toward bad thoughts isn't it?

                  Charlie says, "Ah was 'esitant about yas being near me at first, but Ah'm glad yas didn't give up on me, mate. Therefore, Ah'd like it if yas would like to spend a weekend with me in bed with me."

                  Callum mmms, "Well I dont' have a problem with that"

                  Charlie says, "Yas know the rules; yas gots to ask Blaster for permission so 'e knows what yas are planning."


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                    ZA-Austin - Monday, August 04, 2014, 4:49 PM

                    Lars gives Davis/Traxy an early morning kiss lightly on the side of his whiskers before heading back down to the dining area of their new multi-leveled tree home in the city of stars and screen. He slowly picks up a random script to see what job he might land today. He is still working under the 10 year contract for Diamond Donkey Pictures (unless the company folds under) as the co-star in 'My Brother The Wolf'. But he wants to do more than that. Oddly, even being on the new planet, Lars is still having problems landing scripted roles for TV shows. At least he has avoid what Night and Hudson went through.

                    Traxy rolls over a little at the kiss, making rather adorable purring/mewling sound for a moment before waking up with a start... Practically falling out of the hammock as he scrambles over to and slides down the tree trunk in typical feline style, "Sorry, I'll get your breakfast made... I kinda feel asleep last night." He tries to make sure Lars always has a GOOD meaty breakfast and coffee.

                    Thumper grinned across the table as he sipped coffee from a lipped cup made for roos. "Must have been a good dream, Traxy. Yas looked good in that 'ell'ound suit yer partner was letting yas wear. New pizza training, eh mate?"

                    Traxy blushes, "Well it was interesting but the dream is none of your business!" HE glances at LArs again, blushing, and starts to work cooking their breakfast. OBviously it featered Lars.

                    Lars says, "So you were dreaming about my donkey features, huh?" he giggled. "the only show that wants me at the moment. But at least I'm working."

                    Traxy pauses his stirring for a moment with a bit of a sighs and blushes, "No... Actually I was dreaming about very naughty things invovling your knot and my tailhole." He pouts and points the spoon in mock anger at Lars, "And you should know better!" But then he chuckles and goes back to pouring the batter for the bacon-chipped pancakes onto the griddle. "I'm sure you'll get a big break soon, Lars."

                    Lars says, "I thought that with the move to Toonscape where canines once again were in demand that someone would want the son of Silversurge... but... nothing yet."

                    Traxy plops a plate of bacon and ham and steak on the table with a plate of griddle-cakes and maple syrup a long with a huge bowl of various tropical and south american fruits. "TADA! Breakfast o' CHAMPIONS! Hrm... Well I doubt even the 'Champions' ate as good as _I_ can cook! hehe..." He flops down in his favorite chair (which requires a bit of a booster seat in his feline form. silly kitty is still kinda small compared to all you guys) and grins, "Well you have to give it some time! You wouldn't want them to hire you just cause your were Silversurge's son, right?"

                    Lars shakes his furry head. "I can act... just not as good as my dad. He is filming once again. And everyone who he works with knows that he has a son who is trying to make it in the business. But you know, I am actually thinking about asking him to do a father/son pilot with me just so I can strut my stuff in a show along side my dad. I know people would watch it just because he is in it." He grinned as he held up his carrot juice in one paw and let his other paw rest over his groin. "Got Wolf?" He then winked.

                    Thumper giggled. "Yer not as good as yer dad doing that number, mate."

                    Traxy pounce-teleports Lars' lap with a grin, "Got Jaguar? Oh wait! You do!" He looks up at the werewolf with a silly grin, "Hi. You're cute and sexy and I think you should do it. And if there is anything I can do to help, just ask!"

                    Thumper then seriously mentioned, "A free 'and out, eh Lars? 'e is offering 'is goodies... but all kidding aside, Lars, if yas do a pilot with yer father, yas cannot do random ad libbing no matter 'ow tempting. Yas 'ave to promote that yer an actor first; then a werewolf. Otherwise, and again, no one will want yas."

                    Lars says, "I know that, Thumper. I have to promote that I have a human boy side to my werewolf visage... but he is so scraggly and the runt of the litter, in my opinion. When I wolfed out the first time and I filled out nicely, I wasn't so upset anymore about being a scrawny wimp. But instant werewolf didn't result in instant scripts. Apparently you are right, guys... they want to see that I have a non-wolf first."

                    Traxy's ears perk as he hears his alarm going off... "Huh... I turned that off... Why would it be.... Oh! OH,OH,OH,OH,OH! That person and company thing. Wanted me to do that photo shoot for the documentary! Wild Cats of The World. Only Jaguar they could get... or afford. I gotta get going!"

                    Traxy hops down and starts running, "I love you, Lars! I made your lunch. It's in the frig. Or you have it has a snack when you get home! Take care! I'll see you a little later!" Talking almost as fast as he's running.

                    both roo and wolf giggle as they watch him zoom out.

                    Traxy isn't picky. He takes any and all jobs he can get. Even the ones that most felines wouldn't. Like having to stand still and let people doll you up in tribal gear and exploit your image for TV documentaries.

                    Later into their morning... Lars is speaking to the director where his own father works as he lays out the father/son pilot idea. He even goes so far as to show the executive that he DOES have a human boy side he can use. Of course Thumper is sitting in the room just letting his client talk. In the old days, Lars would go to meetings by himself; now he arrives with his lawyer in tow.

                    The director's assistant doesn't seem particularly thrilled with the idea but he's letting the Director talk.

                    The director finally says, "Lars... I know you want into a show that might be as good as your father's shows in the past; but he didn't start at a command position. Neither did he simply get noticed immediately. No one gets into the business that way. From your history with other studios on QC and your involvement with other actors... you are a virtual nobody. With that kind of pilot, even though the focus you are suggesting is yourself, the audience would always be drawn to your father. It would be like a cheap thrill with a hard fall at the end."

                    Lars says, "So what did I do wrong when the lapines were filming Fire and Steel where I was asked to play my own father. I followed the script and dad even lent me his old make up so I would look the part of his stunt wolf. And it still failed.""

                    The weaselly assistant, in a rather nasal chuckle, nods, "Indeed. It's for your own good. I mean if you had FRIENDS or some kinda group to work with... but you're talking about you...compared to Silversurge? Please. You're not even on the same scale. You just completely lack that...presence...your father commands."

                    The director says, "As my assistant and I both can tell you, Lars... it wasn't your involvement with the role; it was the script. The people who wrote that script simply do not know your father. Thus when you recited your role... one, you have no friends to support you, and two, the audience who knew your father could tell the role just wasn't him no matter how much your father made you over to look like him."

                    Just then, the director's door gets a brisk knock.

                    "Come in!"

                    Thumper gently pats Lar's hand to show quiet support.

                    A rather slim dark featured creature stands there, in a rather expensive looking suit. He obviously is digitigrade due to the cut of the suit's legs and the lack of shoes but his presence is weighty nonetheless. He clears his throat, "Hmm. I see you're in a meeting. I hoping to speak with you about your...little expense trip." The Producer looks over the other two then back to the Director with an eye raised. "Care to inform me whom this is?"

                    The director arches an eye himself regarding the question. "What expense trip? I haven't been anywhere in months. And I have no plans to be anywhere either."

