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MM-01 Cold Cases Under Fire

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    Eddie arranged delivery for all of his purchases back to his place, but as he was taking a final look around before going home, he saw Franky in front of the pet store. He quietly walked over and gently placed a hand around his friend's neck. "Which pet has your eye, Franky?" He had no clue what was really on his friend's mind.


      Franky jumped a little! "Oh.. Sorry, I didn't notice you at first." HE blushes, "It's probably REALLY silly and you're probably gonna laugh at me. I was thinking of getting a pet mouse and a pet cat..." HE looks down, blushing, "You know..cause of...our connections. And..uh...The catnip...smells really...strong."


        Eddie turned Franky to face him. "If you are having a catnip desire, then you might be infected by something that Maatz needs to know about. If this is your idea of a joke, it isn't a funny one to be having. I am not amused, Franky. I am worried about you."


          Franky says, "Hey, I didn't say I wanted to go dive into it. I just said it was really strong smelling. Like everything else since I got back to human form. Haven't you noticed? I'm surprised with those big ears of your in mouse form your hearing isn't hurting with all the noise here."


            Eddie said, "Franky...? When I am in that form, it is separate from my human form. I can regulate what parts of the species I have in human form. The key word here is human. If you are having a bleed through effect from your other form to your human form, then this is a serious matter. My mouse is thankfully not bleeding into my human. I didn't go ga-ga around all the cheese in the mall grocery store earlier. In fact, tonight is an Italian Casserole night for my parents. Very little cheese. Besides... I don't think pets in your house would be a good idea. Your dad might get the wrong idea... or the cat would and then... no more mouse. Pets are a big responsibility. We have a cat in our house, remember? A mouser. And I think she will be sniffing me funny tonight. I'll think up some lie to distract mom."


              Franky says, "On that...I agree. You're probably right, dad would probably end up hurting the pets." He sighs, thinking to himself, (Firefur would be a much better dad than my real one). "Anyway, I got everything else, we're seeing Masya tomorrow, right? We can talk to him about the others things you're worried about then. Okay?"


                Eddie seemed relieved that Franky was snapping out of it. "Right. Tomorrow morning Masya will likely contact me to see if I am ready and I will remind him to wait for you unless he brings it up first. I hope he asks about you first. He struck me as being the more caring side of the Triple I agents. Anyway, time to get home."


                  Franky can't help but chuckle there, "Agreed. Though, don't be offended... he wasn't the cutest. You're mouse form was damn good looking." He grins, "Let's get outta here and head home... Hopefully I won't have to climb through the windows again."


                    Eddie grinned. "We can teleport regardless of the form... remember?" He winked as he headed on home.


                    That night on the TV News...

                    "...and the case of the missing children was finally laid to rest today as all of the missing boys were found and treated for what looked like burn marks on their buttocks. The authorities are suspecting child abuse may have led to these boy running away from home. The chief of police would only tell us when asked of how the boys all ended up at one location near the city zoo..."

                    "A little mouse told us."

                    Eddie's Household

                    Eddie giggled as he watched that news report on TV. "And I'll bet the mouse's name was Maatz. I was wondering how they got word to the humans."

                    From the kitchen, Eddie's mom exclaimed, "Did you say something, Eddie?"

                    "Just making a comment about this news report on TV. They found the missing boys who all disappeared around the zoo."

                    Eddie's mom replied, "Oh good. Honey... the cat is acting really strangely. She's been pawing at your shoes all evening."

                    Eddie had taken off his shoes earlier and he could just imagine what the cat was smelling. "Maybe it's time for another vet visit. I know I didn't step in anything today during the Pentagon tour." He quietly giggled, thinking about Maatz, Masya, and Yasma. But he was also thinking about Franky and was still a little worried about him.


                      Franky chuckled and headed home as well...


                      Later that night

                      Franky sighed as he picked up the last bottle, looking over at his dad on the couch. "One day, Dad... You're gonna have to do this yourself..." He sighs and heads into the kitchen to grab a TV dinner. "And of course Mom's off at her parents... Again. At least today was fun..." He smiles to himself, remembering his adventures, "And Firefur was the.... mmm...either first or second best part. Too bad I don't have a Dad like him. I bet he'd be super responsible to anyone he was caring for." He ate his dinner and headed to bed, he was planning on getting up really early so he can get out before his Dad woke up.

                      End of MM-01 Cold Cases Under Fire

                      Stay tuned for MM-02 Warneeri Happens