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Freelance Hounds - Profiles

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    Freelance Hounds - Profiles

    RPG Name: Freelance Hounds

    Time: 21st Century

    Place: Albany, New York (New York State Police Academy; Saberfang Division)

    Situation/Plot: When teenagers accidentally get into serious debt and are under the threat of Juvenile Work Camp for the state unless they repay what they owe for the damages that they caused, this is a last ditch effort to find work to raise the money they need because no one else will hire them. The Saberfang Division of the Police Academy take these people in and train them to become Hell Hound partners to rookie cadets at the academy.

    Characters: Two or more 15-18 year old males and females from a lower to middle class social structure (if you are wealthy, you would not be in this situation to begin with...)

    Bio Names:

    1. Gawain Riordan Fairweather, Alias "Falconsong"
    2. Johnathan Edward Mercer, Alias "Felpaw"
    3. Myles Ennis Lucas, Alias "Brighteyes"
    4. Theodore Barker, Alias "Mercurial"


    Lord Saberfang, Hell hound Alpha (OWNER of Freelancers) - Lord Pouchlaw
    Davyd Arden, Pizza Magnate (OWNER of Arden's Pizza & Demon Fire Pizza) - Lord Pouchlaw

    Favorite Colors: This is what color your Hell hound form ends up being in the game. Once you choose a color in-game, you are STUCK with it.

    Transhounders: This is the characters wrist band watch that becomes the Hell hound collar after the transformation. To use this magical device, you press your palm against the watch face and say, 'Hound me down!' There will come a fluid transformation changing the human teenager into a Hell hound Freelancer, ready for a mission. To return to normal, press a paw against the time face on the collar, under the neck, and say, 'Freelancer! Mission Complete!'

    Sample "Freelancer" Bio Form:

    Freelancer Nickname & Color:
    Full Name:
    Hair Color:
    Eye Color:
    Social Rank:
    Home Locale:
    Reasons for Outstanding Debt:

    This is really all you need to provide.

    Freelancer Nickname & Color Splurge: "Falconsong" is Dark Sienna Brown overall with Terra Cotta (Golden Brown) "ribbon" racing stripe flourishes along both sides of his Hell hound body. He is one HOT Hell hound!

    Full Name: Gawain Riordan Fairweather

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Race: American Caucasian

    Hair Color: Black

    Eye Color: Green

    Appearance: Fair skin, 5'11" tall, weighs 185 pounds; blue jeans, hiking shoes and a white tee shirt.

    Social Rank: Middle Class

    Home Locale: Fairfield, Pennsylvania (near Erie)

    Background: "When the only friend you can trust is a Fairweather friend, then come on down to Fairweather Motors!" This was the advertising slogan that had gotten his parents out of the lower class slums and into nice middle class housing. Gawain Riordan Fairweather was an average boy with good math skills, a minor smattering of electronics knowledge, and was an avid 13th Hour heavy metal music fan. He owned a laptop computer that he bought with his newspaper route money the previous year and owned a used 10-speed bicycle. And aside from various music CDs, his life was rather quiet until...

    Reasons for Outstanding Debt: Crashed a financial banking network by accident when he inadvertently inserted a mini-CD program disk into an ATM slot and it caused a backlash surge that retro-wiped records and accounts across the network. The video surveillance monitors show him attempting to get his mini-CD back from the hungry ATM machine. He doesn't deny that he did it, but he claims that he meant to place his ATM card in; not the disk. He now owes next to $565,000 dollars that he has a year to pay in full to replace the network which he had damaged. Needless to say, he is no longer a customer at that banking institute. His parents, a middle class automobile sales business, do not have the money to pay his debt. But the mother has heard of Freelancers, and it is 'there' that she sends their son to find work at.


      Freelancer Nickname & Color: "Felpaw" reddish blond over all with darker black lowlights and dark reddish black patterns across his back, sides and flanks.

      Full Name: Johnathan Edward Mercer

      Age: 16

      Gender: Male

      Race: American Caucasian

      Hair Color: Blond

      Eye Color: Blue

      Appearance: Tanned fair skin, 6' tall, weighs approximately 145 lbs, thin but lithe, tennis shoes, jeans, t-shirt

      Social Rank: Lower Class

      Home Locale: Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan, New York

      Background: Johnathan Mercer's life has not been an easy one. He lived with his grandmother in a rent-controlled apartment near Mid-Town West in Hell's Kitchen. In his young life he's seen gangster riots and rich snobs clashing in the the most tumultuous manners as the previous bastion of poor and working class Irish American gave way to the steady influx of the rich. Mercer has always resented the gentrification of his home neighborhood. The only way he or his family could afford to stay in the area any more is because his grandmother's apartment which she has owned for decades, is rent-controlled. In the back alleys of Hell's Kitchen, though, life goes on much as it has. The influx of wealthy business owners, actors, and other well off people has caused an equal rise in criminal influences and in the back alleys and side-streets the poorer classes still manage to scrounge out a living. Mercer attended school both at the public school (where he barely managed to pass with a D average) and on the street, bringing a fresh face to the streets where he honed his skills as a con-artist, pickpocket and thief. With so many loose wallet wealthy people cluttering his hometown, surely they wouldn't mind 'giving back' to the community. He's never been a bad kid but you do what you have to get by, right? In a city of over 8 million, Johnathan is aware that not everything is as it would seem.