                    The Producer holds up an expense report, "You're saying you didn't charge a week long stay in at a resort 'for research purposes'?"

                    The assitant quietly inches back slightly...

                    The director says, "You know full well I haven't. I've been working directly every day on the set of four shows. I haven't had time to plan any resort stay. Not even for a new show idea."

                    The producer thrusts the report at him, "TAke a look yourself, then."

                    The director glances at the assistant who looked to be trying to sneak away, then he glances over the report.

                    It's true. A week long resort stay, including a small crew. In that same hotel your assistant's wife just returned from.

                    Turns out the old saying is true. Don't trust weasels.

                    Or if you do trust them, be ready to pay out 350 grand for their wives to take a crew of men to the bahamas for a week.

                    The director says sarcasticly, "Assistant... you know something about this, don't you? Why else would you be trying to blend through that wall instead of getting to the door?" He then looks to Thumper. "You are a lawyer with powers... use them on me and you will see that I didn't do this."

                    The assistant clears his throat, "I er... MAY....have...allowed a research projects you didn't EXPRESSLY permit..."

                    Thumper says, "Being one of Mack's boys, Ah can tell yas two biggies didn't do this. And that leaves very few others. Lars and Ah don't work 'ere, obviously."

                    The Producer looks at the Assistant, "You have 10 minutes to get your things and leave..." He glances at the Director, "Unless your boss would like to suggest something else on your behalf?"

                    The director says, "I hope you enjoyed your vacation. Looking for work after this will be difficult since Lord Masterson will have to be informed about this mess you caused. I am glad I won't be on the receiving end of the dragon. Now get out of here."

                    The weasel slinks out...then start running as the Director mentions the dragons.

                    The Producer rubs his temples slightly, "Well. That solves one headache."

                    The director says, "We just started to get the studio running smoothly too. Now I am going to have to find a way to pay back the studio 350 grand."

                    The producer grumbles, "You just keep making quality shows... I'll worry about that cash-flow. If you didn't spend it, you shouldn't have to be the one to pay it back."

                    The director says, "I gave the weasel a chance originally. That makes me partially responsible." He then looks at Lars and Thumper again. "You want a chance to be in a show, you said. Well, Lars, with what just happened... you will get your chance. Don't make me regret it."

                    The Producer looks back at the other two, "A runt and roo? What kinda plans do you have for them?"

                    The director says, "Actually, the runt is Silversurge's son. The roo is his lawyer; he isn't here for a job; he works for Lars Mistclaw."

                    Thumper nodded his head as he presented his card and credentials. "As said, in the past, studios often told Lars that 'e should 'ave 'is lawyer present. So Ah simply come to the meetings now."

                    The Producer hmms, Looking over the card then at the roo, "Could have used you for the 'Un-Roo-ly Legalesse' show. Oh well." He looks over at the 'runt'. "Hrm. Runts usually have the most popularlity in under-dog shows. You're thoughts, old friend? Does the kid have any struggles or friends or something of the thing we can use?"

                    the director shows the producer the historical list of every show Lars has had a role in over his entire past. The game show was the first; then the other one shots; followed by Fire and Steel; the new series he co-stars in with the donkey, My Brother the Wolf; and various commercial product tapings. "He's been shuffling around and he has been trying... but he lives with Thumper and an Olmec teenager in a tree house over in Greendell."

                    The Producer hrms, "Child of privledge... Not much to use there. There have been too many documentaries of the canine 'cause' lately. That would flop." He mms, "A cat and a roo and a runt werewolf god. It's a start... But that kinda show would still need another element. You're opinion?"

                    the director says, "I think you are right. Bring in a fourth element of a species they don't have and it could work. That way, even if the audience were not watching for Lars specifically, they would watch it for the more popular 'other', so to speak."

                    The Producer nods, "And dramas are in this season. In particular under-dog dramas."

                    the director says, "An Olmec Jaguar boy, a Devi-Roo Lawyer, a godly werewolf son of a legacy... and..." He trails off as he starts looking over actor resumes who have recently applied for any work they can get.

                    The Producer chuckles, "Too bad we lack mice and other lesser rodents. They might be a fit."

                    Lars says, "There is a rabbit that might be good for this arrangement, although he has a charge of his own. His boy once asked me for my autograph just after they cancelled the Steel part of the show I had been in. Benny the Bunny. He is no actor himself, albeit a nice guy. But I would like to see a rabbit and maybe a skunk added to the mix. As for mice, I never worked with any myself, but Lord Impy might know a few who may be on loan."

                    Producer says, "Regardless, a prey-species of some sort would be suggestion. Yours?" He looks at the Director.

                    the director says, "I agree. There are two preds in the household, but only one prey... no offense, Thumper. Another prey species would balance the scales for the possible show."

                    the director is now making phone calls while Lars and Thumper are asked to go visit Silversurge's new set where the new 'Surge Masters' team show is filming.

                    And yes, Silversurge is again the leader, and yes, most of his team are different species, since Bart loves to promote species other than werewolves in his own shows.

                    One thoseing being Lou. A striped panda son of Po the Kung Fu Panda. Who is actually VERY muscular and fit. He kinda hates the images of every one assuming pandas are fat.

                    Lars whispers to Thumper, "My dad can simply swish his tail and his show ideas are instant gold." To which Thumper quietly replies, "Learn through example. Besides, Lars... yer dad 'as godly 'earing. Don't speak it unless yas really want 'im 'earing yas."

                    The stripes come from an unforunate drunk night between Po and Tai Lung (they do NOT talk about that night... EVER)

                    Silversurge finishes reciting off his lines while reading a cue card just off set, then when the practice session ends, he glances sharply over at his son and the roo. "Not all of my show ideas were instant gold. 'In The Heat of the Wolf' was a crime drama starring me that I made a pilot for one time. They loved the pilot but very honestly hated the one playing the role. The series was given to a werewolf who had more experience. So I didn't make gold with it; someone else did. Then there was my attempt at 'Running With the Pack'... boy was that ever a stinker!"

                    Lou goes storming off, brushing past the wolves. He's not very happy with the reduction in his lines over the more popular Mighty Duck like character.

                    Silversurge sighs as he then says, "Now comes the other part of being a team player... when one member of the cast feels bad, I have to go show my support. It isn't fair that they reduced the number of lines he had for his character. I have no control over the making of the series, Lars. And for the record... I never made this script, either. So much for instant gold." And he heads off to follow Lou.

                    Lars also sighs. He feels rather stupid now; he thought the show was one of his dad's super bright ideas.

                    Thumper says, "Open muzzle; insert paw. This is why yas need to be careful when yas see yer dad getting what looks like good roles. Like 'e said, not every series 'e ever made was instantly successful."

                    Lars says, "I guess you're right. I am lucky I get to work at all, you know."

                    Traxy yawns as he teleports onto Lars' back, holding on and resting his head on the neck, "Turn into a big wuffie and let me sleep for a few days...."

                    Lars shifts and gives Traxy a nice rubby-rubbing. "I had to be in human form earlier to show the execs that I had a human form I could use instead of my wolf form. Like always, they aren't very hopeful for a series because the first thing they suggested was... bring in a fourth species to balance the group on the show. Another prey. I made a few suggestions, but here I sit off set. Dad went to console an athletic panda who looks like a good actor."

