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Rales Tales - Profiles

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    Rales Tales - Profiles

    -=Rales Tales=-

    RPG Name: Rales Tales

    Time/Place: 21st Century Philadelphia, Pennsylvania/12th Century Furry Fantasy World of Rale

    Plot/Situation: Two human boys from Philadelphia utilize a magical spell from an old book which transports them to the Fantasy World of Rale where a young fellowship of Adventurers are questing for a local lord.

    Players: Darquirrin & Lord Pouchlaw

    Cast of Characters:
    1. Freddy Stevens, 13, male human/gold rabbit, ranger - Lord Pouchlaw
    2. Joseph Marxis, 13, male human/silver wolf, guardian - Darquirrin

    3. Hart, 22, male reindeer, fighter - Lord Pouchlaw
    4. Lucinda, 24, female fully loaded skunk, priest of Taolama - Lord Pouchlaw
    5. Rayne, 20, male lizard, acquirer - Darquirrin
    6. Naidra, 21, male? very beautiful ocelot, tower mage - Darquirrin

    A. King Bighorn of Centralia (the fellowship's current lord) - Lord Pouchlaw

    Name: Freddy Stevens

    Species: Human/Gold Rabbit

    Sex: Male

    Age: 13

    Hair: Blond

    Eyes: Blue

    Height: 5 foot 6 inches

    Class: Ranger

    Class Equipment: Standard clothes from Earth (White sneakers; blue jeans; red tee shirt with single vertical gold stripe front and back; baseball cap; Velcro band wristwatch.)

    Background Info: Just your typical young teenager, Freddy Stevens lives in a neighborhood where there is only one other boy his own age; the rest of locals his own age are icky girls! Give him a frog or a dog or anything furry any day before he would play with a girl. An active youth, he has quite the wild imagination as he likes to pretend that he is able to go on adventures with the funny animals in the comic books. Little does he know what fate is about to throw his way...

    Interests: Snow, Climbing, Gold, Baseball, Funny Animal Comic Books


      Name: Hart

      Species: Very Sexy Reindeer

      Sex: Male

      Age: 22

      Hair: Dark Sienna Brown Fur overall with Golden Brown "ribbony flourishes" along sides

      Eyes: Hazel

      Height: 5 foot 11 inches

      Class: Fighter

      Class Equipment: Scale Armor, Large Shield, Long Sword, Dagger, Partial Metal Helm, Padded Steel Gauntlets, Tunic of Nothran, Leather Belt w/ Pouches, Leather Backpack, Scroll Cases w/ Maps, Tent and Bedroll.

      Background Info: Originally a cruel northern lord's harem boi toy, Hart escaped one night during an attack on the cruel lord's castle and made his way down into the northern portions of Rale, where he was taken in by a retired adventuring Minotaur named Blacksail. Trained in the ways of fighting, Hart received the education that he had sorely desired since his childhood, though he still had moments when he would slip back into his seductive ways, which was useful when dealing with stubborn merchants.

      Coming of age also brought out his latent Reindeer flying ability, which was a surprise to both him and Blacksail, but never one to let a new ability go to waste, Blacksail incorporated this new skill into the Fighter's training and soon, Hart was ready to go prove himself in the central kingdom in Rale. Arriving there, he found his way to see the lord barred unless he was with an adventuring party. So, using his skills both good and seductive, he began gathering his team.

      Interests: Swordsmanship, Flight, Honor, Seduction, Dancing


        Name: Lucinda

        Species: Skunk (and fully loaded)

        Sex: Female

        Age: 24

        Hair: Fluffy Black Fur with Clean White Stripe

        Eyes: Green

        Height: 5 foot 5 inches

        Class: Priestess of Taolama

        Class Equipment: Chain Mail, Robe of Taolama, Holy Symbol Jewelry, Footman's Mace, Small Shield, Reagents for Cures, Small Dagger, High Soft Leather Boots, Brown Leather Belt with Pouches.

        Background Info: Originally from a walled cabbage farm, Lucinda chose to make a choice that most skunks of her social standing would never have attempted: she applied to join the order of a priesthood. Unfortunately, no local priesthoods would take in an interested skunk regardless of the gender. Therefore she journeyed across Rale until she chanced upon an old badger who was being beaten by robbers and she saved his life, not through violence, but through her own natural defense... something that no robber would want to experience twice.

        The old badger turned out to be a high priest of Taolama. He took Lucinda in and taught her of Taolama's ways. When he deemed her ready to go prove herself, he sent her to the central kingdom in Rale where she would ask a Lord to give her a test. But upon arriving there, she found that she could not gain admittance to see the lord unless she was with an adventuring party. But fate and luck was with her when she encountered Hart gathering together an adventuring party.

