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MM-01 Cold Cases Under Fire

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    MM-01 Cold Cases Under Fire

    Mouse Mysteries
    Cold Cases Under Fire

    Time; Place: 21st Century; Washington D.C.

    Situation/Plot: Welcome to Triple I: Infernal Intelligence and Investigations. Eddie and Franky have adventures with Masya, Yasma, and Maatz Areli.

    Bio Names:

    1. Edward "Eddie" Quincy Adams - Lord Pouchlaw
    2. James Franklin "Franky" Kennedy - Darquirrin


    Maatz Arelli, Head Chief of the III Agency - Lord Pouchlaw
    "Masya", male information devil mouse - Lord Pouchlaw
    "Yasma", male investigation devil mouse - Darquirrin

    ...and countless unnamed others...

    A Triple I Agent's powers:

    1. Poof Style Close Range Teleportation
    2. Blink Style Long Range Teleportation
    3. Agent to Agent Telepathy
    4. Agent Telekinesis (aka Floating/Flying)
    5. Agent Spell Learning Capability
    6. Agent Invisibility
    7. Agent Size and Species Transformation

    MM-01 Cold Cases Under Fire
    By Darquirrin and Lord Pouchlaw
    August 13th, 2014

    Secret Offices of the III; The Pentagon, Washington D.C.

    At the foot of the back of a hallway bench and behind one leg and through an almost unseen one foot tall door... through a small lobby and inside a small conference room... two devil mice sat at a debriefing table while their chief, an advanced devil mouse lord, assembled a completed case within a folder.

    "A job well done, boys," their chief said as he smiled at the two. "You have both earned some R & R. Any comments, agents Masya and Yasma?"

    Masya was grinning as he looked at his paycheck once again. "We just did what we always do, sir." In truth, Masya was GLAD to be in the Intelligence Agency business now as opposed to delivering information to ungrateful mages. "Isn't that right, Yasma?"


    Yasma's tail flicked as he looked over his own paycheck. He was happy to be able to use his 'talents' for the III instead of several other things he could have been stuck with. Not to mention, his abilities in making naughty chaos were actually put to GOOD use by III.

    Yasma grins, "I think you are lucky to have my brother and I on your dream team. Thank goodness, says I."


    Their chief, code named Maatz Arelli, smiled. "You two are the best III Agents we have. Sure wish we had more recruits interested in this business. Unfortunately, they have all either went the menial labor route for infernal lords, or have applied for work at Devi-TV. That doesn't leave us with many prospects. Anyway, I apologize for ranting about something irrelevant. We'll make do with what we have." He then flicked on the overhead light. "You can get started on your time off, boys. As always, you two always give the best results. And don't worry about the recruits thing. Dismissed."

    Outside of the conference room, Masya slowly walked across the small lobby toward the miniature water fountain located directly beside the exit door and got himself a drink. "The Chief wouldn't have mentioned 'recruits' unless he was really hurting for the need of more agents in the III. Could my brothers and cousins all have lost interest in being in the surface world? Maybe we could find some recruits who aren't devil mice. He didn't say they had to be devil mice. Find some cuties and shrink them when they work with us... and return them to normal size when the mission ends. What do you think, Yasma?"


    Yasma poofed his shades into his paw and puts them on with a grin. He hopped up with a thought and then he heads out of the conference room with Masya, "I think that Lord Impy is buying up 90% of the DeviMice, DemoniMice, and Imp workers... They've expanded their operations by 3410% 341 times their former size since the Return of Lord Impy. Most of the YOUNGER generation are more interested in Sex and Lap Sitting and other stuff." He pulls out a devi-sugar candy bar and munches on it as he thinks about what Masya suggested.

    Yasma licks his fingers and hrms, "Well... It's an idea but you know... It makes sense. I've heard about what Saberfang is doing with his place on Earth and there are a few others like that going on. But... You know accidents happen on this job. We'd need to make sure they signed 'At Your Own Risk' forms... Unless you are suggesting we buy them the 'special insurances'."