                    Traxy hugs Lar's now much fluffier's neck, "hmmm, fluffy...huh? Oh really? Well I guess that's okay. You know I'll help out!" He smiles and lick-grooms Lars' ears softly, "Hmmm. A prey huh? I hope it something tasty to nibble on."

                    Lars says, "I suggested a rabbit and a skunk. They suggested the obvious stereotype; something my dad is usually against. Mice."

                    Traxy blicks. "Mice are over-rated."

                    Lars says, "He is for mice getting an equal role in productions; but he is against stereotypes."

                    Traxy giggles, "Other than one mouse you used to visit. He was tasety."

                    Traxy says, "He was BIG. More to eat. Mmmm... Mice, Moles, voles, deer, rabbits, hares, all of them would be good."

                    Traxy hugs Lars, "But they can't has you. You mine."

                    A very quite voice speaks from beside Lar's paws, "e..excuse me?"

                    Lars glances down at the owner of the voice. "Can I help you?"

                    IT's a small gray creature. Looking similar to a meerkat or maybe a mongoose, clearly in that shared family. "Um... if... If you'll the cat's teeth away...'m looking for work..."

                    He says quietly, "We...sorta count as prey-like, right? We're not one of the big ones... but... Maybe....right?"

                    Lars picks up the guy and carries him back upstairs to the Director's and Producer's room. "Pardon us, sir... this person asked me for work."

                    The director looks at the newcomer. "Have you done any acting or role playing in the past?"

                    The grey meerkat eeeps a little at being picked up at first... but then dangles there. "uh..on..only a little... Um.. cousin...Told me...I.I should come try out... uh..uh..I'm related to Timon...distantly..."

                    The director says, "Aside from the Lion King movies and Timon's series for Disney, we don't see a lot of meerkats attempting to make it in the business. What background in acting or role playing have you had? And could you demonstrate a little of it?"

                    The grey meerkat says, "Uh...Um...W...well... I can sing pretty well...I don't have...much in the way'special abilities' like the I can sing...And before I came here, a lot of younger cousins said I could act well... But I don't...have any official training. But I'm willing to work cheap! And REALLY HARD! Um...demonstrate?" He looks confused a moment then says, "Uh, I guess, I could sing for you.... or um...I do some....recitation of shakespear...."

                    The director says, "Whatever you feel up to doing in a few short minutes. Recite some shakespheare first, then sing for us."

                    The young one does just that. He's actually got a very impressive voice. Normally high and squeeky, but when singing or reciting or acting he seems to be able to adopt a VERY wide range of vocalizations... including mimicing Lars' voice perfectly.

                    The director says, "Your friends were right; you do have talent. What do you call yourself?"

                    He says quietly, "Can't."

                    The director says, "Can't? What kind of name is that?"

                    He blushes, "Well it's what everyone calls me. I grew up in a small village. I was always told I can't do things.... so it became my nickname....then my name... 'Cant'."

                    TRaxy whispers in Lars' ear, "He looks sure we can't eat him?'

                    The director says, "In the acting business, we have to give you a nice name... something the audience will know and respect when they hear it. We can work on that later."

                    Lars whispers to Traxy, "No, we cannot eat him. Besides, you deliver pizzas; haven't you eaten today?"

                    Traxy blushes, "No... that's why I came to see you so we could eat together....But he's cute...and ediable..But fine...I won't hunt friends."

                    Traxy gnaws on the wolf's ear.

                    The meerkat inches a little further from the hungry feline but nods to the director a little, "..o..okay. My name's not that..important anyway. You can call me whatever you want...if I get to work."

                    The director activates a button on his intercom. "Hey Surge! Are you busy? I need to see you in my office when you have the time."

                    Traxy looks up, "You're dad's here?"

                    Lars says, "Yes... we're at the studios my dad works at, Traxy. Unlike the old days, he doesn't own the place this time. Even I remember what he thought of those days.""

                    Traxy says, "Cool."

                    Bart comes in with Lou in tow. "Make it good, sir. My co-star is upset because his lines in the show were cut to the bare minimums and that isn't what it says in his contract."

                    Lou cross his arms over his muscled chest, quietly glowering but letting his friend speak. He trusts Bart.

                    Traxy giggles a little at so much sexy hotness gathered in one room.

                    The director pulls out Lou's contract and in short time, they find where it says that Lou would have full length screen and speaking times in any shows he does. "You are right; it says it right there. Who authorized your script changes?"

                    Lou hands him the scripts that he was given and the various writers who signed off on it.

                    Lou's voice is a rich rumbled bass that shows his parentage as much as much as his parents might wish it didn't. Very pleasent to listen to, full and rich. "That Mighty Duck Ripp-off has been muscling in on my lines since day one. I just want a fair shot."

                    Now the director is on the horn to the scripting department. While he does that, Bart remarks, "Either fix Lou's position or when he walks... so do I."

                    The meerkat looks over at Lars, "You're Dad?"

                    Bart fully supports his fellow actors when it looks like they aren't getting a fair shot.

                    Lars grins at the meerkat. "Yeah, he's my dad."

                    Cant says, "He's coooool."

                    Lars keeps the smile on his muzzle, but what he's really thinking is, {dad is cool without trying; score another fan for the godwolf.}

                    Cant smiles at Lars, having no idea what Lars is thinking. But what he is thinking is {Lars is so awesome. He has such a cool Dad... No wonder he's so nice. I'm really lucky I met him. I bet he never had to eat out of a trash can... I hope he lets me work with him...} LArs is the boy's new idol. And Lars doesn't even know it.

                    Bart mentally pings Lars in the head. {Just remember, son... watch what you think around me. I'm not trying to read minds, but this self pity act is not very impressive. If you want success like I have, support others like I do. You'd be surprised what happens when you show that your own situation is nothing compared to someone else's. Besides, if I walked, this show that was custom tailored for me to lead would flop on its ass.}

                    Cant's still sitting on/hugging Lars' paw. Lars REALLY can't see what's in front of his muzzle. He has a divine cat who is in love with him and honestly REALLY wnats to support him. An adoring little meerkat who he just really inspired and he doesn't even see it. heheheh.

                    The director then gets off the phone and says, "Okay Lou... what occurred up to now is being called a focus mini-arc. To fix this situation, the series will be extended to one hour to make it a good drama, like most of the other night time soaps, and each show will present three story arcs at the same time. You get your lines back along with a story arc to justify what is going on in your character's life while the duck is dealing with his arc. Collectively you are all still part of the same team. But every character occasionally has issues to deal with. We will now simply focus on three arc issues per episode now, along with the team fight against the enemies at the end. Fight scenes get big ratings for some reason."

                    Lou says, "Alright. As long as I get my fair chance at equal time, I'm okay with it."

                    The director says, "And Bart... if you walked, the show would be in trouble. A lot of these actors joined this drama because of you."

                    Bart then said something profound. "If they only joined because of me, then they have failed themselves; not me, not Lou, not even you and the other crew members. They failed themselves. My ass isn't that great to look at."

                    The director says, "My wife would argue that point, Bart."

                    Bart grinned. "So would mine."

                    Lou says in a low basso rumble, "I didn't join because of Bart. I joined because Bart said the company was fair and he'd help make sure I'd get fair screen time. Frankly... I prefer females."

