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Mouse Mysteries - Profiles

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  • Darquirrin
    Full Name: James Franklin "Franky" Kennedy

    Gender: Male

    Race: American Caucasian

    Age: 14

    Hair/Eyes/Skin: Red-Brown/Green-Gray/Light Complexion

    Appearance: Red Tee Shirt, Cargo Shorts, Rawhide Belt, Socks, Boots, Collar

    Home Locale: Westdale Apartments

    Background: Named for his maternal grandfather, Franky's name is coincidence only. He is a quite boy who loves baseball and chess with equal passion but is quite vocal on issues that he feels strongly about. He tends to believe that everyone has the right to their own freedoms so long as those freedoms do not interfere with the freedoms of others.

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  • Lord Pouchlaw
    Full Name: Edward "Eddie" Quincy Adams

    Gender: Male

    Race: American Caucasian

    Age 14

    Hair/Eyes/Skin: Blond/Blue/Fair Complexion

    Appearance: White Tee Shirt, Blue Jeans, Brown Leather Belt, Socks, Sneakers, Red Bandanna

    Home Locale: Arlington Apartments

    Background: He doesn't know if he is related to John Quincy Adams or not, but his parents named him Edward Quincy Adams to honor the former president with that name. An all-American boy, Eddie plays baseball, loves apple pie, and believes in the rights and freedoms for all living beings. So it's no surprise that his first encounter with the mousy secret service agents doesn't phase him a bit. Always seen with a pleasant smile, Eddie is the type of boy who likes to do what's right and will strive to make it happen.

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  • Lord Pouchlaw
    started a topic Mouse Mysteries - Profiles

    Mouse Mysteries - Profiles

    RPG Name: Mouse Mysteries

    Time: 21st Century

    Place: Washington D.C.

    Situation/Plot: Welcome to Triple I: Infernal Intelligence and Investigations. Eddie and Franky have adventures with Masya, Yasma, and Maatz Areli.

    Bio Names:

    1. Edward "Eddie" Quincy Adams
    2. James Franklin "Franky" Kennedy


    Maatz Arelli, Head Chief of the III Agency
    "Masya", male information devil mouse
    "Yasma", male investigation devil mouse

    ...and countless unnamed others...

    A Triple I Agent's powers:

    1. Poof Style Close Range Teleportation
    2. Blink Style Long Range Teleportation
    3. Agent to Agent Telepathy
    4. Agent Telekinesis (aka Floating/Flying)
    5. Agent Spell Learning Capability
    6. Agent Invisibility
    7. Agent Size and Species Transformation


    Sample "III RPG" Bio Form:

    Full Name:






    Home Locale:


    This is really all you need to provide.