    Masya hummed. "I was thinking both, along with an offer to imbue them with the Size Change - Self ability that you and I utilize in the field. True, it's preset with two sizes and has an assistance mode, in case the user is unconscious and in a size that we don't need them to be in. I was also thinking of offering the Silent Speak and the DeviPort - Limited Range abilities, too. As you know, Silent Speak allows us to talk aloud in a way that makes no sound to non-Agents. And the limited range DeviPort would be good in case the boys need to teleport within sight distance close to one of us or to each other."

    He grinned. "Besides, working with a young recruit would be fun for all, and they would learn a good trade skill, too. Also, since the recruits would be our understudies, we could live with them part of the time rather than poofing back to our apartments and heating up a TV dinner." He winked with a giggle.


    Yasma blushes, "Well... I admit that might be nice." He hrms, "Then I think we need to try and find some that live together or close to each other or something. Within that limited range so we can get them together quickly when we need to. And no yiffing them, right?" He chuckles and teasing... mostly.


    Masya grinned. "Not while we're on duty... but in our free time? Hormones tend to happen, you know... especially if we catch them naked for some reason. A mouse has to live, you know..." He chuckled.
    Public Tour Group; The Pentagon, Washington D.C.

    Eddie and Franky were walking at the back of a very tiring and almost boring monotone public tour group. Eddie pointed toward a bench between two large fern plants in a cul-de-sac side hallway that didn't seem to have any doors aside from two bathrooms and a water fountain.

    "I need to get a drink of water and rest my feet," said Eddie as he started off in that direction. "How are you holding up, Franky?"


    Franky broke off with Eddie, following him. "I'm holding up okay. Tired and bored. This has got to be the most boring and monotonous tour ever."


    Eddie got his drink of water and then sat down near one of the fern plants on the bench. "Weren't we told that this tour was an exciting exercise to be part of? I think I am getting my exercise, but I'm still waiting for the excitement to start."


    Franky sighed, "Mowing grass would be more fun, honestly." He took a drink and said, "I'll be right back, I have to go and you know what they said. When ya gotta go..." He chuckled a little and headed into the boy's restroom.
    On the bench, Eddie exclaimed, "Hope he didn't fall into espionage in there. But what to do now that we've accidentally ditched the tour group? I was really hoping for something a little more exciting today. Heck, I'd even join an investigation in progress to dodge boredom..."

    From the little door, Masya had the door propped open a bit as he heard the boy say those words. "You know, Yasma... I think we just found us a potential recruit. Since he is waiting for his friend who is obviously in the bathroom, let's jump out and meet this boy."

    And in the next few seconds, Masya was standing in the center of Eddie's lap looking up at the boy with a smile. "Tour groups are so boring, aren't they? I'm Masya. What's your name?"

    The boy was more surprised than anything else. This partially clothed mouse with small satyr horns just hopped up into his lap from nowhere. "Um... I'm Eddie. Er... you're one of my consciences, aren't you? The bad one, I'm assuming? I've been good... I hope..."

    Masya almost fell over laughing. Almost. "No, I'm in a different branch of services than those guys. Although they do get paid well to handle their clients. I'm an investigator with a" he looks around cutely before continuing in a whisper. "secret branch of the government." And then he climbed up close to Eddie's face and said aloud, "We're recruiting new agents and I overheard you say you would join an investigation to dodge boredom. So how about it?"

    Eddie said, "You aren't my bad conscience? Really?" He paused as he regarded the sales pitch to join a secret agent club. "You know that I'm only 14, right?"


    "So I'm a bit young to carry a gun or drive a car," explained Eddie to the devimouse.

    Masya closed his eyes and was quietly laughing again. When he opened his eyes, he said, "You won't need those things in our club. By the way, who are you with?"

    Eddie replied, "My friend Franky. He said he had to use the bathroom. I thought he had gone before the tour. Must have been something in the lunch we ate."