                    Bart says, "And that is why I support your career, Lou. You are here for the right reasons."

                    Traxy nods sagely, "Um-huh. Yep. I can verify that fact. ... Lars' ass is better."

                    Cant facepaws.

                    The director then looks at Lars and Thumper again. "We can give your show a pilot filming. However, be prepared for the outcome for if your characters are replaced for the full version of any possible show. As Bart can tell you, what the audience wants is what makes the shows. And if they audience can't see your talent, then you could be written out of your own show."

                    Cant says, "ummmm...o.ok.."

                    Bart nodded his head. "I was just telling Lars that earlier regarding one of the pilots I did one time."

                    The director says, "However, just to make sure you boys get a fair shake, I will get all of you into an episode of Ski Lodge, a series like Felis Cruise and Camelot. The situation of these shows is that guests come in for a vacation and we follow a mini-arc surrounding what they are doing during the vacation. In fact, the mini-arc could be the prequel to the pilot for your series. That way, people seeing you guys in the prequel mini-arc might like what they see, then when you guys appear in the pilot, it makes it easier for audiences to vote the series in."

                    Traxy says, "oooo, ooo can I be LArs' totally not gay bff stalker?"

                    Cant looks over at Traxy with just...considerable confusion...

                    Thumper says, "Ah 'ate to spoil yer plans, sir, but legal reasons prevent me from joining the cast. 'owever, Ah can contact a devi-roo actor to play my role for the pilot and series. He's had a lot of successful runs in the underworld."

                    a week later, within a viewing room... Lars, Cant, Traxy, Thumper, and Zeo Muscletail (the devi-roo actor) are watching the finished pilot for the new series.

                    Traxy was not as hyper or silly during filming. He was more professional.

                    Lars isn't all that thrilled with the shoot; he can clearly seen minute things that could have been better. Most of those things he notes are about himself.

                    CAnt says quietly, "You don't seem particularly happy, Lars... Something wrong?"

                    Lars says, "Just some minor details that I now know that I messed up. How I did could have been better.""

                    Zeo nodded his head. "I've been in this business for a long time, Lars. As for the things you did wrong, admitting to them now saves face for what you can promise the crew for the next time."

                    Traxy says, "I think we all could have done better, but it's not like we have THAT much experience."

                    Lars says, "Thanks, Zeo. You're okay."

                    Zeo says, "I can help all of you with your skills. It can't hurt."

                    Trax nods, "True."

                    Trax gets up, "Well, I'll start to work on dinner. We can't practice on empty stomaches."

                    And so, they all end up at the tree house home.

                    Trax gets busy making the whole group dinner.

                    Zeo is multi-talented. Not only is he an actor for the underworld, but he is also a script writer, a producer, and a director. He can even work a camera. Like Bart, he could be running his own studios. But acting is a lot more fun.

                    Trax is kinda jealous of him ... alittle.

                    Zeo pulled several scripts out of his pouch and is letting the group read over a few of his ideas.

                    Lars is reading over a script entitled 'Councilor'. The story of twelve lords who serve on the Underworld Council and the adventures each week in which their episodes get them into. "This is actually pretty good, Zeo."

                    Cant says, "It'd be more funny to me though if the story didn't focus on the lords but on the cases they have to deal with. Like some human boy falling into so and so's realm or stuff like that."

                    Zeo pulls out version two. "I already thought of that. Here..." And he hands over that script.

                    Lars reads script version two. "A boy named Jeff falls into the Devi-Pride Realm and the head Hell Panther doesn't want to let him go without having the boy... give birth a hundred times for being rude upon arrival." He arches an eye at that concept. "That would be like Lord Lampwick filming every boy who ever ends up on Pleasure Island."

                    Trax delivers the food, "True. But that stuff still sells."

                    Lars is now reading over the story of two Hellhounds who were evicted from their realm and now they live in the alleys of Imperial City. "Man... this is intense." He eats some of his food as he reads. "Good food, Traxy. Really."

                    Trav smiles, "Thanks."

                    Cant says, "Sounds pretty ...what's the word... urban gangster?"

                    Lars says, "This one scene I'm reading about the two hounds literally having to steal food out of Ric Pendragon's Family Restaurant is... believeable. But sad."

                    Cant nods a little..."Been there.."

                    Lars then reads over a script called 'Rules of Roocruiting'. The story of four Roocruiters and everything they encounter during their first year of roocruiting on Earth. hehe.

                    Zeo smiles. "The thing to remember when writing a script is that nothing is sacred."

                    Trax flops down on the floor near Lars' paws and reads through one called, 'Sacred Warriors of the Jungle'...Char and the Deathclaw are featured in that one.

                    Zeo eats his food. "I wrote all of these scripts one years when I found a lot of free time."

                    Lars grabs one called 'The Samate Diaries'. The collected stories of different samates, how they came to be samates, and what they are seen doing by the end of the episode. FUN! FUN!


                    in fact, the way it is written can even make the reader of the script feel like he is getting every part of the experience. Lars is getting horny from the read.

                    It's certianly possible.

                    though Lars can't hide it from the sharp noses in the room

                    Lars says, "How... how did you manage to write these things?"

                    Zeo grinned slyly. "Clever research through crystal balls, mainly. Like I wanted to go experience things for myself... NOT!"

                    Zeo grinned slyly. "Although, there is a business place that caters to Samates. I went there to meet with and speak to various Samates who were more than willing to tell me how they became part of the most fun in the universe."

                    Zeo says, "They were happy to also get paid for telling their stories since it helped them to pay off some debts they owed."

                    Cant says, "I imagine. They probably don't get asked much."


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                      ZA-Hudson - Monday, August 04, 2014, 4:49 PM

                      Charlie and Callum are together once again where the kangaroo has just finished watching an old New Teen Heroes video they shot back in the 'good days'; back before Charlie (as Partiroo) screwed up his membership (as well as his friendship with Rad Rabbit) because of his medical problem.

                      Callum giggles, "You know... I think Rad is a bit of a hypocrit."

                      Callum looks up from the pouch to Charlie, "One, he's with a giant macro pp sexy god... And two... He seems like he was pretty fond of the stretching even back then the way he was eying that big deer/elk person."

                      Callum giggles, "Though I can't blame him with that guy? A super reindeer who can fly and shoot bolts of light and stuff? He was NEAT looking. Too bad you guys only got to team up with that group once."

                      Charlie says, "Ah can't show that Ah am better by pointing out 'is faults, Callum. 'e was the leader of the New Teen 'eroes and while it is obvious from watching the video that 'e is ogling the others, back then Ah was on the up and up. And it shows. Then it all fell apart for me. And 'e 'ad to be the one to attempt to keep it together for us all. Until 'e finally gave up on me. Ah still care about 'im, though."

                      Callum says, "mmm... That is kinda impressive. I mean, all you guys. So many sexy awesome guys!" He blushes, "I'm not sure I could be like that and just look.""

                      Charlie says, "Rad could easily 'ave pounced them off camera and Ah never would 'ave known. But publicly, 'e 'ad to keep everything legit." He paused. "Ah found out later that only surface world roos are susceptible to Roo Flu; underworld deviroos are immune to it... although they 'ave their own spiel to deal with. And it involves abstaining from chocolate once a year. Ah think Ah could more easily 'andle that than suffering from Roo Flu."

