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  • MC-01 The Gathering

    Pilot Open Narration:

    For years a young girl named Megan Hawktorn lived her life on the run from a rogue mutant who was out to recruit. Destined to live her life alone, that is until now..

    Episode 1
    "The Gathering"

    (*In This Series Pilot, A young girl about 14 or 15 was found on the streets by a mutant expert who senced her mutant powers and took her telling her how he is trying to form a orgnization that goes up againest Jenna Rate in hopes of saving the human race, he explains how he wants her to lead that team of mutants. Doctor Peterson, the Mutant Expert introduces her to 3 others he has resently recruited who he wants her to lead, the team accepts her as their leader trusting she can truely lead them to what can be the beginning of a new evolution and the start of the savier of human race. Can this new team of mutants truely save the entire human race? the asnwers yet to come on Mutant Chronicles.*)

    A young girl maybe only 14 or 15 was on the streets late at night, she was laying at a bus stop on a bench sleeping odviously homeless. A stranger walks up to her and wakes her "give me your money" he says to her and points a gun to her, She looks to him and blasts him with electricity from her hands "Mutant!" he shouts and runs away.

    The girl sighs and got up and took off, knowing police or someone will so be after her. She makes her way to a near by city where she lays in the park and tries to go back to sleep really worn out its odvious she rarely rests.

    The Next Morning a guy walks up to her as she wakes up, she goes to blast him "woah easy there i wanna help you, i am a friend" the guy says to her making her curious to what he wants from her. "My name is Doctor Joshua Peterson and i am a expert on Mutants" he says to her The girl looks to him "what you want from me?" she asks being very cautious.

    Doctor Peterson looks to her and smiles "i sence that your on the run a lot and i wanna offer you a chance to settle down and enjoy like with people like you" he says to her calmly and friendly. The girl looks to him and thinks "you really don't work for Jenna Rate?" she asks sencing his kind words as she lets herself trust him.

    Doctor Peterson looks to her "oh heavens no, A mutant like her i can understand why your on the run and being very cautious" he says odvious having heard of Jenna Rate. The girl thinks and looks "i am Megan Hawktorn i also go by Blaze" she says to him and smiles a little.

    Doctor Peterson smiles and holds out his hand "well then Blaze how about come with me and i will take you somewhere safe" he says to her in a soft friendly voice to show that he is a nice guy. Megan looks to him and smiles then nods taking his hand and goes with him as he took her to a estate "this is a safe haven for people like you to be themselves even to train their mutant powers" Doctor Peterson says and lets her explore on her own.

    Megan looks around being amazed by the place "this place is amazing, you build it?" she asks curiously and he laughs abit "havens no, but i did hire people to build it" he explains then looks to her with a smile "you explore and make yourself at home as this can be your new home if you want" he says and walks down the hall going to a room.

    Megan walks around soon making her way to a huge trainning ground room and saw others there trainning their abilities. Megan watches until one girl sees her "um hello? who are you?" she asks Megan curiously who looks to the girl "i am Megan Hawktorn also called Blaze" she says to the girl and 2 boys walk over "you must be the new girl Doctor Peterson tracked down"

    Megan looks "thats right, and you guys are?" she asks curious yet friendly. The other girl looks to her and smiles "i am Alora Green also called Arctic and these 2 boys are Leo Griffens Also called Inferno and Jacob Dobson Also called Shockwave" Alora says to Megan with a smile welcoming her "you must be the powerful one Doctor Peterson got a signal on who he wants to lead us"

    Megan then looks at them in shock "he brought be here to be your leader?" Megan asks not being aware of this. Leo then looks to her thinking "he never mentioned this?" he asks shocked abit figuring she would of been told. Megan shook her and looks away thinking "why me though i mean you guys was here first?"

    Doctor Peterson walks in hearing "yes its true they have been here longer, however their powers is still beginner compaired to what your powers are like, you are very powerful Megan making you perfect to be the leader of the team i have formed" he explains to her in hopes she understands and accepts her role.

    Megan hears him and looks to him while thinking about this "i see, well you are right i am powerful as Jenna Rate can not seem to be able to handle what i can do" Megan says to them and thinks about it abit longer "alright, if you really want me to lead i will but you guys have no idea what Jenna Rate is capiable of" she warns them so they know what their getting themselves into by wanting to face her.

    Alora, Leo and Jacob all then look to her when she says that and nods "we understand but we all know she has to be stoped" Alora says to Megan. Megan sighs and nods "yeah, she plans to enslave the human race and destroy any who gets in her way" Megan says to them and sighs again "she killed my family and she will pay" Megan adds revealing that she truely was alone having no family.

    Doctor Peterson walks over to Megan and puts his hand on her shoulder "the more reason to lead the team and get your payback on her however revenge is not the answer i will not stop you though" he says to her and walks away. Megan thinks and sighs "lets get to work then" she says and the 4 walks out together talking getting to know eachother and think of a plan.

    Megan knew it was not gonna be easy her working together with a team let alone lead them in battle, having been on her own for many years on the run from Jenna Rate this was indeed gonna be a challenge for her. Alora and the guys walk with her showing her around the place. "so where you from?" Alora asks Megan curious having never seen her around before.

    Megan looks to Alora hearing the question she froze at first as it was a bit painful to remember the memories of her birth place "Washington, but i been to almost every state" Megan says to Alora. Alora nods and looks to her sencing the pain "i am sorry, i should not have asked" Alora says now feeling bad that she brought it up.

    Megan thinks about it all for minute and looks to Alora with a small smile "its ok, i admit it is hard to remember without crying, but i am learning" she says slowly learning to put her past behind her and move on forward in life. Alora smiles and gives Megan a hug to show that their now friends. Leo and Jacob looks "you got us now Megan, were not just your friends were your family now" the guys says and Alora agrees which made Megan smile "thanks guys it's been awhile since i had a family"

    Megan and the others continue talking and helping Megan feel welcomed along with helping her accept that she was not alone anymore she now had a family once more this time a family who cares about her and is just like her.

    To Be Continued...