        Interests: Healing & Health, Clean Living (she doesn't like to spray, but will!), Prayer, Sewing, Gardening


          Name: Rayne

          Species: Lizard

          Sex: Male

          Age: 20

          Scales: Dark black with metallic gold flecked patterns

          Eyes: Gold

          Height: 5 feet 8 inches

          Class: Acquirer/Thief

          Class Equipment: Hooded Cloak with concealed pockets, Leather Belt with numerous pouches, Bandoleer with numerous pouches, Leather reinforced with scaled metal with many hidden pouches and pockets, leather bracers with many hidden slots and pockets, more daggers, throwing needles, and hidden traps than most furries can count as well as many various odds and ends of his trade including lock picking equipment and trap disarming, a rapier.

          Background Info: Originating from the streets and lowlifes, much of Rayne childhood is a mystery. Not by choice but by circumstance. Rayne has never known who his parents were, or if he was the sole survivor of his clutch of eggs. All he knows is that fate has been kinder to him than many he has known. Caught stealing from the pockets of a well known gentlefur, he was pursued by the guards for days, escaping only through crafty usage of diversions, traps, and his wits. Finally, however, he was cornered in a forlorn and run down part of the city. For many this would have ended in a hanging but before the guards could placate their bloodlust with a hanging, an old raccoon stepped forward. The raccoon turned out be the retired spymaster for the previous king and seeing the boy's natural talents, he paid the fines and bought Rayne his freedom. Master Rao Sholong then trained and honed the boy's already impressive skills and taught him to take an honest profession as an official acquirer. Even in thieving there is a right path. Master Sholong taught him to always hold to a higher cause and never allow himself to become merely a thief without purpose or honor. To this end, he sent the boy to the central kingdom where he could gain admittance into the Guild and acknowledgement as an official acquirer. However this meant first, he needed to have experience and so there fore he was to seek a mission from the lords but found that without an adventuring party, he could not proceed. Not to be disheartened and refusing to disappoint his master, he set about to do just that.

          Interests: Honor, Acquiring, Magical Devices, Dancing, Music, Art, Forgery, Traps, Poisons/Toxicology


            Name: Naidra

            Species: Very Beautiful Ocelot

            Sex: Male?

            Age: 21

            Hair: Rich Gold fading to cream over the belly with dark shimmering black markings

            Eyes: Emerald Green (Neon Blue when using magic)

            Height: 4 feet 6 inches

            Class: Mage

            Class Equipment: Crimson robes with silver inlay and embroidery, Mage staff, scrolls, quills, belts with magical components, magical spell book, crystal dagger

            Background Info: Raised by the Circle of Magi, Naidra is a curious person and it is difficult to classify the ocelot as male or female, at least at first glance. With a soft, slim body frame and a somewhat feminine manner, Naidra would appear at first female, bearing even several physiological signs to that assumption, yet on closer inspection the young feline does bear the three tools required to be classified as a male. Therefore, the Circle have treated him as a him. Such unique physical features is not that uncommon among the more powerful mages. Some accredit it to the twisting, ethereal nature of magic itself; while others simply attribute it to the fact that magic is inherently chaotic and ever changing, whatever the reason, Naidra has learned to live with the ambiguity and even turn it to his advantage when the opportunity presents itself and anyone who has tried to use this physical appearance as a leverage to taunt him has found out that the small body houses a tongue as sharp as razors and only slightly worse... that those paws can conjure a dozen spells designed to set body parts on fire!

            Naidra has spent nearly his entire life behind the walls of one of the Towers of the Circle learning to harness the power of his innate gifts. This has been both a blessing and curse. He has little experience outside of the protective walls of the Tower yet this exile has allowed him to focus all of his energies on perfecting his will and control over forces unseen to the common fur. Now on his birthday of one and twenty years, he is at last being sent to the Central Kingdom to prove to all of Ralen his worth as a mage and in time bring back new magical items, crafts, techniques, arts, and spells to the Tower. Naidra, however, soon faces his first major challenge... To find a group of adventurers willing to allow him to join so that he might be able to see the Lords and further his mission for his Tower.

            Interests: Magic Rituals, Crystals, Spells, Magical Items, Alchemy, Cooking, Chemistry, Astrology, Stars, and punishing people who make fun of him.


              Name: Joseph Marxis

              Species: Human/Silver Wolf

              Sex: Male

              Age: 13

              Hair: Honeycomb-Red

              Eyes: Grey

              Height: 5 foot 6 inches

              Class: Guardian

              Class Equipment: Standard clothes from Earth (black sneakers; blue jeans; blue tee shirt with black trim and a black paw-print on the front and back ; pocketknife ; leather sportsman wristwatch)

              Background Info: Joseph is a typical, active teenager who loves being outdoors, playing soccer, and just just having fun. He lives in a neighborhood where there is only one other boy his own age; the rest of locals his own age are icky girls! He much prefers to either play video games or be outside playing in any number of fun ways. Never lacking in imagination, he often plays 'one-up' with his other male friend, trying to come up with stories and tales even more outlandish than Freddy. He often is late for dinner when he finds himself in the woods of the local park, which houses no less than 100 pirate forts, 200 jungles, and over a thousand 'evil tribes' of GIRLS!

              Interests: Snow, Climbing, Black, Blue, Soccer, Animals, Video Games, Exploring and Adventuring