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MM-02 Warneeri Happens

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    MM-02 Warneeri Happens

    Mouse Mysteries
    Warneeri Happens

    Time; Place: 21st Century; Washington D.C.

    Situation/Plot: Welcome to Triple I: Infernal Intelligence and Investigations. Eddie and Franky have adventures with Masya, Yasma, and Maatz Areli.

    Bio Names:

    1. Edward "Eddie" Quincy Adams - Lord Pouchlaw
    2. James Franklin "Franky" Kennedy - Darquirrin


    Maatz Arelli, Head Chief of the III Agency - Lord Pouchlaw
    "Masya", male information devil mouse - Lord Pouchlaw
    "Yasma", male investigation devil mouse - Darquirrin

    ...and countless unnamed others...

    A Triple I Agent's powers:

    1. Poof Style Close Range Teleportation
    2. Blink Style Long Range Teleportation
    3. Agent to Agent Telepathy
    4. Agent Telekinesis (aka Floating/Flying)
    5. Agent Spell Learning Capability
    6. Agent Invisibility
    7. Agent Size and Species Transformation

    MM-02 Warneeri Happens
    By Darquirrin and Lord Pouchlaw
    February 23rd, 2015

    Eddie's House, Washington D.C.

    Eddie had just finished breakfast and was about to use his cell phone to check on Franky when Masya almost literally appeared in his face. Well, on his nose to be more precise. "Glah!"

    Masya grinned. "Nice to see you, too. No agent clothes today; instead it is the Information Devimouse garb along with my union pin. Is Franky ready?"

    Eddie said, "I was just about to call him."

    Masya shook his head and tapped Eddie on the forehead. "You are not thinking... Agent to Agent Telepathy. It is power number 3 on the list. Just mentally ask Franky if he is ready."

    Eddie blushed as he focused to activate the power and then he tried to reach out to Franky's thoughts. And he hoped his friend wasn't having a dream. Franky? It's Eddie. Are you awake yet?

    Franky mentally nodded to his friend, Yep. I've been awake a while. I'm up on the train overpass bridge watching the clouds. You know this whole powers thing is pretty awesome. Though the movies got the usefulness... totally wrong. Being doing a little practicing of various things. Did you know I can almost life one of this old rusty cars like it's nothing? It's totally cool. Well someone's enjoying their powers. I also found out, you can poof other things too. Like my Dad into his own bed for a change. Now let me see... Oh cool, I can... hehe, I can lock onto you and...

    Franky taps Eddie on the shoulder after he poofs in behind him, completely with a sorta fiery poof instead of the normal poof, "Ready to go?" He was grinning a DEFINITELY cat like grin now. "Yeah, Masya." Franky is picking up on those power usages...really strangely fast.


      Masya smiled. "At least someone remembered that they can use their powers. Your buddy was about to snail call you on his cell phone until I stopped him. Anyway, Warneeri and Huckleberry Slyfingers have been up for about an hour now. Back during their adventuring days, they were often at each others throats. But now they are married. Anyway, time to go. Knowing Warneeri, she needs my help verifying the components to a spell. She was a Battlemage in her hey day. And her mate was a thief. She is a 7 foot tall black furred rabbit and he is a male ferret of the typical coloration and stands around 4 feet tall, I think. I don't keep track of species. My job is to assist with the arcane knowledge."


      Arriving magically at a location in Hollow Earth that looked somewhat modernized, the front door was opened by the ferret. Huckleberry Slyfingers was a male ferret with short tan fur all over his body. He looked to be about fifteen or sixteen years old, standing about five foot seven inches tall, and looking to weigh about eighty five pounds. Just about right for his slender size. His eyes were dark brown. He wore a short sleeved white silk shirt under a black komodo leather vest. He also wore small faded brown trousers, held up around his waist by a black komodo leather belt. His scabbarded short sword hung from the belt on his left side, and his scabbarded dagger hung from the belt on his right side. "Oh good. It is you, Masya. Come on in. She's down in the Sanctorum. You know the way."

      As they got to the bottom of the stairs, they now saw the arcane sanctorum of the battlemage. Standing to one side was the black furred female rabbit herself... looking at her spell book and mumbling. Warneeri was a female rabbit with black fur and brown furry hands. She stood about seven feet two inches tall, and wore hooded navy blue robes. She firmly held her long wooden quarterstaff with a metallic ball on it's tip.

      Warneeri said, "Took your sweet time, Masya. Get your mousy butt over here and help me find the Flame Rush spell. I know I had it in my spell book last year except now I can't find it. I also need you to double check all of my spell components to make sure I didn't goof up while looking for this spell."