                      Callum says, "Then why don't you change species? I mean...You'd still be a sexy roo with a neato pouch, right?" He pauses...and blushes, "Sorry... I know it's different for you toons, but I just realized how really callous that sounded...."

                      Charlie says, "The problem with changing species is that unlike surface world toon roos, the devi-roo's pouch is like a full blown roocruiter's trap. Unless yer trained in properly 'andling it, it could be worse than Roo Flu since once yas went into my pouch, yas might wake up as a joey in an Underworld Lord's pouch with a total mind wipe."

                      Callum ooooohs...

                      Callum says, "Yeah... I like your pouch better."

                      Callum bounces in his said pouch to prove it. hehe.

                      Charlie says, "Rad and Vincent are supposed to be coming over this afternoon. And regardless of 'ow nice my pouch feels, Ah don't want to be at odds with yer Sponsor Parents. Besides... Ah want to try to get the team back together again. Or if not the old team... a new one with the same name."

                      Callum awwws... He climbs out, "Alright. Sides, I think Vincent could prolly squash you with one paw. He's huge!"

                      Charlie says, "Ah've often thought about Vincent with a pouch of 'is own. But that is fantasy. 'e would never get peace from 'is co-worker if 'e 'ad a pouch that big."

                      Callum laughs!

                      Callum says, "Probably not. Or his job either! They'd all be like 'oh look, giant pouched transport vechile'""

                      Charlie looks at the clock on the wall. "They should be 'ere in about ten to fifteen minutes... unless they are listening just outside the door to see if Ah'm still a lost cause like the old days. But if they are outside the door, then they know that we just watched an old NTH video and yas, not me, pointed out yer sponsor dad's wandering eye."

                      Callum says, "They'll probably be here a little late. You know Dad. he likes to be all 'fashionably late' and crap. ... That or he and Mom are 'stuck'."

                      Callum giggles.

                      Charlie says, "Ah'm expecting Rad to say 'no' to the team idea. Ah learned my lesson, Callum; Ah want to give it another chance even if 'e doesn't."

                      Callum says, "You sure are pessimistic."

                      Charlie says, "'ey! Ah'm wanting to make the effort; Ah'm not the one who said, the team is old news and Ah'm retired."

                      Callum says, "Yeah but you are th eone saying you're expecting him to say no. I mean, that's pessimistic! Maybe he'll say yes!"

                      Rad says, rather dryly, walking in just about that time. "Yes to what?" Vincent is sitting just outside... kinda hard for him to fit in a normal building with no doors designed for his size.

                      Charlie hops up to his feet as he quietly looks his old friend over one time. "Yas look good, Rad. Better than ever, in my own 'umble opinion. Um... this is about the New Teen 'eroes. Ah want to give the team another try. True, we're 'ardly teens now, but unlike Night's executive decision with the Champions, there is no reason why we cannot 'ave our team despite what 'appened before. And yes, Ah am more cautious with my condition these days. Ah do 'ave a doctor on call, just in case."

                      Rad looks at Charlie with a rather unreadable expression for a lone moment. Finally he says, "Charlie, as you just said. We're HARDLY teenagers any more. On top of that, I have a son. One that I care about very much. Tell me something, Charlie. What happens to Callum if we remade this team and new villians showed up to threathen those I love? I am not saying no...yet... but I want to hear what you have to say to that."

                      Charlie sighs, having just told Callum earlier that Rad would not be receptive to the idea. "Two words, Rad: mentor status. We don't 'ave to be the ones fighting bad guys... but Ah missed out on the only experience that Ah enjoyed being a part of. As a private mentor the team could call for advice, yas wouldn't even 'ave to be with the team; yas wouldn't even 'ave to lead them. Ah'm not saying Ah lead them, either, mate. But Callum comes over often despite yer attempts to tell 'im not to. About the only entertainment Ah can give 'im safely are to show 'im videos from our past and 'ave outings in the area together. No, Ah am not trying to get a new joey out of this; we're just friends... like yas and Ah used to be.... like Ah think we still are."

                      Callum mutters, "Frankly, I wish you both were teenagers again and all that crap hadn't happened. Then maybe you'd still be friends."

                      Rad turns to speak to Callum at that point, clearly upset, but something strange happens has he stumbles, feeling...sick and having to grab onto a chair to keep from stumbling. As for some reason...that wish seems to actually come true.

                      And all that crap is pretty vague. Turns all the entire team felt that effect. No matter where they currently were.

                      Charlie urghs as he falls backward on to the couch again. "What the... what 'appened?"

                      The teen rabbit buck, rubs his head, "I..I'm not...sure.....holely voice broke..."

                      Rad looks FANTASTIC ... If anything BETTER than in the old flicks. And better than even Charlie remembers...

                      Even if he is a teenager again.

                      Same goes for Charlie tho

                      Rad looks confused a second, "What...What were we talking about... Something...I know it was something important..."

                      It never even happened. So the event isn't there for anyone to remember.

                      Charlie looks to Rad. "We were discussing getting the team together again... although Ah don't remember why we took a 'iatus... do yas?"

                      Rad rubs his head, "No...No I don't... " He looks confused... Really confused. "Why do ya have a human in your ...houIs this your house?"

                      Callum is currently unconscious and laid out over one of the benches.

                      Charlie says, "Ah... don't remember, Rad. But Ah am more wondering who that 'uge PP cougar is outside the open front door." He glances around the house as he notes the pictures of himself and certificates he got while in prison... his religious license, primarily. It has his name and picture on it.

                      Charlie says, "Ah'm a minister? When did that 'appen?"

                      They don't read his name any more. 'All that crap' didn't happen.... it has his father's name on it.

                      Rad glances out the door, "er...He..hey... He's fuckin' HUGE, Pouchman. heh... Think we can take 'im if he gives us trouble?"

                      Charlie arches an eye. "Ah think 'e might be too big for my pouch let alone most of the team."

                      Rad smirks, "Who said anything about recruiting him... I bet I could still punch him hard enough to make him orbit."

                      Vincent for his part, is calling Toon Services and the local authorities.

                      He's been hearing all this shit and while it may have fuck with his memory... he knows something is NOT fucking right here.

                      And Night is one of those being called. Since he knew these folks

                      the roo then sees one of the videos with the words, 'the last days of the New Teen Heroes' on it. "Um Rad... Ah think we might 'ave a clue as to what just 'appened." He shows the video case to the rabbit.

                      Rad takes a look, "Time travel?"

                      Charlie pops the video into the player and hits play. It tells it like it is, too. Straight from Rad's own lips, in his own opinion. But the Rad on the screen looks... older... "Ah was... arrested? oh no..."

                      Rad puts his paws on his hips, "Don't tell me we ended up in some..weird alternate future..."

                      Charlie sighs when he hears the future Rad mention disbanding the team because of what Night did with the Champions. Although it never implies that they couldn't have kept their team together afterward... they simply folded when Night closed the Champions. Of course it did mention Night having another team. Teams come and go.

                      Warner and Tennyson arrive with Night, Apollo, and Lord Masterson. This is a serious situation.

                      Rad tilts his head slightly, one ear flopping to the side, "Yeah that shit didn't happen. I can't believe it happened."

