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RT-01 Adventure in Fantasy Land

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    RT-01 Adventure in Fantasy Land

    Rales Tales
    Adventure in Fantasy Land

    Time/Place: 21st Century Philadelphia, Pennsylvania/12th Century Furry Fantasy World of Rale

    Plot/Situation: Two human boys from Philadelphia utilize a magical spell from an old book which transports them to the Fantasy World of Rale where a young fellowship of Adventurers are questing for a local lord.

    Cast of Characters:
    1. Freddy Stevens, 13, male human/gold rabbit, ranger - Lord Pouchlaw
    2. Joseph Marxis, 13, male human/silver wolf, guardian - Darquirrin

    3. Hart, 22, male reindeer, fighter - Lord Pouchlaw
    4. Lucinda, 24, female fully loaded skunk, priest of Taolama - Lord Pouchlaw
    5. Rayne, 20, male lizard, acquirer - Darquirrin
    6. Naidra, 21, male? very beautiful ocelot, tower mage - Darquirrin

    A. King Bighorn of Centralia (the fellowship's current lord) - Lord Pouchlaw

    RT-01 Adventure in Fantasy Land
    by Darquirrin and Lord Pouchlaw
    August 13th, 2014

    Centralia Plains, 12th Century Furry Fantasy World of Rale

    "Stupid goblins!" shouted the skunk priest having unloaded on a group of the monster soldiers as she pulled her mace and shield to the ready.

    "I don't care how you smell, Lucinda," exclaimed the gold rabbit ranger with his longbow and arrows at the ready. "You'll always be my favorite skunk!"

    The reindeer fighter had his sword at the ready as he clashed blades with other goblin soldier. "Dates later, Freddy! Shoot at will!"

    "I would, Hart, but I don't see Will anywhere!" But Freddy opened fire with a volley of his arrows at the goblins in the front. Although he was focused with the friends in the front, he was wondering how the others in the back were doing.

    Behind the group, Rayne and Joseph were making short work of the stragglers, herding them toward the group just before a sound like rolling thunder echoed from somewhere off to the left as strange chanting seemed to fill the air shortly before arcs of burning, dizzying colors ripped into the soldiers, sowing confusion amongst the rank even as the following blasts of fire rained down on them.

    Joseph mutters just loud enough for Rayne to hear, "Never...ever...piss off a tribal ocelot. Specially not a mage."


      Now you may be wondering how Joseph and I, two human boys from Philadelphia, ended up as a gold rabbit and a silver wolf among a party of animal like adventurers in the world of Rale... Well, it all started inside an old hotel that my parents and Joseph's parents jointly bought to renovate into a functioning bed and breakfast. The adults were checking out the upper floors while Joseph and I were casing out the cellar out behind the hotel itself. It was part of the property and we wanted to see what was in there.

      And did we ever get into an adventure for doing that!


      Walworth Hotel; Storage Cellar; 21st Century Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

      "Almost got it..." Freddy said as he was prying the old rusted lock off of the doors to the cellar with a crowbar. And then the old metal gave loose as it exploded into harmless rust. "Man... whoever locked these doors didn't want anyone else seeing their stash. Are you ready to pilfer through the baron's horde, Joseph?"


        Joseph nods, handing one of the large flashlights to his friend, "More than." He smiles, "Let's see what we can find. I told you there would be something cool down here. I could feel it."


          Descending into the cellar, the two boys saw cobweb covered crates and old moldy sacks, but the strangely clean door shaped spot on the back wall definitely was as out of place as you could imagine. Plus, it felt is if there was a breeze coming in from that spot.

          Freddy arched an eye as he approached that strange clean spot covering one wall. "There is definitely a breeze coming in through this wall. Almost as if..." And he raised a hand to press his hand to the wall as he seemed to pass right through it.

          On the other side, he continued the sentence. " was an... opening?" He was now looking at the incredibly CLEAN chamber with what appeared to be a movie playing through another door shaped transportal. Except... this wasn't passable as the illusion over the wall had been. Yet he could feel air coming in from the transportal. He then looked around the rest of the fantastic room which was filled with armors, weapons, spell books, holy icons, acquirer kits, and other medieval equipment. On an open desk by itself there was an open spell book displaying a simple spell called 'Passage'. "Wow... what a find!" Freddy was excited at that moment. This was a treasure like no other.


            Joseph followed his friend somewhat slower, "Weird... This place... It almost feels familiar? Can't you tell? And it's... old. Really old... Hey careful!" He facepalmed as Freddy dashed through the portal but he looked around again quickly before following. He couldn't let his friend go wandering off without him to look out for him.