    Yasma nods, "Much different branch. The pay rate alone is vastly different..." though he was thinking Yeah... we get paid less. Cheapsakte assholes.

    Just at that moment, Franky returned with a grin. "Hey... Hey Eddie. You wouldn't believe what I just found....uh....Where... Where did those rats come from?"

    Yasma puffs up, glaring, "RATS?! Who the hell are you calling RATS?!" He grrrs, "Why I oughta....I oughta turn you in a REAL RAT for that...."


      Eddie giggled. "They aren't rats, Franky. They are..." he winked. "...secret agents. And this one offered me a job. By the way, what did you find in the bathroom? The president's phone number? The answer to the national debt? Or what?"

      Masya released a sigh of annoyance as he verbally quoted off the president's actual phone number. Then he outlined the solution to the national debt. "With those things out of the way, Eddie, I am serious about hiring you."

      "How did you... I mean... those are the answer... I mean..." He paused. "You're serious."

      "Naturally," said the smart devil mouse. "You said you were bored." He glanced over at the other boy. "Nice to meet you, Franky. I'm Masya and he's my brother Yasma. We're devil mice and yes, we are secret agents for a very private branch of the government. But we need young boys to help us... if you two are interested. Of course, if you think rejoining the tour is more to your liking, we can tell you were they are right now."

      Eddie made a face. "I'm not THAT bored."


        Franky says slowly, "A secrete passage..."

        Yasma frowns, "Hey... You leave that passage alone and unmolested. It's an official exodus route for agents and their charges ONLY... how the hell did you find it anyway?"

        Franky glares at the mouse, "I'm NOT blind. I was using the bathroom and I noticed a bit of wind coming from somewhere the air vent wasn't. After I was done, I went and felt around. It wasn't hard to find it. Plus it smelled like alcoholic cheese. It stank."

        Yasma hrmphs, "Cheesewine is one of the most precious, delicious, and exquisite delicacies of the underworld. AND NOT FOR NOSY HUMANS!" HE shakes his head and looks back to Eddie and Masya, "Mmmm... This one certianly seems like a good canadate, Masya. You wanna take him back and see if Boss Mouse is amendable to the idea... or give 'im a test run first?"


          Eddie then said something that would make his friend happy. "I am not going anywhere without my friend. We came on this tour together and we will leave the Pentagon together. If you don't like that idea, then you better move along back into my imagination where the consciences go. And next time, don't be tying up the goody two shoes conscience."

          Masya started laughing again. "Oh you are a funny one! Very well, you may both come along. However... we need to do this right. Get off the bench for a moment." And when Eddie did this, Masya activated the size change magic on the two boys and they and their clothes shrank to the size of the two devimice. "Done. Now no one else will pay any attention to you boys. Come with us and we will take you into the mission control training room for your tests. Something tells me that you, Eddie, won't have any problems passing these tests. You seem to be more open minded. I'm not sure about your friend; but you said you wouldn't come unless he did."

          Eddie almost did freak out when he shrank, but once he saw that his clothes shrank with him, he calmed down a lot. He didn't want to be naked in the Pentagon. "Okay, Masya. Lead the way."


            Yasma grumbles, "Humans. Why are they always so ... stubborn."

            Franky smiles sweetly, "Why it's one of our best attributes. _I_ am going to be president some day."


              Triple I Mission Control Training Room; General Testing Division

              Masya handed the boys some non-disclosure forms first to read over and sign. Then the devil mouse registered the two boys for transformation insurance.

              Next, while Eddie was led into one testing area, Franky was led into another separate testing area. Both rooms had a missing persons crimes scene laid out in perfect detail. Over on a table was all of the alibis and information sheets on all of the suspects. And then there was an empty cork board with pins for extra usage.