                      Vincent points them inside, "Tehy're in there...."

                      The divines remember the entire event... BOTH of them. Both where the team disbanded...and where they didn't and are still teenagers. MAJOR temporal discrepancy there.

                      The mortals...well... they're memories and lives are more easily influenced.

                      Night remembers because of all the shit he's gone through. He's a corner-case.

                      Night says, "Temporal rewrite. This sort of thing normally only happens when a chaos element accidentally grants a wish without regarding the consequences. Dorwin is too smart to make that mistake these days. And Noah isn't even here at the moment; he is off with my son and his team... the Rebels. Who does that leave, old friend?"

                      Lord Masterson hrms, "Actually, Night. There is one problem with that. This is not chaos event. We've been watching for those since Noah case made it important to contain them. But it is odd. This isn't a normal wish. Nor a chaos effect. Though that was a good guess....I imagine Callum is the source."

                      Night says, "Callum did make the wish and he is currently unconscious. Vincent still remembers the boy, but Rad and Charlie do not."

                      Lord Masterson hrms, "That is what this reminds me of..." He makes a motion, calling up a hazy projection of a 'window' as there is a ringing sound. He looks over at Apollo, "Let's hope I'm not waking the Sisters up. the Fates can be so testy when they're beauty sleep is disturbed."

                      Lord MAsterson says, "But I know Clotho in particular rather well. Should be able to help with this."

                      Apollo snickers. "Waking them up should be done occasionally."

                      the sisters answer. "Who calls for us?"

                      Lord Masterson clears his throat, "Ah. Moirai. Clotho, Lachesis, Atropos. This is Lord Masterson. Recently there has been...Well a very distinct shift in the threads of Fate. In particular, with your work, Lachesis. I was hoping you, in your infinite wisdom, might assist us in locating how the threads of the Tapestry were shifted.

                      the sister in question replies, "Yes, there was a temporal burst effect that erupted from your world recently and from within that very house you and the others are at right now. The youngster who caused this has a genetic genie like power, akin to magic, but until only today, the power never arose. The boy seems capable of granting his own wishes. A reality wizard... or in Murphy's laws... watch what you say or it might just happen. Since this was his first time using this power, it depleted his power charge but after a standard rest, he should be back up to par. But in this new reality, unless he joins their team, then Rad won't remember having a sponsor son."

                      Lord Masteron says, "I see. Quite the... unique power. A reality wizard of some sort. Thank you, Moirai for sharing your wisdom." HE closes the connection...after paying them their high ass greek tribute. He looks at Night. "Well. Apparently, there is a temporal offset. The entire old Teen hero team is back to their prime states. Including the ones who were dead. IT is as if those intervening years didn't happen for mortals. There is some physical remains of the events due ot the boy being...untrained...and sloppy in the eruption of his power."

                      Lord Masterson says, "Also from what I can tell, Night, they won't age until they get a classic re-draw or the team fails. They're semi-stuck in that temporal 'place'."

                      The dragon pokes Callum with his tail and smirks, "No wonder the kid passed out. That's a pretty massive retcon to realty."

                      Vincent says quietly, "Callum loved Rad... Alot. I imagine it hurt him a lot to see his sponsor father argueing and upset."

                      Night sighs. "Those poor heroes... it is going to be confusing enough. If it weren't for this left over video which seems to be made of temporal proof material, they wouldn't even had known that in an alternate reality, their team had been disbanded. But if we have this second chance, Drake... I don't want to blow it for them this time. They deserve another chance. The only part I am worried about is... you know... Charlie's bout with the Roo Flu puberty that all surface world roos undergo. Devi-Roos don't have it much better what with the Choco-Mating condition they deal with. All during their stint, they emit a delicious chocolate scent and if they eat any chocolate while affected, they will pounce and yiff anyone within range."

                      Lord MAsterson nods, "That's a danger but the thing is, Night... He's temporally stuck at his current age. Before that happened. He'll never trigger the Roo Flu puberty so long as he doesn't age."

                      Lord Masterson hrms. "However, if you wish and find someone willing, there may be a way I can cheat that part if another roo were to be willing to undergo it for them. It would be possible to that his body would not need to undergo the full effects."

                      Night says, "I can't believe Callum caused this. How do these powers continue to slip past processing? Lord Paul and Lady Amaterasu both vouched at the time that Callum had a tiny possibility for powers, but at the time, nothing building beneath the surface that would cause this." He then thought about the roo situation. "I think that the affect added for Charlie should be that just before Roo Flu occurs, his pouch should seal shut so no one got stuck in there by accident. Then after the event, his pouch would re-open again. Got to play it safe, right?"

                      Lord Masterson says, "Fair enough. And it's obvious." He looks at Night with a smirk, "The powers developed while he was here. Nothing slipped by."

                      Apollo says, "Since Callum is developing magical powers, I could agree to train him in the use of his magic since I am a spell user myself."

                      Lord Masterson says, "Human kind is adaptable. One of THE most adaptable of species. Even if they have zero potentional... put them in a situation where they need something more than anything else...and potentional blooms. It's one of the more fasicating parts of this job." He nods to Apollo, "That might be wise."

                      Apollo says, "However, and I should warn you, Drake... species changing is almost always the norm when a new magic user in training is learning his powers. Meaning... he could be a viable new recruit for the New Teen Heroes himself."

                      Lord Masterson nods, "I'm aware. We'll have to see what comes. I'll deal with the press and legalaties if it comes to that."

                      Lord Masterson says, "For now, if you wish Vincent, you may continue to be his sole guardians since your marriage to Rad is...hrm... Under review."

                      Vincent looks down...but nods...

                      Apollo says, "Hold on, Victor... it may not be the end of your sponsorship rights. This is just something that happens. You have to be as supportive as Krypto and Rudolph were to Night when he went from human to canine."

                      Vin nods, "I know. It's just...difficult."

                      Apollo says, "Didn't you mention that your co-worker friend at work is looking for another place to live for he and his housemate? Let them move in with you and then you won't be going the sponsorship alone. Besides... Rad still has a room there, unless he moves in with Pouchman."

                      Vin nods, "That is true. But what I am worried about, Apollo... Is Callum. He loved Rad."

                      Apollo says, "Well, if he wants to share a room with his now teenaged ' big brother', why is that so wrong?"

                      Vin says, "True...maybe he won't remember Rad was older either now...."

                      Night grinned. "We let Austin share a room with Hudson."

                      Vincent sighs, "So I'll end up having to raise TWO boys...both with super powers...." HE makes a face, "This isn't what I signed up for."

                      Vincent doesn't sound THAT upset though...

                      But waiiiiiit... Vincent remembers him NOT being a youngster the entire time? But doesn't remember other things? Sounds like he was only partially effected, doesn't it... Maybe he's getting close to graduating MAcro class....

                      Night says, "Sounds like you are about to advance in Macro life, Vincent. I hope you don't go through what Solomon did or no house will hold you."

                      Vincent says, "Um... I don't know about that...But I just.... I'll go talk to the others and see if he wants to help." He gets up and starts off. He's sorta embarrassed about the idea. But then Vincent isn't one who brags about being a macro. He finds it more difficult than inspiring. Unlike Solomon and other Macros.

