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RT-01 Adventure in Fantasy Land

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    Freddy was a little taken back by all of this. "So in essence, we were supposed to find your adventure base. But what I don't get is why I ended up as a rabbit yet you are a wolf? True, we are both golden furred, but thankfully the rabbit form keeps the world from crowning me as the Legendary Knight reborn."

    Frederic smiled. "Each generation hosts a different animal spirit." Then he stopped when he realized what Freddy sneakily had done with his words. "You sly little bunny... you know, don't you?"

    "Yeah, I figured it out, Grand DAD," he replied with a giggle. "Makes sense why I got the rabbit now. Even from what the dragon told me. So you're a wolf, and I am a rabbit. So what does that make dad? I never could figure out his animal phenotype. He is a highway construction worker mostly, but when the Walworth Hotel went up for sale, he got a wild hare and teamed up with a buddy of his, Joseph's adopted father, and they pooled their money to buy the hotel."

    Frederic just grinned. "I hope your parents aren't superstitious then... the Walworth Hotel is supposed to be haunted. But in truth, like this cellar, it is a weighstation between the worlds of the Furry-verse and Earth. Thankfully we keep the Rale connection in here. I believe the Hotel has access connections to Furth's 20th century and Furth's 21st century. If your parents are enterprising and clever, they can make the Hotel into a novelty spot where adventures are guaranteed. As for Joseph and I, we have another illusion door exit from this chamber that leads to my townhouse on the other side of the treeline. We come in here to make preparations for traveling back to Rale. I had been nursing a battle injury since the last time I had been in Rale. Bamalio and Willowleaf keep in contact with us to inform us when things are about to pop. Recently, they called to tell us that someone activated one of the demon seals. I sincerely hope whoever it was didn't open that seal. Even a few demons loose can make life on Rale very difficult indeed."


      The younger Joseph looks guilty. "Uh... I... know who did it..."

      The older Joseph looks over at Frederick, "Told you so."


        "Yes you did," he replied. "Just as you were the one who left the spell book open again. I cannot really complain though. As for you boys, just remember that only a Guardian can seal away demons. And since Guardians are so rare in Rale, meeting one is said to be a good omen. But in truth, it is the opposite. Whenever a Guardian appears, it really means that great strife is coming to the land. This is not to say that you deliberately did anything, lad... sometimes Legends can get things wrong. Joseph knows how many mistakes our fellowship made before and during the war. Which is why this wolf has a sharp tongue. Cutting the rest of us to the quick when we need it. Just as we have our own fellowship, you boys have joined one of your own. And you had better not disappoint them. They must be young now, but they will grow into their role. As for you two... just remember that your furry selves are adults; not kids like you both are right now as humans."

        Freddy hummed. "Adults... no wonder my rabbit was making all of the sexual innuendo remarks in regards to Hart the Reindeer Fighter. He... he just interests me. He even turned down an offered dragon treasure. He likely has more noble intent than I have in my whole soul. And he makes me feel like I got butterflies in my stomach."

        Frederic just rolled his eyes. He knew what THAT meant. Freddy was in love with the buck reindeer. "Since you will be returning later, I will get the cellar cleaned up so you and Joseph can use that as your public clubhouse. Nothing like having a pre-built underground fort, eh?" He winked.

        Freddy grinned back. "You know it! Anyway, Joseph and I need to go check in before we go raid Arden's for a pizza."

        Frederic then pulled out an Arden's Gold Card and handed it to Freddy. "This meal is on me. You two go and have a good time. When you order the pizza and drinks, just show them the card. I think you will be surprised."


        After telling the parents where they were off to, and strangely the two of them hadn't even been gone to the cellar for longer than 10 to 30 minutes... they were soon entering Arden's Pizza where they stood at the counter. "What kind of pizza are you ravenous for, Joseph?"


          Joseph was quite quiet the entire way but away from the other two, he blushes, "Umm... Sorry. It's just hard to think straight around ... I guess my 'dad'...: He shakes his head, "It's weird, i'd like I remember saying it as soon as he says it." He looks up at the menu, "THAT is easy.... The Secret Special Mega-Dish!"


            Freddy ordered that along with a picture of cola and two large cups with ice. Then he showed the clerk the Gold Card and... they were soon seated at what would normally be the VIP table in it's own private section. Not only that, but they knocked 90% off of the total price!

            "Oh my god. This card is like being royalty." Freddy looked over at Joseph. "I wonder how many times granddad had to bend over for Arden to get this card?"


              Joseph grins, "I dunno, but it's tempting to find out." He hrms, "So you have it pretty bad for you know who, huh?"


                Freddy blushed. "I-I... I feel rather silly for feeling this way about Hart. I don't know what it is about him that just makes me ache between the legs and makes me forget to breathe sometimes. I am also ashamed that I catch myself looking at his rear end. I don't know if its the rabbit in me acting up or... if I truly love him. At least you aren't having this problem." He grabbed a slice of the pizza and took a bite only to slowly spit out the part he bit into. "Um... there is something wrong with my pizza. How is yours?"


                  Joseph hrms and nods, "I understand... I hope you can find out...Oh??" He takes a big bite of his, "Hmmm... Actually, Wow... This one is super freakin' awesome! It tastes better than their usual ones!"


                    Freddy gets up and goes to ask the clerk for a regular pizza and to explain how he can't seem to eat the one his friend is enjoying. When he returns, he sits down looking a bit flushed but he has some pizza bread and a glass of milk. "They gave me an apology and told me to drink some milk which would help me get over the sensation I experienced. They also suggested I just eat some pizza bread until my appetite returned. I don't know what's happened to my digestive system. I hope I didn't eat the wrong thing in Rale."

                    He glanced over at Joseph again. "Wow... you're almost half way through your pizza. Is it really that good?"


                      Joseph says, "Y..yeah it is. I don't know why but I've been really hungry lately. But the Rale food was mostly cooked by me, so you I guess you'd have to blame that on me. Not to mention it's delicious. You...sure you're not gonna eat yours?" To which Freddy gladly allowed him to eat his.

                      End of RT-01 Adventure in Fantasy Land

                      Stay tuned for RT-02 The Hall of Harts