              Eddie started trying to find clues in his testing area. However, locating things didn't seem to be his expertise. But when it came to decoding the paperwork and the information laid out... he seemed to excel in being a Decoder. He soon had his cork board arranged in a logic puzzle with the alibis and the suspects and the other data. And he finally wrote out his report on who he thought did the crime based on alibis and suspect data, as well as the time frames. All he needed now was for a devil mouse to grade his work.


                Franky was the complete opposite. He hated paperwork and went to work instead on locating all the clues. He loved jigsaw puzzles and this was just one giant puzzle to him. He enjoyed it.


                  During the grading process, Maatz Areli came into their area and watched them for a while. He hadn't said anything, but he figured out fast what Masya and Yasma were doing. Boys as recruits... that is an idea that never dawned on me. And they each seem to be fitting into one of the two fields. That one boy is like Masya meaning Eddie and the other boy is like Yasma meaning Franky. Opposites attract. hehe. If they are accepted through their tests, I'll assign the first boy to Masya's home and the second boy to Yasma's home.

                  Meaning Masya and Eddie together and Yasma and Franky together.


                  Masya slowly grinned as he finished Eddie's grading. "Not bad, Eddie. You're a Decoder, like me. I wonder how Yasma is doing over in the other testing area?"

                  Eddie smiled at being told that he was a Decoder.


                    Yasma grunted and pointed out EVERY one Franky missed... But there weren't many. "Okay, okay, so you did okay. You're a locator." He begrudgingly was a LITTLE impressed with the boy's attention to detail though. "MAYBE the bathroom thing wasn't a fluke. Wait here while I go tell the others." And he poofed way to let the others know while leaving the boy in the room.


                      Maatz was now meeting with Masya and Yasma in the ready room while the boys were waiting in their testing rooms. "You are two of the craftiest devil mice I have ever hired. Human boy recruits instead of actual devimice. So... how are they doing?"

                      Masya smiled. "Eddie is a Decoder with precision details that nearly rival my own. But his method is really different. He outlines the data in a logic puzzle and then he solves the puzzle using the details from the reports. He scored a perfect testing score, like I did. What about Franky, Yasma? How did he do?"


                        Yasma says, "Well he didn't get a perfect score. But he did manage to ALMOST match my score. The boy seems to like jigsaw puzzles and spatial relationships."


                          Maatz smiled. "Good. You boys did extra good as usual. Therefore, I will permit you to invite them to live with you part time and work with Triple I part time as well. Masya, you and Eddie can stay together. And Yasma..." he paused. "You said it yourself... despite how he disagrees with you part of the time, you two are really alike. Otherwise the tests would have said otherwise. You and Franky can live together part time and he can work for Triple I part time, too."

                          Masya said, "Franky's first reaction to us was to use the word Rats. Eddie actually called us..." he smirked. "...consciences. He's a funny guy. Very open minded and both Yasma and I like him a lot. It's a shame he values his friend's feelings as strong as he does, since Franky thinks we are rats."

                          Maatz looked to Yasma. "Please add more to the opinion file if there is more you want to add. I am sure we will learn more later."


                            Yasma grumbles, "I'm sure there will be PLENTY to add, Maatz. Rats. Like we're on the same level as THEM." He smiles, "But yeah, we both like Eddie. He's cute, fun, and way better a recruit in MY mind. It really is a shame he has to be friends with that other jerk."


                              Maatz hummed. "How about this then... we plant a tracking beacon on Eddie then we restore the boys to their own size back outside at the bench, then we let them go their own way. You both can spy on the two to see what they talk about. Later tonight when Eddie finally goes back to his own room, you both surprise and shrink him for an outing after dark. See how he performs by himself under your guidance. Then the following night, we give Franky the same chance but with a different case. Without his friend. At the end of the two outings, you both come back to me and then we can decide if the boys are capable of being in Triple I. If it proves that Eddie is the only hopeful of the two, then we swear him in. But if Franky surprises you, we swear them both in. No complaints. It is a fair way to handle this."

                              Masya nodded his head. "I like that idea. Nothing major league, at first. Just simple runaway cases. What do you think, brother?"