                      Night says to Rad and Charlie, "Since the New Teen Heroes still exists, I guess we better get your headquarters rebuilt. The team will need a meeting place eventually." And he heads off, leaving Apollo and Drake along with the others there.

                      Apollo looks to Drake once again. "What do we do now? This is a grand mess."

                      Rad looks at Charlie, "So let me get this straight. The team is gonna be boarding with that giant cougar. We're all back to our old selves, but we don't have anywhere to stay. Our parents in this reality are gone. I guess we're really all we got now, huh, Pouchman?"

                      Drake says to Apollo, "YOU are going to take over Callum's education and if you're willing...chaperoning this team. While I handle the vast shitload of paperwork about to hit my desk considering the merging of two very different time lines."

                      Charlie says, "Yas 'eard what Night said... 'e is going to personally get our base rebuilt. In the meantime, Ah apparently own this 'ouse and it 'as more than two bedrooms. Also apparently... this 'uman boy likes both yas and me. Further, yas were supposedly living with the cougar and the boy anyway. Strange Ah was living by myself like this what with their being so many bedrooms in this 'ouse."

                      Rad says, "A house that you don't own cause you're not old enough." He sticks his tongue out at Charlie, "Hrm. True...hehe...I wonder if that means I get to sleep their bedrooms."

                      Lord Masterson rubs his temples, "Teenage Rabbits..."

                      Rad says, "Hey. I ain't on duty and I ain't even sure this is my reality, so zip it, dragon boy."

                      Lord Masterson pats Apollo on the back, "Good luck." And he teleports away to deal with the paperwork.

                      Apollo says, "Well, boys... I get to teach the boy magic... when he wakes up. Boy will he ever be shocked at this revolting turn of events. I wonder if he will remember any of this?"

                      Rad says, "Well he's cute, so I guess he has that going for him."

                      Rad looks at Charlie, "Hey, Charlie. You gonna stay here or move in with us?"

                      Charlie says, "Ah think Ah should stay 'ere, mate. All my stuff is in this 'ouse and there seems to be a garden Ah've planted... oh my gosh! Ah've been growing carrots! Big ones, at that!" He is currently looking out a window at his garden.

                      Rad twitches, "Bah! Carrots are over-rated~!"

                      Charlie says, "The bigger the carrot, the better for bribing yer kin."

                      Rad says, "I hate carrots! I'd never be bribed with carrots!"

                      me thinketh he doth protest too much

                      Charlie says, "Ah meant yer dad."

                      Rad says, "Ooooo okay..."

                      Charlie says, "Ah guess Ah better see if Ah even 'ave my costume somewhere around 'ere. Otherwise... Ah not too sure about Ministeroo as a 'ero name."

                      Rad makes a face, "Gods no."

                      Charlie says, "This certificate on my wall says that Ah legally gained my minister's license. That means Ah can legally perform weddings for pay. Ah wonder if that also means Ah get access to 'oly water and baptisms?"

                      Rad makes a face, "I hope not. I remember what happened last time you tried that. That water was anything but holy."

                      Charlie says, "Ah'll focus on the minister stuff in my spare time. What about yer old costume. Do yas think Blaster Bunny's costume is locked away somewhere?"

                      Rad smirks, "No... but ya know. MAybe I won't be Blaster Bunny... I'll be SUPER BLASTER BUNNY!" He grins, that one ear flopping down against his head again as he looks up quickly. A common trait off camera and duty. He's so damn cute when he's not being a old prick

                      Charlie hugs Rad and kisses him on the muzzle. "Ah'm so glad we're friends."

                      Rad blushes, his eartips tinging slightly pink and kisses back, "I am too."

                      Too bad Callum is out; he is missing old friends kissing.

                      Yep...But he'll be coming around soon.

                      Apollo is preparing the smelling salts for the boy.

                      Apollo says, "Now let's see what this does for Sleeping Beauty?" And he gently waves the smelling salts under the boy's nose.

                      Callum winces..."Uh...m..myh..head..."

                      Callum says, "Gah..tha..that stinks!"

                      Apollo puts the stuff away. "Nice to have you back in the new reality you helped to cause, Callum. Do you remember anything before you blacked out?"

                      Callum says, "I...I felt dizzy...and hurt...and angery.... I remember....I remember feeling this prickly sensation and yelling at ... Rad and Charlie...then I blacked out..."

                      Apollo moves aside to unblock the view of the rabbit and the roo and he points toward them. "You created a temporal magical effect... and it did this to Rad and Charlie."

                      Callum blinks... "Th..They're ..smaller..."

                      Apollo says, "From what we're able to gather, you wished for these two to be teenagers again and anyone not highly powered to avoid this affect... got a time rewrite and now all of the New Teen Heroes are... teenagers again." He then adds with a whisper, "And they are having trouble remembering things from before. But they are friends again."

                      Callum smiles, " they're friends again?!" He grins and winces, leaning back, " head...I'm glad...even if it means I gotta go back home..."

                      Apollo says, "Actually, no. You don't have to go back home. Vincent is still your sponsor parent. And there may be better news... with your new power ability, you could become a member of Rad's team yourself."

                      Callum blinkblinks, "I..I could?"

                      Rad smirks, "Fuck yes. If we have to be trapped in this wierd alternate reality, the least you can do is yourself to good use...Right, mate?"

                      Rad MAY or MAY NOT have use superspeed at some point to 'acquire' one of Charlie's carrots and is more than obviously hiding it in his pocket at the moment.

                      Charlie smiles. "Ah totally agree. And from what Vincent said earlier, this boy really loves yas, Rad. But 'e seems to like coming over to see me too."

                      Rad smirks, "I'm cool with that. Never had a 'lil bro' before."

                      Callum things Rad DEFINATELY changed the most of the two of them..

                      Charlie smiles. "Don't yas mean... a little bed toy?" He then hops off to check out his kitchen. "Damn... my kitchen is really stocked with the good stuff! Anyone want a cola?"

                      Rad says, "MAAAYbe... Nah I'm good... I think I'm gonna head out and take a look ar ound... I'm gettin' bored!"

                      Callum giggles a little.

                      Charlie comes out with a Roocola and some Blaster Brand Root Beer. "Like Ah said, the good stuff."

                      Rad smirks and takes the root beer, "Cool... Okay, one soda...THEN we explore."

                      Callum whispers to Apollo, "Rad seems REALLY different. That guy was the old sourpuss leader before?" Of course, Callum never got to see the old Blaster Bunny off duty. He was a fun, happy guy back then.

                      gurgle, gurgle, gurgle, gurgle, ahhh....

                      Charlie grinned. "That sure 'it the spot. Ah need to see about finding my costume." And he heads off into the storage room and starts opening trunks and boxes. "Now where are yas...?"

                      Rad winks to the others, "I'm just gonna get a new one made." He heads out the door to look around the 'new'/'old' area.

                      Apollo finishes doing a magical power scan on Callum and surprisingly, it is a fair sized ability. Using it for the first time surprised even him and that is why he was KO'ed after doing it.

                      In some ways, it's kinda similar to the Retcon power, only requiring a spell focus rather than writing or drawing and a bit more...complicated. Magic in general usually is.

                      Callum is lucky to have Cosmo's little ability in any form.