              Freddy read over the spell in the book quietly memorizing how it worked, but after that, he spent more attention on the medieval equipment that was gathered in the chamber. "I've always wanted to be a Hunter Ranger. Let's see... I'll need some studded leather armor," he picked through the pile until he found a suit he could wear and he put it on. "and I'll need a good dagger for skinning things," he found a set which was on a belt with a short sword and he put that on. "and I will need a long bow and a quiver of arrows. I see them over there." And he went over and fetched the bow and quiver of arrows, putting these on over his armor. Then he posed in front of a large mirror on one wall.

              But then he stopped to stare at the reflection. Instead of a boy looking back, he saw a gold rabbit wearing the same equipment and standing in the same stance he was standing in. "What the?" He reached up and felt his face; the reflection reached up and felt his muzzle in the same reflected reaction. "I think I should put on a pair of leather gloves." He found and put on some gloves and then he came back to look in the mirror. Now the gold rabbit had leather gloves on. "Huh."


                Joseph walked through the portal...then blinked, "Freddy? Why're you in that get up? And what's with the .... Uh... Where's the passage back?"


                  "The way back is through the illusion on the wall. It's two way." And he walked through it to prove the fact. He passed through the illusion leaving and re-entering. Then he stood in the center of the room as he looked at the mirror's reflection again. "I've always wanted to be a Hunter Ranger, like in the video games, so I thought I'd try on the right equipment. The only thing that is puzzling me is why my reflection in the mirror isn't a human boy. Instead, it is a gold rabbit guy in the same gear. Almost as if the mirror reflects your spirit animal instead of reflecting the true image. I do look good though. Also, you might want to read that open book on the desk over there. It is easy to understand."

                  Freddy then saw an archery target in the room and he proceeded to practice with his new bow and arrows. And surprisingly... unexpectedly... he was actually GOOD at the sport. "I've never fired one of these in my life. I'm a natural."


                    Joseph quietly watched his friend a moment, "If you say so...", then walked over to the book and took a look inside. He rubbed his head slightly, "All this excitement is giving me a headache. And here I thought I'd be enjoying this a lot more, but it's honestly making a little dizzy." He glanced back at Freddy and winced again, putting a hand to his head as he almost saw double for a moment... He shook his head firmly trying to clear it. After a short while it went away. He looked over the book again.


                      The passage spell was damned easy to both understand and to learn. Just as it had been for Freddy.

                      In the meantime, Freddy had collected his arrows from the target and had placed them all one at a time into his quiver. "Nearly a bull's eye every time. I never dreamed that I would be that good. The only thing missing now is a quest to complete." He then walked over to the 'movie' that was playing in the 'transportal like window'.

                      The view seemed to be focused on a cobblestone street in a medieval like walled city and a castle was seen at the end of the street. However... it was the citizens that caught Freddy's attention. They were animal people wearing the garb of the age. And then a handsome reindeer buck caught his eye. He looked like a fighter and he seemed to be heading along slowly toward the castle.

                      "Gosh, he's sexy. I wish I could have an adventure with him." Yes, he just saw Hart.


                        Joseph rolls his eyes as he flipped through the book looking for any more spells or useful tricks like that one. "Careful what you wish for, you remember what happened last time you said that? We were cutting bubblegum outta our hair for a week!"


                          "That was an icky girl's fault," replied Freddy with a grin. "Only girls try to blow bubbles that big. But this reindeer buck is a sexy cutie. I would really LOVE to team up with him for an adventure or two. I can't help but to be attracted to him. He's a buck." He glanced at Joseph. "What role playing class have you always wanted to be?"


                            Joseph chuckles, "I don't know if there is one for me. I er...I don't have a lot of games remember? My mom sorta doesn't believe in them." He grimaces remembering his games... all of them girl-games. Including an online doll maker. He walked over to look over the gear, "None of this stuff looks that comfortable... hrm..."


                              Freddy smiled. "I just want to be prepared when I figure out how to go join that buck for an adventure.... unless that Passage spell actually permits access to where this window shows. I have an idea. Wait here." And he mentally thinks the Passage spell and then he tries to walk through the movie view. Instantly he arrives on the cobblestone street as if he emerged from a building. But on that side, he was a gold rabbit wearing the gear he had on. He waved back toward where he thought the view was located. Then he mentally cast the spell again and walked back toward where he had emerged from... and thank the gods, he was back in the chamber in his human form.

                              "It works! Wow! We can have an adventure whenever we like, Joseph! What image do you see of yourself in the mirror? I saw a gold rabbit when I looked at myself; so I am wondering what you are depicted as."