      Reasons for Outstanding Debt: Johnathan's grandmother fell ill and required a large amount of hospital care and surgery. Without insurance, or anywhere else to turn, Johnathan went to a 'contact' of his and borrowed the money from him. The medical bills reached nearly $750,000 dollars before his 'friend' cut him off and demanded to be re-payed. There is no way Mercer can repay his loan-shark friend and his grandmother is still in the hospital with more bills mounting. Desperate and without any other options, Mercer turns to the Freelancer for help.


        Freelancer Nickname & Color: "Brighteyes" is dark gold like a Golden Retriever with sun yellow/white socks and undercoat, though it is more of a cream color. His eyes glow with a gentle pale moon-silver light.

        Full Name: Myles Ennis Lucas

        Age: 16

        Gender: Male

        Race: American Caucasian

        Hair Color: Curly Dark Gold

        Eye Color: Silver-blue

        Appearance: Tanned skin, 5'7" tall, weighs 165 pounds; denim jeans, cowboy boots, and a Western shirt.

        Social Rank: Lower Class

        Home Locale: Manhattan, Kansas

        Background: Myles Lucas was an orphan who grew up at a local orphanage. His life was rather uneventful until his mishap. He has an interest in Rodeos, Mathematics, Probability Theories, Magic, and Miles "Tails" Prower.

        Reasons for Outstanding Debt: Myles is the victim of a Domino Effect mishap at the local History Museum. He and his friends really thought that they were far enough away from buildings as they started launching baseballs out of a makeshift cannon. When it came Myles' turn, he aimed his baseball and fired the cannon. The shattering window was just the start of the ensuing chaos that would soon turn into one of the most costly disasters to ever hit the state of Kansas.

        The Sequence of events were: Cannon -> Baseball -> Stain Glass Window -> Indian Statue -> 10 Paintings -> Cowboy on Horse Statue -> Woman in a One of a Kind Jeweled Dress -> Garden Fountain -> Security Guard lets go of a Rope -> Old Chandelier Swings -> Myles' Friends FLEE -> Another Window and Expensive Marble Work Destroyed -> Gardener's Lawnmower Runs Off -> Mows Down Prize Flowers -> Man Screams -> Cat Startled and Jumps on a Old Bomb -> Bomb Explodes -> Half of Museum Falls to the Ground!

        However, since his friends all fled the area, Myles chose to do the honest thing and turned himself and the makeshift cannon in to the police and face the aftermath. 1.75 million dollars in damages. Although he never ratted out on his friends for making the cannon, he promised to repay every penny. And through some luck, a private investigator told Myles about Freelancers and gave him his free one-way Greyhound Bus tickets.


          Freelancer Nickname & Color: "Mercurial" is a rich caramel creme furred hell hound whose fur darkens to almost black across his back, thighs, and paws. He has a sleek, beautiful appearance with metallic silver highlights over head and a 'dusting' of silvery glitter over his shoulders, flanks, and tail and several thin ribbons of the same color almost woven through his fur that makes him look a streak of silver lightening on a dark background.

          Full Name: Theodore Barker

          Age: 15

          Gender: Male

          Race: Assumed American Caucasian

          Hair Color: Curly Dark Black

          Eye Color: Brown

          Appearance: Fair skin, 5" tall, weighs 110 pounds; cargo shorts, ragged old sneakers, white t-shirt

          Social Rank: Upper Middle Class

          Home Locale: Los Angeles, California

          Background: Theodore has had an interesting life. He was adopted by James and Samantha Barker from the time he was an infant. He grew up in suburbs of Los Angeles. His mother and father were both prominent business people, his father in electronics and computers and his mother in philosophy and history at UCLA. While not rich, his family is well enough off. Ever since he was small, his parents have pushed him very hard to succeed. Much harder than their real son and always put him second to the older boy. Daniel Barker, of course, picked up on this favoritism from the start and did little to make the situation better. From the time he was ten, his life at home was little more than chores, studying, and being reminded constantly that he was the second, less important, son. The final straw came when...

          Reasons for Outstanding Debt: Theodore accidentally caused a massive viral infestation of the UCLA computer network while he was working on his homework and waiting on his mother to take him home with her. The virus infestation was so pervasive and extensive that nearly the entire UCLA campus, including it's expensive research labs which were SUPPOSED to be isolated from the main campus systems... were infected. The total damages were calculated to be in the billions but luckily for Theodore, the courts only settled on seating him with a 75 million dollar fine and a banishment from the UCLA campus and never being allowed to attend again. The source of the virus was assumed to be him but he knew about as much as computers and programing as he knows about the ratio of married men to single men in middle class social bracket between 40 and 45. That is... nothing! None the less, due to many factors... including the fact Samantha was pregnant with the second son they always really wanted, his parents have disowned him and almost literally disowned him. Going from a upper middle class middle school student.. to a homeless about to be imprisoned in a work camp kid with no other options in mere hours. Where it not for a helpful bounty hunter who happened to find him BEFORE he committed suicide, Theodore now heads to Freelancers... hoping to find someone there... who can help him.