                      It's not as powerful as Cosmo's obviously but maybe one day.

                      its a start.


                      Callum says, "So what now..."

                      Apollo says, "Your magic operates along the same lines as that furry comic called Furlough City where the human boy has an ability called Retcon. Only you can use it as a spell rather than drawing or writing it out."

                      Callum says, "Um.. I don't think I've seen that one... But is it...good?"

                      Apollo summons it and lets Callum read through it where he can see what all the furry soliders get into and what fun Retconing is when you have an ally who can do it for the good of the team.

                      Callum giggles as he reads through it. "Neat...That gut with the retcon ability is CUTE!"

                      Apollo says, "His name is Cosmo Hunter. And yeah, he is cute."

                      Callum nodnods

                      Apollo says, "But you are cute too, Callum."

                      Charlie is heard saying, "Ah agree."

                      Callum blushes...

                      Callum says, " I don't know about that..."

                      Apollo points out Captain Mom in the comic. "Isn't she a nice sheila?"

                      Callum nodnods, "Yeah. REminds me of Charlie." He winks

                      Apollo says, "She keeps the boys in line. Even Cosmo calls her mom."

                      Callum grins, "Yeah. It's awesome."

                      Apollo says, "Okay, the first thing we need to do is teach you a very simply spell. An EASY PEASY one... do you want to learn Float or Glow first?"

                      Callum says, "Um.... Float"

                      Callum says, "Flying is coool"

                      Apollo says, "Noah chose that one too."

                      Callum giggles, "Should I chose glow then?"

                      Apollo begins to teach Float to Callum... even demonstrating how it looks when it works right. After he lands, he smiles at Callum. "Close your eyes and just think about it working on yourself."

                      Callum nods and tries it... after a little bit of time he manages to it.... But Apollo ends up the one floating; straight up

                      Apollo giggles. "You sneak. I know I can fly. You are supposed to be making yourself float." hehe.

                      Callum blinkblinks... "I er..I didn't mean to do that!"

                      Apollo says, "Okay, this time look at yourself and make yourself float. You have the power right, but you need to focus on yourself."

                      Callum nods and tries that... it takes a little time but eventually he manages it.

                      Apollo says, "From now on, using that power will be easier and easier. That is the best part about succeeding with a power. When you are ready, we can land and I will teach you Glow."

                      Callum yays! "Okay"

                      And so it goes... Apollo patiently teaching Callum the 'fun' spells.

                      Apollo learns something interesting. All of the spells he learns successfull...are focused on himself or others or things. For example, 'glow'...turns out working by making his own body glow rather than things around him.

                      In the meantime, Partiroo and Blaster get all new costumes. (Charlie couldn't find his old one.)


                      One spell that Callum gets to learn is 'Disguise' (also known as 'Insta-Costume'.)

                      That spell ends up kerpluufing in his face rather badly... Instead of gaining the effect...Callum ends up being turned INTO the Disguise

                      Apollo coughs, as he begins examining Callum carefully. "Are you okay?"

                      The pile of clothes and fur doesn't seem to answer but being a god, Apollo can tell he's UPSET...but...okay...sorta.

                      Apollo says, "To cancel a spell effect, just calm yourself and blank your mind. Once you are back to normal, we can work on this a little slower."

                      He's trying... but it's REALLY hard... all of the 'spells' are effectively mini-reality affects...So it's making it difficult.

                      Apollo is glad he started Callum with 'Disguise' rather than letting him try a 'Transformation' spell.


                      Thankfully Apollo being a god can force-fully disperse the effect

                      Yes he can. He isn't going to let Callum get stuck.

                      Finally, Callum is back to himself... He is really grateful for Apollo's help. That scare dhim

                      But as Apollo noted... Transformation, usually permanent, happens eventually....

                      What species?

                      That'll be the question. So far he's escaped it.

                      Partiroo hops out of his bedroom in his new costume and he stops to admire himself in the mirror. "Looking sharp."

                      Rad gropes him from behind. "Very nice, pouchy." He grins. "What do you think of mine?"

                      Partiroo grins. "You look good, mate. Is that hole in the back for boomers like me?" He's teasing; there is no hole in the back.

                      Rad grins, "No, but I could add one." He grins, "You know after reading some of the things around, I think we should have had more fun in our off hours."

                      Partiroo says, "Say Rad... do you love Vincent? I mean... he was mighty sad when he thought he was going to be in that house all alone."

                      Rad sighs, "..." He shrugs, "I don't know. I don't really know the guy. I mean I know he knows me, apparently... But I don't know him."

                      Rad says, "I like the idea of being with him. I've never hidden from you, Charlie. I'm a fucking size-queen and you know it."

                      Rad says, "But love him.... I don't know"

                      Partiroo says, "I know he loves you. That's why you're the team leader; you're so lovable."

                      Blaster blushes, "I don't know about that, Charlie... I just want to do a good job, you know?"

                      Partiroo says, "I know you do a good blow job." hehe

                      Blaster sticks his tongue out at Partiroo. "Haha." He smirks and rubs inside Partiroo's pouch, "You remember the first time you ever took me for a ride?"

                      Partiroo says, "Ah sure do. And yas always loved riding in there, too. Yas said it was a fun place to hide."

                      Blaster chuckles, "Well it was."

                      Blaster says, "How do you think the others are taking all this?"

                      Partiroo says, "Ah think they are adjusting. Ah'm just glad Night still had the blueprints for our headquarters in his archives. That was quite a job he and the others did on our new base."

                      Blast nodnods, "I agree."

                      Blaster says, "It was nice of him to get the papers filed for us too... Tht would have been a nightmare to have to do alone"

                      Partiroo says, "What gets to me is that he and Apollo have a son of their own now. A son who re-registered the New Champions as his team. He has an interesting crew, too. But Night told us that we could be allied to the New Champions, but if the Champions folded again, not to give up and keep doing exactly what we want to do."

                      Blaster nods, "Yeah. But I think Night was with that magic dog....I didn't know Night and a Apollo had a kid..."

                      Partiroo says, "Night said his son's name was Hudson and the boy could transform into a super canine form."

                      Blaster says, "That's still weird. Night having a kid."

                      Partiroo says, "Maybe, but I met the boy the other day and he's a pretty nice guy. He said he got the idea to make his team based on the New Teen Heroes. How cool is that?"

                      Blaster says, "WEll we could always invite him to group too."

                      Partiroo says, "Hudson has two different canine identities. One is called River. The other is called Revolt. The second one is a real rebel character."

                      Blaster chuckles, "Then one could lead his team as allies and the other join. Well if he wanted to"

                      Partiroo says, "So what is on our agenda today? I know Callum is resting after last night's magic session with Apollo."

                      Blaster say, "I was going to head around and try to round up everyone for a meeting at the new/old HQ and start to get some patrols mapped out and get our jobs back on track... Cause we kinda need to show we're back..otherwise we'll never get credit for it."

                      Partiroo says, "Good idea. I found out that our horse friend is living directly behind my house and next door to Vincent's house. He's partnered up with a sexy PP Hippogriff dude."

                      Blaster nods, "Then I'll get them last. Let's go round up the crew"

                      Partiroo nods his head and heads out with Blaster.

                      Blaster and Partiroo will be collecting (and reuniting) with all those people.