      Masya nodded his head and before getting to the task, he said to Eddie and Franky... "You can look but try not to touch. This IS a battlemage's arcane theater." And then he went over to help the lapine.

      Eddie chose to look over some of the 'trophies' (?) that sat on the shelves and tables along one wall. She had a little of everything... sorta.


        Franky grinned at the ferret and on the way down he said to the others, "I would say something about our host but then I'd end up a eunuch." He then went over to examine what Masya was doing, while saying well clear of Warneeri's way. He didn't want to be a nusiance, but he remembered something else they were able to do... learn spells. And well, if he happened to learn a bit to jump start that later, well it would be helpful to Eddie and the others later, right?


          Again Franky seemed to be picking up on what they could do as agents faster than Eddie often remembered they could do.

          Masya slowly poured through the massive spell book with Franky's assistance. "Flame Rush was a spell that Warneeri once used to obliterate a roadside inn and tavern over near the Lutraen Kingdom by the sea. A bunch of bounty hunting bandits, well, knights from Lord Kaltor's realm, were laying in wait there for Gotaki Riverclaw. a known traveling ninja. She's a wolf, for the record. She had killed a lord in Gloomdale and the ruler there hire Kaltor's men to bring her in. They didn't know about Warneeri and the young otter fighter in training." He giggled since he knew all of the story and he let it sit at that while he worked.

          Even though this wasn't an agent outing, Eddie kept catching himself deciphering conclusions regarding the battle trophies until one particular trophy, a tattered old tome, caught his eye. He gingerly opening the cover and suddenly said, "Warneeri? Did you get a new spell book recently?"

          The black furred rabbit replied, "As a matter of fact, I did. One of my spells horridly backlashed on me during a battle and I had been holding my spell book at the time. When I got my new spell book, I tried to trans-scribe my spells from the old book to the new book, although I might have missed a spell or two due to the pages being so horribly burnt during the accident. How did you know I got a new spell book? You don't look like a mage."

          "Because Masya and Franky are pouring through your other spell book and I found this one over among your trophies," replied the human boy. "This would indicate two spell books. And I can see in your index here that it says that Flame Rush WAS on page 482, except you have a line inked through it."

          Warneeri went over and looked at Eddie's find. "Oh my, you are right. And I remember why now... that was the spell that backlashed and the page was horribly marred so much that I couldn't read it afterward. I was going to ask Masya to re-scribe it for me but then some activity arose over at Star Raven University which required mine and Garla's attention which made me forget about giving the inquiry to Masya."

          Eddie shot a look over at Masya and Franky. "Now we know why she couldn't find it, Masya. Start scribing that spell for our mage friend. And since Franky is helping you, he might be able to learn the fire spell first hand." He looked to Warneeri again. "Franky and I are the newest agents in training."

          Warneeri had that 'Oh Really' look in her eyes. "And let me guess, that chaotic little shit of a brother of his can't stand your friend. Right?"

          "Wow. You nailed it. I take it he is well known around here."

          The rabbit mage replied, "Garla wanted to change him into a cow pie for his last stunt some years ago. Never anger a priestess of Okali of the Oak for you never know when said deity might be around. And she was on that day. I am very careful when aiming my fire spells in forests thanks to her."


            Franky grins, "I guess new habits die hard too, huh Eddie? Though reading through these spells was really interesting. I can't wait until we get to learn some ourselves."


              Eddie smirked. "I didn't meant to use my agent training just then. It just seemed obvious, that's all."

              Warneeri then said, "Truthfully, Maatz had Masya bring you both to me for the day so I could get you started on your spell learning lessons. For the most part, a good magic user creates their own spells. But for the tried and true, the best spells are the ones already in print. Still there is nothing wrong with an experiment now and then. Now I was told that Eddie tested positive as a Decoder and Franky tested positive as a Locator. Maatz also told me that Franky was of the distracted sort, except he seems far more focused currently than Eddie does. No offense to you, Eddie, but you actually seem to be bored, while your friend seems very excited to be in the position to learn new spells."

              Masya glanced over at Eddie. "She busted you, kid. I am sorry if this outing is boring for you, Eddie. But Franky is loving it, which means he is likely going to more than make up for you guys first mission yesterday. If you would like to go upstairs and see what Huckleberry is doing, you can do that. Just no nookie with the ferret; he belongs to the mage." He winked with a sly grin.

              "You are sick, Masya," the boy replied before he headed out of the sanctum and upstairs to offer his help to the ferret.

              Warneeri rolled her eyes. "Now you are acting like Gotaki... the bitch. Anyway, I was instructed to get one of the boys started on a few spells." She handed a list of spells to Franky to read over. "Choose three that you would like to learn and I will teach you those spells. Learning a spell for the first time good enough to call it a success can take up to two hours per spell. That is why I am only offering to teach you three spells."


                Franky hrms, "Well... A ice-blast like spell would be nice. Something to stun someone. Fire doesn't tend to be quite as good pick against someone from the underworld, atleast that would be guess... I wanna pick ones that are useful...oooooh I like the sound of that one... 'Tracer'... and hrm... Do you have any suggestions, Mrs Warneeri? You're the professional and I should probably take advantage of your experience if I can."


                  "I am a battlemage myself, Franky," she said as she activated a memory gem to display some of her best combat outings especially when she was casting spells. "As you can see, a lot of what I do is for the purpose of blowing things and people up. Or in light of those targets, undead and obstacles."

                  Masya grinned. "I remember that outing, Warneeri. That was the second time you teamed up with Gotaki Riverclaw."

                  Warneeri growled. "Yes, the bitch."


                    Franky wows, "I wish I could have been there for some of those! That looks SUPER impressive!" And he's not just saying that to fluff her ego either. "So, Fireball, Frostblast, and Tracer... Yeah that sounds awesome!"


                      Warneeri giggled as she got busy for the six hour spell education session for teaching Franky the three spells he had chosen.

                      But if Warneeri had been on the ball and remembered what spending a day with the ferret was like for someone new, she might not had permitted Eddie to go join Huck for whatever he was up to.


                      "Let me get this straight, Huck..." started Eddie as he and the ferret stood at the edge of a tar/rubber flat where there was a gold treasure box on a pedestal in the middle. "You want me to carry this end of the rope over to the box and tie it around the chest and then come right back over here to you?"

                      "That's all you gotta do, my lad," replied the thieving professional ferret. "Had Yasma came instead of you guys, he and I could have had some big fun getting this treasure. But since he's not around, you get first pick of the loot. Now remember... don't loose your balance while crossing the flat because if you do then the gig will be up because I'll have to get you some magical help to get you free. This IS tar rubber. Someone with fur can't chance stepping in it; but since you have skin, less likelihood of getting stuck. Now get going... we don't have all day."


                        Franky proves to be a VERY good study when it comes to magic. Almost like he has some sorta innate talent with it, ESPECIALLY fire and infernal magics and even in his human form. Which is pretty unusual though somewhat impressive.


                          Unlike Franky, Eddie again forgot that he could have used his powers to float over to the target and tie the rope around it. Sadly, after wading out and tying the rope around the prize, he turned to come back and... he lost his balance and fell down into the tar/rubber flat with a soft glop! sound. Lucky he didn't fall forward or he wouldn't be able to talk. "Um... Huck... I screwed up."

                          "I know," said the ferret. "But until I get the treasure, you have to stay stuck. I was for sure Yasma and Masya would have taught you better by now. You could have used your powers. Why aren't you thinking about your powers?"

                          Eddie sighed and replied honestly. "Because all of the animals I meet are turning me on."

                          Huckleberry rolled his eyes. "Never tell Warneeri you think that of me and I won't get killed."


                          Masya and Warneeri were soon finishing up with Franky's magic lessons. It had now been several hours and even the black rabbit battlemage thought it sounded too quiet upstairs. Masya said, "Good job, Franky. You seem to be a quick study for magic."


                            Franky yays! He grins and hugs Warneeri in an enthusiastic hug and kisses her before hugging again. (Yeah how many people would be THAT forward with HER?!) But he's excited. "You're great Mrs. Warneeri. So ... We go find the others now? They're not upstairs."


                              Warneeri said, "I am sure Huck took your friend out to find some treasure, likely in the tar/rubber swamps were I have been telling that ferret not to go without the fellowship. He can be so one-track-minded when it comes to lost treasures. But he is a THIEF and proud of it. Personally I think his father was more professional than he ever was. Dragondagger is one of the best ferret thieves out there. Anyway, let's go topside and see where that slimy ferret took your friend." And she started up the stairs with Masya and Franky following her.

                              Once outside of the quaint little cottage, they were joined by Garla Canopyskimmer, the priestess of the oak. It was handy to have someone around who could heal hurts.

                              Garla said, "Huck did what? That stupid ferret. Can't you keep him on his leash?"

                              Warneeri replied, "I was trying to but Masya had me helping one of his new agents to learn some necessary spells. The other new agent was going to be next but Huck borrowed him without permission..." he paused for effect. " usual, but that should come as no surprise. He is usually running off with Yasma."

                              Masya said, "Unless Yasma escaped from that female who captured him last night, then he isn't anywhere near this location."